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There  is  a  chronology  of  events   found in the Book  of  Revelation  that  'MUST'  take  place  'BEFORE'  certain  : prophetic  actors, nations  and  armies   finally  arise  to  fulfill   their  endtime  roles.   does  'NOT'  know   exactly  who   the  final  endtime  players  will  finally  end  up  being.   Major  and  epic  changes  are  in  stored   not  only  for  the  European  Union;  'BUT'  also  for  the  entire  present  'World  Order.'   The  truth  is  that  the  Biblical  Prophecies  reveal  to  us  and  guarantee  us,  that  in  the  endtimes  this   world  will  spiral  out  of  control;  things  are  going  to  go  from  bad  to  worse  !!!  ( Daniel  9 : 26;  'The  end  will  come  like  a  flood : War  will  continue  until  the  end' )  This  whole  planet  seems  like  one  giant  'Powder  Keg'  waiting  to  explode,  the  only  question  is  when  and  who  will  spark  it  all  up : ISIS,  North Korea,  Russia,  a Viral  Biological  Outbreak, a global  financial  meltdown   or  someone  even  more  sinister  than  all  of  these  ???  ( Daniel 8 : 24  )

As  an  endtimes   'Watchman'   this  servant  of  yours   is  here  to  merely   'Inform'  the : clueless, the believer  as well as  the  unbeliever  that  the  Holy  Scriptures   guarantee  a  clear  'Finality'  of  the  corrupt  human  Kingdoms  of  this  world   !!!   (  Isaiah  9 : 7   )  That  being  said;   it  has  taken  this  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'   only  some  20  years  to  get  to  this  place  and  time.  A  Medical  Doctor   (  or  any  other  Professional*)  gets  better  with  time,  there  is  almost  nothing  that  can  take  the  place  of  'Experience.'  Before  astronauts  can  be  launched  into  space   they  are  first  prepared  for  several  years   and  'Spiritually'  speaking   there  are  absolutely  'NO'  shortcuts   to   our  spiritual  growth.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  still  here  only  by  the  grace  of  GOD;  he  is  the  product  of  thousands  of  hours  of  research  in  the : Biblical  Prophecies,  History  of  Empires  and  Political  Science  etc..   The  Holy  Spirit  knows  this   and   that's  all  that   matters  to  this  vessel;  that  my  Creator  knows  that   I  have  not  hidden  the  'one  talent'  that   He  bestowed  upon  this  vessel  of  clay  !!!

If  you  know   American  politics  and  was  in  awe  and  amazed  at   Obama's  'Meteoric  Rise'  to the  U.S. Presdiency    from  almost  out of nowhere  years  ago;  then   what  Emmanuel  Macron  is about  to  achieve  in  France  is  even  more  astounding  !!!  Obama, was at  least an elected  State Senator  from  Illinois, then  a  U.S. Senator  and  had  the  backing of one of the two largest political  parties  in these  United  States  !!!   Macron  on  the  other  hand   has  had  'NONE' of that;  he  has never been in the past elected  to  any  French  political  office  and  he  is  about  to  win  with  his  own  political  party  'movement'  'En Marche'  !!!   France  is  'NO'  3rd  World  country  either   !!!  As  a  student  of  : political  theory, military  theory  and  sociological  theory  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   knows  that   what  Emmanuel  Macron  is  'pulling  off'    is  'NOT'  normal  and  as   a  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'   I  must  admit  that  this  alone  raises   quite  a  bit  of  'Red  Flags' to  this   almost  unknown  'Watchman'  on  this  wall  !!!   Former  President  Obama  even  privately  telephoned  Emmanuel  Macron  before   this  past  Sunday's  elections  to  'wish him luck'  !!!
( Obama  even  knows  that  Macron's   rise  is  even  more  surprising  than  his  own  in  2008   !!! )

Emmanuel  Macron's  rise  to  power  may  very, very  well  just  be   a  mere  'Fluke'  'BUT'  then  again   it  could  be   the  totally  opposite  of   it  too   !!!   He  may  too  just  be  a 'Temporary  Forerunner'   of  he  that  is  to  come  in  'his  own  name'  but  then  again   he  could  just   have  been  like  that  'sly  fox'  who  managed  to  sneak  in  and  get  inside  the 'Chicken  Coop'  when  almost  no  one  was  WATCHING !   Mario  Romano  could  very  well   be  crazy  'BUT'  then  again  he  could  be  on  the  right  trail;  only  time will tell  !!!    When  an  anomaly  such  as  the  one  we  are  witnessing  enters  and  inserts  itself  into  the  'endtimes  timeline'  no one who  is 'watching  and  praying'  can  or should  totally  ignore it  !!!

Technically  speaking  the  President  of  France  also  holds  the  title  of   Co-Prince  of  Andorra.  As  of  2016  there  are  still   some  12  monarchies  in  Europe.  The  last  European  country  who  attempted  to   sponsor  the  'Middle  East  Peace  Talks'  was  France.  France  is  only  one  of  a  very  few  European  Imperial  powers   that  once  dominated  sections  of  the  Middle  East  as  well  as   Middle  Eastern  Oil  fields  before  they  were  nationalized  by  Arab  countries in the 1950's   !!!   Oddly  enough  'France'   is  till  viewed   as  a  world  power  because  it  has  one  of  the  most   capable  armed  forces  on  this  planet   as  well  as  their  very  own  'Military  Industrial  Complex'  that  produces  :  Nuclear  missiles,   Nuclear Submarines, Aircraft  Carriers  and  Satellite   Technology.  Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and  any  10  Arab  Islamic  countries  do  'NOT'  enjoy  having  their  own  military  manufacturing  base  as  France  does  !!!  (  Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria  do  'NOT'  have much of any  manufacturing  capabilities; they mostly all  purchase their military weapons  via : China,  North Korea,  Russia  &  in the International  Black  Market ! )

Most  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy   have  taught  for  years   and   most  would  agree  that  the   endtimes  'Little  Horn'   arises  on  the  world  scene   only  'AFTER'   ( from  among*)  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  (  Revelation  17 : 12  )   'BUT'  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel   also  teaches  that  'He  shall  Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many'  so  we  know  that  obviously  he  must  already  be   in  some  type  of  a  powerful  post    'BEFORE'  the  beginning  of  those  7  years  of  Tribulation  !!!  The  Book of Revelation   also  reveals  to  us  that  the  10  King's  receive  absolute  power  together  with  the  Beast  for  one-hour = 42 months   or  3 and a half  years  'BUT'  we  also  know  that   'PRIOR'  to such an  event  he  had  'Previously'  made  a  'Covenant'  with  Israel  and  the  many  for  an  entire  Prophetic  Week   and  breaks it   midway  !!!

This  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  wants  to  make  it  perfectly  clear  that   as  of  April 24, 2017   it  is  still  too  early   to  'Confirm'  anything.   Several  wars  must  first  take  place  that  will  bring : Russia,  the  USA  as  well  as  most  Islamic  countries   to  their  knees   !!!    This  believer  is   a  Pre-Trib  believer,  he  believes  that  GOD  is  going  to  remove  His  Church  to  'another  place  and  another  Time'  before  His   Holy  Wrath  is  poured  against   all  those  who  'REJECTED'  in  this  very  long  age  of   'Grace'  what  His  only  begotten  son : 'JESUS  CHRIST'   accomplished  and  paid   for  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary   !!!

The  first  round  of  the  French  Presidential  elections  were  extremely  close.  This  student  of   International  Relations  and  European  Political  Systems   knew  that  Macron  and  Le Pen   could  of  easily  been  knocked  off  by  Mr.Fillon  and  Mr.Melenchon.    According  to  virtually  all  the  French  polls   Marine  Le  Pen  will  be  'Defeated'  by  Emmanuel  Macron  come  this  upcoming  May  7, 2017.  'Unless'  a  major  surprise  rocks  France  Mr.Macron  appears  headed   for  a  massive  French  victory   !!!  If  I  were  a  Frenchmen  I  would  vote  for  Mrs. Le Pen, the only  thing   I  disagree  with  her  is  her  views  of  our  Jewish  friends  and  the  role  that  France  played  in  the  Holocaust.  According  to  virtually  all  the  European  newspapers;  virtually   all  the  losing  candidates  are  throwing  their  support  for  Mr..Macron,  in  their  eyes   he  is  the  'lesser  of  two  evils.'    Should   Macron  win  this  May 7, 2017   he  will  still  have  many  challenges  to enact  what  he  is  'promising.'   For  starters  the  French  Parliament  is dominated  by  other   parties;   Macron   will  have  to  make  political  deals  and  concessions  like  any  Western  politician   to  the  other  parties  that  dominate  the  other  branches  of  government.  Macron  winning  the  French  President  would  be   comparable  to  Obama  winning  it  but  as  an  'Independent'  and  not  as  Democrat.  Obama  enjoyed  the  advantage  of  having  the  vast  political  deep  connections  and  pockets  of   an  American  Political  Party  ( Democrats )  who  have   been  in  power   a  long  time;  Macron  on  the  other  hand   had  none  of  those  advantages   'YET'  somehow  he  managed  to  defeat   the  old   entrenched  and  established  political  machines  of  his  country   !!!

