Monday, August 28, 2017


No  other  nation   nor  empire  on  planet  earth  'NOT'  even   the  ancient  Roman  Empire  with  all  its'  Roman : Emperors,  Generals  and   its  legendary  Legions;   has  single-handedly  killed  more  Jews  than  Nazi  Germany  during  1933-1945  !!!  Neither  the  previous : 4  Beasts of  Daniel,   Muhammed,  Antiochus Epiphanes,  the Egyptian  Pharaohs, Persia/ Iran,   ISIS,  the  Spanish Inquisiton,  AL Qaeda,  Hezbollah, Osama  Bin  Laden , Soviet  Gulags  nor  all  Islamic  countries  and  their  Terrorist  proxies  have  been  as  successful  in  the  mass  killing  of  our  Jewish  friends  as  NAZI  Germany  !!!  (  According  to  historical  records  the  Roman  Empire  killed  around  1+  million  Jews  and  NAZI  Germany  under  Hitler  killed  around :  5+ million   and  Muslims  have   killed  less  than  100,000  since  Muhammed  until  the  present*)  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  only  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  outdo  what  NAZI  Germany  accomplished  under   Hitler   !!!

In  this  upcoming  24 of  September,  German  voters  will   go  to  the  polls  to  vote  on  whether  Angela  Merkel,   who  has  been  in  power  since  2005   will  continue  to   represent  Germany  for  another   4  years   !!!   ( if she wins this will be her 4th Term  in  power*)  Angela  Merkel   is  often  called  the  most  powerful  woman  in  the  world  very  simply  because  she  heads  one  of  the  most  prosperous  industrial  nation on planet  earth : Germany.  Those  of  us  who  study   the  European  Union  know  very  well  that  Germany  ( German  Banks*)   are  what  has  kept  the : $ EURO, the Eurozone  and  the  European  Union  from  economically  collapsing  and  imploding  several  years  ago  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   acknowledges  that  Angela  Merkel    has  taken  'HUGE'   political  risks  in  the  past  for  the  entire  European  Union  and   so  far   if  there's  a   European  leader  that  should  be  credited  for   keeping  afloat  the  entire  EU  experiment  it  most  certainly   is  her  !!!  ( this weeks  article  is   'NOT'  an  attack  on  Germany, as  a  student  of  history   this servant  of  Jesus  Christ  acknowledges  that  almost  all  nations  on  earth  have   their  very  own  dark  and  embarrassing  history  as  a  nation;  in America it was slavery,  in  Australia  it  was  its  treatment of the aboriginal  population, in Turkey the genocide of  many  Armenians  and  the  list  goes  on;  etc...)

Remember  the  Prince  of  Persia  &  the  Prince  of  Greece ?  ( Daniel  10:13  &  10:20  )  The  Prince  of  Persia  as  well as  the  Prince  of  Greece   were   Fallen  Angels  of  a  high  rank  who  had  authority  over  the  physical  Kingdom  of  Persia  as  well  as  Greece.  Both  empires  were   enemies  of  the  Jewish  people.  There  is  'NO'  doubt  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   some  very  powerful  and  unholy  Fallen  Angel   the  'Prince of   Rome / Germany'  was  greatly   influencing  the  NAZI's  during  World  War  II;  very  simply  because   the  enmity  and  destruction   that  they   perpetrated  against  the  Jewish  people  was  many, many   times  greater  than   what  both   Persia  and  Greece  'together'   managed  to  do  against  our  Jewish  friends  in  the  past   !!!   According  to  the  history  books,  even  during  the  very  last  hours  and  days  of   World  War  II  the  NAZI's  knew  that  their  days  were  numbered,  despite  the  facts  on  the  battlefield  orders  were  given  to  speed  up  the  execution  of  the  Jews   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  the  'Prince  of  Persia'  is  still  there  very  simply  because  Iran   keeps  threatening   Israel  still  to  this  very  day  !!!   The  'million  dollar  question'  is  whether   the  same  Fallen  Angel  who  inspired  the  NAZI's  to do what  they  did  is  still  lurking  somewhere  behind  the  scenes   in  Germany  ?

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   believes  that   Germany  will  'hands  down'  and  without  question  produce  one  of  the  10  King's  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  during  the  Tribulation  period.  (  Last  7  years* )  When  began  in  1999,  we  did  'NOT'  believe  that  Germany  would  again  produce   in  the  future  someone  like  Adolph  Hitler  and  today  in  2017  after  even  more  research  we  still   do  'NOT'  believe  that  Germany  will  be  the  homeland  of  the  'Little  Horn'   mentioned    in  Daniel  and  in  Revelation.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  has  observed  a  recurring   historical  pattern  that   very  'Hopefully'  won't   repeat  itself  'BUT'  it  is  observed  that  virtually  all  the  ancient  enemies  of  Israel  and  of  the  Jewish  people;  'their  present  day   geographical  and  ethnic  descendants'    very  unfortunately  'Continue'   to  be  against  Israel    even  'TODAY'  !!!   (  examples: Syria, Persia/ Iran,  Assyria,   Babylon/ Iraq,  4th Roman  Beast  and   we  don't  know  'Yet'  about  Germany  but   the patterns  don't  look  too   good  !!!   )

Angela  Merkel,  the  present  leader  and  Chancellor  of  the  Bundesrepublik  Deutscland  ( Germany*)  has   presided  over  one  of  the  greatest   economic  periods  of  modern  Germany.  Most   professional   political  German  prognosticators  do  'NOT'  see  Angela  Merkel  losing  the  upcoming  national  elections  to  Martin  Schulz.  ( Schulz,  is Merkel's main political rival  and  is  presently  way  behind  in  the  polls*)   The  only  two  things  that  could  stop  Mrs. Merkel  from  being   easily  re-elected  in  a  month,  is  if   multiple  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  happen  between  now  and  then  or  obviously  if  Mrs. Merkel   suffers   a  major   heart  attack  or  illness.
Angela  Merkel  did  make  one  very  'MAJOR'  mistake   that  will  come  back  to  haunt  her  regardless  of  whether  she  wins   re-election  in  a  few  weeks  and  that  is  her  decision  of  allowing   an  estimated  : 1,000,000   Islamic  'Refugees'  from  the  Middle  East.  While  it  is  true  that  not  all  Muslims  are  terrorists,  the   statistical  reality  is  that  at  a  minimum   1%  of  those  1,000, 000  mostly  Muslim  men   are  and  that's  about  10,000+   sleeper  Jihadists   !!! ( this  number/ percentage  is  in  very  conservative  estimates ) !!!   When  the  future  Islamic  riots  and  Islamic  Terrorist   attacks  happen  in : Berlin, Bonn  and  other  German  cities  in  the  future   they  will  all  come  to  blame :  Angela  Merkel,  just  you  wait   !!!   Mark  the  words  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy :  Angela  Merkel's  legacy   will  be  absolutely  and  totally   destroyed  in  the  future  once   the  'Trojan  Horse'  that  she  allowed  into  German  cities  and  towns   turns  and  forces   Germany   to  declare   martial  law  in  the  future   !!!

Germany,  (  its  people and government  )  to  its  credit  has  tried  to   make  amends  with   Israel  and  its  Jewish  people  by  authorizing  the sale   of  several   'Dolphin Class  Nuclear  capable   Submarines'   (  Israel  eventually  arms  them with  cruise  missiles  topped  with  nuclear  warheads*  )    The  German  governments  of  the  past  have  also  made  financial  restitutions  and  reparations  to  surviving  holocaust  victims.  According  to  all  my  research  there  is  'STILL'   an  unholy  spirit  of  anti-semitism  and  Jewish  stereotypes   being  carried  on  'secretly  and  not  so  secretly'   by  most  German  people  even  today  !!!   ( not  all  German's   supported  Hitler  nor  are  all  German's  anti-semites*)   The  'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  there  are  only  some  110,000+   Jews  living today  in  all of  Germany;  whence  once  only  8  decades  ago  there  were  millions  throughout  Europe  !!!  (  most  Jews  that  survived   the  Holocaust  left   Europe  and  the  few  that  presently  still  remain  are  once  again  leaving  due  to   increasing  Islamic  attacks  against  Jews  on  European  soil  !!!  )

This   insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    does  'NOT'  and  can  'NOT'   see  Israel  accepting  a  German  Peacebroker  in  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many'  just  as  he  can  'NOT'  see  nor  imagine  Israel   accepting  an  Islamic  Peacebroker.  The  final  'Little  Horn'  will  appear   as  the  harmless  puppet  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation   'BUT'  in  reality  it  is  he  who  will  be  pulling   the  strings  of  those  10  King's  because  it  will  be  he  who will  early  on  uproot  3  of  the 10 !

