Monday, January 23, 2017


We  are   talking  about  thee  Holy   and  Eternal  GOD   of  the  Bible  ( Yahweh, Elohim, Jehova, Jesus  Christ*)   who  has  absolute  command  and  control  over  'ALL'  of  the  atoms  and  subatomic  particles  in  this  Universe  and   who  has  the  power  to  bring  back  to  life  'EVERY' single  human  being  who  has ever  lived  on  planet  Earth;   regardless  of  how  and  when  they  died  and  whom  have  been  swallowed  up  'generation  after  generation'  by  the  many  faces  of  death  ever  since  Adam  and  Eve  inherited  and   passed  upon  us  all   the  death  gene  !!!  ( Revelation 20:13 )  Thee  same  Creator  and  Eternal  Spirit  who  transcends  and  permeates  this  entire  Universe   in  ways  that  our  'finite  and  seriously  corrupted  cerebrum'   cannot   even  begin  to  imagine  and   a  GOD  and  Creator  who  knows  all  the  Trillions+  of  stars by  their  names  and who  also  knows  how  many  hairs  you  &  I  literally  have on  the  top of  our  head !!!  ( Matthew 10: 30 )

What  is  man ?   All  we  are  'millions  upon  millions'  of  wonderfully  arranged  atoms  ( matter ) that  GOD  Almighty   gave  order  to  from  the  dust  of  the  Garden  of  Eden, the 'ONLY'  reason  you  are  reading this and yet breathing  and   over  6+ billion  other  human  beings   are  yet  alive  on this planet  Earth  is  solely  because  GOD  Almighty   breathed  into  the  nostrils  of  Adam;  His  'Breath  of   Life'   ever  since  has  'NOT'  yet   ceased;  billions+  of  human  beings  created in the 'Image of GOD'  are  still  coming  into  existence  on  this  planet  Earth  !!!  It  is  the  carnal  pride  of  most human  beings  who only  live in the  'Flesh'   that   impedes  them  from  perceiving   the  spiritual  and  eternal   reality  that  is  even  more  real  than  this  temporary  human  body  and  planet  !!!

The astronomical  'Patterns'  of  creation,  that this student of  Theology  has  been  studying for many  years;  indicate  to  this   insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   that  at  a  'Minimum'  GOD  Almighty  has  created  at  the least  one creation  per galaxy in a  timeless  compartment/subsection   within  eternity;  and  you and I  have  to   realize  that  'Everything'  else  in this Universe  was  not  created  for  us  'BUT'  was  created  by : Him  and  for  Him   !!!  ( John 1 : 3  & Colossians 1 : 16 )  Ladies  and  gentlemen  we  are  talking  about   an  omnipotent  Creator   who  is  'NOT' limited  by any natural  resources,  nor  by  any  financial   limitations  and  who  neither  needs  any  subcontractors  to  'create  and  create'   and  that   shall  keep  on  creating  for  all  of  eternity  and  a  Creator  who  needs  not  the  counsel of  anyone  else  !!!  Very  truly,  GOD  Almighty  is  thee  supreme  : engineer, architect  and  producer  of  every single  living   thing; be it 'biological  or spiritual', on  this side of  the Third  Heaven  & then some ! In Job 38 : 7,  the  very  mighty  Angels  were  'NOT'  needed   in  helping  GOD   terraform  this  planet  Earth,  nor  were  they  needed  to  help  Him  engineer  the  human   body  of  Adam  &  Eve  !  )  (  either  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  a  very, very, very  big  imagination  or  a  very, very, very  Great  and  Almighty   GOD  * )

It  is  the  'personal   opinion  and  observation'  of  this  insignificant   servant  of  Jesus  Christ, that  our   human  understanding  and  construct  of  'TIME'  is  all  wrong.  ( Einstein's theory  of time  has  flaws and  so  does  that  of  any  other  human  being*)   Genesis  1,  is 'NOT' the  beginning  of  eternity,  it  is our  beginning  in eternity !!!  There  have  been many  different  beginnings  throughout  all  of  eternity  and  there  are  going  to  be  even   more;  simply  because  that  is  the  very  nature  and  crux  of   an  Eternal  GOD   in  an eternity  that  has  'NO'  end   !!!  (((  Most  if  not  all : Theologians, Apolegetics,  Pastors  and  servants  of  GOD   will  agree  that  it  is  'NOT'  the   Jewish  year  5777  in  the  3rd  Heaven,  nor  the  year  2017  either   !!!   GOD  Almighty,   has  'NO'  beginning  and  it  would  not  be  stretching  the truth  by  stating  that  the  3rd  Heaven  has  literally  been  in  existence   for  'billions  upon  billions+'  of  human  Earth  years  as  we  'understand'  time  here on  a  planet  where  'time  & death'  prevails  over  all  biological  life on this  fallen creation !  )))

Most  if  not  all   Theologians   would  agree  that  the  Holy  Scriptures   were  primarily  given  to  humanity   ( Jews )   to  record  the  'History  of  Redemption'  of  planet  Earth.   The Holy Bible  was  'Never'  given  to  us  to  record   everything that has ever transpired in eternity  before  GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve.  GOD  in  His  sovereignty   has  revealed  to  us  in  His  WORD   only  the  most  important  and  critical   things  that  we  will  be  held  responsible  for  on this planet  and  that  is : what  we  do  with  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  According  to  most  Biblical  experts   the  original  Holy  Texts  writings  were  'NOT'  written  in  a  Western  style  of  writing, obviously   to  make  the  Holy  Scriptures  more  accessible;  ( for  reference  and  quotation purposes*)  the  Books of the Bible  were later  on  divided  into  chapters  and  verses.  For  thousands  of  years  the  Holy  Scriptures   were  out of the reach  of  the  average   Jew  and  Gentile.  It  really  wasn't  until  the  Gutenburg  Bible  was mass  produced,  that  the  Holy  Scriptures  were  made  accessible  to   most  of  humanity.

Anyone  who  has  ever  gone  into  higher  education  knows  that  the  average  page size  of  a  'Biology  Textbook'  is  over  300+  pages, the average  history book  is  too   as  well,  as  most  books  on  any  major  field  of  study  be  it  in  science : Quantum Physics,  Mathematics, Chemistry  etc.  As  you  can  see  the  Holy  Bible  was  'NOT'  given  to  humanity   to   reveal  to  us  'EVERYTHING'   about  everything  !!! ( otherwise   the Holy Bible would be  bigger than  any  textbook set of  any Encyclopedia*)  GOD  in  His  eternal  sovereignty  mainly  revealed  to  us  puny  humans   the most  important  thing that  we  needed  to  know  in  Genesis  all  the  way  to  Revelation  'BUT'   it  was  obvious  that  GOD  already  knew  that   we  would  eventually   discover  many  of  the  secrets  that   nature  hides  for  the  Book  of  Daniel  confirms  this  fact : 'Knowledge  will  multiply  in the Last  Days.'  ( Daniel 12 : 4 )  and  the  'Knowledge  of  the  glory  of  GOD  Almighty'   has  also  been  exponentially   filling  up  every  corner  of  this  planet  Earth   too  !!!   (  Habakkuk  2 : 14  )

There   are   many, many  things  that  the  'eyes  and  ears'  of  us  fallen  human  beings   will  never,  ever   be  able  to  know  'BUT'  this,  that  you  are about  to  read  isn't  one  of  them !  Genesis  1  is  'NOT'  the  beginning  of  Eternity, Genesis  is  GOD  Almighty   inserting  a  new  creation   that  is  bound  by 'time and space'  into  Eternity.  In  the  annals  of  Eternity,  Genesis  to  Revelation   is  but  like  only  a  chapter  in   an  'Eternal  Epic'   that  has  'NO'  ending  !!!  GOD   Almighty, Thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL,  thee  GOD  of  : Abraham, Isaac  and  Jacob   manifested   in  :  JESUS  CHRIST   'Has, Is  and  Shall'   continue  populating  eternity  with  a  myriad  of  different  creations  because  that   is  simply   who  HE  IS,  Thee :  Creator  of  creators  and  HE   most  certainly  did  'NOT'  exert   all  of  His  Omnipotent  powers   after   the  six  days  in  Genesis, if  you've  studied  the  Holy  Scriptures   you  have  realized   that   there  were  already  'Son's  of  GOD'   in  eternity  and  existence  long  before  you  and  I   were  created  on  planet  Earth  and  this   insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  'NO'  Prophet, but  as  he  scopes  and  studies    this  Universe  alone  with  Trillions+  of  other  galaxies;  he  knows  fully  well   that  'Eye  has  not  seen,  nor  ear  heard  and  no  human  mind  can  imagine  what  GOD  has  prepared    for  those  who  love  Him  !!!'  (  1 Corinthians   2 : 9 )  Truly,  the  Holy  Spirit  of  GOD,  searches  all  things  even  the  deep  things  of  GOD  and  reveals  them  to  us ***