This  website   has  been   studying  the   'Progenitor'  of  the  Fourth  Roman  Beast  for  over  a  decade  now.    There  are  certain  individuals  that  step  into  the  'Spot  Light'   that  cannot  be  ignored  because   they  in  one  way  or  another   have   shown  an  interest  with  the  ever  ongoing  'Middle  East  Peace  Process'   and  also  hold   great  : political, diplomatic  and  military  power   to  'pull  off'  what  the  Prophet  Daniel   reveals  to  us  that  will  take  place  between  Israel  and the  endtimes  EU  Leader in  the  future.  Our  enemy  is  not  omniscient   like  GOD  our  Creator   and  therefore  he   is  always  grooming  someone  every  so  often   to  step  in  when   that  final  hour  arrives.  This  website  is  here  primarily  to   decipher  and  interpret  the  'Sign's  of  the  Times'  especially  of  the  Fourth  Beast  of  Daniel  as  it  relates  to  thee  greatest  Prophetic  sign : The  Nation  of  Israel   and   its  capital  Jerusalem.  It  is  not  our  fault  if  certain  individuals  'stick  out'   like  a  'glow  in  the  dark'   figure   !!!

As  somewhat  of  a  'teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy'  this  fellow  believer  in  Jesus  Christ  must  'WARN'  everyone  that   nothing  much  may  happen  the  next 5-10  years  'BUT'  the  opposite  of  this  could  also  be  true,  should   an  'Unexpected'  turn  of  events   begin  to  happen  on  this  fallen  planet;  then  those  who  are  'Watching  and  Praying'   will  know  exactly  what  is  soon  to  come  this  way   !!!  The  end  is  'NOT'  yet  and   'NO'  we  are  'NOT'  yet   under  the  Judgement  of  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation,  the   7  year  Tribulation  period  has  'NOT'  yet  begun;  but   it  sure  is  getting  more  and  more  interesting  to  see  what  : Russia, Turkey,  North  Korea,  ISIS  and  NATO   are  all  up  to  !!!

After   May  7, 2017   this  servant  and  brother  of  yours  in  the  faith  of  Jesus  Christ  will  be  taking  some  40  days  off  and  will  'NOT'  be   updating  any  new  articles  or  information  during  that  time   'if  you  know  what  I  mean'  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants   direction  from   our  Creator;  he  does  'NOT'  want  to  mislead  anyone.  This  servant  of  GOD  asks  for  your  continued  prayers;  sometimes   as  a  human  being  I  feel   useless  and  unqualified  to  be  teaching   anyone  about   the  'GREATEST'   book  of  all  : The  Holy  Bible   and  especially  its  endtimes  Prophecies  !!!  Its  very  easy  to  get  'Burnout'  and  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  needs  to   go  back  to  his  first  love;  back  to  the  Cross;  back  to  the  feet  of  my  redeemer:  Jesus  Christ   !!!    has  been  :  operating,  researching  and   informing   for  all  these  years  as  'IF'  the   beginning of Daniel's  Seventieth  Week  as  well  as  the  Rapture    is  imminent.  Only  a  very, very  few  'Individuals'   hold  key  positions   within  the  EU  that  could  'Pull  Off'  what  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   foretell  and  guarantee  will  take  place   once the  'Restrainer'   does  what  He   is  Prophesied  to  do.  We  do  'NOT'  claim  any  monopoly  to  the  interpretation  of  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  'BUT'   you  and  I  know  that   we  are  closer   to  the  correct  interpretation  of  these  endtime  Prophecies  than  most  who  : could  care  less,  than  most   in  the  Church  who   do  not  study  the  Prophecies  and  much, much  closer  than   the  rest  of  the   world  who  own  a  Bible  'BUT'  who   just  have  it  as  a  'good  luck  charm'  or  a   'Family  Heirloom'  passed  down   by  their  grandparents ! All  these  years  of  'Watching  and  Praying'  have  'NOT'  been  in  vain,  this servant of GOD  has  matured  spiritually  and   produced  much  fruit  in  other  areas  of  his  Christian  life.  My  understanding  of  the   WORD  of  GOD  has  also  gotten  much  much  deeper  as  well   as  my  relationship  with  my  Creator : GOD :  Jesus  Christ*   During  Noah's  Days  almost 'NO'  one  but  his   close  family  got  saved  and  entered  the  Ark,   the  day  and  hour  will  come   once  again  when   very  unfortunately  'MOST'  of  humanity  will   have  neglected  and   ignored   GOD's  invitation  of  Salvation  through  Jesus  Christ  and  Eternal  Life,  is  just  one  of  many   Ministries   that    teaches  that   the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   reveal  to  us of  the  upcoming  'Wrath  of  GOD'   upon this  fallen  planet  and  how  to  escape  it   through   heeding  the   Message  of  the  Gospel  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ***  

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  useless  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  'NOT'  after  any  fame  nor  money;  he  is  only  here   because   he  suspects  that  others  whom  GOD   initially  called  to  do  this   said  no.  Mario  does  'NOT'  hold  any  PH.D's   nor  is  he  a  'Prophet'  who  proclaims  prosperity  and  riches  coming  your  way  in  this  corrupt  world.   As  you  can  see,  Mario  is  not  a  graduate  of  any  elite  American  University,   Mario   sometimes  thinks  that  he  is  'Way  in  over  his  Head'  !!!   Unfortunately,  for the most part of his  life  he  has   struggled  to  overcome  so  many  odds  against  him. (  one  day  you  will  understand*)   It  is  by  the :  sheer  grace, power  and  mercy  of  our  Creator  GOD   that   HE   allowed  this  servant  of  His   to  launch   almost  two  decades ago   !!!    Heaven  and  Eternal  life   are  'NOT'  for  sale;  shame  on  those  who    only 'Prophesy'  about   temporary  riches  and  wealth   !!!    Mario  Romano   is  here  because  he  owes  GOD  Almighty   'big  time'  and  then  some;    this  fragile  and  mortal  vessel  is  here   to  point   to   :  JESUS  CHRIST , the author   and   finisher  of  our  faith    and  thee  only  one  who   fully  and  completely  ATONED  for  the  sins  of  humanity  and  only  those  who  REPENT  of  their  sins  and   accept   His  sacrifice  are  completely   forgiven   before  GOD  the  Father,  'ONLY'  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   can  appease  the  Wrath  of  our  Holy  Creator  !!!  

Monday, April 17, 2017


Come  this  Sunday  April 23, 2017   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   will  be  able  to   better  'Spiritually  Discern'  how  close  we  all  are  to  the  fulfillment  of  Daniel's  70th  week !  ( based upon the Biblical Prophecies  & the great convergence  of Prophetic events* )  This  coming  Sunday,  the  French  voters  will  be  voting  for  more than  just  a  'French  President'  that  will  represent them for the next  five  years; they  will be voting for  the  very  fate and destiny  of  the : European Union, the $ EURO  &  the Eurozone  !!!   Most  European leaders  for their part  are on the edge of  their seats; they  all  fear  the  disintegration of the European Union  if  Marine Le Pen  wins. Virtually   all   French  political  analysts  agree  that  these  2017 French Presidential   elections are  the  most   unpredictable  ever.   Should  Marine  Le Pen  win,  she  has  promised   to  exit from  all  three  !!!   Macron  on  the  other  hand  has  promised   to : remake, restructure  and  revive   all  three   !!!   There  are  11  candidates  for  the  first round of  elections,  9  will   exit come  this Sunday  and   the top   two  will  battle  it  all  out  on  the second and final round on May 7,   2017  !!!  'NO'  the  end  is  not  yet  'BUT'  the  road   that the  4th  Beast  is  taking   has  'twists  and  turns'   that   surprises   even   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  !!!   Presently,  France  finds  itself   in  a  giant  of  a  'Quagmire'  its  small  population  of  Jews  has  been   leaving  due  to   domestic  Islamic  terrorism  against  the Jewish  community  there  ( French Jewish pop.  380,000+  vs. 8 million  Muslims*)  and  presently   the  very  secular, social  and  liberal   government   has  found  out  the  hard  way   that  they  let  in   a  'Trojan  Horse'  via    Mass  Islamic  Immigration  and   to  make  matters  even  more  interesting   a  large  section  of  the  populace   wants  to  retract  from  the  European  experiment   !!!  If  ever  France  needed  a  very  strong  and  decisive  leader  at  the  helm  it  is  today  and  'YES'  France  will  produce  one  of the  final 10 King's of  Revelation  (  and  very  possibly  even  someone  worse  than them*)   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knew  this  some  8+ years ago  and   as  the  years  have  passed   everything   'Confirms'   it  even  more  !!!  The  upcoming French and German elections will  'ALTER'  the  course of  the  European  Union   ( for better or worse*)  and   especially  that  of  the  Middle  East;   concerning  Israel  and  the  Peace  Process  !!!

