Wednesday, July 20, 2016


This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  recently  heard  the  famous  T.V. Astrophysicist : Neil De Grasse   predict  that  in  the  next  300+  years  the  human  race  will  have  populated  most  of  this  solar  system;  obviously  Mr. De Grasse   hasn't  studied  the  Book  of  Revelation,  the thing is that  we  do  "NOT"  have  another  300+  years,  we  are  the  final  generation  that  is  about  to  enter  into  the  final  7  years  of  the  prophesied  Tribulation  period  !!!  ( this  final  generation is confirmed by  yet other Prophecies, all 4 Beasts of Daniel  have  arisen & fallen  with the exception of the final 10 Roman King's,  the state of Israel  is a reality  after  more than 1800+  years in a global  diaspora  &  the rest of the 69 Prophetic weeks of  Daniel have also been  fulfilled with the exception of the final  week  of  7  years;  truly  the  Biblical  Prophecies   interpret  themselves  most  of  the  time   !!!  )  In  this  final  generation   we  have  arrived  at  the  edge  of  a  cliff,   this  is thee  real  cliffhanger  of  all  of  human  history  on  planet  Earth;   we  are  just  waiting  for  that  one  event  that  will  cause  the  entire  planet  to  freefall  into  the  final  7  year  Tribulation  period   !!!

Most  students  &  teachers of  Bible  Prophecy   agree  and  believe  that  we  are  the  final generation;  because   we  are  the  generation   that  has  been  a  witness  to  the  rebirth  of  the  state  of  Israel  after  being  in  a  global  diaspora  of  over  1800+  years  !!!   Most  theologians  agree  that  since  Adam  and  Eve  until  the  present  some  150-200  generations  of  human  beings  have  been  born  on  planet  Earth.  It  is  impossible  for  anyone  to  accurately  pinpoint  the exact number of generations   because   the  average  lifespan   of  human  beings  has  varied  greatly through  the  centuries depending  on : warfare,  diet  and  plagues  of  all  sorts.  ( 42 generations  alone  are  mentioned  in Matthew  1 :  17,  from   Abraham  to  the  Messiah   Jesus  Christ * )

As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'lets  it  all  sink  in'  it  is  now  becoming  rather  evident  to him   that   it  will  "NOT"  be  the  USA  the  one  who  will  ultimately   defeat  the  'Islamic Jihadists'  on  this undeclared  global  war, but  it will  be the  coming  Little  Horn !  ( Revelation 13 : 4 -7 )   You don't  have  to  be   into  Bible  Prophecy  to  sense   that   the  Islamic  Terrorism  that  is  being : exported, supported  &  financed  by  several   Middle  East  Islamic  countries   is  drawing   and  pulling   the  rest  of  the  world  into  the  Middle  East  conflict  little  by  little.  There's  only  so  much  more  Islamic  Jihadism  that  Western  countries  will   bare;  we  are  the  final  generation  spoken  of  by  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  in  Matthew  24 : 34,    war  is  coming;  Russia  already  did  its  part  in  halting  a  total  ISIS  victory  in  Syria  and  it  is  now  no  secret  that  France  has  commandos  in  Libya  and  elsewhere  in  the  region.  The  war  against  Islamic  Jihadists  is  now  over  15+  years  old  and  the  total  U.S. costs  on  the  war  on  Terror   has  surpassed $ 2  Trillion  dollars  and  even  the  U.S.  military  with  all of its high-tech   satellites  and  weaponry  has  been  unable   to   totally  cut  off  all the  heads  of  this  Islamic  Terorrist  beast  !!!

When   Adam  and  Eve  fell   these  once  eternal  beings   would  become  subject  to   a  limited  lifespan  in  a  body  that  would  from  then  on  be  subject  to :  numerous  diseases,   the  painful process  of  aging  and  ultimate  death.   Satan  for  his  part  had  been  accustomed  to  existing  in eternity,   so  GOD  ALMIGHTY    would  encapsulate  some  150-200   earthly  human generations   that would  serve   like  a   'Mini-Eternity'   in  His  sovereignty  to   demonstrate   and  sort  of  give  everyone  the  benefit  of  the  doubt  once  and  for  all  to  "ALL"  those  in the  heavens  and  on  Earth   how  it  would  be  like   to  live  in   a  Kingdom  governed  by Satan  and  his  unholy  spirit   of  rebellion.         ( when  anyone   disobeys  GOD  and  His  eternal  laws;  GOD  sometimes  just  lets  you  learn  the  hard  way*  When  GOD  is  ultimately  finished  with  Satan,  this  servant  of  GOD  knows  that   "NO"  other  Archangel  will   ever,  ever  and  ever   want  to  initiate  yet  another  rebellion  or  follow  Satan's  example  if  you  know  what  i  mean  !!!  )  We  are  not   our  GOD's  experiment,  on  the  contrary  GOD  foresaw  in  His  Omniscience   both the fall  of   Lucifer  as  well  as  the  fall  of  man  and  that  is why  that  'The Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  before  the  foundation  of the world  !'  GOD  doesn't  make  mistakes  and  GOD  not  only  has  a  monopoly   in  eternity  "BUT"  He  also    has  a  monopoly   on  the  future  of  "ALL"  His  creations, it  is  GOD  who  writes  and  establishes  the   destiny   and  the  ending  of  all  of  His  creations  !!!  Everything  was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!  GOD,  manifested  in  Jesus  Christ  loves  us  all,  if   He  didn't  He  would  have  long  ago  abandoned  us  and  left  us  at  the  unholy  mercy  of  Satan   !!!  Very  truly,  Satan  is  thee  father of all  lies;  he  promised  one third of the Angels  who  fell  with  him  things  that  he  possibly  couldn't  fulfill   and  the  tragedy  is  that  billions  of  human  beings  who  were  created  in  the  image  of  GOD   down here on planet  Earth  are  still  falling   for  the  same  lies  of  Satan  !!!

