Sunday, April 19, 2015


Truly,  in  May  14  of  1948,  Satan  and  every  fallen  Angel  knew  very,  very  well  that   their  time   on  planet  Earth  had   been  significantly   'shortened'   and  they  knew  that  this  was  the  'last  generation'  of  humans  that  they  would have  the  opportunity  of  : enslaving, deceiving  and  destroying;  for  in  May  14, 1948   a  great  sign  appeared : The  Nation  of  Israel   was  once  again  a  reality  and  it  is  a  sign  of  the  nearing of the  'end of the age'  &  most  of  all  of  the  reality of :  The  Powerful, Sovereign  and  ever  HOLY  GOD   of  Israel  who : created  it, established  it  and  defends  it   !!! "Woe  to  the  inhabiters  of  the  earth  &  of  the  sea  !   For  the  devil  is  come  down  unto   you   having  great  wrath  !  Because  he  knoweth  that  he  hath  but  a  short  time  ! - Revelation 12 : 12    In  May 14, 1948  one  of  Satan's  greatest  nightmares  became  a  reality,  as  one  of  the  greatest  Prophecies  in  the  Bible  became  fulfilled  to  the  very  letter   amidst  what  seemed  unthinkable  &  an  outright  impossibility  at the time !    (  Isaiah  66 : 8 )  After   great  persecution,  near   annihilation  and   one  of  the  greatest  Holocaust's  ever  on planet  Earth  the  Jewish  people  returned  to  the  Land  promised  to Abraham  &  his  descendents  forever  !!!   On  May  14, 1948   GOD  ALMIGHTY  once  again  shone  His  Glorious  face  upon  His  chosen  people,  the   piercing  light  of  heaven   once  again  shoned  upon  Israel  and  not  that  GOD  had  ever  abandoned   His  people;   but  it  was  necessary  that   the  Jews  pass  through  the  fire  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  for  their  continual  disobedience  and   rebellion,  truly  no  unrepentant  sin  goes  unpunished.  In  1948,  the  doors  of  heaven  swung  wide  open  and  its  light  pierced  every  inch  of  darkness  that  covered  the  Earth  and  the  armies  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  descended  upon  planet  Earth  'like  an  unstoppable  flood'  to  ensure  that  the  State  of  Israel  became  a  reality,   so  that  the  will  of  the  Father  be  done  on  Earth  as  it  is  in  Heaven  and  you  know  what ?  There  was  nothing, not a  single  thing  that  Satan & his demonic  armies could  have  ever  done  to  stop  it  all  !!!   Satan  could  have  amassed  all the  armies  of  men,  all the armies of  hell   and yet   he  nowhere  stood  a  chance   for   thee  armies  of   thee  GOD  ALMIGHTY  have  "NEVER"  ever  lost   in  battle   !!!

   The  only  reason  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  weren't  captured  and  thrown  'right  then  and  there'  ( in 1948  )  into  the  'Lake  of  Fire'  and  into  the  'bottomless  pit'  was  simply  because   it  wasn't   time  yet  for   those  Prophetic  events  to  take  place  yet,  it  could  have  been  the  'Battle  of  Armageddon'  in  1948   but  it  would  have  been  the  same  outcome : Satan  and  his   Legions  of  demons  would  have   easily  been  defeated  !!!...The  complete  'Fullness  of  Time'  is  not  yet  fully  here,   numerous  other  battles  must  first  take place  in and  around  Israel  in  the not so  distant  future for  thee  WORD of  the  Living  GOD  guarantees  it !

     This  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  can  just  imagine  that   'Wonderful  Day'  of  May 14 , 1948;  truly  GOD  ALMIGHTY    permitted  : Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel,  Joel,  Zechariah,  David  and His   other Hebrew  Prophets  to  witness  in  the  front row seats  of  heaven  His  grace upon   a  people   who  had  been  wandering  the   entire world without  a  homeland  for  over  a  1000+  years  and  over  18+  generations;  for  this moment was  even  greater  than    the  'Exodus  of  Egypt.'    I  can  just  imagine  : Moses, David, Elijah, Isaiah,  Zechariah, Joel  and Abraham  singing   that  ancient  Psalm   85  : 4-9   in unison  before   the  King  of  GLORY  !!!...I  can  just  imagine  that  in  May 14 , 1948   all  in  heaven   stood  still   in  a  'moment  of  eternity'  to  witness   the  great  mercy  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   upon  the  apple  of  His  eye   on  planet  Earth   !!!

