This  believer  in  GOD  and  in  His  only  begotten  Son : JESUS  CHRIST;  fully  acknowledges  that  GOD  our  Creator  has  always  existed.   The  truth  about  Genesis  is  that  Genesis  is  our  human  beginning  within  'Eternity'  Genesis  is  the  beginning  of  time  for  all  of  us  human  beings  on  this  planet  !

The  Eternal, Omnipotent  and  Unlimited :  GOD  and  CREATOR  of  us  'ALL'  who  is  capable  of  creating  trillions  of  Galaxies  with  billions  of  planets   in  them  did  "NOT"   stop   with  Angels  and humans.  In  fact  Lucifer's  actions  ( now  known  as  Satan )  reveals  to  us  that  even  the  Angels  in  the  heavens   don't  know  everything  that there  is  to  know  about  GOD.

   Lucifer  somehow  forgot  or  didn't  know  that  GOD  is  OMNISCIENT  !  Lucifer  went  'here  and  there'  throughout  all  the  heavens  convincing  one-third  of  the  Heavenly Son's  of  GOD    to  rebel  against  GOD  !!!

       Somehow  Lucifer  either  didn't  know   all  the  OMNIPRESENT  powers  of  GOD  or  his  pride  and  sin  just  so  blinded  him  to  this  fact  about  GOD  !!!...Sometimes  we  forget  ourselves   that   we  cannot  hide   from  the  presence  of  GOD   !!!...The  Angels  are  'NOT'  gods, they  most  certainly  know  more about   GOD  than  us;  but  they    also  do  not  know  everything  there  is  to  know  about  GOD*..."NO"  one;  neither  Angels  nor  humans  will  ever  get  to  figure  GOD  all  out,  there  are  just  somethings  that   are  reserved  for  GOD  ALMIGHTY  alone  !!!

     As  more  and  more  discoveries  about  the  Universe  we  all  inhabit   continue  to  increase  this  servant  of  GOD  knows  that  many  believers  are  asking  themselves  the  same  questions  as  this  servant  of  GOD.    With  the  permission  and  direction  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT; this servant  of  GOD   will  attempt  to  fearfully   address  these  deep  questions  that   even   some  Theologians  try  to  ignore  and  stay  away  from  for  fear   of    damaging  their  'good  name  or  reputation.'

     As  a  student  of  Theology  and  Astronomy  it  is  my  'insignificant  observation'   that  there  have  been  and  are  other  Universes   apart  from  this  one  in  the  confines  of  ETERNITY.  If this Universe  did  have a  beginning  it  means  that  it  is  'disposable'  and  will  ultimately  have  an end  and  everything  in  it.  Theologically  speaking  the  THRONE  of  GOD   JEHOVA  is  'NOT' inside of  this  Universe,  some Theologians interpret   the scriptures  as  guaranteeing  that  this  entire  Universe  will  also  be  'destroyed'  to  give  way  to  a  'New  Heaven  and  a  New  Earth  in  the  New  Jerusalem'   because according to their interpretation of the Holy Scriptures the 'Whole Creation Groans  for  Redemption.'  Regardless  of  how  the  Holy  Scriptures  are  interpreted  the  evidence  points  to   the  REALITY  that  GOD  'EXISTS  and  EXISTED'   long  before  the  'Big  Bang'  took  place  because  it  is  HE   who   set  it  all  in  motion  solely  by  the  POWER  of  HIS  LIVING  WORD;  this  means  and  guarantees  that  there  exists  yet  other  creations  outside  of  this  Universe   for  in  the  beginning  GOD  created  the  heavens and the Earth    !!!  Yes,  GOD  our  CREATOR   has  been  in  the  creation  business  since  Eternity  Past  and  HE  will  continue  to  create  yet  other   creations  in  'Eternity  Future'  very  simply  because  HE  has  all  the : time, power  & resources  to continue  to  bring  forth  new  creations  without  end  !

