Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Former  French  President  Nicolas  Sarkozy  who  appears  to  be  plagued  by  one  scandal  on top of another  in France  is  seriously  considering   a  political  comeback  by the time of the next French  Presidential elections in 2017.  Replaced  by  Mr. Hollande  in 2012, Hollande  has  become the  most  unpopular  President  in  decades.  Meanwhile, the  UMP  Party  wants  Sarkozy  back  as the most viable candidate  for the 2017 elections and  despite  all  the :  scandals, allegations of  corruption and abuse of power;  Sarkozy  remains very popular  among  the  UMP  Party  backers.  If  history is any guide  Italy's  Berlusconi was in a somewhat similiar position years  ago  and  he  still  managed  to  win  the Italian elections back then.  As  a  Student of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  doesn't  underestimate  'ANYONE'  for I  know  that  the  coming  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  won't  be  known  for  his  holiness;  a  'MAJOR'  crisis   in  France  and  in  the  EU  could  very  easily  allow  Sarkozy  back  into  power  again   regardless  of  his  scandalous  past;  Sarkozy has hinted  that  he  will  run  again,   and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  would  not  be  surprised  one  bit  if  he  does ! ...Sarkozy was once  in power,  now is not  and he could very well be yet again !...This student of Bible Prophecy reminds everyone that it was Sarkozy  the first EU leader  who implemented the 'Islamic Burqa Ban'  in  France which still stands to this day;  the ban outlaws the full facial  Islamic veil  while in public. Sarkozy has stated that he will  make his  final  decision  in  September of 2014 of whether  or  not  he  will  seek  the  2017  French  Presidency; only  months  ago  he  publicly  stated  that  the  '2017  French  Presidency  was  his  destiny !'