Thursday, May 5, 2016


Without  any question   nor  debate  it was  the  4th  Roman  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel    that  fulfilled  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel  9 : 26,  to  the  very  letter.  Truly, Muhammed   nor  the  'Sword  of  Islam'   were  nowhere  to  be  found  at  that   key  and  precise  moment  of   Prophetic  history.   It  was  hands  down, without  question   nor  debate  the  Roman  Empire   through  a  web  of   bureaucratic   and  military   interconnections   that   helped   Rome  to  dominate  all  the  diverse  and   numerous  regions  all  along  the  Mediterranean  Sea   and  that  ultimately  reached  Caesar   in  Rome  directly;  that  ultimately  gave  the  order  for  the  destruction  of  the  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70  A.D.  along with the slaughter  of   almost  a  million  Jews  too;  'percentage  wise'  this  was  almost  half  of  the  Jewish  population  in the world  at  that  time  !!!   
It  was  the  4th  Beast  who  with some  60,000+  heavily  armed  and  professional  Roman  troops   that  managed  to  kill  over  'one million  Jews'  and  in the process  turn  Jerusalem  into  a   desolated  city   dripping  with blood  and   piles  of  dead  corpses   everywhere  !!!    What  the  4th  Beast  did   to  the  'psyche  and  pride'  of  the  Jews  was  so   devastating that   it  wouldn't  be  until   1948   ( some  16+  generations  later  *)  that   the Jews  would  once  again   be  able  to  physically  and  psychologically  regain  political  authority  in  their  original  homeland  !!!   But  even  before   the  destruction  of  the  Jewish  Temple  in  which  'no  stone  was  left  unturned'  ( Matthew  24 : 2 )  It  were  the  Roman's  who  tortured  thee  'Most  Holy & Living Temple'  of  all  !!!

Very  truly,  someone   much  greater  than  the  Temple   was  before  them  and  'hands  down'  someone  even   much  greater  than  this  whole  Universe;  and  it  was   JESUS  CHRIST   thee   very  WORD  of  the  ALMIGHTY   &  LIVING  GOD  by  which  EVERYTHING  was created  !!!   (  Matthew  12 :  6  )

   Truly, what  the  4th  Beast of  Daniel   did  to  Jesus  Christ  was  a  total  'desecration   and  abomination'  for  Jesus  Christ   was  Himself  the  very  'True  Temple'  of  'GOD   with  us'  here  on  Earth; the Jewish Temple made of   stones   was  just  that;  for  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  was  Himself  the  very  'Holy  of  Holies'  thee  very  presence  of  GOD  Almighty  here  on  Earth  that came once and for all  to  tear up  'The Veil'   and   they  knew  Him  not  !!!

 It  were  Roman  soldiers : Roman swords;  Roman  instruments  of  torture  and  a  Roman  spear  that  pierced  the  body  of  the  most  famous  Temple  of  GOD  Almighty  here  on  planet  Earth :  Jesus  Christ  !!!  It  were  Roman  troops  who  were given  the green  light  by  Pontius  Pilate  the  Roman  governor  of  Judaea  under the reign of  the Roman Emperor  Tiberius  that :  pulled  out the beard of Jesus, who  spit  on  Him, slapped  Him  and  pierced  Him  to  the  cross   ( Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  clearly   stated  that   his  body  is  the  living Temple of  GOD  Almighty here on planet  earth *)  ( John  2 : 19,  Mark 14 : 58 )   In effect  the  4th  Roman  Beast   has already  destroyed  two  Jewish  Temples  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   these  same  peoples   are  going  to  produce   a   'sinister  man'  who  is   going  to  profane  in  an abomination  a  future  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem !!!  (  ISIS  &  Islam  0;  Rome  2   Jewish  Temples  destroyed  and  1 more  to  go*  )

...Truly,  Satan  'has,  is  and  continues'   to  deceive   most  of  the  world.  When  the true  Messiah of  Israel   came  the  vast  majority  of   Jews   were  so  spiritually  blind  that  they  knew  him  not  and   the  Romans  who  symbolized   and represented  the  gentile  world   also   were  so  deep  in  spiritual  darkness  that  they  were   unable  to   recognize  the  CREATOR  of  not  only  planet  earth  but  of   this  whole  Universe  !!!