On  July  of  2008,  the then U.S. Senator  from  Illinois :  Barack Hussein  Obama  arrived  in  Berlin  with  what  some   described  as  almost  possessing  a  supernatural  'Rock Star Charisma.'  Mr. Obama  managed  to   attract  some  200,000+  people  on  the  'Strasse  des  7  Juni'  in Berlin; ( Central Street  in  Berlin )  the  main  and wide  thoroughfare  ( avenue ) of  the  city;   that links to the  historic  Brandenburg  Gate.  Hundreds  of  thousands  of  people  that  couldn't  even  vote in the upcoming   American  elections   came  to  hear  a  man  who  in  less  than  a  year  had  managed  to  become  one of the  the  world's most  popular  serving  politicians;  even  if  he  was  still a state  senator  from  Illinois  !!!   To  many  German's  there  that  day;  Obama  seemed  to  be  like  an  'African-American  Kennedy' : young, energetic, visionary !!!  Someone  almost  'bigger than life.'  By  all  accounts  the  speech  that  Obama  gave that day in Berlin was not one of  his  greatest  masterpieces;  'BUT'  the  crowd   cheered him on  and  applauded  the  loudest  and  longest  when  he  stated   that   he was the antidote to his his warmongering  predecessor : Bush  ( subtly  inferred*)  The  truth  is  that  Mr. Obama  went  to  Berlin   on July of 2008  to  show  American  voters  that  he  was  a  credible  player  on  the  world  stage  ( free world wide  T.V. publicity too*)  even  though  as  a  Senator from Illinois   he  most  certainly  didn't  have  much  Foreign  Policy  experience,  his  'Public  Relations  Stunt'  ( PR )  in  Berlin  sure  didn't  hurt  him  a  bit  !!!  Fast-forward  some  8 years,  Obama  returns to  Berlin  and  ended  his  U.S.Presidency   on  a  very  low  note  in  the  eyes  of   most  German's  who  had  gone  to  hear  him  give  his  historic  speech  some  8  years  previously !!!  (  it is estimated that  only about 6,000+  went to hear him  some 8 years later*)  Mr. Obama  'NOT'  only   didn't  managed  to   regain the respect of the world, when he left the U.S. Presidency   'American Foreign Policy'  appeared  to  have  been  disrespected  and  ignored  even more  so  by  most  of  our  enemies  !!!  (  Obama  naively  believed  that  by  sheer   diplomatic talks  with : Iran, Russia, China   and  others  that   he could  revolutionize American Foreign Policy  and   fix   this broken world.   The truth is  that  almost  all  of  America's  longtime  enemies  perceived  Obama as  a  'Weakling'  and  acted  accordingly  against  U.S.  interests, Obama;  the  bearer  of  the  'world's  biggest  smile'   naively  believed   that  : irrational  actors, dictators  &  totalitarians;   who :   bomb,  kill  and enslave  their  own  people  would  care  'one-bit'   about   trying to  'better  the  world'  via   Obama  diplomacy * )

Was  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  surprised  that  former  President  Obama  was  'NOT'  able  to  keep  most  of  his  election  promises  ?  "NO"  "NO"  and  "NO"  !!!  Obama  even  promised  to  close  down  Guantanamo   'BUT'  8 years later  it   is still  open   !!!  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  GOD  fearing  believer  knew  that   despite  all  the  'hoopla'   about  Obama;  Mario  didn't  drink  the  Kool-Aid,  he  knew  that  Obama  would  be  no  much  better  than  any  other  politician.  As  Obama  was  nearing his term  some  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  were  predicting  that  Mr.Obama  would   most  certainly  be  the  next  U.N.  Secretary  General;   this student of  Bible  Prophecy  knew   much  better  !!!  ( Please, Obama couldn't  bring world peace with the greatest  military on the planet much less  with  Blue Helmets  ( U.N. soldiers )  that  run  away like they once did  in  Rwanda  !!!  )

On  September  of  2014,   President  Obama  appeared  on  '60  Minutes'  ( T.V  interview ) and  confessed  to  the  American  public  that  even  the  CIA  and  the  entire  U.S.  Intelligence Community  didn't  see  the  rise  of  ISIS  in  the  Middle  East   coming  !!!  (  to  be  honest   the other top  world  intelligence  agencies  didn't  either  !!!  )  Mr. Obama   admitted   that  because  they  were  so  focused  on  Al Qaeda  and  Iraq  they  totally   overestimated   the new  Iraqi  government and soldiers  and  underestimated   the small  Islamic  fighters  that  were  scattered  elsewhere  in  the  region  and  that   were  banding together to form   ISIS  underneath  all  of  their  noses.  Eventually, ISIS  overtook  the  new  American  trained  Iraqi  forces  and  the rest  is history.  )  What  this  student of Bible Prophecy  is trying to tell you with   this week's   title   is  that   those  who  only   study  the   physical  and  material   world  of  ours  and   'IGNORE'  the  spiritual   dimension  and  reality  of  who  else  is  inhabiting  this  'Fallen   World'   with  us,   haven't   the  remotest  clue  of  what  they  are  really   up  against :  Satan  and  a  vast   hierarchy  of  Fallen  Angels  and  demons  who  are   bent  on : killing, destroying,  deceiving   and  enslaving  as  much  as  humanity  as  possible  with  the  help  of : Islamic  Terrorism, False religious prophets, Communism etc  !!!  

Fast-Forward  to  2017  ( Post-Obama  World  )   On  January  of 2017; Emmanuel  Macron  visited  Berlin  and   because  he  was  still  a  long-shot   to  win  the  French  Presidency  not  even  German Chancellor  Angela  Merkel   was  on  hand  to  greet  him  nor  did   she  attempted  to  arrange  a  meeting  with  him.   Mr.Macron   didn't  get  a  giant  crowd  of  'hundreds of thousands'  that  had  previously  some  8+ years  had come to listen to Obama.   Fast-Forward  yet again;  just  two  weeks  ago;  Mr.Macron  returned  to  Germany  as  the  frontrunner  of the French  Presidential  elections  and  this  time  Angela  Merkel   did  lend  her  ear   and  attention  to  this  young  Frenchman  speak  about  saving  the : European  Union, the  EURO  and  the  EuroZone  !!!  Emmanuel  Macron;   promised  the  Germans  that  if  elected  he  would  re-invigorate'  the  Franco-German  relationship  and  do  all in his power  to  rehabilitate  a   wounded   and bleeding  European  Union   regardless  of  the   Brexit.

Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Jesus  Christ,  things  are   advancing  in  Europe  that  even  the   best  CIA   analysts  are  'NOT'  able  to  interpret;  just  like  they  were  unable  to foresee  the  rise  of  ISIS  despite  having   vast  technological  computing  power  at  their  disposal.
The  French  voters  will  go  to  the  polling  places  this  Sunday  the   23rd  of  April.   According  to  the  latest  polls   Macron  may  very  well   surprise  everyone, Marine Le Pen is closely  behind him and  according to the best French  prognosticators  its  too  close  to  call  !!!   This  French  election  is  already  the  most  surprising  in  recent  French  history.  For  the  first  time  in  modern French politics a  man  who  does  'NOT'  belong  to  any  of  the  established  Political  Parties  of  France   may  very  well  end  up  turning  the  tables  on   all  those  that  originally  underestimated  him   !!!

Most  of  Emmanuel  Macrons   political  adversaries  mock  him  during  their  political  rallies  by  'raising their hands in mid-air almost Christ like'  as  has  become  Mr.Macron's   trademark  everytime   he  ends  his  rallies.  One  of  the  European  newspapers  stated  that  the  EU  needs  a  'Messiah'  like  figure  to  save  it  from  impending  doom   !!!

According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   the  final   encarnation  of  the  Fourth and final  'Roman  Beast'  will  be  somehow  led  by  10  King's;  presently  the  European  Union is at  27  ( U.K. out*)   'BUT'  according to the Prophecy of  Daniel,  that  Beast  of  10  will  still  manage  to  'DEVOUR'  all  of  Europe   'ANYWAY'  !!!   (  Daniel   7 : 23  )   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    has learned the 'Hard  Way'  that  its  not  how  you  started  your  life  that  counts  'BUT'   how  you  end  it   !!!   Mario  Romano,  is  'NOT'  leaving   this  planet   defeated  by  no  devil  nor  demon;   although this vessel  of  GOD  is  still  plagued  by  personal  imperfections;  it  is  by  the  sheer  power   of  the  Holy  Spirit  that   he  did  'NOT'  give  up   long  ago;  we   indeed  shall  overcome  by  the  Blood  of  the  Lamb   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  claim  any  special  revelations  'BUT'  what  he  is  witnessing  happening  in  France   is  something  that  he  can  'NOT'  ignore.  As  a  'Watchman'  this  useless  servant   of  the  body  of  Christ  is  just  telling  it  like  it  is  !!!   He  is  witnessing   an   'ANOMALY'   of  epic  proportions  ( something that deviates from the  normal  &  ordinary*)  taking  place  in  France  that  should  cause  many  to  wake  up  from  their  spiritual   hibernation.  "NO"  the  end  is  not  yet;  this student of Bible  Prophecy  is  not  one  to  put  'all  the  eggs  in  one  basket'   'BUT'   as  a  'Watchman  of  the  4th  Beast'  Mario  Romano  cannot  ignore  this   great  coincidence   !!!