"No  other  EU  country  has  so  much  at  stake  and  $$$  invested  in  the : European  Union, the Eurozone and in the $ EURO,  itself  than  the  German  Banks  !!!   ( via the European Central Bank -ECB*)  Angela  Merkel  in  effect  'Authorized'  and  almost  'Guaranteed'  most  of  the  loans   given  to  Greece  in  the  past  as  the  top   politician  in  Germany.  Mrs.  Merkel  'Inadvertently'  is  going  to  make  possible  the  eventual  rise  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  in  the future;  very  simply  because  'SOME'  of  her  present  and  shortsighted :  political, military, social  ( admitting  a  million  refugees* )   and  economic  decisions  are  in  the  end  going  to  prove  disastrous  &  they  will  undoubtedly  go  on  to  produce  some  very  serious  blowback  !!!"
                                   - Mario  Romano, student of Bible Prophecy*

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  a  'Political  Realist'  we  previously  stated   that   only  and  'IF'  Macron  and  Schulz  won  this  years'   national  elections  in  : France  and  Germany   could  Bible  Prophecy   accelerate.  If  Angela  Merkel   wins  again  then  we  will  just  have  to  wait  a  bit  more   !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy  10  King's  ( not  one  female  Queen  in  the  bunch*)  will   ultimately  give  all  of  their  power  to  the  'Little  Horn'  during  the  Tribulation  period.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  acknowledges  that   the  final  10  Toes  of  Daniel  and  10  King's  of  Revelation  rise  to  power   during  the  midpoint  of  the  Tribulation  period   !!!

Most  Germans   today  are  really  nice, hardworking  people  and  to  give  credit  to  the  German  government  and  its  people   it  is  a  crime  to  praise  Hitler  openly, to deny  the  Holocaust  as  well as  to   practice  the  NAZI  salute  in  public.  The  long  shadow  of  NAZI  Germany  still  haunts  most  of  Germany  and  while  it  divides  most  Germans   there  is  still  a  very  active  and  growing  Neo-Nazi   movement   in  Germany  today.  To  some  degree  Germany's  past  is  like  a  great  embarrasing  family  secret  that  nobody  tries  to  bring  up  as  much  as  possible.

Modern  Germany  is  'RELUCTANT'  to   militarize  itself   once  again  as  it  once  it  did  over  half  a  century  ago;  additionally  its  politicians   for  several  decades   have  tried  to  remain  'behind  the  scenes'  of  the  European  Union  and  have  allowed  others  to  be  the  'Face'  of  the  EU  Leadership  'YET'  it  is  'NO'  secret  that  Germany  is  the  most  $$$  prosperous  and  productive  country  in  all  of  the  European  Union  and  to  tell  you  the  truth  if   Angela  Merkel  and   the  German  Banks  had  not  stepped  in  to  save   the  Greek  Economy  a  few  years   ago the  EU   could  have  been  an  entire  different   beast  today  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  years  ago   stated  that  Germany  'SHALL'   indeed  be  one  of  the  producers  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation;  Germany   will  by  no  means   produce  yet  another  Hitler;  Satan  knows  that  it  would  be  too  obvious   !!!   Somewhere  behind  some  desk  of  some   EU   politician   is  sitting  a  man   whose  ambitions  will  one  day  become  a  reality;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has   'Zeroed'  in  on  4  possible  EU  countries  and    in  'NO'  way   does  he   pretend  to  know   who  will  finally  end  up  being  the  final  'Little  Horn'  'BUT'  we  should  also   'NOT'  be  ignorant   nor  underestimate  anyone  who  raises  one  too  many  red  flags  !!!

According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   Germany   'WILL'  have  to  militarize  itself  in  the  future;  ( whether  it  likes  it  or  not * )   and  especially  as  it  tries  to  distance  itself  from  NATO  ( American Military  Leadership*)  and  as   the  Russian  Bear  under  Putin  continues  to  breathe  down  its  neck   !!!   Furthermore,  wars  are  coming  to  Germany's  front  door  that  will  'NOT'  allow  it  to  continue  to  be  a  'Neutral'   and  benign  global  power   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  long  ago  stated  that   'Presently'  we  have  before  us  3  guaranteed   producers  of  3  of  the  King's  of  Revelation :  Germany  has  the  $$$,  France  has  the  Nuclear  Missiles  and  Italy  has   the  'Unholy  See'  somewhere  in  Vatican  City  !!!  The  wars  and  global  natural  disasters   that  are  coming  are  going  to  force  a  group  of  European / Mediterranean  countries  to  unite  as  never  before   in  order  to  defend  themselves  against :  Russia,  Islamic  Guerrilla  Warfare  and   economic   warfare  against  the  King's  of  the  East   !!!   The  4th  Beast  'Shall'  once  again   invade  the  Middle  East  in  the  last  days   just  like  the  Roman  Empire  once  did  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  'NOT'  even  nuclear  Israel  will  be  fully  able  to  escape  from  its  diabolical   plans   !!!   

'NO'   one  European  individual  country  today  can   militarily  confront  Russia  alone, "NO"  one  European  country  can   challenge   the  seemingly  behemothic  Chinese  economy  !!!   Divided  Europe  falls;  united  they  will  mount   the   greatest  : Economic, Religious  and  Military  power  &  alliance  of  Western   nations   that  the  world  has  ever  seen  during  the  Tribulation  period   when  the  final  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast   arises  for  the  last  time  !!!

In  conclusion,  'YES'  Germany  will  once  again  turn  against  Israel  during  the  Tribulation period  very  simply  because  it  will  be a key  & integral  part  of  the 10  King's  of  Revelation !!! You  and  I  know  that  great  natural  calamities  and  wars  are  headed  to  planet  earth  and  when  any  people  or  country   feel   that  their  very  existence  is  at  hand  they  will  do  almost  'ANYTHING'  to  survive.   Great : wars,  famines  and  plagues  are  coming  upon  this  entire  planet  and  as  prosperous  as  the  German  economy   presently  is  that  too  will  pass  away  !!!  The  German  people   will  be  greatly  deceived  in the Tribulation  period  ( Spiritually )   by the  false  'Signs  and  Wonders'  that   the  two  Beasts  of  Revelation   will  do  before  hundreds  of  millions  of   spiritually  blind  people.  It  is  rather   unfortunate  that  most  ( not  all*)  German  people  have  made  the   modern  day  version  of  'Mammon'  their  god  and  long  ago  most  German's   decided  that  their   relationship  with  their  Creator : GOD,  the  very  GOD  of  Martin  Luther,  could  take  a  secondary  place  if  any  in  their  personal  lives  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'begs  to  differ'   on  the   idea  that  Germany   will  produce  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  ( some are teaching that  it  will  be  Germany once again*)  the  'Little  Horn'  will  almost  be  a  'One  Man  Show'  in  effect  the  final  10  King's  will  give  him  all  of  their  power  because  he  will   seem  to  be  their  'Fall  Guy'  but  the  'Little  Horn'   will  ultimately  even  turn  the  tables  against  them  because  he  will  uproot  3  of  them   !!!

 Germany  once  gave  to  the  world  some  of  the  greatest  theologians  and  reformers  and  even  mass-produced  the  Holy  Bible  via  Mr.  Gutenberg's  invention   !!!  ( Gutenberg  moveable-type revolutionized  the printing  process  and  made  the mass-production of  the  Holy  Bible  possible*)   It  is  very  sad  to  witness   that  present  day  Germany   is  one  of  the  most  'Spiritually'  backwards  country  on  earth,  ( meaning that they were  once at the forefront  of   revival, reformation  etc...)  if  the  surveys  are  correct  only  about  4%  of   present  day  German's  consider  themselves  born  again  and  committed  Christians   as  opposed  to   some  100 + million  Chinese   believers  !!!  'No'  Germany  cannot  and  will  'NOT'   continue  to  remain   neutral  as  it  has  in  these  past  5  decades  under  the   military  umbrella  of  NATO  and  the  USA;   Germany  together  with  France   will  spearhead   a  new  endtimes  Europe  of  10   that  will   most  certainly  deviate  from   the  'Liberal  Democracies'   that  presently  dominate  Western  Europe.  The present   'Liberal  Democracies'  of  Europe  are  in  fact   creating   the  perfect  future   political  environment   for  the  endtimes   : authoritarian  and  totalitarian   government  that  will   take  over  Europe  in  the  future   !!!    The  EU  of  the  future  will  close  its  borders; expel  and  persecute  any  enemies  of  the  state  and  force  most  of  its  citizens  to  take  a  Mark  in  their   right  hand  or  in  their  forehead   !!!

