Wednesday, July 30, 2014


As  the  EU  elections  were  taking  place  this  past  month  it  was  'SURREAL'  to  hear  the  way  the  EU  secular  press   itself  was  describing   the  internal  divisions  & voting  patterns  of  the  28 member  European  Union. According  to  their  own  words  the  EU  elections  pitted  :  'Big EU countries  vs. Smaller EU countries'  'Eurozone  Countries  vs.  Non-Eurozone,  Southern  EU  vs .  Northern  EU;  Western  EU  vs.  Eastern  EU  countries  and  'Old  Europe vs. New  Europe'  etc.  There  is  no  doubt  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  somewhere  in  this  mix  of  'Iron & Clay'  EU  nations  are  the  final  '10  King's/ Horns  & Toes'  that  are  'Guaranteed'  by  Bible  Prophecy   that  will  arise  in  these  final  days  to  close  the  end  of  the  age.  To  be  cautious  is  'Still'  keeping  an  eye  on  the  development  of  the  Mediterranean  Union  just  in  case !...We  were  also  one  of  the  first  to  report  on  its  creation  years  ago  by  Nicolas  Sarkozy  who  according  to  EU  news  wires  may  run  again  for  the  2017  French  Presidency.  If  you  look  at  the  International  scene  you  will  notice  that  even  though  we  are  not  yet  in  the  Tribulation  Period  the  world  is  already  deeply  divided,  the  United  Nations  can  do  nothing  to  stop  the  Middle  East  conflict and much less  Russian  aggression  in  the  Ukraine,  the  Arab  League  can  do  nothing  to  stop  all  the  civil-strife  taking  place  all  over  its  own  Islamic  territories;  the  only  global  alliance  that  appears  to  be  uniting  ever  more  is  the  European  Union  who  despite  all  of  their  internal  problems  and  divisions  they  are  working  it  out  via  some  'Democratic'  processes.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  made  many  mistakes  in  his  short  life  here  on  Earth  'BUT'  I  have  no  intention  of  interpreting  this  Bible  Prophecy  incorrectly  or  of   'Ignoring'   this  giant  Biblical  Prophecy  which  is  unfolding  'little  by  little'  before  our  very  eyes.  I  do  not  know  how  much  more  GOD  ALMIGHTY  will  allow  this  servant  of  His  to  keep  on  reporting  'BUT'  as  long  as  He  does; this  WATCHMAN  will  continue  to  blow  the  Trumpet  that  GOD  put  in  his  possession.  My  desire  and  goal  in all of this  is  NOT  to  become  'famous  or  infamous'   but  it  is  to  ultimately  one  day  hear : "Well  Done  Good  and  Faithful  Servant !"

