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Although  we  live  in  a  'fallen  world'  filled  with : violence, war, death,  deadly weather  and  replete  with  fallen  Angels and  with  Satan  himself  who  seeks  to 'kill, steal and destroy' from as  many   human  beings  as  he  can;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is still  in  control  of  it  all,  even though  to  our  limited eyesight  it may not seem  so !!!   It's  "NO"  fluke, no mere coincidence  that as our planet moves  around the sun at  an astounding 67,000+ miles per  hour that we are  all still alive ! And  if  that  wasn't  an eye  opening  and humbling experience, we  now  know  that our  entire  solar  system  is  moving around the center of the Milky Way at  480,000 + miles  per hour  too and if that wasn't  mind-boggling  enough, our entire Milky Way Galaxy  is  spinning and moving through this Universe at  1.3 million miles per  hour  also  !!!  All  these   astronomical  facts  present the true meaning of Psalm  46: 10  "Be still and know that I AM  GOD'  !!!   (  The  amazing  speeds  at  which  we  are  all  moving  about  in  this  Universe  is  an  amazing engineering  and  precision  feat  that  should  leave  all  Atheists  scratching their  heads  for  we  are  all  like  inside a  humongous  tornado  speeding through this Universe !!!  )   You  better  believe  that  there  is  a  mighty 'intelligent  force'  behind  the  scenes  who : created, sustains  and  protects   us  all;  and  His name is  thee  WORD of The  Living  GOD  whose  name  translated  into  the  English language  is : JESUS  CHRIST  !!!
Some  2000  years  ago  GOD ALMIGHTY, thee  CREATOR of : Trillions  upon  trillions+ of stars, billions  upon  billions+ of Galaxies  and  millions  upon  millions+  of other  planets stepped  out  of  Eternity  and  visited  planet Earth  in  person in  the  body  of  JESUS CHRIST;  you see  it  appears  biblically  speaking  that   we  are  the  only  terrestrial biological  creation  that  fell  into  sin, for  we  are  that  1 sheep  out of the 100  that   got  lost  according to the parable of of the Luke 15 : 4 !  You  see,  GOD   since the beginning  was  "NEVER"   ever  going  to : give up,  abandon  and  utterly destroy  this  planet  and  all  the  inhabitants; simply  because   the  'Lamb  of  GOD'  had already  been slained  since before the foundation of the world !  ( Revelation 13 : 8  )  Truly; GOD  ALMIGHTY,  has  great  plans  for  this  creation   and  every  single  human  being  who  was  created  in  the  image of  GOD  has  a great  potential  !  Even  though   the  wickedness  of  mankind  was  great  during the pre-flood  period  GOD  didn't  wipe  out  all  of  humanity, he just  started  all  over  and  you  see  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  can  do  that;  simply  because  He  has  all  the  time  in  eternity  to  do  so  and  His  will  shall  prevail  one  way  or  another  even  if  He  has  to  start  all  over  again  with  just  a  handful  of  human  beings like  GOD  did  with  Noah and his  family  during the Flood.  GOD  is  very  patient  and  His  sovereign  plans  will  be  ultimately  be  accomplished  even  if  its  'the  hard  way.'  The Jews  had  to  wander  through the wilderness  for  40  years and were  slaves  in  Egypt  for 400  years, they were  conquered  not  only  by  the  Babylonians; but also by the Medo-Persians,  the Greek Empire and of course the Roman Empire  but wait  it didn't  end there, GOD further  brought punishment upon them  by  letting their enemies take them captives unto all nations  during the diaspora  which  saw  one of the greatest and longest periods of Jewish persecution in the four corners of this planet; that continues to  our  day  !!!  In Russia they were put in Gulags, in Spain they  were victims of the unholy inquisition  and  in  Germany  Hitler  almost   wiped  most of them out;  our  Jewish  friends   are  still  under  the  judgement of GOD  and  we  should  all  learn  from  their  mistakes  "SIN"  carries  a  very  big  price  and  "NO"  human being is exempt  from  the  wages  of  sin  !!!

This  vessel  of  the  Holy  Spirit  can  just  imagine  how  mighty  proud  and  delighted  Satan was  when  GOD  had  to  wipe  out  most  of  humanity  during  the  flood, Satan  surely  had  a  hand  in  it  all  and  had  so corrupted  the  minds  and  hearts  of  GOD's  creation  and he  was  mighty  proud  of  being the  chief  corrupter  of  it all.  GOD   didn't  cast  Satan  into  the   Lake  of  Fire  then  simply because   it  wasn't  the  appointed  time  yet; despite  all  the  destruction  that  the  flood  brought  GOD  would  restart   His  plan  of  salvation  with  Noah,  Satan's  days  were   numbered  and  so  it  was  some  2000+ years   later  Jesus  Christ  would  be  born  in  Bethlehem  and  GOD's  divine  plan  continued  just  as  it  had  been  originally  conceived  since  before GOD  Himself  had created  man on  planet  Earth in  Eternity  Past !

As  we  enter  2016,  it  doesn't  really  matter  what  the : UN  Security  Council, the U.S. Executive Branch, the Global Drug Cartels, the World Court,  the World Bank, International Corporations, Transnational Mafia's,  Global  Corporations, the Vatican, the Imam's of the Islamic Religion,  the International Bankers, or  what  Moscow  or  Beijing  want  and  it  really doesn't  matter  what  ISIS  may  or  may  not  do;  for  there  is  a  SOVEREIGN  GOD  ALMIGHTY  in  Heaven  who  has  the  last  word  on "EVERYTHING" !  For  we  even  know  that  Satan  himself  cannot  do  anything  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  prohibits  him !   Before  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  Israel  we  are  all  like  an  'ant  colony'  or  most  likely  given the scale of this His Universe  like a  'bacterial  colony'   before  His  awesome  and  HOLY   Presence  !!!  There  is  justice  in  this  Universe  and  "ALL" of these  corrupt  human  entities  and  institutions will  have  to give  an  account  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY  in  the  day of  Judgement !  (  You think the NSA and the FBI are the only one's who have a file  on  us ?  "NO"  GOD  thought of everything and according to the Book of Revelation   "EVERYTHING"  is  being  recorded  for  the  day  of  Judgement  !!!  )   - Book of  Revelation  20 : 11-15

Even   before  GOD  ALMIGHTY   would  decree  and  reveal  to  the  Prophet  Daniel   in  Babylon  that   Israel  would  be  conquered  from  then  on  by  4  Gentile  Kingdoms  all  the  way  until  the  endtimes;  the  Jews  had  already  had  been  taken  captive  numerous  times  by  several other   smaller  pagan-gentile  regional powers.  As  we  study  the  history  of  our  Jewish  friends  we  can  learn  that  GOD  takes : rebellion, disobedience  and  unfaithfulness  very, very  seriously  !!!  Atheists  like  to  point  out  how 'GOD  sat  out the Holocaust'  and  some  secular  Jews  always  ask the question of where was GOD  during the Holocaust ?   The answer  is  very  simple;  our  Jewish  friends  'were, are and  still'   are  under  the  Holy  Judgement of  GOD !  This student of Bible Prophecy knows that  this is not the correct politically thing  to  state  but  our Lord  Jesus  Christ  confirmed  us  this  'fact  and  reality'  in  Luke  21 : 24   !!!  All  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  should  understand  that   GOD  is  in  absolute  control  of  the  rise  and  fall  of  every  human  empire; GOD   used and will use  all the 4  Beast-Empires  of Daniel   to  bring  punishment  unto  His  chosen  people.  In  Daniel   we  can  witness  how  easily  it  is  to  our  sovereign  GOD   to  bring  Earthly  King's  onto  their  knees;  King  Nebuchadneezar   was  humbled  by  GOD  Almighty  when GOD   made  Nebuchadneezar  lose  his  sanity  and  Nebuchadneezar  began  to  act  like a wild  animal  and eat   grass  for 7 years  !!!  (  Daniel  4 : 33  )

Today,  although the world  order has changed   what has most definitely  "NOT"  changed  is  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  still  in  'absolute  control'  of  human  history  so  much  so  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY  already  decreed  the  ending  of  it  all  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!  The  'blunt  truth'  of  it  all  is  that  GOD  in  His  Holy  sovereignty  is  using  all  the  evil  chaos  that  Satan  initiated   and  turning it around  for   good; Satan  weaves and  GOD re-weaves  for His  divine  purposes  !!!  Although  GOD   makes no one to sin,  He  rectifies  all  in  the  end   to  ultimately  fulfill  His  eternal   word.  Satan  specializes  in : killing, stealing  and  destroying;  while  GOD  our  Creator  specializes  in :  resurrecting,  blessing  and  creating  !!!