By :  Mario  Romano.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  honestly   does  'NOT'  pray  for  the   destruction  of  any   nation  nor  ethnic  group  of  planet  earth.  He  prays  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem  and   it  would  be  amazing  if  all  nations  that   constantly  vote  'AGAINST'   Israel  in  the  United  Nations   would  recognize  that  Israel  which  is  one  of  the  smallest  countries  on  all  of  this  planet   has  a  right  to  exist  as  much  as  any  of  them.  The  sad reality   is  that  'ALL'  the  nations  who  constantly  'Curse, Threaten  and  Plot  the Destruction  of  Israel'  according  to  Bible  Prophecy;  will   be   utterly  destroyed  in  future wars  & 'NOT'  necessarily  by  Israeli  Nuclear  Missiles  'BUT'  by  HE  who  keeps  Israel : JEHOVA GOD,  Thee only  true  GOD;  manifested  in  Yeshua: Jesus Christ !!!

Monday, August 21, 2017


For  the  earth  shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover  the  sea.    - Habakkuk  2 : 14

Therefore rejoice, you heavens  ( plural*)  and you who dwell in them !  ( Biblical proof  that  the other heavens above us are replete with other  living beings*)  But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you!    - Book of Revelation  12 : 12

Believe  it  or  not, there  are  still   some  things  that  can  'NOT'  be  learned  nor  discovered at  : MIT, NASA, UCBerkeley, Caltech, Oxford, Yale, Harvard or  even  in  Tibet  !  ( Matthew  16 :17  )

There  are  things  that  'NO'  human  ear  is  worthy  to  hear  and  write  down,  things  that even  'NO'  Angel  in  Heaven  can  be   fully  trusted  to  hear  and  know;   GOD   holds secrets  about  eternity  that   none  of  His  creations  will  ever  get  to  know   ( Deuteronomy 29 : 29  &  Revelation   10 : 4  ) 

It  is  only  on  film  ( Star Wars, Star Trek  & others*)  that  mankind  is  able  to  travel  beyond  this  galaxy  and  escape  all the  demons  &  chains of sin  that  plague  us  all  here  on  this  fallen  planet;  in 'Real Life' we are : killing, stealing, destroying  and exploiting  each  other  in  this  one  small  planet  hidden  amongst   billions+  of  other  stars in this  Milky  Way  Galaxy.  According   to  our Lord Jesus  Christ  &  the  Book  of Revelation humanity  in  its  present  fallen  state  is  'NEVER'   ever  going  to  be  able  to  conquer  and eventually  inhabit  even  Mars; one  of  the closest   planets  to  us  because  our  sins  will eventually  implode  upon  us  all  here on  earth !  ( Matthew 24:22  & Revelation 6:15 ) Additionally,  the  number  of  rogue  nations  (  like : Iran and N.Korea  &  others )  and  the ever  growing  threat  of  nuclear   blackmail  posed  by  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  who  have no  problem   exploding  a  nuclear  weapon  make  it   very, very   highly  unlikely  that   this planet   will  escape  nuclear  war   in  the  future  !!!

What  you  are  about  to  read  is 'NOT'  a  new  personal  revelation;  in  fact  its  taken  this   student  of : Theology,  Eschatology  and  Astronomy  some  18+  years  of  personal  research  to  arrive  at  this  conclusion   very : boldly  &  humbly.  ( 2  Timothy  2 : 15 )    Every  single  word  herein  is  written  with  all  the  'Fear  of  GOD'  in  mind.   This  is  a  topic  &  subject    that  could  fill  an  800+  page  book  quite  easily; this student  of  theology   acknowledges   that  he  is  merely  scratching the surface  of  it  all  !!!  (   This  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ acknowledges  that  even  in  this year of  2017  we  still  know  very  little  of  this  Universe. Astronomers  have  only  been  able  to  map  some  10%  of  the  known  Universe  with  the Hubble  Telescope.   As  much  as  our  science  and  technology  has  advanced   we  have  yet to  discover  and  unlock  numerous  other  mysteries  of  the  human  brain  and  of   fully  unlocking  all  the other  secrets  held  deep  inside  our  DNA :  like  controlling  cancer, the aging process  etc...)   Mario  Romano  acknowledges   that  James 3 : 1  goes  'both'  ways  !!!   (  Meaning  that  some creation  ministries  are   boldly  teaching  that  we are  the  lone  inhabitants  of  this  Universe; despite  the  fact  that  we  are  learning   more  and  more  about  this  enormous  Universe  of GOD;  and  despite  the  passage  of  Revelation  12 : 12  that  'Biblically'  reveals  &  confirms to  us  that  we  are  'NOT'  the  only  inhabitants / living  things & beings  in  all  these  heavens !!!   Me  thinks   that  there  are  trillions+  of  reasons  why  my  other  creationist   brothers  are  'off  a  bit'  either  the  other  trillions  of  galaxies  are  all  dead  and  devoid  of  any  type  of  life  or  they  too   were  once  visited  by  the  Spirit  of  GOD  in  eternity  past  !!!  )    The  Holy  Scriptures  are  full  of  precious   pearls;  we  need   only  to  keep   diligently  studying the WORD  of  GOD  to  be  led  into  all  truth.   Most  if  not  all  theologians  and  other  Berean's  acknowledge   that  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  mentioned  in  Genesis  and  Job  38 : 7  were  'NOT'  created  during  the  six  days  of  creation.   The  Book  of  Job  reveals  to  us  that  the  'Son's  of  GOD'   were  outside  of  the  'time  and  space'  of  planet  earth  when  GOD  our  Creator  was  creating   this  planet   !!!  (  Job 38 : 7  )  When  Albert  Einstein  was  alive  he  ( we ) only  knew  of  one  galaxy   !!!   Today  we  know  of  trillions+   !!!  (  During the 1920's  the prevailing   view of the cosmos  and even that of  Albert  Einstein  was  that our  galaxy: 'The  Milky  Way'  was  the  only  one  that  inhabited  this  entire  Universe  !!!   Edwin  Hubble's   discovery  in  the  1920's   that   our  galaxy  was  'NOT'  the  only  one  in  this  Universe   fundamentally  &  forever  changed  our  view  of  this  Universe   !!!  )  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows that  any : manufacturer, creator  or  inventor  that can  create  'ONE'  can  create  many &  if : natural  resources, time  constraints  and  finances  are  no  problem  then  he  can  create   very, very   many !  GOD,  our  Creator  manifested  in  Jesus  Christ   has  quite  literally : unlimited  resources, unlimited  creative  powers  &  all  the  time  in  eternity  to  keep  on  creating;  all  glory  &  honor  truly  belongs  to  Him   !!!

The  believer  must  understand  that   before  time  began  in  Genesis  1,  neither   GOD  nor  His  Angels  were  in  an  eternal  'Hibernative  State.'    Additionally,  GOD is 'NOT' inventing /creating : Light, Energy  nor Electricity  for the first time in Genesis  1 : 3,  very  simply  because   GOD  Himself  and  His  Angels  are  themselves  glorious  spirits  of  light  and  energy   !!!   The  Angel's  were   not   lost  nor  frozen  in the darkness of  deep  space  before  Genesis  1 : 3,  nor  were  they  bumping  into  one  another  amongst  all  the  dark  matter  !!!   Before  GOD  created   the  sun  and  stars  for  us,  the  splendorous  and  eternal  3rd  Heaven   where  the  very  throne  of  our  GOD  Almighty  is  located  had  always  existed !!!   Very  truly,  in  Genesis  GOD  is  creating  artificial  light  ( sun, stars  etc )   in  this   dark  region  of  His  Universe  for  us  on  planet  earth,  period   !!!  One  day  when  and  'IF'  GOD  chooses  to  reveal  to  us   more  about  eternity  past  we  will  'ALL'  be   in  awe  of  it  all  and  we  will  'ALL  be  embarrassed  at  how  wrong  we  were  about  it  all  !!!  GOD  delegates   authority   throughout  this  entire  Universe  of  His  to  all  the  different  hierarchies  of  Angels  that   inhabit  'ALL'  the  Three  Heavens  !!!   ( Daniel 4 : 17  &  Genesis  19 : 1 )  This  Universe  was  created  by  GOD  to  serve  'MULTIPLE'  purposes   it  was  'NOT'  created  only  for  us  !!!   (  some  are   incorrectly  teaching   that  GOD  is  going to  destroy the  entire  Universe  after the Millenium  'NOT'  so  fast,  ( 2 Peter  3 : 10  )  the evidence before us is that   eventually   some  galaxies  do  collide  with  one  another  after  a  very  long  period  of  time  to  form  yet  a  much  larger  one*)   GOD  never,  ever  intended  to  reveal   'everything  about  everything'   in  Genesis,  the  Holy  Bible   to  be  more  specific  is  the  history  of  this  creation   with  GOD  our  Creator.  The  Holy  Scriptures   were  primarily  written  by  the  Prophets  to  record  the   history  of   redemption   of this fallen  planet  !!!   The Holy Scriptures were  'NOT'  given to the Prophets to  reveal  the : DNA  Helix, the cure for AID's, the  cure for Cancer  nor how to discover Penicillin;  the Holy Bible   is not  a science  book nor a medical book;  it  is primarily a 'Spiritual Book'  that contains   what GOD  expects  from every human  being  that He created on planet Earth   !!!  ( Commandments of GOD, Spiritual Laws,  GOD's plan  of  redemption   via the Hebrew people, etc ...)