Monday, July 28, 2014


As   we  observe  the  latest  news  from  Eurasia  you  will  notice  that there  are 3  major  'Beasts'  contending  for expansion  &  domination in that  region of the world.  One of these  includes the largest country on Earth with the most nuclear weapons    ( Russia ) the other giant includes one of the largest  religions on the planet  ( Militant Islam ) and the third giant  includes the largest military and economic alliance of nations on Earth ( EU-NATO )  The  Islamic  Beast  from  the  South  is trying  to dominate all  aspects  of  the  Middle  East  'but'  the existence of  the State  of  Israel  stands  in  its way and continues to be a major  military & geopolitical embarrassment  to the  numerous Islamic  Terror groups  &  Arab  Nations.  The 'Russian  Beast'  from  the  North  is trying  to  devour  the  Ukraine  and  is looking to dominate the Baltics. The  Beast who  has  yet  to  be  finalized  the  'European  Union'   is still  expanding slowly East  with the help of NATO; &  to  the  dismay  of  Russia.  There  is  no  question  that  the  region  is  a  'powder  keg'  just  waiting to explode  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  'explode  it  will  in  the  future !'   We  know  that  Russia will  eventually  lead  an  Islamic  coalition  against  Israel in the future and we also know that  the  Holy GOD  of  Israel  will  virtually  decimate  them  before the entire world.  As  both  Russia  and  the  Muslim  nations  suffer  great losses  and  military  embarassment;  the  'Little  Horn'  from  the  EU  will  step  in  to  broker  the  7  year  'Peace  and  Security  Covenant  with the Many.'  The  present  situation between  the : EU, Russia, Arab Muslim  countries  and  Israel  is  just  getting  started.  Students of  Bible  Prophecy  know  where  it will  ultimately  end  and  we  also  know  that  the  4th  Beast  will  in  the  end  'DOMINATE'  and destroy what will be left of  the  Russian  and  Islamic  Beasts  as  it  sets  its  sights  against  Israel.  We  know  that  war  is coming  and  the  'Man  of  Sin'  will thrive  in  it.  As  war  explodes in the region  the  'EU  10'  will be the last Beast  standing, Bible Prophecy  guarantees  it ( Daniel 7 : 23 )  the Russian  and  Islamic  Beasts  are  going  down ! Russia  and  Militant  Islam  aren't  the  only  players  in  the  region  bent  on  'Conquest'  Revelation 6 warns   that  the  First  Horseman  of the Apocalypse will  succeed  where   Russia and  Islam  will  fail.  I  just  heard  someone  on  CNN  state  that  the  EU appears  'clueless  and  invisible'  as  the  region escalates  into further  violence;  'BUT'  you  and  I  know  it's  only  temporary; the 4th Beast  will make  a  majestic  return  &  re-emergence  that  will  ASTOUND  the whole world  ! ( Revelation 17 :8 )  You  and  I  know  that  Israel's  'MOST'  lethal  adversary  of  all  time  won't  come  from the  North  or  be  from  the  South  of  it;  'BUT' it  shall come from the West;  from the same people's  who  destroyed  the  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70 A.D. and caused  the  diaspora* ( Daniel 9 :26)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Former  French  President  Nicolas  Sarkozy  who  appears  to  be  plagued  by  one  scandal  on top of another  in France  is  seriously  considering   a  political  comeback  by the time of the next French  Presidential elections in 2017.  Replaced  by  Mr. Hollande  in 2012, Hollande  has  become the  most  unpopular  President  in  decades.  Meanwhile, the  UMP  Party  wants  Sarkozy  back  as the most viable candidate  for the 2017 elections and  despite  all  the :  scandals, allegations of  corruption and abuse of power;  Sarkozy  remains very popular  among  the  UMP  Party  backers.  If  history is any guide  Italy's  Berlusconi was in a somewhat similiar position years  ago  and  he  still  managed  to  win  the Italian elections back then.  As  a  Student of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  doesn't  underestimate  'ANYONE'  for I  know  that  the  coming  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  won't  be  known  for  his  holiness;  a  'MAJOR'  crisis   in  France  and  in  the  EU  could  very  easily  allow  Sarkozy  back  into  power  again   regardless  of  his  scandalous  past;  Sarkozy has hinted  that  he  will  run  again,   and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  would  not  be  surprised  one  bit  if  he  does ! ...Sarkozy was once  in power,  now is not  and he could very well be yet again !...This student of Bible Prophecy reminds everyone that it was Sarkozy  the first EU leader  who implemented the 'Islamic Burqa Ban'  in  France which still stands to this day;  the ban outlaws the full facial  Islamic veil  while in public. Sarkozy has stated that he will  make his  final  decision  in  September of 2014 of whether  or  not  he  will  seek  the  2017  French  Presidency; only  months  ago  he  publicly  stated  that  the  '2017  French  Presidency  was  his  destiny !'