...Every  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   should  note  that   only   about  50,000  Jews  have  died  in  all  the  wars  and  terrorist   acts  that  the  Muslims  have  initiated  against  Israel  and  its'  Jews  since  1948;  compare these  numbers   with  what  the  demonic 'Prince of  Rome'  has  accomplished  in  the  past  ! ( Ever  heard of the  'Prince  of  Persia ?'  regional  demonic  powers  &  principalities ?  ) ...Truly,   the  evil  and  destruction  that   has  been  produced  by :  Hezbollah, Al Qaeda,  the PLO,  ISIS, Boko  Haram, the Taliban  and  all  the  Arab  Islamic  nations that  have  militarily  attacked  Israel  in  the  past   is  nothing  in  comparison  to  the   evil  and  destruction  that  is   prophetically  heading  into  the  Middle  East  in  the  future;  when   'You  Know  Who'  is  let  loose  with  the  other  3  horsemen of  the  Apocalypse  following  him   closely  behind;  in  the not too  distant  future !

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  "NO"  war  monger, the truth is that we were  all  born  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing  war  in  the  heavens  for  the  fate  of  this  planet  and  of  billions+  of  human  souls  and   I  have had nothing to do with the over  500+  wars  that  have  been  fought  all  over  the  world;  since  the  first  recorded  war  in  Mesopotamia  in   2700 B.C   between   the Sumerians  and  the  Elamites  and  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  it  all  ends  with  the  biggest  and  greatest  war  ever  : The  Battle  of  Armageddon  !!!   

Truly,  the  death  and  devastation  that  the  'Fourth  Beast'   brought  against  Israel  is  unparalelled  in  Jewish  history; one thing is to be   persecuted  in  Russia  and  sent  to  the  Gulags  and  even  what  Hitler   did  to  the  Jews  in  Europe  cannot  be  equaled  to  the  'mental  devastation'  that  the  Jews  suffered   in their  own  homeland  at  the  hands  of  the  Romans;  for  they  had  to  abandon  their  very  own  Holy  City  of  Jerusalem  and  if  that  wasn't  bad  enough,  the  Romans  had  even  destroyed  the  very  center  and  heart  of  Jewish  religious  life  by   destroying  the  'Second  Temple.'  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  the  descendents  of  the  Romans  are  returning  again  in  the  future  authorized  by  'Ten  Kings'  to  once  and  for  all  finalize  and  fulfill  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel  12 :  11  and  that  Jesus  Christ  himself  confirmed  in  Matthew  24 : 15;  and  this  time  this   new   generation  of  Romans  are  not  going  to  attack  Israel  with  mere  'iron  swords'  as  in  the  past;  but  with  numerous  weapons  of  mass  destruction  and  this  time   Israel   is  "NOT"  going  down   as  easily  as  in  the  past   !!!  
(  Israel,  beware  of  NATO's  invitation  and  beware  of  any  future  EU  military  alliance   led  by  10  that   requires  you  to  entrust  them  with  your  nuclear  arsenal  in  the  name  of  'Peace  and  Security.' *)

The  Fourth  Beast   Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   has  brought  more   death  and  destruction  unto   Israel   than  even:  Soviet  Communism  and  Militant  Islam;  "NO"  other  Empire  in  the  history  of  planet  Earth   single-handedly   killed   the  true  Jewish  Messiah  and  crucified  on  him  on  Calvary  via  the  Roman  death  penalty   'crucifixion'  on a  wooden  cross  and  "NO"  other  Empire   decimated   the  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem  as  the  Romans  did  in  70 A.D.   Only  Adolph  Hitler  and  the  Nazi's  have  killed  more  Jews  than  the  Romans  "BUT"  Hitler's  Germany   does  not  qualify   as  being   the  4th  Roman  Beast,  for  in  the  1930's  there  was  yet  "NO"   re-established  political  nation  of  Israel  in  the  Middle  East   !!!