GOD  in  His   sovereignty  could  have  launched   Satan  and  all  of  the  fallen  Angels   immediately  and  directly  into  hell  "BUT"   GOD  chose  in  His  sovereignty   to  delay  such  a  destiny  and   thus  He  created  Adam  and  Eve  on  the  same  planet   where  Satan  had  been  previously   cast  down  to  !!!   This  was  an  opportunity  to  demonstrate  what  could  happen  if  GOD  allowed :  iniquity, wickedness  sin, rebellion  and  Satan   to   infect  and  corrupt  the  rest  of  eternity  and  so,   as  this  final   human  generation  comes  to  a  close;   the  Book  of  Revelation  reveals  to  us  that  Satan  will  ultimately  deceive  the  whole  world  when  the  'Restrainer'  is  temporarily  removed.  (  Revelation  12 : 9  )    Satan   unfortunately  has  managed  to  deceive  and  spiritually  blind  the  vast  majority  of  human  souls   that   were  born  on  planet  Earth  throughout   all  the  centuries  !!!   All  the evidence  throughout  human  history  on  this  planet   prove  that  Satan  and  the  fallen  Angels  are  truly  without  salvation   !!!  Additionally,  Satan  and  the  fallen  Angels  show  no  remorse;  on  the  contrary  they  seek  to  destroy   as  many  human   souls  as  possible; the rebellion  that  Satan  initiated  in  heaven   was  perfected  by  Satan  on  planet  Earth   in this  final  generation  !!!  ( He ultimately  manages to deceive the whole  world ! )   Planet  Earth    is  evidence  to  what  could  have  transpired  elsewhere  in  eternity  and  in  the  other  heavens   if  Satan   would  not  have  been    stopped   !!!  ( Revelation   12 : 9 )   (  there  are  'many, many'  things  that  have  transpired  in  eternity  past  before  Lucifer  rebelled  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  only  reveals  to  us   what  is  critical  for  us  to  know  about   our  salvation  in  the  Holy  Scriptures*)

 What  have  we  learned  in  all  of  these  generations ?  We  have  learned  that  Satan  : kills,  steals  and  destroys  all  that  is  holy, righteous  and  good  before  GOD. ( just  study what he did to Job and his family*)   Satan  has  enslaved   the  vast  majority  of  human  beings  'generation  after  generation'   he  has  used : false  religions, false  gods  and  the  temporal   vanities  of  this  world  to   blind  most  of  humanity  from  the  truth   of  GOD  our  CREATOR   and  His  good  and eternal  plans  for  us  all  !!!    Satan  was  confined  mainly  to  planet  Earth,  planet  Earth  is  Satan's   temporary   'Alcatraz'  !!!   Theologically  speaking  we  do  "NOT"  know   if  Satan  was  limited  only  to  planet  Earth  or  to  this  entire  solar  system  or  the  Milky  Way  Galaxy   !!!  If  GOD   allowed  Satan  access  to   all  of  the  other  Heavens  and  access  to  all  those  who  dwell  in  them  ( Revelation  12 : 12 )   you  and  I  know   all  the  havoc  that  he  would  export  into  all  of  GOD's  other  unfallen  creations.   In the Book of  Job  we  learn  that  Satan  has   some  limited  access  to  the  other  Heaven  ( Job 1 : 7  & Job 2 : 1 ) Like  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  stated  in  the  past  "GOD  didn't  have  to  create us  immediately  right  after  the  fall  of  Satan,  nor  did  he  had  to  create  us  in  the  very same  planet    where  He  had  beforehand   launched   and  imprisoned  Satan  and  one third  of  the  fallen Angels  into.   GOD   in  His  Omniscience  knew  that  Lucifer   was  going  to  rebel  eventually;   for  'even  in  His  Angels   does  GOD   not  fully  trust  for  they  too  are  frail and fallible.'   (  Job   4 : 18  )  Thee  only  perfect  being  in  eternity    who  is  perfect  is :  GOD  ALMIGHTY   !!!    GOD  makes  no one  to  sin  and  He  doesn't  want  robots  in  Heaven,  if  He  wanted  robots  He  could  have easily   created   billions  upon  billions  of  them,  GOD  is  populating  eternity   with   Spirits who  choose   out  of  their  freewill   to   abide  in  His  WORD  and  who   can   witness   firsthand   that   their  is  "NO" :  joy,   love  nor  hope   in  an  eternity  led  by  someone  as   Satan   !!!  GOD  our  Holy  Creator  is  going  to  'RECTIFY'  all  of  the  injustice  in  the  end; Dr. Charles  Stanley  recently  stated  it  perfectly  in  his  weekly  radio program :  "The  Holy Bible   contains  part  of  the  truth  of  GOD,  it  contains  all  the  truth  we   are  responsible   here  on  earth  "BUT"  it  does  not  contain  all  the  truth  of  Eternity  Past,  GOD  only reveals  to  us  what   we  need  to  know,  one  day  in  Eternity  future  we  are  going  to  be amazed   at  the  rest  of  the  truth  of  GOD  Almighty;  truly   eyes  hath  not  seen,  nor  ears heard, nor have entered  into  the heart of man   the things which  GOD  has  prepared  for those  who  love  Him  !!!  (  1   Corinthians    2 :  9  )

