Thursday, July 27, 2017


This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  needed   time  off  to  consider  and  meditate   upon  what Emmanuel  Macron's   'Surprising'  victory  in  the  French  elections   meant  as  the  'birth pang' signs  of the end  of  the  age   keep   on  increasing  before  our  very  eyes   !!!   (  The birth pangs  are  'GUARANTEED'   to  keep  on  increasing;  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies. )   If  you  have  been  a  regular  visitor   here;  you  and  I  were   front  row  witnesses  to  the   somewhat  surprising  victory   of  Mr.Macron.  was  one  of  the  first   Bible  Prophecy  websites  to   cover   the  rise  of  this  very  surprising   new  EU  leader  and  I  commend  all  those  who   are  also  now  'Cautiously'   covering   this  very  interesting  new  global  actor.   Whatever  happens  during  these  5   years;  'NO'  one   will  ever  be  able  to  state  and  complain  that   nobody  was  watching  and  that  nobody   warned  them;  that  is  what  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  been  very  patiently  trying  to  do  all  these  years   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  remains  'Flexible  and  Open'  to  the  various  'Twist, Turns  and  Surprises'   that  will   ultimately  allow  the  final   'Little  Horn'  to  rise  to  his  full  prophesied  power;  'WHOMEVER'  he  may  end  up  being*  Mario  Romano, is just trying  to   correctly  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel.   Some  may  argue  that   its   'too  early, too  soon'    eventually  someone  is  going  to  be  proven  wrong  and  that  is  why  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  very  'CAUTIOUSLY'  approaching  all  of  this;  he  wants to  be  among  the  few  who  ends  up  interpreting Daniel's  Prophecies  correctly,  when  all  is  said  and  done   !!!   This student of  Bible  Prophecy   will  have  a  very  clear  conscience  when  the  trump  of  GOD  sounds;  he  will  know  fully  well  that  he   used  all  the  gifts   that  his  creator   'GOD'   bestowed  upon   him  to   : Teach, Warn   and  Encourage  others   that    the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   are  true  and  that   most  of  the  yet  unfulfilled  one's  are   on  their   way  to  being  fulfilled  in  our   lifetime  !!!  is  here  because  some  people  and  even  some  believers  don't  know what   has  been  taking  place  in  the  regional :  political, military  and  economic   epicenter  of the   endtimes  entity   that  is  going  to  ultimately   produce  the  4th  Beast.   We are also here to   interpret  what  is   'Presently'  taking  place  with  the   inheritor   that  is  carrying   the DNA  of  the  4th  Beast  and   we  are  here   to  'teach  and  forewarn'   about  what   the  Prophecies  of  Daniel and  Revelation   reveal  to  us   about   what  the  4th  and  final  Roman -Mediterranean Beast  is  going  to  do  to :  Israel,  the Middle  East  and   most  of  the  unsuspecting  world   in the  not  too  distant  future;  once  it   gets  its  final  10  horns  !!!

Sometimes  there  is  so  much  'Background-Noise, Hoopla , Misinformation, Smoke & Mirrors  and   all  the  Static'  around  certain  global  events  and  powerful  world  leaders  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  needs  to  take  a  'step  back'  to  allow  him  to  'Let  it  all  sink  in'     so  that  he  can  separate  the  truth  from  opinions   !!!   NSA  and  CIA   intelligence  analysts   are  normally  overwhelmed  with  data;  the  trick  is   to  try  to  interpret  all  the  available  and  incoming  &  accumulated  data  ( intelligence )   correctly  and  that  is  what   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been   trying  to  do.   The  time  I  took  off  certainly  did  help.

