Monday, October 24, 2016


Most  historians  would  agree  that  the  'Sun started  setting  on  the  once  mighty  British Empire'  sometime   in  the very  turbulent  year  of   1947,  shortly   after  it withdrew  from  India  and  the  Middle  East. After  almost  two consecutive 'World Wars'  Britain  "NO' longer  had  the : money, the  troops  nor  the  political  will  to  defend  all of  its territories  and  colonies.  (  does  this  all   sound  eerily  familiar ?   The British  Empire left  the  borders  of  the  Middle  East  a  mess and  the  U.S.  too   has  left  the Middle  East  in  yet  another  mess;  with  a   weak   political   leadership  that  is   proving  to  be  'NO'  match  for  a  very  determined :  ISIS,  Russia  and  Iran.  The  U.S.  after  over 11+  years  in  the  Middle  East   is  leaving  after  spending  an  estimated  $ 1.5 + Trillion  dollars  $$$  there  with  no  clear  victory,  as  well  as   having  'burned  out'   a  large  part  of its  military  troops  there  too  ! ) 

The  U.S.  emerged  from  World  War  II   to   fill  in the : political, economic and military  vacuum  of  power   left  behind  a  by  a  declining  United Kingdom   and   America   almost  by  default   became  the   chief  stabilizing  power  of  the  West.  It is no secret that  the U.S. Navy  quietly  took  over  most  of  the  former  British  naval  bases in the : Pacific  Ocean,  in  the  Indian  Ocean  and  in the Carribean.   In  contrast  to  a  declining  British  Empire, the  U.S. did  have  the : Troops,  Money  and  the  Political  Will,   to   assert  its  Foreign  Policy  and  new  military  power  far  beyond its  borders   via  a  superior  Navy  and  before  a  brave  new  world  order  the  U.S.  rose  to  the  occasion  to  keep  in  check  a  rising  new  global  threat : Soviet  Communism  !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy   the U.S.  is  going  the  way  of  the  British  Empire;  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel  'Guarantee'  that   a  final  re-emergence  of  the  Roman  Empire  will  take  place  shortly before  the  return  of  Jesus  Christ   and  the  Book  of  Revelation confirms  the  Prophecies  of Daniel  that  a  future   'new  and  revamped'   European  Union   alliance  led  by  10   will   replace  the  U.S.A.   as  the  chief  Western  power  in  the  last  days   !!!   While  some   historians  would  argue  that   history  doesn't  really  repeat  itself;   the blunt  truth  of it  all  is  that  what  does  repeat  itself   'over  and  over'  throughout   human  history  on  this  planet   without  question  is  :  'Human  Nature.'

The  U.S.  government  and  military  is  lead  by   humans  that  are  driven  by : greed, power  and  pride  just  like  the leadership  of  any  other   empire  throughout  history  and  the 'scary  truth'  is  that  our  military  obligations  are  exceeding  our  economic  means.  The U.S. dollar  for  decades  has  not  been  backed  up  by   any  gold;   but  by  'nuclear  tipped  missiles'  and  the   day  and   hour  is  coming  when  not  even  that   will  be  able  to   stop  the  coming  collapse  of  our  'artificial  economic  model'  that  is  full  of  bubbles  and  'smoke  and  mirrors.'   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that  the   American  war  costs  in  Afghanistan  and  Iraq  have  now  surpassed  our  costs  in  World  War  II   !!!  ( $ 1+ trillion   to   4  trillion+   in  11+  years*)    Even  though  I'm  no  economic  genius,  I  know that you  can't  continue  printing  currency  like  crazy forever  !

The  Babylonian  Empire  fell,  the  Medo-Persian Empire  fell, the  Greek  Empire  fell, the the  Spanish  Empire   fell,  the Ottoman Empire fell, the British Empire  fell  and even the mightiest  military   power  that this planet  has ever seen   ( the  U.S.A  )   is  'GUARANTEED'  to  fall  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies    so  that  the  final  rebirth of the Roman Empire  forewarned  by  the  Book  of  Revelation  and   Daniel   can  arise  to  power  to  fulfill   its  Prophetic  destiny  !!!              (  Daniel  7  : 23 )

GOD   Almighty  revealed  to  the  Prophet Daniel   via  the  Angel  Gabriel   the  four gentile empires  that  would   conquer  the  nation  of  Israel   through the  ages  all  the  way  until  the  final  generation.  GOD   wasn't   telling  Daniel  that  there  would  only  be  four  world  empires  throughout  all  of  human  history,  what  GOD   communicated   to  Daniel  via  visions  and  with  the  help  of  the angel  Gabriel  interpreting  the  vision   was  that   there  would  be  a  total  of  4  gentile  empires (  hence   the  4  Beasts *)   that  would   militarily  conquer  Jerusalem  all  the  way  until  the   final   'Abomination  of  Desolation'   and  this  final  form   of   the  10  Roman  Kings  will  initiate  and  spark  the   final  Battle  of  Armageddon   !!!