This   believer  in  Jesus  Christ  believes  that  the  Holy  Bible   is  the  inspired  WORD  of  an  Eternal  GOD.  Today  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  would  like  to  touch  on  what  has  been  happening   long  before  the  'Recorded  History'  of   us  who  were  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  in  this  planet  in  particular.   Most  theologians  and  Pastors   would  agree  that  Adam  probably   held  the  highest  IQ  ( Intelligence )  of  any  human  being  who  has  ever  lived;  for  GOD  created  him   in  a  'Complete'  state.  Even  though  Adam  may  have  been  the  smartest  human  being   to  ever  walk  the  Earth  he  was  'NO'  match  for  one of the highest  and  brightest  creations  of  GOD   before  planet  Earth   was  even  created ( Satan *).  There  is  a  great  debate  and  disagreement  among  Christians   as  to  how  old  this  planet  and  Universe  is.  Some  claim  that  both this planet and Universe  are  about  7000  years  old  and  yet  others  believe  that  it  is  7+  million  and  even  others  believe  that it is  7-15  billions  of  years  old  !!!

Today  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  to  approach  this  topic    using the  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  and   this  'information'  in  no  way  holds  any  doctrinal  weight; I  personally  believe   that  we  are  all  sinners  in  need  of  the  salvation  that  only  Jesus  Christ  offers.   It  is  rather  obvious  that  this  believer  that there  is  indeed  a  literal  heaven  and  hell. This  topic  is  as  controversial  as  the  'Rapture'  to  some;  in  that  some  hold  very  strong  opinions  and  beliefs   that  will  never  be  swayed  in  the  opposite  direction.

The  more  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies  the  fall  of  Satan,  the  more  obvious  it  becomes  to  him  that  there  indeed  was a massive cataclysmic global judgement of God against the world of Lucifer (Satan) and his angels when they sinned by rebelling against God during the Pre-Adamic Age. Since then, God has limited Satan and his fallen angels  to planet Earth and  according to  Jude 1 : 6, some  were  chained  in  'spiritual   darkness'  because they left their  domain  &  abode, therefore GOD confined them to Earth and its' heaven (earth’s atmosphere) awaiting their final judgement in the Lake of Fire.  In  short, when  Satan was  cast off  of  heaven  he  threw  one of the  biggest  tantrums in  eternity  by  destroying  almost  every  living  thing  that  GOD  had  'beforehand'  created  on  a  Pre-Adamic  Earth   in  Job 38 : 7  !!!  ( John 8 : 44 )

In  the  Book  of  Job  38 : 7   when  GOD  was  creating  planet  Earth;  the  Angels   celebrated  with  joyful  shouts  as  GOD  Almighty  created  yet  another  masterpiece  in  eternity; it is  in  the Book of Job  too,  that  we  learn  that   there  was   already   another  creation outside of the new creation that  GOD  was  creating  on  planet  Earth.    It  is  obvious  that  the  Angels  were  created  long, long, long  before  us   in  a  period  of  eternity  which  our  'finite'  brain  cells   cannot  conceive.  It  is  also  in  Job 38 : 7   that  we  learn  that    Lucifer  had  'NOT'  yet   rebelled  along  with  a  3rd  of  the  Angelic  Hosts   !!!

Obviously   GOD  had  clearly  completed  and  created   a  beautiful  Earth  in  Job 38 :7    and  'NOT'  one  that  was  'formless  and  empty  and   full  of   darkness'  as  Genesis  1 :  2 .  It  is  rather  obvious  to  this  student  of  theology  that  'ALOT'   of  things  had  transpired  on  planet  Earth  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  in  the  Garden  of  Eden   !!!  The  Book of  Ezekiel    28 :13,  reveals  to  us  that  Lucifer   was  once   in charge of the Garden of Eden  long  before   Adam  was  later  created  there  !!!   The  Holy  Scriptures  do  'NOT'  give  us  an  exact  timeline  of  when  exactly  Satan  and  One-Third of the Angels  rebelled  and  were  expelled  onto  planet  Earth   but  'NO"  serious  student  of  the  Bible  or  Berean   can  deny  that  Satan  was  already    on planet  earth  and  outside of the Garden of Eden  when  GOD  was  creating  Adam  inside  of  the  Garden  of  Eden.  This  student  of  Theology  says  this  because  the  Holy  Bible  itself   very  clearly  reveals  to  us  that  outside  of  the  Garden  of  Eden  was  'NOT'  as  much  of  a   paradise  as  was  inside of the Garden of Eden  !!!

We  have  to  remember   that   everything   was  'NOT'  created  for  us  human  beings  who  were  created   in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD.'  The  biblical   truth  is  that  'Everything'  was  created   by : Him  and  for  Him  !!!  We  human  beings  were  created   to  populate  this  planet  Earth  and   those  of   us  that  believe  in  Jesus  Christ   and  His  total  atonement  at  the  Cross   of  Calvary   are  going  to  inherit  the  'New  Jerusalem.'  It's   'NOT'  all  about  us ,  it's  all   about   Him  !!!  We  are  being  invited  into  eternity  and  into  the  heavens   in   a  way  to  fill   somewhat  the  place   lost  and  abdicated   by  the  'millions  upon  millions'  of  fallen  Angels  who  voluntarily  out  of  their  own  free  will  chose to rebel  against  their  own  loving  Creator   !!!   When  they  are  finally  kicked out of  the  heavens;
( Revelation 12 : 8 )  we  shall  beforehand  be  caught  up  to  meet  our  Lord  in  the  air  !!!  ( 1 Thessalonians  4 : 17  )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  that  since  Adam  and  Eve  until  today  some  7000  years   have  passed  'BUT'  that  the  age  of  this  Universe   is  an  entire different  story.  I  believe  that  we  are  "ALL"   wrong  about  the   concept  of   'TIME.'   To this  student of  Theology  this  debate   is  as  doctrinally   important  as  the  Rapture, most of my  brothers  would  agree  that  the  Rapture   is  not  a  doctrinal   point of salvation  ( whether you believe in it or not if you're a true believer in Jesus  Christ  you're going to be 'Taken'  anyway   !!!  )

As  this  student  of  Theology  studies  the  concept  of  'Eternity'  7000+  years, 7,000,000= years  and  even  7  Billion+  years   seemingly  become   irrelevant; I believe  that  when  GOD  reveals  us  many  things  in  the  New  Jerusalem   we  are  all  going  to  be  stunned  !!!  The  truth  that  'NO'  theologian, Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist  nor  Prophet  can  deny  is  that  'Eternity'  has  been  going  on  long, long  and  way   longer   than  before   any  human  recorded  history  was  in  place   !!!

When did Jesus Christ see Satan fall like lighting from heaven? It can only have been during the Pre-Adamic Age, and not during the Adamic Age. This is because Satan was already a sinful fallen angel confined to Earth at the start of the Adamic Age. There is absolutely nothing in the Bible to suggest that Satan was cast down to earth from heaven after God had created Adam and Eve, during the Adamic Age.  It  is  rather  obvious  that  the  angelic war between God’s Holy angels and the sinful rebellious angels  that  began in heaven but was finished on earth when God cast Satan and his angels out of heaven back down to earth  initiated   before  GOD  created  Adam  in  the  Garden  of  Eden. As a result, the whole beautiful Pre-Adamic Garden of Eden earth suffered cataclysmic violence of unimaginable proportions of  : death, destruction, flooding, &  darkness as described in Genesis 1:2.