Monday, July 21, 2014


As  a  student  of  Political  Science  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  observed  that  there  really isn't nothing  'NEW'  to  when it  comes  to  an  individuals  rise  to  power  in the 'vicious and cutthroat' world of politics. Antiochus IV  Epiphanes  was  what  we  call  a  forerunner  of  the  endtimes  'Little Horn.' Antiochus  politically speaking  was  an  ambitious  man  who  eleminated  those in his way.  The path to the throne  did  not  come  easily to Antiochus;   he  knew what  he  wanted  early  on  in  life  & pursued  his political ambitions at all  costs. Antiochus  exploited  the Jews  by  his  tactic  of  'divide  &  conquer'  he sided with the Hellenized  Jews  and  slaughtered  many observant Jews who 'REFUSED'  to  worship Zeus  and it  is  he who  caused  the  'Abomination of Desolation'  that  will  be  repeated  according  to Bible prophecy by the  endtimes 'Little  Horn.'  The endtimes  'Little Horn'  rise to power  will  also  be  full of intrigue, deception, flatteries & 'mysterious deaths' of  his enemies; for that which was shall be ! Just like the rise of  Antiochus Epiphanes  was  'NO' accident;  the rise of the final  'Little Horn' will be in a  likewise  manner.  Even  Hitler  and  Stalin  'used, abused & exploited'  the  political  system  of  their day  for their  political  benefit. The rise of  these  'EVIL'  men didn't  happen  in  a  vacuum or  by  mere  chance. Somewhere  in  the  EU  is  a man  who's  working himself  up on the political  ladder  and  who  is going to be at the right  place and at the right time  when  Satan  comes  offering him 'the world'  for  his  soul. Antiochus  rise to power  wasn't overnight, Hitler  was jailed  & there wrote Mein Kampf; and   Stalin was  General Secretary of the Communist Party  before  he  gained  'INFAMY.'

Sunday, July 20, 2014


And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.    -Book  of  Revelation  6 : 2

It  appears  that  something  great  happened  in  the  supernatural  world  on  Thursday  July  17, ( the day before  the  EU  leaders  had  just   failed to choose  their  next  Foreign Minister )  the next day  it seemed  that  all  'hell  broke  loose'  as  Israel  was  forced  to  defend  itself  against  Hamas  attacks  and  as   Putin's  cronies  shot  down  the  Malaysian  Airliner.  (  of  course  Putin  bears  some  responsability  for getting the BUK  Missile  System  into the hands of the separatists  !!!  this  piece  of  hardware  is  not  something  you can purchase at the local  gun shop !  )...It  is  no secret  that  'DESPITE"  the  fact  that  although Russia is the largest country on Earth;  Putin still  wants the Ukraine  and  even  though  the ISIS,  AlQaeda,  Hamas  and other  Islamic  Fundamentalists  are  'BENT'   on  conquering all  of  the  Middle  East  for  a  'Caliphate'  that  will  never  happen, the Sunni vs. Shia  conflict  and  other  political  realities in the Middle East make it impossible.  As  students of Bible Prophecy  we  are  witnessing  a  Russia that is 'BENT'  on  conquest  of  the  Ukraine  and  and  ISIS ( yet another  Muslim Terrorist group )  also 'BENT'  on  conquering all  of the Middle East  for  their  cause.  Bible  Prophecy  'GUARANTEES'  that  yet  another  'CONQUEROR'  from  the  'WEST'  shall  rise  up   and  who  will  ultimately  'CRUSH'  both  Russia  and  Muslim  Fundamentalists  in the last  days,  but  his  biggest  goal  will  be  the  conquest  of  Israel.  We  are  indeed  getting  ready  for  the  4  Horsemen of the  Apocalypse  to  make  their  entrance  (  WW  III  )   'BUT'  the  Rapture  must  happen  first,  those of the  world  have  no  idea  of  what  is  coming  upon the world;  you  and  I  know  that  HE  has  promised to keep  us  from  the  hour of  TRIAL  that  is  surely  coming
( Revelation  3 : 10 )  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