(  According  to  historical  facts and  Wikipedia  there have been  over 50+ empires throughout  human  history  and  over  13+ empires  since  the decline of the Roman Empire  'BUT'  virtually all  of  these  had  'NOTHING'  to  do  with  the  political  state  of  Israel  and that  is why they  are 'NOT'   part  of  any of the 4 Beasts  of  Daniel !!!   An  empire  is  defined  as  a  state's  sovereignty  over   external territories  and  over  a  variety  different  ethnic  groups;  this  definition  confirms America  as an  empire !   The U.S. is 'NOT' one of the 4 Beasts because  America  is   'NOT'  a  military  enemy  of  Israel;  on the contrary  the  U.S.A.  is  the  largest economic   military  donor  to  the  State  of  Israel;  since 1962  the U.S.  has  military  aid  to  Israel  has  exceeded   $ 100   Billion   !!!  In  contrast, what  all 4 Beasts  have  in  common  is  that  they  all  conquered   Jerusalem  in  the  past  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  final  Roman  Beast  with  10  King's  is   destined  and  guaranteed  to   conquer  Jerusalem  one  last  time  !!!   )    - Matthew  24  :  15

If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  well  aware  that  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  'Guarantee'  that  America  will  'NOT'  be  the  final   singular  global  empire.    was  launched  years  ago   to  teach  on  the  4th  and  final  Beast  found  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  that  will  once  again  militarily  attack  Israel  in  the  future  and  dominate   a large  part  of  the  globe  during  the  Tribulation  period.  The   CIA  can  'NOT' give  you   the  words  and  interpretation   of  the  Biblical  Prophecies  that  you  are  about  to  read    and  the  NSA  doesn't   have  the  remotest  clue  and  even  the  DCI  ( director  of  central  intelligence )  is  oblivious  to  the  reality  that  awaits  this  country  in  the  not  so  distant  future.    Not  even  the  top  or  most  respected  global  'Think Tank'  groups  have  the  remotest  clue  of  what  is  coming  upon  America  and  this  planet  well within our lifetime.   An  unholy  spiritual  darkness  is  coming  this  way  as  the  'Sun  is  setting  on  the  American  Empire.'   While  most  American's   'Eat  and  Drink'  ( living  only  in and  for the flesh*)  the  'Writing  on  the  Wall'  has   reappeared   over  the   'Wall   of  the  Gentiles'   and   because  most  have   chosen   to  become  'Spiritually  Blind'  they  can  'NOT'  decipher   the  'Signs  of  the  Times.'  This  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  trembles    as  he  approaches  this  specific  subject  because  he  knows   of  the  great  responsability   of  teaching  the  Prophetic  Word  of  GOD  correctly.  

The  United  States  of  America  rose   to  global  power  because  of  World  War  II  ( the  once  mighty  European powers  were  left in  shambles  and  practically  broke, that's why the U.S. had to enact the Marshall Plan*)  and  it  will  decline  in  power   because   of   another   upcoming  world  war,  this  is one of  the  'historical patterns'  that repeats  itself  over  and  over.  The  U.S.  among  several  other  things  against  it  has  an  'UNSUSTAINABLE'  economic  model;   the  trillions  of  dollars  in  debt  'accumulated'   together with the trillions of dollars  being  continuously  printed  is  a  guaranteed  recipe  for  financial  disaster; and I'm not even mentioning  all the   billions+  of   'unfunded  &  underfunded'   federal, state and local liabilities  such  as  public  pensions  that  are  also  unsustainable  !!!   The 'day of reckoning'  is  surely  coming  it  is  just that, that   'hour  and  day'  gets  being  'pushed  and  delayed'   by  very  creative   financiers and  economists  in  Wall  Street  and  in the Federal Reserve.  The  only  thing this student of Bible Prophecy  doesn't  know  is  which  will  occur   first :  financial  collapse of the U.S. Dollar  or   our  forced  entrance  into  a  future  war  that  will   go  nuclear  !!!  At the least,  America  will  decline   in  power  and  become  a  'secondary  world  power'   similar  to  what  happened  to  the  British  Empire  'BUT'  this  student  of  World  History  reminds  everyone  that  it  was   World  War  II  that   forced  Great  Britain   to  become  a  'Secondary'  world  player  on  the  world  stage ! 

 (  for years  has been  interpreting the  4  Horsemen  of the  Apocalypse   as  the  product   of  World  War  III  )   This  student  of  world  history  reminds  everyone  that   even though we live in a  'fallen and messed  up  world'  GOD  Almighty  still   'Raises  King's  and  Empires'  to  accomplish  His  sovereign  will   !!!  GOD  Almighty   used  the  British  Empire   during World  War  I  to  defeat  the  Islamic  Ottoman  Empire  who  once ruled   over  most of the Middle  East  and  Jerusalem , Britain in effect   prepared  the  way  for  the  re-establishment of the State  of  Israel  in  1948  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is   witnessing  GOD Almighty  doing  the  same  with  the  United  States   in  the  Middle  East;   GOD  has  used  the   American  military  for  the  past  decade  to  prepare  the  Middle  East  and  especially  Israel  for  what  is  coming  next  prophetically  !!!  GOD  throughout  history  has   made  some  of   Israel's  enemies  to  fight  amongst  themselves,  it  is 'NOT'  that  GOD   sanctions the evil of such   empires  'but'  it  is  that  He   turns  the  tables  on  the   evildoers   and  uses  it  for  some  good  to  accomplish  His  sovereign  and  eternal  plans !  (  2  Chronicles  20 : 22 )