While  it  is  true  that  not  even  the  CIA  nor  any  other  U.S.  Intelligence  Agency  was  able  to  predict  the  rise  of  ISIS  just  years  ago, this student of Bible  Prophecy  ( and many  others  too*)  knew  that   Islamic  Jihad  and  Islamic  Terrorism   will  "NOT"  be   terminated  by  the  U.S.  Military.    Most  American  Politicians  are  'NOT'  willing  to  do  what  must  be  done  to  obliverate  Islamic  Terrorist  from  planet  earth   ( no U.S. politician is willing to pay the political costs*)   and  that  is  why   Islamic  Jihadism  will  continue  until   the  Tribulation  period;   when  someone  even  more  wicked   than  they  will  arise  and  appear  on  the  world  scene   to  totally  and  very  unmercifully   defeat  Islamic  Terrorism  once  and  for  all. (  Hitler  did  it  to  Stalin*) (  Beasts   are  very  territorial  and  the  final  Beasts  will  not  bow  down  to  other  beasts, just like in prisons,  most  inmates   do  'NOT'  trust  their  fellow  inmates, just like one totalitarian doesn't trust   nor share  his power with  another  totalitarian*)

Reminder  :  Germany  and  France  are  the  two  major  pillars  of  the :  EU  and  the  Eurozone, they are the very  economic  engine  that  has  kept  the  EU  and  the  $Euro  from   imploding  and  despite  the  Greek  economic  crisis  and  the  Brexit  these  two  EU  countries  know  very  well  that   they  cannot  return   to  a  Pre-World  War  I  Europe;  they  know  fully  well   that   divided  they  will  fall  before  an  increasingly  aggressive  Russia  and  a   growing  economic  juggernaut  in  China  !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy,  the  final  world  empire  'Shall'  arise  from  the  Mediterranean  region  and  that  is  what   is  letting   everyone  know. Several  military  conflicts  and  great  natural  disasters  are  coming  that  are  going  to  reshape  the  present  world  order  very  simply  because   the  Prophecies of Daniel  and  Revelation   guarantee  it  !!!

In Conclusion, it could very well  be  that   nothing  much  may  happen  during  the  next  ten  years;  'BUT'  the  opposite  of  this  could  also  be  true;  it  could  just  be  that  all  the  endtimes  players  revealed  and  described   by  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  the  Book  of  Revelation  may  indeed  all  be  getting  ready  for  the  'Final  Act'  as  the  'Final  Curtain'  is  beginning   to be  enacted.  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  have  learned  'NOT'  to  'Jump  the  Gun'  was  launched  and  created  for   great  seismic  events  such  as  the  upcoming  2017  French  Presidential  elections  and  this   almost  nobody  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  here  to  tell  you  and  anyone  who  will  listen  that  the  European  Union   will  either  sink  if  Marine  Le Pen  wins  or  be  Re-invented  if  Macron  wins   !!!  Either  way   the  EU  is  being   prepared  for  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  while  most  of  the  world  has  'NO'  spiritual  discernment  nor  idea  of  may  very  well  be  before  them  and  before  us  all  !!!  The  French  Presidential  term  is  for  5  years; I  don't know about  you  but  most  'Students of Bible Prophecy'  fill it  in  their  'bones'  that  the  next  10  years  will  be  epic  for  Biblical  Prophecy  fulfillment  and   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  senses  it  too   !!!

As  we  are  nearing  Daniel's  70th  Week,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   fully  acknowledges  that   'ONLY'  those  who  study  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   are  able  to  discern  how  late  the  hour  is.   The  CIA  as  well  as  'ALL'  the  world's  most  elite  intelligence  agencies   have    absolutely  'NO'  spiritual  clue  as  what  is  lurking  around  the  corner  and headed  straight  onto  planet  earth  'BUT'  as  children  of  Light;  you  and  I  should  'NOT'   seemed  surprised   by  what  is   heading  this  way  in  the  'Spiritual  World.'  Come  this   April  23  of  2017  we  will  all  know  how  much  closer  we  are   to  the  greatest   'CONVERGENCE'  of  Bible  Prophecy  taking  place  all  over  this  world.

A  note  to  all  critics :  There  is  a  'time  and  a  place'  for  everything  under   this  heaven.  Mario  is  'NOT'   praying for  'doom and  gloom'  nor  does  he  delight   in  the  suffering  of others.   Mario  lives  a  'well  rounded'  Christian  life;  he believes in living in holiness, praying for  others,  testifying  about  Jesus  Christ, fasting  and   he  usually   never  mentions   this website  to  family  and  friends  unless they   bring  it  up  or  the  subject of Bible  Prophecy. This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'    here  to  try  and  identify   'you know who'   I personally  know  numerous  'believers'  who  could  care  less  about  Bible  Prophecy  'BUT' when  you mention to them about sports  & athletes  ( movie stars  etc...)   they  seem to know every  vital  statistic !!!   There  are  very, very  few   Bible  Prophecy  teachers   specifically   concentrating  on  this  'subject'  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   found  it  necessary  to  teach  on  the  subject.   If  GOD revealed  such prophecies to His  Prophets  then   you  better  believe that it  is important  to  disseminate  as  much  as  humanly  possible  !!!  The  'day  and  hour'  is  coming when  hundreds  of  millions  will  say  how  come  nobody   warned  us  about  such  things ?  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  for  neither  fame  nor  money;  the  Holy  Spirit   knew  this  from  day  one  of    and some  18+ years  later  my  heart  has  not  changed;  I'm  here  to  serve  !!!

Those  of  the  world  and  those  who  have  fallen  in  love  with  the  things  of  this  fallen  and  corrupt  planet   truly  and  sincerely  believe  that  just  as  the : 1950's, 60's, 70's ,80's , 90  etc,'came  and  went' that  we  too  will somehow  manage  to  emerge  from  very  challenging  military  conflicts, economic crashes  and  ethnic  wars  of  this  present   decade  and   that  eventually  and  somehow   all  of  our  ever present  conflicts  will  too  'come  and  go'   !!!  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  GOD  Almighty  only  decreed  a  specified  timeframe  for  human  history  to  fully   play  out  &  friends  our  time  is  almost  up !!!   ( Daniel   9 : 24  )

According  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  shall  arise  out  of   the  Western  part  of  the  Roman  Empire.  The  blunt  truth  is  that  all  of  the : Islamic  dictators, nations  and  terrorist   groups  have  failed  Satan   for  over  5  decades  !!!  ( they have  failed  Satan  in  attempting  to destroy  Israel*)   When  Satan  is  cast  down  from  the  heavens  he   is  only  going  to  be  able  to  give  all  his  unholy  powers  to  one  man  and  as  you  and  I  can  witness   it  sure  isn't  going to be  given to  a Muslim  man,  they  are  destroying each other  all  over the Middle  East  as  it  is,  meanwhile  in  the  EU  they  are  trying  to  unite  as  never  before   !!!   Me  thinks  that  Satan   doesn't  want  to reign  over  Islamic  war  torn  cities  full  of  rocks  and  stones  !!!  Those  who  are  teaching and promoting  an Islamic  Little  Horn  don't   understand  that  just  like  'he who has the gold makes the rules'  that  in  this 'dog  eat dog  world'  ( world of Beasts )   he  who  has  the  'bigger  guns  rules the world'   the  Islamic  nations  roundabout  the  Mediterranean   region   are  'NOT'  nuclear  powers  nor  do  they  possess  air  superiority  over  little  Israel, neither do they have nuclear aircraft carriers  or  nuclear  submarines; the Arab Islamic nations   cannot  even  defeat  little  ol  Israel  how  in  this  planet  are  they  going to dominate  the rest of the world  as is prophesied  in  Daniel 7 : 23   !!!   Only  a  militarily  disciplined  and  capable force such as  NATO  or a future EU  Armed  force   can  militarily   overtake  the  Israeli  Airforce  and  its  defense  forces;  and  'me  thinks'  Satan   already  knows  this  too  !!!  

By :  Mario  Romano.  Mario  is   'NOT'  a  Prophet  nor  the  son  of  a  Prophet;  he's  just   an  unworthy  sinner   that  Jesus  Christ   one  day  redeemed  and  set  free.   Mario   set  up  this  'Little  Web-Site  That  Could'   initially  just   to  serve  as  a  'Watch'   for  the soon  return of our Lord Jesus  some two  decades  ago  and  today  it  seems  to  be  taking  on  a  life  of  its  own.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  claim  to  know  who  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  end  up  being, what he does know is that   the  rise  of  the  Beast  of  the  Sea  will  be  full  of  'Twists  and  Turns'  many  of  his  enemies  and  opponents  will  suffer   an  array  of  unnatural   and  unholy   end;  if  you  know what   i  mean    !!!