What  most  students  and  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  don't  necessarily  agree  on  is  how  long  is  a  'Biblical  Generation.'  "BUT"  what  we  do  agree on  is  that   the  events  initiated  on  May 14, 1948  triggered   the  final  countdown   of  this  final  generation  in  heaven  !!!  While  not  even  the  Angels  in  Heaven   know  the  precise  day  and  hour  when  GOD  ALMIGHTY   shall  return  for  those  who  are  watching  and  praying  to  be  worthy  to  escape   all  the  seals  of  Revelation  you  and  I  know  very, very  well  that  its  getting  very, very  close  !!!

Here  is  one  example  of  what  the  Holy   Bible  states  is  a  possible  Biblical  generation : "As the sun was setting, Abram fell into a deep sleep, and a thick and dreadful darkness came over him. Then the Lord said to him, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there.  'In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here'... ( Genesis  15 : 16 )

God said to Abraham that after 400 years  He would deliver Israel, " the fourth generation". A generation in the Bible is normally 40 years. However, here a generation is 100 years (4 * 100 = 400 years). This is understood by virtue of the fact that Abraham had his promised child when he was exactly 100 years old (Genesis  21: 5 ); it is evident, therefore, that the age of a man when his first child is born is the raw definition of a generation.

Nevertheless, notice that the full number (400 years) is exactly ten-times that of a regular generation of 40 years. Both 100 years and 40 years are a generation in the Bible. However, the average of these two, 70 years, is on occasion also found in the bible, ( Psalm 90 :10 ). But "70 years" is a generation according to the average age of a man at his death, rather then when his first child is born (as with the example of Abraham).

40 + 100 = 140 years. 140 ÷ 2 = 70-years as a generation.
(Significantly, king David died at age 70, and reigned 40 years.)

What  does  this  all  mean  or  hint    at,  you  might  ask  ?   Israel   became   a  nation  once  again  in  1948  and   we  are  seriously  closing  in  on  the  70  year   mark.  I'm  not  trying  to  set  dates, but  what   this student of Bible  Prophecy  is  trying to say  is that   if  events  continue  to  accelerate  as  they  have  been  this  year,  then  you  and  I  should  take  notice  and   acknowledge  that   we  are  indeed   getting  ever  closer  to  the   final  70  week  of  Daniel  !!!  Those  of  the  world   are  'eating  and  drinking'  and  entertaining  their  fleshly  desires  as  if  there's  no  end  in  sight;  but  you  and  I  know  better  !!!

In  sum,  a generation in the bible is primarily the age of a man when his first male child is born; but secondarily, the age of a man at his death. The bible then rounds the exact span of years in a "generation" to be 40 and 100 years as the primary usage, but on occasion, "70 years". And 70 is the average of 40 and 100, which allow the three  timeframes to work in numeric harmony to produce the numeric symmetry found throughout the bible. The usage of the 100-year generation predominates in the bible prior to the time of Moses when men lived longer, but 40 years after Moses.