GOD  our  Creator  never,  ever   intended  to  reveal  to  the  writer  of  Genesis   'ALL'  the : details, history  or  secrets  of   all  that  had  transpired  in   'Eternity  Past'  !!!    The  Holy  Scriptures  were  never   given  to  us  to  serve   as   a   revelatory  book  on : Quantum  Physics, Biology,  Astronomy, Microbiology, Physics  and  other  earthly  sciences   !!!   The  entire  Bible   was  given   primarily  to  the  Jews  ( Hebrews  )   to  record  the  history  of  redemption   of  this  fallen  planet.  GOD  never,  ever    gave  it  to  us  to  reveal  to  us  'ALL'  the  secrets  of  this  Universe  and  of  an  Eternity  that  has  preceded  us   !!!  What  you  are  about  to  read  has  'NO'  doctrinal  weight,  there  is  a  :  literal  hell,  a  literal  heaven  a  real   Satan  and  an  eternal  GOD  who  has  revealed   Himself  through  the  written  words  of  His  Prophets  found  in the  Holy  Scriptures  !!!   GOD  our  Creator  is  a  MAJESTIC  and  SUPER  GLORIOUS   ETERNAL  SPIRIT  of  pure : Light, Energy, Truth,  Holiness  and  Love  and  the  Life   eternal  that  emanates  from  Him  cannot  be  explained  in  any   terrestrial  textbook  on :  biology  or  physics  !!!   Neither  this  entire  Universe  nor  all  3  Heavens  put  together  can  really  and  truly  contain  Him  !!!   GOD  has  been  forever  creating  different  creations  throughout  all  eternity  and   througout  all  this Universe  of  His   !!!   Genesis  1,  is  very  simply  our  beginning   (  Adam  &  Eve's  )  in  an  ever  ongoing  eternity  !!!  Our  Omnipresent  Creator  is  'NOT'  just  the  GOD  and  Creator  of   this : one  planet, one solar  system   or  one  galaxy;  HE  IS  thee  CREATOR  of  Trillions+  of  other : Planets,  Solar  Systems,  Galaxies  and  everything  and everyone  in all  the  3  Heavens  were  created   for  His  sole  pleasure !  In  His  Omnipresence  He  is  present  in  all  His  creations  and  in  all  3  Heavens  simultaneously !!!...When   GOD  is  with  us  in  the  New  Jerusalem  He  is  'NOT'  going  to  abandon   forever  His  original  'Son's = The Angels'  nor  leave  them  orphaned; GOD  in  His  omnipresence  is  able  to   be  present  in  all  of  this  Universe   at  once  !!!

Eternity  has  been  going  on  for  a  very,  very,  very  long  time;  this  student  of   Theology  knows  that   it  has  been  going  on   for  'millions  upon  millions'  of  earth  years   !!!  Most  believers  never  ponder   on  this   topic  because  they   can't  see  any  further  than  their  noses  and  yet  other   non-believers  are  so  into  the  'rat  race'  here  on  earth  that  they  have  forgotten  to  look  up  at  the  night  sky  and    acknowledge   that   we  are  indeed  'NO'  accident  of   billions  of  years  of  evolution  nor  a  ginourmous   accidental  product  of  a  'big  bang'  !!!

The  famous  astronomer  :  Carl  Sagan ( with Jewish blood*)  and  who  passed  away  without  Jesus  Christ  in  1996   ( somewhat of an atheist*)  once  mocked  the  Prophets  of  the  Bible  because  they  failed  to  mentioned  in their  Holy  writings   a  detailed  account  of  the vastness of  the  rest of  this  Universe.  The  truth  is that  GOD  'NEVER'  intended  to   reveal   'EVERYTHING'  to  His  chosen  Prophets;  it  would  be  through  Progressive  Revelation  that  GOD  would chose to reveal  His   overall plans  for  humanity  over  different   periods  of  time. ( Habakkuk 2 : 14 )   Just  as  GOD  did  'NOT'  reveal  the  gentile  church  to  His  Prophets;  He  never  intended   to  reveal   'Every'  secret  in  the  Universe   right  away.   GOD   knew  that   our  knowledge  of  everything  would  multiply   exponentially  in  each  generation  !!!   (  Daniel   12 : 4  )

This  Universe   is  'FULL'  of  different  creations   created  by  GOD  our  Creator.  GOD  has  always  been   creating  throughout  all  eternity  simply   because  that's  what  an  eternal  Creator  with   unlimited  powers  does   !!!     Most  of  my  other  brother's  who  are  also  creationists  believe   that   we  are  all  alone  in  this  Universe;  I  will  'NOT'  name  any  names  'BUT'  the  Holy  Bible   'NEVER'  states  nor  confirms  that  we  are  GOD's  only  creation  ever  'BUT'  it  does  reveal  to  us  that  we  most  certainly are  'NOT'  GOD's  first  creation  in  all  of  eternity !!!

The  biggest  problem  that  other  creationists  have  with  this  topic  is  that  Jesus  Christ   could  not  have  died  for  the  sins  of  other  creations.  The  blunt  truth  is  that   we  may   be  the  only  other   creation  who  was  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'   !!!   We  know  that  the  Fallen  Angels   are  beyond  redemption  and  cannot  be  saved  because  they   had  enjoyed  the  very  Glory of  GOD  the  Father  and  yet  chose  to  rebel  against  Him  !!!  GOD  is  more  than  capable  of  creating  'Different  Levels  of  Creation'  just  as  man  was  created   'Lower  than  the  Angels'  this  student  of  Theology  believes  that  this  entire  Universe  is  teeming  with  all  sorts  of  different  life  forms  that  are  very  different  from  Angels  and  Humans  and  that  cannot  sin  !!!

The  'Blunt  Truth'  of  it  all  is  that  you  and  I   are  two   out  of  billions  of  human  beings  who  have  been  born   on  planet  earth  in  a  galaxy  that  we  now  know  is  one  of  trillions+  of  others  in  this  amazing  and  astounding  Universe  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!   We  were  'ALL'  created  to  'SERVE' GOD  our  Creator,  plain  and  simple  !!!  ( Revelation 19:10; Luke 17 :10 )

We  presently  know  that  our  very  own  Milky  Way  galaxy  that  spans  some  100,000  light  years  in  diameter   and  that  it  contains  an  estimated  :  100  billion+  stars  and  as  big  as  it  is   it  does  'NOT'  even  make  up  1%  of  this  Universe  !!!   So  far  in  2017,  Astronomers  have  discovered   500  different  solar  systems  in  this  Milky  Way  galaxy  alone  !!!

This  student  of  Theology  began  writing  these  articles   mainly  as  an  apologetics  response  to  the  over  600+  million   followers  and  believers  in  'Ancient  Aliens'  and  'Chariots  of  the  gods.'    Make  'NO'  mistake  about  it,  this  believer   believes  in  the  account  of  creation  found  in  the  Book  of  Genesis  'BUT'  no  one  should  be  putting  specific  dates  on  it  all  because  the  Holy  Scriptures   themselves  do  'NOT'  give  us  specific  dates.  Mario  knows  that  this  is  a  very  controversial  topic  and  one  that  most   likely  you  will  never  hear  in  any  of  your  Sunday  School  Classes   'BUT'  after  18+  years  of  researching : Astronomy,  UFO's  and  the  very  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  this   unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  feels  somewhat  bold enough  to   tackle  the  subject  head  on  !!!

Anyone  who  has  every  diligently  studied  the  Holy  Scriptures  knows  fully  well  that  the  Angels   that   are  also  part  of  GOD's  creation   do  'NOT'  need  water  and  oxygen  to  survive.  This  fact  alone   tells  us  that  GOD   is  more  than  capable  of  creating  a  variety of  different  creations  for   different  purposes  that  suit   His  sovereign  &  eternal  plans !!!
It  should  be  rather  obvious  to  all  of  us  that   Angel's   have  not  been  just  floating  around   this  Universe  idly; they  too  were  created  majestically  once  in  eternity  past  and  it  should  be  rather  obvious  that   there  are  Angel  Civilizations  also  inhabiting  this  Universe  in  the   2nd  Heaven  above  us.