  Recently  this  believer   was  listening  to  one of my favorite  Bible  expositors  on  T.V.  and  he  stated  something that I had never even considered nor that had passed  through this small  brain of mine. The  servant  of  GOD  that was on   T.V.  stated  that  'since  when   did  the  Angelic  Hosts  learned   to  fight ?'  and  why  did  GOD  need  'armies  of  Angels'  to  begin  with ?  The  Holy  Bible  is  full  of  passages  where  GOD  is  described  as  the  commander  of  a  mighty  army  !!!  ( Joshua 5 : 14,   1 Samuel 1 : 3,  Psalms  24 : 9-10, Isaiah   6 : 5   )  by  all  of  this,  this  student  of  Theology  merely  is  trying  to  tell  you  that  'much. much  more'  has  been   going  on   in  eternity  long  before  GOD  created  us  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  on  planet  Earth.  What  the  Bible  Preacher   was  trying  to  communicate  to  us  was  that  much, much  more  has  been  going  on  and  is  going  on  above  the  many  heavens  that  are  limited  carnal  eyesight  cannot  see   !!!


In  the  'Grand  Scheme'  of  things  if  you  and  I  just   take  a  step  back;  we  are  able  to  witness   that  'To  Whom  Much  is  Given  Much  Will  be  Required'  being  carried  out  in  real  time  on  this  'fallen  planet'   called  Earth GOD  in  effect  didn't  immediately   cast  Satan  and  the  one third of the Fallen  Angels  directly  into  the  'Lake  of  Fire'  because  He  sovereignly   doesn't  let  anyone  'off  the  hook'  that  easily  !!!   Lucifer  and  all  the  Angels  that  chose  to  rebel  were   given, revealed, entrusted  and  endowed  with  great : powers, talents  and  gifts  &  yet  they  willingly  corrupted  themselves  with  a  narcissist  love !!!  GOD  Almighty   is  sovereignly   teaching  everyone  an  'eternal  lesson'  about  the  consequences  of  : disobedience, rebellion  and  of  sin   !!!  GOD   sovereignly  allowed  the  war  that  began  in  heaven  to   continue  on  planet  Earth  so  that  the  product  of  the  'Seed of the Woman'  would   ultimately  be  the  one  to  defeat  Satan  and  by  allowing   Satan's  rebellion  to  continue  in  this  new  creation   'ALL"  those  in  the  heavens  as  well  as  on  Earth  would  forever   know   that  'EVIL'  has  'NO'   limits  if  left   unchecked  & unrestrained  !!!  The   spiritual  evidence   is  that  'Iniquity'  is  like   a  super-virus  that  exponentially  grows  and  multiplies  not  only  spiritually  contaminating  and  infecting  everyone  and  everything  that it  infects 'BUT'  it  has  absolutely  'NO'  love  nor  compassion   for  anything  and  anyone  that  it : devours, destroys  and  inhabits  !!!  We  are  'NOT'  an  experiment   of  GOD,  nor   is  GOD  playing  an   eternal  'Chess match'  with  Satan;  GOD   is  simply  'Rectifying'   all  the  damage  that  Satan   has  caused  and  is  causing  by  way of  the  total  & absolute  sacrifice  that  JESUS CHRIST finalized  at  the Cross of  Calvary !     What  Satan   did  to  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  at  the  Cross  by  way  of  the  Roman  Beast,  proves  and  is  evidence  that  Satan  didn't  want  to  just  be  like  the  most  HIGH  GOD; but that  if  given  the  opportunity;  Satan   ultimately  sought  to  dethrone  the  very  ONE  who  created  'EVERYTHING  and  EVERYONE'  !!!  (  obviously,  Satan   is  'NO'  match  or  threat  to  GOD, GOD  knows  the  future  of  all  of  His  creations  in  eternity  and  Satan   is  but  a  'Finite'  being  that  corrupted  himself  and  that  has  'NO'  redemption  ever  in  eternity  !!!  GOD  temporarily  isolated  and  confined   Satan's  rebellion  on  planet  Earth   to  demonstrate  and  prove  beyond   a  shadow of  a  doubt  that  Satan    doesn't  repent   of   'any  and  all'  of  the  harm  and  destruction  that  he   initiated    and  that  has  caused   immense   destruction  both  in  the  heavens  and  on  Earth  !!!  )  


Given  what  we  presently  know  about  this  Universe   with  its  trillions+  of  galaxies,  it  is  the  'personal  observation  and  opinion'   of  Mario  Romano,  that   GOD  has  been  forever  creating  different  creations  all  through  eternity  for  His   sheer  &  sovereign  pleasure  !!! The  patterns  all throughout  this creation  that  I  have  come  across  and  studied  through the years  very,  very  highly  point  to  the    reality  that   we  are  most  definitely  'NOT'  the  only   creation  of  GOD  in  this  entire   Universe.   Very  simply  put,  GOD  created  trees  to  produce  fruit  and  it  should  be  a  'NO'  brainer  that  GOD  created  galaxies  to  be  the  producers  of  billions  of  other  planets   that  would  host  you  guessed  it  :  LIFE  !!!  GOD  has  created  different  'Levels'  of  life,  for  we  were  created  lower  than  the  Angels  and  there  are  millions  of  other   animals  and  insects  that  were  created  much lower  than  us  humans  in  this  planet  alone.

Theologically   speaking   'Jesus  Christ'   did  'NOT'  die  for  the  sins  of  other  creations,  we  are  thee  creation   that  did  fall  into  sin, in the parables   the Father  ( GOD )  had  more  than  one  sheep  and  more  than  just  one  son;  and  if  you've  studied  the  parables  the  Father   ( GOD )  loved  all  of  His  sons  and  sheep  equally,   in our  specific  case  we  are  that   'Prodigal'  creation  that  did  need  salvation.

Some  Bible  teachers  are  teaching  that  GOD  is  going  to  destroy   this entire Universe  after  the  Millenium.   This student of the Holy Scriptures   does  'NOT'  agree  with  that  view, the truth is that  we  all  hold  a   very  'limited  and  opaque  view'   of  what  is  really  taken  place  outside  of  this  solar  system  and  of  planet  Earth.  I  end  this  article   stating  that  our  reality  is  that  we  are  the  creation   that  was  created  in  direct  response  to  the  rebellion  that  Satan  initiated  in  the  heavens  and  that  continues on  planet  Earth  to  this  day.  The  Holy  Scriptures  make  it  very  clear  that   GOD  created  us  in  the  very  same  planet   where  He  had  cast  Satan  into  long  before  GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve  here  !!!  It  is  rather  obvious  that   planet  Earth  holds  many  secrets   that  are  'NOT'  specifically  highlighted   and  mentioned  in   the  Holy  Scriptures.  

Despite   all  the  disagreements  in  Christianity,   no  believer  can  deny  that  the most important message of all  the  Holy  Bible  is  that  GOD  our  Creator  loves  us  and  that  He  has  made  it  possible  for every  human  being to  enter  into  eternal  life  via  the  complete  sacrifice  that  JESUS  CHRIST   completed   at  the  Cross  of  Calvary.  GOD  literally  has  the  power  and  the  sovereign  right  to  keep  on  creating  throughout  all  of  eternity  and  even  though   this  servant  of  GOD  is  "NO"   Prophet  nor  Nobel  Prize  winner;   he  knows  without  a  'shadow  of  a  doubt'  that  GOD  our  Creator  has  'NOT'  been  existing  solely  around  darkness  and  dark  matter  before  Genesis  1,  we   are  one  of  many  creations  of  GOD  !!!  We  may  very  well  be  the  only  creation  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  and  this   comes  with  great  responsibility  and  accountability  and  the  sad  truth  is  that  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  revealed  to  us  that  most  'human  beings'  who were  created  in the 'Image of GOD'   choose  the  path  that  leads  to  the  'Wide Gate'  that  leads  to  damnation.  ( Matthew 7 : 13-14 )

In  "NO"   way  does  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes   in  the  existence  of  extra-terrestrial  beings  and   UFO's  on  planet  Earth  as   it  is  being  presented  by  the T.V. series  'Ancient  Aliens'  and  most  Hollywood  movies  on  this  subject.   Satan  and  all  of  his  fallen  Angels   are  trying  to  'DECEIVE'   most  if  not  all  of  humanity  through  a  variety  of  deceptions  and   their  deceptive  capabilities  are  'NOT'  limited  to : false  religions, false  Messiahs,  UFO's,   Satan  is  quite  literally  even  throwing  in  the  'kitchen  sink'  'BUT'  all  those  who  abide  by  the  eternal  WORD  of  GOD  cannot  be  deceived.