As  a  student  of  microbiology   and  astronomy   I  can't  help  but  state  the  obvious  we  here  on  planet  Earth  are   almost  like  in  a  'Petri  Dish'  before  GOD  Almighty,  we  are  like   an  'ant  colony'  amidst   numerous  others;  as  I  study  the  scale  of  this  Galaxy  and  this  Universe  that  we  are  all  in  I  can't  help  it  but  make  such  an  analogy  !!!  The  Prophet  Daniel   summed  it  up  pretty  good  when  he  stated  that  'All the  inhabitants  of  the  Earth  are  regarded  as  nothing.  He  does  as  he  pleases  with  the   heavenly  armies  and  with  the  inhabitants  of   the  earth.'  ( Book  of  Daniel  4 : 35  )

As  the  2nd  coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  gets  closer  and  closer, Satan  is  going  to  get more  and  more  desperate, he is going to  inspire  every  individual  without  the  Holy  Spirit  to  be against  Israel  and  everything  that  Israel  represents  !!!  Satan,  is  going  to  use  Islamic Terrorism to  its  fullest  and  then   he  will use his  final  masterpiece  : The Little  Horn  to  accomplish  what militant  Islam   has  failed  to  accomplish  'time after time'   to  since  Israel  since  it  became  a nation  in  1948  !!!

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  have  to  admit  that  things  in  2016  according  to  the Biblical Prophecies  will  "NOT"  get  any  better  than  what  transpired  in  2015,  the  truth  is  that we  have  been  and  are in  a  state  of  perpetual  war;  since  9-11  American  military  has  been  battling  Islamic  Terrorists  in Afghanistan  and  the  Middle  East  and  there  seems  no  end  in  sight   !!!

...Unfortunately,  in 2016  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  will  continue  simply  because of the fact  that   the  world  and  the  West  has  "NOT"  correctly  militarily  addressed  the  global  Islamic  Jihad  and  especially  because   there  are  one  too many  Islamic  youths  being let in all  over  European  cities  especially  in : France, Germany and elsewhere  that   suffer from high unemployment levels  and   are  easy  prey for radical Imam's  who  make  them  into prime volunteers  to become  suicide  bombers &  terrorists for Islamic Terrorist groups !
(  Various  EU  cities  are  full  of  unemployed  and  radicalized  Islamic  young  men  who  are  "NOT"  assimilating  into  Western  culture  and  who  are  like  a  ticking  time  bomb, evidence  of this  was evident during the  2005  Paris  Riots  where  for  various  nights  mostly  Islamic   youth  went  out  on  a  rampage  and  burned  hundreds of cars  in French cities* )

In  2015,  we  also  saw  the   religious  seat  of  what  will  eventually   become  that of  the  False Prophet  mentioned  in  Revelation   become  more  and  more  'UNBIBLICAL.'   The  Roman Catholic Papacy  presently  occupied  by  Pope  Francis  will "NOT"  be  the  final  Pope !  Among  some  of  the  'lies from the pit of hell'  that Pope Francis  declared  was  that : Christians & Muslims worship the same GOD !   And  also  that  Jews   don't need to be evangelized to and converted;  which clearly goes against what Jesus stated " No man goes to the Father except through Me." - John  14 : 6 

This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  wants  everyone  to  understand  that  Satan  is  "NOT"  GOD's  archenemy,  Satan  is  'like  an  ant'  before  GOD  the  Father, Satan is a created being just like you and me, the only exception is that  while we were created  out  of  the dirt of this planet  Satan was  created  out  of  much, much more   powerful  elements  "BUT"  in  no  way  can  he  measure  or  be  compared  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY  in  any  way, shape  or  form  !!!  ( me  thinks  we  were  created  to  teach  Satan  and  all  the  heavenly  hosts  a  great  big  lesson  *)

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  to  clarify  that  ISIS   is  "NOT"  the  encarnation  of  the final  endtimes  Beast  of  Revelation,  the  truth  is  that   ISIS  and  its  global  terrorist  acts  are 'quickening'  and   setting the stage   and  making  it  easier  and  easier  for  the  rise  of  the  endtimes 'Little  Horn'  to  eventually  rise   to  power;  the  evidence  is  very  clear  with  each  terrorist  attack  Western  leaders   are quick  to   want  to  change  the  laws, to  cut our freedoms  to  make  us  live  in  a   perpetual  police like  state.'

Additionally,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  to  make  it  perfectly  clear  that  ISIS  is  "NOT"  a  world  power, a nuclear  power  nor  an  economic  power; ISIS  is  more  like  a  great  NARCO  like  state  ( that is competing with other drug like cartels as evidenced  in the  ideological  animosity  between  Al Qaeda, Hamas, Muslim  Broterhood  etc ) when  Islamic  Militants  do  gain  power  in  the  Middle  East  as  evidenced  various  times  in Egypt  through the election of the Muslim Brotherhood, in Afghanistan through the Taliban  and   Fatah and Hamas  in Gaza; the  Muslim  populace  quickly  learns  the  hard  way  that  things  in their respective  Islamic  countries  do  "NOT"  get  any  much  better  than  when  the  strong  men  used  to  rule  !!!

As  we  close  2015   it  is  very  evident  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   the  Rapture  and the  2nd  Coming  of our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  is  getting  ever  and  ever  closer, this  year  we  all witnessed  the  EU  and  the  Eurozone   almost  coming  to  an  economic  implosion  because  of  potential  Greeck   default;  Germany's  Angela  Merkel  who  was  named  Time  Magazine's  Person of the Year  did  manage  to  'temporarily'   postpone   this  economic  collapse;  but  Mrs. Merkel  made  a  very  great  mistake  that  believe  you  me  will  come  back  to  haunt  her  and  Germany  in  the  future  when  she  allowed   one  too  many  Islamic  refugees  into  Germany  !!!   I'm "NOT"  against  helping  war  refugees  "BUT"  what  the :  UN, U.S. EU, Turkey and NATO  should  have  done  was  to  create  a  'safe  zone'  within  the  borders  of  Syria,  pretty  soon  the  Europeans  and  especially  the  Germans  are  going   to  find  out   and  regret  who  they  really  let  into  their  borders  !!!

For  his  part,  Nicolas  Sarkozy  and  his  party  the  Republican's   have  managed  to  beat  the competition  in  the  latest  French  elections,  even  though  Mr. Sarkozy  is  dragging  alot  of political  baggage   he  is  still  a  very  credible  contender  for  the  2017  French  Presidential elections  and  while  some  are   predicting  that  he  doesn't  stand  a  chance,  this  student  of political  science  and  European  Political  systems  knows  that   many, many  things  can  quickly turn  things  around  for  him  and  his  party  in  the  2017  French  Presidential  elections  !!!  will  regardless  continue  to  go  on  with  or  without   a  Sarkozy   victory  in  2017  !!!