EU  Leaders  met  today  to  choose  the  next  EU  High  Representative  but  all  appears  that  it  will not  be  until  August  30, 2014  when  they  meet  again  that  the  next  Foreign  Policy  leader  of  the  EU will  be  elected.  According  to  most  EU  news  reports,  the  Italian  Foreign  Minister  Federica Mogherini  'WAS'  supposed  to  be  easily  elected  the  next  EU  Foreign  Affairs  Chief,  replacing Baroness  Ashton  who  is  stepping  down  in October.  This  means  that  Mogherini's  frontrunner status is in serious  jeopardy because Eastern European countries  do not want an  'inexperienced & pro-Russian' Foreign Minister representing them.  Additionally,  EU  news  reports  stated  that  Western  Europe countries  do  not want  Eastern European  countries dictating to them  the  direction  that  EU Foreign Policy should  take for the next  five years. It  appears  that :  Berlin, Paris  and  London  want  a  'WEAK'  Foreign Chief   so that  their  own Foreign  Ministers  can  still  dominate  Foreign Policy  without someone in Brussels dictating  overall Foreign Policy on  behalf  of  so  many  varying   interests  among  this 'EU  Behemoth' of 28  members.


For  many  years  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  had  heard  and read  that  the  end times  'Little  Horn'  could  not  rise  to  power  until and only 'AFTER'  the  10  King's  arose  first.  Today  I  know  better, the  same  Prophecies of  Daniel  guarantee  that  this  same  individual will  'ALREADY'  be  very  diplomatically  active  on  the  world  scene 'before'  the  final  42  months  due  to  the  fact  that  it  is  he  who 'Confirms  the ( 7 year  ) Covenant with the Many for a Week'  ( and then breaks it midway later*)  the 'Little  Horn'  will  NOT  have  all  of  the 'Satan's  supernatural  powers'  until  the  final  42  months;  but  oh  yes,  he  will  already  be  climbing  the  political  ladder  somewhere  in  the EU;  the 10 King's  rise  &  are smitten  by what this  'Little  Horn' can do  for  them !   There  are  over  '10'  U.S. Secretary of State  and U.S. Army  Generals  who later went  on to become  U.S.  Presidents;  so  this is more  than  possible  even  in  the  future EU-10.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The  Prime  Minister  of  England,  David  Cameron  is  furious  that  Jean  Claude  Juncker  the  former Luxembourg  Prime  Minister  was  elected  President  of  the European  Commission.  It  is  no  secret  that Juncker  had  the  approval   of  Angela  Merkel  who after  helping  to  save  the  Eurozone  is undoubtedly  the most  powerful  and  influential  EU  politician  hands  down.  A  British  newspaper  stated that  :  complacency, negligence, miscalculation and maneuvering  by national leaders over the past nine months conspired to deliver an outcome no one really wanted;  the  election  of   Jean-Claude Juncker, Europe's accidental president.  The truth of the matter  is  that  only  England  and  Hungary  didn't  vote  for  Juncker;  but  this  entire  electoral  process  has  shown  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  the  inner-dynamics  of  the  political  system  that  will  ultimately  produce   10  very  powerful  men  who  for  42  months  will  receive   very  strong  executive  powers  together  with  the  'Little  Horn'  in  the  'not  so  distant'  future.

ROME : PHASE 2 'IRON & CLAY' Getting Ever Closer

The  current  ongoing  European  Union  elections  are  revealing  to  us  the  inner  workings; inside  political  dealings  and  concessions  between  the  rich  members  of  the  EU  and  it's  poor  one's,  between : Southern  Europe & Northern  Europe; between  Old Europe &  the New Europe  and also between  Eurozone  &  non-Eurozone countries !  The very outcome  of  the 2014  EU elections  depends on a delicate balance pitting  right against left,  north  against south,  east versus west, and more than ever, men against women in a quest for the posts that  will  determine the EU's future for the next five years.  Students of Bible Prophecy  know  that  in the end  this same  group  of  people  will   produce  the  final  10  King's  guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation. As of  July 15, 2014  it is impossible to tell  exactly  who the final 10 will end up being.

