Monday, August 17, 2015


 Let  it  be  known  that  the  Prophecies of the Bible  "Guarantee"  that  the  United  States   will  "NOT"  end  up  being  the  world's  last  superpower  on  planet  Earth  !!!
         If  you  notice  the  statue  of  Nebudchadneezar   you  will  realize   that  all  four  Kingdoms  are  'Earthly  Kingdoms'  made from  the elements of this planet  and  that  arise  from  this  planet  to  make  war  against  Israel;  by  this  I  mean  to  say  that  we  are  "NOT"  destined  to  colonize  space  and  populate  the  Universe  like  some   'secular  futurists'  foresee  humanity   doing  in  less than  a  hundred  years from  now  !!!  Ladies  and  gentlemen   GOD  "DECREED"  only  a  certain  time  for  humanity  on  this  planet  &  then  judgement !  ( Daniel  9 : 24 )

As  we  come  closer  and  closer  to  the  edge  of  eternity  and  'the  end  of  the  age'  the  entire  present  global  order  is  guaranteed  to  be  shaken  and  turned  upside  down  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  human  history; let  it  be  known  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   'long  ago'  wrote  the  ending  of  this  planet  and  it  shall  all  end  and  come  to  a  conclusion  as  HE  indicates   so;   as  found  in  the  Biblical  Prophecies  !!!

  According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation   Satan  deceives  the  whole  world  ( Revelation 12 : 9 ) and  he is literally deceiving most of humanity into  believing  that this  creation  has  no end ! "BUT"  that  is  not  what  the  HOLY  BIBLE  teaches, the  Biblical Prophecies make  it  very  clear that   this  creation  will have  an  end  ( Matthew 24 : 14 )   This servant of GOD has heard numerous famous : scientists, billionaires and corporations  'state  pompously'  that  in  10, 20  or 30  years  into the future we will  have  found  a  cure for : cancer, aids, ebola,  solved global poverty  and  even colonized  parts  of  space  !!!  "BUT"  according to Bible Prophecy  it  will be the  very opposite that will  happen   once  the  4 Horsemen of  the Apocalypse  begin  their  world tour  !!!

Events  are  coming  to  planet  Earth  that  shall  eclipse  100+ times  over  of  what  happened  on  September  11, 2001 to the United  States.  As  born  again  believers  we  are  warned  by  the  Holy  Scriptures   to  "NOT"  make  treasures  on  Earth  because  ultimately   all  will  be  utterly  destroyed, we are to  set our  attention   on  the  eternal  things  and  make  treasures  in  Heaven.  Planet  Earth  for  all  intensive  purposes  is  just  a  "Testing  Ground"  for  eternity  !!!

     As  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  writes  this   article  I  am  fully  aware  that  those of the world   are  clueless  about  the 'times  & the seasons'  decreed  by  the  Father;  as  I write there are  numerous : Global  Corporations. Mafia's, Drug Cartels  and  other  International Criminal Organizations   making  10  and  20  year  goals  like  there's  no  end  in  sight  and  all the  while  they  are  literally  carving  out  their   conquests  on  a  global  map,  the  chief goal  of  theirs  is  to conquer  the minds and the  souls of men   without any  fear  or regard  of  GOD;  and  these  'unholy parasitic  organizations'  outright  see  humanity  just  as  guinea  pigs  for their  unholy objectives.  Some  of  these  'International  Criminal  Organizations'   are  now  even more powerful  than  some  national  governments  ! And  if  that  wasn't  enough  there is  a   violent  world  religion promising to  conquer the world   by force  !!!  And  to  make  matters even   more  interesting  there  are   a few countries such as Russia  making plans  for global conquest  all  the while   GOD  in  Heaven   sees  them as  fools  who  are  out to conquer the world   at the expense of their  eternal  soul  !!!  What  would  it  profit  anyone  to  win  the  world  and  lose  their  eternal  soul ?