Like  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  suspected  "ALL"  the  evidence  appears  to  confirm what  I  suspected  all  along, while  Islam  will  "NOT"  be  the  Beast  of  Revelation, nonetheless  Islamic  terrorism  in France is  forcing  the  Europeans  to  reassess  all  of  their foreign  policy  towards  the  Middle  East.  Presently, France  is  thinking of  revising their constitution  to  make it possible to revoke French citizenship to all those involved in terrorist activities against the state  and  there  is  no  question that   Islam's  presence   in  France  is  the number  one  topic  and  issue  in  the  French  Presidential  elections, at least  Marine Le Pen sure  thinks  so  !!!

The  one  thing  that  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   does  ask  for  is  your  prayer  support,  I  sensed  a  great  increase  of  spiritual  attacks  against  me  this  past  year; to tell you  the  truth  I  knew  it  was  coming  but  not  to  the  degree  that  it  actually  did.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  very  well  that  he  in  onto  something  really, really  big  and   in  "NO"  way  do  I  consider  myself  a  Prophet,  I  bless all  those  who  are  also  teaching  Bible  Prophecy  and  the  full  Gospel  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ.   Jesus  Christ  is  the  main  reason   of  "EVERYTHING"  and    this  servant  of  His   always  wants  to  point   both  believers  and  non-believers  alike  to  the  Cross  and  to  the  Resurrected  Jesus  Christ  !!!

(  In  the  next  article  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  going  to  address  the  fate  of  the       USA   in  light  of  Bible  Prophecy*  and  I  know  that  to  some  it  will  be  an  eye  opener )

By :  Mario  Romano, Mario  is  a  student of the early Roman Republic and  of the expanding 3rd Century Roman Republic  and of  the latter  ones'  under the Emperors  and  Caesars  and  GOD  willing  if  it  is the will  of  GOD  Almighty  we  will be one of the  first  to  identify  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation "BEFORE"  they  actually  rise  to  power.  
(, believes that we have  identified  3  EU  countries  who  will  produce  3  of  the  final  10   King's  of  Revelation*)   This  insignificant servant of Jesus  Christ  is  here to  "WARN"  anyone  with  ears  to hear  of  the  final   manifestation of the  Roman  Empire   that  is  "GUARANTEED"  to attack  Israel  one  more  time   and  dominate  most  of  the world   during the final  3 and a half  years  !!!  If  you  think  Al Qaeda  and  ISIS  are  evil and of  the devil;    the truth is that  the coming 'Little Horn'  is  going to make them  all  look  like   primitive  amateurs*


Sunday, November 22, 2015


A  few  Islamic  terrorists  without  any  weapons of mass destruction  and  without  any nuclear weapons  have  managed  to   force  the  French  government  into  declaring   a  'STATE  of  EMERGENCY'  for the next three months   and  the continued  high level of a Terrorist  attack  in  the  capital  of  the  EU : Brussels,  has  seemingly  paralyzed  the  entire  city; something  unseen  and  unheard  of   in  Belgium  & France  since  World War II  !!!

 Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  in  Matthew 24 : 7,  "WARNED"  us  Himself  and  "NOT" through the  mouth of  a mortal  Prophet;  that  in  the  last  days  'Nation would rise against  Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom.'  If  you  have  been   keeping  informed and this  insignificant servant of Jesus Christ  has been  warning for several years that in the end  most Muslims  will be  kicked  out  of  what  we  presently  call  the  European  Union  !!!  didn't  stop  there, based  on  'historical  precedents  and  patterns'  as  well  as  Biblical  Prophecies  we  have  also  "AFFIRMED"  that  MECCA  in  Saudi  Arabia  will  ultimately  be   destroyed  "BEFORE"  the  Roman  Vatican  is  in  Revelation   17 : 16  !!!  (  World  history  is  replete  with  the  destruction  of   religious  temples  and  capitals  in  war  time  and  also  with  the  abolition of religion  such as  when Communism took over  in  the  USSR  and  in China, the state  then became  their god  )

The  Western  leadership  of this planet   has  to  come  to  the  realization  that  Islamic Militants; such  as : AlQaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS  and  other  Islamic  Jihadists  are  the  new NAZIS  of this  21st Century and  if  they  are  not  appropriately  "NEUTRALIZED"   they will   surely  spark   the  beginning of  WW III;  especially   because of all the world powers that are  converging   over  Syria.  ( As students of Bible Prophecy, you and I know   that  men  learn very  little from  history;  all of this is Prophetic  and  will play a major part  in  advancing  and quickening  the  rise  of  the  'Little  Horn'  for  this new  generation  of political  leaders  are quick  to forget the history of past generations and  they have  failed  to learn  from  the  past* The fight against Islamic Jihadists   by  America over the past 11+ years overall has been  a failure given the fact that  we now have an even more : virulent, ruthless and brutal  Islamic Terrorist group in  ISIS  that  is  present  in  over 10+  Middle Eastern countries*  What America did manage  to do  accomplish  in  fighting the Islamic Jihadists  for over 11+ years  in the Middle East and in Afghanistan  was  to  buy more time  &  delay  the  inevitable,  but this conflict  is  far, far  from over !!! )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   reminds  everyone  especially  our  new  visitors,  that  Islam shall  "NOT"  be  the  final  woman  who  will  be  riding the Beast  of  Revelation,  the  truth is that   all the  major  nuclear  powers  on  this  planet : Russia, China, India, the U.S.A, France and  Israel   are  "ALL"  presently  at  war   in  way or another  with  Islamic  Militants; this is really  a  no  brainer  and  you  can  imagine  where  this  is  all  eventually  headed  once  things escalate    ( and escalate they will*)  with  Islamic  Terrorists  in  the  not  so  distant  future !!! ( Most  Islamic  countries  will suffer  horrible  and  massive  losses  during the Tribulation     period  & future upcoming  Prophesied wars*  For whatever  one  sows  one  eventually reaps

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT" state  these   future  realities  and  events  with  glee, it's  just  that   when  GOD  ALMIGHTY   brings  forth  judgement    it  is  because  the  'fullness of time'  established  by  Him  and  Him  alone has  come  !!!  Countries  such  as  France  and  Turkey  established  very  strong  secular  laws  in  their  past  to  protect  the   government  from  religious  leaders  and  in  the  end  the  future  "Little  Horn"   will  do  likewise  just  like  Napoleon  once  stated : "I  am  the  state."  Let's  get  this  right, the coming 'man of sin'  is "NOT" just going to persecute  Jews and new Christians but also  anyone  who  does  not   worship  the  'Image of the Beast' and takes  his  mark !

The Chief  Rabbi  of  Brussels : Avraham  Gigi,  stated this past week;   that  "There  is  no  future  for  Jews  in Europe"  in   an  amazing  turn  of  events  and  history;  Muslims   who have for decades been legally and  illegally  immigrating  into  European  countries  like a  'Trojan Horse'  are  now persecuting  and  intimidating  Jews  all  over  Europe.   For the first time since World War  II, Synagogues  had to be closed in the Belgian capital  this week  because of the high  level  Islamic Terrorist  threat !   The  Jewish  population of  Brussels  is about 25,000+ and the Islamic  population  surpasses  250,000+,  Brussels  is considered  the capital of the European Union  and  is also  the  headquarters  of  NATO.  The  blunt  truth, that very  few  are  realizing  is  that  Militant  Islam  is doing  to  some European  cities what they did  to  a  once  beautiful  and  peaceful Lebanon  which before  it became a  war-torn country thanks to  Islamic  militants; Lebanon  was  once  known  as  the  Paris  of the Middle East !