This  student  of  :  Theology, Astrobiology  and  Astronomy   believes  that  GOD  has  created   at  a  minimum   one  creation  on  each  galaxy  ( this is an extremely  very  conservative  number*)  and  being  that   today  in  2017  we  now  know  that  there  are  some  2  Billion+  other  galaxies  we  are  talking  about   trillions+  of  other  different  creations  !!!    Some  obviously  will  'NOT'  agree  with  me;  'BUT'  what  you  have  to  understand  is  that  in  ETERNITY;  GOD  'HAS'  created  trillions+  of  other  very  different  creations  on  all  the  other  trillions of  galaxies !   (  give  it  some  time  for  it  all  to  sink  in*)  It's  'NOT'  about   who  is  more  special  to  GOD;  to  GOD  our  Creator  all  of  His  creations   play  a  very  unique  and  special  role  in  His  sovereign  and  eternal  plans   !!!

Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  Jesus;  eternity  has  been   going  on  long,  long  before  our  beginning  in  Genesis  1.   Genesis  is  our  beginning  in  an  eternity  that  our  present   limited  human  brains   cannot  fully  comprehend  !!!  'ALL'  life  is  a  gift  from  GOD,  GOD  doesn't  need  the  Angel's   and  much  less  us;  to  feel  'whole  and  complete'  GOD  was  'Full  of  Glory'   before  He  created   the  Angel's  and  us  all  !!!  (  John 17 : 5  )  The truth is that  we  are  'ALL'  the  product  of  His  love, to us mortal  sinners  He  demonstrated  His  love  on  the  Cross  of  Calvary  and  to  the  Angel's  He  demonstrated  His  love  in  other  ways  !!!

As  this  student  of  Theology  studies  the  concept  of  ETERNITY,  he  realizes  that  GOD  has  always  existed.   Eternity  is  like  a  never-ending   book  and  our  7000  years  since  Adam  and  Eve   here  on  earth  to the end of the Millenium is  but  like  a  chapter  in  an  eternal  book  that  will  never  have  an  ending  and  that   can  'ONLY'  be  fully  enjoyed   by  GOD  our  Creator  !!!    Very  truly  we  were  all  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  and  for  His   sole  and  sheer  pleasure   !!!   (  Revelation  4 : 11  )   Mario  Romano  has  absolutely  'NO'  ego  problems  knowing  that  he  is  one  of  billions+  of  human  beings  that   was  also  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'    this  unworthy  servant   of  Jesus  Christ  is   absolutely  very  grateful   that    he  too   was  given  the  opportunity   to  exist  and  be  born  even  if  it  was  in  this  fallen  planet  and  in  this  mortal  body   !!!

It  is  the  'insignificant  opinion'  and  personal  observation  of  this  believer  in  Jesus  Christ  that  'ALL'  of  GOD's  creations  were  created   for  a  'UNIQUE'  purpose  that  serves  the  overall  and  eternal  sovereign  plans  of  GOD  our  Creator  !!!  As  this  Berean  believer  studies  the  WORD  of  GOD;  he   has  discovered  that   the  original  'Son's  of  GOD' =  Angel's   rejoiced  when  GOD  was  creating  planet  Earth  in  Genesis  and  we  also  see  them  rejoicing  when  a  human  sinner  repents   !!!  (  This  tells  me  that  they  are  'NOT'  jealous  that  GOD  keeps  on  creating*)

The  best  and  most   insightful  theological   commentaries  that  this  student  of  theology  has  read,  concur  that  the  mental  capacity  of  Angel's  very  easily   supercedes  that  of  the  most  intelligent  human  being.  (  An  Angels  mental  capacity  is  like  1  gigabyte  vs.  10 megabytes  for  a  human   !!!   )  Angel's  were  somewhat  created  like  Adam  in  that  Angel's  were  created  'Complete'  without  them  ever  being  babies/children.   Adam   was  never  a  child  and  before  the  fall  he  was  without  question  a  very  cerebral  and  intelligent  human  being  in  every  area  of  life.  While  we  humans  are  barely  tinkering and discovering how  to  clone  some  life  forms,  Angel's  have  known   how  to  tinker  with  any  DNA  for  many  a  millenia;  even  before   GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve  here  on  planet  earth  !!!  ( example : Nephilims,  Genesis  6  etc...)   What  we  should  'ALL"  learn  from  all  of  this;  is  that  if  Satan  was  able  to  deceive   intelligent  beings  much, much  smarter   than  us  we  do  'NOT'  stand  a  chance   by  our  lone  carnal   and  corrupted  intelligence  !!!   Very  truly,   without  the  power  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  within  us  and  in  us  we  do  not  stand  a  chance  against   the  enemy  of  our  souls   !!!

In  conclusion,  this   mortal  human  being  knows  fully  well  that  GOD  loves  'ALL'  of  His  creations  in  'ALL'  the  three  heavens  !!!  It's  'NOT'  about  who  is  the  most  special  to  GOD,  we  were  'ALL'  created  for  His  pleasure  !!!   GOD  has   enough  love   and  then  some  more  for  all  of  His :  trillions+  of  Angels,  for  all  the  Jews  and  for  all  the  gentiles  who  will  be  saved  and  that  will  inherit  eternal  life  because  of  Jesus  Christ   !!!  I  would  be  lying  to  you  if  I  stated   that   we  will  be  GOD's  final   creation;  GOD  'SHALL'  continue  to  create   and  create  throughout  all  of  'Eternity  Future'  very  simply  because   that's  what  an  eternal  Creator  with  unlimited  powers  and  resources  does;  Create  and  Create  !!!   In  sum,  GOD  is  populating  eternity  with  all  types  of  different  creations  !!!

Concerning  all  the  'UFO'  activity;  it  is  the   personal  opinion  and  observation  of  this  believer  that    it  is  part  of  the  continuing   war  that  is  taking  place  in  the  heavens  for  the  destiny  of  this  planet  and  of  humanity  between  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  and  the   Heavenly  armies  of  the  living  GOD  that   never  rebelled.  This  student  of  theology  does  'NOT'  believe  that  GOD  authorized  any  other  creation  to  visit  this  fallen  planet;  'IF'  aliens   &  alien  spaceships  have  really  been  discovered  by  any  government  as  'some  claim'  then  they  are  in  the  opinion  of  this  student  of  Theology   part of Satan's   continuing  'Nephilim  Deception'  to  a  new  and  final  generation   !!!  There  are   'many, many  o  so  many  other  things'  taking  place  throughout  this  Universe  that  we  can't   even  begin  to   imagine   nor  fully  comprehend  and   GOD  has  delegated   trillions+   of   Angel's  to  oversee  all  of  His  other  creations; both  great  and  small  in  all  the  other  trillions+  of  other  galaxies   !!!  The  believer   should  ask  himself  or  herself  why  does  GOD   needs   armies  of  Angel's   and  why  do  they  wield  so  much  power  and when and where  did they learn  to  fight  and  why do they  possess  extremely  powerful : weapons  and powers ? (  GOD  is  thee  Lord of  Hosts  &  'NOT' all  Angels are assigned  to  planet  earth ! )

It  is  rather  obvious  to  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  that  'NOT'  all  Angel's  inhabit  the  3rd  Heaven,  the 2nd  heaven  is  full  of  Angel  Civilizations;  the  rebellion  initiated  by  Lucifer  began  in  the  2nd  heaven  as  Lucifer   spread  his  lies   to  the  millions  upon  millions  of   Angel's   that  would   become  the  Fallen  Angel's.   Satan's  rebellion  was  'NOT'  a   'One  Day  thing'  obviously  to  deceive  so  many   Angel's  must  have  taken  him   a  great  amount  of  time, the Bible does  not   specifically  says  how  long  'BUT'  we  do  know  that  GOD   has  allowed   Satan  thousands  of  earth  years  to   deceive  this  new  creation  here  on  earth  so  even  though  time  in  eternity  is  very  different   than  here  on  earth; GOD  is  taking  His  time   to  demonstrate  that   Satan  is  beyond   any  redemption; he deceived  untold  millions   of  Angel's  and   then  he  deceives  billions  of  human  beings   too  !!!  (  and  wait,  it's  'NOT'  over   according  to  most   students of eschatology  he  is  also  going  to  deceive   billions  of  other  human  beings   at  the  end  of  the  Millenium   too  !!!  )

The  Book  of  Ecclesiastes   chapter  3   tells  us  that  there  is  a  time  for  every  purpose  under  heaven  and  while   men  continue  to  : kill, steal  and  destroy  one  another  all  over  this  fallen  planet   it  is  good  to  know  that   it  won't  always  be  so  ( Daniel  9 : 24 )  and  that   even  though  one-third  of  all  the  Angel's  fell  with   Lucifer  'NOT   all  did;  in  fact  the  other  two-thirds  did  'NOT'   !!!   Thee  most  important  thing  that  all  must  know  on  this  planet  is  that  we  have  all  sinned  and  fallen  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD  our  Creator  and  that  solely  through   the  full  and  total   atonement  of  Jesus  Christ    completed  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary   is  how  we  can  all   receive  total  forgiveness  for  all  of  our  sins  if  we  confess  and  repent  of  our  sins  before  our  omnipresent  and  omniscient  Creator  : GOD   !!!