Because   we  are  the  final  generation;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   does  'NOT'  believe  that  the  rise  of  Macron  is  a  'fluke.'...'IF'   certain  things   begin  to  flare  up  even  more  so  around  Israel   ( Temple  Mount*)  and  if  Russia  continues  to   meddle  even  more  so  in  the  Middle  East  then   we  will  all  know   what's  next  in  the  Prophetic  calendar.  It  took  Stalin  and  Hitler  years  to  get  to  their  zenith  of  power;  'slowly  &  patiently'  they  rose  to  power  and   both  were  eventually  baptized  with  the  fires  of  war.   War  is  coming;   the  Arab  Spring   has  produced  massive  Mediterranean  insecurity   and  presently   a  large  percentage  of  Europeans  are  clamoring  their  EU  leaders   to  stop  taking  in  more  and  more  Islamic   refugees;   rapes   perpetrated   against  local  European  women  by  some  Islamic  refugees  have  significantly  increased   throughout  several  EU  cities  and  the  local  and  federal  police  and  intelligence  authorities  of  several  EU  cities  have  their  hands  full  trying  to  keep  an 'eye  and  a  ear'  on  literally  thousands  of  Islamic  young  men  who  could  very  well  be  sleeper  Jihadist's  !!!   This  can't  go  on  forever  and   you  better  believe   that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'SUSPECTS'  that   Islamic  Terrorists  are   planning  a  9-11  against   a  European  target.  The  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  need  a  great  excuse  to  justify   his  war   in  the  Middle  East  and   continued  Islamic  Terrorism   in  European  cities   may  just  be  the  perfect  justification   that  will  pull  in  European  soldiers   in  the  future  into  the  Middle  East.  Former  U.S.  President  George  W. Bush  did   just  that  post  September  11;  and  that  was  to  invoke  'Article  5'  of  NATO    and  take  the  war  into  Middle  East  targets.

It  is  'NOT'  the  goal  of  to  single  out  and   'Demonize'  : Putin, Macron, the G-20, Merkel, ISIS and   numerous  Islamic  Terrorists;  the  'blunt  truth'  of  it  all  is  that   is  that  we  live  in  a  very  fallen  planet;  where  all  who  have  not  been  redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  are  just  outright  corrupt  and  evil  to  the  bone  !!!   If  you  didn't  know   several  of  the  top  International  Banks  have  been  caught  'Red-Handed'  (  and  found  guilty  ex : HSBC, BofA, JP Morgan, Western Union* )  in  the  past  of  laundering  money  for  International Cartels  and  other  International  Criminal  groups  and  usually  no  top  banking  executive   ends  up  going  to  jail   !!!  Because   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   chose  to  focus  on  Satan's  top   endtimes   emissary   ( Little  Horn )   I  try  not  so  much  to  focus   on  other  evil  and  demonic   people  who  delight  in : killing, stealing  and  destroying  the  lives  of  their  fellow  human  beings.  ( examples : International Mafias, International gangs,  Criminal  Mercenaries,  International Cartels, Global Terrorist groups... etc  )

No  one  can  state  that  the  victory  of  Emmanuel  Macron  did  not   at  the  least  'DELAY'  the  ultimate  day  of  reckoning  for  the  EU.  is  going  to  be  very  careful  in  approaching  this  topic  because  in  the  past  there  really  was  a  'Recommendation  666'  via  the  now  deceased  Western  European  Union  ( WEU )  but  the  WEU  is  'NO'  more.   Sarkozy  also  did  manage  to  be  at  the  forefront   of  creating  the  Mediterranean  Union  and   he  did   tried  to  broker  the  Middle  East  Peace  Process  'BUT'  he  too  is  now  history.   The Club of Rome  composed   several  global  members  is  also  a  real   organization  but   it  also  is  'NOT'  the  final  10   Horned   Beast  of  Revelation.   For  many  years  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  stated  that  he  is  'OPEN'  to   last  minute  scenarios,  should  one  of  them   not  pan  out.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  several : wars, mega-riots, Terrorist  attacks  and  natural  disasters  are  headed   to  the  EU   ( Eurasian Region*)  and  that   the  EU  is  far  from  being  finalized   !!!   (   Such  riots  and orchestrated  Islamic Terrorist attacks  have  already happened  in  the  past*)  There  are  coming  assassination  attempts  as  well  as   'un-natural  deaths'  to  some  of  the  leaders  in  that  part  of  the  world  in  the  future.  is  most  certainly  'OPEN'  to  various  upcoming  'Twists, Turns  and  Surprises'  that  could  overtake   and  overwhelm the  EU  in  a  short   period of time in the future;  so  'YES'   we  are  still  open  to  other  possibilities  should  Macron  be  proven   a  fluke  in  these  5  years  of  his  Presidency.