We  presently  inhabit  a  fallen  planet  and  while   the New  Jerusalem  has  literal  'streets of gold'( Revelation  21: 21 )   most  people  don't  really  seem  to  care,   they  have  set  their  sights  on  the  temporal  things  that  this  world  has  to  offer  and   although  this  Universe  and  eternity  is  full  of  different  creations  our  present  reality  is  that  Satan  and  a  multitude  of  Fallen  Angels  and  demons  are  bent  on  : destroying,  enslaving, killing  what  GOD  Almighty  created  in  this  planet, there  is  a  war  for  the  billions  of  human  souls  that  have  been  born  on  planet  Earth  and  Satan  is  not  after  those  who   he  long  ago  deceived, he's  after  all  those  who  are  a  threat  to  him !!!  

In  sum,  as  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  studies  and  meditates   on  what  GOD  is capable  of  bringing  to  life;  it  is  rather  obvious  that  GOD   has  been  creating  different  'Levels' of  creations  ( life );  from  the  mighty  Archangels  all  the  way  to  the  one-celled  organism,  from   gigantic  dinosaurs  to  the  simple  ant;  it  should  be  rather  obvious   that  GOD  likes  variety  and  because  you  and  I  were   created   in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD'   so  much  more  is  expected  of  us   !!!  It  is  a  shame  that  many  human  beings   are  living   like  'animals'  Satan  has  so  deceived   much  of  humanity  that  most   are  nothing  more  than   the  'Walking  Dead'  and  it  is  comes  as  no  surprise  to  this  student  of  theology   why  more  animals  were  saved   during the flood  than  even  human  beings   !!!   Corporations  on  this  planet   are  always  seeking  to  expand  into  every  nation  and  market  and  our  GOD  and  Creator  Almighty  has  been  doing  that   very thing all  through  eternity  !!!  Certainly,  we  were  not  His  first  creation  and  neither  shall  we  be  His  last;  and  this  unworthy   servant  of  Jesus  Christ   based  upon  the  pattern  that  GOD  has  left  all  over  the  microbiological  world  and  the  astronomical  world  knows  that  the  rest  of  the  trillions+  of  other  galaxies   in this Universe  are  'NOT'  all   void  and  empty  of  life  and  if  all  of  those  trillions+  of  other  galaxies  are  not  part  of  GOD's  eternal  future  projects;  I  would  be  very,  very  surprised  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano,  the  truth  is  that  'Eternity'   has  been  going  on  long  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  on  planet  earth,  and  long   before  Lucifer   rebelled  in  the  second  heaven  and  even  longer  than  the  'finite  human  brain'  can  comprehend.   There  are  some  secrets  that  GOD  trusts  'NO'  one  with  and  only  keeps  unto  Himself   ( Deuteronomy  29 : 29  )  the  truth  is  that  GOD  is  'NOT'  going  to  hold  us  accountable  for  things  that  are  beyond  us,  we  will  all  only  be  held  accountable   for  what  He  did  clearly  revealed  to  us  through  His Prophets  found in the Holy Scriptures  and  what  we  did  with  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


This  past  June 3, 2016,  France  held  a conference on  the  Middle  East  Peace Process and  continued  it  again  just  this  past  Sunday, January 15, 2017 again  in  Paris, France.  The  main  aim  of  the  past   Israeli-Palestinian   conference  was  an  attempt  to  create  conditions  to  end  the  Israeli-Palestinian  conflict.  The  meetings  focused  on  political  solutions   that  would  begin  a  package  that  would  contain  incentives  and  guarantees  for  both  sides  of  the  conflict.  One  of  the  main  proposals  would  include   a special  privileged  partnership  with  the  EU  as  well  as  investments  in  the  economic  sector  and  security  in  the  Gaza  Strip.  Over  50+  representatives  attended  that  previous  conference  sponsored  and  held  in  Paris  France  last  year  and  just  this  past  week  Paris, France  once  again  held  yet  another  peace  conference  and  some  70  representatives  of  various  nations  attended  with  the  exception  of  : Israel.

The  French  Peace  initiative   'was   and  is'  being  backed  and  supported  by  the  United  Nations ( UN )  the  European  Union  (EU )  the  United  States ( USA )  the  Secretary  General  of  the  Arab  League  ( AL )  Russia,  as  well  as  numerous  other   key  players  in  the  region.

If  there  is  a  clear  historical  and political   'PATTERN'   of  who  is  taking  the  initiative  ( by mediating  and  sponsoring ) to  achieve  some  type  of  a 'real  and  sustained'  Middle  East Peace  Process,   it  is  rather  evident that  Western  nations   ( Washington D.C, Oslo, Norway, Paris , France  and  Madrid , Spain *)   have been  at  the  forefront  of  trying  to  'Confirm the Covenant   with  the  Many.'  ( and not  any  singular  power from : Asia, Africa  nor  Islamic country; thus  reaffirming  the  fact  that  the  final  Little  Horn  emerges  from  a  Roman Western  Power * )

One  of  the French  initiatives  main goal  is to try to have  joint  discussions  between  all  the  major   world  players  on  how  to  best  be  able  to  'Re-Start'  the  peace  dialogue  between  Israel  and  the  Palestinians.  According  to  the  declarations  of  the  French  President; Mr. Hollande,  'Both  sides  are  interested  in  ending  the  conflict  peacefully   based  on  the  two-state  solution.'  The  High  Representative  of  the  EU  along  with  the  French  President    stated  that  the  EU  for  its  part  would  be  ready  to  strengthen  its  presence  and  role  in  such  a  Middle  East  Peace  Process.  (  inferring that both : France and the EU   are willing  to  send  troops  and  have  a  military  presence  there  to  guarantee  & oversee  the  process  as 'Peace  Keepers-Mediators.'  )  

According  to  the  Bible  Prophecy,  there   is  coming  a  man  who  is  going  to  succeed  where  virtually  everyone  else  has  failed   for  over  half  a  century.  Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  in  Christ  we  are  witnessing  an  increasing   call  for  peace  in  the  Middle  East  as  never  before.

Israel  for  its  part  did  'NOT'  sent  any  representatives  to  France  because   in  their  eyes,  the  French  Peace  talks  are  'Rigged'  by  both  the:   Palestinians  and  the  French  auspices  with  mostly  anti-Israel  stances.  According  to  the  Israelis;   continued  terrorism  undermines  any talks for peace  as  well  as  continuing  United  Nations  resolutions  that  condemned  Israeli  settlements  in  East  Jerusalem  that  were  also  backed  by  the  Obama  administration.  According  to  Mr. Netanyahu,  the  entire  Middle  East  is  'NOT'  ready  for  any  peace;  given  the  continuing    Arab  Spring   that  has  yet  to  fully  subside  and  be  finalized.  The  entire  region  is  replete  with  more  pressing  concerns  and  threats  that  far  eclipse  the  decades  old  Israeli-Palestinian  conflict.  In  the  eyes  of  Jerusalem,  the  Iranian  nuclear   quest   is  of   a  more  pressing   concern  than  the  'Palestinian  threat'  simply  because   Iran  has  threatened  to  go  nuclear  against  Israel  and  despite  the  continuing   Palestinian  terroristic  threats,  these  in  no  way  come  even  close  to  posing  more  of  a   strategic  threat  than  a  nuclear  Iran.  

The  Biblical  Prophecies   'GUARANTEE'  that  the  only  one  who  will   succeed  in  finally  brokering   a  'Peace  and  Security'  agreement   with  Israel  and  its  neighboring   enemies  at  the  satisfaction  of  the  rest  of  the  international  community   will  be  the  upcoming  'Roman Little  Horn.'   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  most  definitely  "NOT'  surprised  that  France  is  trying  very  hard  to   produce   some  peace  in  the  Middle  East;  if  you  have  been  visiting   you  know  very  well   that  we  are  predicting  that  the  final   'Covenant  with  the  Many'  will  finally  either  be  signed  in  Rome  or  in  Paris  in  the  future  and  if  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  should  know  very  well  what  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  hinting  at   !!!

The  Madrid  Conference  in  1991  produced  the  secret  talks  in  Oslo, Norway  in  1993  by  the  'Fafo  Institute'  ( Norwegian  Host )  and  would  go  on  to  be  officially  signed  in  a  very  public  ceremony  in  Washington  D.C.  on  September 13, 1993.   Due  to  their  quest  for  some  type  of  peace; Shimon Peres, Yitzhak  Rabin  and  Yasser  Arafat  were  awarded  the  Nobel  Peace  Prize  later  that  year.  The  'accords'  however  never  resulted  in  any  long  term  peace  advancement.

