Thursday, April 7, 2016


World  War   II   came  to  an  end  with  the  use  of  a  couple  of  rudimentary nuclear   bombs  over  the  Japanese  cities  of  :  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  that   World  War  III  will  be  sparked  by  a  nuclear   incident  in  the  future.  There  is  "NO"  doubt  in  my  mind  that  if  Adolph  Hitler   had  access  to  an  Atomic  Bomb  earlier than the  USA,  he  would  not  have  thought  it  twice  and   would  have  used  it  against   Stalin  and  the  Allies   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  "KNOWS"  that  the  next  coming  and  Prophesied  'Hitler  Figure'   that  is  coming  will  definitely  use  "EVERYTHING"  to  defeat  all  those  who  oppose  him  !!!  'Who is like him and who can  wage war  against  him ?'     - Book  of   Revelation  13 :  4

    Although  the  European  Union   has  no  'official'   capital  and   no  plans  to  declare  one;    Brussels, Belgium  by  default  is  presently   serving  'unofficially'  as  the  present  EU  capital simply  because  the  main  EU  institutions  such  as  the : European  Commission,   the Council of the European  Union,  the EU  Parliament   as  well  as  the  Headquarters  of  NATO  are 'presently'   located   there   !!!...You  and  I,  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  know  that    Brussels   will  "NOT"   end  up  being   the   'official  or  unofficial'    capital  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast   and  you  are  about  to  learn   why  the  final  10  King's   of  Revelation   will  most  likely   have  their   headquarters  in   Rome  in  the  future  and  not  in  Brussels,  Belgium   !!!

     Additionally,  one  month   after  Japan  surrendered  it  signed  an  'instrument  of  surrender'  on board  the  USS  Missouri   along with a  handful of  representatives  of  other countries  and  General  Douglas  Mac Arthur  accepted  it  on  behalf  of  the  USA.  This  historic  event  brought  about  the  end  of  the  world's  deadliest  war  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  mentions  it  because   when  the  'Little  Horn'   who  is  Prophesied   to  'Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many'   in the  future  will   rise  to  power  and  prominence  under  a  'somewhat'  very  similar   situation  as General Douglas Mac Arthur   was  involved  in  on  September  2, 1945  at  9:05  am.

    The  Islamic  terrorist  attacks  in  Brussels  over  a  month  ago  triggered   and  raised   many  'red  flags'  in  the  mind  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  as it became known that  these  same  terrorists  had  been  scouting  a  Belgium  nuclear  power  plant  and  videotaping  the   daily  routine  of  a  senior  employee at the Belgian  nuclear  center.  In response to these eye opening  intelligence  findings,  the Belgium  government   quickly  dispatched  140  armed   military  personnel  to beef  up  security  at  all of the nation's  nuclear  power  plants.

 A  nuclear  incident  was  one  of  the  scenarios  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  had  studied  and  considered  as  one  of  the  potential  scenarios  that  could   both  divide  and  unite  the  Europeans  as  never  before   and  push  the  European's  into  producing  those  endtimes  10 King's  who for one hour will receive authority together with the Beast.  (  Revelation  17:12  )   and  who  will be  of 'one  mind  and  purpose.'   Quite  undoubtedly, the   main  and  chief  purpose of this  final  Roman Beast  of  Revelation  will  be  of  self-preservation  and  survival  in  a  world   smitten  by  one catastrophe  after  another   and  where   competition  for  very  scarce  resources   will   trigger  one war  after  another.  If  you  think   that  the  global  currency  wars  and  trade wars  of  today   are leading the world   into  a  military  escalation  you  haven't  seen nothing  yet  !!!   This  future scenario  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  considered  was   a  'Terrorist  Nuclear  Detonation' somewhere  in  the  European  Union  that would  force  the  EU   to  launch   and  retaliate  with  an all  out  military  strike  and   unleash  a strategic  limited  nuclear   response  against   the  Islamic culprits and in the process   unleash  the First  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  on  the  world  scene.
( Note :  according to the chronology of  Bible  Prophecy  the  1st  Horseman of the Apocalypse   cannot  yet  start  his  world  tour  "YET."  Several  other  key  Prophecies  must  be  fulfilled  first; like  : the Rapture of the Church,  partial world wide economic collapse and  limited nuclear  war amongst  some*)

