Friday, June 24, 2016


Almost  2000  years  ago   both  Britain  and  Israel  were  'CONQUERED'  by  the  4th  Roman  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel.  Britain  was  conquered  in  43  AD  by  the  Roman General Plautius  serving  under  Emperor  Claudius  and for the next  390+  years,  Britain would be  involuntarily  a  part of the Roman Empire.  Israel  for  its  part  was  conquered  almost 100 years earlier  in  63  B.C. by  the  same  4th  Roman  Beast. Centuries  later,  as  Rome  passed  its  prime  it  began  to  decline  and  was  itself  under  siege  by  barbarians  back  home  in  Rome,   in  response  Rome  retracted  its  Roman  soldiers  leaving the  local  Brits  to govern  and defend  themselves  against the  encroaching barbarians.  Later  in  history,  around  the  16th+  Century  the  British  Empire  would  surface  onto  the  world  scene  via   its  superior  Navy  and  it  became  one  of  the  largest empire  in  world  history  and  at its  height  it  was  said  that  : 'The  Sun  never  sets  on  the  British  Empire.'  As  'World  War  I'  came  and  went  so  did  the   defeat  of  the  Ottoman  Empire;  which  appeared  in  world  history  when  there  was  "NO"  established  political  state  of  Israel  yet.  The  Ottoman Empire   never  was  decreed  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY  to  be  one  of  the  4  Beasts  of  Daniel;  for   it  arose  and  fell  before  there  was   a  modern  political  re-established  State  of  Israel  in  1948  !!!

Following  the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire  the League of Nations  then  gave   temporary control  of Palestine to  the  British government.  In  essence,  Great  Britain  was  tasked  almost by default  with  creating  a  national  homeland  for  the  Jewish  people.  In  1922  Great  Britain   implemented  the  Balfour  Declaration  and  during  1922-1948  some  350,000  Jews  immigrated   to  Israel  and  because  of   effective  British   control  almost  all  aspects  of  the  economy   thrived  in  Palestine.  As  WW  II  came   and  went  both  Britain  and  the  'League  of  Nations'   became  history,  the League of Nations  was replaced  with the United Nations  and  the   sun  finally  began  to  set  on  the  British  Empire.  In  1963  and  1967  the  UK  applied  to  become  a  member  of  the  European  Economic Community ( EEC )   but  its  application  was  rejected;  mainly  because  of  France's  President  at  the time  'Charles de Gaulle'  really  didn't  want  the  UK  being  a  part of the  EEC.  Nevertheless,  in  1973  the  UK  finally  becomes  a  full  member  of  the  EEC.  Although   the  British  Empire   was  truly  a  global  empire  it  never  was  one  of  the  4  Beasts  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  simply  because  the  British  Empire   arose   and  declined  on  the  world  scene   "BEFORE"  the  flag  of  David  arose   in  Israel  in  1948.  The British Empire was   a  'benign  and  benevolent'   empire   when  it  came   to  rule  Palestine   Pre-1948  that  was  devoid  of   a  great  Jewish  population.   What  the 4  Beasts  of  Daniel  all  have  in  common  is  that  they  all   'Conquered'   the  nation  of  Israel  when  the  Jews    had   an  official    government  and  military  in  the    promised   land.   The  Islamic   Ottoman  Empire  and  the  British  Empire   arose   and   declined  when  there  was  "NO"  official   re-established  1948   Israel   with   Jerusalem  as  its  capital.  The  10  Horned  Beast  on  the  other  hand   will  most  certainly  militarily  attack   Israel  in  the  future;  for  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself   'GUARANTEES'  this  future  event   in  Matthew  24 : 15   !!!

Although the Jews were expelled in 1290  from  England,  they  were  welcomed  back  by Oliver Cromwell  in 1695  and  shortly  afterwards  they  thrived  economically in  England;  it  is  no  secret  that  the Jews  in  England   gained  a  large  economic  influence, for  a group  that  made  up  less than  1% of the English  population  they  constituted 20%  of non-landed British millionaires  and  it  is  also  no  secret  that  the  British  government  on  several  occasions utilized   Jewish  banking  houses  to  finance   imperial  expansion.  Despite  the  'on  and  off '  relationship  that   England  has  had  with  the  Jews  through  the  centuries  they  have  been  quite  undoubtedly  been   more  of  a  'blessing'  than  a  'curse'  to  our  fellow Jewish  friends !   In  1882,  some  46,000  Jews lived in England  and  by  1914  around 240,000 Jews  resided  there  and  today in 2016  around 260,000+  Jews  still   live  there;  in contrast  the Muslim  population  in  England  today  is  2,800,000  !!!

 As  you  can  see  Britain   has  played   a  major  role   throughout the history of the Roman Empire as well as  the  re-establishment  of  the  modern  State  of  Israel  in  1948.  It  is  the   personal  observation   of  this student of  Bible  Prophecy  and  interpretation   given the history of  the  UK's  past  that  the  UK   "NEVER"  voluntarily    and  blindly  allied  nor  aligned   itself  with  the   "ENEMIES"  of  the  Jews  !!!    Rome  conquered  Britain   too;  as  well  as  Israel  and  when  Adolph  Hitler  rose  to  power  centuries  later  they  sure  didn't   surrender  to  the  then  greatest  enemy  of  the  Jews  as  France  and  others  did.  The  historical   evidence  and  patterns  of  history  strongly  indicate  that  the  UK  will  "NOT"  be  one  of  the  final  10  Horns  of  the  final  Beast  and   good  for  them  !!!  'Church  of  thee  Living  GOD'  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  telling  us  that   the  2nd  Coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  is  getting  ever   closer,  Britain's  actions   and the  political  earthquakes  occurring in  the EU  are  a  'secondary'  sign  of  the  times  of  what  is  coming, let  us  learn  from  history    !!!
 It  should  be  noted  that   Britain  once  was  conquered   by the first phase of the Roman  Empire  and  according  to  the  Prophecy  found  in  Daniel   7 : 23  and  Daniel  8 : 24,   Britain  even  with all its  nuclear  arsenal   will  once  again   be   'trodden  down'  by  the  final  10  Horned  Roman  Beast  of  the  last  days  !!!    The  future  'Little  Horn'  will  have   diabolical  supernatural  powers  that  will   bring   his  enemies  to  their  knees   and   unfortunately   according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  the  UK  will   "NOT"  be  exempted  !!!
Even  with  all  of  our  latests   military  technology  and   nuclear  weaponry,  Satan  and  his demonic  forces  have  no  problem  jamming  and  interfering   with  all  man- made   electronic signals   of  any :  ICBM  missiles, weaponized  drones  and  even  Stealth  aircraft  and  that  is  why   the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   is  going  to  bring  Britain  to  its  knees  in  the  future;  he  will  want  to  accomplish  what  neither  Hitler  nor  Napoleon  were  able  to  fully  accomplish  against   the  British  Isles  and  not  even   someone  like  a  'James  Bond'   will  be  able  to  stop   the  upcoming  'Son  of  Darkness'  !!!    May  GOD  save  the  Queen;  she's  going  to  need    all  the   divine  intervention  she  can  get  for  her  country  and   at  her  age  of  90  she  may  yet  be  alive  to  witness  it  all;  after  all  she  was   alive  when  Hitler  rose  to  power*

