Mario  Romano  and  believe  that  JESUS  CHRIST  is  GOD  encarnate  and  that    solely  through  JESUS  CHRIST  are  we  able  to  go  to  GOD  the  FATHER.  We  believe  that  the  BLOOD  of  JESUS  CHRIST   has  the  full  power  to  erase  our  sins  'IF'  we  confess  our  sins  to  GOD  and  REPENT  of  our  sins.

 We  believe  that  JESUS  is  the  TRUE  Messiah   of  Israel  promised  by  all  the  Old  Testament  Prophets. We  believe  that   there  is  a  literal  'Heaven  and  a  literal  Hell'   and  we  believe  in  the  complete  message  of  all  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  found  in  Genesis  to  Revelation.   We  believe  that  'ALL'  men  have  sinned  and  fallen  short  of  the  'Glory  of  GOD.'  The : Jew, Muslim , Hindu, Buddhist, Jehova Witness, Mormon  and  Roman Catholic  or  any  other  human  being  who  dies  in  their  sins  without    the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'   having   wiped   away  all  their  sins   before  death;  have  condemned  themselves   to  hell.   Jesus  Christ   is  thee   ONLY   one   sent  by  Heaven   by  which   we  can  be  save;  truly  there  is  'NO'  other name  given  to  man   by  which  we  can  be  saved   !!!

Eternal  Life  is  a  'Free  Gift'  from  GOD;  even  if  it  were   remotely   possible  to  accumulate  all the  : gold, silver, diamonds  and  all  the  earthly  wealth  of  this  planet  it  would  'NOT'  be enough   to  purchase   one's  salvation !!!   Salvation  is   presently  'FREE'   ( Jesus  paid the full and total  atonement  for  our  sins*)  if  we  repent  of  our  sins  before  GOD  our  Creator  and accept   the  sacrifice  that  Jesus  Christ   paid  on  the  cross,  the  Holy  Bible   ( The WORD of GOD*)  'Guarantees'   that   we  shall  be  saved   !!!  ( Faith  in  Jesus  Christ  alone  &  abiding  in  His  word  guarantees  us  all   eternal  life  )

In  short,  we  all   deserve   the  'Fires  of  Hell'   for  we  have  all   sinned  against  our  Holy Creator  'BUT'   GOD  in  His  mercy  and  grace  sent  His  only  'Begotten  Son'  that whosoever   believeth  in  Him  ( Jesus  Christ )  should  not  perish  but  have  everlasting  life   !!!   ( John  3 : 16  )

We  believe  that  'JESUS  CHRIST'   is  not  an  Archangel,  and  that  neither : Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius  nor  Krishna  or  any  other  can  be  put  on  the  same  level  or  pedestal as : THEE  LIVING  WORD OF GOD  ALMIGHTY  manifested  to us in : JESUS  CHRIST !

This  unworthy  sinner  ( Mario  Romano  )  is  'NOT'   ashamed  of   my  personal  Lord  and  Savior  'JESUS  CHRIST.'    Not  too  long  ago  I  too  was  one  of  billions+  who   was  being  deceived   by  'Traditional'   religion  and  was  surely  on  my  way   to  hell;  I  was  told  since  my  youth  that   if  I  just   followed  and  exercised   some  'Religious  Rituals'   I   would  gain  the  favor  of   GOD.   Nothing  could  be  further  from  the  truth;  GOD  is  'ONLY'  appeased  by  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'   !!!   We  cannot  save  ourselves  with   human  man-made   religion,   according  to  the  Holy  Bible   we  are  saved  and  redeemed  only  by  faith  in  Jesus  Christ   !!!

GOD   loves  each  and  every   human  being   that   He  created  in  His  image  'BUT'  we  were  given  'Free  Will'  by  our  Creator;  GOD  in  effect  has   totally  and  fully  paid  for  the   redemption  of  all  human  sinners  'BUT'  most   human   beings   choose  to   follow   and  believe   in  the  'Prince  of  Darkness'   and  his  lies;  Satan  and  a  vast   hierarchy  of  fallen  Angels  presently  reign  over   most  of  the  Kingdoms  of  this  fallen  planet  'BUT'  it  is  only  temporary;  thee  true  GOD  of  Heaven  has  prepared   a  very  special  and  unique  place  ( eternal  fire )  for   Satan  and  all  the  fallen  one's  in   hell.        ( Matthew  25 : 41  )  If  any  human  beings  truly  'REPENTS'   of  all  of  their  sins  and  accepts   Jesus  Christ  as  his/her  savior   then   GOD  has  promised  in  His  WORD  that  He  will  in  no  way  cast  them  out   of   His  eternal  presence  in  Heaven.   (  John  6 : 37  )  The  time  to  repent   from  our  sins  and  wicked  ways  is  today,   the  Holy  Wrath  and  Judgement  of  our  Holy  Creator   is  on  its  way   and  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  'ALL'  those  who  'REJECTED'  the  WORD  of  GOD  in  this  present  age  of  grace   are  guaranteed   to  have  to  pass  through  the  greatest    tribulation  period  that  this  planet  has  ever   gone  through   !!!