     This  servant  of  thee :  "LIVING  GOD  ALMIGHTY"   reminds  everyone  that  the  future  of  this  entire  planet   "HINGES"   on  the  nation  of  Israel  and  "NOT"  on :  China, Russia,  America,  the  Islamic  nations  nor  on  the  European  Union  !!!   That  is  why  the   rebirth  of  modern  Israel  in  1948  is  so,  so  important  to  understand;  for  GOD  in  His   sovereignty   chose  to  use   4  gentile  empires  ( 4 Beasts of Daniel  )   to  punish  His  chosen  Hebrew   people  throughout  the  ages  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that   GOD  is  in  "CONTROL"  of  it  all;  for  the  Biblical  Prophecies  have  already   "GUARANTEED"   the  fall  of  "ALL"  gentile   powers;  in  the  end   all  the  cities  of  this  world  shall  fall  !!!  (  Revelation  16 : 19  )  and  Jerusalem  "SHALL"   be  the  capital  of  the  City  of  the  Great  King :  Yeshua;  JESUS  CHRIST  &  from  Israel  shall  HE  govern  the nations  that shall  be saved  !

     This  May 14, 2015  the  State of  Israel  will  rightfully  celebrate  its   67th  anniversary  amidst   an  'Islamic  Middle  East'  that  surrounds  it  with  very  hostile   intentions  and  one that  is  in   turmoil, on  fire  and  in  an  outright  civil  war;  regardless of   what  :  Iran,  Syria,  Hezbollah, Al Qaeda,  Hamas, ISIS   and  other  'Islamic  Goliaths'    may  promise  to  do  against  Israel;  the  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL   has   made  His  own  "POWERFUL"  promises   and  HE  is  going  to  fulfill  each  and  everyone  of  them;    irrespective  of  all  of  Israel's  enemies  !!! ...Events  and  moments   like  the  one  that  happened  on  May  14, 1948  do  not  happen  every  day,  in  fact  it  took  over  1800+  years   for  it  to  take  place   !!!

    The  Nation  of  Israel   was   born  out  of  the  ashes   and  fire  of  World  War  II,  Jerusalem  was   back  in  Jewish  hands   out  of  the  war  of  1967  and  the  pattern  continues...The  'Covenant  with  the  Many'    will  also  take  place  "AFTER"  another  Israeli  Military  victory  in  the  future  and  that  is  where  the  great  deception  of  the  'Little  Horn'  will   come  into  action   !!!