A  CNN  commentator   perfectly  stated  the  political  condition  of  most  Arab  Islamic  countries : "Islamic  Arabs  have  proven   inept  at  being  capable  of  adopting  democracy  in  any  shape  or  form,  their  politics  are   strongly  entrenched  in  tribalism  and  religious  lines  and  when  an  Islamic  country  such  as  Egypt  goes  democratic   and  elects  someone  like 'Morsi  of  the  Muslim  Brotherhood'   it reveals to us that  Islamic  Terrorists   are quick to  exploit  democracy  to gain   political  legitimacy !  Both,  Iraq  and  Afghanistan  are  prime  examples  of  this  reality  and  this is  a  CURSE  that  is  covering  most  of  the  Arab  Islamic  population  of  the  Middle  East;  they  are  being  governed  by  numerous  strongmen  and  when such  'strongmen'  like  Saddam  Hussein or  Gaddafi  are  taken  out'   yet another  strongmen  or  Terrorist  group  easily  arises  to take their place !!!

As you read this article  please  "DON'T"  misinterpret  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  I'm not  here  to  demonize   all  Muslims, the truth is that  not  all  Germans  accepted  the  NAZI ideology  in  the  1930's  and  not  all  Muslims  accept  what  Islamic  Terrorists  are  doing  in the  name  of  their  religion  "BUT"  the  fact  and  reality  of  it  all  is  that  Islamic  Terrorists just  like  the  NAZI's   of the past  will  kill  anyone  who  stands   in their  way;   and  because Islam  believes  and  teaches  that  Jesus  Christ  is  not  the Son of GOD  but  a  mere  mortal Prophet,  Islam  is  a "FALSE  RELIGION."  Jesus  Christ  is  not  just  thee  Son of the Living GOD,  He is the very  reason  why  we are  all  here; for by Him was  everything  made ! 
( John  1 : 3  )

"NO"  it  did  not  surprise  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   Islamic  Terrorists  are  attacking  European  targets, in fact  if you have been   following  our  articles  you  know  that  these  attacks  are   part  of  a  series  of  events  that  will  allow  the  endtimes  Beast  with  10  Horns  to  rise  from  the  Sea.  If  you  haven't  noticed  each  time  there  is  a  new  Islamic  Terrorist  attack in the EU   new  'big  brother  laws'  are  passed  and  new  limitations  to  civil  freedoms  are  created  !!!

Let's  get  this  straight  Islam  will  "NEVER"   dominate  the  European  Union,  the  future  'Little Horn'   will  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  found  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  attack  them without   mercy  !!!  The  future  'Little  Horn'  is  "NOT"  going  to  wage   a  'Political  Correct War'  against  the  Muslims  like  the  U.S.  Military   has  done  so  for  the  past  11+  years  without true  success.  The  blunt  truth  is  that  American  Foreign  Policy  has  "FAILED"  to  adequately address  the  rise  and  spread  of  new  strains  of  Islamic  Terrorism, when  Osama  Bin  Laden  was "NEUTRALIZED"   a  new  and  even  more  ruthless  Islamic  organization  arose  in  ISIS  !!!

In their  blind  ignorance,  Islamic  Militants   do  not  realize  that   they  are  accelerating  the rise  of  the   Beast with 10 Horns and the  Little  Horn,  which  will  ultimately   "ANNIHILATE"  millions  of  them  in  Prophesied future  wars  !!!   Their  Islamic  terrorist attacks   on  European  cities   will  ultimately  cause  a  great  "Blowback"  against  all Muslims in  Europe  !!!  Because  of  Militant  Islamic   provocations,  the  day  is  surely  coming  when they  will   say  "Who  is  Like  the  Beast; and Who is able to Make War  Against  it ?"
( Revelation 13 : 4  )

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  know  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  the  rise  and fall   of  "ALL"  Empires  and  King's   is  allowing  the  European's  to  get  a  little  taste  of  their very  own  intifada  'Lebanon-Gaza'  inside  their   borders  !!!  It  is  very  easy  to  criticize  Israel when  your  not  in   its'  shoes  !!!  The  Islamic  'dilemma'  in  the  European  Union  is  drastically  forcing  the  EU  countries  to  keep  having  emergency  meetings  concerning: Islamic  migrants, the Syrian Civil  War   and  the  rising  National  Security  Threat  posed  by  the  not  so  friendly Islamic population  !!!  

The 'Blunt Truth'  is  that  although much  of this planet  is under  a curse  ( Genesis 3 : 17 ),  most Islamic Countries  are  even  more  "CURSED"  than  the  rest  of  the  nations of the world;  because Genesis   12 : 3  confirms  a  spiritual   reality  that  continues  to  plague  most  Islamic populations  who   continue  to  curse   the  existence  of  Israel  and of the Jews  !!!  The  Middle East  Oil   has  created  enough  wealth   throughout  the  past  decades  to  lift  most  of  the Arab  populations  out  of   poverty "BUT"  their  very  own  'Islamic  Leaders'   didn't  share the  wealth  with  the  rest  of  their  Islamic  brothers  and  Sisters  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   "CONFIRMS"  the  coming  expulsion  of  most  Muslims  in  the  EU   simply  because  it  has  happened  before  in  European  History  ( Moors were  kicked  out*)  and  the  coming  destruction  of  Mecca,  because   the  Romans  in  the  past  ultimately  did "NOT"  even  spared  the  Jewish  Temple  in  70 A.D. when Titus  destroyed it  !!!  As  a  student  of  world  history  too  many  quickly  forget  that  Adolph  Hitler  and  the  NAZI's   ultimately  killed  more  Russian's  than  Jews  !!! ( Over 16+ miilion Russians  died because of  NAZI  attacks )  I  state  this  because  the  coming  future  'Little  Horn'  will  in  my  studies   ultimately  kill  more  Muslims  than  Jews  !!!

Unfortunately,  Militant  Islam  is  here  to  stay  until   the  'man of sin'   does  his  'Blitzkrieg'  across  most  of  the  Middle  East  in  the  future.  Western  powers  have  been  too  soft  on  militant  Islam, almost  giving them only a  'slap in the hand'  the  past  11+  years  with  the  ongoing  war  on   Islamic  terrorism  has  proven  that   the  West  has  adopted  and  is  fighting  with  a  wrong  strategy  against   Islamic  Terrorists  who  don't  care  about  'International  Law'  or  the  Geneva  Conventions !!!

Everyone   should  realize  that  militant  Islam  is  the  new  NAZI  threat  that  threatens  the political  and  financial  stability of  this  planet  if  it  is  left  unaddressed.  For  the  past  11+  years  the  U.S.  Military  has  waged  a  "FAILED"  war  against  militant  Islam, our  political  leaders   have  forced  American  soldiers   to  fight  with  'one  arm  tied  around  their  back'  and  the  only  thing  that  the  American  Military  has  succeeded  in  accomplishing is  just  "BUYING  TIME."

When  the  coming  wars  of  Ezekiel  take  place  and  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse are  unleashed  over  40%+  of the Islamic  population  will  have  been  "NEUTRALIZED"  The  Islamic  people's  are  "CURSED"  because  they  have  and  continually  curse  Israel  and  even  though  they  may  have  alot  of  Oil, come the Tribulation  period  when  Famine will ravish much of the planet   they  will  "NOT"  be  able  to  eat   their  oil, the  Arab  Islamic  nations   have  "FAILED"  in  adequately   growing  and  creating  their  own  food  supply  and  this  is  one  area  that  many  Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  have  failed  to  diligently  take  into  consideration.

The  present  and  naive  EU  Leadership  is  going  to  learn  the  "HARD  WAY"  that  they  allowed  a  great  "Islamic  Trojan  Horse"  into  their  countries  on  their  watch;  fools   haven't  they  been  watching  what  most  Muslims  have  been  doing  to  the  few  remainining  Christian  population  in  the  Middle  East ?