As  you  can  witness,  in   the  past  only  the : United  States,  Europe  and  very  remotely  Russia  to  some  degree,  have  been  trying  to  initiate  some  type  of  a  solution  to  the  seemingly neverending  and  half-century  old  'Israeli-Palestinian  conflict'   that  threatens  to  spill  over  the  entire  region  and  one  that   realistically   could  produce  World  War  III  if  left  ignored.  According  to  Bible  Prophecy   that's  were  this  conflict  is  headed   'ANYWAY'  !!!  If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   you  know  that   all  of  the  major  victories  and  enlargement  that  the  modern  state  of  Israel  has  undergone  since  1948  have  been  due  to  its  military  victories  and   this student  of  Bible  Prophecy  long  ago  stated  that  the  final  'Covenant  with  the  Many'  spoken   by  the  Prophet  Daniel    will  most  likely  only  be  produced  'AFTER'  another  Middle  East  war   !!!
 ( Daniel  9 : 7 )

Although  it  is  true  that  this  planet   has  been  spiraling  more  and  more  into  chaos  with  each  passing  decade,  the  Middle  East  Conflict   continues   to  rattle   the  international  community  and  the  day  and  the  hour  is  coming  when  'ALL'   sides  will  be  somehow  forced   to  sign  on  'the  dotted  line'   by  someone   who  is  not  who  he  will  initially  appear  to  be  and   has  'zeroed   in  on  it'  to  four  European  countries  and  you  and  I  should   continue  to  be  faithful  'Watchmen'  as  never  before   because  something  big  is  coming  down  well  within  our  lifetime   and  you  better  believe  that  although   this  servant  of  GOD  believes  in  the  Rapture  he  is  going  to  continue  to   warn  as  many  as  possible  before   GOD  removes  us  and  He  closes  the   door  once  again;  just  like  He  did  so   during  the great  flood  in Genesis  7 : 16  !!!   ( Matthew  25 : 10  )

Of  the  over 100+  generations  of  human  beings  that  have  preceded  us  since  Adam  and  Eve  we  have  been  given  the  privilege  of  being  part  of  this  'Final  Generation'  and  this  servant  of  GOD  doesn't  know  about   you  "BUT"  he  intends  to  somehow   let  his  'Little  Light'  of  his  shine  as  bright  as  never  before  while  there  is  still  time;  before  the  encroaching   spiritual darkness  manages  to  completely  blind   most  of  humanity  &  envelops  most  of  planet  Earth  !

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been   studying  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  for  many  years  now  and  he  is  still  learning  so  much   from  these  eternally  insightful   books  of  the  Holy  Scriptures.  GOD  Almighty  is  'NOT'  worried  in  Heaven,  He  is  'NOT'  having  a  nervous  breakdown,  on  the  contrary;  it  is  Satan  who  knows  very  well  that  his  time   is  ever  shortening;  for   GOD   Almighty  long  ago  'declared  the  end  from  the  beginning'  and  everything  that  is  transpiring   here  on  planet  Earth  is  just  the  will  of  the  Father   being  carried  out;  regardless  of  what  Satan  and  all  of  his  minions  do  to  try  to  thwart  the  eternal  plans  of  GOD  Almighty  !

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Emmanuel   Rising:  the  'Dark  Horse'  of  France's  2017 Elections?

The  road  to  the  2017  French  Presidential  elections  has  been  full  of  surprises  thus  far  and  it  appears   that  the  ending  in  April  of  this  2017  may  very well  be  replete  with even  more  surprises  !!!!   If  you  haven't  been  following  the  French  Presidential  elections  you  should  know  that  Mr. Francois  Fillon  managed  to  do  what  'Trump'  did  in  the  U.S.  Presidential  election, Mr.Fillon  did  it  in  France  to the surprise  of  most  French  professional  prognosticators  and  polls  !!!  Mr.Fillon,  ultimately   managed   to  defeat  both  frontrunners : Sarkozy  and  Juppe;  now  he  has  to  face  the  Far-Right  candidate : Marine Le  Pen and the rising independent-centrist  Emmanuel  Macron !  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   believe  that  we  are  the  'Final Generation'  and  that  when  Satan  and  his  demonic  hosts ;  lose  forever their  place  in heaven  and  are   forever  thrown  out  of  heaven;  GOD  Almighty   is  going  to  call  up  to heaven   ( Rapture )  all  those  who  overcame   Satan  and  all  his  wiles  with  the  'Blood  of  the  Lamb.' The  place  that   Satan and the Fallen Angels  abdicated    in  heaven  and  in  eternity alongside  of  GOD   in a  'manner  of  speaking'  is  being  offered  to  us  who  were  created lower  than  the  Angels  'BUT'  who  will  in  the  future   be  given   eternal  glorified  bodies and  we  shall  be  in  a  position  authorized  by  GOD   to  judge   the  Fallen  Angels.   Yes, presently  it  all  seems  unfair; that we   have  to  overcome  and  spiritually  battle  evil, wicked and  demonic  spirit  beings  ( Satan & Fallen Angels *)  but  GOD  is  going to 'turn  the  tables'  one  day,  just  as  it  is  described  in  Jude 1 : 6.   We  pray   that you  will  continue  to  'Watch  and  Pray'  with  us  in  this  2017,  for  thee  greatest   coming event  in  all  of  human  history : 'The  2nd  Coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus   Christ.'  (  Revelation 12 : 8   and   1  Thessalonians  4 : 17   and   1  Corinthians  6 : 3   and  Jude  1 : 6  )  was  created   for  events  such  as  this  very  one  !!!  We  are  trying  to  be  on  'top  of  it  all'  and  not  just  what  is   transpiring  in  France  but  also  in : Germany, Italy  and  several  other  key  EU  members   that  will  ultimately  create  the  perfect   political  and  economic  environment  for  the  endtimes   'Little  Horn'   to  appear  on  the  world  scene. confirms  that  the  end  is  'NOT'  yet  !!!  But  what  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  witnessing  throughout  the  European  Union   is  sending  chills  down  my  spine, the  'PRESENT'   state  of  the  European  Union  is  'UNSUSTAINABLE'  in  its  present  form;  virtually  all  the  Left  Wing  ( and extreme far-right )  parties  within  the  EU  with  the  exception  of  the  Germans   are  clamoring  for  exiting  the  EU  in  its  present  form.  The  economic  cracks  are  only  getting  bigger;  even  before  the  EU  admitted   over  'One  Million'  Middle  Eastern  refugees  ( mostly  Syrian*)  high  unemployment  was  already  a  great  problem  in : Spain, France  and  Italy  and  who  can  forget  Greece  who  is  practically   bankrupt  ?

  Just  this   Christmas  and   New  Years   eve in  France,  over  1000+  cars   were  once  again  set  on  fire   by  mostly  Arab  youths throughout several French cities,  this  is  nothing  new, it has  been  happening   almost  every  year  for the   past  6+   years  now  and  it  boggles  the  mind  why  France   hasn't  completely  sealed  off  its  borders  !!!   According  to  the  latest   national  French  polls  the  French  Presdential  elections  are  now  a  'Three  way  race' ;   Emmanuel  Macron  is  catching  up  on  both  Le  Pen  and  Fillon,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wouldn't  be  surprised  if  Mr.Macron  surprises  France  and  the  world  the  same  way  that  Mr.Fillon  did  so  just  two  months  ago  !!!

  As  a  'Bible  Prophecy  Watchman'  this  servant  of  GOD   is  merely  'INFORMING'  all  my  brothers  in  Christ  of   the  latest   developments  that  thee  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  is  taking  !!!  There  is  no  question  that  the  European  Union  is  headed  for  a  'MASSIVE  OVERHAUL'  this  does  'NOT'  mean  that  its  going  to  be  totally  dissolved  forever,  you  and  I  know  that  Bible  Prophecy   'GUARANTEES'   that  it  will  produce  the  final  10  Horned  Beast, 'like  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  stated  before' :  The  Present  EU  is  carrying  within  it  the  'EMBRYO, the  FETUS'  of  the  final  Roman  Beast  !!!   Eventually  its  going  to  give  birth  to  it,  obviously  it  could  be   in  the  middle  of  the  Tribulation  period  'BUT'  it  also  could  be  sooner  because  its  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  ultimately   'Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many'  at  the  beginning  of  the  7  years  and  this  means  that  he  will  already  be  in  some  type  of  a  powerful  political  post  somewhere  in  the  EU  beforehand !!!

