Monday, November 21, 2016


The  French  Pollsters   didn't  see  it  coming  and  neither  did,  in a stunning  turn of events  both  Alain  Juppe  and  Nicholas  Sarkozy    received  less  votes  than   Francois  Fillon  !!!   Mr. Fillon,  claimed  a  surprise  victory   in the first round  of  'The  Republicains'   Presidential  Primaries.  For  French  pollsters  and  politicians  alike  Mr.Fillon's   victory  came  almost  out  of  nowhere.   Just  a  few  weeks  ago  he  was  trailing  both  Juppe  and  Sarkozy  and  was  relegated  to   a  3rd  place.  Fillon's  star  started  to  rise   chiefly  because of  the final  televised  primary debate.  According to  French news sources,   Juppe won the 1st televised debate, Sarkozy won the 2nd televised debate  'BUT'   Fillon won  the  3rd and final televised  debate  !!!  Mr. Fillon  also won   many  votes  and  followers  because  of  his  most  recent   published  book  against  radical Islam.

Germany's  Angela  Merkel  'dubbed'  the most powerful  woman on the planet  and  the  'unofficial'  President  of  the  European Union,  has  confirmed  this  week   that  she  will  seek  yet  another  term   for  the Chancellorship  of  Germany.   According  to  Bible  Prophecy   it  will  be  10  King's  who  will  receive  power  with  the  final  Beast  for  'one  hour'  in  the  future, therefore   should  Mrs.Merkel  win  'yet  again'   this  will  tell us   how  close  we  are  getting  to  the  final  70  Week  of  Daniel.  (  there  are  'NO'  Queen's  Prophesied   to be  among the 10 King's* )   If  you  don't  really  know  much  about  economics  and  politics  you  should  know  that  it  was  really  Germany  and  Angela  Merkel  who   saved  'Greece'  from  economically  imploding  some  time  ago, but the truth  is  that   the  European's   are  really  just   buying  time  and  delaying  the  inevitable, the  Greek  economy  has  already  been  saved  'two  times'  in this past  decade   and  the  Greek  debt  really  isn't  going  down, somethings  'going to  give'  and  eventually  collapse  in  the  future  and  it  is  not  going  to  be  pretty  !!!  (  The  deep, deep  pockets  and  powerful  German  economic  machine   has  almost  single-handedly  been  able  to   support   most of the economic  mistakes  and  lies   of  other  Eurozone  partners,  at  least  for  now   !!!  )

We  are   all  living  in  an  age  of  'Populism'   professional  pollsters   are  out  of  touch   with  the  masses,  the  American   and  ongoing  French  elections  are  proof  of  this,  95%  of  the  pollsters  wrongly  predicted   the  American  elections  and  99%  of  the  French  pollsters  also   never  saw Mr.Fillon's   victory  coming.   This  means  that  the  French  Presidential  elections  are  far  from  over, Marine  Le  Pen  and   Emmanuel   Macron  could  still  create  a  formidable  surprise  !!! The 2017 French Presidential elections are  set  for  April  23, 2017  and  the  way  things   have  been  going   in both the U.S. and  in France so far  : Le Pen  and  Macron    could  surpise  Mr.Fillon  !!!

What  is  taking  place  in  Europe  is   an  'IMPORTANT'   Bible  Prophecy   sign,   that  along  with  what  is  taking  place  in  Israel   and  in  the  Church   helps  us  to   better  understand   how  close  we  are  to  the  Rapture  and  to  the  end  of  the  age  !!!  It's  like  living  in  an  island  with  a  dormant  volcano.  When  after  a  long  period  of  time  the  island  hasn't  shaken and there's no  volcanic  ash or activity  all is great 'BUT'  when suddenly the volcano starts  shaking the island, ( increasing seismic activity, )  and  magma  starts  becoming  visible  and  volcanic  ash  starts  emanating  from the volcano then its time to get ready to pack up  !!!   The same is true of   the  state  of these 3 main  Bible  Prophecy  signs : Israel, Europe and the Church, when  we triangulate  the   convergence  of  all the signs of these  endtimes,   we  will notice   that  all  3  of  these   are   full of  endtimes  activity  and  relevance.  If  you  want  to  be  among  the  5  wise  Virgins  that   had  oil  in  their  lamps;   you  are   visiting  the  right  website;  JESUS  CHRIST's   return  is  nearing  and  so  is  the  Rapture  of  the  Church.  I do 'NOT' know the  day nor the hour  but  it  is  getting ever  closer  !!!   The  present;  political  and  economic  state  of  the  European Union  is  'NOT'  sustainable  nor  viable;  massive  changes  are   coming  to  the  EU   and   it  is  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'OPINION'  that   in much less than  a  decade   the  world  will  witness   the  rise  of  the  final  version  of  the  EU  as  symbolized  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  The  EU  may  or  may  not   implode  'BUT'  whatever  happens  it  is  going  to  give  birth  in the end to the final  10 Horned Beast !  This  comes   from a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  has  been  : studying, observing, dissecting and analyzing   this   'European  Romanesque  Alliance'  for some 18+  years;  you don't have  to take my   word  for  it  'BUT'  the present  EU  experiment   is  'NOT' going to survive in  its  present   political  and  economic  state  that it presently finds  itself  in.  The  'Shenghen  Agreement'  needs  to  be  revamped  and  reformed,  the  European's  found out that  illegal  immigrants  are  exploiting  its  many  loopholes  and  the  EU  members  are  also  clamoring   for  their  own  military,  NATO  is  too  much  led  by  the  American's  think some  top  EU   leaders.   The European  Union  is  still  a  work  in  progress  and  it  most  certainly  has  'NOT'  been  finalized  and  you  and  I    are  part  of  the  final  generation  who  will  get  to  witness   some  of  the   major  Prophecies of  : Ezekiel  and  Daniel   come to pass  !!!