BY :  Mario  Romano, a  mere  student  of  Bible  Prophecy, this  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   wishes  "NO"  evil  upon  anyone, Woe  is  me  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  the  Biblical  Prophecies  are  the  only  true  Prophecies  and  while  you  and  I   can  "NOT"  change  the   endtime  events  established  by  the  Father; we can choose  sides; I have personally chosen  to  believe  in  Jesus  Christ  so  that  I may be found worthy to escape all the things that  are  coming  upon  an  unrepentant   generation*

Monday, November 2, 2015


In  an  unprecedentent   turn  of  events  and for  the  first  time  since  the  reestablishment of  the  Nation of Israel   in 1948, the Russian Airforce  is  now  conducting  its  air  war  in Syria  a  very  short  distance  from  Israeli airspace  in the name of Syria's Bashar al-Assad.   Ever  since Russian  jets  began attacking  Sunni   insurgents;  the Israeli  Airforce  has  been  put on high alert because  part of the Russian airforce  is  now operating  very close to  the Israeli  borders  near  the Golan  Heights;  something  that  was  not even  seen  nor  heard  of  during  the  days  of the Soviet Union  nor  during the  height of the Cold War  !!!   As students of Bible Prophecy you and I know  that this  is  just  a  prelude   of  what  is  coming;  Russia  is  there to stay  until  the Prophecies of Ezekiel  come  to  pass !  The  Syrian civil war is now  in its  fifth year and somehow  this student of Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  Russia's entrance  into  it  most  definitely  is  "NOT"  going to  be able  to  end  it   this  year  or  the  next  because  this civil war  is  'widening  even  more'   and  is  pulling  in  even  more  : foreign  Jihadists,  terrorists,  regional  powers  and even  the world's  superpowers  via the entrance of Russian and American  special operation troops  !!! Whether  you  are  one  who believes  that  the  Prophecy  of  Isaiah 17  was  fulfilled   in 732 B.C. when  Damascus  was  pummeled by the Assyrians  or  that  it  is  a  prophecy  that  is  yet  to be completely   fulfilled;  the  reality  of  it all  is  that  'when  and  if '  this  civil war ends   Syria  will  never  be  the  same;  for  the  entire  nations'  infrastructure  is  being   destroyed 'little  by  little'   and made  into  that of  a  'ruinous  heap'  by  Syria's  five-front  war  and the ineptness  of  the  UN  and the Arab League.   As  millions  of  Syrians  are  being  displaced  into  neighboring  countries  more  and  more   nations  are  being  pulled  into  this  conflict  at  least  diplomatically  because  of  the  influx  of  Syrian refugees  that  are  at  their  borders  !!!   For  his  part Russia's  Putin  knows  fully  well   what  he's  getting  into, he knows   the Soviet  history in Afghanistan  and  Putin   somewhat  successfully  squashed  the  Islamic  Chechen  separatists in  the  past;  Putin  knows  fully  well  what  the  introduction of  his  Russian  military  in  the Middle  East  means   and  this  time   I  don't  think   that  he  will  allow  Russia  to  get  stuck in  a  quagmire   engineered  by  Islamic   insurgents  !!!   Somehow  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  Putin  is  "NOT"  interested  in  waging   a  'politically  correct  war'  against   the  Sunni  Insurgents;  and  "YES"  Putin  has  already  considered   all the 'Islamic  blowback'  against  Russian  targets  but  that's  part of  the  price of  going  to war  and of  ultimate  conquest !

When  Putin  involved  himself  militarily  in  the  Ukraine; NATO   started  getting  nervous, "BUT"  now  that  Putin  has  decided  to  make  an  even  bolder  military  move  into  the  Middle  East  via  Syria  you  better  believe  that  NATO  and  all  its'  intelligence  apparatus  are  'sweating  bullets'  & working  overtime  !!!

For  the  first  time  in  25  years  Moscow  has  now  involved  itself  directly  militarily  in  a  Islamic  country.   In  1989,  Soviet  troops  were  withdrawn  from  Afghanistan; if you didn't  know  Afghanistan   was  like  the  Soviet  Union's  'Vietnam  War.'  Although  it  is  "NO"  secret  that  for  many  years  now  Russia  has  been  supplying  Iran  with  'nuclear  materials  and  experts'  it  never  had  ground  troops  there.  Russia's  Vladimir  Putin   stated  years  ago  that  the  greatest  tragedy   in  this  century  was  the  'dissolution  of  the  former  Soviet  Union'  to  top  political  and  military  analysts  it  is  also  "NO"  secret  of  what  Mr. Putin  ultimately  wants;  Putin  is  seeking  to  unify  the  former  USSR  states;  that's  one  of  the  reasons  why  he  hasn't  backed  down  in  the  Ukraine  and  why  he  has  now  involved  Russian  troops  in  Syria  to  aid  Assad   !!!  Putin  perceives  a  weak  U.S  and  NATO  and  if  you  haven't  noticed  he  keeps  reasserting  himself   further  and  further  beyond  Moscow and the  Russian  borders.

It  is  "NO"  secret  to   students  of  geopolitics   why  Putin  is  in  Syria;  he sure isn't  there  just to  merely  help out  his  fellow  buddy Assad  and  his  authoritarian regime;  nor  because of a UN mandate nor  because  of  humanitarian reasons;  Putin's  chief  goal  in  Syria  is  to  gain  control  of  Western  Syria   and  control  Raqqa  and  all  the  oil  and  gas  resources  around   Palmyra  "BUT"  first  his  Russian  military  machine  must  first   : cleanse the region of insurgents  !!!   Assad  doesn't  mind  Russia's  help  for  his  number  one  concern  is  'political  survival'  at  all  costs  even  if  it  means   letting  the  Russian's  in  on  the  "Oil  Resources"  of  the  country  !!!  If  you  didn't  know  Putin  'unofficially'  is  one of  the  world's  richest  leader  at  $ 200+  billion;  top  global   financial  experts  suspect  that  he has hidden  over  $200 billion+ in  hidden accounts all over the world;  just like  other  dictators did in the past  and  it  is  "NO"  secret  that  Mr. Putin according to Forbes  magazine  is  in  fact  the  'New  Shah  of  Global  Oil'  !!!  

    Putin  is  without  a  doubt  being  pulled  into  the  Middle  East  by that  old  and ancient : "Spirit  of  Greed."  Even  though  Russia   is  the  top  exporter  of  natural  gas  into  Europe  and Russian  Oil  Pipes  criss-cross numerous  countries  he  wants   to  have  more  of  a  monopoly  and  he  really  doesn't  care  what  the  West  thinks;  the truth is that Putin knows what he is doing and he wants  "REVENGE"  for  the  economic blockade  imposed  on  Russia  because of the Ukraine  conflict, the Russian  economy  and  Ruble  have  suffered  greatly  and  'me thinks'  Putin  wants  to  turn  the  tables  on  the  West  for  what  they  did  to  the  Russian economy; for  Putin  is "NOT"  one  who  quites  easily  forgives  and  forgets  !!!  