...Truly,  all  the  nations  of  this  world  have  been  blessed  by  the  promises  that  GOD  made  to  Abraham  and  his  descendents;  it  is  because  of  the  Hebrews  that  we  have   a  Bible,  because  of  the  Jews  that   we  have  a  Church;  for  the  original  church  was  mostly  if  not  all  comprised  of  Jews  who  set  the   gentile  nations  on  fire  !!!  Let  us  all  not  forget  that  it  were  Hebrew  men  who  listened  to  GOD;  who  wrote  the  Holy  Scriptures  while  the  rest  of  gentile  Pagan   nations   worshipped : The sun, the moon, Fire  and   other   things  created  by  a  Monotheistic  Creator  !!!   It  were   '12  Jewish  Fishermen'   with  virtually  no  high  education  but  who  were  filled  with  the  Holy  Spirit  who  began  a  spiritual  revolution  that   continues  to  spread  and  set  the  entire  world  on  fire  to  this  very  day  ! And   it  is  because  of  an  obedient  and  faithful  Jewish  Mary  that  the  greatest  Jew   of  all  time  came  into  this  world :  JESUS  CHRIST  : Thee  WORD  of  the  Living  GOD  !!!   Jesus  Christ  was  born  in  the  heart  of  Judaism,  He  was  a  Jewish  Carpenter   who  not  only  kept  all  the  Law  of  the  Torah   and  the Hebrew  Prophets   but  He  was  the  only  Jew  ever  to  fully  fulfill  it  all  !!!  This  entire  planet   has  been  extended  the  "Salvation"  and  mercy  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   simply  because   of  our  Jewish  friends;  despite  their : rebellion, disobedience  and  unfaithfulness  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY;    GOD  has  still  used  the  Jews  to  bring  blessings  upon  Earth   even  with  all  of  their  imperfections     and   "WE"  the  gentiles  are   really  not  much  different   than  our  Jewish  brothers  and  sisters;  for  we  too   continually  fall  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD  and  fail  Him   constantly  but  it  is  because  of  His  great   mercy    that  we  are  all   spared  from  His  wrath  !!!  Truly,  salvation  comes  from  the  Jews  !  (  John  4 : 22  )

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  can  just  imagine   what  went  through  Satan's  mind   in  1948  when  after  over  a  thousand+  years  the  same  people  he  has  sought  to  destroy  and  annihilate  completely  raised  up  the 'blue  star  of  David'  in the land of Palestine   after   over  some  20+  generations  of   the  inexistence   of  a  Jewish  homeland  !!!   ( can  you  imagine the facial  expression  that  Satan  and  his  demons   must  have  made  made in  May 14 of  1948 ? )  Truly,  Satan  had  it  made  for   over  1800+   years  because  the  nation  of  Israel   had  been  almost  totally abandoned  by  most  of  the  Jews  who  fled  for  their  lives  to  the  'four  corners  of  the  world'  as  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel   attacked  them  without  mercy  in  70  AD.  In  70  A.D.  Satan  inspired  the  4th  Roman  Beasts'  leadership   to  order  the  destruction  of   Jerusalem  and  he  didn't  end  it  there,  Satan  wanted  a  complete  overkill  and  he  sought  the  total  annihilation  of  the  Jewish  people  "BUT"  GOD  ALMIGHTY  had  other  plans  and  HE  did  "NOT"  allow  Satan   to  kill  off   all  the  Jews,  thus  the  great  diaspora  began  and  for  1800+    years   Satan  was  chasing  and  persecuting  the  chosen  people  of  GOD   in  Russia  with  the  'Gulags'  in  Spain  with  the  'Inquistion'  and  in  other  parts  of  the  world   in  many  other  sinister  ways  using  his  puppet  human  leaders  !!!   Some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers   don't  believe  that  Satan  knows  Bible  Prophecy,  but  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  Satan  very  well  knows  GOD  much  more  than  human  beings  and  he  knows  fully  well  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  "CANNOT"  lie  and  that  GOD  always  fulfills  His  promises   !!!   After  all  Lucifer  used  to  be  one  of  GOD's  most  entrusted  Archangels'   and  it  is  not  stretching  the  truth  when  this  student of Bible Prophecy states  that  Lucifer   had  spent  much  more  time  in  eternity  past  with  GOD  ALMIGHTY  than  us  human  beings  !!!

    It  is  "NO"  coincidence  that  the  modern  UFO  phenomenon  exponentially  exploded  began   in  1947  just  as   the  Nation  of  Israel  was   about  to  be  reborn  in  1948,  Satan  had  believed  that   his  puppet :  Hitler  and  the  NAZI's   would  forever  complete  once  and  for  all  the  final  solution  !!!  "BUT"  yet  again;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  had  given  Abraham  various  promises  once  again  had  other  plans  and  Satan   was  "NOT"  allowed  to  kill  off  all  the  Jews  during  World  War  II...Those  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  who   have  studied  the  UFO  Phenomenon   know  fully  well  that   the  'beings  of  light'  behind   all  the  increasing   aerial  activity  in  the  heavens  are  none  other  than  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  scrambling  'here  and  there'  because  they  know  fully  well  that  their   time   is  very, very   short  now  that   the  very  nation  that  they  almost  annihilated  with  the  help  of  the  Roman  Legions  in  70  AD  is  "NOW"   once  again  in  existence  !!!