If  you  are  a  regular  visitor  to  you  know  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was  not  and  is  "NOT"  teaching  about  the  'Blood  Moons.'   As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  i  too  have   heard  too  many  'conspiratorial'   theories  that  never  materialized; remember  the   short  live   'Bible  Code'  fad ?  Nevertheless,  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  we  are  to  'retain  the  good  and  discard   the  bad'   that's   why  we  call  ourselves  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  we  are  all  still  learning   and  not  one  of  us  knows  it  all.

The  Holy  Scriptures   gives  us  additional  clues  about  the  final  generation;  the   rebirth  of  a   modern  day   Roman  Empire   led  by  10  also    confirms  to  us  how   close  we  are  to  it  all;  for  in  the  days  of  those  10  King's  shall  the  GOD  of  Heaven  set up a Kingdom, that shall never be destroyed  !!!  ( Daniel  2 : 44 )  Whatever  you  may  or  may  not  think  of  the  modern  day  European  Union;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    has  deconstructed  the  EU  and  has  stated  three  facts  about  it  as  it  relates  directly   to  the  4th  and  final  Beast  and  this  includes  the  fact  that  :   Italy  is the  geographic  epicenter  of  ancient  Rome,  the  EU  is  the  modern  day  power  of  the  Mediterranean  the  Roman  Empire  was  a  gentile  pagan  empire  that  was  "NOT"  Islamic  nor  led  by  Arabs   !!!  If  you  choose  to  believe  that  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  will   be : 10  regions  of  the  world, 10  martians,  10  world  bankers  or  10  Islamic  nations  then  thats  your   prerogative  "BUT"  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  in  most  cases  the  Biblical  Prophecies   interpret  themselves  upon  a  closer   study.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   in  "NO"  way   knows  how  many  more  months  or  years  exactly  we  still  have  before   the  final  7  year  Tribulation  period  begins  "BUT"  we  were  warned  by   none  other  that  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  to  'Watch  and  Pray'  that  we  may  be  found  worthy  to  'ESCAPE'  all  those  things  that  will  befall  an  unrepentant  humanity  of  this  final  generation.  (  Luke  21  : 36  )

In  other  news,  the  Brexit  is  now  something  that  most  people  in  the  UK  have  come  to regret,  the  two  main   Brexit  leaders  have  reneged  on  their  promises  !!!  The truth  is  that  they didn't  have  a  clue  about  what  to  do  if  they  did  win  !!!  both  : Nigel  Farage  head  of  the UK  Independence  Party  and  Boris  Johnson  the former  mayor  of  London,  who  was  expected  to  be  the  next  Prime  Minister  have  embarrasedly   reneged  on   their   Brexit  promises  and   have  left  the  political   spotlight  altogether.  A  British  newspaper   summed  it  up  perfectly : "These  two  fools  started  something  that  they  didn't  intend  to  finish."   Meanwhile,  the  new  Prime  Minister  of   England : Theresa  May   has  stated  that   she does not intend  to  initiate the Brexit  this  year,  she  and  Merkel   are  working  it  out  slowly;  there  is  a  small  possibility  that   the  Brexit  may  not  ever  happen; there is still  a two-year  window  if  article  50  of  the  Lisbon  Treaty   is  invoked,  things  could  change, Merkel  and  Mrs. May  could   eventually  work out something.

The  country  of  Turkey  for  its  part  is  witnessing  the  rise  of  its  own  'Putin.'  It  is  no  secret  that   Erdogan   wants  to  emulate  what  Putin  has  been  doing  for  the  past  decade  in  Russia  and  that  is  to  consolidate   power  at  the  expense  of  the   judicial  and  military  branches  of  government.   Erdogan is purging : Universities, the Military, the Judiciary, Clerics, Civilian Policemen and   political  dissidents  and  while  it  is  true  that  modern  day  Turkey  was  the  geographic  home  of  all  of  the  7  churches  of  Revelation;  Turkey  is  "NOT"  a  nuclear  power  and   is  "NOT"  destined  according  to  the  prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  to   conquer  Israel  nor  the  Middle  East  in  the  future.  What  the  Turkish  people  will  be  getting in the future  is  a  mini-totalitarian  like  the former  leader  of  Libya : Gaddafi  ( now dead,  overthrown  &  killed*)  and  the  former  leader  of  Egypt Mubarak  who had to step down because of  the  Egyptian Revolution  demonstrations  in 2011.   Sadly,   Turkey's  Erdogan    is  learning  nothing  from  history  and  truly  absolute  power  corrupts   absolutely  !!!