   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  Satan  has  his  very  own  'intelligence  service'  and  I  can  guarantee  you  that   Satan's  global  intelligence  apparatus  is  much  more  advanced  and  sophisticated   than  anything  the  : CIA, MOSSAD,  the  NSA,  Russia's  Federal Security  Service  and  China's  growing  Ministry of State  Security  ( MSS  )    have.   Satan  has  been  studying   human  warfare  for  centuries, to  him  our  methods  seem   very  primitive  'BUT'  because  he  is  still  full  of  'Pride'   he  just  doesn't  want  to  come  to  terms  with  the  REALITY  that  his  very  FATE  was  long  ago  sealed  by  GOD  Almighty  before  the very  foundation  of  planet  Earth  ! (  Revelation 13 : 8  )  Satan  and  his  fallen  angels  and  demons   are  'NOT'  Omnipresent  like  GOD  Almighty;  the  Holy  Scriptures  reveal  to  us  that  Satan's  Kingdom  is  very  highly  organized  ( Ephesians  6 : 12 )   Satan  knows  only  just  about  what   you  and  I  know  about  Bible  Prophecy, ( Satan  obviously  knows  when  something  big  is up; because   he and  his fallen  angels   battle  the   Angelic  messengers  of  GOD  in the heavens  before  the  message   reaches  us  mortal  humans*  - Daniel  10 : 12-13 )  Satan, is  definitely  going  to  know   when  his  time  is  short   because  GOD  Almighty  is  going  to  kick  him  out  of  the  heavens  and  Satan  is  going  to  be  limited  to  walking  the  Earth  just  like  us  mere  mortal  human  beings  and  that's  when  he  decides  to  choose  whom  his   unholy  human  host  is  going  to  be  and  all  i  know  is  that  he  is  'NOT'  going  to  pick  up  any drunk  somewhere  passed  out  in  a : French, German  or  Romanian  sidewalk;  he is  going  to  choose  someone  who  is  in  a  key  strategic  political  post  already   and  he  is  going  to  ultimately  help  that  individual   to  achieve  things  that  Adolph  Hitler  only  dreamed   of  !!!   Despite  Satan's  great  powers;    the  true  believers  in  JESUS  CHRIST  have  a  SUPERIOR  POWER : THE  VERY  'HOLY  SPIRIT  OF  GOD'   WHO  LEADS  US  TO  ALL  TRUTH ***

According  to  'Stratfor'  ( Stratfor : is an American Intelligence  publisher  and  forecaster  company; something like  a private military think tank*)  Stratfor;  is  predicting  the  eventual  'Disintegration'  of  the  European  Union  in  the  future ( not exactly  in this 2017 year*)   Stratfor  is  predicting  that  the  EU  will  eventually   breakup  into  'Regional  Blocs.'   The  truth  is  that  Stratfor   is  only  'half  right'  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel  'GUARANTEE'  that  a  10  King  alliance  within  this  EU  Bloc   will  nonetheless   arise  as  'ONE'  and  will  dominate   most  of  this  world  during  the  Tribulation  period  !  (  Daniel  7 : 23 )

Although   and  this  servant  of  thee  Glorified  and  Resurrected  JESUS  CHRIST  is  only  one  person;  we  have  been :  studying, dissecting  and  observing  this  Roman  Beast  'Metamorphosing'  for  the  past  16+   years  in  ways  that  the : U.S. Army  War  College, Stratfor, the  CIA  nor  International  Investment  Bankers  have  been  able  to  study  it, we  have  been  also  studying  it  through  the  'PRISM'  of  the Biblical  Prophecies  !  The  return  of  our  LORD   JESUS  CHRIST   is  getting  ever   closer; this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  care   what  the  naysayers  nor  what  the  unbelievers   think  of  the  Rapture  of  the  Church; this  servant   wants  to  be  like  one  of  the  5  wise  Virgins  that  were   ready  for  the   surprise  coming  of  their  Master  !!!  The  other  5  Virgins  had  to  stay   'BEHIND'  with  the  billions  of  others   who  will  be    stuck  in  the 7 year  Tribulation  period  !!!  ( Matthew 25 : 1-10 )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  not  surprised  that  most  of  the  world  doesn't  believe  in  the  2nd  Coming  of  Jesus  Christ  and  even  my  Jewish  friends   some 90% + don't believe  in  the  birth of the true Messiah  of  Israel  in the first  coming, 'BUT'  i'm  somewhat  stunned   that  a  large  part  of  the  Church  who  believes  in  'amillenialism'   doesn't  believe  nor  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  like  some  of  us.  This  is  a  'NO'  brainer  this  planet  is  heading   slowly  but  surely  towards  Armageddon  and  other  economic   global  meltdowns  and  what   you  and  I  do  believe  obviously  affects  our  daily  living  as  well  as  our  outlook  on  the  future.