Monday, April 10, 2017


"I  repeat, I repeat, the Temple Mount  is  in our  hands   !!!"  These  are  the   words  that  Rabbi  General  Shlomo Goren  uttered  in Hebrew on  the  morning  of  the 7th of  June in 1967  at  around  10:20 am in Jerusalem; with  trembling hands , a  rapidly  increasing  heartbeat  and  watery  eyes  that  almost  made it impossible for him to  read from the Psalms.   It  had  been  a  very  long, long  2030  years  since   Jewish  soldiers   last  controlled   the  city  of  Jerusalem.  When our Lord Jesus  Christ   was  there  in  person  the  Roman  soldiers  controlled  it,  as  the centuries came and went  so did other  brief  powers.  After Roman soldiers  left;  in  came  the  soldiers  from  various  of  the  Islamic  Dynasties  ( Caliphates)  that  followed, then  Catholic Crusaders, then  Ottoman  soldiers, then  British  soldiers, then  Jordanian  soldiers;  "FINALLY"   on  June  of  1967  and  after  some  :  740,950  days;  Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli  soldiers  once  again  took  control  of  their   beloved  capital  Jerusalem  !!!  Even  though  General  Shlomo  Goren  was  no  Prophet;  his  words   without  a  doubt   were  a  FULFILLMENT  of  what  the  Prophets  of  GOD  and  even  what  our  Lord  Jesus  Himself  had  Prophesied   thousands  of  years  ago  about  the  destiny  of  Jerusalem   in  the  final  days  !!!   It  is  estimated   that  during the 'Six-Day  War'  900+  Israeli  soldiers  lost  their  lives  to  some  20,000+  Arab  soldiers   in all the  battles  during  those  six days  !!!   (  a  ratio  of  30  Arab soldiers  to  1  Israeli  soldier *)   Even  though  there  was  yet  'NO'  CNN  yet,  the  white  and  black  pictures  taken  that  day  say  more  than  a  million  words  !!!  As  soon  as   General  Goren  and  the  Israeli  troops  reached  the  Western  Wall;  he  took  out  his Holy Book  and  with  trembling  hands  and  tears  that  he couldn't hold back;  he  read  from  the  Psalms: 'If  I  forget  thee,  O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning.'   The  words  uttered  by  General  Shlomo  not  only  echoed  down  the  streets  of  Jerusalem   but  also  all  over  this  unseen  'Spiritual  World  and  Universe'  that  we  all  inhabit.   The  words  uttered  by  Gen.Goren  in  1967  'made  and  forced'  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  to  reassess  their  tactics  against  the  'Chosen  People  of  GOD.'   In  1967, Satan  and  his fallen  Angels  knew  fully  well  that  their  time   here  on  earth  was   getting  ever  and  ever  shorter   !!!   To  get  to  this  moment;  'very  unfortunately'  millions  of  Jews  had  to  die  all  over  this  fallen  planet  and  throughout  history.    Satan  tried  many  ways  to  decimate  the  Jews  with  his : unholy  Spanish  Inquisitions,  then with his inspired  NAZI  concentration camps  of  Europe  as  well  as  in  the  Russian  Pogroms  and in  virtually  all the  four  corners  of  planet  Earth.  What  happened  in  June  of  1967  in  Jerusalem  was  a  moment  that   seemed  impossible; virtually  all  the  odds  of  history  were  dead  set  against  it   !!!  The  rebirth  of  the  State  of  Israel  as  a  sovereign  political  nation  in  May  of  1948  was  one  thing  'BUT'  the   reconquest  of  Jerusalem on  June of  1967  during  the  'Six  Day  War'  was  another  thing   quite  different !!!  Although  no  one  was  able  to  count  exactly  all  the  bullets  that  were  shed  that  day  in  the  recapture  of  Jerusalem;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  even  more   tears  of  joy  were  shed  by  the  Israeli  and  Jewish  troops  in  that  great  Prophetic  Day   !!!  Even  though  there  was  'Yet'  no  CNN  nor  an  instant  global  communications  network  infrastructure  as  is  today   what   transpired  in  June  of  1967  nonetheless   was  impossible  for  Satan  and  his  demons  to  cover  up   and  hide  from  the  rest  of  the  world;  what  transpired  in  Jerusalem  in  1967  was  and  is  an  event  that  'ALL'  Bible  Prophecy  Teachers  and  students   know  fully  well  of  its  Prophetic  ramnifications !!!   What  took  place  on  June  7, 1967  on  planet  earth  in  the  nation  of  Israel   was  the  CONFIRMATION    that  there  is  ONE  true  GOD  and  CREATOR  that  keeps  "ALL"  of  His  promises at  His  sovereignly  appointed   time  and  season  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  may  not  know  all  the  secrets  that  GOD  holds  in  this  Universe  of  His  'BUT'  he  does  know  his  Bible  and   he  knows  that   even  though   all  the  Israeli  Generals  and  Israeli  soldiers  may  not  have  visibly  witnessed  any  Angels  that  day;   there  is  no  doubt   and  no  question  that  Jerusalem   was  replete  with  a  'Great  Host  of   Chariots  of  Fire'  with  extremely  very  powerful  Angels  riding  on  them   that  day;  just  like  in   2 King's  6 : 17, for  this   moment  in  Israel's  history  superseded   that  of  Elisha  against  the  Syrian  army  of  long  ago   !!!  Very  truly,  Jerusalem  was  flooded  with  the  armies  of  heaven  on  June  of  1967  to  ensure  that   the  will  of  GOD  the  Father  was  carried  out; regardless of what the enemies of Israel  and  of  thee  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  put  up  against  the  chosen  people  of  GOD  and  you  better  believe  that  Satan  suffered  from  a  rare  form  of  vertigo  on that extremely  Prophetic  day  that  still  produces  'great  spiritual  shockwaves'  and  that still  echoes  in  time  !!!   Very  truly,  Satan  got  that  'sinking  feeling'  that  day  !!!   To  have  defeated   the  armies of :  Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebabon and Iraq  during  the  'Six- Day  War'  was  'NO'  product  of  sheer  luck,  you  better  believe  that   GOD's  armies of  Angels  ensured  an Israeli  victory  on  that  day of  1967 !  What  transpired  on  June of  1967,  made  a  very  defeated  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels   'stop in their  tracks  in mid-air   to  behold  in  amazement'  of  what  was  taking  place  below  them;   Satan   was  more  than  outmatched  by  the  armies  of   GOD  ALMIGHTY   that  day;  and  the  surprising  victory  of  the  Israeli  army  also  made  all  the  followers of  Mohammed  cringe;  this  great  prophetic  fulfillment  additionally  forever  sealed  the  fate  of  the  United  Nations  before  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL   !!!  Very  truly,  there  is  a  HOLY  and  ETERNAL  GOD  who  keeps  Israel  and  Jerusalem; 'REGARDLESS'  of  what : 1.5  billion  Muslims  think, regardless of what : Moscow,  Paris, London,  Berlin,  Brussels,  Riyadh, Ankara,  Beijing  or  the  UN  decree  !!!    - Psalm  121:4 

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.   - Luke 21:24

In  June  7,  1967   the  Roman  Legions   that  had  once  very  violently : burned  down, looted  and  destroyed  the  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem   in  70 A.D.   were  nowhere  to  be  seen  !!!   Roman  General's :  Pompey  and  Titus   who  had  once  conquered   Jerusalem  for  Rome   were  long  dead  in  the  ashes  of  history  and  even  though  the  Romans  had  previously  decimated  the  Jewish  population   centuries  before  and  forced  those  who  were  left  alive  to  run  for  their  lives  as  far  away  from  Jerusalem  as  humanly  possible  (  thus  initiating  thee  longest  diaspora  of  the  Jews  in  all  of  this  planets  history )  the  Romans   had  long  left  Jerusalem  !!!   In  1967  the  Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars  had  long  disappeared  as  an  'Empire'  and  yet   in  1967   the  Jewish  people  who   somehow survived  'one  persecution after  another'  were  once  again  in  their  ancient  homeland; does  not  GOD  Almighty  keep  His  promises ???  ( note : Josephus  estimated  that  around  1 million   people  'most  were  Jews'  were  killed  in Jerusalem  by the Roman  Legions  in  70 A.D  )   In  1967,  the  Roman  Empire  and  all  of  its  Emperors  and  Caesars  were  just   another  relic  and  casualty  of  human  history  'BUT'  the  rebirth  of  Israel in 1948;  followed  by  the  reconquest  of  Jerusalem   in  1967,  by  the   descendents  of  original  chosen  people  of  GOD  Almighty  and  its  Holy  City : Jerusalem  was   much, much  more  than  just  a  mere  coincidence  of  history; it  was  the   literal  'FULFILLMENT'  to  the  very  letter;  of  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Scriptures   !!!

On  June  7, 1967  Israeli   Defense  Force  ( IDF  )  paratroopers  advanced  through  the  Old  City  of  Jerusalem  and  towards  the  Temple  Mount  and  the  Western  Wall  bringing  Jerusalem's  holiest  site  under   Jewish  control  for  the  first  time  in  some  2000   years  !!!

In  the  'spiritual  world'  you  better  believe  that  Satan  and  his  demonic  forces   attempted  to  thwart  that  Prophetic  event  from  ever   coming  to  pass  'BUT'   there  is  no  doubt  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  the  Archangel   Michael   was  there, ensuring  that  all  the  Arab  armies  and   forces  of  Satan  did  not  prevail;  Satan  had   already  been  given  over  a  thousand  years  to  try  to  destroy  and  annihilate  the  chosen  people  of  GOD  and   he  failed; the  Roman  Caesar  failed  him, the  Ottoman's  failed  him  and  even  Mohammed's  disciples  today  have  failed  him;  for   although  Israel  is  literally  surrounded  by  very  hostile  Islamic  nation-states  as  well  as   numerous  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  Israel   and  Jerusalem  its  Capital   are  under  Jewish  control   for  the  first  time  in  almost  2000  years  !!!

To  Israelis  and  Jews  all  over  the  world  what  took  place  on  June  7, 1967   was  not  just  a  joyous  and  momentous  occassion;  even   the  staunches  'atheistic  &  secular  Israeli'   sensed  that  it  was  a  sheer  miracle  from   GOD  Almighty,  truly  the  GOD  of  : Abraham, Isaac  and  Jacob  had  not  forever  abandoned   the  Jewish   people,  surely  there  is  a  GOD  who  keeps  His  promises  !!!

I felt truly shaken and stood there murmuring a prayer for peace. Motta Gur’s paratroopers were struggling to reach the Wall and touch it. We stood among a tangle of rugged, battle-weary men who were unable to believe their eyes or restrain their emotions. Their eyes were moist with tears, their speech incoherent.  The overwhelming  desire was to cling to the Wall, to hold on to that great moment as long as possible.”
                                            - Chief  of  Staff  Yitzchak  Rabin   in  1967

When  this  student  of  Theology   studies  the  history  of  the  Jewish  people  he  can't   but  compare  it  to  and  somewhat  liken  it  to  the  spiritual   journey  and  path  that  most  of  us  ourselves   as  Christian  believers  are  taking   until  we  too  get  to  our  own  'Promised  Land'  : The  New  Jerusalem.  Getting  to  that  'New  Jerusalem'   is  not  a  one  day  thing,  it  seems  that   as  believers    that  we  too   seem  sometimes  wandering   in  a  wilderness  and  even  though  we  are  children  of  GOD   we  too  so  it  seems  that   some  type  of  persecution  seems  imminent  and  even  though   it  may  not  be  so  much  to  us  American  believers; this  is  so  true  of  most  believers  living  in : China, India, North  Africa  and  the Middle  East.