According  to  Bible  Prophecy  : Russia, Islam  and  even  the  U.S.A   are  all  going  'DOWN'   and   the  final  encarnation  of  the  European  Union  led  by  10  is  going  up  !!!  (  Book  of  Daniel   7 : 23   )  The  future   EU  10   are  not  only  going  to   militarily  conquer most  of  the Middle East  in  the  future,   but   also  specifically   Israel;  just  as  the  Roman  Legions  once  did  some   2000+  years  ago  !!!   The future  EU-10   are  going  to  exploit and  fill  in  the  power  vacuum  that  shall  be  left  behind  by  the  demise  of  :  the Russian  military,  the  Islamic  armies  as  well as   the  decline  of  the  American  Military !  ( Ezekiel  38 -39 ,  Daniel 8 : 24 )

In  the  'Big  Picture'  of  it  all;  GOD  Almighty  is   using  gentile   empires   as  well  as  Pagan  King's  to  punish  the  continual  : disobedience,  rebellion and   spiritual  unfaithfulness  of  His  chosen  people  the  Jews   through  the  ages   and  you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  gentiles  are   all  caught  in  the  middle  of  it  all   and  we   too  are  'NOT'  being  exempted  from  the   Holy  Judgement  of  our  Holy  Creator  !    In  effect,   GOD  is  executing  His  righteous  judgement  upon  : Satan,  wicked  and  unrepentant  gentiles  and  the  Jews  in this  fallen  planet  in  particular  because   to  whom  much  is  given  much  is  required,  'EVERY'  sinner  on  this  planet   is  going  to  have  to  give  an  account   to  our  HOLY  CREATOR  !!!                    ( Revelation  20 : 12  )

In  order  to  understand  the  Bible  Prophecy  role  of  America  it  should  be  noted  by  all that  the  United  States   has  for  the  most  part  of  its  history  been  a  'blessing'  to  the Jewish  people  and  to   the  State of   Israel since its  rebirth  in  1948.  The  Jewish   people have  thrived  in  America; in fact they are considered  by  sociologists   as  one  of  the  most successful  ethnic  minorities   in  the  U.S.A.   Even  though they are one of the smallest   ethnic groups in America   it  were  Eastern  European  Jews  who  practically  invented  the American  Film  industry;  virtually  all  of  the  original  Hollywood  studios  were  founded  by Jews  and  Jewish success  doesn't  stop in the film  industry;  some of  the top Americans  in  the  field of : Banking,  politics , science, technology and  medicine  are  Jews.   Jews  have  overall  been  a  'blessing'  to  America  and America  has  been  a  'blessing'  to  them   !!!  The  only  problem  with  all  of  this  is  that GOD  Almighty   wants   all  the  Jews  back  in  the  'Real  Promised  Land  of  Israel'  and  GOD  is  going  to   stir  the  great  winds  of  change  in  America  so  that  most  of  the  Jews  will  have  to  leave  America  just  like  He  did  it  in  :  Egypt, Babylon, Spain, Russia  and  many  other  places  and   because  most  of  the  time   our  Jewish  friends  get  so  attached  to  their  new  country   it  'hurts'  when GOD  has  to  uproot  them  from among the nations.  GOD   changes  the  political  climate   of  these  nations  so  that  these   foreign  lands  will  be  forced  to  give  up  their  Jews  so  that  they  may  be  forced  to  return  to  the  real  promised  land  of  Israel  !!!      (  Jeremiah 31 : 8 )

As  a  student  of  military  history,  it  seems  almost  impossible   that  these  United  States  of  America  that   militarily  covers  more  of  this  planet  than   even  the  ancient  Roman  Empire  once  did  'hands  down'  could   ever   decline  as  the  Biblical  Prophecies  'Guarantee'  that  it  will  as  the  endtimes   get   ever  closer  and  closer  !   America   escaped   the  great  aerial  destruction  that  Britain   suffered  at  the  hands  of  the  German  Airforce   ( Luftwaffe )  simply  because  of  the  great  natural  buffer  of  the  'Pacific  Ocean.'   "UNFORTUNATELY"   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  of  'historical   patterns'  knows  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will   learn   from  the  strategic  mistakes  of  Adolph  Hitler  and  'NOT'  repeat  them.   Prophetically  speaking   'BOTH'   Russia  and  the  U.S.A.  are  going  down  in  the  future   to  make  it  possible  for  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  to  fill  the  power  vacuum  that  will  be  left  by  the  military  collapse  of  both  the  U.S.A.  and  Russia  on  the  world  stage;   and  specifically   in  the  Middle  East  !!!  What  all  4  Beast's   (gentile  Kingdoms )  had  in common  is  that  they  'ALL'  militarily  attacked   the  nation  of  Israel  and  conquered   Jerusalem  and  the  final  manifestation  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  via  the  10  King's  will   do  likewise  !!!   (  it's  nothing  personal, this servant  of  Jesus  Christ   is  an  American  citizen   and   he  writes  this  article   not  with  glee  nor  with  any  enjoyment ,  he  is   just    interpreting  the   Biblical  Prophecies*)     