Those who study : Newtonian Laws, Laws of Physics, Laws of Thermodynamics as well as other  laws  of  nature  tell  us  that  an analysis of the history of technology shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense  “intuitive linear”  view.  So we won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century;  it will be more like  over  2,000+ years of progress (at today’s rate).  ( example :   today's  smartphone is literally  over a million times  faster  than  all of NASA's  combined  computing  in  1969  !!! )  There’s even exponential growth in the rate of exponential growth ! What  all  of  this  means   to  the  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,   is  that  it  'CONFIRMS'  that  we  are  indeed  the  final  generation  that  will  get  to  witness  'SOME'   hair-raising  signs  of  the  endtimes  !!!  It's  not  that  technology alone  is accelerating at an exponential  rate;  its  also that  all  of  our :  political, economic, social  and  military   progress   is  also  being  'pulled  and  pushed'   for better or for worst  by  all  the  technological  revolutions  taking place  all  around  us  !!!  Despite  man's  technological  progress  our  'Spiritual  Progress'  remains   about the same   as 2,000  years  ago.  Mankind  tries to fill   the  empty  void  in  his  soul  with  things  made  out  of  : silicon,  plastic, iron, gold  and  silver;  just to name a few.   Satan  keeps  deceiving  most  of  humanity   as  never  before,  in   fact  technology  has  made  it  easier  for   mankind  to  sin  for  the internet  is full  of  websites  that  will  cater   to  every  possible  sin  and  then  some  !!!,  with  the   grace  of  GOD  Almighty  will  continue   to   analyze  all that  is  going  on   with  this  giant   political  and  economic  alliance  that  we  presently  call the  European  Union  and  the  Eurozone.  This  servant  of  GOD  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'   claim  any  special  revelation, nor is this  ministry  one  of  dreams  and  visions.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  covering  the  EU  since  before  they  even  launched  the  $ EURO  !!! The  Holy  Spirit  knows  the  heart  and  intentions  of  this  vessel  of  His  and  that  is  all  that  matters  to  this  servant  of  GOD.  Recently,  I  read  an  article  on one of the major  Bible  Prophecy  websites   and  someone  claimed  that  'GOD  had  told  them  that  Hillary  Clinton  was  going   to  be  the  next  President  of  the  U.S.'   You  will  never   hear  that  here, basically  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  will let  you  know  about  his  personal  opinion   'BUT'  he  will  never  claim   that  GOD  told  him,  I  have  heard  many  so  called' Apostles  &  Prophets'  on  T.V.  and  Radio   prophesy   things  that  never  came  to  pass   and  it  is  not  just  embarrassing  but  it  gives   Bible  Prophecy  a  bad   image   especially  before  our  secular  friends  who  do not know  Bible Prophecy  and   are  quick to  correlate  Bible  Prophecy  with  Christians  who  claim  to  have  divine  revelations, visions  and  dreams  from  GOD  but  whose  predictions  fail  to   come  to  pass.  is  'NOT'  in  competition  with  any  other  Bible  Prophecy  ministry, GOD  put  us   all  here  for  a  very  different   reason; I recently  heard   a  great  sermon  on  the  radio  and  barely  manage  to  hear  the final phrase that stuck with me and the radio preacher stated  a  great  truth "Nobody   will  be  able  to  accomplish  the  mission  that  GOD  entrusted  you  to  accomplish  on  planet  Earth."  GOD  gave  us  all   different  gifts   to  benefit the body of Christ  as  well  as  to  be  a  blessing  to  planet  Earth.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   is  still  learning;  he has been  studying the Book of Daniel and Revelation for over a decade  and   he  in no way shape or manner  knows  it  all  !!!