The holiest  city  to  Judaism : Jerusalem,  was  first  conquered  by  the  4th  Roman  Beast   in 63  B.C.  by  the Roman  General  Pompey  and  it  would  not  be  until  70 A.D. that the 4th Roman Beast under General  Titus  destroyed the 2nd Jewish Temple in Jerusalem  and besieged the entire city.  For  approximately  some  2030  years  the  Jewish  people  did  'NOT' politically  nor  militarily   control  their  own  capital : Jerusalem   !!!  What  transpired  in June  of  1967,  was  either  a  'sheer  fluke  of  history'  against  impossible  odds  or  a  great fulfillment  of  Bible Prophecy  decreed   by  an  eternal  Creator   who  keeps  and  fulfills  His promises  on  His appointed  and  decreed  upon  time  and season   !!!   Unfortunately,  this student of Bible Prophecy  would  like to tell everyone  and  especially  my  Jewish  friends  that  it  all ends  in  1967  'BUT'  according  to  the  Prophet  : Daniel  and  Zechariah,  an  evil   two-faced unholy  genius  is  coming  against  Israel  in  the  future  and  he  will  at first  appear  to  be  a great  'Peacebroker'  from  the  West;  he  will  make  several  promises  and  enforce  a  great Treaty  with  his  military  backing  'BUT'  he  will  break  it  'Midway'  and  then  he  will unleash  thee  greatest   attack  and  persecution  against   the  State of Israel   and  the  Jewish people  in  all  of  recorded  human  history.  This  individual   appears  in  Revelation  6   without  arrows   in his bow because  he  carries  great  supernatural  demonic  powers  that supercede  human  weapons;  he is  in  effect  his  very  own 'Trojan  Horse'  against   Israel  during   Daniel's  70th  Week  !!!  (  The  Little  Horn;  is going to need  & use both: 'supernatural & military  powers'  against  Israel  and  Michael* )   - Daniel 12 : 1

Historians  acknowledge  that  there  is  nothing  more  crushing  to  the  'national  spirit'  of  any nation  or  people  than  to  have  their  Capital   captured  and  destroyed  by  a  foreign  power.  What the  Roman  General  Titus  did  to  Jerusalem  and  to  the  Jewish  psyche  in  70  A.D.  literally  took  over  1800+  years  and  some  20+  generations   to  overcome  !!!   Although  this   servant  of  Jesus  Christ  doesn't   have  any  Jewish  blood  in  him  ( that i'm aware  of*)   he  'Blesses  Israel, its  children, its  rivers, its  fields, its  trees, its  sky, its  animals,  its  hills  and  valleys  as  well  as  its  'Defense  Forces'  and  its  nuclear   tipped  missiles;  as  well  as  any  and  all  nations  that  will  come  to  the  aid  of  my  Jewish  brothers  and  friends  during  the  time  of  'Jacob's  Trouble.'  We  all  hope  and  pray  that  Israel  will  never   be  put  in  a  place  nor  in  a position   whereby  it  will  be  forced  to   utilize  its  nuclear  arsenal   'BUT'  as  we  study  Zechariah  and  Revelation   we  all  know  that   'ALL'  of  Israel's  endtimes  enemies  'MUST'  suffer   what  is  described  by  the  Prophet  Zechariah  14 : 12 ***

In  conclusion,   on  June  of  1967,  the  capital  of  Israel  was  once  again   in  Jewish  hands  after more  than  2000+  years   ( Romans   had already conquered  Israel  since  63  B.C.)  some  may  not care  at  all  about   what  happened  to  Jerusalem  in  1967;  others   may  say  it  was  sheer  luck; 'BUT'  you  and  I  know  much, much  better   !!!  What  happened  in  1967   reactivated  GOD's endtime  clock, the 'Times of the Gentiles'   is running on  overtime   and  Daniel's  70th  Week  is getting, ever  and  ever  closer   especially  as  yet  another   year  of  the  reconquest  of  Jerusalem nears  by   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  never  been  to  Israel  'Yet'  much  less  walked  through  the  streets  of  Jerusalem  that  lead  to  the  Western  Wall  'BUT'  he  knows  that   one  day, that  one  beautiful  day;  he  is  going  to  get  the  opportunity  to  touch  with  his  hand   both 'The  Western  Wall'  located  in  Jerusalem, Israel   as  well  as  the walls  of  the  'New  Jerusalem'   located  in  another  time  and  in  another  place   !!!  And  Mario  knows  fully  well  that  he  is  going  to  be  there  and  get  there   by  thee  pure  'Grace  and  Mercy'  of  GOD  Almighty;  solely  because  this  believer   was  too  REDEEMED  BY  THEE  BLOOD   of  :  JESUS  CHRIST ***

Monday, April 3, 2017


In the 1970's-80's,  George Lucas  wrote  and  directed 'Star  Wars': an  'American epic space  opera franchise  of  films'  that   centered  on  and  depicted   numerous  characters  that   fought  for  the  entire  fate  of  a  galaxy  far, far  away  from  ours.  In  his  'film'  an   entire  planet  was  destroyed  by  the  main  villains  and  their destruction  didn't stop at  one planet;  in one of the films one entire 'solar system'  &  even  a  great  'big-star'  was  destroyed !!!   What  George  Lucas  put  on  'film'  many  decades  ago  contained  a  small  'bit  of truth'  of  what  had  preceded   us  human  beings  here  on  planet  Earth  according   to  the : Holy  Scriptures,   geologic  evidence   and  astronomical   evidence !!!   George Lucas original 1980's  film  'Star Wars'  was  a  science  fiction  epic  'BUT'  according  to  the  revelation  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  there  really  was  a  true   and  epic  'War  in  Heaven'   that   continues  to  be  played   on  this planet and above  us  throughout  our  heavens  !!!   All  the  planets  in  our  solar  system  are  full  of  giant  'impact craters'  that  long, long  ago  hit  and  affected   'ALL'  of  our  planets.  Our  own  moon  has over 180,000+   'impact  craters'  and  planet  Earth  is  no  exception;   we  find  giant  craters   deep  in  our  Oceans  ( Yucatan Peninsula, Poland, Saudi Arabia  etc...)  thus far  with  all  of  our  satellite  and  GIS  technology,  experts  have  been  able  to  confirm 190  giant  craters  on  planet  Earth  alone  !!! ( the  planet Mars is estimated to have some  600,000+  impact  craters  !!!  )
The  'back to the future'  War  in  Heaven   revealed to us in Revelation 12 : 7,  is  what   human  military  strategists  and  theorists  call  'Total  War'  and   the  Prophet  Isaiah  14 : 17  'Confirms'  Satan's  unholy   tactics  against  those  below  him;  here  on  planet  Earth  !!!

If  there  is  one  thing  that    we  should  all  learn  about  Satan's  evil  and  iniquity  is  that  he  long, long  ago  lost  'any and all' sense  of   love  and  holiness; Satan  has  absolutely  'NO'  problem  'killing  and  destroying'  any  and  all  of  GOD's  creation   in the other  heavens  nor  in  this  heaven   where   he  is  literally  'killing and destroying'  billions+  of  human  beings  who  were  created  in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD'  and  what  he  inspired  the  Pagan  Roman's  to  do  to  the  only  begotten  of  GOD  the  Father  ( Jesus  Christ ) on  the  Cross  of  Calvary   ( Satan  in  effect   had  absolutely  'NO'  problem  torturing  and  physically  killing  his  own  Creator : Thee  WORD  of  GOD : Jesus  Christ,  via  the  Pagan Romans*)   proves  without  any  doubt  that  Satan   not  only  wanted  to  be  'like'  the  most  High  GOD; 'BUT' that   his  evil  plans   prove  that  he  would  have  no  problem  trying  and attempting  to dethrone  GOD   if it was  remotely  possible  !!!  (  Satan  is  a  created  being  and  obviously  he  is  'NO'  threat  to  GOD.   GOD  could  have  easily   'zapped'  Lucifer  from  existence  even  before  he  began  his  deception  in  heaven; 'BUT'   that  is  not  how  GOD  operates, in His  sovereign  plans  GOD  chose  to  allow  Satan's  wickedness  to  run  its'  course,  most  likely  to  the  'opinion'  of  this  useless  vessel  of  GOD,  so  that  an  event  like  the  one  Lucifer  initiated   will  never  again  be  attempted  by  any  other  of  GOD's  created  beings  in  eternity  future*)