Most  Muslims  will  be  expelled  from  the  EU  in  the  future  during  the  Tribulation  period;  this  has  already  happened  on  several  occasions  throughout  the  history  between   Islam  and  the  Europeans  in  the  past;  its  not  that  this  writer  is  advocating   and promoting  ethnic  war;  its  that   history  does  comes  in  repetitive  cycles;  Europe will  'NOT'   convert  to  Islam  they  are  prophesied  and  guaranteed  to  'WORSHIP'  their  future  endtimes leader,  his  image   and  take  his  mark   !!!   (  Revelation 13 : 4 )  Europeans  will  grow  tired  of  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  on  their  soil  and   eventually  martial  law  will  be  declared   and   many  will  be   expelled  and  repatriated  out  of  the  EU   for  being   'enemies  of  the  state'   !!!  When  the  NAZI's  rose  to  power  in the past  they  not only  persecuted  the  Jews;   but  they  also  despised  &  went  after  : Communists, Socialists, Gypsies, and  all  they believed  to be Inferior  to the Aryan  Race  within  their  grasp.  In  the  end  over  14+  million  Russians  died  because  of  Hitler  and  over 4+ million  Jews;  what this student of Bible  Prophecy  is  trying to tell you  is  that   the  endtimes  Little  Horn  is  going  to  'Mortally Neutralize'   more  Muslims  than  Jews  when  it  is  all  said  and  done.   As  the  First  horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  conquers  a  large   segment  of  the  Middle  East  as   the  Roman  Empire   once  did   during  the  first  phase  of  the  Roman  Beast  millions   of  Arabs   will   try  to  defend  themselves  from  him   and  will  undoubtedly   die  in  the  process   !!!  'DOES'  absolutely  confirm  that  France  is   the  only  one  of  four  EU  players   that  can   ultimately   'pull  off'   and  produce  he  that  shall  'Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many  for  a  Week.'   A  closer  inspection  at  the  EU  minus  Britain   reveals  to  this  student  of  Strategic  Systems  that   France  will  be  left  being  the  biggest  and  only  EU  country  with  the  biggest   'Military  Industrial  Complex'  in  that  specific  region  of  Europe  once   the  Brexit  is  finalized.   Germany,  has  almost  ignored   any  need  for  militarization  for  decades  and  finds  it  cheaper  to  just  pay  its  dues  to  NATO.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  'NEVER'   believed  that  Germany  will  produce  the  final  'Little  Horn'  in  fact  Adolph   Hitler  himself  who   promoted  'Aryan   Racial   Superiority'  wasn't  himself  :  tall, blond, blue eyed  nor  muscular    and   he  wasn't  born   anywhere  near  Berlin,  Hitler  was  really  from   Austria;  just  like  his  contemporary   Stalin who was also not really   Russian but was from Georgia   !!!   believes   that  the  'Little  Horn'  will  come  out  one  of  the  3   European  countries  that  we  have  been  mentioning  in  the  past***   

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  Macron's  age  makes  it  possible  for  him  to  be  a  critical   endtimes  player.  Should  Macron    have  a  'Decent'  Presidency  in  his  5  year  term  he  will  qualify  for  another   5  year  term, so  'Yes'  he  most  certainly  could  be  on  the  world  scene  in  this  10  year  window.  Should  Macron  be  an  absolute  fluke  and  failure  like  his  predecessor  Mr. Hollande  then  the  extreme  parties  of  France  have  a  high  chance  of  taking  over  in  the  future.

Alain  Minc;  a French :  author, businessman  and   political advisor   jokingly  told  Macron once  that  he  must  have  made  a  'Contract  with  GOD'  to  have  had  so  much  luck   in overcoming so  many  political  odds;  that  even  surprised  and  stunned  most   French  political  analysts  with  his  victory  !!!  Another  of  Macron's   past  college  friends   recently  'jokingly'   stated  in  an  interview  that   Macron  must  have  had  made  a  deal  with  the  devil  to  have  accomplish  all  that  he  did  in  just   than  less  than  a  year  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  just  trying  to  figure out  which  of  these  two  insights  will  ultimately  prove   correct  about  Mr. Macron  !!!  According  to  Marc Endeweld one of Macron's  biographers,  Mr.Macron   is  'NOT'  a  regular  churchgoer.   In  secular  France,   presently  only  50%  of  the  population  still  identify  as  Roman  Catholic  and   only   5%   regularly  attend  Mass   !!!   must  warn  you   that   there  are  several   Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  coming  to  various  EU  cities  in  the  future  as  well  as  various  Islamic  riots  throughout  several  EU  cities.  The  liberal  democratic parties  of  Europe  left   a  'Trojan  Horse'  into  their  countries  and  they  are   going  to  pay  for  it  in  the  future.   I  do  not  state  this  with  any  pleasure ; I'm  just  a  student  of   world  history  and  human  nature.  The  ultimate  rise  of  the  'Little  Horn'  will  be  made  possible   by   several  factors   and  Islamic  Terrorism   in  Europe  will  certainly  be  one  of  them.