 Sarkozy  recently  stated  that  Turkey  is  "NOT"  ever  going  to  be  admitted  into  the  EU  and  it  is  no  secret  that  Germany's  Angela  Merkel  is   financially  incentivising  the  Turkish  government  to  close  their  borders  so  that  no  more   Syrian  or  Middle  Eastern  immigrants   keep  heading  into  the  EU  and  specifically  to  Germany  !!!   Turkey's  Erdogan  recently  apologized   to  Putin  for   shooting down  a Russian plane  during the Syrian  conflict,  presently  Putin  and  Erdogan  have  become  friends  once  again making  the  Prophecy  of  Ezekiel  38-39   a  possibility  in  our  time  !!!   Turkey's  Erdogan  is  "NOT"  to  be  trusted  he's  pulling  something  up  his  sleeve,  he  even  recently  restored  relations  with  Israel   "BUT"  senior  Israeli  officials  know  that   Erdogan  cannot  ever  be  fully  trusted,  Erdogan's  political  party  is   deeply  rooted  in  Islam  and  according   to   some   Israeli  governmental  officials  since  Erdogan  came  to  power  : Israeli  and  Turkish  relations  have  soured  since  2002,  when  Erdogan    came  to  power.   Ever  since  then,   Erdogan   has  shown  authoritarian  tendencies  both   domestically  in  Turkey  and   externally;  abroad  !

The  country  of  France  for  its  part  has  witnessed  yet  "ANOTHER"  Islamic  inspired  Terrorist  attack.  If  you  have  been  visiting   you  know  that  we  have   stated  that  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  will  continue  throughout  the  EU  simply  because   they  naively  let  in  too  many   Islamic  men   into  their  countries  'legally  &  illegally'  and  the  'Instant  Jihadist'  is  now  a  phenomenon   that  cannot  be  stopped  until  most  of  these  Islamic  men  are  expelled  from  European  cities.   forecasts   the  : expatriation, expulsion   and  persecution  of  most   European  Muslims  from  all  of  the  EU  during  the  7  year  Tribulation  period.  Islam  is  never  going  to  conquer  the  European  mind,  the truth  is  that  most  of  the  EU  has  rejected  the  true  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ and embraced secular   humanism  and  atheism,  the   horrible  things  that  the  Roman  Catholic  Church  did  to  most  European  countries  for  many  centuries  have  imprinted  a  negative  perception  of  Christianity  in  general  upon  most  Europeans;   the  Vatican's false  gospel  has   blinded  most  European's  to  the  true  Gospel   "BUT"  GOD  does  have  a  small  and  true   remnant  of  true   bible  believing  born  again  believers  in  every  European  country  !!!  Additionally  in  France;  there  is  a  hint  that  the young  and  ambitious  Emmanuel  Macron  the  French  Economy  Minister  is  going  to  run  for  the  French  Presidency  against  his  own  boss :  Francois  Hollande  !!!   Additionally, just as  France  was   about  to  lift  the  'state  of  emergency'  this   new  attack  in  Nice  has  forced  them  to  extend  the  state  of  emergency  yet  again  !!!   Islamic  terrorist  attacks   are  forcing  the  EU  little  by  little  into  a   'martial  state'   region,   big  brother  laws  are  being   passed  accelerating  in  the  process   the   need  in  the  future  for  technology   of  the  666  mark  that will serve  to  track   among  other  things  all   financial  transactions  in  the  future  EU-10.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   ends  this  article   with  a  very  prophetic  statement  uttered  by Marine  Le  Pen  of  France's  far right  party  (  National  Front  ) : "The  Old  Europe  is  dying  but  the  New  Europe  is  being  born."  

Satan  does  "NOT"  know   exactly  when  this  final  generation  will  end, "BUT"  he  does  know  that  once  he  is  thrown  out  of  heaven  completely  and  once  and  for  all  he  will  know  then  that  his  time   here  on  Earth   is   at  an  end  !!!  ( Revelation 12  )  What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  trying  to  say  is  that  Satan  does  "NOT"  know  exactly  who  will  be   the  male  body   that   he  will   perfectly  possess  during  the  great  Tribulation, but  what  this   inperfect  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  know  is  that  when  that  moment  happens  Satan  is  going  to  zero  in  on   a  man  who  is  perfectly  positioned   to  command  with   a  mighty  military  machine  and  who  has  real  political  power,  so  most  of  the  Taxi  drivers  in  Europe  don't  qualify,  nor  do  all  of  the   European  women,  nor  does  the  rest  of  the  non-European   world;   Satan  is  going  to  have  to  choose  from  only  a  handful  of  individuals  and     understands  this  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't   claim  to  know  it  all,  the  truth  is  that   as   he   has  been  studying  the  Biblical  Prophecies  for  the  past  20+  years  he  is  still  learning  so  much  from  the  eternal  WORD  of  GOD.   What  we  do  know  is  that  we  most  certainly  do  "NOT"  have  another  100  years, we  also  know  that  these  United  States  are  "NOT"   going  to  be  the  final  endtimes  superpower  and  we  also  know  that  most  of  the  Middle  East  nations  that  surrounds  Israel  are  on  fire  and   in  a great : political, military  and  economic  turmoil  and   that's  not  a  good  thing  !!!     The  time  is  short,  its  not  time  to  become  a  cynic  or  to  become  overwhelmed   by  the  'temporal'  things  that  this  corrupt   world  offers.