In  sum;  it  is  without  question,  thee  GOD  of  :  Abraham,  Isaac  and  Jacob  and  who  manifested  Himself   in  JESUS  CHRIST  here  on  planet  earth  is  thee  GOD  and  Creator  of   trillions+  of  other  creations  in  ETERNITY   !!!  'NO'  creation  is  an  exact  copy  of  the  other,  just  as  Angels  were  'NOT'  created  male  and  female  'NO'  two  creations  are  identically  alike;  GOD  likes  variety  and  just  like   every  nation  on  this  fallen  planet  has  its'  very  own  history  so  does  every  other  creation   !!!   'NOT'  all  other  creations  were  created   similarly  to  us  like  in  a  'Garden  of  Eden'  the  Angel's  sure  weren't   !!!  If  you  study  life  here  on  earth  you  will  realize  that  GOD  created  different  'Levels  of  Creations'   the  animal  and  insect   kingdom  are  a great example  and  evidence  of  this.   We  were  created  by  GOD  our  Creator  to   be  fruitful  and  multiply  upon  this  planet  and  those  who  abide  in  His word, keep  His  commandments  and   accept  Jesus  Christ  as  their  savior  are  promised  entrance  into  the  New  Jerusalem;  truly  one  day  we  shall  be  like  the  Angel's  who  have   glorified  eternal  bodies  that  are exempt  from : aging, from  death  from  disease  'Glory, glory,  glory  to  GOD   Thee  Almighty'  !!!   (  Matthew  22 : 30  )

GOD  our  Creator  and  thee  only  true  GOD   has  always  existed  and  He  created   trillions+   of  Angels  as  demonstrated  in  all  the  Angelic  hierarchies  to  serve  as  His  : Messengers,  Enforcers, Managers   and  to  oversee  all  of  His  creations.  ( Daniel 4 : 17 )  GOD   has  absolutely  'NO'  problem   rearranging   atoms  and  DNA   to  create  different  and  new  creations    (  note :  The  exact  numbers  of  Angels  that  GOD   created  in  eternity  past  were  not   explicitly  revealed  because   the  language  and  numerical  limitations of the  Hebrew  Prophets  was  extremely   limited  at  the  time,  nonetheless  the  Bible  does  infer  that   their  numbers  are  as  great  as  the  stars  !!!  ( Revelation 12 : 4  )   We  presently  know in  2017  that  the  number  of  stars  in  this Universe  very, very   easily  exceeds   and  surpasses  trillions  !!!  )  In  the  words  of  Rich  Mullin : 'Our  GOD  is  an  awesome  GOD  He  reigns  from  Heaven  above' !!!   The  Christian  believer  should  never,  ever  be  ashamed  of  the  word  of  GOD;  there  is   a  superb :  Architect,  Engineer  and  Eternal  Creator  who  has  eternally  existed  and  who  has : unlimited  powers, unlimited  resources  and  unlimited  wisdom   and    even  though  we  have  all  sinned  against  Him  here  on  earth;  GOD  in  His  great   mercy  and  grace   has  extended  His   hand  of  salvation   to  all  of  humanity;  'Whosoever  shall  call upon  the  name  of  the Lord  shall  be  saved.'  !!!  ( Romans 10 : 13 )

By  :  Mario  Romano.  The  greatest  tragedy  in  all  of  this  is  that  we   human  beings  of planet  earth  may  be  the  only  one's   created  in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD'  in  all  of  this Universe.   ( most commentaries and theologians believe  that Angels  were also created  in  the  Image of  GOD  because they are 'NOT'  robots  &  are  called  'Son's of  GOD'   and  also  because  we  were  created   a  little  bit  lower  than  them  !!!  ( Psalms 8 : 5  )   Unlike  human  sinners,  the  Fallen  Angel's  have  absolutely  'NO'  redemption / salvation  because  they  had  a  much , much  greater  revelation  of  and  about  GOD  than  us  'puny  human  beings'  and  yet  they  chose  to  mount  a  rebellion  against   their  very  own  Creator   in  a  perfect  environment  where  there  was 'NO'  poverty, death  and  disease !  )  It  is  a  tragedy  that  'MOST'  men  and  women  who  have  ever  existed   on  this  planet  chose  out  of  their own  free  will  to  reject  their  very  own  Creator :  The  WORD  of  GOD  manifested   physically  on  planet  earth  in  JESUS  CHRIST ! (  Matthew  7:13 )  Nobody  on  earth  will  be  held  responsible   for  what  is  transpiring  outside  of  this  heaven,  GOD  will  judge  us  all  on  this  fallen  planet  on  how  we  responded   to  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  If  my  numbers  are  correct   based   upon  the  record  of  other  generations;  over  80%  of  humanity  since  Adam  and  Eve  have  said  'NO'  in  one  way  or  another  to  the  salvation  and  invitation of eternal  life  offered   to  us  all.  During  Noah's   generation we  know that  only  8  people  were  saved  and  today   with   hundreds  of  millions  of  Bibles  printed  in  almost  all  the  languages  of  earth  'Still'   most  Jews  over  90%   and  most  Gentiles   over  80%   do  'NOT'  believe  nor  want  to  believe  that  Jesus  Christ  is  the  only  TRUTH  and  the  only   Way  to  GOD  the  Father  !!!   All  of  GOD's  creations  are  created  for  unique  purposes; you  and  I  and  the  billions  of  human  beings   that   have  been  born  on  this  planet  were  created   in  this  specific  moment  in  eternity  in  'Direct  Response'  to  the   rebellion  of  Satan  and  the  Fallen  Angel's  !!!  GOD  will  never  create  more  Angel's  and  He  will  never  create  more  humans  once  the  Millenium  ends,  GOD   has  the  power  and  the  creative  ability   to  keep  on  creating  different  living  beings  to  suit  His  sovereign  purposes  in  this  Universe  of  His  !!!   

Monday, August 14, 2017


I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!”  I looked, and there before me was  a  white horse!  Its  rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and  he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.  - Book  of  Revelation  6

On  September 1, 1939   the  actions  of  one  single  man  bent  on  conquest  &  revenge  initiated  World  War  II  and  according  to  Revelation  6,  it's  going  to  happen  again  in the future   !!! This student of Bible  Prophecy  interprets  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse  as  World  War III.  Adolf  Hitler  almost  single-handedly  'pulled,  pushed,  forced  and  defied'  the  greatest  and  biggest  military  powers  at  the  time  into  the : biggest,  deadliest  and  most  destructive  war  the  planet  had  ever  produced  up  until  then  !!!  When  it  was  all  over  neither : Europe, the  Middle  East   nor  Asia  would  ever  be  the  same  !!!   WW II,  would  really  end  far  away  from  the  German  underground  bunker  where  Hitler  committed  suicide;  it  really  ended   when  the  U.S.  dropped  two  atomic  bombs  over : Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki.   WWII   left  the once mighty European powers  on  their  knees  and  in  shambles.   This  war  that  lasted  6  years  would  go  on  to  almost  inadvertently  produce  a  new  world  order  !!!  Out  of  the  ashes  of  it  all  arose  two  of  the mightiest  military  superpowers  that  planet  earth  has  ever  produced : The Soviet Union ( USSR ) &  the   United  States  of  America;   who  would  go  on  to  produce  over  60,000+  nuclear weapons  during the next  4+ decades  &  wage  proxy  wars  ( Cold  War ) in almost  all  7 continents !!!   Very  truly, the entire  world  was  very, very  fortunate  that  Hitler's  Germany  did  'NOT'  yet  possess  any   nuclear  weapons  back  then !!!   Unfortunately, the next  Hitler  will  have  nuclear  weapons,  as  well  as  other   demonic  powers  that  cannot  be  picked  up  on  any  type  of  : satellite,  radar , sonar   or  infrared   system  !!!
                                         - Mario  Romano,  student  of  World  War  III