This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  very  humble  to  have  been  chosen  to  be  teaching  about  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   to  over  100+   nations  in  Spanish  and  English, he knows  that   he  will  have  to  give  an  account   to  GOD   for the talent that was  bestowed  upon  him, this servant  asks  for  your  PRAYERS  so  that  the  Holy  Spirit  will  continue  to  guide  him  to  all  truth  !!!   Out  of  billions+  of  other  human  beings   in  over  100+ generations  GOD  chose  you  and  me   to  be  a  part  of  this  'FINAL  GENERATION'   and  as  a  student   of  World  History,   I'm   trying  to  let  it  all  sink  in,  there  is  great  responsability;  'for  to  whom  much  is  given  much  will  be  required'  and  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   knows  this  fact  and  reality   very  well  and  his  prayer   is  that   with  the  direction  and  anointing  of  the  Holy  Spirit  he  will    fulfill  the  full   potential  of  the  gift  that  GOD  Almighty   deposited  and  entrusted  to  him  for  this  final    generation.

In  one  generation  GOD   has  allowed  this   servant  of   His  to  come  from  a  3rd  World  country  to  the  most   powerful  nation  that  has  ever   arisen  on  planet  Earth : The U.S.A.  and  against  so  many  odds,   this  vessel  of  His   has  prevailed  'BUT'  only  because  of  the  pure  and  sheer  grace  and  mercy  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  'NOT'  any  better  than  any  other    servant  of  GOD  Almighty.    This  human  being   has  been  through the  'Valley of Death'  and  through  the  'Desert  of  GOD'  you  may  have  a  million  questions  that  you  may  want  to  ask  GOD  our  Creator  'BUT"  I  have  about   2+ million  questions  that  I  would  like to  ask  him  !!!   Your  servant  didn't  have  the  opportunity  to  attend  Harvard, Yale  or  UC  Berkely  'BUT'  I've   been  playing  catch  up  all  my  life,  it's  not  against  the  law   to  keep  devouring  books  and  massive  amounts  of  facts  and  information  from  the  internet  !!!   One  day   this  vessel  is  going  to  be  fully  caught  up,  for  he wants  to  shine  for  Jesus  Christ   for  the  'Night  is  coming  when  it  won't  be  as  easy."   GOD  didn't  put  us  here on planet Earth   at this  hour  for  us   to  just  look  pretty, nor  did  He put us here   to  compete with anyone else, 'NO" one else will  be  able  to  substitute    for  your  Ministry   !!!  Cemetaries  are  full  of  dead  people  who   once  had  'good  intentions'   and  unfortunately   most  of  those  dead  people  never  fully  realized  their  GOD  given  gifts  and  potential   deposited  by  them  directly  from their   Creator  !!!

In  conclusion,  the  European  Union  is   set  to  experience  major  upcoming   changes, several  EU  countries  are  threatening   to  vote   on their own  'Brexit'  version, the top  EU  leaders  don't  know  what  to  do,  Greece  continues   to  struggle  with  its'  finances,  NATO   is  being  threatened  both  from  within  and  from  without;   Russian  aggression  continues,  Islamic  migrants  continue  to  pour   into  EU  countries  claiming  human  rights;  all the  while   a  very  large   segment  of  the  EU  populace   is  seeking   new  political  blood.   Truly,  the  end  is  'NOT'  yet   but  we  are  getting  ever  and  ever   closer   !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes in the Rapture of the Church  before the Tribulation; I believe that  it is one of the most clear patterns that   emerges  from the Holy  Scriptures  as  GOD  Almighty  is  about  to   pour  His  Holy  Judgement  and  Wrath  ; HE  removes   His  faithful, it happened during the Flood and  during the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah , just to name a few !!!   is  still open  to  various   EU  scenarios,  we  were  here  when  Solana  'came  and  went'  we  were  here  when  the  $ EURO  was  launched,  we  were  here  when  'Sarkozy  rose  and  declined'   and   while  we  do  'NOT'  know  who  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  end  up  being  we  are   keeping   a  close  eye   on  all  the  rising   EU  Politicos  as  well  as  NATO  leaders,    has  attempted  to   be  on  top  of  it  all.  The  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel  have  been   'UNSEALED"  for  some  time  now  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  just   trying  to  correctly  interpret  them  with  the  direction  of  the  Holy  Spirit ***   is  fully  aware  that  it  is  possible  that  some of the  Muslim  immigrants  into  the  European  Union  may  hear the Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ and be saved  there,  since  the  true  Gospel  was  never  allowed  into  some of the Islamic  countries   from which they came.  'BUT'  I also know that   Muslims  have  been  persecuting  Christians  throughout  most of  the Middle East  countries;  even  burning down the few  Churches  there.  World  history  is   'the  history  of   one  tragedy  after  another'   be  it  in  :  Africa, Europe, Asia  or  the  Americas.   This  servant  of  GOD  curses  no  one,   I  personally   take  no  pleasure  nor  do  I  delight  in  the  death  and  punishment  of  the  wicked  and  the  Holy  Bible  tells  me  that  GOD  our  Creator  doesn't   either  ( Ezekiel 18 : 23 )  'BUT'   we  are  seriously  all  running  out  of  time  the  time  to  get  right  with  our  GOD  and  Creator  is  today  and  the  'ONLY'  thing  that  appeases  GOD  our  Creator  is  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ.'