All  Bible  Prophecy   should  be   studied  and  analyzed  through  the  prism  of   the  nation  of  Israel  and  its  Jewish   population.  GOD  in  effect   is   punishing   the  continual  disobedience  and  rebellion  of  the  Jewish  people  by  using  gentile  empires   !!!  Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself   'CONFIRMED'  this  Biblical  fact   !!!  ( Luke  21 : 24 )  The  Holy  Bible   tells  us  that  to  whom  much  is  given  much   will be  required;  and  our  Jewish  friends   was  given  the   privilige  of   being  the  original  chosen  people   of   the  only  one  true   GOD  of  this  Universe  in  a  fallen  world  that   worships   quite  literally  thousands  of  fake  gods  and  idols   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  'specializes'   in  the   final  4th   Roman   Beast  and  who   also  specializes  in  studying  'historical  patterns'   believes  that  these  United  States  of  America  will  at  the  least   follow  the   historical  decline   in  power   that  the  once  'Great  British  Empire'
ultimately   took.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   specializes  in  the   4th  Beast  and  its'  'Little  Horn'  and  he  knows  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  none  other  than  Satan   encarnate   As  the  'Restrainer'  removes  many  'HEDGES'   around  the  world;  Satan  will  seek  to  destroy   as  much  as  GOD  allows  him  just  like  it  happened   to  Job  in  the  past   !!!   Biblically  speaking  it  appears  that  the  only  things  that  will   be  kept  out  of  the  reach  of  Satan  during  the  Tribulation  period  will  be  'One -Third' of the Jewish  population  ( those who flee to the Wilderness Prepared for them )  and  the  144,000   sealed   male  Jews  !!!  In  the  past   Russia  and  the  USA   were  able  to  stop   Adolph  Hitler  in  the  future   it  will  'NOT'  be  so    pretty,  the  4th  Beast  will  have  'NO'  mercy   upon   its  enemies  be  these  individuals  or  entire  nations  !!!   The  'Little  Horn'  will  be  empowered  with  great  unholy  supernatural  powers  and  that  is  one  of  the  reasons  why   both  Britain  and  Israel  will  'NOT'  be  able  to  attack  it  and  defeat  it  with  their  vast  nuclear  arsenal   !!!

In  the  past,  GOD   Almighty  who  controls  human  history  did  "NOT"   allow  Adolph  Hitler   and  the  Axis  Powers  to   ultimately  arise  victoriously  and  to  reign  over  much  of  the  world   during  World  War  II.  There  is  "NO"   doubt  that  Adolph  Hitler  could  have   conquered  much  of  the  world   in  the  late  1940's  if  the  United  States   and  the  Soviet  Union  had  not  united  to  stop  him.  In  effect,  GOD  Almighty   allowed  the  rise  of  the  USSR  and  of  the  USA  after  WW  II.  It  was  WW  II  and  the  Holocaust   which  propelled  and  greatly  accelerated  the   creation  of  the  State  of  the  modern  Nation  of  Israel  in  1948   !!!

America's  fall  and  ultimate  decline  in  the  not  to   distant  future  is  a  'no  brainer'  these  United  States  of  America  is  like   an  enormous   Castle;  from  far  away   it  seems  strong  and  impenetratable  but  the  truth  is  that   its  foundation  and  virtually  every  wall  and  retainer  within  it  has  been   slowly  been  consumed   by  termites   through  the  years  and  its  only  a  matter  of  time  before  the  whole  'FACADE'  comes  tumbling  down  !!!   America   and  its  corrupt  politicians  have  longed  mortgaged  and  refinanced   America's  future  at  the  expense  of   future   generations.  The  truth  is  that  America  is  'NEVER'  going  to  repay   its  over  $ 20,000,000,000,000+  National  Debt  which  keeps  multiplying  almost  exponentially  !!!  American  Bankers  and  the  Fed   have  been  creatively  delaying  the  inevitable   with  each  passing  year   by simply printing more  money and by  authorizing  digital  currency  to  lending institutions   !!!

According  to  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel   the  4th  Roman  Beast  is  'GUARANTEED'  by  GOD  Almighty  to  rise    'AGAIN'   to  power  during  the  final  7  years  of  the  Tribulation  period, this  means  that   the  U.S.A.  and  Russia   are  both  'GUARANTEED'  to  greatly  decline  in  power  in  the  future  during  that  endtimes  period.  If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  know  that   Russia  and  its   Prince   along  with  several  Islamic  countries   are  prophesied  to  attack   Israel   in  the  not  so  distant  future   and  you  are  fully  aware   that  they  will  fail  because  GOD  Almighty    will  intervene  directly  !!!

In  the  'Spirit  World'  this   servant  of  GOD  sees   the  coming  persecution   of  Jews  in  America,  when  Satan  is  cast  down  to  Earth  he  is  going  to  initiate  thee  greatest  persecution  of  the  Jewish  people  in  all  of  human  history  and  the  United  States  and  New  York  City  in  particular  will  'NOT'  be  spared  by  the  wrath  of  Satan.  According  to  Bible  Prophecy   and  especially  the  Prophecy  of  Zechariah,   Satan  will  succeed  in  ultimately  killing   some  60%  of  the  world  wide  Jewish  population  during  the  Tribulation  period   !!!   ( Zechariah  13 : 8 )   The  Jewish  population  of  America  was  spared   during  World  War  II   'BUT'  it   doesn't  seem  likely  that  it  will  be  spared   during  World  War  III   !!!    

It  is  the  personal  analysis   of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  of  'historical  patterns'   that  GOD    will  "NOT"  spare   His  HOLY  JUDGEMENT   upon   these  United  States  of  America.  I  believe  that  it  was  Billy  Graham  who  once  said  that  if  GOD  did  not  bring  judgement  to  America  He  will have  to  apologize  to  Sodom  and  Gomorrah  !!!   GOD  is  just  and  righteous  and  He  can  "NOT"  turn  a  blind  eye   to  any   unrepentant  sin,  be  it  personal  or  national   !!!
According  to  the   Holy  Bible   GOD  is  patient    "BUT"    there  is   a  limit  when   our  HOLY  CREATOR    says  'enough  is  enough'  !!!   The  Book  of  Revelation  18 : 5, reveals  to  us  that   the  once  endtimes  Babylon's  sins  have  reached  heaven; GOD   will  'NO'  longer   look  the  other  way;  His  Holy  judgement   will  be  immediately  decreed  and  consummated  upon  'ALL'  the  nations   that  have  turned  against  His  HOLY  LAWS  !!!