European Rome : The Last World Empire

While  the  Arab  Muslim's  appear  to  be  annihilating  each  other  and  bombing  each  other  back  into  the  stone  age,  the  New  Roman  Empire  is  unifying  ever  more  and  more;  little  by  little.  The  European's  have  learned  from  their  mistakes  (  WW I  &  WW  II )  but  Middle  East  Arab  countries  have  not  learned  anything from history  or  so  it  seems.  The   'Islamic  Caliphate'  is  just  another  fad,  if  you  look  closely  at  the  geographic  demographics  between the Sunni's and  the  Shia's  in  the  supposed  'Islamic  Caliphate'  you  too  will  realize  its  impossibility.  The  truth is that  in 2014;  Muslim's  blew up more Mosques and killed more  Muslim's than  any  foreigner !  With  all of its  'problems  and  challenges'  the  European  Union  continues to be the largest  economic, military  and  political  alliance  of  nations  that  this  world  has  ever  seen.  In the mean time  the  'Arab Islamic'  nations  are  going  through their very own  'World  War  I'  and  they are  already  some  60+  years  behind  the  technologically  & democratic  advanced  nations  of  the  world  and  to  add  'insult  to  injury'  it  will  take  them  decades  to  rebuild  the  little  infrastructure   that  they  once  enjoyed  and  that  fundamentalists  keep  blowing  up.


German Social-Democrat Martin Schulz was re-elected  to head the European Parliament in the first session since elections in May.  Schulz,  outgoing president of the last European Parliament, won 409 votes for and 314 against or blank ballots, in a session that was marred by eurosceptic opposition.  Schulz,  announced  one year ago  that he will revive the  ‘Union for the Mediterranean’, a now moribund initiative first launched in 2008 by the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy.  In  other  words  :  The  Union  for  the  Mediterranean  is  'NOT'  a  dead  project  or  a  failed  endeavor   of  the  EU  leadership !  (  it  is  still  a  Beast  in  progress  somewhere  under  wraps in  the  Mediterranean region  and   who will very possibly  rise  to  the  astonishment   of  many  in  the  future*  )


This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  writing  this  small  article  today  on  the  'PREMISE'  that   Sikorski  will  NOT  be  elected  the  next  High  Representative & Foreign Chief of the EU.  This  in  no  way  changes  the  Prophetic  role  of  what  is  coming  to  the  EU  and  the   entire  world.  The  Wall  Street  Journal  was  reporting  that  'London, Paris  and  Berlin'  ( 3  Big  Horns )  do  not  want  a  strong  EU Foreign  Policy  Representative  because they don't want to be muscled out  in Foreign Policy affairs by  a  person  out of their  sphere  of  control.  Regardless  of  who  gets  elected  the  EU  is  making  major  inroads  in  centralizing  power,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  forsees  a  coming  'EU  9-11'  that  will  force  the  entire  EU  to  restructure  its  very  foundations  and  that  is  'when  and  where'   the  10  King's  rise  to  power.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sikorski or 'NO' Sikorski

As  I  write  this  small article this 'Monday  July  14, 2014'  some  2  days  before  the  EU  is  set  to  choose  its  next  High  Representative  it  appears  that as  of  this  'moment'  he  may  not  get  the  job;  all  the  EU  news  reports  that  I'm  reading   makes  it  look  bleak  for  Sikorski  'BUT'  whether  Sikorski   gets  chosen  or  not  'destiny'  will  be  ultimately  fulfilled  in  one  way  or  another.  What  I  don't  believe  is  that  some  are  pushing to elect  Italy's Federica Mogherini  who  truly  is  a  novice  and  LACKS   'even  more'  experience  and  stature  than  Ashton  !

Sarkozy 2017 : The Ultimate Comeback Kid ?

Former  French  President  Nicolas  Sarkozy  can't  seem  to  get  a  break,  it  appears  that  he  along  with  the  UMP  Party  were  planning  a  comeback  for  the  2017  elections  but  as  time  goes  by  it  appears  to  be an  increasing  &  impossible  task;  because  it  appears  that  his  enemies  are  throwing  every  political  dirty  trick  against  him  and  his potential  2017 comeback.  Will  Sarkozy  overcome  all  of  this  adversity?   As  a  student  of  political  science  I  can  tell  you  that  virtually  all  politicians   'bended  the  rules'  in  one  way  or  another  to  get  the power they  have !