Those  who  work  for  the  'National  Security Agency' ( NSA )   the largest  collector  of  intelligence  on  planet  Earth  have  to  analyze   'thousands  upon  thousands'  of  the  most  relevant   millions+  of  pieces  of  data   that  is  collected  through various  electronic  and  digital means.  It  is  one  thing  to  be  able  to  have  and  to  collect   massive  amounts  of   intelligence  data  'BUT'  it  is   an  entirely  different  matter  to  be  able  to  'INTERPRET'   what  it  all  means;  was   created  and  launched  over  a  decade  ago   to   try  to  correctly  interpret   the  Biblical  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  and  how  they  will  affect  'ALL'  of  humanity  and  planet  Earth  in  the  not  too  distant  future   !!!  If  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  gets  it  right,   may  very  possibly  one  day  even   foresee  what   not  even  the  : NSA, FBI, CIA  or  the   DCI   sees  coming  onto  planet  Earth  and  these  United  States  of  America;  for  there  are  other   unseen  'Forces'  and  'Powers'  that  can  'NOT'   be  detected  by   any  human  intelligence  agency   but  you  and  I  as  GOD  fearing  believers  know  of  their  ever  present  reality  and   unholy  powers  !!!

By :  Mario  Romano,   this   servant  of  Jesus  Christ   studies  patterns  in : history, patterns  in  nature, patterns  in  Astronomy, patterns  in  Mathematics  as  well  as  in  Micro Biology ***  222  ^^^  *** LLL 888 YYY   )))   BBB  +++ OOO ===  FFF  999  ABABAB   
RED  WHITE RED WHITE   40704070     ###000###000###000  etc ... !!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


 As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   always  tries  to  put  on  his  'Spiritual   X-Ray  Glasses'  on   when  great  global  changes   happen    to  try  to  interpret  what   it  all  means   and  how  it  all  will  affect   the  Nation  of  Israel,  which  is  GOD's  Centerpiece  Prophetic  Clock.  If  you  have  studied  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  very  well  aware  that   the  Biblical  Prophecies   and  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   himself  warned  us  that  in  the  last  days  things  will  go  from  'Bad to Worse.'  ( Birthpangs, Matthew  24 : 8 )  If  you have been following  you  know  that   we  are  teaching  that  the  'two  major  toes'  of  the Statue  of  Nebuchadneezar symbolically  represent  Germany  and  France; these two  countries  are  the  major : economic, military and  political   forces  in  the  European  Union  and  in  the  Eurozone.

 The  French  people  will   vote  this  November  20 & 27  of  2016,   for  either  Alain Juppe  or   Nicholas  Sarkozy  as  the  representative  of   'The Republicains'  presidential  primary; whomever of  these  two  who  manages  to  win, will  most  likely   emerge  as  the  next  President  of  France  in  2017 !!!  According  to  most  French  political  analysts;  Marine  Le Pen   really doesn't  stand  a  chance   of winning the   French  Presidency.  The  most  amazing  thing  of  the  upcoming   French  elections  is  that   we  now  have  an  individual  who  is  rising  from  almost  nowhere   and his  name  is  : Emmanuel  Macron  who   according  to  several  EU  News  sites  is  guaranteed   to enter  the  French  elections  with  his  own  grassroot  political  movement : 'En Marche'  !!!.  ( You better  believe   we  are  keeping  an  eye  on  this  guy  who  is  rising  from  almost  nowhere !!!   Sarkozy, Le Pen  and   Macron   all   claim  to  be  France's   next   'Trump'   !!!  )

The new  rising  French political star  : Emmanuel  Macron,   according to French   Political experts  doesn't  stand  a  chance   because   he  isn't  being  backed  by  any  major  political  party  (  Trump  was  somewhat  backed by the Republican  Party*)    but   in  an  ever  changing  and  growing  populist  political  climate   where  most  polls  had  the  'BREXIT'  all  wrong  and  where  other  polls  had  'Trump's  Victory'  also  wrong,  some   political  experts  are  reassessing  the  possibilities  that  anything  is  possible   until  the  very  last  vote  is  actually  counted.   The  mass  media  is  clearly  interfering  in  the  democratic  process  in  that  they  are  trying  to  crown  too prematurely  a  politician   using  'biased  and  imperfect  polling'  numbers  and  figures;   before  even  all  of  the  voters  actually get  to  vote  !!!  