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD   has  'Never'   considered  Britain  to  be  one  of  the  final   10  Horns  of  the  Beast,  simply  because  of  its  very  strong  and staunch   anti-hegemonic   attitude  that  it  has  had  for  centuries  in  the  past and throughout  its   history  against  : Germany  and  France.   England   has  never  enjoyed  playing a  secondary  role  in  the  European  Union   or  being  in  the   'back seat'  and   for  the  past  43  years   it  has  felt   that  Germany  and  France  for  the  most  part  have  been  dominating  a  great  part  of  the  EU.   Additionally,  this  student  of   nuclear  proliferation  also   'CANNOT'   imagine  England   ceding  its  nuclear  codes  and  nuclear  arsenal   voluntarily   to  someone  who  will  be  10  times  worst  than  Adolph  Hitler  was  !!!   While  anything  is  yet  possible  and  i'm  still  open  to  various  scenarios;   the  most  likely  one  are  the  one's  that  have   had  historical  patterns.   The  'North  Sea'  has  in  the  past   greatly  helped  to  isolate   and  defend   the  British  Isles  from   the : totalitarians, despots  and  expansionist  Kings  of   the  European  mainland  ( continental Europe*)   and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  that  what  happened   to   London  during  World  War  II  will  somewhat  be  repeated  in  the  future*   We  all  know  that  the  coming  'Little  Horn'  will  ultimately  deceive    Israel  and  its  Jews   very  early  on;  so  it  is  possible  that  he  may  pull  the  same  deception   with  the  British  too   !!!

Once  upon a  time  there   was  a  Beast   with  28  heads  and   one  day  one  of  its  heads  after  43  years  decided  that  it  didn't  want   to  be  anymore  a  part  of  this  Beast;  soon   several  other  heads  began  murmuring  not  so  quietly that   maybe  it  would  be  best  if  they  too  abandon  this  humongous  Beast,  after  all  to  most  it  appeared  that  the  liabilities  outweighed  the  benefits.   Meanwhile  as  the  'English  Head'  on  the  Beast  celebrated   before  the  world   its  'New  Independence'  the  other  27  heads  on  the  Beast   were   not  too   crazy  and  happy  about  it  all;  especially  because   so  many  T.V  News  analysts   all over the world and in so many  different  languages  made  fun  about   its  bleak  future  and  as  the  27  heads   wondered  with  some  fear  about  their  uncertain  future  a  'Little  Horn'  somewhere   quietly  within  it   knew  exactly  what  he  would  do  with  such  a  Beast  if  given  the  chance  !!!  

 Fortunately,  for  us  all   the  hour  has  "NOT"  yet  come  for  the  final   10  Horned  Beast  nor  for  its   'Little  Horn'  to  take  the  world   by  storm  "BUT"   it   sure  is   getting   very,  very , very  close  !!!  The   'Little  Horn'  is  truly  alive  and  waiting  in  the  wings  somewhere  behind  all  the  spotlights;  if  it  were  not  so  this   insignificant   disciple  of  Jesus  Christ  would  "NOT"  be  here  (  I  would  probably  be  like most in the world  trying  to  make   more  money  and  a  name  for  myself*  )   "BUT"   this   vessel  of  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  that   we  are  at  the  final   stages  of  the  final  generation  and  because  I  believe  in  the  Biblical  Prophecies  it  is  because  i'm  here  with  a  'trembling  hand'  trying  to   'INFORM"  all  those   who  seek  the  soon  return  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!!   
(   and    are  visited  by  most  of  all  the  Spanish  and  English  speaking  countries  of this planet  for  the Honor and  Glory of  thee  Living  GOD  !!! )

On  Thursday  June  24,  2016  most  of  the  world   woke  up  and  was  amazed  at what  was  happening  to the  largest  Beast  in  this  world  !!!  Many   people  began   to  wonder  at  it  all  and  what  it  all  meant ?   Some   veteran  and  professional  political  analysts   even  went  so  far  to  predict  and  proclaim  on  global   television   that  this  Beast  with  27  heads  is  destined  for  extinction   !!!   Yes,  this  Beast  will  continue  to  shed  more   'heads  and  horns'  in  the  future  simply  because  Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"  it  !!!  According  to   the  Prophecy  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   a  newer,  streamlined  and  leaner  Beast  with  7  Heads  and  10  Horns  will  ultimately  'Rise  to  Power'   in  the  not  so  distant  future   near  the  Mediterranean  and  its  going  to  'Trample,  Crush  and  Devour'  what  will be  left  of  the  World  in  that  future  period  !!!   (  Daniel  7 : 23  )  ( Revelation  13  )   Britain   truly  cannot   totally  sever  all  of  its  ties  with  the  rest  of  Europe, it  will still continue  to  be  a member  of  NATO  and   its  "NOT"  going  to  abandon,  board  up, and  close  the  'Eurotunnel'  ( Channel  Tunnel *)  anytime  soon  !!!