      Since  Israel's   rebirth   in  1948;   Satan  immediately  went  back  into  action  and  didn't  waste  any  time,  he  inspired  4  Arab  armies  to  attack  Israel,  but  to  his  dismay   all  four  of  these  Arab  armies  failed  him  !!!   Contrary  to  popular  perception,  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  have   "NOT"  yet  been  thrown  into  the  Lake  of  Fire  and  the  bottomless  pit  !!!  According  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  will  be  'completely'  hurled  from  the  heavens  in  Revelation  12,  in  the  meantime  Satan  has  been   going  'to  and  fro'  at  amazing  speeds  all  over  this  planet; the reason  being   is  'the  increasing   warfare  in  the  heavens'  between  Satan's  fallen  angels  and  GOD's  armies  of  Angels  is  "increasing"  that  is  why  people  all  over  the  Earth  are  witnessing  some  amazing  'light  shows'  in  the  skies.

      The  day  and  time  is  coming  when  according  to  Revelation  12  :  12,   Satan  is  going  to  move  'mother  nature'   the  same  way  he  moved  it  when  he  attacked  JOB  in  the  Old  Testament   !!!...If  you  don't  remember  the  story  of  Job, Satan  was  allowed  to   bring  on  attack  after  attack   upon  Job  and  everything  in  his  life  !!!  We  even  see  Satan  having  power  to  produce  changes  in  the  weather  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes  that   in  the  future  Satan  will   produce  'massive  Tsunamis'  upon  those  who  live  near  the  seacoasts   because   he  really  doesn't  care  about  anyone   (  his chief goal  on  Earth  is  to : kill , steal and destroy*)  and  he  could  care  less  who  he  kills  and  in  this  case   he  is  going  all  out  against  every  Jew  on  planet  earth   !!!

    This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  on   May 14, 1948  Satan  and  all  of  his   demons  "KNEW"  that  their  time  on  planet  Earth  had  been  significantly  cut  short;  I  can  just  imagine   Satan  flying  around  the  Middle  East  helpless  to  do  anything  because  the  Archangel  Micheal  that  protects  Israel    was  now  in  place  !!!  ( Daniel  12 : 1  )  Satan's  was  witnessing  from  afar   yet  another  great  creation  and  miracle  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY :  The  dry  bones   of  Ezekiel  coming  back  to  life  after   more  than  a  millenium  !

     The  rebirth   of   the nation  of  Israel  in  a  single  day  must  have  sent  chills  down  Satan  spine  and  each  and  everyone  of  his   demons   !!!   Satan  was  once  one  of  GOD's  finest  and  now  he  had   chosen  to  go  against  the  very  CREATOR  who  had  created  him  to begin  with  !

    Theologians  tell  us  that   we  were  in  part  created  to  teach  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  a  great  lesson  so  that   what   happened  to  them  will  never  ever  happen  again  in  eternity  !!!  Satan   and the one-third  of  the  Angels  who   fell  for  his  lies  were  "NOT"  immediately  thrown  into  the  bottomless  pit  and  the  Lake  of  Fire   in  part  because  GOD  ALMIGHTY   wanted  to  demonstrate  and  prove  the  evil  that  had  overtaken  Satan  !!!   Satan   had  "NO"  remorse  against  rebelling  against  GOD  and  we  'humans'  who  were  created   lower  than  the  Angels  and out of the dirt of planet Earth  are  the  proof  that  Satan     has  "NO"  redemption  for  the  havoc,  chaos  and  heartache  that  he  caused  in  heaven   was  now  also  a  reality  on  Earth  as  he  deceived  Eve  with  his  lies   !!!