According to   Wikipedia  there  are  over  10,300+  active  nuclear  warheads  in  the  world today.   Most  of  the  nuclear  powers  are  responsible   governments   who are rational "BUT" more  and  more   the  world  is  getting   all  too  familiar  with  Islamic  Jihadists  who  truly believe  that   blowing  themselves  up  and  killing  as  many  'infidels'  guarantees   some type of  a  better  life  in  the  after-life.  This  suicidal   belief  is   utterly  dangerous,  an  Islamic terrorist  group  with   enough  Uranium  to  produce   a  'Dirty  Bomb'  in  a  key  strategic  city of this world would  turn   the  global  economy  upside  down  and  trigger  a  nuclear  response  in  retaliation  that  would  forever   change  the  current   global  power  structure  !!!

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  it  is  my  responsibility  to  "WARN"  that   war  will  continue  until  the  end, the Prophecy found in Daniel  9 : 26  'Guarantees  and  Confirms'  this  fact.  The truth is that  we  have  been  involved  in  some  type  of  war  every  decade  since  World  War  II.  We had  Vietnam  in  the  1970's, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya & War on Drugs in the 1980's,  Operation Desert Shield & Operation Desert Strike  during the 1990's  and  since  2001  we  have  had  continual  military  presence   in  key  strategic  parts  of  Iraq  and  Afghanistan in our fight against Islamic  Jihadists.  I'm  not  here  to   declare  'doom  and  gloom'  nor  to  'Rain  on  anyone's  Parade'  but  if  you  think   peace  is  coming  in  our  time   you  are  seriously  wrong, the one thing about  the sin and wickedness  of  the  human  heart  is  that  it  gets  exponentially  'worse  and  worse'   without  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  addressing  it.  There  is  an  inherent  evil  deep  inside  all  men  who  are  "NOT"  full  of  the  Holy  Spirit  and  ladies  and  gentlemen  the  'hour  and  the  day'  is  coming  when   the  nations  of  this  world  will  say  'enough  is  enough'  and   authorize  limited  strategic  nuclear  strikes  that  shall  befall  key  Islamic  nations  that  sponsor  Islamic   Terrorists  all  over  the  world  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  studying   Islamic  Terrorism  since  the  Chechnyan  Wars  and  let  me  tell  you  that  although  Osama  Bin  Laden  and   many  top  Islamic  Jihadist  leaders  from  all  terrorist  groups  have  been  'neutralized'   via the help  of :  American, Israeli, French and Russian  drones  through the years;   Islamic  terrorist's  have  nonetheless shown  great  resolve  in  trying  to  launch  a  9-11  strike  on  European  soil.  It  is  no  secret  that  the  master  planner  of  the  September  11,  attacks   had  considered  crashing  a  jumbo  jet  into  a  nuclear  facility  near  New  York  City;  even  the  Al Qaeda  training  manuals  which  the  CIA  has  gotten  a  hold  of  list  nuclear  power  plants  amongst  the  best  targets  for  spreading  fear  against  the  populace  of  Western  powers.

According  to   nuclear  experts,  striking  a  nuclear  power  plant  would  not  set  off  a  giant  mushroom  cloud  or  kill  millions  of  people  "BUT"  it  would  spread  large  amounts  of  radiation, spark  mass panic  and  render   vasts  amounts  of   territory   uninhabitable  and  cause   thousands  of   early  deaths  from  cancer   and  we  are  not  even  speaking  and  considering  the  huge  toll  and  hit  that   would  befall  such  an  economy  that  would  be  victim  of  such  an  attack  !!!