Its  taken   over   43+  years   for  the  European  Union   to   reach  its  prime  and  zenith  of   28 members  and   every  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   should   closely  observe  now  and  study  how long  its  going  to  take  it  to  its  decline   of  10.  Its  very  difficult  to  build   something,  but  it only  take   a  very  small  amount  of  time  to   destroy  it.  Whatever  happens  and  should  the  EU implode  in  the  future;  the  Biblical  Prophecies  nonetheless  "GUARANTEE"   that   10  shall ultimately  rise  up  from  the  Mediterranean  and  the  whole  world  is  going  to  be  amazed  !!! The  EU  has  many  more  challenges  ahead,  it  barely  survived  the  'Greek  Economic  Crisis'  only  months  ago  and  now  this  too  !!!  According  to  Bible  Prophecy  several  upcoming  wars near  the  Mediterranean  and  upcoming  Global  economic   contractions  are  going  to  shake  the very  foundations   of  not  only  the  European  Union  but  also  the  whole  world  !!!

Ladies  and  gentlemen, fellow  brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  Jesus,  if  you  have  been  following  you  know  that  the  EU  has  "NOT"  been  finalized,  we  have  been  teaching  for  several  years   that  the  present  EU  of  28  nations  would  be  'restructured, reformed, reorganized ,  reconfigured  and  reinvented'  and  what  you  and  I  are  witnessing  is  all  a  necessary  part  of  that.  For  the  past  four  decades  the  world  has  been  witnessing  the   amazing  growth  of  the  world's  largest  common  market  and  now  the  world  is  witnessing  its  contractions  !!!  Geographically  speaking  most  if  not  all  of  the  present  members  of  the  European  Union  are  in  "NO"  position  to  abandon  their  geographic  neighbors;  they  all  are  going  to  have  to  work  out  things,  it  might  get  bloody,  unkind  words  will  be  exchanged  and  it  may  hurt  economically  "BUT"   they  are  all  inadvertently  going  to  finally  give  birth  to  the  final  Beast  with  7  Heads  and  10  Horns  one  day  and  the  whole  world  is  going  to  be  'AMAZED'   at the final  product  and  they  are  ultimately  going  to  'WONDER'  after  the  Beast  !!!  (  Revelation  13  :  3  )

If  you  are  a  regular  visitor   at    you  know  that   we  very  strongly  believe that   England   will  most  likely  "NOT"  be  one  of  the  final   10  Horns/Toes  of  the  final  Beast Empire.   We  stated  this  observation   before  the  'Referendum'  got  underway.  Like  this  servant of  Jesus  Christ  has  stated  before   the  British  have  a  very  long  history  of  "NOT"  allying themselves  for  too  long  with  Germany  and  France;  even  religiously  speaking  that  is  why  the Queen  is  the   Supreme Governor head  of  the  Church  of  England.  It  is  "NO"  secret that the Queen  of  England  was   in favor  of  the  'Brexit'   as  it  is,  her  position  in  England  politics  is largely  ceremonial  she  just  couldn't  bare   ceding  more  power  and  sovereignty  to  a  non-British  leader.  and  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   are  'Re-Affirming'  that  we  have   identified  4  of  the  Nation-States   that  in  the  future  will  produce   4  of  the  10  Kings  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  Because  we  keep  getting  new  visitors  from  all  over  the  world   it  is  necessary  that  this  insignificant  servant  of  yours  and  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   repeats  this  critical  information.  (  Germany,  France,  Italy  &  Spain  )  Whatever  you  hear  about  Italy   exiting  too  on the news  is  'wrong'  very  simply  because  Italy   is  one  of  the chief  horns  of  the  final  endtimes  Beast, according  to  Revelation  17 : 18   Rome  is  going  to  be  the  epicenter  of  it  all  in  the   'Tribulation  Period.'

One  of  the  top   reasons  why  most  Brits   voted    against  the  EU  was  because  of   illegal Islamic  immigration. German  Chancellor  Angela  Merkel  is  greatly  to  blame  when  she  allowed hundreds of thousands  of   Islamic  refugees   into  the  country  without  properly  fingerprinting/ identifying  most  of  them.  As  you  now  know  the   once  'Open  Arms'  that  some  EU  countries  had   to  thousands  of  Islamic  refugees  is  now  a  thing  of  the  past  and  this  student  of  World  History  and  Bible  Prophecy   re-confirms  that  when  the  'Little  Horn'  rises  to  power   most  Muslims  will  be  kicked  out  of  the  European  Union;  this  is nothing new, Spain once did  it, the Crusades  also   helped  and  when  Hitler  rose  to  power  he  didn't  just  persecute  Jews  but  also  all  those  who  stood  against  him.

There  shall  be  "NO"  place  for  the  top  religions  of  the  world   in  the  final  endtimes   'Kingdom  of  the  Beast'   foretold  and  guaranteed  by  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation.  The  final   endtimes  Kingdom of the Beast   will  mirror  what  North Korea  and  China   have  been  doing  for  decades;  the  'State'  has  become  the  god  of  the  people  and  in  the  case  of  China;  the  PRC  not  only  persecutes  Christians  but  they  also  greatly  persecute  Muslims  and  Tibetan  Buddhists  !!!    Revelation  13 : 4  clearly   warns  us  all  that   during the Tribulation  period   most  of  those  still  alive  are  "NOT"  going  to  be  worshipping : GOD, allah  or  Buddha;  but  the  Dragon who  symbolizes  none other than  Satan  !!!

The  end  is  "NOT"  yet,  the  British  exit  from  the  EU  is  "NOT"  going  to  be  overnight,  officially and legally they have two years to work  out  the  exit  and  "ANYTHING"  can  happen  between  now  and  then.  Yes,  England   can  stand  alone  without  the  rest  of  the  European  Union;  they  have  a  very   strong  economy  a  potent  military  in  their  Royal  Airforce  and  Navy  and  they  are  a  nuclear  power  "BUT"   they  are  "NOT"  prophetically  necessary  to  fulfill  the  Prophecy  of  the  10  Kings  of  Revelation. Hitler   went  to  war  and  attacked  England  in  the  past  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  greatly  suspects  that  the  upcoming  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  do  the  same  thing  all  over  again;  only  this  time  he  is  "NOT"  going  to  make  the  same  military  mistakes  that  Hitler  did  in  the  past  !!!