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  France  is going to  play a  major  endtimes  prophetic  role as it  produces one of  the 10 Horns of  Revelation.  France  has  one  of  the  most  forwardly-deployed  militaries on  this planet.   The  French  military  have  played  a  key  role  in  fighting   Islamic  militants  all over  Sub-Saharan  Africa.   France's  history  of colonialism  in  Africa  long  ago  allowed  it  to  have  several  key  military  bases  all throughout  Africa  that  still exist  to  this  present  day.  Despite  the rise  of  Islamic  terrorism in  France,  the French  military  and  intelligence  services  have  actually   been  successful  in combating  and  quenching  'Islamic Jihadism'  in  several  African  countries.  France continues  to  help  its  African  allies  by   using its  superior  airforce  to  launch  key airstrikes against  Islamic  militants   throughout  Africa  and  it  is also  no  secret  that  it  also  has thousands  of  ground  troops as  well  as special forces  in that region.  Yes, this student of  WW II  knows  all the French  military  jokes, but  France  has  learned from its  past  mistakes; Germany on the other hand   is still haunted and embarrassed  by   its  NAZI  past  and  that is why it has pursued    demilitarization and left most of its  external  security  at  the hands of  NATO.   for  its  part  is  on  top  of   all these  geopolitical   realities  and  this   unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  knows  that   the  war  against  Islamic  Jihadists  is  very  far  from  over, unfortunately  France  made  the  mistake  of  allowing  'one too many'  Middle  Eastern  Muslim  migrants  into  their  country  and   more  Islamic  inspired  Terrorists  attacks  will  be  played  out  throughout  France  in  the  future  so  that  the  future  'Little  Horn'  will   eventually  declare  'Martial  Law'  throughout the  future   Kingdom of the Beast.  In the past,  thousands  of  Muslim  youths   rioted  throughout  France  for  three  weeks  and  its  going to happen  again  because   now  they  have  even  more  disenfranchised  Islamic  men.   

France, Germany  and   the other  EU countries  that   almost blindly  allowed  hundreds of thousands  of  Muslim  refugees   into their country   are  going to   experience   what  Lebanon  experienced   in the past ( 1975-1990*)  as Muslims began  to try and take over the country.  The  European's  naively  allowed  a  new   21st Century  'Trojan  Horse'  into  their  borders; only this time  the 'Horse'  is not from   Greece  but  from  Islamic  Militancy.  Islam  in  France, Germany , Belgium  and  elsewhere in the EU  is  just like  a  'Ticking Time  Bomb'  waiting   to  explode , and  explode  it  will  just  you  see  !!!   
( Nothing has really changed since the 2005  'French  Intifada'   took  place, unemployment  among  Arab-Islamic  youth  and  men  remains extremely  high   to  this  day *)  Now  you  know  why  the  future   EU-10  will  be  pulled  into   the Middle  East  and  will  attack   several  Islamic  countries of  the  Middle East  in  the   Tribulation  period  !!!  There  'Shall'  unfortunately  be  a   'European  Intifada'  in the future  that   will   allow the 'Little  Horn'  to  gain absolute powers so that he can strike back at the root of  the problem: The Middle East*

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  narrowed   the  rise  of  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  to  four  EU   countries  and  yes  France  is  on  the  top  of  the  list  and  I'm  about  to  tell  you  why  !!!  One  of  President  elect  Trump's  promises  was  to  make  the  European's  pay  for  their  own  security,  according  to  Mr. Trump  "NATO   is  an  Obsolete Military  Alliance."  The  top  European Union  leadership;  as  well  as  the  Secretary  General  of  NATO   quickly  responded  to  Mr. Trump's   NATO  statement   by  stating  that  should  NATO  be  disbanded  they  will  raise  their  own  EU  Army  !!!  Should  the  U.S.  under  the  Presidency  of  Donald  Trump   exit  from  NATO   the  only  European  Union  member  with  its  own  Nuclear  ready  Battleship, Nuclear Subs  and  capable Airforce  is : France !!!   Germany  for  decades   has  been  'demilitarizing'  itself  and  nuclear  Britain   has  voted  for  a  Brexit, this  leaves  France  as  the  most  likely  nuclear  arsenal   ready  force  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will   use  on  his  'Conquest'  as  revealed  and  guaranteed  by  Revelation  6  !!!
 ( this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  still  open  to  various  other  potential  scenarios*  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  may  possibly  end  up using NATO's  nuclear  arsenal  too***)  (  for over 15+  years has  been  teaching that  the 'Little  Horn'  forewarned   by  Daniel and the Revelation  will  'NOT'  be  : British, German  nor  Muslim  (  Hitler  himself   was  from  Austria  and  Stalin  was  from  Georgia*)    

If  you  don't  know   it  takes   several  years  to   manufacture  a :  Battleship, a  Destroyer,  an Airforce Bomber  or  a  Nuclear  Submarine  and  when  the  'Little  Horn'  rises  to  power  he  doesn't  have  too  much  time  on  his  side  if  you  know  what  I  mean  !!!  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this   interpreter  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies  knows  fully  well  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  also  have   a  'Super  Secret  Weapon'   that  will  help  him  to  defeat  his  enemies  and  all those  who  oppose  him  and  these  include :  diabolical  unholy  powers   that  will  render  the  nuclear  weapons   of  his  enemies   useless  for  some  time  !!!