This  student  of   Mediterranean   Geopolitics  reminds  everyone  that   'NO'  other  EU  country  holds  a   greater   stake  in   destiny  &  future  of  this  specific  region  of  the  world  than  France  !!!  What  is   transpiring  throughout  Northern  Africa  and  the  Middle  East
( Mediterranean Region*)  is  now  directly  affecting   France  directly  via  massive  illegal  Islamic   immigrants   &  refugees  as  well  as  with  increasing  Islamic  terrorism.    I'm  not  even  a  French   military  general  and  I  can  see  how  all  of  these   Islamic  forces  are  going  to   eventually  force  France  to   take  this   increasing  Jihadi   war  far  away  from  French  cities  and  French  soil   and  directly  into   the  Jihadi  soil  of   several  Islamic  countries  just  as  it  is  Prophesied   in  the  Book  of  Daniel   !!!   (  Daniel  11 : 42  )   If  you've  been  wondering   what  is  going  to  'pull  in'   the  Little  Horn    and  his   military  machine  into  the  Middle  East  during the Tribulation  period   now  you  know  !!!   Just  like   the  Islamic  Terror   attack  of  September  11,   gave  President  Bush   the  'green  light'  to   send  the  world's  most   highly  technological  military  machine   into  the  Middle  East   ( U.S. Armed Forces*)  and  into  Afghanistan  in  the  past;  Islamic  terrorism  is  going   to  allow  the  final  'Little  Horn'   to   initiate  his   Conquest  of  the  Middle  East  (  Revelation  6 )    just  as  Hitler   once  was  bent  on  conquest   against  his  Eastern  enemies  and  neighbors   !!!   I   could  be  wrong  and  crazy   but   Article  5  of  NATO  could  very  well  be  invoked  again   if  NATO  is   not  dissolved  in  the  Tribulation  period   !!!  (  Reminder   article  5  was  invoked  only  once  and  that  was   against  Islamic  Terrorism  after  September  11  !!!   )   has  been  in  existence   since  1999    and  when   this  website  began  I  knew  very  well   to  some  degree   what  I  was  getting  myself  into.  The  next  few  years  will  'CONFIRM'  to  us  all   where  we  really  are  and  how  much  time  we  have  left,  should  Macron  succeed    then  you  know  what  it  all  means,  should  he  fail   and  lose  re-election  in  5  years  then  things  will  become  more  obvious.   All  of  this  is  also  'Contingent'  on  whether  or  not  Mrs.  Angela  Merkel  wins  or  loses  in  Germany's   national  elections  in  September.  According  to  the  latest   polls  Mrs. Merkel  is  winning   the  only  way    that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  see  her  losing  is  if  there  are  more  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  before  the  elections  in  Germany  or  if  she  has   some  major  and  unforeseen  health  problems  between  now  and  then.

If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  know  very  well  what  the  major  red  flag  in  all of  this  will  be;  'IF'  Macron   attempts  to   restart  the  Paris-Middle  East  Peace  Conference.  To  be  truthful  according  to  the  last  official  French  election  results  Macron  did  not  win  with  66.06%   the  final  numbers  were  changed  'BUT'   hey;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  did  'NOT'  photoshop  the  results;  they   actually  came  from  secular   sources  (  British Broadcasting  and  French  Television*)

Another   great  surprise  for  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was   Macron's  landslide  victory  in  the  French  Parliamentary  elections;  his  victory  was  tantamount  to  an  independent  U.S. Presidential  Candidate  winning  the   U.S. Presidency  and  not  only  that;  but   his  amazing victory  in  Parliament   was  the  equivalent  of   his new party   gaining  a  majority  of  power   in  the  Senate  and  Congress  !!!  Sarkozy   had  previously  stated  that   even  if  Macron  won  he   was  going  to  be  a  'sitting  duck  presidency'  because   the  French   Parliament    was  dominated  by  old  French  entrenched  political  parties  and  even  in  the French  parliament  did  Macron  managed   to  surprise  !!!  (  Macron's  party  won  a  clear  Parliamentary  Majority  'La Republique  En Marche'  with  some  300  seats  in  a  577 seat French Parliament;  his  party did  allied  itself  with  another  one  to  get  to  those numbers*)

As  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  we  should  all  approach  this  with  'Caution.'   As  a 'Watchman'  we  were  one  of  the  very  first  in  all  of  planet  Earth  to    observe   the amazing  political  rise  of  Emmanuel  Macron.    just  prays  that   we  will end  up  being   a   'Faithful'   watchman   from  whatever   transpires  in  these  5-10   years  or as long as  GOD  my  Creator  continues  to  allow  me  to  breathe  oxygen  on  this  planet.

