It  is  the  purpose of this website  to  teach  the  WORD  of  GOD   and  to  above  all  else  exalt   JESUS  CHRIST  who  is  the  very  Spirit  of  all  true  Prophecy.   EUinProphecy.com  was  'NOT'  created   to  exalt   nor  to  'Romanticize'  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn.'  The  Holy  Bible  itself  tells us  that  there  is  a  'time  & a  place'  for  everything  under  heaven  ( Ecclesiastes 3:1   )  EUinProphecy.com    primary  goal  is  to  teach  believers  as  well  as  unbelievers   'who, what and where and why'  the  4th  and  Final   Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   'was, is and will  end up being.'    There  are  a  few   key  endtime   global  players  that  will  play  a  'MAJOR' role  before  the : Second  coming  of   our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  and   the   4th  Roman  Beast  is one  of  them   !!!   This  website   exists   to  :  identify,  forewarn  and  correctly  teach  upon   the greatest   future  threat  and  enemy  of  all  time  ( 4th  Roman  Beast  with  10  Horns )  of  : Israel,  Jerusalem   and   the  Jewish  people  during the upcoming  Tribulation  period   !!!

EUinProphecy.com    was   created  and   launched  years  ago  to  : teach, announce  and  warn about  the   soon  return  of  our  Lord  :  JESUS  CHRIST.    Because  many  other  ministries  were already  focusing  on  other  key  signs  and  endtime  players   in  Bible  Prophecy  we  decided  to  'FOCUS' specifically   on  Daniel's  4th  Roman  Beast.  The  nation  of  Israel  is  the  greatest  Prophetic  sign of  the  end  of  the  age  in  this  'final  generation'  and  the   re-emergence   of  a  powerful  Western  alliance   via  the  Treaty  of  Rome   (  EU-NATO-Eurozone*)   is   closely   right  behind   Israel's rebirth   Prophetically  speaking  as yet  another  'MAJOR'  endtimes  sign  !!!

This   born  again  believer  is  'NOT'  fascinated   with  who  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  be, 'BUT' because  he  is  thee  most  'WARNED'  about   figure  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  and   Revelation  'me thinks'   that   the  Holy  Spirit   wants  us  to  be  forewarned  about  an  individual  that   is  described by  some  29+  Biblical  Prophecies  !!!    We  should  all  know  our  enemy  and  who  we  are  up against  and   that  is  why  we  should  study   this  subject  at  least  once  in  a  while.

     It  is  a  great  responsability  and  priviledge  to   teach   my  fellow  brothers  and  sisters  in  Jesus  Christ    the  development  of  the  Fourth  and  Final  version  of  the  Roman  Beast.  Because  this  4th  and  Final  Beast   will  ultimately  affect  almost  every  human  being  on  planet  earth  in  the  not  so  distant  future,   I  try  to  teach  this  topic  with  passion  and  urgency.  As  a  student  of  World  War  II,   I  easily  understand  how  quickly  things  and  events  can  spiral  out  of  control   & produce the rise  of  someone  like  Adolph  Hitler  and  the  NAZI's.  I  am  'NOT'  a  Prophet,  nor  do  I  seek  to  be  one;  i'm  just   a  student  of  Prophecy  who  has  been  touched  by  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  to  teach  upon  what   the  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  stated  about  the  final  days  and  especially  about  Israel  and  Jerusalem.

      Just  as  there  are  numerous  'analysts'  who  study  &  report  on  : sports, politics  and  finance  this  servant  of  thee  LIVING  GOD   just  sees  himself  as  an  interpreter  and  'NOT'  as  a  Prophet.  With  the  gift  that  GOD  gave  me   i'm  trying  my  best  to  analyze  and  interpret   both  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  their  Prophecies  along  with  Secular  Historical  records  to understand  the signs of  the  times.

     It  is  this  servant  of  thee  LIVING  GOD  final  conclusion  that  the  European  Union  is  the  inheritor  of  the   first  phase  of  the  Roman  Empire  of  the  Roman  Caesars.  The  European  Union  of  28  nations  and  counting   has  'NOT'   yet  been  finalized  into  its  final   form;  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   in  the  future  the  alliances  within   all  the  different  circles  of  power  within  the  European  Union   will  produce   a  governance  of  10  King's  who  will   dominate  most  of  the  world   during  the  final  42  months.

     This  servant  of  GOD  does  not  apologizes  for  being  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy;  I  believe  in  the  message  of  REPENTENCE  found  throughout  all  of  the  Bible  and  I  am  personally  heeding  the  warning  and  message  of  the  Book  of  Revelation.

      Great  changes  are  coming  to  all  the  nations  of  planet  Earth,  some  people  seem  impatient   at  it  all,  the  world   is  about  to  be  turned  upside  down  by  major  natural  cataclysms  as  well  as   major  wars  that  are  Prophesied   to  take  place.