   It  should  be  noted  that  Satan  is  "NOT"  GOD's  archenemy,  Satan   is  like  a  flea  before  GOD  ALMIGHTY   !!!  Yes,  Satan   is  much  more  powerful  than  human  beings  "BUT"  he  is  a  created  being  just  like  you  and  me...Satan  has  studied  humanity  since  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  he  knows  all  of  our  weaknesses;  in  my  very  short  life  here  on  Earth  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  also  studied  Satan  and  I  can  testify  that  Satan  also  has  many  shortcomings;  he  cannot  be  everywhere  at  once  and   the  Eternal  destiny  that  he  'Abdicated'  has  now  been  offered  to  us  puny  humans;  to  those  who  overcome  !!!  You  see  "NO"  one  is  indispensible   to  GOD,  "NO"  one  the  'Eternal  Destiny'  that  one-third  of  the  fallen  Angels  abdicated   has  now  been  offered  to  us,   everyone  who  has  been  born  again  and  washed  by  the  blood  of  Jesus  Christ  will  enter  into  eternity   with  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  because  of  Jesus  Christ  we   have  been  given  the  right  and  the  power  to  be  called  "Son's  of  the  Most  High  GOD"  !!!  (  John  1  :  12  )

    This  May  14, 2005  the  Jewish  people  of  Israel  both  'secular  and  orthodox'   will   celebrate  yet  another  'miraculous'  year  of  existence   amidst   one  of  the  most  dangerous  and  unstable  regions   of  this  planet  and  you  and  I  know  fully  well  that   Israel  is  a  miracle  for  it  is  "NO"  coincidence  that  although  Islamic  armies  and  Islamic  terrorist  groups  outnumber  the  Israeli  defense  forces   and  the  Jewish  population  some  20  to  1,  Israel   exists  because  there  is  a  GOD  ALMIGHTY  in  heaven   who  still  has    a  future   with  our  Jewish  friends  and  "NO"  power  on  Earth   nor  in  Hell   can   break  the  bond  and  the  love  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  still  holds  for   my  Jewish  friends  !!!   This  May  14,  2015   Satan  will  once  again  know  that  his  time  is  getting  ever,  ever  shorter   and  that  is  one of  the chief  reasons why  the  Middle  East  is  on  fire  !!!  Satan  is  angry  and  terrified  and  he  is  trying  to  throw  everything  at  Israel;  but  you  and  I  know  that  he  will  only  succeed  'temporarily  and  partially'  in  the  future   with  the help  of  the  'Little  Horn'  because  GOD  ALMIGHTY   himself   wrote  the  ending   and  because it is  necessary  for   such  prophecies  to  take  place  because   GOD  in  His  sovereignty   chose  it  to  end  that  way  !!!

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  still  full  of  imperfections,  I  take  up  my  cross  daily  to  follow  my  LORD  JESUS  CHRIST;   my  goal  in  life  is  to  be  a  faithful  servant  and  witness   of  JESUS  CHRIST  and   to  tell you the truth each  day  is  a  struggle   because  my  flesh  would  like to be doing other   things "BUT"   it  is  because  of  His  Grace  and  His  Holy  Spirit   that  I  am  able  to  overcome  so  many,  many  challenges  and  temptations  and  without  His  mercy  this  servant  of  His  wouldn't  stand  a  chance  against   so  many   spiritual  obstacles  !!!...This  servant  of  GOD  prays  for  the  'Peace  of  Jerusalem'  and  he  is  in  "AWE"   of  the  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL : Thee  CREATOR  of  "EVERYTHING"  that  was,  is  and  ever  will   be;  Holy,  Holy  Holy  is  His  name  !!!  Mario  Romano  has  never  had  the  opportunity  to  travel  to  Israel  "BUT"  I  travel  there  everytime  I  read  my  Bible,  I  can  only  imagine  right  now;  but  one  day   if  it  is  the  will  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY   I  will  dance   in  its  streets  like  a  'little  child'   along  with  all  those  who  were  also  redeemed  by   the  Lamb  of  GOD   !!!