As   students  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  and  I   have  to  close  our  'physical  eyes'  and  open  our 'spiritual  eyes'   to  fully  understand  and  see  in  the  'spirit  world'  what   the  'Fourth  Roman  Beast'  did  to  the  two  Jewish  Temples  that  it   physically  destroyed  in  Israel  !!!  The  Roman  authorities  who  represent  the  pagan  world  and  which  are  clearly  and  directly  inspired  by  demonic  forces  and  Satan  himself  symbolize   all  the  power  of  the  Kingdom  of  Darkness  that  is  trying  evermore  to  quench  and  put  an  end  to  the  light  of  the  truth  of  GOD  Almighty  and  bring   even  more  darkness  into  the  world  !!!  While  representatives  of  the  4th  Beast   totally  destroyed  the  Jewish  Temple  that  had  taken   several  decades  for  the  Jews  to  build  they  didn't   stop  there;   for  these  same   powers  of  the  4th  Beast  had   previously  and    'temporarily'   killed   and  crucified  the  true  'Light  of  this  World' :  JESUS  CHRIST    !!!

There  is "NO"  precedent  in  Bible  Prophecy  that   changes  the  geographic  &  ethnic  makeup  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast.  The  1st  Beast  began  Babylonian  and  ended  Babylonian, the 2nd  Beast  began  Medo-Perisan  and  ended  being  Medo-Persian, the  3rd  Beast  began  Greek  and  ended  being  Greek   in  nature  and  the  4th  Beast  began   Roman  and  ends  up  Roman  "BUT"  in  its  final  phase   is  comprised  of  an   alliance/ coalition/union   of  10  King's  from  the  Mediterranean  once  again  and  this   'new  and  improved  Roman  Beast'  with  massive  weapons  of  mass  destruction  and  no  longer  just  carrying  Roman  swords  and  shields  will  once  again  militarily  attack the  nation  of  Israel  once again  & millions  will  perish  !!!   The  world  of  these  last  days  is  much  different  than  the   days  when   all  the  other   3  Beasts   rose  to  power; today  we  have  over 190+  nations  on  this  planet  and  that  wasn't  the  case   2500+  years  ago;  Even  when  Hitler  rose  to  power  with  grandiose  dreams  of  conquering  the  world,  he  knew  that  the  alliance  with  Japan   and  Italy   wouldn't  hurt  a  bit.   The  final  world  power  that  will  dominate  during  the  Tribulation  will  be  composed   of  an  alliance  of  10  King's  and  interestingly  enough   Europe  'presently'  has  12  monarchies  in  existence; we do  not  yet  know  if  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  will  be  future  European  Prime  Ministers  but  what  is  certain  is  that  there  will  be  a  total  of  10  who  will  receive  power  together  with  the  Beast   for  42  months***

You  see, that  same  Jesus  Christ  who  was   tortured  by  those  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast   has  an appointment   with   that  same  'unholy  spirit'  and  Principality  that  reigneth  over  Rome  to  this day  !!!  It  wasn't   an  Islamic  flag  nor  Islamic  swords  who   destroyed  the  last  two  great Jewish Temples;  it   was  the  'Sword  of  Rome.'    Kingdoms   will come  and  go  and  so  they surely  did,  as  was  the  case  with  the  rise  of  the  British  Empire  that  came  to  dominate  key parts  of  the  Middle  East  not  to  long  ago  before  Israel's  1948   Independence.  But the British Empire   was  "NOT"  the  embodiment  nor  resurgency  of  the   4th  Beast  very  simply  because   there  was  "NO"  political  nation  of  Israel  at  its  height,  as  World  War  I  and  II  came  and went  the  British  Empire  came  and  went,  it  no  longer  could  dominate   the  seas  nor  a  great part  of  the  world  very  simply  because  it  had  suffered  a  'deadly  wound'   back  home;  Hitler   and  his  destructive   airforce   the  'Luftwaffe'  had   brought  Britain  to  its  knees.

As  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  and  I   should   realize   that  the  4th  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  has  done  more  destruction  upon  Jerusalem  and  the  Jews  than  all  three  of  the  previous  Beasts   combined.  Antiochus  Epiphanes  represented  the  third  Greek  Beast  and  even  he   didn't  demolish  the  Temple  in  Jerusalem, but he did  raid  it, stole its  treasures and  set an altar  to Zeus; in contrast   the  4th  Beast   went  even  further  by  not  only  stealing the treasures  but  of  also   totally  destroying the temple itself to the point that   'No stone would be left unturned.'