What  is  dangerously  unique  about   Russia's  Vladimir  Putin  is  that  Putin  almost  single-handedly   created   the  largest  Russian  Oil  Company  ( Rosneft ) which of course  is  state owned  after  he   took  over  'Yukos  Oil'  and  talk  about  a  'conflict  of  interest'  ( it is "NO" secret that  Putin  is   directly  economically  benefitting  from all  the  Russian Oil sales*)  Putin has  the  largest  stockpile  of  nuclear  weapons  in  the  world  to   further  his  thirst  for  oil around  the  world.  It  is  "NO"  secret   how  Putin  paid  an estimated record breaking $50 billion for  the  'Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics'   with the Russian  Oil  Money  !!!   To this student of Bible  Prophecy   Mr. Putin   is  like  the  CEO  of  Exxon  but  with  over  6+ thousand  nuclear  missiles  &  one of the largest  Naval  & Airforces  in the world  to back  his  ambitions !   In the USA, Oil Companies  have  to  lobby  hard  ( with millions of dollars*)  to make  the   executive  branch  listen  to  their  needs;  "BUT"  in  Russia,  Putin  doesn't  have that  problem  because  he  has  a  very  big  stake  'unofficially'  in Russia's  state  owned  Oil Companies  !!!   Mr. Putin  is  not just  a clever   'political  animal'  he  is  also  a  very  astute businessman; he's  not  the kind of world leader that let's  Oil Company Executives  make  a hundred  times  more  money  than  himself;  at least under his watch  !!!  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   are  teaching  and  interpreting that  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse   are  really  the  product  of  a  coming   World War III  !!!  (  the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse  will  cause  more  death  and  destruction  than  what took  place  in  World War I  and  WW II  combined  !!!  )   We  are  interpreting  the   Prophecies  of  Ezekiel  38-39,   as  part  of  it  all; WW III  should  "NOT"  be  confused  with  the  final  'Battle  of  Armageddon' that  will  happen  some  9+  to  8+  years  later,  we  have  checked  the  chronology of all  these  prophesied  coming  wars  and   this  makes  sense.

It  is  "NO"  secret  that  all  the  top  military  intelligence  agencies  of  the  Western  World  know  exactly  what  Russia's  entrance  into  the  Middle  East  means;  Russia  is  there  to  stay  !!!  "NOT"  only  is  Russia  interested  and  being  pulled  into  the  region  and  into the  Syrian  conflict  because  of  all  the  'Oil  Pipelines'  in  the  region,  "BUT"  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  and  I  know   that  Satan  is  bringing  in  and  drawing  all  his  cronies  into  the  region  'little  by  little'  those  of  us  who  have  studied  'Spiritual  Warfare'  are  very  aware  that  Satan  has  been  studying  all  the  weaknesses  of  mankind  for  thousands  of  years  and  in  my  very  short  time  on  this  planet  this  'insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ'  has  also  been  studying   all  the  flaws  and  weaknesses of   that  former;  'Fallen  and  Disgraced  Archangel'  !!!  ( in my short and brief life I have learned that  many small spiders can take down a single lion, that  a single mosquito  and his  malaria  can kill a much larger  animal and that  even  giants  have  weak spots  !!!   And that  the seed  of  the  woman  will  ultimately  crush  the  head  of  that ancient  snake  who  was  once  a  mighty  Archangel ; truly  Satan  was  TOTALLY  defeated   by  Jesus  Christ  at  the  Cross  !!! )

It  is  fair  to  say  that  Russia's  Putin  is  here  to  stay  for  at  least  another  10  years, although  he  is  one  of  the  oldest   world  leaders  he  is  also  one  of  the  healthiest  of  all  the  world  leaders  and  unlike  his  predecessor   'Boris  Yeltsin'  Putin  is  "NO"  drunk; Putin  is  in  my  personal  opinion  one  of  the  most  highly  ambitious  world  leaders;  only  the  upcoming  EU  'Little  Horn'  will   be  even  more  ambitious  because  according  to  Revelation  6  the  coming  'Little  Horn'  rises  with  a  'Spirit  of  Conquest'  like  a  : Napoleon, Alexander the Great  and  most  recently  Adolph  Hitler  and  his  blitzkrieg  !!!  Putin  smells  'fear  and  weakness'  coming  from  the  West  and  just  like  Hitler  he  is  taking  advantage  while  he  can  !!!

If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  very  well  acquainted  with  the  Prophecy  of  Isaiah   17,  most  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy   believe  that  the  destruction  of  Damascus  as  described  and  Prophesied  in  Isaiah  17  has  never  been   fulfilled  because  Damascus  is  one  of  the  oldest  cities  on  planet  Earth  still  in  existence  therefore  it  is  impossible  that  Isaiah  17  was  fulfilled  in  the  past  !!!  The  Syrian  Civil  War  is  now  5  years  old  and  there  seems  "NO"  end  in  sight,  the  truth  is  that  it  is  getting  bigger  especially  since  the  Russian  Military  have  now  physically  gotten  involved  and  since  the  U.S.  has  confirmed  that  it  too  will  be  sending  ground  troops  too  !!!  Syria  will  "NEVER"  recuperate  from  this  civil  war  because  much  of  the  Syrian  economy  and  infrastructured  has  suffered  great  damage,  even if  the civil war  was to end  all signs point that much of Syria  will be  divided  into  several  regions  once  all  the   bullets  stop.

There  is  "NO"  question  that  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse   arrive  in  a  world   beset  by  nuclear  war  !!!  According  to  the  Prophecy  of  Revelation  25%  of  the  world's  population  dies  during  this   upcoming  period  and   as  a  student  of  WW I  and  WW  II,  there  is  "NO"  question  nor  doubt  in  my  mind  that   the  4  Horsemen  ride  and  appear  on  the  world  scene  amidst  a  world  suffering  the  'after math'   of  nuclear  war  !!!

According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  Russia  will  be  "SEVERELY"  defeated  in  the  future  when  it  advances  against  Israel; thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  whom  I  serve  has  promised  to  embarrass  Russia's  future  military  attack  upon  Israel  !!!  What  should  concern  every  believer  is  that  "NOW"  for  the  first  time  in  decades  Moscow  "NOW"  has : Warships, Submarines  and  ground  troops   a  short  distance  from  Israel  !!!

As  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  neither  you  nor  me  are  in the  dark,  Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"  that  in  the  end  when  the  U.S.  and  Russia  go  "DOWN"  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  and  their  Beast  with  10  Horns  are  "Rising  Up"  from  that  specific  and  particuliar  region  of  the  world  to  fill  the  void  that  will  be  left  by  the   fall  of  both  Russia  and  the  U.S.A.  The  day  is  coming  when  the  entire  Mediterranean  will  once  again  become  the   'Mare  Nostrum'  the  day  is  coming  when  "NO"  Russian  warships  nor  submarines  will  be  allowed  in  the  Mediterranean  Sea;  Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"  the  coming  rise   of  someone  even  more   sinister  and  ambitious  than  Russia's  Putin    and  even  more  cruel   than  ISIS  !!!  

Ladies  and  Gentlemen  for  the  first  time   in  decades  the  Middle  East  conflict  is  drawing  in  "ALL"  the  major  military  world  powers;  Russia  is  sending  its  warships  and  nuclear  submarines  there, the  U.S. is  also  sending  additional   Naval  presence  and  the  European  Union   is  about  to  get  a  taste   of   an  'Islamic  Intifada'  with  all  the  Muslims  they  let  in  it's  "ALL"  a  like  a  'powder  keg'  waiting  to  explode  and  explode  it  will  for  Bible  Prophecy  clearly  "WARNS"  us  that  things  will  go  from  bad  to  worse   !!!

All  of  the  upcoming  and yet to  be  fulfilled  'Prophesied  Wars'  are  going  to  radically  change   the  'Global  Balance  of  Power'  and   you  and  I  know  who  is  going  to  step  into  the  scene  and  exploit   the  vacuum  that  will  be  left  after  the  present  world  powers  cripple  each  other  in  the  future  !!!  'For  he  shall  confirm  the  covenant  with  the  many  for  a  week'  -Daniel  9 : 27  (  all  I  know  is  that  this  individual   who  will  seize  the  moment  and  the  global  spotlight  in  the  future  won't  be : Russian, American, Chinese  or  Islamic !  )

The  end  is  "NOT"   yet,  I  state  this  because  there  are  some  'believe it or not'  that  are  teaching  that   we   are   already  in  the  Tribulation  period;  what  concerns  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  that   for  the  first  time  in  decades  we  are  now  witnessing  3  of  the  world's  major  superpowers  getting  directly  involved  not  only  in  Syria  but  in  the  Middle  East  conflict, Russia, the U.S.  and  the  European  Union  via  NATO   are  being  pulled  into  the  region  whether  they  like  it  or  not  and  for  different  reasons; the  Europeans  know  that  if  they  don't  do  their  part   to  'fix  or  salvage the region'  millions  of  more  Muslims  will  be  heading  to  the  EU,  Russia  for  its  part  is  there  for  several  other  reasons  and  the  U.S.  is  there  to  try  to  stem  the  rise  of   militant  Islamic  groups  who  could  very  well  take  over  the  vast  'oil  fields'  of  the  region  if   it  did  nothing  and   significantly   affect  the  prices  of  gasoline  and  in  the  process  jolt  the  entire  American  economy  !!!