The  2017  French  Presidential   elections  as  well  as  the  future  German  elections  will  tell  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  how  close  we  are   to  the  beginning  of  the  7  year  Tribulation  period.  If  you  haven't  been  following  the  global  news  you  should  know  that  France  is  presently  the  only  European country  who is  trying  to  restart  the  Middle  East  Peace Process !  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  claim  any  special  revelation  he  is  just  following  some  facts  and  realities   that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  have  to  have  at  his  disposal  to  pull  off  something  as  'Grand'  as  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation.'  !!!   The  Biblical  Prophecies  'Guarantee'  that  the  human  governments  of  this  world   will  'NOT'  go  on  forever,   we  are  ever  closer  to  the  final   7  year  tribulation  period  and    the  : poltical, social  and  economic  events  that  are  transpiring  in  the  European  Union  are   telling  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  how  close  to  the  end   we  really   are   !!!  Germany and France are the  chief  axis   around  which  the EU revolves, for centuries  Germany and  France  were   continuously   at war with one another  ( Franco-Prussian War,  WW  I,  WW II  )  the  reappearance  of   the  Islamic   threat  and  invasion   is  going  to  unite  them   as  never  before  in  the  future,  so  hints   the  Biblical  Prophecies  !!!
Officially,  the  EU   is  a  secular   political  union 'BUT'   unofficially  we  all  know  that  Roman  Catholicism  still holds  a  very  strong  cultural-religious  sway  in  most  EU  countries  and   virtually all of the French  politicians  who are  running  for President  are  promising  that   Turkey  will  never be  a  full fledge  member  of  the  European  Union  !

If  you  read  our  last  article  you  are  well  aware  that  didn't   focused  on  who  the  next  President  of  the  U.S.A.  would  be;  simply  because  'REGARDLESS'  of  who  won;  all  the  Biblical  Prophecies   point  to  the   endtimes  'DECLINE'  of  the  United  States  especially  during  the  pre-commencement  of  the  final  7  year  'Tribulation  Period.'  We  know   that  it  will  'NOT'   be  an  American  President  nor  an  American  Diplomat   who  will  'Confirm  the  Covenant  With The Many'  at the beginning of the  tribulation period,  this  tells  us  that  by  then  American  Foreign  Policy  will  'NOT'  be   the   leading   hammer  of  the  Earth  !!!   President  elect  Donald  Trump  made  several  promises  concerning  Jerusalem;  to  tell  you  the  truth  I  do  'NOT'  know  if  he  will  be  able  to  follow  through  on  them.   The  reality  is  that  all  the  previous  Presidential  administrations   have  'FAILED'  to  solve  the  Middle  East   Conundrum  and  Bible  Prophecy  'guarantees'  that  Trump  will  'NOT'  succeed   in   solving  it  either  !!!

Russia  for  its  part   is  now  trying  to  dominate  part  of  the  Mediterranean  Sea  via  its  military presence  in  Syria.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  according  to  Bible  Prophecy Mr.Putin's  days  in  the  Mediterranean  Sea  are  numbered,  Russia's   naval   presence in  the  Mediterranean  will  be   'attacked  , destroyed  and  sunk'   in  either  the  coming war mentioned  in  Ezekiel  38-39  or  by  none  other   than  the  'Little  Horn'  himself  !   Russia  is  'NOT'  destined    to  victory  in  the  last  days  and  neither   are  all  of  the  Islamic  nations  that  will   ally  itself   with  it  !!!  In  the  past  the  once  mighty  Islamic  Ottoman  Empire  allied  itself  with  the  losing  side  during  World  War  I  and  it  lost  a  large  part  of  its  territories  and  history  will  repeat   itself   again  as  most  Islamic  nations  ally  themselves  with   Russia,  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   the  Russian  military  will  be  'Supernaturally'  be   decimated   by  none  other  than : THEE  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  HIMSELF  !!!  ( Ezekiel  39 : 2 )

If  you  were  following  the  U.S. Presidential  Election  you  are  very  well  aware  that  the  vast  majority  of  the  Mass  Media  including  CNN   and  Univision  ( and  many, many others  too*) made  it  no  secret  that  they  were   200%  against  Donald  Trump.   The  Truth  is  that  our  entire  political  system  needs  to  be  revamped  and  updated,  most  were  complaining  that  the  U.S.  should  be  a  direct  democracy  and  'NOT'   one  with  an  electoral  college  'BUT'  this  is  nothing  new  when  Al  Gore  lost  to  Bush  he   too  won  the  popular  vote  but  lost   because  of  the  electoral  college, back then some  stated  that  they would  work  to   scrap  the 'Electoral College  System'   but  nothing  came of it  !!!