The  'War  in  Heaven'   was  'NO' : pillow  fight,  kung  fu  fight, snow ball  fight  and  no  boxing  fight;  and the Angels  were  not  fighting with 'sticks and stones'  nor  with  'primitive human  weapons'  it  was  an  epic  all  out  'Total  War'  that  was  played  out  throughout  this  Universe  by  trillions+  of  Angels  of  all   ranks  ( reminder Angels don't  need  spacesuits*)  very possibly : planet  to  planet,  solar  system to solar system, galaxy to galaxy  !!!  And  when  it  was  all  over   'Satan  and  One-Third'  of  the  rebel   Angels  were  captured  and  thrown  down  (cast )  'temporarily'  to  none  other  than  this  planet  Earth;  before  they  are  ultimately  all  thrown  into  the  everlasting  fire !!! (  Matthew  25:41  )   Lucifer  and  the  fallen  Angels  didn't   simply  all :  repented,  surrendered  and  put  their  hands  up  when  our  omnipresent  Creator   brought  it  before  them;   truly   Satan  and  his  rebel  Angels  put  on  a  great   fight,  against  GOD's   uncorrupted   holy  Angels  still  loyal  to  Him   !!!  Very  truly,  there  was  a  'War  in  Heaven'  and  it  wasn't   a  'small  battle'  nor   a  'campaign'  it was   thee  biggest  and  most  destructive  war  ever  waged  in  the  history  of  this  Universe  and  very  possibly  of  eternity   and  according  to  Revelation 12 : 9,  its  'NOT'  fully  over,  it  will be finalized  during  the Tribulation  period  !!!  During  WW II,  the  U.S.  forces  had  to  fight   the  Japanese  almost  'island  to  island'  in  the  Pacific    and  you  and  I  know  fully  well  that  Angels  are  'NOT' bound by the same  physical  laws  of  this  Universe  as  us  !!! 
(  The Holy Scriptures reveal to us that  like  'fallen  men'  in  a  maximum security  penitentiary,  some  'fallen  Angels'  are   much, much  more : evil, wicked  and  destructive  than  others  &  that's  why  they are not  all  on  'probation'  like  Satan,  but  the  really, really  bad  one's  were  locked  up  a  long  time  ago  !!!  (  Revelation 9 : 14-15, Jude 1 : 6,   2 Peter 2 : 4  )  Yes,  there's  an  epic  battle  for  the  souls  of  men  &  women  here  on  planet  earth;   Satan   wants  to : kill, steal, destroy  and  deceive   as  many  billions+  of  human  souls  as  he  possibly  can;  don't  you  let  him  take  you  down  with  him  !!!

Believe  it  or  not, there  was  a  time; a moment  in  'Eternity  Past'  long  before  GOD  Almighty  created  Adam  and  Eve  in  this  'Time  and  Space'  of  planet  Earth,  when  there  was  'NO'  sin  in  this  Universe   !!!   While  the  Holy  Bible  does  'NOT'  give  us  specific  details  nor  insight  about  how  long   in  'Eternity  Past'  it  took  for  Lucifer  to  'DECEIVE' One-Third  ( 33%)  of   the  Angels  in  the  heavens  nor  how  long  the  'War  in  Heaven'   lasted,  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Theology  we  very  well  know  that  it  was  not  a  one  day  thing   !!!   has  'extrapolated'   key  Bible  passages   and   translating  it  into  'human  earth  time'   we  are  talking  about  'numerous  years'  that  Lucifer  was  allowed  to  'little   by  little'   spread   his  lies  and  iniquity  upon  'millions  upon  millions'  of  highly  intelligent  Angels   !!!  (  GOD, our  sovereign and omnipresent Creator  obviously  knew   all  about  Lucifer's  iniquity  all  along  'BUT'  in  His  sovereignty   GOD   allowed  Lucifer   to  spread   his  lies   until   GOD  said  'enough  is  enough'  and  casted   Satan  down  into  planet  earth  before  Satan  is  finally  thrown  to  that   place  especially created  for  him  and  his  fallen  Angels  !!!  )   The  patterns  of  time  in  the  Bible  Prophecy  indicate  that  just  as  GOD  allows  Satan  1000's  of  years   (  some 6000-7000   years  to  be  specific,  since  the  fall  of  Adam  and  Eve)   to  deceive   humanity  below  our  heaven; GOD  also   allowed  Lucifer  a   somewhat  similar  prolonged  period   in  the  other  heaven  above  us;  so  we   are  talking  about  several  'earth  years'  GOD  is  a  GOD  of  patterns;  He  kicked  Satan  out  of  heaven, GOD  kicked  out  Adam  and  Eve  out  of  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  He  kicked  out   the  Hebrews ( Jews )  out of the Promised  Land  for  several  centuries   too  !!!   GOD  also   'delegates'   authority  via   His  Angelic  hierarchies : Seraphim, Cherubim,  Archangels  and  other  great  living  beings   !!!  

'There  is  nothing   secret  that  will  not  be  revealed   and  nothing  concealed  that will  not  be  brought  to  light  and  be  made  known  to  all.'   - Luke  8 : 17

'Knowledge  shall  multiply  in  the  time  of  the  end'  -  Daniel   12 : 4

Do  Angels  have  weapons ?  They  sure  do  and  its  'Biblical.'  The  Cherubim  Angels  who  were   stationed  in  the  Garden  of  Eden   when  Adam  and  Eve  were  kicked out of the Garden  had   a  'Flaming  Sword'  that  turned  every  way  to  guard  the  Tree  of  Life  !!!  (  Genesis   3 : 24  )   Obviously   the  weapon   that  the  Cherubim  had   is  still  more  powerful  than  any  personal  weapon   humans  have  invented on planet Earth,  George  Lucas  and  his 'Lightsaber'   are  still rather  primitive  by  what  is  described  in  Genesis   3 : 24   !!!  (  there  are   various other  great  examples  of  the   superpowers  that  Angels  have  throughout  the  Bible : making people go blind  'Sodom and Gomorrah'  calling down fire from heaven etc*)

What  you  are  about  to  read  is  presented   only  as  a  'fictional'  account  of   how  Lucifer  managed  to   deceive  and  win  over  'One-Third'  of  the  Angels  in  Heaven  'Prior'  to  Adam  and  Eve  having been  created  on  planet  Earth.  What  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  researched  is  'NOT'  original, other  servants  of  GOD  with  much  more  'Spiritual   Warfare'  experience   and  insight  have  long  arrived   at  a  somewhat  similar  conclusion.  Christian bookstores  are  full  of  books   that  serve  as  a  'commentary'  on  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  on  practical  recommendations  for  daily  living; this  article  should  be  treated  just  as  that  and  in  'NO'  way  is  this  presented  a  'New  or  Unique  Revelation.'  In  1986, Frank Peretti  wrote  a  great  Christian   'f'ictional'  novel   'This Present  Darkness'  that   helped  to  explain  how  the  enemy  of  our  souls  and  his  demonic  forces  operate  daily  on  this  fallen  planet.   As this   Christian  writer  writes  this  article  he  prays  and  hopes  that   this  insight  will  help  at  least  one  believer  to  better  prepare  ( if  he or she is not  already  spiritually  prepared  for  what  is  coming*).

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Theology  'Reminds'  everyone  that  we  were  created   by  'GOD'  manifested  in  JESUS  CHRIST;  in  the  midst   of  an  ongoing   'War'  that  began  in  the  heaven  above  us  and  that  has  yet  to  be  played  out   in  our  physical  dimension  of  'time  & space'  here  on  planet  earth  !!!  This  ongoing  war   has  already   caused  the  fall  of  'millions  upon  millions'  of  Angels  and    so  far  has  claimed   the   eternal  destiny  of  billions  of  human  souls; GOD  in  His  sovereignty   picked  and  chose  you, me and  others   for  this  'Final  Generation'  and  He  most  certainly   didn't  abandon  us  all  here  on  this  fallen  planet  replete  with   billions+  of  demons, fallen  Angels  and  Satan  himself , GOD   has  left  us  very, very  powerful  weapons  so  that  we  may  be  able  to  defend  ourselves  against  'ALL"  the  wiles  and tricks  of  the  enemy  of  our  souls;   EVERYONE  should  know  the  'Rules  of  this  Game'   Satan   can truly  only  defeat  those  who   ignore   the  WORD  of  the  LIVING  GOD :  JESUS  CHRIST !!!  ( Hebrews 5 : 9, Philippians   4 : 7 , John 14 : 6,  John   6 : 63  )   GOD  does  'NOT'  just  gives   eternal  life   to  everyone  'Willy-Nilly'  GOD  only   promises  and  gives  it  to  those  who   manage  to  'OVERCOME'   by  the  blood  of  the  Lamb  here  on  planet  Earth,  cowards  are  'NOT'   eligible   to  enter  the  'New  Jerusalem'  !!!   ( Revelation 21 : 8-9 )  Yes,  life  is  'NOT'  fair  'BUT'  if  you  and  I  and  anyone  else  who  dares  to  believe  in  thee  only  one   begotten  by  the  Father :  JESUS   CHRIST;  we  are  promised   the  right  and  the  power  to  become  'Sons  of  GOD'  and  heirs  with  Jesus  Christ   in eternity  future  !!!  ( Romans 8 : 17,   John 1 : 12   )  This  servant  of  yours  and  of  Jesus  Christ   doesn't  know  about  you  'BUT'  he  doesn't  plan  on  leaving  planet  Earth :  empty  handed  nor  defeated   by  Satan  and  his  demonic  forces;  one  day  this  human  soul  is  going  to  go   'SPIRITUALLY   VIRAL'  and  point  many,  many  human  souls   to :  JESUS   CHRIST   !!!