     The  fact  that  at  last  count  there  are  an estimated  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+
( sextillion+ )  stars  (  and they are nowhere near  counting them all !  )  in this  Universe  and  that  GOD  knows  them  all  by  name  (  Psalms 147 : 4  )  doesn't  make  you  or  me  any  less  special  to  Him  !!!  The  additional  fact  that   you  and  I  are  part  of  billions+  of  other  human  beings  created  by  GOD   doesn't  make  'you  nor  me'   anymore  or  less  special  to  Him  !!!   Jesus  Christ   did  'NOT'  die  for  other  creations  simply  because   it  appears  that  'WE'  are  the  only  terrestrial  creation  to  have  ever  fallen  into  the  depravity  of  sin;  thanks  in  part  to  Satan  and  his  lies*...'IF'   other  creations  had  fallen  GOD  would  have   found   a  way  beyond  our  'thoughts  and  understanding'   to  have  brought  them  back  unto  Himself  in  His  SOVEREIGNTY,   "HE"  alone  has  the  right  and  the  power  to  do  as  HE  pleases;  GOD  owes  'NO"  one  an  explanation  !!!

     This  poor  servant  of   THEE  LIVING  GOD    clearly  believes  that  the  massive  numbers alone   in  this  Universe :  Trillions+  of  stars,   Billions+  of  Galaxies,  Multiple-millions  of other  planets   (  just to name a few *)   indicate  that   GOD  is    running  and  administering   quite 'LITERALLY'   millions  upon  millions  of  other  creations  very  different  than  us  all through this  Universe   of  His   !!!

      According  to  the  latest  Astronomical  numbers   it  is  'Conservatively'  estimated   that  there  are   over  50+ billion  Galaxies  in  this  Universe  alone.  Many  of  us   are  asking  the  question  if  all  of  these  billions  of  Galaxies  are  'empty  and  devoid  of  life'  and  if  GOD  just  created  them  for  decoration ?   This  is  a  genuine  question  that  deserves   an  answered  that  is  backed  up  by  both  the  Holy  Scriptures   and  Astronomical   facts.

    As  believers   we  know  that  human  beings  were  'NOT'  GOD's  first  creation  in  all  of  Eternity,  we  also  according  to  the  Holy  Bible  know  that   there  was  very  much  going  on  in  Eternity  Past   before  we  were  ever  created  in  this  planet  by  GOD; we know  scripturally  that  even  before   Adam  and  Eve  were  created   by  GOD  our  CREATOR   that  Planet  Earth  was  'ALREADY'   the  temporary  and  transitional   home  of  Satan  because   he  was  already  here  before   Adam  and  Eve  were  created  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  manifested  himself  in  the  deceiving  serpent  who  deceived  Eve.

    There   are  many,  many  things  that  GOD  never  revealed  to  us  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  simply  because   we  are  'NOT'  worthy   to  know  them   and  they  don't  concern  us.  The  Holy  Bible   'REVEALS'  to  us  'Glimpses  of  Eternity'  in  'bits  and  pieces'   throughout  its  HOLY  PAGES  all  the  way  to  the  Book  of  Revelation.

    There  is  a  'Time  and  a  Place'  for  everything  under  heaven  and  GOD  knew  that  knowledge  would  explode  and  multiply   in  the  last  days  (  Daniel   )   The  possible  reality   that  this  Universe    is  full  of  'BILLIONS +'   of  other  life  forms  CREATED  also  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY    does  'NOT'   in  any  way  shape  or  form   changes  the  COVENANT  and  PROMISES   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  has  with  this  CREATION;  for  we  all  on  planet  earth  have  sinned  and  fallen  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD  and  'WE'  do  need  His  Salvation; this does  'NOT'  mean  that   all  the  other  CREATIONS  of  GOD  also  rebelled, nor does it mean  that  they  too  were  created  in  the  image  of  GOD  nor  does  it  mean  that  they  can   sin  !!!

     The  truth  of  this  entire  matter  is  that   ETERNITY  has  been  going  on  long  before  GOD  created  us  on  Planet  Earth  and  the  truth  is  that   it  is  only  by  the  'Sheer  Grace  &  Mercy'  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   that  HE   didn't  destroy   this  entire  creation   all  in  the  'FLOOD'  that  rebelled  against  Him  since  almost  day  one  and   is  full  of  wickedness  !!!

    If  you  haven't  noticed    this  creation  is  part   of  something   bigger  than  us  all;  neither  our  entire  Milky  Way  Galaxy  as  big  as  it  is   composes  1%  of  this  Universe,  if  it  was  possible  to   be  at  the  edge  of  this  Galaxy   it  would  be  'IMPOSSIBLE'  with  our  present  technology   to  find   our  way  back  to  our  'Solar  System'   given  the  sheer  and  massive  size  of  this  one  lone  Galaxy  !!!