As  primitive   as  the  Roman  Empire  at  the  time  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  may  seem  to  us  now  in  this  'high tech'  Century,  it   nevertheless   fulfilled  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel  to  the  very  letter  !!!  Mohammed  and  his   Koran   were  nowhere  to  be  found  at  that  specific  moment of history;  for  it  was  Rome at its  prime  that  dominated  all  of  the  regional  powers  of  the  Mediterranean  Sea  during that time in  human  history  and  specifically in  Jewish  history  !!!

In  the  'Fulness  of  Time'   GOD  stepped  out  of  eternity   and  personally   came  to  fulfill  yet  another  of  the  key  Prophecies   uttered  by  the  Prophet  Isaiah   !!!  GOD  did  not  send  an  Archangel  to  die  for  the  sins  of  humanity;  He  sent  His  only  begotten  Son : Jesus  Christ  and  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   is  coming  soon  to   once  and  for  all   destroy  the  4th  Beast, when  He  returns  in  Glory;  the  'Fourth  Beast'   will  be  dominating  a  great  part  of  the  planet  and  at  war  with  Israel  when  Jesus  Christ  returns  the  little  horn  of  the  'Fourth  Beast'  will  have  authorized   the  killing   of  over  6+  million  Jews;  far  more  than  even  Adolph  Hitler  !!!
(  Zechariah  13 : 8  )

Thee  blunt  truth  of  it  all  is  that  the  Roman  Sword  produced  by  the  4th  Beat  Prophesied  by  Daniel  has   so  far   killed  over  1,000,000+  Jews  and  according  to  all  the   data  of  this  century   only  some  50,000+   Jews  have   perished  by  the  'Sword  of  Islam'  carried  by  all  the  Islamic  nations  and  Islamic  terrorist  groups   since  Israel's  rebirth  in  1948  !!!

This  insignificant   student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  world  history  knows  fully  well  that  it  will  "NOT"  be  the  so  called  'Sword   of  Islam'   that  will  somehow   transform  itself  into  the  Fourth  Beast  as  some  erroneously  are   teaching  that  will   conquer  and  dominate  Israel  and  the  Jews  in  the  end  times  "BUT"  I  know   without  a  shadow  of  a  doubt  that   Rome  will  once  again  rise  to  global  prominence  during  the  'Last  Days.'

It  most  certainly  is  "NOT"   easy  being  a  Bible  Prophecy  Watchman,  Jack  Kinsella  said  it  perfectly  in  one  of  his  articles;  that   very  few  answer  the  call  of  GOD  in  this  particular  Prophetic  area  of  Ministry;  it  most  certainly  is  not  for  the  weak  of  heart.  This  servant   answered  the  call because   he  knows  that   'human  souls'  are  the  most   important   resource  of  planet  earth.  I  know  fully  well   without  a  shadow  of  a  doubt  that  the  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  GOD  is  going  to  "REWARD"  those  who  taught   His  Prophetic  word and led  souls  to the feet  of  Jesus  Christ.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  tried  to  input  an  'Islamic  AC'  but   with  "NO"  success,  all  the   Biblical  Prophecies  and  historical  facts   lead  me  time  and  time  again  back  to  Rome  and   not  to  Mecca  !!!  The  truth  is  that   during  the  tribulation  period   most  Muslims  will  be  at  the  mercy  of   all  4  Horsemen of the  Apocalypse  and  especially  of  the  First  Horseman  and  the  3rd  Black  Horseman  that  symbolizes   inflation  and  starvation;  upon   close  research  we  come  to  find  that  virtually  all  Arab  Islamic  countries  "Import"  a  large  percentage  of  food  supplies;  these  same  countries   cannot  feed  themselves  as  it  is  'today'  now  can  you  imagine  when  things  get  way  out  of  hand  ?  (  most  Arab  Islamic  countries   do  not  have  a 'breadbasket'  region  of  their  own, they are able to import  a large percentage  of food products only  because of their oil revenues  but  when  all  out  warfare  comes   all  of  these  will  be  at  the  mercy  of   famine  as food  embargoes  begin;  after  all  when  starvation  comes  calling   you  can't  eat  nor  drink  oil  in   such  times  water  and  food   prices  shoot through the roof  ! )