We  believe  that  before   mankind  was  ever  created  on  planet  earth;  that   GOD  and  His  'Billion  upon  billions+'  of  Angels  had  already  spent  an  eternity   together   ( Eternity  Past *)  long  before   we  even  came  on  the  scene,  GOD  did  "NOT"   reveal  everything  to  His  Prophets  just  as  He  didn't  reveal  to  them   the  Church  ( Ephesians  3 :  2-13 )  GOD  only  reveals   to  all  of  His  creations  in  His  sovereignty  what  He  wants  to  !!!   "NOT"  even  the  Angels  in  the  heavens  know   all  there  is  to  know  about  our  Creator; we  were  all   created  with  'Limited'  ( Finite )  brains   !!!

Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  warned  us  to  'Watch  &  Pray'  so  that  we  would  be  found  worthy  to 'ESCAPE'   the judgements  that  are  coming  upon  this  world.  This  website  is  all  about  the 'Spirit  of  Prophecy'  and  Jesus Christ  is  the  very  Spirit of  it  according  to  Revelation  19 : 10.  and  Mario  Romano   believe  in  the  Full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  We  believe  that   we  are  saved  by  grace  and  that  Jesus  Christ   paid  the  TOTAL  sacrifice  for  the  REDEMPTION  of   mankind.   We  teach  that  JESUS  CHRIST   is  GOD  encarnate :  THE  WORD  OF  THE  LIVING  GOD   who   became  FLESH  and  dwelt  amongst  us.  We  do  'NOT'  believe  that   solely  keeping  any  part  of  the  law  nor  keeping  any  dietary  abstinence   can  save  anyone;  SOLELY   Faith  in  JESUS  CHRIST  and  His  Total  Atonement  on  the  Cross  can  save  us  the  repentent   sinners  !!!

If  you  have  not   accepted  Jesus  Christ  as  your  personal  Savior  I  invite  you  to  do  so  today,  GOD loves  you   and  He  has  promised   through  His  WORD  ( the  Holy  Bible  )  that  'Whomsoever Believes  in  Him   ( Jesus  Christ  )  He  Will   in  No  way  Cast  Out.'

I  invite  you  to  pray  this  initial  prayer  with  all  of  your  heart  to  accept  JESUS  CHRIST  as  your SAVIOR  :  GOD  I  come  to  you  with  a  repentant  heart, I  acknowledge  that  I  have  sinned  against  you   and  that  I  cannot  save  myself.  I  believe  that  Jesus  Christ  was  crucified, died  and  resurrected  and  that  through  the  sacrifice  at  the  Cross  at  Calvary  He  paid  the  FULL  atonement  for  my  sins  against  you.  I  accept  JESUS  CHRIST  as  my  personal  SAVIOR  and  I  ask  in  'Jesus  Name'  to  please  forgive  me  of   ALL  of  my  sins  and  I  thank  you  FATHER  because  YOU  promised  in  your  Holy  WORD   to  write  my  name  in  your  Book  of  Life  and  'TODAY'   I  declare  myself  a  'Son  of  GOD'  made  possible   by  the  shed    blood  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!

If   you   made  this   Prayer  of  Repentence  we  invite  you  to  look  for  a  Christian  Church nearby   wherever  you  live  where  JESUS  CHRIST   is  preached.  This  will  help  you  grow  as a  new  believer.  Read, Study and Live  the  Word  of  GOD  ( The  Holy  Bible  )  so  that  you  may  grow  in  the LORD  !

Mario  Romano   believes  in  the  'Full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ'   and  fully  acknowledges that 'NO'  religion  can  save  the  soul  of  any  human  being  'Except'   for  the  full  and  total   sacrifice   ( atonement )  that  Jesus  Christ   did   in  the  Cross  of  Calvary.   If  we  repent  of our  sins   and  abide  in  the  Word   of  GOD  we  are  promised  eternal  life***