Whatever  happens   within  the  next  years; this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   who  has  been  following  closely  behind  the  rise   of  this  modern  age  Roman  Empire   knows  that  the  final  endtimes   Beast  with  10  Horns  is   nonetheless  going  to  be  ultimately   be  produced  by  these  European  nations;  that  were  once  part  of  the  Roman  Empire.  Germany, France, Italy  and  Spain   are  4  of  these  nations,  I  do  "NOT"  yet  know  who  the  other  6  will  be;  for  the  past  20  years  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been   doing  his  homework  and  researching  diligently  this  specific  topic   of  the  'Beast  with  10  Horns'  and  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  this.  This  servant  of  Jesus  knows  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  sees  what   men  do  not  see   will  ultimately  greatly  reward  those  who  correctly  teach  His  WORD  to  His  people  !!!  As  you  can  see   this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  "NOT"  here  to  make  a  name  for  himself  for  i'm  using  a  pseudonym  and  "NOT"  because  i'm  afraid   of  what  the  enemy  could  do  to  me  if  i'm  right  on  all  of  this  "BUT"  because  when  I  started  this  website  I  originally  did  it  so  that   it  wouldn't  all  go  to  my  head;  truly  i  am  nothing  but  a  mere  servant  and  an  imperfect  vessel  in  the  hands  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  claim  to  know  it  all,  I'm  simply  like  some  of  you   who  are   diligently  awaiting  the   return  of  Jesus  Christ  as  mentioned  in  the  parable  of  the  Ten  Virgins.  I  have  learned  the  hard  way  that  everything  in  this  corrupt  planet  is  only  "Temporary."   The  "Brexit"  is  nothing   compared  to  what  is  coming  upon   all  those  who  have  rejected  the  Grace  of  GOD  and  the  everlasting  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.  The  final  endtimes  Prophesied   7  year  Tribulation  period   has  "NOT"  yet  started  but  we  are  sure  witnessing    all  the  key  and  major  endtime  players  unknowingly  getting  ready  for  their  endtime  roles  !!!

This  student  of  bible  Prophecy   concludes  by  stating  that  the  European  Union  sure  is  far  from  perfect  "BUT"  if   we  compare  it   to  other  'Unions'  and  'Alliances'   in :  Africa,  Asia  and   Latin  America   it  sure  seems  like   a  sounding  success  !!!  The  Europeans   are  able  to  feed  themselves  and  are  not  at  war   with  one  another;  compare  this  'fact  and  reality'  with  what  is  taking  place  in  the  Middle  East  ( Islamic  Civil Wars*) ,  in Latin  America  ( Drug  Wars*)   and  in  parts  of  Asia  ( The Chinese  Navy   is  making  very  uncomfortable  all  the other Asian  neighbors   !!!  )  

It   took  43  years   for   Britain  to  decisively   exclude itself   from the European Union, what  we   all  are  going  to  learn  very  soon  is   if  there  is  going  to  be  a  'domino  effect'  with  other   EU  members; regardless  of  what  transpires   Bible  Prophecy   "GUARANTEES"  that    in  the  end  the  whole  world   is  going  to  be  amazed  by  the  rise  of  the  final  manifestation  of  the  Roman  Empire   personified   by  10  Kings,  these  10  Kings  "CANNOT"   rise  to  power  yet;  they are  destined  to  rise  to power   only for one hour  ( 42  months-3 and a half years*)  in  the  Tribulation  Period.

By :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  an  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ;  he  prays   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  will one  day  use  him  for  the  Honor  and  Glory  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   blesses   all  the  Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  are  also  teaching  the  Body  of  Christ   about  the  things  that  are  mentioned  by  the  Prophets  of  the  Bible.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   doesn't  know  many  things  "BUT"  he  most  definitely  knows  that  we  are  the  'Final  Generation.'

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To  some  the  Bible  and  its  Prophecies  are  nothing  more  than  a  mere  written  collection  of  ancient  Hebrew  traditions, folklore, myths and legends.  But, honestly,  what  are  the  odds  that  Hebrew Prophets   who  only  had  primitive technology; and  who  lived  in  what   some would  call  a 'backwards and backwaters'  region  of  this planet  and   who  survived  mainly  with  an archaic  agricultural  economy;  over two thousand  years  ago   could  have  predicted  that  the  final  Battle  of  them  all   would  be fought  in  the  Valley  of  Harmageddon  in Israel  ?  Armageddon  is  where   this   'spiritual  conflict'  is   ultimately  headed  and   if  you  haven't  noticed   the  Middle  East  conflict  is  drawing  in  more  and  more  of  the  world's  attention  into  that  region  both  politically  and  militarily.   Israel  continues  to  be  one  of  the  top  nations  in  the  world  that  continually  gets  slapped  with  United  Nations  resolutions  and   if that wasn't  enough;  there  is  a  growing  diabolical  'Divestment  Campaign'   headed  by  Universities,  some  'Laodicean Churches'  and  of course  most  of  the  Islamic  nations   that  seeks  to  sanction  Israel  to death  !  Truly,  what  are  the  odds  and chances  that  most  of  the  190+  nations   of  this  world  will  turn  against  Israel  in  the  future  as Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Zechariah  12 : 3  and  14 : 2  ?   And  what  are  the  odds  that amidst  so  much  persecution  and   near  annihilation  for  over  a  thousand  years  in  a  global diaspora  that  the  Nation  of  Israel   could  of  been  re-established  on  the  14  of  May in  1948  ?