Preachers of Doom and Gloom ?

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  too  often  is it that  I  hear  some  people  expressing their blunt  opinion  against  those  who : read, study  and  teach  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible.  Most  of  the  world   is  not  looking  for  the  soon  return  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ;  but  those  of  us  who  study  the  Prophecies  and  Message  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  know  better;  this  planet  was  given   just  so  much  time  by  GOD  Almighty  and  then  the  end  must  come  !...We  were  not  put  on  this  planet  to  'accumulate'  things  that  perish;  we  were  put  on  this  planet  to  get  ready  for  eternity  with  GOD  Almighty  and  in  no  way  do  I  apologize  for  expecting  the  Rapture  at  any  moment !


As  a   student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  has  for  years  studied  diligently  the  political rise  of  : Antiochus  Epiphanes, Julius  Caesar,  Adolph  Hitler, Joseph Stalin and other  totalitarians. As a  student   of  world  history  this  servant  of  GOD  believes  that  there  is  'nothing  new  under  the sun' and  'that  which  was  shall  be.'  This servant of GOD  believes  that  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  rise  to power  under  a   'somewhat  similiar'   way  in  which  Stalin and Hitler did  so in the past  and  that  was by  exploiting the  vulnerable  semi-democratic  political  systems  for  their  gain  to  rise to total  power !
( by  this  we  can rule out that  it  won't  be  a drunkard  somewhere  under  a  bus bench in  Brussels whom  Satan  will give  all of his power  to for  the final  hour  !!!...(  but  it  will  be  someone  very  ambitious  & politically connected  who has no problem selling his soul  to the Prince of Darkness* ) Judas  kinda  sold  his  soul  for  30  pieces  of  silver  &  the little horn will sell his for  42  months  of   Satan's  power* )


Antiochus Epiphanes, a Greek King from the Seleucid Empire  is what students of Bible Prophecy call  a 'type and figure'  of  the  final  'Little  Horn'  that  is  to  come.  It  should  be  noted  that  he  was  'NOT'  a Muslim  nor  a  Jew.  Antiochus   committed  an  early  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  that  will be repeated  by  the   final end-times  'Little  Horn.'  The  Prophecies  of  Daniel  'WARNS'  the  readers  that it shall  be  by  'flatteries'  and  by  'peace'  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  win  over  many.  The  future Little  Horn  will  win  many  to  'his  cause'  and  by  'his  peace  program'  win  yet  others,  but  you  and  I  know  that  he will  ultimately  do  just  as  Hitler did to Stalin  in the unforgettable summer of 1941 !    ( break  his  promises,  most  do  not  learn  from  history  )

England and the Ten Horns ?

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   does   'NOT'  expect   the  United  Kingdom  to  be  a  'willing participant'  of  the  future  and  endtime  Kingdom  of  the  Beast.  For  starters  the  UK  has  always  tried to   distance  itself  from  Europe's   ( historically  big  3 Imperial Powers )  Spain, Germany and France.  The  European  Union  for  its  part   especially  the  'Euro Zone'  has  demonstrated  that  it doesn't need  the  input  of  London. What we do know is that the  'Island Nation'  of what we now call England was  invaded  and  'CONQUERED'  by  the  Roman  Empire  in the past and if Bible Prophecies are  a guide  the UK  will  somehow  be  'annexed'  again  into  Rome  Part  II.

The German Horn ?