   Once  again   because some of the words and descriptions that  this student of Bible Prophecy  is  about  to  make  might  be  'too  strong  and  graphic'  to  some;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   puts  forth  this  disclaimer :  As  a  born  again  Christian  I  personally  wish  "NO"  evil, destruction  nor  death  upon  any  human  being  that  was  also  created  in  the  image  of  GOD.  The  truth  is  that   even  before   you and I were  born   World War  I  and  WWII  had  already  transpired,  the  truth  is  that   war  has  been  with  us   almost  since  the  beginning  of  recorded  history  !!!...GOD  Almighty  who  knows  the  future  and  the  great  wickedness  of  the  hearts  of  all  men  has  already   taken  into  consideration   and into the equation  all  the  evil  of   all  men  and  that's  why   the  future  of  planet  Earth  has  already  been   declared  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.   ( Revelation  9 : 21  &  16  :  11  )

The   Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  do  "NOT"  mention  every  single  detail  that  will  lead  to  the  rise   of  the  First  Horsemen  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation. Just  like  you  won't  find   Adolph  Hitler  in  Bible  Prophecy, but  had  Hitler   not  arisen  in  the  1930's  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  and  I  know  that  the  State  of  Israel  would  "NOT"  have  been   recreated  once  again   in  1948   !!!

In  the  aftermath  of  the  August  1945  atomic   attack  against  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  a Roman  Catholic   Clergy    who  was  looking  for  survivors  came  across  the  cries  of  some Japanese  soldiers,  miraculously  the  soldiers  had  survived  the  atomic  blast  but  their  eye sockets  were  all  empty, their  eyes  had  all  melted  by the  intense  heat  of  the nuclear  blast  and  the  Prophet Zechariah  prophesied  a  very similiar   plague   in  a  future  war   against  all those  who  will attack  Israel  in  a  future  war :  "Their  flesh  will  rot  while  they  stand  on  their  feet, and their  eyes  will  rot  in  their  sockets and their tongue   will rot  in  their  mouth."    (   Zechariah   14  :  12  )

While  numerous  Hollywood  movies  and  books  have  been  made   that   tell  of  a  coming  war  with   'Extra-Terrestrial   Aliens'  the  truth  of  the  matter  is  that   humans  need  "NO"  monsters  to  destroy  planet  Earth,   we   are  the  monsters  ( the  wild  beasts  of  this  planet  are  not  destroying  the  planet, we  are  and  we  are  not  just  contaminating  our  own  water  and  food  supply  but  we  are  also  putting  many  animals  on the brink of extinction; like wiping out Rhinos and elephants for their ivory tusks and horns*)  and  we  have  been  doing  too  good  of  a  job  all  by  ourselves  in  destroying  and   contaminating  the  very  planet  we  all  live  in. ( Revelation 11 : 18  )  As  I  write   Chinese  factories  are   depositing  millions  of  gallons  of  'toxic  waste'  into  their  own  Chinese  Rivers  and  in  the  Brazilian  Rainforest   local  farmers  are  chopping  down  large  segments  of  the  Amazon  to  make  way  for  bigger  farms  and  ranches;  all  the  while  both  Chinese  and  Brazilian  governmental  authorities  do   very  little  and  sometimes  nothing  at  all  to   lessen  and  stop  such  great  environmental  destruction  !!!  The  Biblical  Prophecies   in my  interpretation of them  do  "NOT"  leave  room  for  an  "ALIEN"  endtimes  Messiah  figure, but  we  do  know  that  Satan  will  empower   a  man  like  Adolph  Hitler  with  great  super-natural  pwers  that  will  dazzle   those  left  behind  !!!

Currently   there  are  over  10,000+  nuclear  weapons   on  planet  Earth, Russia  continues to have the  most  and   the  Nuclear  Non-Proliferation  Treaty   has  helped  'somewhat'  to  at  least  slow  down  the  creation  of  a  new  nuclear  arms  race  all  over  this  planet.  It  is  somewhat  of  a  miracle  that  till  this  day  in  2016   not  one  nuclear  tipped  missile  has  been  launched  either  by  accident  or  by  an  act  of  war  !!!  (  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  is  another  story*)  The  world  got  very,  very  dangerously  close   to  nuclear  war  during  the  Cuban  Missile  Crisis  "BUT"  fortunately    it  didn't  happen; President  Kennedy   didn't  lose  his  cool  and  rationalized   with  Nikita  Krushev   that  both  powers  back  down.