Now  comes  the  'Predictions'   of  this  Student  of  Bible  Prophecy  for  the  European  Union  in this  2017.  ( This student of Bible Prophecy does 'NOT'  say this with any joy nor  glee * )
*  Islamic  Terrorism  will  continue  to  ravage  various  EU  cities, look  for  continued   civil liberties  being  cut  and  limited  due  to  its  continued  draconian  crackdown  on  the  'War  on  Terror.'   Draconian  measures  are  already  slowly  being  imposed  throughout  several  key  EU  countries, this  is  already  happening  in  France  as  its  'State  of  Emergency'  continues  to  be  extended. Balkan EU countries  very  early  on  shut  their  borders  down  and  both France  and  Austria  have  tried to close their  borders  with  Italy  in  an  attempt  to  try  to  thwart  illegal  Islamic  immgtants  coming  from  the  east.  Germany  for  its  part  has  tried  to  entice   the  growing  dictator  of  Turkey  Mr.  Erdogan  with  billion  of  Euro's  in  exchange  for  his  help  in  stopping  Syrian  refugees  at  his  borders  to  begin  with !  ( Germany  &  the  EU  offered  Turkey some  $3+ billion  Euros  for  their help  in the matter ! )
* The  Brexit  by  no  means  means  that  London  will  be  exempt  from  continued   Islamic  Terrorism,  the  truth  is  that  Britain's  intelligence  services   have  their  hands  full  already  trying  to   keep  an  'eye'  and  an  'ear'  on  thousands  of  Islamic  young  men   who  are    heeding  the  'Jihadi   Radicalization Call'   through  the  internet  and  various  social  apps  !!!  ( England  has  2.7+ million  Muslims  and  only  some  280,000  Jews; do  you  see  a  problem    here ?  )
*  France   will  be  one  of  thee  major  endtime  Bible  Prophecy  players  during  the  Tribulation  period, simply  because  they  hold   the  most  powerful  military  in  the  European  Union,  if  NATO  ever  becomes   dissolved  as  some  top  EU  Honchos  have  been  threatening  to  !!!  France  helped  Israel  begin  its  nuclear  program  decades  ago  and  presently  France  is  the  only  EU  country  who  is  trying  to  mediate  the  'Middle  East  Peace  Process'  because  'NOW'  its  affecting  them  directly  via  mass  'illegal  and  legal'   immigration.  Islamic  war  refugees  continue  to  clamor  for  humanitarian  asylum  mainly  in  France  and  Germany  !!!   France, meanwhile continues to wage  war   against  African Islamic  Jihadists  all  over  Northern  Africa  and  Central  Africa  too  !!!
Turkey :  If  you  didn't  know  all  of  the  7  Churches  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  were   geographically  located  in  what  we  presently  call  the  nation  of  Turkey. Turkey  is  'NOT'  a  nuclear  power  and  its  present  leader  Mr. Erdogan  is  showing  more  and  more  signs  of  a  dictator ( persecuting  all  those  who  oppose  him  politically*)  Mr. Erdogan   knows  that  Turkey  is  never  going  to  be  admitted  into  the  EU  and  that  is  just one  of the various  reasons   that  even though  Turkey  is  allied  with  NATO  militarily  speaking  he  is  ever  closer  and  closer   allying  himself  with  Russia  more  than  with  the  West. Mr.Erdogan   wants  Turkey  to  be  the  dominant  Islamic  power  in  the  Middle  East  'BUT'  that's  never  going to happen, Iran   is  too  far  ahead  of  Turkey  in  that  area.  It  is  no  secret  in  intelligence  circles  that  Mr. Erdogan  is  trying  to  play  all  sides, he  is  making  secret  deals  with  some  factions  of  ISIS, while at the same time  accepting   money  from  the  EU   to help stem  Islamic  migration  into  the  EU  and  all  the  while  trying  to  find  favor  before  Russia's  Putin.  As  you  can  see  he  is  losing  control, ISIS  terrorist  attacks  will  continue  in  Turkey  and  the  EU   will  have  to  distance  itself  more  and  more  from  Mr.Erdogan  who  is  obviously  'NOT'  thinking of  losing  power  anytime  soon  !!!
America  :  The  election  of  Mr. Trump  unfortunately  is  'NOT'  going  to  solve  all  the  accumulated   domestic  and  foreign  problems  that  past  American  Presidents  have  piled  up  until  now.  Obama   was  'NOT'  able  to  end  the  American  military  presence  in  parts  of   the  Middle  East  and  in  Afghanistan   and  neither  is  Mr. Trump. The truth is that  American  geopolitical  interests   cannot  afford  to  hand  over  that  critical  piece  of  real  estate   with  'Black  Gold'  over  to : ISIS, AL Qaeda  or  even  to  Russia  yet  !!!  Although  great  improvements  in  electric  vehicles  and  hybrids  continue   to  increase, the American  economy  is  still  very  dependent  on   cheap  Middle  East  oil  !!!   Just  like  the  Roman  Empire;  the  American  military  has  over-extended  itself   and although  someone  has  to  be  the  'policeman  of  the  world'  it  shouldn't  be  at  the   sole  expense  of  exponentially  increasing  the  U.S. National  Debt, eventually   things  are  going  to  hit  the  fan ***
*   is  'NOT'  into   'divine  dreams  and  personal  revelations'  through  the  years  we  have  only  been  keeping   an  eye  on  3  EU  men  ( Solana, Sarkozy and Sikorski*)  we  have  not  cried  wolf  and  all  of  these  previous  'LH'   candidates  did  have  the  political  and  miltary  potential   to  act  as  a  'Peace  Mediator'  should  the  Rapture  of  the  Church   had  happened; 'BUT'  obviously   the  Rapture  has  not  yet  happened  and  we  continue  to  'WATCH  and  PRAY'  to  be  found  worthy  to  escape  the  upcoming  worst  period  in  all  of  human  history  (  Matthew  24 : 21  )  does  'NOT'  know  yet  who  the  final  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  be  but  what  I  can  tell  you  is  that  'you  and  I'  are  99%  better   'INFORMED'   than  the  rest  of  the  people  of  this   planet  who  are  'NOT'  'Watching  and  Praying'  for  the  imminent  return  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!! 
The  European  Union :  Massive  'economic, political  and  immigration'  cracks are  only  getting  more  and  more  obvious  and  visible  throughout  the  European  Union,  this   tells  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  specializes  in  this  4th  Beast  of  Daniel;  that   the  EU  as  it  is  in  its  present  form  is  definitely  headed  for   some  type  of  'Break Up'  within this  decade  'BUT'  10  of  them   will   form  an  even  lighter  and  more  powerful  alliance  afterwards   !!!   Germany, France  and  Italy    will be the  'core group'  of the new  10  in  the  Tribulation, they know  fully  well  that   'Divided'  they  cannot  compete  against  China  and  other  emerging  Eastern  giants  such as India, and they know  fully  well  that  Russia  is  no  hibernating  Bear  and  this  time  they  know  that   even  the  United  States  can't  help  them  accomplish  what  they  must  accomplish  for  and  amongst  themselves  !!!  Whatever  happens  to  the  Eurozone  and  to  the  EURO   will  only  help  to  precipitate  the  implementation  of  the  endtimes   digital  'Mark  of  the  Beast'   guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation.  
The  Vatican  &  the  Roman  Catholic  Religion :  This  Roman  Babylon  has  been  the  'GLUE'  that  has  been   holding   Europe  together  for  Centuries  since  its  inception  in  300+A.D  ( for better  but  usually  for  worse*)  When   Roman Emperor  Constantine  united  an  apostate  Church  with  the  Roman  State; he was  no  fool  he  wanted  to  control   religion  via  its  religious  leaders.  Look  for  the  Vatican   to  be  even  more  involved  in  the  future  policies  and  politics  of  various  EU  members,   according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  it  will  be   a  future  'False  Prophet'  who  will   launch   the  Mark  of  the  Beast, the Vatican   holds  billions+  in : valuable  oil  paintings,  priceless  golden  crowns, global real estate  and  numerous  other  global  investments  both  in  Swiss  Bank  accounts  as  well  as  in  global  stocks  !!!   Remember  this  is  the  same  religious  institution  that  produced  the  unholy  inquisition  &  the  dark  ages  &  that  still  has  the  audacity  to  claim  that  it  is  the  only : Holy  and  Apostolic  Church  !!!  ( Revelation 13 : 15 )   Yes, this is the  same  unholy  entity  that   for  centuries  became  filthy  rich  because  it  was  selling  'Indulgences'   to  guarantee  heaven   !!!  (  for a very long time  the Roman Catholic Church was literally  selling  salvation  and   eternal  life  via  indulgences  !!!  )   This  present  Pope  will  'NOT'  be the last  one !  It  is  possible  that   when  the  Eurozone  and  the  Euro   come  undone  the  Vatican  may  step  in  to  save  the  day  with  their  own  version  of  a  'BITCOIN'  system, they have the gold and wealth  to save  Europe  and  back  up with their  ill-gotten wealth  the Mark of the Beast***In sum, the Roman Vatican  will  play  an  'EPIC'  role  in the rise of the final 10 King's of Revelation  !!!  (  She  will  be  the  one  riding the Beast***)