As  a  semi-expert  on  Nuclear  Proliferation  and  Strategic  Studies,  this  servant  of  GOD  for  many  years  had  been  scratching  his  head   wondering   about  Revelation  13 : 4  "Who is like the Beast  and  who  is  able  to  make  war  with  him ?"   today   I'm  a  little  bit  wiser  after  studying  Bible  Prophecy  for  over 17+  years   and this student of Bible Prophecy  believes  that   the  coming   'Little  Horn'   is  going  to    use   his  diabolical  supernatural  powers  to   render  the  electronic   weaponry  of  his  enemies   useless  for    a  period  of  time  and  its  not  just  that  he  is  going  to    improve  on  Hitler's  Blitzkrieg  Strategy;  you  see  Satan   has  been  studying  the  warfare   of  human  empires  since  the  beginning  and  neither  Clausewitz   nor  Sun Tzu's  theories of  war  and strategy   really  apply  to  Satan's   unholy  warfare  methods   !!!   It  appears  that   the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  also  going  to  inherit  the  over   480+   American  nuclear  weapons   that  have  long  been  deployed  throughout  Europe   via  NATO...Nuclear  War  is  coming  and  it   does  'NOT'  mean  that   it  will  begin  in  the  Middle   East, obviously  any  nuclear  missile   detonated   near  Israel  would  contaminate   most of the area  with  radiation   and  Israel  as  it  is, is  a  very  small  country,  nonetheless   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Strategic  Studies  believes   that  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse   start   their  world  tour   via   nuclear    incident  !!!   

Today,  America   has  lost  its  way.  This  nation's  Supreme  Court    is  trying  to  legalize  sin  and  not  only  that  they  are   persecuting   those  who  dare   question  its  authority   !!!   Today  in  these  United  States  of  America    most  Corporations   politically  support   the  homosexual  and  Lesbian  movement  and  if  you  dare   speak  up  you  are  labeled   comparably   to  that  of   a   racial  bigot.  Today  the  homosexual  movement   parades   not  only  through  the  cities  of  America  with  'PRIDE'  but   also  in  cities  such as Tel Aviv and even in Jerusalem,  surely  GOD  shall   not  be  mocked   nor  His  Holy  commandments, today they may dance  in the streets  proud of   their  sin  'BUT'  the  day  is  coming  when   their   pride   shall  be  turned  into  mourning  (  1 Corinthians  6 : 9-11   and  Revelation  22 : 15  )

The  truth   is  that  you  don't  need  to  be   a  'Prophet'  nor  a  'Rocket  Scientist'  to  figure  out   why  the  U.S.A.  will   decline   in  global  prominence  in  the  future.  Our  American  government  keep  printing   dollars  backed  up  by  nothing, it used to be that if you had  a  million dollars  in  gold  you  were  worth  'one  million'  and  to  add  insult  to  injury   its  not  just  that  the  U.S.  keeps  printing  more  and  more   paper  money  but  our  National  Debt  keeps  growing  at  an  'UNSUSTSAINABLE'  level;  American  Wall  Street   elites,  the  Federal  Reserve, American  Politicians   who promise   social  programs that  indebt  the  U.S  even  more  and  the   over  90+  million  Americans  who  have  become   dependent  on  government  aid  are  all   responsible  for  what  is  coming;   'Economic  Collapse   !!!'   When  it  comes  there's  going  to  be  a  lot  of  'Finger  Pointing'  but  truly,  who  are  we  kidding  ?

The  United  States  of  America  can  'NOT'  be   totally  destroyed   by  nuclear  war,  the  truth  is  that   the  American  military  enjoys  a  'Nuclear  Triad'  ( Sea, Land and Air  Nuclear  armaments =  nuclear  submarines,  nuclear  ICBM's  and   Air Force Bombers that can carry  a nuclear payload *)   should  the  U.S.A  ever  be  attacked    it  will  respond  likewise   with  nuclear  missiles   once  it  is  confirmed   who  the   adversary  and  culprit  was   who  initiated a nuclear strike  upon   American  Territory,  be  it  : Russia  or  an  Islamic Terrorist Group.   America  does  'NOT'  have  all  of  its  nuclear   stockpile  in  'one  basket'   so to speak;  it  has  it  spread  in  key  strategic  regions  of  this  planet  should   a  nuclear  response  ever  be  needed   and  authorized   !!!