According  to  the   Biblical  Prophecies   of  the  Book  of  Revelation  'Nuclear  War'   is  a certainty  in  the  future.  We  should  all  learn  from  the  nuclear  accidents  at  Chernobyl  and Fukushima  that   nuclear  radiation  is  no  respecter  of  national  borders.  Nuclear  radiation  not  only  contaminates  the  local  water  supply  but  also  most of the surrounding  food  supply  and  causing  great   levels  of  cancers  to   increase  in  all  living  things  in  its  vicinity.

One  of  the  endtimes  scenarios   that   considered  years  ago  that  would   possibly  serve  and   force  the  European  Union  to  reshape  itself  into  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  was   a  'Nuclear  accident  or  an  Islamic  Terrorist  nuclear  dirty  bomb  somewhere  in  the  EU.  The  fact  that  islamic  terrorist   attacked  Brussels  last  month; the very  capital of the European Union and the headquarters of NATO    served  as  a   great  'Wake  Up  Call'  to  all  those  who  erroneously  believe  that   Islamic  Terrorist  are  going  to  give  up  their  Jihad  against   Western   targets  any  time  soon.  The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that   if  ISIS  or  Al Qaeda  or  any  Islamic  Terrorist  group  ever  gets   hold  of  any  nuclear   missile   they  would  "NOT"  hesitate  to  blow  it  up   in  any  Western  City  in  this  world  !!!

When  Islamic  inspired  terrorists   struck  Brussels  last  month   the   local  intelligence  and  police  authorities  also  discovered   evidence  that   these  terrorist  were  scouting   a  Belgium  Nuclear  power  plant.  Furthermore,  investigators   found  surveillance   footage   hidden  by  other  terrorist  suspects  in  the  Paris  terrorist  attacks  that   confirmed  that  terrorist  are  eyeing  to  strike  a  nuclear  plant   in  the  future.  According  to  known   sources,  security  at  Belgium's  nuclear  sites  is  very  poor    to the point that  most  security guards  at Belgium's nuclear power plants  are  not  even  armed  !!!  (  after  it  was  known,  the  Belgium  authorities on advise from  'Top  Intel  Officials'  are  now  arming  the  guards at  Belgium's several  nuclear plants*)

According  to  some  top   Counter-Terrorist  experts   what  is  feared  is  that  Islamic  Terrorists  will  launch  a  nuclear  9-11  strike   against  a  European  power  plant.  An  airplane style  terrorist  attack  against   a  European  power  plant   could  cause   a  reactor  meltdown or  a cooling pond  to  ignite  and  even  though   European  power  plants  have   a  handful  of   built-in  safety  mechanisms  the  accident  of  Fukushima  proved  that  sometimes   all  of  these  can  fail  !!!

Fortunately,  the  Islamic  terrorists  are  creating  a  world-wide  environment  that   is  making  the  world  see  the  true  face  of  Islam.  The  truth  is  that  Islamic  terrorism  threatens  the  stability  of  the  world   and  nuclear   giants  like  : India, China , Russia, Israel, France   and the USA  know  this  reality  and    already  have   a  nuclear  counter-strike  plan  should   Islamic  Terrorists  ever  detonate  any  nuclear  dirty  bomb  on their  soil  !!!

Because  of  the  heightened  threat  of  another  Islamic  inspired  terrorist  attack  against  Brussels  the  Belgium  authorities  have  begun  to   review  the  personnel  records  of  several  employees  at  nuclear  sites;  and  to  no  one's  surprise  a  little  over  a  dozen  workers   with  clear  connections  to  some  type  of  Islamic    connections  have  had  their  credentials  revoked  on  security  grounds.

By  :  Mario  Romano,   Mario  is  a  student  of  'Nuclear  Proliferation'  he  has  extensively studied  the   nuclear  programs  of  :  India, North Korea, Israel, France, the UK, the US  as well as  the Russian nuclear   program.  He  has  also  been  keeping  an  eye  on  Iran's  attempt  to go  nuclear.  Mario  is  "NOT"   a  war  hawk, nor   is  he  for  any  military-industrial  complex "BUT"  he  does  believe  that  the  Holy  Bible  gives  the  righteous  the  permission  to "DEFEND"  themselves  against  those  who  seek  to  impose  unrighteous  harm, death and destruction upon them.