(((  to  be  continued  still  under  construction  )))

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST    believes  in  the  'Rapture'  before  the  7 year  Tribulation    and  he  is  "AMAZED"   that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  allowing  this  His  servant  to  be   teaching  and  interpreting  the  Prophecies  of His  true   Prophets  found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  !!!  Mario is a student  of  : Integration Theory,  Sociological Theory,  Political Theory  and   Military  Theory*  This  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  knows  that  "ALL"  human  institutions  are  'flawed  and  corrupt'  because  they  are  run  by  men  and  all  men  have  sinned  and  fallen  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!

Monday, October 19, 2015


GOD; manifested  on  this  planet  in  Jesus Christ   does  "NOT"  make  mistakes  !!!  GOD  in  His  omnipresence   foresaw  iniquity  in  Lucifer and  He  also foresaw  the  fall of  man  and   "Rectified"  everything  before  the  foundation  of  this  world  !!!
 ( 1 Peter 1 : 20  & Revelation  13 : 8 )  If  you  even  remotely  believe  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  in  some  corner  of this Universe : scared, confused  and  in   tears   you've   not  read  the  Book  of  Revelation !
Everyone  should  understand  that  GOD ALMIGHTY   does  "NOT"  need   any  of  us;  for  it  is  we  "ALL"  who  need  Him  and  who  are  at  His  mercy   !!!

GOD  ALMIGHTY,   chose  to  create  us  right  under  Satan's  nose; and  in the same planet  where  GOD  had  cast  Satan  down  into   'temporarily'  before  he  was  thrown  into  the eternal  Lake  of  Fire.  GOD  also  could  have  waited  to  create  us  later  on  in eternity  or  could  had  created  us  far, far  away  in  another  Galaxy  and out of the reach  of  Satan  "BUT"  in  His  Sovereignty  GOD  chose  to  give  us  the  'gift  of  life'  on this planet  and  in  the  middle  of  a  great  ongoing  war  between  Michael and his Angels  & Satan & the fallen  Angels !  ( Revelation 12 :7  & Daniel  10 : 13 )  Truly, the  Kingdom of GOD  suffereth violence  and  the  violent  take it  by force !  ( Matthew 11:12 )   Truly, eternal  life  is  "NOT"  a  right  but  a  'Gift  of  GOD'  Jesus  Christ  warned  us  that  in  this  world  we  would  have  tribulation; "BUT"   He  also  promised  to  those  who  "OVERCOME"  the  temporal  things  and  temptations  of  this  world  the  right  to  inherit  all  things  in  the  end  !!!  ( Revelation 21 : 7 )

There  have  been  millions  of   people  who  have  been   born  in  the  middle  of   a  war, history  is  replete  with  them;   a great  example of  this was  that  some  80%  of the children born in  Russia  in  1923  didn't  survive  the Russian Civil War the same is true of early Israeli history in Lamentations 4 : 10  we see  the Jews resorting  to  cannibalism because of the siege of Jerusalem by its enemies  !!!  ( Jeremiah 19 : 9 ) Being  born  in  the  'middle  of  a  war'   means  that  the  odds  are  very  much  against  your  survival  !!!

Likewise,  you  and  I  and  billions+  of   human beings  were  likewise   born  in  the  middle  of a great  war  between   the  'Angels of  Heaven'  and  'Satan  and  his Fallen  Angels'   this war in heaven  initiated  before  Adam  and  Eve were created in the Garden of  Eden  because  the  'ancient serpent'   who deceives most of   humanity  was  already  present  on this planet  before  Adam and Eve  and  this  war  has  yet  to  be finalized  on  Earth  in the Valley of  Jehoshaphat  
( Armageddon )  and  has  there  been  collateral   damage  !!!   GOD  didn't  make  a  mistake  when  He  purposely  created  us  on  planet  Earth  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing  war  that  initiated  in  heaven  and  that  has  spilled   onto  planet  Earth;  in  His  HOLY  SOVEREIGNTY;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  had  very  good  reasons  to  do  as  He  sovereignly  did  !

 It  saddens me  to  have  to  state  that  the  vast  majority  of  the  human  souls  of  billions+   who  have  been  born  on  planet  Earth  in  the  middle  of  this  ongoing  war  between  Heaven  and  Satan  have  "NOT"  fared  well;  the vast majority of humanity   has  sided  with  Satan  in  this  ongoing  war;  for  the vast majority of  humanity   has  chosen  darkness  over  the  Light of  GOD  and  have  chosen  to  follow  the  wide  path  rather  than  the  narrow  path   that  leads  unto  eternal  life  !!!   (  Matthew  7 : 13  )  ( Jesus Christ is thee  Light and He stated that those who are not for Him are against Him; there is "NO"  neutrality*   -Matthew 12 : 30 )

In  the  big  picture  of  Bible  Prophecy  "Nothing"  surprises  GOD  ALMIGHTY; GOD  in  His  Omnipresence  can't  help  it  but  know   the  end  from  the  beginning  of  all  of  His  creations !  The  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  attest  to  this  fact  and  reality  about  our  Creator;  for  the  "Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  since  before  the  foundation of this  world !"  In  Jeremiah  1: 5,  GOD  ALMIGHTY also  confirms the fact that He  knows the future fully  well   and  even  though  because of Satan's  rebellion;  sin entered into  creation  and  every  deviation  of  unholiness  that  accompanies  wickedness;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  nonetheless  rectifies  "EVERYTHING"  in  the  end  !!!

    In the big picture  GOD  ALMIGHTY   didn't  throw  'Satan  and   the  one-third  of  the  Fallen  Angels'  directly  into  hell  immediately  because  He  in  His  sovereignty  wanted   all  the  heavenly  hosts   to  learn  a  'great  lesson'  about  the  great  consequences  of  sin.  Planet  Earth  is  Satan's  'temporary'  holding  cell  so  to  speak;  for  the  Bible  reveals  to  us  that  Satan  was  cast  down  directly  to  this  planet !  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  created  man   in  the  very  same  place where  He  had  'temporarily'  isolated  Satan  ; it  was  "NO"  coincidence  that  we  were  created  under  Satan's  nose  in  the  Garden  of  Eden;  if  you  read  carefully  you  will  discover  that  Satan  was  already  here  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  !!!  This  planet   is  like  the  'Alcatraz  Penitentiary'  and  yes  we  were  long  ago  put  under  a  'Quarentine'  like  state  !!!

 Satan  is  "NOT"  Omnipresent  like  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  he  cannot  be  in  all  the  other  billions+  of  Galaxies  in  this  Universe  at  once  !!!  Satan  can  only  be  in  one  place  at  one  time  just  like  you  and  me  !  And  because  Satan   does  "NOT"  know  the  future  like  GOD  ALMIGHTY  does;  Satan   doesn't  fully  yet  know  as of this precise  moment  who  he  is  going  to  ultimately  choose  to  be  his  'Little  Horn'  on  planet  Earth  !!!