Even  the   staunchest : atheist, agnostic  and  average  joe  on  the  street   that could  care  less about  the  Biblical  Prophecies  senses  that  the  'War  against  Islamic   Radicals'   seems  to  have  no  end  in  sight.  The  truth  is  that  the  American  military   has  now  been  fighting  Islamic  Jihadists   now  much  longer  than  what  the  Vietnam  War  lasted.  ( direct American military involvement in Vietnam lasted  about one decade*)   And  so  far   there  appears  to  be  no  end  in  sight.  Islamic  Jihadists  are  like   the  ancient  Greek  mythological  'Hydra  Serpent'  which  once  you  cut  off  one  head   another  one  would  quickly  grow  in  its  place  !!!  Our  political  leaders  could  learn   how   to   put  an  end  to  Islamic  Jihadists  if  they  only  studied  how  Hercules   ultimately  destroyed  the  Hydra;  but  most  of  our  political  leaders  who  control  the  military  via  the  executive  branch   aren't  interested   in  ultimately  doing  and  authorizing  what  must  be  done  and  that  is  why  Islamic  Jihadists  will  continue  to   launch   suicidal  attacks  all  over  Western  cities  in  the  future;  until   Western  leaders  recognize   that   enough  is  enough.

   On  the  other  side  of  the   coin;  Israel's  enemies : The  Arab  Islamic  nations  are   'directly  and  indirectly'  bringing  and  pulling  in   'little  by  little'  all  the  'major  powers'  of  this  planet   into  the  Middle  East  because  of  their  number  two  global  export : ISLAMIC  TERRORISM  !!!
( number one being Oil*)    While  most  of  the  nations of this  planet   despise  Islamic  Terrorism  most  of  the  time   they  have  to  choose  between   aligning  themselves  with  a  democratic  Israel  and  recognizing  Jerusalem  as  the  capital  of  Israel  or  keeping  acceptable  commercial  relations  with   Islamic  Middle  Eastern   oil  producing  countries  so  that    cheap   oil  keeps   being  sold  to  them.  

As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  writes  this  article   the  Russian  Military  presently  has  a  nuclear sub  with  200   nuclear  warheads  stationed in the Mediterranean Sea near  Israel  in  Syrian  waters;  as  well  as  a potent  part  of  the Russian  Airforce  Fleet   in  Syrian   territory.   And  if  all of this  wasn't   concerning  enough  even  the  upcoming  European  Presidential  elections  and  referendums  are  'more  and  more'   being  driven  by  the  fear  of :  Islamic  Terrorism,  Islamic  immigration   and   National  Security.  To  make  matters  even  more  interesting  even  India  and  China  have  been  on  a  constant  war  with  Islamic  nations  near  their  borders  !!! (  notice:  virtually all of the major nuclear  powers  on  planet  Earth   are  at  war  in  one  way  or  another  with  Islamic Terrorists  !!! )  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  Satan   is  going  to  do  a  'Clausewitz'  against  Israel  in  the  future;  Satan  is  going  to  concentrate  all of his unholy  forces  against  Israel  as  he   attacks  the  Israeli   hub of all  power  and  its  very  center  of gravity  during  the  Tribulation  period  as  he  supernaturally   brings   the  world's  final  superpowers  against  Jerusalem  and  both;  Zechariah  and   the Book of Revelation   reveal  to  us  that   nuclear  weapons  will  be  used   on  more  than  one  ocassion  !!!  (  Revelation 16 : 13-14  *)

In  succinct,  according to the chronology  of  the Biblical  Prophecies   the  U.S.  is  destined  to withdraw  from  the  Middle  East in the future, this will   allow  Russia, Iran and the other nations found in Ezekiel  to  come  against  Israel "BUT"  according to the Biblical Prophecies Russia  and  the  Islamic  armies  will  suffer  an  embarrassing  military  defeat  and   within  that general  period  of  warfare;  Damascus  is  Prophesied  to  be  destroyed  and   after  that  is when  the  'Son of  Perdition'  from  the  future EU-10  steps  in  to   fill in the power  vacuum  left  behind  by  the  U.S.  Russia and   the Arab  armies.  He  initially  comes  in   'peacefully'  and  acts  as  a  'neutral   party'   that  most  will  trust  and  it  is  he  who  mediates  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many.'   It is this  'sinister'  Western  leader  who  shortly  afterwards  steps  into  the  Middle  East  with  his  own   deadly   'Blitzkrieg'   to  once and for all  militarily   defeat  what's  left  of  the  worn out  Middle  East  armies  and  he  certainly  utterly  defeats  most  of  them  !!!   It  is  he  and  his  military  forces  that  fulfill  the  final  role  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  with  10  King's   and  who  commits  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  !!!  In  other  words,  the  Middle  East  is  going  to  explode  in  one  war  after  another  in  the  not  too  distant  future  both  'before'  the  7  year  Tribulation  begins and  'after'  it  begins   !!!
(  Biblical  Sources  :  Ezekiel  38-39,   Isaiah  17,   Daniel  9 : 27 ,  Matthew  24  : 15  )