What  the  endtimes  'Roman  Little  Horn'   is  going  to  accomplish  is  already  being  practiced   by  the  totalitarian  Communist  governments  of  China  and  North Korea, you  see  neither  ISIS  nor  Islam    are  going  to  dominate  the  world  "EVER"   the  future  'Kingdom  of  the  Beast'  mentioned  and  described  in  the  Book  of  Revelation    will  be  more  similar  to   the  3rd  Reich  and  to  China's, you  see   China   does  "NOT"  tolerate  Islam; China  perceives  "ALL"   religions  as  an  enemy  of  the  state  !!!

As  we  are  coming  nearer  and  ever  closer  to  the  'end  of  the  age'   keep  a  close  eye  on  China  and  the  European  Union  because  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  these   two  will  be  the  greatest  military   endtimes  players  during  the  Battle  of  Armageddon;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  teaching   this  for  almost  20   years  and  the  more  I  have  continued  studying  and  researching  it,   the  more  I   affirm  that   indeed  the  'King's  of  the  East'  and  the  'Kingdom  of  the  Beast'  will  be  the  final   military  giants   that  will  ultimately  rise  in  a  world  that  will  be  turned  upside  down  by  one  calamity   after  another;  the  U.S.A.,  Russia  and  most  Islamic  nations  are  all  going  down  !!!

In  conclusion,  this  insignificant   servant  of    thee   'Resurrected  Jesus  Christ'   knows  that too  many  other  students  and  teachers   of  Bible  Prophecy    are   erroneously   interpreting   the  Prophecy  of  the  'Fourth  and  Final  Beast'  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel...When our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   came   most  of  the  Pharisees  and  Sadducees   failed  to   interpret the  Biblical  Prophecies  correctly  too  and  totally  missed  the  true  Messiah   who  stood before  them.  This  servant  of  GOD   is  "NOT"  in  competition  with  any  other  Ministry,  I bless  all  those  who  teach   the  WORD  of  GOD  and  the  soon  return  of  our  Lord  Jesus Christ.  I  understand  that  some  are  teaching   that  the  world  will  be  splitted  into  10 regions,  others  are  teaching  that  the  United  Nations  will   produce  the  10  Kings  of Revelation  and  yet  others  that  Islam  will produce   the   dreaded  Beast   forewarned  by  the Book  of  Revelation.  The  truth  is  that  the  'Fourth  Beast'   was  and  will  be   Rome  once again;  a   'Regional  Mediterranean   Power'  that  in  the  last  days   will   ultimately  rise  to power  when  all  the  other   global   giants  of  the  world  collapse  due  to  all  the   overwhelming   'natural  and  supernatural  disasters'  that  are   coming  to  this    unrepentant planet  mentioned   in  the  Book  of  Revelation ***...As  it  is   you  don't  see  the  United Nations  solving  any  major  military  conflicts  in  the  world,  can  you  imagine   when  all   hell   breaks  loose   during  the  Tribulation  period  ?   During  the height of the Rwandan Genocide  the  UN  soldiers  were   commanded  to   look the other  way,  pack  up  and   leave Rwanda;  do  you  seriously  believe  that  they   are  going to be a  world  power  during  the Great  Tribulation ?

By :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  just  an  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  "NOT"  a  Prophet  nor  does  he  wants  to  be  one. The truth is that  the  true  Prophets  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  have  already  prophesied;   what  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  trying  to  do  is   merely   interpret  the  Prophecies  of  the  Prophets  found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures.  It  is  the  prayer  of  this  insignificant  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  to  one  day   be  used   of  my  Creator, Mario  realizes  and  fully  knows  that  GOD  literally  has   millions  of  other  vessels  at  His  disposal  and  he  knows  that  GOD  will  ultimately  use  all  the  vessels  that  He  created;  if  you  and  I  are  patient  and  faithful  GOD  will  use  us  all    at  the  appropriate  time   !!!