In  the  big, big  picture  you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  human  beings  were  created  in  a  'temporary  dimension  of  eternity; and  in  a  temporary  planet  with   a  temporary  Earthly  human  body  !!!  For  Jesus  Christ  confirmed  that   this  heaven  and  this  Earth  shall  one  day  pass  !!!  (  For  neither  flesh  nor  blood  can enter or inherit  the Kingdom  of  GOD* ) 
1 Corinthians 15 : 50

In  the  'big  picture'  we  just  happened  to  have  been   created   shortly  after  Satan  rebelled  and  after   hell  was  created  for  Satan   and  his  Fallen  Angels;  hell  was  originally  created  only  for  them  but  Isaiah  reveals  to  us  that  hell  has  since  enlarged  itself   to  include  all  the  human  beings  who  also   choose  to  rebel  and  disobey  GOD !  -Isaiah  5 : 4  &  Matthew  25 : 41

In  the  'big  picture'   you  and  I  chose  to  come  into  this  world;  in  a  way  we  beat  out  over  50+ million other  sperms  who  were  also  competing  to  fertilize  our  Mamma's  egg  !  Welcome  to  planet  Earth;  now  get  ready  to  fight  for  your  Eternal  destiny  for  cowards  shall  "NOT"  inherit  the  Kingdom  of  GOD  !!! 
( Revelation  21 : 8 )

    The  theological  truth  about  everything  is  that   "NO"  one  not  even  the  Archangel's  in  Heaven   know  and  understand   all  the  ways  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!  GOD  has  set  eternity  in  the  human  heart;  yet  no  one  can  fathom  what  GOD   has  done  from  beginning  to  end   ( Ecclesiastes  3 :  11  )

     Even  though   salvation  is  free  via  Jesus  Christ   "ONLY"  those  that  overcome  the  unholy  spirit  of  this  world  are  promised   entrance  into  the  New  Jerusalem  !!!  Yes,  we  were   live  in  a  planet  that   literally  has  a  million  ways  to  kill  human  beings; for  there  are  over   13,000+  different  diseases  that  can  cripple  the  human  body  and  if  that  wasn't  enough  we  also   exist  in  a  planet  that  is  plagued  by  unholy  demonic  powers  that  not  only  seek  to  destroy  the  'image  of  GOD'  in  us  but  also  deceive  and  lead  astray   most  of  humanity  into   the  'Gates  of  Hell '  !!!

In  the  'big  picture'  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  populating  eternity  with  new  creations  and  giving    some  the  opportunity  of  becoming   'Son's  of  GOD  Almighty'  !!!  Before  GOD  created  us  on  planet  Earth  the  Bible  confirms  that  He  already  had  'millions  of  millions' of others  in  the  heavens  whom   are  called  'Son's  of  GOD' !!!

      In  the  big  picture  GOD  ultimately  controls   "ALL"  human  history   and  He  in  His  great  sovereignty   used  the  enemies  of  Israel  to   punish  the  continual  disobedience  of  His  chosen  rebellious  people  the  Jews. Let it be understood  that  the  four  Beasts  of  Daniel  are  used  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY    to  bring  judgement  to  His  own  people  and  let  the  reader  understand  that  the  worst  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  is  "YET"  to  transpire.  While  GOD  will  truly  bring  judgement  to  His  chosen  people  the  rest  of  the  world  and  nations  shall  by  "NO"  means   escape  the  Holy  Judgement  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY,  Jesus  Christ  did  "NOT"  come  to  die  in  vain  at  the  Cross of  Calvary; during the final  7  years  GOD  is  going  to  test  "ALL"  those  who  have  rejected  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  for  to  whom  much  is  given  much  is  required  and  this  final  generation   like  no  other   is  hearing  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  through  digital  media  unlike  any  other  in  the  history  of  this  planet  !!!

In  the  big  picture  and  before  GOD  the  Father  we  are  all  like  ants;  even  Satan  who  is  also  one  of  God's  creations  is  "NOT"   GOD's  archenemy  !!!  Let  it  be  known   that  there  was  light  in  eternity  past   long  before  Genesis  1,  for  GOD  Himself  is  a  Spirit  of  Light;  in  Genesis  1,  GOD  is  creating  'artificial  light' ( the  sun  )  in  this  region  of  the  Universe  for  He  most  certainly  wasn't  working  in  the  darkness  !!!  ( Revelation 22 : 5 )

    In  the  big, big  picture   GOD  is  thee  creator  of    'millions  upon  millions'  of  different  creations  who  never  sinned  and  that  cannot  sin  because  "NOT"  all  of  His  creations  are  alike nor  were  all   created  in  His  image  !!!  In  the  big, big  picture  GOD  is  "NOT"  going  to  abandon  the  Angels  in  heaven  when  we  are  in  the  New  Jerusalem  for  He  is  Omnipresent  and  will  continue  to  be   ever  present  and  Omnipresent   with  all  of  His  other  creations  and  in  the  big, big  picture  GOD  ALMIGHTY  shall  continue  to  create  and  create  and  create  different   creations  all  through  eternity;  if  you  think  that   Earthly  Corporations  are  the  only  one's  who   introduce   new  and  improve  products  you  have  no  idea  !!!

In  the  'big, big  picture  of   Eternity  GOD  already  had   'billions+  upon  billions+'  of  others who  He  called   'Son's  of  GOD'  long  before  He  created  you  and  me  and  billions  of  other human beings  in this one planet  and  He  has  more  than  enough  love  for  "ALL"   for  we  were commanded  to  love  one another  and  to  serve  one  another  !!!  And  you  know  what   in the big picture  of   'Eternity  Future'  GOD  "SHALL"   continue  to  create   more  and  more  creations  very  different  than  you  and  me  !!!  ( GOD  didn't  go  into  retirement  after  Genesis 1 forever  !!!)

    In  the  big,  big  picture   GOD  is  a  Multi-Tasker   who  operates  in  literally  billions+  of  different  time  zones  inside  of  this  His  Universe.  In  the  'big  picture'  Eternal  Life  is  "NOT"  free  for  GOD  Himself   had  to  become  a   man  in  Jesus  Christ  to  redeemed  that  which  was  lost  and  even  though   Salvation  is  free;  to  some  it  has  come  at  the  price  of  Martyrdom  to  others  it  has  come   at  a  steep  price  via  continual  persecution   and  yet  to  others  it comes at the  price of   'denying  their flesh'  in  a  world  that   offers  temptations  24/ 7   non-stop  !!! 

In  the  'big  picture'   you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  human  beings   were  created  in  this  moment  of  Eternity  in  direct  response   to  the  Fall  of  Satan  and  one-third  of  the  Angels  we  were  created  under  the  very  nose  of  Satan   to  prove  without  a  shadow  of  a  doubt  the  true  colors  of  Satan;  a former  Archangel  who  has  "NO"  redemption;  for  the  same : destruction, wickedness  and  rebellion  that  he  originated  and  initiated  in  Heaven  he  repeated  it  on  Earth !

In  the  'big  picture'  thee  most  important  thing  that  every  human  being  must  know  and  should know  before  they  depart  planet  earth  is  that   the  purpose  of  life  is  to  know  GOD;  for  we were  created  in  His  image  to  have  direct  communion  with  Him; our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   confirmed  this  fact  and  truth; "And this is eternal  life,  that  they  may  know  You, the only  true GOD and  Jesus  Christ  whom  You  have  sent."  ( Gospel  of  John   17 : 3  )

By :  Mario  Romano;  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   does  "NOT"  understand  all  the  ways  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  the  truth  is  that   "NOT"  even  the  Angels  in  Heaven  understand  all  the  ways  of  GOD   for  we  are  all  on  a  'need  to  know  basis'  we  were  all  ultimately  created  for  His  pleasure  and  despite   all  the : rebellion, death   and  hurt  involved  because  of  Satans  great  deceptions;   GOD  ultimately   foresaw  everything  and  rectifies  everything  in  the  end  for  He  makes  "ALL"  things  new !  Thank You Jesus ***