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  am  "EXCITED"  about  the  imminent   return  of  our Lord  Jesus  Christ;  as  I  study   and observe  the  "FACT"  that   all   4  Beasts  have appeared  in  history  and  played  out  their  Prophetic  role  and  that   the  world  is  about  to be  marveled  by  the  rise  of  the second  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  in  the  not  so distant  future  there  is  really  "NO"  excuse   for  any  true  believer  to  be  'Left  Behind'   because  they were  like the 5 foolish  Virgins  who   weren't  prepared.  I  could  understand  if  the  3rd  Beast  was  still  in  power  "BUT"  we  are   even  beyond  the  first  phase  of  the  4th  Beast;   who  is   destined  to  dominate  the world   according  to  Daniel's  Prophecy  for  the  last  3 and a half  years of the Tribulation  !!!  (  Daniel  7 : 23  )

       As  messed  up  as  this  world  is  in its'  'fallen  state';  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  still  in control  of  it  all  !!!   There  is  a  very, very  good  reason  why  GOD  did  "NOT"  throw Satan  and  the  one-third  of the fallen Angels  into  the  Bottomless Pit  and the Lake  of  Fire "IMMEDIATELY"  right after  the  rebellion  in Heaven  took  place  !!!   If  you  haven't already  figured  it  out   we  were  created  in  direct  response  in this moment  in  eternity  to address  the  fall  of  Satan  and  that of the fallen  Angeles;  we  were  created  to   take  the place  in  heaven   and  in  eternity  that  Satan  and  the  Fallen  Angels   abdicated;  "NO" one is  indispensable  and  irreplaceable  before  GOD  ALMIGHTY   !!!  We  were  created   in the midst   of  an  ongoing   war   that   spilled  into  Earth  and  that  will  ultimately  be  finalized in  the  Battle  of  Armageddon   when  Satan  will  be captured  and  thrown  into the  Abyss; planet  Earth  is  a  battlezone  !  ( Revelation 20 : 2-6 )   There  is  a  very, very  big  reason  why  Satan  is  out  to  : Kill,  Steal and  Destroy;  as  much as he can  from  those on  planet  Earth !
If  it  was  up  to  him  he  would   without  any  hesitation  do  to  every  human  being  what  he did  to  Job  in  the  Old  Testament  !!!

As  you  and  I   scan  the  internet  to  try  to  do  some  research  into  the  Prophecy  found  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  we  are  bombarded  by  numerous  different  interpretations  about   'who  and  what'   the  10 Toes  of  Daniel  and  the  10  Kings  of  Revelation   will  end  up  being.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  claim  to  be   the only one who is interpreting this prophecy  correctly  "BUT"  I  will  let  you  decide  for  yourself  after  this  insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  presents  to  you   the  Biblical  and  Historical  evidence.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   totally   rejects the popular interpretation  that  the  final  10  King's  will  be  produced  by  10  global  regions;  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse  are  going  to   tear  up  and  engulf  the  nations  into   a  global   war  whereby  "Nation shall rise against  nation  and  Kingdom against  Kingdom"  and  it  is  the  2nd  Horsemen of the Apocalypse who  takes  peace  away from the Earth  in "NO"  way  do  I  see  a  global  United  Nations  from  then  on  !!!

    We  live  in  an  age  where  the  "Nation-State"  is  the  most  powerful  political  entity  on planet Earth, currently  there  are  over  190+   different  nation  states   'some   are weak  and  some  strong'  and  some  on  the  verge  of   anarchy  and  collapse such as is the case of Somalia...I  state that the "Nation-State  will  remain   relevant  well  into  the  Apocalypse and the Tribulation  period  because  in  "NO"  way  shape  or  form  does  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  foresees  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelations  as  being :  10  Powerful Corporations  or  10  of the richest  men on Earth ; the  Bible  Prophecies  can  interpret  themselves  and   when  the  global  economy  collapses  most global  corporations  will  go  bankrupt  leaving  the  "Nation-State"  as  the  only  entity  that  can militarily  secure   what  will  be  left  of  the  nations  as  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse  and  nuclear  war  "RE-ARRANGE"  the  global  balance  of  power  during  the  "Tribulation  Period."