As  we  study   the  future  and  ultimate  destiny  of  the  Middle  East  we  must  first  realize  that  there  is  a  literal  'spiritual   war'  going  on  behind  the  scenes  for  the  ultimate  destruction  of  Israel  and  its  Jewish  population.  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  have  been  for  centuries  trying  to  wipe  out   the  Jews  via  : Gentile  armies, King's  and  even   with  Roman  Catholic  and  Islamic   unholy  leaders  such  was  the  case  in the  'Inquisitions' of  the  past.  ( Revelation 12-13 ) Satan  came  close  to  decimating  the  Jews  during  World  War  II  with  his  puppet  Hitler;  "BUT"  GOD  had  other  plans.  The  spiritual  truth  is  that our  Jewish  brothers  and  friends  are  "STILL"  under  the  judgement  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  ( Luke  21 : 24 )   and  most  of  them  will  be  'spiritually  blinded'  until  Jesus  Christ  returns, but  the  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  the  Jews   will  finally   recognize   their  spiritual  blindness  for   so  many  centuries   and   behold  before  them   HE  who  they  have  overlooked  for  over  18+  Centuries  !!!   ( Zechariah  12 : 10  )   has  always   been  teaching   that  Islam   is  "NOT"  symbolized  in  Bible Prophecy  by  any  of  the  Four  Beasts  revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel.  Additionally,  does  "NOT"  interpret  any  of  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  as  symbolizing  Islam  nor  an  Islamic  Mahdi.  In  effect,  Islam   is  just  another   minor  power  that  'rises  and   falls'  in  between  modern  human  history  and  Biblical  Prophecy.   While  many  Islamic  nations  are  a   constant   thorn  on  the  side  of  the  modern  State  of  Israel; the  reality  of  it  all  is  that  most  of  them  are  3rd  world  underdeveloped  countries  who  mostly  never  industrialized  and  had    GOD  not   given  them  Oil  Fields  they  would  have  even  been  further  behind  !!!   If  Islam  was  the  4th  Beast  it  would  have  wiped  out   Israel  half  a  century  ago,  the  blunt  truth  is  that  the  more  the  Muslims  'curse'  Israel  the  more  GOD  Almighty   curses  the  Islamic  nations  and  peoples  !!!  (  Genesis  12 : 3  )  The  truth  is  that  Satan  has  been  utilizing  numerous  other  gentile  powers  long  before  Islam  came  into  being  and  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  "MOST"   Islamic  nations  will   suffer  greatly  during  the  Tribulation  period  as  'mushroom  clouds'  cover  most  of  their  cities;   because  'sooner  or  later'  all  those  who  support  and  sponsor  Islamic  Terrorism  will  ultimately  reap  what  they  have  been  sowing  throughout the world.  also   in  "NO"  way  shape  or  form   considers  nor  accepts   that  the  Ottoman  Empire   will  end  up  being  the  final  Beast  of  Revelation  as  some  are  teaching  and  predicting.

If  you've  been  following  the  news  you  are  aware  that  Putin  announced  in March  that  he  was  pulling  out  Russian troops  out of Syria "BUT"  he  most  definitely  did  not  pull  'all' of them  out. Russia  continues  to  build  a  military  presence  mainly  in  the  Mediterranean   and the Middle  East  !!!  And  who  can  blame  Putin,  since   it  was  Syria's  Assad  who allowed  Russia  to  get  its'  'foot  in  the  door' of  the  Mediterranean  &  of  the  Middle  East;  what   military  strategist   wouldn't  have  taken advantage of it  ?    This  past  June  7,  of  2016   Israel's  Prime  Minister  travelled  to  Moscow   to  discuss  with  Mr. Putin   about:  'Energy  and  Economic  Cooperation,  as  well  as  Security  in  the  Middle  East'    the  whole  scene  kind  of  reminded  me  of   Hitler's  talks  with  Chamberlain  in  1938.  This  student of  Bible  Prophecy  certainly  hopes  that  Mr. Netanyahu    doesn't   make  the  same  mistakes   that  Mr. Chamberlain    once  made  with  Adolph  Hitler  !!!

On  the other side of  the  Mediterranean  is  France,  who  is  now  home  to  some  11+ million  Muslims.  Paris  knows  that   whether  'it likes it  or  not'  it  better  get  involved  fixing the  'Middle  East  Conflict'  before  even  more  Muslims  start   heading to its  borders  !!! ( this student of  Mediterranean Geopolitics  reminds  everyone  that   the only two nations  based  along  the  Mediterranean  Sea  with  nuclear  weapons  are :  France  and  Israel,   both  have   nuclear  submarines  !!!  )   In an effort  to   renew  the  stalled   peace talks  between   Israel  and  the Palestinians;  the  French  government  this  past  week  initiated     a new  'Middle East  Peace  Process.'   Envoys  of  26  nations  attended  the  summit  held  in  Paris  and  the  only  thing they agreed  on  was  that  a 'two-state  solution'  is  the answer  to  the  Palestinian -Israeli  conflict  and   while  we  know  that  this  French  led Peace  Process  was  a  joke;  what  is  "NOT"  a  joke  is  that   we  now  have   a  European power   who   exercised   its  own  foreign  policy  without   other  EU  players  and  who  knows that  it  cannot  afford   to  ignore   the  'ticking-time  bomb'  that  is the  'Middle  East  Conflict' and  that  is  why  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that   France  will  one  day  in  the future  produce  one  who  will  play  a  major  role  'With  the  Many'   not  so  many  years from  now.

The  British  for  their  part  are  voting  this  month  on    June 23, on  a   key  referendum  on  whether  they  will  stay  or  exit  the  European  Union.  As   a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  &  a   'semi-expert'   on  World  War  II,   I   have  "NOT"   counted  England   as  one  of  the  necessary  10  Kings  of  Revelation.   Britain  has  always  been  extremely  cautious  of  French  and  German   hegemonies  for  centuries and  I  suspect   England   will  not   be  one  of  the  10  who  will  cede all  of  their  power  and  authority  to  someone  other  than  their  Queen or  Prime  Minister  in  the  future  !  (  Hitler's   airforce   pummeled   London and various key industrial  cities in Britain  and  the   future  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  most  likely  not  make  the  same  mistakes  as  Hitler*...Hitler   had  Russia  and  Britain  as  enemies  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  suspects   that  history  will  somewhat  repeat  itself in the future  only  this  time  both  Russia  and  Britain   will  lose  greatly*  ) ( Daniel 8 : he shall destroy the mighty and the Holy people  &  he  will  attack  the  King of the North;   Daniel   11  *)

You  don't  have  to  be   a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   to  know  that   World  War  III  and  the   final  Battle  of  Armageddon   will  be   sparked   by  'Middle  Eastern  Islamic  Terrorism'  and fought   mostly   in  and  for  the  Middle  East.  Even : atheists, secular  political  and  military  analysts  and  the  'average  joe'  acknowledge  that  Islamic   Terrorism  is  a  Beast  with  too  many  heads  that   Western  powers  and   their  military   have   failed  to  adequately  neutralize   since  the  war   against  Islamic  Terrorism   began  'post  September  11'...If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  know  that   several  wars   are  scheduled  to  be  fought  in  the  Middle  East.   Let's  be  realistic;  the  war  against  Islamic  Terrorism   presently  has  "NO"  end  in  sight,  America  and  the  Western  powers  have   only   been  buying  time  and  delaying  the  consummation  of  it  all;  the  inevitable  is  coming.  (  is  calling   all  the  upcoming wars  found  in  Ezekiel  38-39  and  Revelation   6  : 3  as  continual  wars  that  last  several  years  just  as  WW  II  did  so  in  the  past  and  was  fought  and  spread  all  over  the  planet*)