Mr. Macron  inherited  a  mess  in  France  'BUT'  he  knew  very  well  what  he  was  getting  himself  into,  it  all  reminds  me  of   a  movie  scene  from  some  old  movie  I  watched  years  ago,  while  everyone  was  running  away  from  impending  danger  this  crazy  character  started  running  to   this  fire  and  in  the  end  he  managed  to  save  some  people  from  the  fire;  he   ultimately  became  a  hero;  this  man  had  nothing  to  lose.   It  remains  to  be  scene  if  Macron  will  be  able  to   contend  with  the  'Massive'  problems  and  challenges  of  the  French  economy  and   if  that's  not  enough  he  also  has  to  contend  with  major : Eurozone,  Brexit,  $Euro   and  the  revolving   $$$  Greek  Economic  crisis;  if  he   somehow manages  to  politically  survive  then   you  and  I  will  know  what  it  all  means  !!!   

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  learned  to  be  very  patient  throughout the  years. Years  ago   someone emailed  me  telling  me   that  they  thought  Recommendation  666  was  'IT'   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   responded  back  telling  them  that  we  have  to  be  cautious  because  if  it  is  'NOT'  it;  we  begin  to  lose  credibility.  Even  though  we  state  that  we  are  'NOT'  Prophets  nor  are  we  'PROPHESYING'  but  merely  trying  our  best  to  correctly  interpret  the  Biblical  Prophecies  we  must  still  do  it  in  a  responsible  manner.   That  specific   believer  even   'HAD'  his  own  Bible  Prophecy  website  then, he  did  not  continue  to  teach   because   of  family  problems.   Patience  is  a  necessary   virtue  to  have  as  a  student   of  Bible  Prophecy  and  as  a  Watchman,  sometimes I visit  other  Prophecy website  links  and  am  saddened  that  half  of  them   are  no  longer  working  and  yet  other  Prophecy   websites  have  not  been  updated  for  years   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  prays  that  GOD  will  guide  him  to  all   truth  and  give  him  the : strength, courage  and  wisdom  to   continue  to  report  as  long  as  possible  on  this  endtimes  subject...Our  Lord  :  JESUS  CHRIST  is  coming  back  very,  very  soon   !!!   While  billions   continue  to  'Eat  &  Drink'  ( live  only  for  the  flesh  &  the  here  and  now *)  don't  care  one  bit   about   Biblical  Prophecy  it  is  tragic  that  a  large  percentage  of  those  who  call  themselves   Christians   don't  really  study  Bible  Prophecy  for  themselves  because   the  majority  of  Christian   leaders   ignore  the  subject  altogether    and  are  instead   teaching  more  about  :  prosperity   and   self  esteem;  when  our  Lord   warned  us  that  we  must  DENY  ourselves  and  our  ego   if  we  desire  to   follow  Him  &  take  up  the  Cross***

By  :  Mario  Romano;   this  student  of  Bible   Prophecy  is  just  like  a  'Private  Investigator'  who  is  trying  to  put  all  the  pieces   of  our  ever  changing  world  and  prophecies  of  the  Bible  together;  sometimes   they  fit  and  sometimes  you  have  to  start  all  over  'BUT'  you  never,  ever   quit  very  simply  because   you  have  learned  from  your  mistakes  and  are  ever   and  ever   closer   to  solving  it  all.  Besides  when  you  have  literally  invested  almost  20  years  of  your  own  life  into   something  like  this   ( interpreting  Daniel's  4th Beast & its Little  Horn*)    its  not  something   that  you  just  give  up  on;  it  is  something  that   you want  to  'WARN'   everyone  about    because  it  will   affect   billions  of  human  souls   in  the not  too  distant  future   !!!   Daniel's   70th  Week   is  getting  ever  closer  and   somewhere around  the  region  of  the  Mediterranean   some  'unholy   character'  is  also  being  prepared and  groomed  to  accomplish  things  that  Adolph  Hitler  only  dreamed  of   !!!   This  almost  unknown   student  of  Bible  Prophecy   does  'NOT'  claim  to  know  who  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will   ultimately  end  up  being  'BUT'  I  can  tell  you  one  thing,   we   have  zeroed  in  on   3   of  the   most  likely   EU  countries  that  he   will  rise  up  from***