    As  an  amateur  analyst  to  crunches   massive  numbers  of  pieces  of  'information  &  data'   statistically  speaking   the  sheer   numbers  of  this  Universe  'PROCLAIM'   that  this  Universe  is  also  home  to   'millions  upon  millions'  of  other  'Life  forms'   also  CREATED  by  GOD;  Theologically  speaking   GOD  who  is  OMNIPRESENT  and  OMNISCIENT   can  'ALSO'   be  present  in  each  and  everyone  of  the  billions+  of  other  Galaxies  and  Planets  that  HE  created  !!!

     The  question  that  most  believers  have  difficulty   understanding  is  if  JESUS  CHRIST  also   died   or  has  to  die  in  the  future   for  other  CREATIONS  out  there  who  may  have  sinned  against  GOD.  The  answer  is  very  simple  and  is  backed  up  by  the  Holy  Scriptures;  "NO"  according  to  the  Holy  Bible   'SIN'   is  a  very  recent   phenomenon,  it  appears  that  sin  did  'NOT'   exist  before  the  fall  of  Satan  and  one-third  of  the  Angelic  creation  because  JESUS  Himself  called   Satan  the  'Father  of  Lies'  this  interpreted  means  that  Satan  was  the  first  ever  to   have  initiated  falsehood  in  all  of  Eternity  !!!

    The  truth  is  that   we  were  all  created  by  GOD   for  His  'Pleasure'  ( Revelation  4  )  we  were   also  created  to  love  and  serve  one  another   for  when  we  serve  others  it  is  then  that  we  serve  GOD;  just  like  the  Angels  themselves  who  take  joy   in  serving  us  as  GOD's  Messengers  in  this  'Moment  of  Eternity.'

    In  this  planet  and  creation  'WE'  need  SALVATION,  the  Angels  who  fell  with  Satan  are  in  a  totally  different  category  than  us  and  are  'Unforgiveable'  because  they  had  seen  the  'Glory  of  GOD'  and  yet   chose  to  'Rebel'  against  their  HOLY  CREATOR.  There  has  been  and  continues  to  be   GREAT   'Happenings'  behind  the  scenes  that   we  human  beings   have  no  remote  idea  that  are  taking  place,  the  HEAVENS  are   full  of  other  CREATIONS   that  were  also  CREATED  and  SUSTAINED  by  an  OMNIPRESENT  GOD   !!!   To  believe  that  GOD  loves  us  more  than  the  Angels  is  like  believing  that  GOD  loves  the  Jews  more  than  the  Gentiles;  the  TRUTH  of  it  'ALL'  is  that  GOD  has  more  than  enough  LOVE   for  everyone  and  everything  that  HE  will   EVER  CREATE    !!!   (   it's  all  about  HIM  and  not  so  much  about  us***)

   Yes, yes  and  yes;  GOD   the  HOLY  ONE  of  ISRAEL  our  CREATOR   is  'ALSO'  the  Creator,  Father  and  GOD  of  unimaginable  other  creations  that  have  never  been  revealed  to  us  !!!  GOD  'NEVER'  stops  creating  HE  IS  the  'Infinite  Creator'  who  has  'NO'  shortages  of  'natural  resources'  of  finances  nor  of  limitations  of  any  kind;  'MOST'  of  us   still  have  an  outdated, traditional  and  religious   view  of  GOD,  GOD  is  'NOT'  a  man  who  grows  weary  and  tired  GOD  is  an  ETERNAL  SPIRIT   which  even  the  Angels  in  Heaven  who  serve  Him  know   only  so  much  about  Him  and  as  humans  we  know  even  less  about  GOD  than  the  Angels  who  were  created  before  us  !!!

      HOLY  SPIRIT,  this  vessel  of  your's   presents  this  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind;  this  servant  of  yours    presented  this   with   what  we  know  that  YOU  CREATED   in  this  Universe  (  billions  upon  billions  of  : stars, galaxies, planets, Angels, human beings, animals just to name a few !!!  )  this   servant  of  yours   is  not  worthy  to  utter  these  words,  the  TRUTH  is  that  'MOST'  of  humanity   doesn't  really  know  the  HOLY  SCRIPTURES  nor  the  POWER  of  a  LIMITLESS  GOD*   (  Mark  12 : 24,   Mathew 22: 29 )