We  cannot  study  this  topic  without  acknowledging  that   there  is  a  very  GREAT  spiritual  war   taking  place  for   the  fate  and  destiny  of  Israel  and  of  Jerusalem  as  no  other  country  and  city  in  all  of  human  history.  Satan  and  all  of  his  armies  of  fallen  Angels   have  been  concentrating   most  of  their  attention  on  that   small  real  estate  of  the  world  since  before  you  and  I  were  born   !!!

Unfortunately,  war  will  continue  to  wage  in  and  around  the  Middle  East  very  simply  because  numerous  international  arms  dealers  are  tripping  over  each  other  and  continually  selling  all  types  of  weapons  to  Islamic  Terrorists  and  also  to  their  sponsors  with  deep  pockets  mainly  Iran  !!!  Islamic  terrorist  groups  have  no  shortage  of   'Jihadi  volunteers'  and  even  though  "NOT"  all  Arab  Muslims  are   terrorists   some  10%  of  the  young  males  all  over  the  Middle  East    have  no  problem   joining  the  Islamic  Jihad  against   foreign  powers  and  we  are  realistically   talking  about  some  20,000,000  million  Arab  youths  who  are  continually  underemployed   and  see  nothing  but  a  bleak  future  ahead  of  them.

What  those  who  are  promoting  the  'Islamic  Mahdi'   don't  tell  you  is  that  the  'blunt  truth'  of  it  all  is  that   most   Arab-Islamic   nations  are  under  the  curse   of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  for  continually   cursing  Israel  and  its'  Jews  !!!  And  what  kind  of  servant  of  GOD  teaches  and  quotes  the  body  of  Christ   from  a  False  Prophet  unholy  Book ?  How  else  do  you  explain  the  fact  that  since  1948   "NO"  Islamic  army  has  been  able  to  militarily  defeat   Israel, explain  to  me  how  over  200+  million  Arab  Muslims   around  Israel   can't  come  together  and  defeat  'tiny  Israel'  with  a  population  of  just  some  9  million  !!!  The  reason  why  no  Islamic  terrorist  group  like : Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda    nor  any  National Islamic  Army  surrounding  Israel  has  been  able  to  defeat  Israel  militarily  is  simply  because  they  are  all  under  the  curse  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!
(  Genesis   12 : 1-3  )    Can't  you  see  the  curse ?  Most Arab  countries  have to import their  food  they  can't  even   grow  enough food  to  feed  themselves,  they  don't manufacture  much and  all  import  their  weapons  from : Russia, China and North Korea  and  most  if  not  all   have   terrible  leaders  who   exploit  the  oil  riches  of  the  region  instead  of  reinvesting  it  in  the  local   economy  to  build  up  much  needed  infrastructure. GOD  gave  them  oil  and   and   over  90%  of  the  Middle  East  and  yet  they  want   'Tiny  Israel'  to   give  up  even  more  of  its  land  !!!  has  been  for  years   teaching  that  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  bring  forth  and  are  the  product  of   a  world  at  war,  the  Four  Horsemen  of  Revelation   bring  forth   World  War  III...When   Adolph   Hitler  rose  to  power   he  was  a  primitive  trial  run  of  the  1st  Horsemen   bent  on  Conquest,  but  Hitler  failed  and  the  State  of  Israel   wasn't  in  existence  yet  !!!  In  effect,  Hitler's   military   actions  only  brought  about  the  premature   appearance  of  the  first  two  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse;  since   a  large  part  of  the  world   got  engulfed  in  World  War  II;  the   3rd  and  4th  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  did  "NOT"  fully  manifested  themselves  during    World  War  II  as  they  are  reserved   for  a  future  military  conflagration  !!!

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  learned  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   does  "NOT"  need   millions  of  Angels  to  destroy  planet  Earth.  In  the  Holy  Bible   we  learn  in  Exodus : 12  of  the  death  Angel  who  brought  Egypt  to  its  knees  by  killing  the   first  born  of  the  Egyptians,  also  in  Revelation  9 : 14,  with  a  mere  4  Angels  GOD  wipes  out   33%  of  what  will  be  left  of  humanity  at  that  moment  of  the  Tribulation  period  and  in  2nd of Kings   19 : 35,  with  one  Angel  GOD  wipes  out  185,000  Assyrian  soldiers  in  one  night  !!!  (  can  you  imagine  what  one  Angel of GOD  with that much  power  could  do  in  a  week ? )   and  I  didn't  even  mention  what  'two  Angels'  of  the  LORD  accomplish  against  Sodom and  Gommorah  !!!  and  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ    have  identified   and pinpointed  the   future  destruction  of  Mecca  in  Saudi  Arabia.  Mecca  will  be  'NO'  more after  the  Prophecy  of  Revelation   9 : 14  takes  place.  If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible Prophecy  you  already  know  that  the  Roman  Vatican   is  also  scheduled  to  be  destroyed   come  Revelation  17 : 16  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  announce  these Prophetic   facts  with  glee  "BUT"  GOD  ALMIGHTY   has  "NO"  respect  for  False Prophets  nor  for  their  headquarters !!!   (  its  taken  me  over  a  decade   of  research  to make  this   assertion   and   I don't  make it  lightly  "NO"  other  teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  made  such  a specific  statement  concerning  Mecca's  future   !!!  Nuclear  war   is  headed  into  that  specific region  of  the  world  ( Euphrates  and  Tigris  region )   when  the  Prophecy  of   Revelation  9 : 14  becomes  a  reality  !!!  This student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds everyone that  most  if  not  all    nations  around  the  Euphrates  and  Tigris  Rivers  are   Islamic,  so  it  will  be  an  Islamic   Nuclear  Holocaust;  somebody  is  going  to  nuke  them  in  the  future,  regardless  of  whether  it  is  a  man-made  nuclear  holocaust  or  a  supernatural  killing  spree  by those 4 Angels  it  is   without question a  'regional   holocaust' in  that specific  region of the world ***)