In  conclusion,  although  the  U.S.   military  has  the  most :  nuclear powered  submarines with nuclear ballistic  missiles   and  even  though  it  also  has  the most nuclear powered aircraft carriers  as  well  as  bombers  the  U.S.   military  will  be  'NO"  match  for  the  treachery  and  the  diabolical  powers  of  the  coming  'Man  of  Sin'   almost  all  of  America's  high -tech  weaponry  relies  on  electronic-electrical    communications  and  this  student  of  'Spiritual  Warfare'  knows  that   Satan  has  the  power  to  render  such  technology  useless;  a  further  study   of  the  matter   indicates  that  the  coming  'Man  of  Sin'  will  'Destroy  Many  by  Peace'  this  means  that  the  rider   on  the  First  Horse  of  the  Apocalypse  that  carries  no  arrows  on  his  bow  will  most  likely   succeed  in  conquering  others  without  'firing  a  single  shot'  it  appears  that  he  is  going  to  use  his  army  of  demons  to   make  his  enemies  and  all  those  who  oppose  him  to  'turn  against  one  another  and  destroy  one  another'  and  he  will  be  there  to  conquer   whoever  is  left  alive  and  to   gather  all  the  spoils  !!!   Satan  has  been  studying  human  warfare  for  centuries  and  the  theories  of  Clausewitz  and  SunTzu  don't  apply  to  him,  I  know  that  it  isn't  'Fair'  but  GOD  Almighty    is  going  to   remove  the  restrainer   so  that  'Peace  is  taken  away  from  the  World'   GOD  wants  everyone  to  witness  of  what   a  world  without   Him  is  really  like : Satan   hates  and  despises   humanity  and  the  Holy  Bible   reveals  to  us  that  Satan  specializes  in : Killing, Stealing   and  Destroying,  Satan  presently  has  enslaved, blinded  and  deceived  'Most'  of  humanity,  'BUT'  Jesus  Christ  came  that  we  may  have  Life  and  have  it  more  abundantly  !!!   (  Revelation 13 : 4-7  and  Revelation  6 : 3   )

By:  Mario  Romano,  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  been  studying  the  'Rise  and  Fall  of  Empires'   for  several  years  and  to  tell you the truth  there  is  nothing much new under this  sun,  'That which was  shall  be.'   The   leadership  of  this  country  has  learned  'NOTHING'  from  history  and  especially  from  the  Fall  and  demise  of  previous   empires  that  have  preceded  these  United  States  in  the  past;   'PRIDE'   has  blinded   the  vast  majority  of  the  ruling  elite  of  this  country  and   the vast  majority of our  American  politicians   have  corrupted  themselves  by  also  having  their  hand   in  the  'Cookie  Jar.'  American  politicians   have  long  bankrupted  these  United  States, the U.S.A  is  trillions  of  dollars  in  debt,  it   has  spent   over  $ 2  Trillion+   in  the war in Iraq  and  Afghanistan  and  it  continues  to  print  Dollars  without  any  gold  backing    !!!  

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Two  years  ago  in  the  original   website  we  wrote  an  article   about  GOD  having  created  trillions  of  galaxies.  Up  until  then,   most  astronomers   agreed  that  there  were  at  least   200  billion  galaxies  in  the  observable  Universe.  This  student  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  of  Astronomy   thought  of  it  as  a  'no  brainer'   that  a  trillion  galaxies  in  this  Universe  was  not  a  stretch  !!!  Just  this  week   of  October  13, 2016   both,  CNN  as  well as numerous  other  scientific  news  websites  including   NASA's   confirmed  that  "Trillions   of  Galaxies" inhabit  this  Universe.   Astronomers  have  only  been  able  to   study  and  observe  only  about  10%  of  the  observable  Universe  with  the  help  of  the  Hubble  Telescope,  if  some  200  billion  galaxies   have  been  extrapolated  from  the   findings  of  deep  space field  images  of  the  Hubble  Telescope   it  is  "NOT"  stretching  it  that  we  indeed  inhabit  a  Universe  with  over  a  trillion+  galaxies  !!!   (  to  GOD  our  Creator  be  all  the  Glory  !!!  )

It  is  becoming  more  and  more  evident  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   that   planet  Earth  is  like  a  giant  'Boot  Camp'  for  eternity,  the  decisions  and  actions  that  we  take  and  make  here  on  planet  Earth  in  our  human   body  will  affect  us  eternally   !!!   The  astronomical  images  taken  by  the  Hubble  Telescope   have  captured  entire  galaxies  far, far  away   from  our  Milky  Way  galaxy  colliding  with  other  galaxies, this  reminds  me  of  the  words  that  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  stated   in  Matthew  24 : 35,   this  'Heaven and this Earth'  shall  one  day  pass  away  in  eternity   but  His  words   shall  endure  forever.  Truly,  we  all  inhabit  a  Universe  that  had  a  beginning  and  most  likely  will  have  an  end,  the Theological  evidence  indicates  that  the  3rd  Heaven   is  "NOT"  inside  of  this  Universe, we  in  this  Universe  are  like  inside  a  gigantic  'Etch-A-Sketch'   where  GOD    creates  for  His  sheer  and  sovereign  pleasure   !!!   Yes,  the  3rd  Heaven   where  GOD  has  His  eternal  throne  is   an  eternal  place  of  utter :  HOLINESS  and  PERFECTION  "BUT"  you  and  I  and  the   billions  of  other  human  beings  that  were  also  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  are  presently   very  far  from  the  3rd  Heaven   and  we  must  fight  the  'Good  Fight'  here  and  now  in  this  place  and  moment  of  eternity  if  we   really, really  ever  want  to   one  day  see  those  streets  of  gold !!! 