Thursday, July 7, 2016


It's  official,  after  two  long  years  of  keeping  quiet  and  serving  as  the  leader  of  France's  'Les  Republicains  Party'   the  highly  ambitious : Nicolas  Sarkozy  has  offically  quit  his  role  as  head  of  'Les  Republicains'  to  run  again  for  the  French  Presidency  in  2017.  Supporters  of  'Les  Republicains'  and  other  'Right  Center  Parties'  will  vote this  November  to  decide  who  will  represent  them   against  the Nationalist Front  (  far-right )  Marine  Le  Pen  and   the  current  Socialist  President  Francois  Hollande,  who  according  to  French  polls  is  the  most  unpopular   president  in modern French   history.  Sarkozy   does  "NOT"  has  it  all  made;   he  still  must  overcome  and  defeat   Alain  Juppe   his  main   contender in the party  and  13   others candidates  within  his  own  party  and  according  to  the  latest  French  polls  Juppe  and  Sarkozy   are   presently   almost  at  a   tie.

Many  wrote  off   the  thought   of  any  'Sarkozy  Comeback'   just  two  years  ago  because Sarkozy   was  being  investigated by the French courts  for   illegal  overspending  in  the  previous 2012  French  Presidential  elections.  As  of  this  July, 2016   Sarkozy  has  been  as  'lucky'  as Hillary  Clinton  in  evading   any  true   criminal  charges,  if  you  know  what  i   mean   !!!  (  most people   underestimate  the  'Power  of  the  Political   Machine'   the  Clintons'    know  how  to use  it   to  their  advantage   and  so  does  every  seasoned   politician   who  received  and  paid   for  political   favors  all  through  their   political  career;  there  are  many  unwritten  rules  in politics     and  political  corruption   is  not  limited  to   third  world   politics   !!!  )

While  it  is  true  that  most  French  voters  would  like  'new  faces, new  blood  and  new  politicians'   to  run  for  the  Presidency,  the   French  political  system  is   somewhat  similiar  like that  of  our  United  States,  in  that   many  American  voters   are  "NOT"  too  crazy  or  happy  about  the  only  'two  choices'   being  given  to  them   for  the   presidency   by the  mass  media  and  by   the   establishment  !!!    Just  like  many  American   voters   who  feel  that  they  will  have  to  choose   between  the  lesser  of  two  evils  ( Hillary  &  Trump*)    most  French  voters  feel  the  same  way   about   the  three  main  contenders  : Hollande,  Le  Pen  and  Sarkozy   !!!   As  a  neutral  political  scientist,   it  is  my  insignificant  opinion  that  Sarkozy  'appears'  to  the  'natural  eye'  to  be   the  lesser  of  all   evils  "BUT"   you  and  I  know  that   its  in  the  'spiritual  world'   and  through  'spiritual  eyes'    that   such   political  contenders  should  be  analyzed   !!!

France   will  play  a  major  Prophetic  role  in  the  future  simply  because  it  is  one  of  the two  major  toes  of  the  statue  of  Nebudchadneezar;  the other  major  'toe'  being  Germany. It  was  in  great  part  due  to  French   help  that  in  the  late  1950's   that  Israel  was  able  to build  its  first  nuclear  reactor;  as  well  as  a  reprocessing  plant  capable  of   separating plutonium  from  spent  reactor  fuel.  ( this last process allows  for  the  production  of  nuclear  weapons*)   In  the  late  1950's  over  2,500  French  engineers  lived in  Dimona  !!!  ( Dimona  is  a city in Israel  that  is  home  to  Israel's  nuclear  reactor *)   Germany  for  its    part   has  sold  Israel  five  nuclear  capable  submarines  ( Dolphin  class   1  &  2  )  representing  Israel's  2nd  strike  nuclear  deterrent;  as  well  as making  up  Israel's  3rd  leg  of  its'   nuclear  Triad.

Sarkozy   is  a  real  political  threat  to   all  of  his  adversaries,  just  months  ago   when  many  French  regions  voted  in  local  elections  it  was  expected  that  due  to  the  high  anti-immigrant  sentiment   all  over  France,  that  Marine  Le Pen's  party  was  going  to  win  most  local  elections  "BUT"  in  the  end  Sarkozy's  party   surprised   everyone   as  it  managed  to   win  more  electoral  regions  than  the  Socialists  and  Le  Pen's  far-right   party  !!!

