One  of  the  first  things  that  everyone  who  studies  Bible  Prophecy  must  realize  is  that  before  the Omnipresent  GOD  of  Israel   'ALL'  human  events  and  history   come  to  no  surprise  to  HIM  due  to the  fact  that  HE  knew  and  declared  the   very  end  from  the  very  beginning  of  creation. Every  Prophecy  in  the  Holy  Bible  will  happen  just  as  it  has  been  declared  in  the  Holy  Scriptures. GOD   knows  the  future  of  this  creation  in  ways  that  we  cannot  even  imagine  nor  fathom  because even  before  He  created  us;  The  Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  before  the  foundation of the world  !

While  GOD  knows   every  single  detail   about  everything  that  will  transpire  on  Earth  we  do  not.  GOD  has   only  revealed  to  us  some  major  'MARKERS'  by  which  we  can  tell  how  close  we  are  to  His  Return.  Jesus  Christ  clearly  stated  that  we  are  responsible  for  interpreting  the  signs  of  the  times  in  which  we  are  living  in;  we  are  the  one's who are  supposed  to  'Watch  &  Pray.'

This  webpage  was  created  to :   'INFORM, TEACH, EVANGELIZE  and  WARN'   about  the  upcoming  and  endtime world  Empire  that  will   arise  out of we presently call the European  Union.  We  believe  that  the  Holy Bible  is  the  living  WORD  of  GOD  which  reveals  to  us  who  created  us,  why  we  are  here  and GOD's   divine   and  eternal   plans and  promises   for  all  those  who  obey  and  abide  in  His  WORD. We  confess  that  Jesus  Christ  is  GOD  encarnate  and  that  solely  through  Jesus  Christ  can  we  obtain total  forgiveness  for  our  sins  if  we  repent  and  confess  them  to  GOD.

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  does  'NOT'  claim  special   revelation, I'm  like any  other   student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  is  trying  to  correctly  interpret  the  Biblical  Prophecies  'in light  of'    current   and   global  events.  We  try  our  best  to  write  articles  in  a  responsible manner; sometimes  it's  not  possible  because  the  Biblical  Prophecies  are  very  blunt  themselves; especially when  we  read  in  Revelation  that  by the time  Revelation 19  comes  around  over  60%  of the  world's population  will  have  died  due  to  all  the  :  wars, plagues, earthquakes, Tsunamis,  and  other natural disasters  that  are  guaranteed  to  come  onto  an  UNREPENTANT  world.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  into  'Conspiracy  Theories'   I simply  know  that  'Satan' has  deceived  most of  the  world; I do 'NOT' believe  that  the  future  'Little  Horn'  will  be  an  'ALIEN' as  some  are  teaching,  nor  that  he  will  be  a  Muslim as yet  others  are  teaching, nor do I believe that he will be the product of  the  'Illuminati'  I  believe  that  he  will  be  an  ambitious  man  as  was  : Hitler, Stalin, Antiochus Epiphanes, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and others  and  that  Satan  will  fully empower  him  in  the  final  42  months.

We  are  the  final  generation  and  we  truly  have  'NO'  excuse   for  not  being  able  to  interpret  the 'Signs  of  the  Times'  because  we  have  access  to : Biblical  Commentaries, Historical Records, Biblical Translations  and  24/7  News  as  'NO'  other  generation  in  the  history  of  this  planet  !  It  is the  goal  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  to  use  all  of  these  tools   for  our  advantage  under  the direction  of  the  Holy  Spirit  and  to  'TEACH'  all  those  who  seek  to know  the  Truth  about  the  Future & Destiny of  this  creation and  planet.  We  ask  for  your  prayers  so  that  the  Holy  Spirit  will  guide  us  to  all  truth  and  show  us  the  things  which  are  to  come*
                                       -  Mario  Romano, servant of Jesus Christ