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    interprets  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  as   arising from  the  Mediterranean  Region  due  to  the  "Biblical  Fact"   that  all  four  Beasts  of  Daniel arose   to  power  from  that  specific  region  in  the  past;  the  only  difference   between  all of the Four   Beasts found in the Prophecies of Daniel is that  the prophecy   reveals to us that the final one will   be "DIFFERENT"  from the previous   Beast's  that  preceeded  it in that   it  will  have  10 Leaders  heading  it  !!!

    In  contrast   to the  3  other Beasts that would follow  the 1st  Beast,  Nebudchadneezar   held absolute  power  over  the  First  Beast  ( Babylonian  Empire  )    he was  literally  the :  Supreme Court,  the Congress  and  the  Executive  Branch  all  rolled  up  into  one; and that is why  his absolute  power  was  symbolized  as a head of gold  !!!  As  the other 3  Beasts  rise  to  power  we observe  that  they are symbolized  by  inferior  metals  because  their  leaders   do  not  hold absolute  power  of the Empire  as  that of the 1st Beast.  (  shared  power   emerges with the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th  and  final  Beast  !!!  )  It  is  the  last  Beast  who  is  different  than the previous ones before  it  in  that power  will  be  held  and  shared  by  10  King's   who in the end give all of their power and authority to the "Little  Horn"  !!!

   We  live  in  an  age  of  global  alliances  where  "NO"  single  "Nation-State"   can  afford  to  take  on  global  security  by  itself  even  the  U.S.  is  on  the  verge  of  bankruptcy  because  of  this,
( most  experts  agree  that  one of the chief  reasons  why the  implosion  of  the  former  Soviet  Union  came  about  was  because   the  USSR  bankrupted  itself   with  all its  military  spending*) it  is  no  secret  that  as  the  war  against  terrorism  continues  it  is  estimated  thus far to have  cost the U.S.  over  1. 7 +  TRILLION  DOLLARS  &  counting  !!!   As  the  tribulation  period   goes  into  full  force  most  of  the  nations  of  the  world  will  collapse  due to the fact that as it is most  are on the verge of   bankruptcy as it is  and can barely   feed  their  own  populations;  can  you  imagine  how  bad  it's  going  to  be  when  it  gets  10+  times  worst  ???
( global  famines,  rampant  diseases, economic  collapse,  anarchy in most  cities of the world, martial law  etc  !!!  )

    As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  a   child  of  the  living  GOD  this  insignificant servant of Jesus  Christ   makes it  no secret that   he  wants  to  go  down  in  the  history of this planet as being  among  one of those  whom   correctly  interpreted  the  Biblical  Prophecies  !!!  (  my chief  goal in  life  is  leading  others  to  Jesus  Christ  !!!  )  

      As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  am   amazed  by  those  who   are  teaching  that  the  final  10   King's  of  Revelation   will  end  up  being   part of an eleborate  group of the  'Illuminati'  or  10  global  corporations  who  somehow  manage   to  outlive  the  "Nation-State."  I  remember   viewing   the  'Resident Evil  Movies'  and  in those  movies  existed   the  'Super  Evil  Umbrella  Corporation'  who  somehow  outlived  all  the  nation-states,  the  truth   according  to  Bible  Prophecy  is  that  the  global  economy  is  going  to  collapse  in  the  future   rendering  money  useless  and  making  men   to  kill, steal  and  destroy  just  to  survive  !!!