Sarkozy  is  the  politician  who  began  the  'Mediterranean  Union'   and  he  still  has   a  long  list of   things  that  he  would  like  to  accomplish  that  he  wasn't  able  to  accomplish  in  his  past presidency.  Sarkozy  continues  to   strongly  oppose  the  idea  of  Turkey  being  admitted  into  the EU  and  he  strongly  is  favoring   for  the  'Shenghen  Agreement'  to  be  reformed  because   illegal  immigrants  are   exploiting  its  many  loop  holes.  Additionally,  Sarkozy   has  been  the most  active    President  of  any  EU  country  that  has  in  the  past  attempted   to   directly   resolve the   Middle  East 'Road  Map  for  Peace'   conundrum.

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   has  always  arrived at  the  same  conclusion    as  to  who  could  end  up  very  possibly  'Confirming  the  Covenant with  the  Many'  in  the  future  and   only  France  and  Italy  have  seemed  as   the  most   credible possibilities  because  I  have  never   imagined   a  German  nor  a  British  'Little  Horn'   Germany should  be  obvious  because  of  what  that  country  did  to  the  Jews  during  World  War  II  and  Britain  is  out  because  they  just  don't  have  a  history  of  producing  'Totalitarians'   such  as  a : Mussolini, Franco, Hitler  or  a  Napoleon.  Because  France   has  the  most  'Nukes'  of  any   one  else  in  the  EU  ( now that Britain is leaving*)   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  following  the  'Nuke  Theory'  !!!

 Whoever   guarantees  Israel's  'Peace  and  Security'  in  the  future  is  going  to  have  to  have   a  military  that  really  has  'Iron  Teeth'  unlike  the  United  Nations  !!!  (  apart  from  NATO,  France  is  the  only  EU  country  that  has  the  'Military  Muscle'  to   'pull  off'  something   as  grand  and  prophetic  as  'Confirming  the  Covenent  with  the  Many  !!!  )  It  is  still   very  possible  that  the  EU   will  form  and  create   a  military  of  its  own  independent  of  NATO  "BUT"   should  that  never  happen;  then   France  is  the  only  EU  country  that  has  nuclear  submarines,  a  nuclear  aircraft  carrier  and  the  most  nuclear  warheads  of  any  EU  Mediterranean  country   that  could   guarantee  any  future  7  year   treaty  in the region   !!!

Sarkozy's  rise  in  the  polls  is  no  secret,  most  French  voters   are  truly  tired  of  the  massive  illegal  Islamic  immigration  and  of  the  Islamic  terrorist  attacks  in  Paris  and  even  though  Marine  Le  Pen's   Party  enjoys   the  spotlight,  most  French  voters  are  ultimately  going  to  vote  for   the  lesser  of  two  evils  and  Sarkozy  has  a   great  big  chance  of  winning  should  he  defeat  Juppe   this  November, 2016.  will  keep  quiet  until  then  because  in  the  world  of  politics  anything  can  change  between  today  and  the  actual  November  voting.

If  Islamic  inspired  Terrorist  attacks  continue  in  France  up  until  the  2017  Presidential elections,  Sarkozy's  poll  numbers  will  continue  to  go  up.  France  has  the  biggest  Muslim population  of  any  other  EU  country  at   6+  million  and   the  continued  Muslim  Terrorist attacks  and  Muslim  riots  have   imprinted   the  true  face  of  the  'Real  Islamic  Threat'  to the  majority   of  the   French  populace.   Islamic  Terrorism  is  thee  'Accelerant'  that  will help  to  speed  up  the  endtimes  as  well  as  the  rise  of  the  'Little  Horn.'    Most   French voters   wish  that  that   they  had   more  choices  for  the  2017  French Presidential  elections, "BUT"   the  one  thing  that  they  do  like  about   Sarkozy  is  that  he   is  strongly  against the Islamisation  of   the French  Republic,  it  was  under   his  Presidency  that   France  outlawed   full face  covering   in  public   ( the   Burqa and  the Niqab  are  outlawed  in  public  places *)  

  Most  French  liberals  'naively  believed'  years  ago   that   the  Islamic  immigrants  would    assimiliate   into  the  French  melting  pot;  "BUT"  for  many   Islamic  and  unemployed  youths  in  France  that  has  not  been  the  case  and   it  should  "NOT"   surprise  anyone  that  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  will  continue   in  France  as  well  as  in  other  EU  countries.  The  truth  is  that   most  EU  politicians  including   Germany's  Angela  Merkel  now  know  that   Islam  is  like  a  ticking  time  bomb   and  most  EU  intelligence   officials  are  trying  to  find  a  way   of  'defusing'  this  time  bomb  before   it  is  too  late  !!!    If  you  have  been   visiting   you  know  that  we  strongly  believe  that   most  Muslims  will  be  expelled  from  the  European  Union  in  the  future,  for  there's  nothing  new  under  the  sun  !!!
 ( Ecclesiastes   1 :  9  )  the  Muslim's  have  been  kicked  out  of  European  countries  in  the  past  on  more  than  two  ocassions   and  its  going  to  happen  again  under  the  government  of  the   future   endtimes   'Little  Horn'  !!!