 The   spiritual  fight   in  this  fallen  planet  is  "NOT"  so  easy,   you  and  I  know  that  the  enemy   has  been  deceiving  most  of  humanity   "BUT"   we  shall  overcome  Satan  and  all  of   his  unholy  tactics  by   the  sheer  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  and  by  the  power  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  !!!   The  Book  of  Revelation   in  21 : 8, warns  us  that  the  'Cowardly'  shall  not  inherit  the  Kingdom  of  GOD; truly  we  exist  in  a  fallen  planet  that   is  not  only  infested  with  all types  of  :  unholy  demons  and  fallen  Angels  but  also  with   so  many  odds    set  against  our  physical  survival;  yet  GOD   ALMIGHTY  did  "NOT"  abandoned   us  here   so  that   Satan  could  finish  us  all  off;  GOD    turned  the  tables  on  Satan  and  all  those   who   believe  in  Jesus  Christ   and  abide  in  the  word  of  GOD  are  promised   a  place  in  eternity  and  in  heaven  that  Satan  and  all  the  Fallen  Angels   abdicated  when  they  all  voluntarily  chose   to   rebel  against  their  Holy  Creator !    Truly,  we all exist   here  and  now  in  a  'Temporary'  : Galaxy, Solar System, Planet  and   human  body   and  only  all  those  who 'OVERCOME'   this  present  darkness   on  this  planet are  promised  a :  glorified  body  and  a  place  in  the  New  Jerusalem  !!!  -Revelation 21 : 7

Quick   Facts  About  Our  Universe  :

1.  73%  is  dark  energy,   23 %  is  dark  matter  and  the rest  4%  is  composed of  stars  &             intergalactic  gas   !!!  
2.  Virtually  everything in this Universe  is  constantly  moving  and  the  Universe  itself                  appears  to  be  expanding  !!!
3.  There  are  trillions  of  time  zones  in  this  Universe, just as there  are  numerous  times              zones  on   Earth  !!!
4.  The  Holy  Bible    reveals  to  us  that   as  big  as  this  Universe  is,  the  heavens  of  the              heavens  can  "NOT"   contain   the  ever  present  and  omnipresence  of  GOD  Almighty !!!
     (  1 King's  8 : 27  and  Deuteronomy  10 :  14 ;  2 Chronicles 6 : 18  )

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Astronomy,  when  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  studies  the scale  of  this  Universe  alone  it  is  without  question  to  him  that   GOD  has  "NO"  limitations  of any  kind  !!!   The  sole  fact  that  our   sun  alone  is  some  'one  million'  times   larger  than planet Earth   is  'mind  boggling.'   In  the  Book  of  Job  we   read  about  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  coming like from  all  parts   of  the  heavens  and  Universe;  including  Satan  among  them  for  some  type  of  an  epic  Heavenly  meeting  (  Job  2 : 1  )  it  is  here  were  we  can  see  that  "NOT"  all  the  Angels  in  the  Heavens  are  assigned  to  planet  Earth.  If  you  read  and  study  the  Holy  Bible  you  can  observe that  there  are  just  three or  four  Angels  named  by  name ( Gabriel & Michael )  and  that  is  because  "NOT"  all  of  the  other : Archangels, Seraphims, Cherubims  and other  regular  Angels  are  assigned  to  this  planet  !!!  ( that  would  be  overkill, in the Holy Scriptures  we  can  see  that  GOD  only  needs   a  handful  of   powerful  Angels   to  destroy   humanity,  we  can  see  it  in the  destruction  of  Sodom  and  Gomorrah,  2nd Kings 19 : 35  and  in  Revelation   9 : 14  )

According  to  experts  who  study  the  Animal  and  Insect  Kingdom  the  population  of  all of these  other  living  things   surpasses  the  Trillions  !!!   The   closest  number  of  all  the  insects and  animals  that  inhabit  this  planet  alone  surpasses  the  Quintillions+ !  ( that's  18 zeroes )  Truly,  GOD our  Creator  enjoys  : designing, engineering  and  bringing  to  life 'millions  upon  millions'  of  different  living  things  for  His  sole  and  sovereign  pleasure  !!!

This  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   isn't  writing   this  article  to  'Rain  on  Anybody's  Parade'  nor  to  'Pop'   anyone's  Theological   view;  the  truth  is  that   the  Heavens  are  "NOT"  populated  by  'baby  looking  angels'  with  little  or  no  clothing  playing  'harps   on  clouds'   !!!  According  to  the  Holy  Bible   the  Heavens  are  populated  with   powerful  Angels  who  can  stand   on  the  Sun  and  not  get   any  burns  !!!  ( Revelation  19  : 17  )   Indeed,  something  great  is  taking  place  outside  the  realm  and  view  of  the  human  eye  in  the  'eternal  and  spiritual  world'  that  unfortunately  "MOST"  humans   could  care  less  of;   most  of  us  can't  see  any  further  than  our  very  noses,   we  have  become  selfish  and  egotistical  and  far  too  many  believers  and  unbelievers  alike    could  care  less  of  what  might  or  may  not  be  happening   in  the  rest  of  the  99.99999+  of  the  Universe,  for  'NOT'  even  our  galaxy  itself,  nor  our solar  system  accounts  for  even  1%  of  this  Universe  !!!