We  live  in  an  age  were  the  United  States   cannot  become  an  'Isolationist  Power.'   While  the  war  against  Islamic  Terrorists  continues  in  Afghanistan  and  in  other  pockets  of  the  Middle  East, the  U.S.   cannot  win  such  a  war  nor  finalize  it  until  its  politicians  give  the  military  more  of  a  'green  light'  to  do  what  must  be  done  to  once  and  for  all  in  order  to  exterminate   these  new  "Nazis"  of  this  21st  Century  !!!

The   European  Union,   is  once  again  at  a  'major  crossroad'   the  British  will  once  again  vote  on  whether   they  will  stay  or  exit   the  EU  and   voters  in  Holland   are  also  requesting   a  'referendum'  of   their   own  should  Britain   exit  !!!  To  make  matters  even  more  interesting  the  EU  Commission  President  Jean-Claude  Juncker  recently  stated  and  tweeted  'that  the  EU  needs  an  army  of  its  own  in  order  to  be  treated  seriously  and  in  order  to  enforce  its  own  foreign  policy.'  According  to  Juncker;  such  an  army  would  help  them  design  a  'Common  Foreign  and  Security  Policy.'   Although  the  EU  already  counts  with  NATO;  most  European   elites  know  that  the  U.S.  dominates  NATO  and  they  kind  of  want   the  U.S.  somehow  out  of  the  picture  in  a  nice  way.  Britain  for  its  part  ( no surprise   here*)   is  totally   opposed  to  an  EU   army  !!!

In  other  news,  is   announcing  that  we  have  identified   yet  another   nation-state   'toe on the statue  of  Nebuchadneezar'    that  will  produce  one of the 10 King's  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  this  country  is  Spain.  Spain  was  a  part  of  the Roman  Empire,  it  once  was  an  Imperial  power, it continues to have close ties  with  the 'Whore  that  will  be  Riding the Beast'  and   it  once  fought  off  the  Muslims  (  Moors )  out  of  the  Iberian  Peninsula  !!!...Italy, France, Germany  and  Spain  will  produce  in  the  future  4  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  who  will   for  one  hour  ( 42 months-3 and a half years; reign  with  the  Beast*)   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   reminds  everyone   that  the Final  10  Toes   of  the  Prophecy  are   nation-states.  We  have  always   been  teaching  that the  10  King's  of  Revelation  will  be  a  European-Mediterranean-Regional  Alliance Military  Powerhouse   and  "NOT"  the : United  Nations,  the  Iluminati, the  G-7, Bilderberg Group, 10 Multi-National Corporations  or  10  Heads  of  International   Banks   !!!   "ALL" 4  Beasts  of  Daniel   conquered :  Israel, all  were  Mediterranean  Empires;  it  amazes  me
how   other  Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  'misinforming'   the  Body  of  Christ  with  who the   10  Toes  of  Statue  of  Nebuchadnezzar   symbolize  and  represent  !!!  

Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  in  sisters  in  Christ;  just  as  the  Islamic  Militants  provoked   the  U.S.  on  September  11, 2001  into   counterattacking  Islamic  Terrorism  on  Islamic  soil  with   the  world's   best  armed   military,   something  very  similiar  will  happen  once  again  in  the  future  in  Europe  that  will   justify  the  endtimes  'Roman  Little  Horn'  to   militarily   launch  an  all  out  blitzkrieg  against  many  Islamic  countries  around  the  Mediterranean  Sea  and  utterly  defeat  them  without  mercy.  When  the  'Little  Horn'  presents  himself   in  the   future  Jewish  new  Temple  his  armies   will  be  already  securing  most  of  the  surrounding   Arab  nations, that  is  why  our  Lord   warned  to  those who  get  to  witness  that  endtimes  event  called  the  'Abomination of  Desolation'  to  not  look back and  run  to  the  hills  because  the   army  of  that  endtimes  ruthless  totalitarian  will  already  have  his  military  forces   nearby  !!!  (  Matthew  24 : 15,   Daniel  11 : 40-45  )

This  student  of  World  History  and  Bible  Prophecy;  reminds  everyone  that  when  the  final  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   rises  to  total  power  he  is  going  to   destroy  anyone  and  everyone  who   tries  to  get  in  his  way  and  this  will  include  hundreds  of  millions  of  Muslims  in  the  Middle  East  and  "NOT"  just   the  Jews.  Let  us  remember  that  during  WW  II   Hitler  ultimately  killed  more  Russian's  than  Jews;  the  truth  is  that  at   first  the  'Little  Horn'   will  seem  sympathetic   to : Muslims, Christians and Jews  "BUT"  in  his  heart   he  is  Satan  encarnate   and  Satan  wants   personal  worship  just  like  some  Roman  Emperors  of  the  past   requested   (  and  they  worshiped  the  Beast  - Revelation  13  :  4  )

By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario    prays  for  the  'Peace  of  Jerusalem'  and  he  wishes  no  evil  upon  anyone.  The  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   were  written  long  before  you  and  I 
were  even  born; the truth  is  that  GOD  Almighty   already  knows  the  future  and  He already  brought  into   consideration  all  the  wickedness  of  mankind  into  the  final  equation   and  thus  that  is  why  He  gave  us  and  revealed  to  us  such  endtime  things  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  As  I  write  this  article   Iran  and  many  of  the  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  that  it  sponsors  all  over  the  Middle  East  and  the  world  are  bent  on  destroying  Israel  and  they  make  no  secret  of  it  they  shout  it  over  their  T.V. airwaves  and  all  over  their  social  media   so   don't  think  that  peace  is  coming  anytime  soon  to  the  Middle  East  !!!