The  Wall  Street  Crash  of  1929   brought  about  world  wide  economic  disaster   that  helped  to  produce  the  perfect  environment  for  someone  like  Adolf  Hitler  and  his NAZI  Party to  rise  to  total  power  in  Europe.    (  Me  thinks  that  history  is  somehow  &  almost  going  to  repeat  itself   &  it's  NOT  going  to  be  good  for  America*)   History  has  demonstrated  and  proven  'time  and  time'  again  that   some  people  will  vote  in  the  devil  himself   into  power  out  of  desperation  and  survival.  The  great  stock market crash  that  began  in  New  York   in  1929  and that  followed  the September  London  crash  a  month  before, quickly  produced  a  global  economic  depression   that  would  last some 12 years  and  affect  virtually  all  Western industrialized  countries and  very  shortly  thereafter  led  most  German  voters  to  vote  in  the  NAZI  Party  into  power;  what  would  follow  produced  one  of  the  darkest  periods  of  this  planets  history.  (  Does all  this  sound  eerily  familiar;  anyone  see  a  resembling  pattern like : Brexit,  International Banks moving  out of  London, Western countries  up to their noses in national  debts &  other  unpayable  debt  obligations  like Puerto Rico  is  presently in ? )  Adolf  Hitler's   rise  to  power  wasn't  an  overnight  thing;   additionally  Hitler  'miraculously'  or  ( diabolically )   somehow  managed  to  survive  a  'face-to-face'  encounter  with  Mr. Death  about  five  different  times  !!!   After  he  was  imprisoned  for  the  1923  Munich  Beerhall Putsch   Hitler  began  writing  'Mein  Kampf'  in  his  book  he  almost  outlined  what  he  would   do  once  in  power.  Hitler  believed  that  Germany  needed  an  'Ironman'   to  restore  itself  and  build  an  empire  and  had  he  not  had  attacked  the  Soviet  Union  in  Winter  he  may  very  well  had  accomplished  all  of  his  goals  !!!  (  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   almost  by  accident   is  an  expert  on  Adolf  Hitler;  he  has  probably : watched, studied  and  read  most  of  the  books  and  videos  on  Hitler  and  his  rise  to  power   and  he  believes   that  the  final  Little  Horn   will  somewhat  take  a  somewhat  similar  route  onto  power  'BUT'  not  exactly  the  very  same  one* )

Although   Hitler  could  'NOT'  have  been  the  'Little  Horn'  of  Daniel   very  simply  because  the  state  of  Israel  didn't  yet  exist  in  the  1930's;  Hitler   is  most  definitely  a  premature  type  of  a  'Little  Horn.'    He  was  an  early  forerunner   and  a  perfect  example  of  the  endtimes  'Man  of  Sin'  that  will  arise  during  the  Tribulation  period.   The  only  difference   between  these  two  'Son's  of  Satan'  is  that   where  Hitler  failed;  the  'Little  Horn'   very  unfortunately  will   succeed   !!!   Under  the  leadership  of  Adolf  Hitler  the  German  Armed  Forces  invaded   20  countries  in  Europe  and  Africa  and  had  it  not  been  for  America's  entrance  into  the  war  and  the  cold  Russian  winter  weather   it  is  very  possible  that  most  of  Europe  &  Russia  would  have   been  speaking   the   German  language  today  !!!  (  Deutsch  )   Although  Hitler's  war  machine   was  not  able  to  conquer  Great  Britain;  most  of  London   and  its  infrastructure nonetheless  was   destroyed  by  56  consecutive  days  and  nights  of  German  air  bombings  !!!  As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'Let's  it  all  sink  In'   he  believes  that  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  is  going  to   militarily  defeat  the  enemies  that  Hitler  was  not  able  to  !!!  ( This  includes :  Britain, Russia  and  very  possibly  America   ( Daniel 8 : 24 )  &  he  is  not  necessarily  going  to  defeat  these  world  powers  directly;  that  sinister  character  may  just supernaturally  get  his  enemies to  fight  each  other by setting them up !!!   What  do  you  think  Hitler  would  have  done  if  he  had   nuclear  weapons  ???  The  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  when  fully  possessed  by  Satan   will  possess   great  strategic  military  insights  that  neither  : Clausewitz,  Sun Tzu, the  Pentagon,  the  U.S. Army  War College   nor  any  other   military  think  tank  could  have  imagined  to  be  possible  !!!    Satan's  last  Roman  Ceasar  is  going  to  be  able  to  operate  'BEYOND'  the  5  known  dimensions of  warfare ( battlespace ) : Land, Sea, Air,  Space  and  Cyberspace   !!!  (  Daniel  8 : 24  )  For  it  is  prophesied  that  he  will  unleash   great  unholy  supernatural  signs  and  wonders  no  thanks  to  the  help  of  his  armies  of  demons  and  fallen  Angels  that  will  be  working  behind  the  scenes   !!!

It  is  imperative  that   all  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  know  that  the  major  difference  between  Hitler  and  the  endtimes  Little  Horn   is  that  the  Little  Horn  will  really  possess  unholy  and  diabolical  supernatural  powers   !!!  The  endtimes  Little  Horn  will   have  the  advantage  of  managing  to   have  his  enemies  destroy  one  another  without  him   shooting  one  bullet  in  some  cases   !!!   In some cases  he  will  negate  his  enemies  ability  to  launch  their  nuclear  missiles  against  him; very  simply  because  if  he  supernaturally  jams   the  electronics  of  those  who  oppose  him  in  most  cases  he  will  almost  always  enjoy  a  serious  advantage  in  the  battlefield  !!!   Another  critical  insight  is  that  the  next  Hitler  will  definitely  'NOT'  be  German  this  time  ( Hitler  himself  was  born  in  Austria*).  This  student  has  been   doing  numerous  historical  and  military  simulations  all  these  years  while  he   has  continued  to  'Watch  and  Pray'  and  he   has  zeroed  in  on  4   specific  countries   and   global  institutions  that  will  most  likely   end  up  producing  the  final  Little  Horn   !!!   The  Little  Horn  is  'NOT'  going  to  make  the  same  military  blunders  that  Hitler   did  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   just  like  the  Roman  Empire  once  conquered  most  of  the  Middle  East  and  the  Mediterranean  region  including  and  especially   Israel  and  Jerusalem  its  capital  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  likewise   will  be  especially  bent  on  conquering  Israel  militarily  and   you  better  believe  that   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  trying  his  best   to  find  out  how  he  is  going  to  'PULL  IT  OFF'   being  that  Israel  has  its  own  nuclear  triad  !!!

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy;  Mario   had  to  include  some  key  events  surrounding  Hitler's  rise  to  power   to  get  everyone  to  understand  that   while  history  doesn't  repeat  itself  exactly  it  will  repeat  itself   very  closely  in  the  future  !!!  There  is  coming  another  Wall  Street  Crash  that  will   eclipse  the  one  of  1929  and  you  and  I   shouldn't  be  surprised  !!!   The Wall  Street  Brokers, the SEC , American Bankers  and  the  US  Government  are  all  complicit   in  the  coming  economic  meltdown.  For  decades   it  seems  that  the  U.S. Federal  Government  has  been  living  way  beyond  its  means,  the  great  crash  of  2008  is  going  to  repeat  itself  only  this  time  the  U.S.  Government  is  going  to  be  in  way  over  its  head  !!!   It  doesn't  give  any  pleasure  to  this  American  citizen  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  to   state  the  obvious  'BUT'  really  how  long  can   any  government  keep  'Kicking  the  National  Debt  Can'   much  longer  with  a  national  debt  that  now  exceeds  $ 20+  Trillion  and  with  massive  underfunded   Federal  obligations  such  as  Social  Security  and  various  other  unsustainable  Federal  pensions  and  other  numerous  financial  liabilities  !!!  (  it  seems  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  almost  every  American's  hand  is  in  the  National  Cookie  Jar  and   were  down  to  the  final  cookies   !!!  (  Yes,  America   long  ago  $$$  mortgaged  its  future  generations  with  mountains  of  debts  &  bonds  and  the  time  is  coming  when  it  will  no  longer  be  able  to  keep  REFINANCING  &  keep  RESTRUCTURING all  of  its  debts  !!!   The  FED  together  with  other  American  Economic  Powerbrokers  have  been  very  creatively   restructuring  and  hiding  the  massive  American  debt  obligations  for  years  and  the  day  is  coming  when  its  all  going  to  explode  in  their  faces   and  in  ours  too  !!!   American  politicians  both  locally  and  nationally   keep  promising  massive   social  programs  'BUT'  it  always   comes  in  the  end  at   our  own  expense;  as  our  State  and  Federal  governments  ultimately  get  straddled  with  the  final  $$$  bill  ***  Truly,  most  of  our  elected  leaders   have  learned  nothing  from  the  mistakes  of  the  Roman  Empire  or  even  of  the  recent  British  Empire* )

Revelation  6   begins  with  the  First  Horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  getting  ready  for   global  conquest  just  like  Adolph  Hitler  in  the  1930's.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  years  ago  interpreted  the  coming  endtimes  'Four  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse'  as  the  product  of  World  War  III   !!!  Today,  your  servant  and  brother  in  Christ  is  even  more  convinced  that  just  like  Adolph  Hitler   initiated  and  lighted  the  fuse   and  produced   World  War  II;  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  ignite  and  pull  in  the  world  unto  World  War  III.  Obviously   and  initially  they  won't  call  it  WW  III   'BUT'  when  its  over  they   will  !!!  Ladies  and  Gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  Jesus  'WAR'  is  coming  and   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  talking  about  the  final  Battle  of  Armageddon.  I  do  'NOT'  know  how  much  we  are  going  to  witness  because  I  do  personally  believe  that  GOD  is  going  to  take  away  the  5  Virgins  with  Him  before  He  personally  unseals  the  Seals  of  Revelation  !!!