What  does  this  all  mean ?   It  just  confirms  the  fact  that  we  serve  an  AWESOME  GOD  and  CREATOR  who  manifested  Himself   on  planet  Earth  as  JESUS  CHRIST   !!!  "NO"  Christian  believer  should  ever, ever  be  ashamed  of  JESUS  CHRIST;   we  are  not  the  product  of  a  random  explosion  in  eternity;  there  is  a  MIGHTY  and  ETERNAL   LOVING  SPIRIT  (GOD )  who   is  thee  originator   of  "ALL"  that  has  ever  been  and  ever  will  be  !!!  You  and  I  should  just  be  thankful   that  we  too  were  allowed  to  exist  and   be  ever  thankful;  that  because  of  what  JESUS  CHRIST  completed  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary  we  too  have  been  given  the  opportunity  to  receive  eternal  life exclusively through  Jesus Christ !   GOD   has  been  forever  creating  in  eternity  and   we  have  been  commanded  to  love  one  another, we  are  not  GOD's   first  creation   in  all  of  eternity   and  neither   shall  we  be  the  last  one's.  Eternity  has  been   in  existence   long, long  before  GOD   created  Adam  and  Eve  on  this  planet; GOD  is  going  to  fulfill   "ALL"  the  promises  that  He  made   to  the  Jews, to the Church  and  then  some  !!!

This  new   'bible  prophecy  blog  website'  was  originally  launched  to  exclusively  only  focus  on  the  key  players   and  nations  that  will  ultimately  produce  the  10  Horned  Beast  found  in  the  Book  of   Revelation.  "BUT"   because  this  discovery  concerning  the  Universe  is  so  "BIG"  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   knows  that  as  big  as  this  Universe  may  be  and  whatever  other  creations  may  or  not  be  also  inhabiting  this  enormous  Universe;  the  fact  is  that  GOD   loves  us  here  on  planet  Earth  because   He  sent  His  only  begotten  Son  : Jesus  Christ   to  make  it  possible  for  us  human  beings   to  enter  into   eternity  with  our  Creator  GOD   !!!

This  student  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  wants  to  clarify  that   Jesus  Christ  only  died  for  the  sins  of  this    rebellious   and  fallen  planet. Theologians  tell  us  that  the  Angels  who   fell  and  chose  to  follow  the  lies  of  Satan   are  "UNFORGIVEABLE"    whether  this  Universe  is  full  of  other  creations  does  "NOT"   change  our  position  with  GOD  our  Creator, we  are  the  creation  that  fell,  the  creation  that  inherited  death, the  planet  that  rebelled  against  our  Holy  Creator  !!!

It  is  without  question,  all  the  evidence  that  this   servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  has studied   and  analyzed  indicates  that  GOD  our  CREATOR   is   literally  and  without  exaggeration   : GOD and  CREATOR  of  Trillions  of  :  Living  things, planets, stars, galaxies  and  numerous  other things  and  places   that  the  limited  and  corrupt  imagination  of  man  cannot  even  come close  to  imagining  !!!   Jesus  Christ  is  thee  LIVING  WORD  OF  GOD  ALMIGHTY, "ALL"  things  were  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!  (  John  1 : 3  )   This  unworthy servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  "NO"  problem   knowing  that  GOD   has  created  billions+  of human  beings  alone  on  this  planet    and  that   He  even  had   billions+  of  Angels  'Son's  of GOD'  inhabiting  the  3  Heavens  long  before   I  was  created  on  this  planet, this  servant  of Jesus  Christ   is  just   so  thankful  that  GOD   also  has  allowed  me  to  exist  in  this  place and  time  in  eternity and  I  have  'NO'  problem  sharing   the  love  of  GOD  with  trillions+ of  others !

Don't  misunderstand  this  unworthy   servant  of  Jesus  Christ;  what  i'm  trying  to  convey  to  you   is  that   we  are  the  creation  that  was  created   in  direct  response  to  the  fall  of  Satan  and  of  one-third  of  the  Angels  who  fell;  it  just  so  happened  that  GOD  in  His  Sovereignty   chose  to  create  us   right  after  the  fall  and  after   Hell   itself  was  created  for  Satan  and  the  fallen  one's.  The  Holy  Bible  contains   the  truth  of  GOD;  it  does  not contain   EVERYTHING  that  has  ever  transpired  in  'Eternity  Past'  but  it  does  contain  the  most  critical  facts   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   wants  us  to  know  in  this  time  and  place  in  eternity  and  that  is  that  we  have  all  sinned  against  our  HOLY  CREATOR  and  that  only  through   JESUS  CHRIST  can  we  obtain   forgiveness  for  our  sins  !!!

Mario  Romano  is  "NO"  Prophet  nor  the  son  of  a  Prophet  "BUT"  as  a  GOD  fearing  man  of  GOD  redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   there  is  "NO"   doubt  in  his  mind   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  not  just  the  GOD  and  CREATOR   of  Heaven  and  Earth,  all  the  Astronomical   facts  and  evidence  points   to  the  reality  that  GOD  is  also  thee  CREATOR  of   numerous  other  creations  all  throughout  eternity  and  also  all  throughout  this Universe;  I'm  no :    Isaiah, Daniel, Ezequiel;  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is   a  nobody   that  by  the  pure  sheer  'grace and   mercy'  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   was   reached  by  the  eternal  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  !

BY :  Mario  Romano,  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   has  been  an  amateur  Astronomer   for  over  18+  years.   This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  was  astounded  years  ago  when   it  was  estimated  that  some  200  BILLION  galaxies   existed  in  this  Universe  and  you  better  believe  that  I'm  even  more   astounded   today   with  the  findings  that  our  Creator  GOD   didn't   stop  at  one  or  two  galaxies not even at a million or a billion but at  over  a  Trillion  !!!  (  Holy, Holy,  Holy   is  thee  name  of  GOD  Almighty;  the  HOLY  ONE  of  Israel  !!!  )