Islam :  The  truth  is  that  there  has  been  a  religious  civil  war   going  on  within  Islam  for  centuries, it was the   decades  old  'Cold  War'  that  temporarily  suppressed  it  a  bit  ( Sunni Muslims  vs. Shi'ite  Muslims  )  since  the  end  of  the  Cold  War  it  has  been  raging  on  and  on  and  lately  it  manifested  itself  in  the  'Arab  Spring'  that  as  of  yet  has  no  end  in  sight  !!!  This  planet  and  especially  the  Middle  East  does  'NOT'  need  another  Mosque  nor  even  another  Islamic  nation  ( there are  already 50  Islamic  countries*)  and  the  vast  majority  of  them  are  all  messed  up  !!!   ISIS  and  Al Qaeda  as  well  as  other  terrorist   clowns  always  claim  that  the  Western  powers  are  conspiring  to  kill  off   Muslims; the truth is that   ISIS  and  Al Qaeda  as  well  as  the   Taliban  & other Islamic  Terrorist  groups  each  year  kill  more  of  their  fellow   Muslims  than  all  the  'self defense'  killing  done  by  Western  powers  !!!  Islam   is  'Self  Imploding'  and  according  to  the  prophecies  found  in  Ezekiel, Isaiah  and  Revelation  most  of  the  Islamic   countries  are  going  to  greatly  suffer  during  the  upcoming   wars  and  during  the  Tribulation, there  is  justice  in  this  Universe  and  GOD  Almighty   is  'NOT'  going  to  have  mercy  on  any  nation  that  continues  to  curse  the  State  of  Israel  and  its  Jewish   population !!!  Its  going  to  take  decades   to  rebuild  the  bombed  up  infrastructure  of  : Iraq, Syria  and  Libya.  The endtimes  Little  Horn  is  going  to  conquer  them   and  easily  defeat  whats  left  of  their  weak  military  to  stem  and  avert   continued   mass  Islamic  migration  into  Europe***  
The  United  Nations  ( UN ) :  Some  Teachers  and  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  have  been  'WRONGLY'   teaching  that  the  UN  is  going to be  the Beast  of  Revelation. The  truth  is  that  the  UN is a  'JOKE.'   The  UN   can't  even  stop  the  present  crisis  in  Syria,  how  do  you  even  think  they  are  going  to  be  able  to  even  remotely  stop   or intervene  in  even  worse  wars   that  are  prophesied  in  the  future ?  The  UN  will  go  the  way  of  its  predecessor  the  'League  of  Nations'  which  ultimately  proved  'incapable  of  preventing  aggression'  World  War  II   caused  its  death;  and  the present  UN   is  repeating  similar   mistakes of its predecessor; the League of Nations  !!!  ( and even  worse  mistakes; because it keeps  cursing  the  chosen  State  of  Israel  with   unjust   resolutions   year  after  year  *)
Iran :  There  is  no  question  that  the  'Prince  of  Persia'  continues  to  be  a  formidable  presence   in  Iran  for  it  is  'NO'  secret  that  Iran   has  funded  many  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  and  continues  to  be  the  foremost  state  sponsor  of  Terrorism  throughout  the  region  and  the  world.  Iran  hands  down  is  Israel's  'present'  greatest  threat    as  it  has  fooled  most  of  the  West  about  its  continuing   nuclear  program, the  Book  of  Revelation  and  Daniel  'GUARANTEE'  that  something   'EPIC'   is  going  to  happen  to  Iran  because  it  is  no  longer  a  threat  during  the  Tribulation  period,  it  appears  that  it  will  suffer  'Massive   Destruction'  during  the  Ezekiel  War.  ( Ezekiel 38 -39 )  Iran  has  had  a  proxy  war  against  Israel  via  numerous  means  and  up  until  this  2017  it  has  'FAILED.'  GOD  Almighty;  is  keeping  count  and  HE  'SHALL'  repay  and  take  revenge  against  Iran   for  all  the  evil  and destruction  Iran  has  sought  against   Israel.
Technology  :  There   is  no  debate  that  the  technology   to  launch and implement  the  'Mark of the Beast'    is  already   here, 'but the end is not  yet.'   As  this student of Bible Prophecy  writes this  article there  are  several  High-Tech  Corporations  in : Germany, South Korea, China, the USA,  Taiwan, Japan, India, France , Israel  and  in  Russia  trying  to  outdo  their  competition  in 'research  and  development'  ( R&D )   and  they continually keep launching  a  new  generation  of  technology  that  is :  smaller, faster  and  better   than  the   previous one  on  the  market.  In South Korea and Japan  most  people  already use their smartphones  for many of their  daily  financial transactions  to pay  for many things without the need of paper money  (  smartphones are  connected to their credit card, bank accounts etc.)  We are the  final  generation, stay  tuned  will  try  to  stay  on  top  of  it  all,  the  2nd  Coming  of  our  LORD  JESUS  CHRIST   is  at  hand  and  closer  than  ever  before  don't  you  miss  it  for  anything  that  this  corrupt  world   has  to  offer   !!!
China :  According  to  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   China  will  'NEVER'  become  anything  like the Roman or  the British Empire,  though  they will continue to be a 'Regional Power'  because the Book of Revelation calls them  the 'King's of the East'  'BUT' the Book of Daniel  guarantees  that it will be  a 10 Nation alliance  in  the  European Mediterranean  that  will  'DOMINATE'  and  'DEVOUR'   most  of  the  world  during  the  Tribulation  period.   Although, China has one of the world's largest growing  economies  and population; you must also note that they also have some of the world's biggest  problems, Chinese companies   continue  to  massively  pollute  China's rivers  and  air  and  this  is  causing   massive  health  problems  all  over  China  both  in  the cities as well  as  in  the  rural  areas.  Most  of  China's  factories  are  located  near   the ocean  ports  and  these  will  be  destroyed  by  upcoming  natural  disasters,  such  as  Tsunamis  and  other  great  natural  disasters  mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
Israel  :  Its  all  about  the  original  chosen  people  of  GOD; the  Jews  of   the  State  of  Israel.   Although,  GOD  Almighty    is  operating   in  a  fallen  planet  that  openly  chose  to  rebel  against  Him, yet  neither  Satan nor all of  his demons and fallen  Angels  nor  the  billions  of  human  sinners  are  any  match   for  GOD  Almighty  !!!  The  Book  of  Revelation  'CONFIRMS'  that  it  is  GOD  alone  who  has  the  power  to  initiate  the  7 year  Tribulation  period  and  it  shall start   when  the  only  one  who  is  WORTHY  to  break  the  seals  so  decides  it  so  !!!  (  Book of Revelation  5 : 2-5  )  Satan  is  only  able  to  operate  when  GOD  Almighty   removes  His  RESTRAINING   power  just  as  we  learned  in  the  Book  of  Job !  Remember  GOD  in  His  Sovereignty  is  using  the  4  Beasts  of  Daniel  ( Gentile Empires)  to  bring  judgement  to  His  chosen  original   people  and  He  is  'NOT'  yet  done  executing  His  HOLY  JUDGEMENT   upon  those  who  rejected   His  only  begotten  SON :  JESUS  CHRIST  and  the  Message  of  His  Prophets.
Russia  :  Mr.Putin   has  done  this  world  a  great  favor  and  not  just  to  Syria's  Assad, Putin   has   'Significantly'   obliverated    ISIS  in  Syria, something that Western   leaders  ( or anybody  else  for  that  matter )  were   incapable  of  accomplishing  because  of  the  political  costs  to  their  domestic  re-election  efforts.  Although    we  know  fully  well  the  intentions  of  Russia  in  the  Middle  East  because  the  Prophet  Ezekiel   reveals  them  to  us  GOD  Almighty  is  using  the  enemies  of  Israel  to  destroy   the  other  enemies  of  Israel; just  like  HE  'Sovereignly'  used   one  gentile  Empire ( Beast )  to   replace  another  one   to  fulfill  His  eternal  and  sovereign  will    !!!
In  sum,  there  is   a  SUPER  INTELLIGENT  SPIRIT  that  created   'EVERYTHING'  absolutely  nothing   comes  as  a  sudden  surprise  to  Him,  He  exists   outside  of  time  and  space  itself  and  the  only  reason  why   GOD  ALMIGHTY   didn't  'Zapped'  Satan  and  all  the  FALLEN  Angels  immediately  into  the  Lake  of  Fire   before He created  Adam;  is  very simply  because   "His  ways  are  not  our  ways, nor  His  thoughts  are  our  thoughts  !!!"  GOD  Almighty   doesn't   leaves  anyone  'off  the  hook'   that  easily; especially  Satan,  for  you  and   I  are   witnesses   and  part  of  a  war  that  began  in   heaven  and  that  will  conclude  in  the  Battle  of  Armageddon  and  there   is  'NO'  neutrality;  either  we   embrace  the  truth  and  light  of  JESUS  CHRIST   or  we   choose  the : Darkness  and   Lies  that  Satan  continues  to  recycle  and  sell  to  most  of  humanity.    Satan  added   1+ 1   a  long  time  ago  and  he  knows   fully  well  that   the  place  in  heaven  and  in  eternity  that  he  and  a  3rd  of  the  Angels  lost  has  been  offered    to  these  who  were  created  lower  than  the  Angels  'BUT'  "ALL"   those  who  dare  to  believe  in  thee  ONLY  one  sent  by  the  FATHER  and  believe  in  HIS   name  and  ABIDE  in  HIS  WORD    are  given   the  full  and  total   right  and  power  to  be  called  'Son's  of  thee  MOST  HIGH  GOD'   and   shall   be  seated  with  CHRIST  in  Heavenly  places  !!!   (  Ephesians  2 : 6   and   John 1 : 12  )

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ and  this  your  servant  also,  is  a  student  of  European  Political  Systems.  This  Bible Prophecy  Ministry  website  was  up and  running  and  in  existence  since  before  the  EU  launched  the  $ EURO  back  in    1999.   You  better  believe  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  in  the  'Rapture  of  the  Church'  before  the  Tribulation  starts  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  a  Prophet,  we  are  merely  trying  to  correctly  interpret  the  'Unsealed  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel'  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  Almighty  in  mind,  if  you  think  you  can   do  a  much  better  job, you're  welcome  to  start  your  very  own  website, this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  this  because  he  believes  in  the  the  Biblical  Prophecies  and  while  it  was  initially  created   for  just  my  local  church  almost  two  decades  ago,  it  has  now  by  the  grace  &  direction  of  the  Holy  Spirit  'Gone  Global'  both  in  English  and  in  Spanish  and  you  better  believe  that  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  knows  of  the  great  responsability  that  comes  with  teaching  the  and  interpreting  the  Holy  Scriptures  correctly  before  our  HOLY  CREATOR  whom  we  all  will  have  to  give  an  account  to.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  asks  for  your  continued  prayers***Marantha***