Because  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  claim  to  be  a  Prophet  he  doesn't  know  every  single   economic, military  and  social   collapse  that  will  eventually  spiral  this  entire  planet  into   global  chaos  and  war.  What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  able  to  interpret  is  that   the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse   do  end  up   killing  more  human  beings  than  all  those  who  lost  their  lives  in  World  War  I  and  WW  II  put  together; therefore  it  is  quite  clear  and  evident  that   it  is  World  War  III  !!!   It  is  the  personal  opinion  based  upon  the  sheer  deaths  brought  upon  by  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  that  limited  nuclear  war  'WILL'  be  waged  by  some  regional   nuclear  powers.  A  nuclear  war  would  easily  produce  the  harvest  of  the   2nd, 3rd and 4th Horsemen of the Apocalypse  !!!  Nuclear  radiation  would  cause  crop  harvests  to  fail  and  thus  would  produce  a  massive  famine  and  hyperinflation  !!!

The  endtimes  Little  Horn   will have   several  enemies  and  others  who  will  initially  oppose  him  'BUT'  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  another  way  to  identify  early  on  that  individual  will  be  by  studying  all  the  'unnatural  deaths'  and  'accidents'   that  his  enemies  and  opponents  will  ultimately  succumb  to   !!!  The  Beast  and  its  Little  Horn  will  be  a  political/military  power  and  the  False  Prophet  will  be  a  religious  power;  BOTH  Beasts  will  possess   unholy  diabolical  supernatural  powers  'BUT'  GOD  Himself  will  send  His  'Two   Witnesses'   with  genuine  Holy  powers  from  on  high  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  recently  listened  to  another   teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  in  his  opinion  the  final  'Little  Horn'  must  be  a  military  guy;  somewhat  like  a  NATO  General  because  in  his  opinion   the  final  Little  Horn  is  going  to  be  an  unholy  military  genius  who  is  going  to  defeat   several  nations.   The  truth  in  my  opinion  is  that  he  does  'NOT'  have  to  be  a  General  of  some  European  country,   any  history  buff  knows  that  Hitler  was  bent  on  military  conquest  and  he  was  'NOT'  any  German  General   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  most  of  the  American  Territory  was  spared  during  World  War  I  and  II  ( with the exception of Pearl Harbor*)  because  the  great  Pacific  Ocean  'BUT'   ( natural  buffer*)  because  of   technological breakthroughs  in  war   the  same  will  'NOT'  be  true  in  WW  III.   Today  several  countries  'NOT'  militarily  friendly  to  America  possess  long  range  missile  systems  as  well  as  nuclear  subs  that  can  easily  reach  American  shores  should   nuclear  war  happen.  But  this  American  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   fears   greedy  American  stockbrokers  and  other  unholy  financiers  and  manipulators  more  than  external  enemies   as  being  the  cause  of   a  future  American  financial  collapse  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that   the  Roman  Empire's  greatest  enemy  was  'Itself'  in  sum;  it  collapsed  from  within   for it  was   'NOT'  fully     conquered  by   any  other  empire  !!!

What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  World  History  and  especially  of   Jewish  History  is  about  to  say   is  'NOTHING'  personal;  the  patterns   of  history   strongly  indicate  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  the  rise  and  falls  of  'ALL'  human  empires   is  going  to  give  an  opportunity  for   New  York  Jews    ( and all  American Jews*)  to  return  to  Israel;  (  ALL  the  Bible  Prophecy  patterns  indicate  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  something  very  destructive   will  come  to  the  shores  of  New  York  City  in  the  future *)  (  Quick  Population Fact  :  There  are  more  Jews  living  in  New  York  City  than  in  Jerusalem  !!!   N.Y.C   Jewish Pop : 1.1  million  )  Those  who  flee  N.Y.C.  will  be  like  those  who  fled  :  Babylon, Assyria   and  Germany   before   things  got  really, really  bad.  (  believe  it  or  not  there  were  some  Jews  who  read  the  Handwriting  on  the  Wall  before  Hitler  rose  to  full  power  in  Germany  and  fled  the  country ! )  It's  very  easy  to  understand  what  GOD  is  going  to  do  in  the  future  just  by  studying  what  He  has  sovereignly  done   in  the  past  !!!  According  to  Bible  Prophecy  GOD  is  going  to  divinely  protect   only  'One-Third'  of  the  Jewish  population  in  the  Tribulation  period;  most  will  be  led  into  that  special  'Wilderness'  far  away  from  Israel  and  out  of  the  reach  of    'You  Know  Who.'  !!!   ( Revelation 12 : 6 ) Neither : South America, Central America, Australia, North America,  Canada  nor  New  York  City  is  thee  promised  land  of  the  Holy  Bible  given  unto  our  Jewish  friends;   GOD  is  going  to : 'Shake, Rattle  and  Roll'  the  present   and  very  comfortable  living  conditions  of  most  Jews;  ( especially those who reside in the West*)   GOD  has  an  endtimes  appointment  of  7  years  with  them  and  GOD  always, always  keeps  His  word  and  His  promises  !!!   GOD  used : Assyria, Babylon, Egypt  and  even  the  1930's Germany     (  and  numerous  other  enemies  of  Israel  )  to  punish  His  own  chosen  and  rebellious   people  throughout  the  centuries  and   GOD  is  going  to  finalize  it  all  by   'letting  loose'  the  4th  and  Final  Roman  Beast  against  Israel  and  all  the  Jews  during  the  70th  Week  of  Daniel   !!!   Nobody,  nobody  on  Heaven  nor  on  Earth   nor   anywhere  else  in  this  entire  Universe   mocks  and  ignores  the  commandments  of   GOD  ALMIGHTY  manifested  in   the  WORD  of  GOD  :  JESUS  CHRIST   and  lives   to  tell about  it  for  too  long   !!!

In  conclusion,  be  reminded   that  neither : Antiochus  Epiphanes  nor  Adolph  Hitler   were Muslim.  The  truth  is  that  the  West   is  more  than  capable  of  producing  evil  megalomanic secular   monsters  without  the  need  of  any  Islamic  blood  !!!

REMINDER  :  Adolf  Hitler  was  'ONLY'  able  to  launch   his  CONQUEST  because  he   had  created  a  very  formidable  war  machine;  Hitler   felt  very  confident  that  Germany  had  manufactured  a  superior  number  of  :  U-Boats,  Airforce  ( Luftwaffe )  and   German  tanks  and  other   military   weaponry   !!!  (  Thanks  in  part  to  the  engineering   and  manufacturing  prowess  of  none  other  than  :  BMW, Mercedes-Benz  and  Volkswagen   &  other  giants of  Germany *) With  all  of  these  Hitler   launched   a  military   'BLITZKRIEG'  never  before  seen  in  the  military  history  of  planet  Earth;  even  Alexander  the  Great  would  have  been   astonished  at  the  firepower  and   lethal  quickness  of  the  German  armed  forces  under  Hitler  !!!   The  final  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  have  to  exploit  NATO  or  a  new  European  Armed  Forces;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  still   working  on  this  one  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.   When  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   states  that  : Mecca  and  the Vatican   'SHALL'  be  destroyed  in  future  wars;  please  do  not  take  it  personally.  Yours  truly  is   just an  'INTERPRETER'  of  the  Prophecies  of :  Daniel, Zechariah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation  !!!   (  'ALL'  False  religions  and  False  Prophets  and  their  idols  and  religious  headquarters  would've  been  all  destroyed  anyway  before  the  Millenium  begins*)  The  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  reveal  to  us  and  guarantee  that  by  the  time  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  returns  to  set  his  feet  on  the  Mount  of  Olives  that  over  60%  of  the  population  of  this  planet   and of Israel  will  have   unfortunately  perished   in  all  the  upcoming  : wars, famines  and  plagues  that  are  coming   to  this  unrepentent  fallen  planet   fill  with  hard  cold  sinners   *** The  Good  News  is  that  there  is   PRESENTLY  forgiveness  of  ALL  sins  for  all  those  who  repent  of  their  sins  in  this  'Age  of  Grace.'   ALL   sinners  :  Corrupt  Politicians, Child Abusers, Adulterers,  Homosexuals  and  all  other  1,000+  types  of  sinners  that  'REPENT'  and  TURN  AWAY  from  their  wicked  ways  can  have  all  have  a  new  beginning  in  Jesus  Christ   !!!