This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  a  'Political  Realist'  President  elect  Trump  will  very  unfortunately   will   'NOT'  be  able  to  undo  the  reckless,  decades  old  damage   that  has  been  piling  up  exponentially  to   our  American  national  debt  that  now  surpasses  $ Trillions  of  dollars ;  this   debt  has   just  getting  'bigger  and  bigger'   no thanks  to  all  the  past  Presidential  Administrations   !!!   As   believers   we  should  pray  for  him  and  for  this  country,  this   servant  of  Jesus  Christ  wishes  no  one  evil  nor  destruction.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    knows  that  America's  greatest   threat  and  enemies  are  'NOT'   Islamic  Terrorists  but  a  massive   'Industrial  Military  Complex'  that  has   economic  ties  and  connections  to  a  very  large  part  of  the  American  economy  that  is  all  inter-connected   to  powerful  Wall  Street  elites  as  well   as   to  other  powerful  individuals  in  very  high  posts  of  American  civil  and  governmental  posts  !!!  (  My  Momma  didn't  raise  no  fool  *  )

This   student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  read  and  re-read  'When Corporation Rule the World'  as  well  as  'Lucifer's  Banker'   and   'America's War  Machine'  just to name a few  books  that  everyone should read  if  you  really, really  want  to  know  what  the  other  1%  of  the  super-rich  are  doing  to  this  country  !!!   ( some  people  for  the  right  price  $$$  will  sell their  very  soul  to  Satan  if  it  were  possible  and  yet  others  would  sell  the  very  future  of  this  country  for  a  big  bank  account  somewhere  in  a  Swiss  Bank  account  or  in  the  Carribean   !!!  )

As  we   rapidly  approach   the  final  and  70th  Week of  Daniel  ( final 7 year period*)   Jerusalem shall  increasingly  become   the  epicenter  of  all  of  the  world's   diplomatic  attention.   If  you  haven't  noticed    almost  all  of  the  Arab- Islamic  nations  surrounding  Israel  are  in  some  kind  of  turmoil, the  Egyptian  military  has  taken  over  Egypt, Syria  is  in  an  unending  civil  war  that  threatens  to  spill  over  the  entire  region  and   Iran  is  trying  its  best  to  somehow  take  over  Iraq  and  to  make  things  even  more  interesting  Russia  has  now  established  itself   in  the  region  with   nuclear   submarines   and an   aircraft  carrier  replete  with  all  sorts  of  nuclear  armed  missiles  !!!

The  European  Union  for  its part  is  beginning  to  close its  once  'open  borders.'   Border  checks  have  now  become  a  reality  due  to  the  hundreds  of  thousands  of  : Syrian, Middle Eastern  and  African  migrants   trying  to  enter   Britain  and  Germany   illegally.  All  of  this  illegal  immigration, especially  from  the  Middle  East  will  force  the   endtimes  'Little  Horn'   to  push  back  the  'Islamic  Threat'  of  the  South  just  as  the  Book  of  Daniel   prophesies.  The  European  are  no  fools  some  of  them  actually  know  the  historical  threat  that  has  emanated  from  Islam  through  the  centuries  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'KNOWS'  that  history  will  once  again  repeat  itself   throughout  Europe in the future   when  most  Muslims  will  end  up  being  kicked  out  of  the  European  Union  via   the  rise  of  the  'Little  Horn.'  This  student  of  history  bases   this  on  what  Adolph  Hitler   did  in  the  past, Hitler  didn't  just  kill  and  persecuted   4+  million   European  Jews;  he  also   managed  to  kill  over  16+  million  Russians  as  well  as  : Poles, Slavs,  Gypsies, Communists,  homosexuals,  dissenting  politicians  and  even  Jehova  Witnesses  !!!