Should  Sarkozy   win  the  2017   French  Presidential  elections  against  so  many  odds, then  you  and  I  know  what  it  very  could  all  mean.  Should  Sarkozy  lose,  we  will  all  be  able  to  breathe  a  little  'sigh  of  relief. '  If  Sarkozy  should  win,  then   it  means  that  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  will  have to go  on  a  40  day  fast,  because  this  is  all  one  electoral  coincidence  too  many  !!!  As  a  Bible  Prophecy  Watchman   it  is  my  spiritual  obligation    to  make  these  facts  known;  this  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY    knows  of  all  the  cynicism  and  skepticism that  surrounds  Bible  Prophecy;  as  a  born  again  believer  in  Jesus  Christ;   I  believe  in  His  soon  return  and  all  the  major  signs  are   telling  me  that  the  beginning   of  the  end  is  getting  ever   closer  !!!

Every  word  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  types  and  writes  on  this  website  is  done  with  the  knowledge  that   I  will  have  to  give  an  account  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY,  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  my  heart  and  that's  all  that  matters  to   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy.  Sometimes   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wishes  that  he  too  would  be    ignorant  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies, "BUT"  its  too  late;  this  servant  of  GOD  answered   the  call  and   it  would  be  a  sin  for  me  to  be  quiet  now  that  he  has   meticulously   studied  and  analyzed   the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  and  its  'Little  Horn'  for   two  decades  now  !!!   When  Jesus  Christ  came  the  first  time   most  of  the  Jewish  religious  elites ( Sadducees & Pharisees*)    who  knew  the  Old  Testament  prophecies    totally  missed   the  first  coming  of  the  true  Messiah  of  Israel; this  servant  of  GOD  hopes  and  prays  that   most  of  the   Church   will  "NOT"  make  the  same   spiritual  mistakes   that   the  Pharisees  and  Sadducees  made  in  the  past,  human  nature    tells  me  that   history  will  somewhat  repeat  itself   given   the   parable  of  the  10  Virgins;  half  of  them  were  'Left  Behind  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  already  be  holding   some   type of  a  political   office  'Before'   Daniel's   final  prophetic   week   begins;  due  to  the  fact   that  it  is  the  'Little  Horn'  that  confirms  such  a    future  Treaty   of  7  years ,  this  means  that  obviously  he  will  already  be in  some  type  of  a  political  office even  before the  final  7  years  begin !  is  'STILL'  open  to  the  possibility  that   'you  know  who'  will  lose  the  2017 French  elections "BUT"  because   he  is   a  credible  contender,  he  makes  for  a  credible   fulfillment  !!!   continues  to  be  'Open'   to  other  scenarios,  this  student  of Bible  Prophecy  is  "NOT"   a  Prophet  "BUT"  he   is  only   interpreting  and  following  the Prophecies  of  Daniel  in  trying  to  correctly    interpret  their   symbolism  for  our  endtimes  and final  generation***

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  remains  open  to   the  possibility  that   'surprising'  and  unexpected   changes   may  come  almost  overnight   to  the  EU  that   even  no  teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy   may  be  expecting;  so  we  remain   open  to  any  and  all  possibilities  that  may  lead  to  the   final   10  Kings  of  Revelation, as  of  this  July, 2016  we  know  that   the  Prime Minister of  the  UK, David Cameron   was  a  casualty  of  the  Brexit  and  he  has   promised to step down  this October, 2010.   Additionally,  several  other  EU  political  heads  will  continue  to  roll,  the  once  almost  invincible  Angela  Merkel  also  has  her  days  counted  because  of  her  naive  stance  on  Islamic  Immigration;   the German  voters   are  letting  her  party  know  that  their  days  are  numbered.  The  10  King's  cannot   rise  to  power  yet   they  rise  to  power   during the  final week  of  Daniel; during the 7  year tribulation period  "BUT"  it  doesn't  mean  that  we  may  not  see  the  present   EU  of  now  27  nations  continue   to :  shed,  expel  and  discharge   some  members  here  and   there   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario   has  been  following  the  rise  of  'You  Know  Who'   before   he  even   won  the   French  Presidential  elections  in   2007   !!!   As  you  can  see  this  servant  of  GOD  is  extremely  patient  and  as  a  'Bible  Prophecy  Watchman'  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  and  yours  too;  requests  your  prayers  as  never  before.   It  is  extremely   rare  for  a  French  politician  to   run  again  for  the  French  presidency,  but  Sarkozy  is  the  exception.   This  watchman  is  "NOT"  claiming   divine  revelation,  I  am  a  mere  student  of  history  and  GOD  gave  me  a  gift  and  an  assignment  and   i'm  here   putting  it  to  use.