Students  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  wondering  (  i  sure  am  )  about  Germany's  role  in  the future of the  EU.  Students of history know that  Germany  was  the  major loser  of  WW II  and  not  only  was it  divided into  'two'  but  what  the  NAZI's  in their name  to  the  'German  Psyche'    would come  to  haunt  them  for  generations. Today we all know that Germany is the richest and most industrialized  country in the EU  and  as  you  can  see  on  the  map;  Germany  is  located  right smack  &  in  the  middle  of  most EU countries  and  it  can  surely  'NOT'  remain  neutral : politically, economically  nor  militarily  in  whatsoever happens  to  the  EU.  I  do  'NOT'  expect  the 'Little  Horn'  to  be  from  Deutchland  this  time;  but  this student of Bible  Prophecy  does  expect this  industrial  and economic  powerhouse  to  be part  of  one of the ten  horns  ( 10 King's )  forewarned by the Prophet Daniel.

The Fate and Destiny of Europe

The  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  Prophesied   chiefly  about  the  future  events  that  would  affect  the  Nation  of  Israel  throughout  the  passages  of  time  and  up  until  the  very  end  of  the  age  when  the  'Times  of  the  Gentiles'  would  come  to  an  end.  We  all  know  that  the  4th  Beast  symbolizes  the  Roman  Empire  and  because  Italy  is  home  to  modern  Rome  and  a  member  of  the  European  Union  and   'NOT'  a member of  the  'Arab  League'  this  really makes   it  a  no  brainer !  Expect  to  see  great : political, military  and  economic  changes  taking  place  in  the  EU  as  we  get  closer  and  closer  to hearing the Trumpet  of  GOD *

Sikorski Despises Putin and Russian Ukrainian Expansion

I  remember   studying  all  the  reasons  why  Adolph  Hitler  despised  Stalin  and  the  Communist  USSR. In fact  Hitler  would  doublecross  Stalin  despite  'diplomatic  promises'  and  launch  a  full  scale  attack against  Stalin's  Soviet  Union  in  1941, Hitler  would  lose  because  his  blitzkrieg wasn't fast enough  to  beat  the  harsh  Soviet winter.  Although  the  NAZI's  lost,  it  came  at  a  very  steep  price  to  the  USSR;  because  too  many  forget  that  in   the  end  Hitler's   henchmen  killed  millions  of  more  Russians  than  Jews.  Today,  with  Poland  we  have  an  EU  member  country  caught  in  the  middle  of  the  largest  nuclear  power  in  the  world  (  Putin's  Russia )  and  the  largest  alliance  of  nations  in  the  history  of  this  world  in  the  European  Union.  Expect  Poland  to  play  a  key  prophetic  role  in the future.

Sikorski : In the Eye of the Storm

Poland's  Foreign  Minister  appears  to  be  everywhere  these  days,  Mr. Sikorski  was  expected  by  some  to  be  chosen  as  the  next  head  of  NATO   but  he  wasn't  chosen  and  as  Foreign  Minister  of  Poland  his  profile  has  only  been  rising  especially  since  Russia's  move  against  the  Ukraine;  Mr. Sikorski  has  been  the  most  outspoken  EU  Foreign Minister  and  critic  of  Putin  and  Russia.  Expect  to  see  Sikorski   become  more  and  more  well  known.

Sarkozy's 2017 Comeback ?

Nicholas  Sarkozy   appears  to  be  planning  a  2017  comeback.  The  UMP  Party  wants  him  to  run  again  but   his  political  adversaries  appear  to  be  making  it  virtually  impossible  for  him  to  do  so  due  to  the  various  investigations  following  him.  Due  to  his  age  and  increasing  political  and  ambitious  moves  I  doubt  that  we  have  heard   the  last  of  Sarkozy.

EU Elections

The  European  Union  is   getting  ready  to  elect  a  new  :  President of the European Commission, High Representative  and  others.  This  servant  of  GOD  would  like  to  warn  everyone  that  in  no  way  are  we  inferring  or  stating  that  whoever   gets  elected  will  be  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn.'   As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  expects  'major'  events  to  unfold  not  only  in  the  EU  but  throughout  the  world  before   this  'Little  Horn'  can  be  propelled  to  rise  to  absolute  power.  The  events   I  foresee  before  his  rise   not  only  include  the  'Rapture'  but  also  major   calamities  that  will  eclipse  the  events   of  September  11.