     In  conclusion,   based  on  the  historical  Biblical  evidence   teaches  and interprets  that  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  will  be   an  elected  body  of  leaders   within  the  Mediterranean  region   and this includes  what  we  presently  call  the  European  Union  who  shall   rise  to  power  in  a  post-nuclear   war   incident  in  the  future  that   will  be  somehow  democratically  elected  because the Biblical  passages  concerning this prophecy  indicate  that  they  are  "Given"  power  together  with the Beast  for  42  months  indicating that  it will be  an  elected   42  month  term  !!!  (  of  course  you  and  I  know  that  they will only  serve  one  term  and  then  the  end  comes  !!!  )

     This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  in  the  Rapture  before  the  start of  the  7  Year Tribulation Period  and  as  I  study  the Biblical  Prophecies and the political realities of this planet  all  the  evidence  points  back  to  Rome,  the  4th  Beast  began  as  a  Roman  one  and  "SHALL"  end  up  as  a  Roman  Beast"  because  according  to  the  Holy  Scriptures  " A leopard cannot  change  its  spots  !!!"  (  Jeremiah  13 : 23 )  Some  very  inpatient   prophecy  teachers  can't  seem  to  see   beyond  their  ego  and  their  noses;  the   world  is  going  to  be  turned  upside  down  by  upcoming  Prophesied  wars  and  you  better  believe  that  some  of  these   future   wars  are  going  to  go  nuclear  !!!

   Not  too  long  ago   the  British  Empire   ruled   the world's  oceans  and  as  World  War  I  'came  and  went'   most of the British  Empire  started to collapse  and  erode  and  this  student  of  World  History   believes  that  the  U.S.  Empire  will  somewhat  closely  mirror  and  follow  in  the  fate  of  that of  the British  Empire ; meaning that  future  wars  are  going  to  place  an  enormous  financial  burden on the U.S  military  and  its  economy in the future.

     This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  claim  to  be  a  Prophet  "BUT"   I  can  tell  you  without   a   shadow   of  a  doubt   that  ROME   will  be  the  political  Epicenter  of  the   final  encarnation  and  phase  of  the  4th  and  final  Beast  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  !!!  And  like  I  have  stated in the past;   France  and  Germany  are  going  to  be  two  big  toes  because  France  has  the  Nukes, Germany  has  the  Economic  power  and  Italy  is  going  to  provide  the  religious  Harlot  who  will  ride  this  final  Beast  !!!  (  I'm  still  working  on  who  the  other  7   will  end up  being* )  

      As  backwards  and  ignorant  as  this  servant  of  Jesus  may  appear  to  be;   it  is  one  of  my  chief  goals  in  life  to   correctly   interpret  this  Prophecy  of  the  10  King's  to  the  Body  of  Christ  and  to  those  who  fear  GOD  and  are  'Watching and Praying' to be found worthy to escape all  the  'Wrath  and Judgement of GOD'   that is coming upon those who dwell in the flesh on planet Earth  !!!.  As  it  is    was  created  by  one  out  of  over  10+  billion  other  human  beings  who  have  come  and  gone  to  planet  Earth;  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   seeks  not  the  applauses  of  men; he  just  seeks  to  put  to  good  use  the  gifts  that   GOD  entrusted  him  with   !!!  This  insignificant servant of Jesus  Christ  will  leave  this  planet  fully  knowing that  he  did  "NOT"  hid the gift   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  gave  him***

By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  an  insignificant   servant  of  Jesus  Christ   he  believes  that JESUS   is  GOD  encarnate  and  he  believes  all  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  from  Genesis  to Revelation  and  he  knows  and  believes  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY   controls  the  rise  and fall of  :  Empires, King's,  Presidents  and  "ALL"  of  human  history  for  HE  knows  the  end  of everything   even  before  its'  beginning !   In  eternity  and  before  GOD  ALMIGHTY  Satan has  already  been  totally  defeated  and  thrown  into  the  bottomless  pit, Militant  Islam  has already  been  utterly   destroyed  by  fire  from  the  heavens  and  all  the  nations  which   curse  Israel  have  already  been  utterly  cursed  and  vanquished   from  the  face  of  this Earth !  JESUS   CHRIST  returns  is   getting  ever   closer  and  closer  'Maranatha'  !!!