In  conclusion,  President  elect  Donald  Trump   unfortunately   will  'NOT'  be  able  to  make  this  America  great  again,  we  have  all   run  out  of  time,  Mr.Trump  can  'NOT'  undo  decades  of  massive   economic  mistakes  that   were  done  by  past   administrations  both : Democratic  and  Republican.  America   'SHALL'  decline  in  power  and  influence   simply  because  it  made  almost  the  same  mistakes   of   empire  that   both  the  Roman  Empire  and  the  British  Empire  made  in  the  past  !!!   When  the  currency  of  :  Argentina, Mexico,  Greece, the  Soviet  Union    Venezuela  and  several  others  collapsed  in  the  past  it  wasn't   the  end  of  the  world  'BUT'  the  standard  of  living  went  significantly  downward, inflation  took  on  a  life  of  its  own  and  the  currency    lost  over  half  of  its  value.   GOD  blessed  America  for   over half a century 'BUT'  America   has  of  lately   passed  numerous  laws   that  go  directly  against  the  Commandments  of  our  Creator  and  'NO'  one  ever   defies  GOD  Almighty    and  lives  to  gloat  about  it  forever.

This  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   dedicates  this  article  to  the  memory  of  Jack  T.Chick.   I  was  greatly  influenced  and  inspired  by  Jack T. Chick  Christian  tracts  in  my  teenage  years  when  I  got  saved.   As  a   servant  of  Jesus  Christ  I  know  that  by  the  saving  grace  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  Brother  Chick  is  now  in  the  presence  of   our  Holy  Creator.   Jack  was  a  true   servant  of  Jesus  Christ   simply  because  of  all  the   'hate'  responses  that  I  have  read  about  him  in  the  secular  news  wires; Jack Preached   about the reality of  Hell  and  of  the  fact  that   the  Vatican  is  the   Woman  who  will  ride the Beast  of  Revelation.  The true  prophets of GOD  are  'NOT'  loved  by  the  world  nor  by  its  corrupt   institutions.  I  personally  read  almost  all of   Brother  Jack T. Chick's  tracts, they were  simple, to the point  and   always  ended  with  an  invitation  to  accept  Jesus  Christ   as  one's  personal  saviour.  Jack T. Chick is an example of what  GOD can  accomplish  in   one  man  who  will  'NOT'  bow  to  complacency;  many   Christians   die  all  over  the  world  everyday   and  we never   get  to  know  their  names  nor  what  they  accomplished   for  the  Lord,  yet  Jack T. Chick   dies  and   even  the : New York Times, the L.A. Times,  U.K.Guardian,  the  Daily Beast , Evolution websites, Atheist  websites and  others   noticed  it  and  dedicated  an  article  about  him   even if  it  was  derogatory  !  ( Woe  unto  you  when  all men speak  good of you !  For their ancestors also praised the False Prophets;  Luke  6 : 26  )   This  servant  of  Christ   hopes  and   prays  that   his impact  on this world  will  one  day  be  as   great  as  Jack T.  Chick's  ***)

Jack T.Chick    was  correct  on   who the 'Woman Riding the Beast'  of  Revelation  will  be, and  He  was  correct   on the reality   of  a  Spirit  World  that  surrounds  us,  as  well  as  on  the  reality  of   a  literal   'Heaven  and   Hell'   and  especially   on the   TRUTH  that  there  is  only  one  way  to  GOD  the  Father  and  to  Eternal  Life  and  that  is  solely   through  : JESUS  CHRIST   !!!   Brother  Jack,  also   exemplified  the  fact  that  you  don't  have  to  be  behind  a  pulpit    to   reach  and  affect  the  world,  GOD  Almighty  is  able  to   take  your  talent  to  all  the  world  if  you  truly commit  to Him  regardless  of  the short  term  costs  & ridicule  brought  on by: Atheists, Evolutionists, Muslims  &  by some who claim to even  be  believers !
( the  Christian Booksellers Association years ago   caved  in  to  Roman Catholicism  in 1981,     and  stopped  distributing  Chicks publications  because  the  CBA  deemed  them    too offensive  to  Catholics ***)

According  to  the N.Y.Times  article on Jack T.Chick , he chose   comics  as  his  medium  to  'share, communicate and evangelize'  because  he  was  too  shy  to bear witness any other way !
According to one  negative  atheistic and evolutionist   website  review; "Mr. Chick  with his 142  little books in print, including  translations in over 100 languages  makes  him for better or worst one of the  world's  most published  living  authors."  Even though  he wasn't   a  Seminary Theologian, Bro.Jack's his theology affected  hundreds of millions of human souls  !

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   is  a  student  of : Game  Theory, Political Theory,  Sociological Theory,  European Integration Theory  as  well  as  Nuclear  Proliferation. Sometimes  I  wish  I  was  just  a  'Chicken Farmer'  somewhere   in Arkansas  'BUT'  GOD  gave  me  'One  Gift'  and   this  servant  of  His  is  just  trying   to   multiply  it  somehow  so that  it  will  one  day be   a   blessing  to   millions  !!!   GOD  is   'NOT'  anywhere   near  finished   with  this   'Imperfect  Vessel'  so  please  be  patient,  I'm  far  from  perfection  'BUT'  one  day  we shall  all  be like  Him !  ( 1 John 3 : 2 )