The  'War  in  Heaven'  ( Revelation 12  )    far,  far  eclipses  any  and  "ALL"  wars  ever  fought   on  planet  earth  by  men  and  our  primitive  weaponry   !!!   World  War  I  and  WW  II   do  'NOT'  even  come   remotely  close   to  the :  great damage,  havoc  and  destruction  caused  by  the   'War  in  Heaven'   between  trillions+  of  fighting  Angels  and  not  even  what  happened  to  Hiroshima  or  Nagasaki   can  remotely  come close  to  being  compared  to  the  mass  destruction  that  Satan  and  the  Fallen  Angels   caused  throughout this  Universe 'BEFORE'  they  were  defeated  and  thrown  into  planet  earth  before  GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  !!!   Satan  and  his  defeated   fallen  Angels  truly  did  'NOT'  settle  on  planet  Earth  'Voluntarily'  if  you  know  what  I  mean  !!!  ( Revelation 12 : 9 and 20 :  2  confirm  that  Satan  was  here  on  planet   earth;  already  in  a  fallen  state  before  Adam  and  Eve  were   created   here*)   In eternity  future, GOD  may  or  may  not  allow  us  to   view  the  'Eternal  Records'  but  the   physical  evidence  ( giant  craters, remnants of explosions, asteroids, colliding   galaxies...  etc  )  of  that  'War  in  Heaven'   still  haunts  the  physical  appearance  our  entire  solar  system  and  beyond  and  if  you  think  that   fallen  men  are  violent  you  should  reconsider  what  powerful  violent  fallen  Angels   are  capable  of   !!!

The  Holy  Scriptures  reveal  to  us  that   Satan  has  been  a  MURDERER  from  the  very  beginning   ( John  8 :  44  )   Is  our  Lord  Jesus   referring  to   pre-history  of  Earth  or  Lucifer's  very  beginning ?  We  know  that  Lucifer   and  the  Angelic  hosts  were  created  long  before  human  history  and  even  before  planet  Earth  was  itself  created  for  we  see  in  Job  38 : 7  the  Angels   celebrating  the  creation  of  planet  Earth  !!!    Now  let's  'freeze  frame'  Job  38 : 7;  we  know  that  Lucifer  had  'NOT'  yet  rebelled  when  GOD  was  creating  planet  earth  in  that   exact   and  precise  moment  of  eternity  and  also  notice  that   the  Angels  themselves  are  EXISTING  outside  of  our  time  and  place,  so  'NO'  one  can  deny  that  they  indeed  are  an  entirely  different  creation  that  was  definitely  'NOT'  created  in  the  same  6  days  as  man.
(  the  Genesis  account  and  the  entire  Bible  itself  was  'NEVER'  meant  to  reveal  'EVERYTHING'   to  the  writer  of  Genesis. Genesis  and the entire Scriptures  were  primarily  given to us to  'Record'  the  history  of  redemption   to  those of us on  this  'fallen planet.'    We  are  'NOT'  worthy  to  know  everything   that  has  preceded  us  in  all  of  eternity  past; the Angels  themselves   don't  even  know  everything  either, so  relax * )

This  student  of  Theology  has  to  stop  here  and   put  a  'commentary'  on  what  Genesis  is  and  is  'NOT.'    Genesis  1,  is  the   beginning  of  Adam  and  Eve  on  planet  earth  and  it  is  also  the  beginning  of  time  for  us  human  beings  !!!   Genesis  1,  is  'NOT'  the  beginning  of  eternity  and   this  useless  servant  of  GOD  recommends  that  everyone  do  their  own  research  on  this  subject  as  a  'Berean  Believer.'

Most  if  not  all  Theologians  who  specialize  on  the  subject  believe  that  Satan  ( Lucifer  )   began   his  corruption  of   'millions  upon  millions'  of  Angels   in  the  'Second  Heaven.'  Our  Universe   is  home  to  trillions  of  other  galaxies  of  all  sizes  and  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   along  with  various  other  believers   suspect   that   GOD  also  created    numerous  other   living  things  in  the  trillions  of  other  planets  out  there  in  this  Universe  of  His  !!!   The  Angels  were  obviously   supervising   other  places  and  creations  before  us  because   they  sure  weren't  just  floating  around  'Dark  Matter'  in  all  of  'eternity  Past'  and  neither  was   GOD  our  Creator.   

Theologians  believe   that   GOD  obviously  knew   every  move  that  Lucifer  was  secretly  and  not  so  secretly  plotting    against  GOD's   holy  and  undefiled   creation.   Most  theological  insights  into  the  subject  agree  that  Lucifer  was  allowed  for  a  very, very  long  and  undisclosed  period  of  eternity  ( before  time  can  be  humanly  understood*)  to  continue   little  by  little  spreading  his  'rebellion'  against  GOD  all  over  the  second  heaven  ( this  Universe*)  all  over    galaxy  by  galaxy,  planet  by  planet  'UNTIL'  GOD  said   enough  is  enough   !!!   GOD   doesn't  want   'ROBOTS'  in  His  heavens;  if  it  were  so  He  would  have  easily  created   'quintillions  upon  quintillions'  of  robots  to  serve  Him  and  He  would  never  have  to   contend  with  disobedience  and  rebellion  in  the  heavens  nor  on  Earth  !!!

In  warfare   a  'battle'  is  defined  as  a  rather  small  localized  combat  ( it  should be  distinguished  from  a  : campaign ,  an  operation  and  a   mission *)  The  Book  of  Revelation   tells  us  that  there   was  ( past  tense  )   a  Mega  War  in  the  heaven  above  us  that   according  to   some  teachers  of  Theology  destroyed   entire  planets, galaxies  and  even   greatly  affected   planet  earth  before  Adam  and  Eve   were  created   in  the  Garden  of  Eden,  the  evidence  for  this  is  found  in  Job 38 : 7  and  when  connected   to  Genesis  account   we  discover  that   GOD  our  Creator  had  obviously   created   yet  another  creative   masterpiece  of  His  in  this  section  of  the  Milky  Way  Galaxy   !!!  If  the  Angels  ( Sons  of  GOD*)   were  celebrating   GOD's   creation of planet  Earth  this  clearly  means  that   He  had  fully  completed  earth  then  and  there  'BUT'  obviously  when  we  read  in  Genessis  1 : 2   the Earth suddenly   is  without  form  and  empty  and  dark  can  only  mean  that   something   had  happened  to  planet  earth  'BEFORE'   Adam  and  Eve  were  put  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  on  this  planet  !!!   Those  who  have  studied  the  subject  believe   that  the  'War  in  Heaven'  was   truly  that  a  'Full  Scale'  all  out  war   between   Satan  and  the  Angelic  Hierarchies  still  loyal  to  GOD  Almighty   !!!    Full  scale  and  all  out  warfare  does  'NOT'  last  one  or  two  days;  and  although  the  Holy  Bible  does  not  give  us  a  detailed  account  of  the  lenght  of  the  War  in  Heaven  other  'Spiritual  Battles'  in  the  heavenlies  such  as  the  skirmish  found  in  Daniel  reveal  to  us  that  in  Earth  time   the  Angel  Gabriel  had  to  contend  for  21  days  against  the  demonic  'Prince of Persia'  !!!  ( Daniel  10 : 13  ) 

Most  theologians  agree  that  the  entire  population  and  number  of  Angels  in  all  of  the  3  heavens   exceed  quite  easily  all  the   human  population  that  has  ever  been  born  on  this  one  planet.   Although  the  Holy  Scriptures  do  'NOT'  give  us  a  numerical  count   for  the  numbers  of  Angels  that  GOD  created   it  does  nonetheless  compare  their  numbers  as  big  as  to  the  numbers  of  stars  in  this  Universe,  in this  2017;  astronomers   have  at  last  counted  over  :  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+  24 zeroes*  stars;  it  wouldn't  be  stretching  it  to   conservatively   estimate  that  GOD  created  trillions+  of  Angels  and  not  billions   !!!

There  is  a  'debate'   inside  of  Christian  circles   about this   subject  and  this  student  of  Theology   is  'NOT'  shoving  this  'Theory'  or  interpretation  down  on  anyone's  throat,  this  sinner  saved  by  the  grace  of  Jesus  Christ   merely  presents  this   so  that  you  may  fully  know  what  we  are  all  up  against;  Satan  has  managed  to  deceive   'millions  upon  millions'   of  highly  intelligent  beings   that  were  created  long  before  you  and  I  and  even  long  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  on  planet  Earth.  You  and  I  also  know  that  he  has  also  quite  unfortunately  managed  to  deceive   some  90%  of  all  the  human  souls  who  have  ever   been  born  on  planet  Earth  and  if  there  is  'ONE  THING'  that  this  useless  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   RESURRECTED  wants  you  to  take  and  learn  from  this  article  ( if you weren't  already  fully  aware  of  it*)   is  that  we  are  the  'Final  Generation'  and  I  don't  know  about   you  'BUT'  if  there  has  ever,  ever  been  a  time  to  :live  in holiness, fast, seek  the  face  of  GOD, repent  of our sins  and  abide  in  the  word  of  GOD Almighty  is  here  and  now   !!!

When  GOD   temporarily  removes  His  restraining  power  Satan  is  going  to  come  down  and  do  to  billions  of  unsuspecting  human  beings  what  he  was  allowed  to  do  to  Job  and  his   family   !!!  ( kill  and  destroy*)  Revelation 12 : 12.   GOD  is  even  going  to  allow  Satan   to   persecute  the  new  believers  during  the  Tribulation  and  just  like  Satan  used  the  4th  Beast   to  persecute  the  early  Church  and  believers   he  is  once  again  going  to  use  the 4th  &  final  manifestation  of  the  endtimes  Roman  Beast  to kill  by the millions !!!

When  we  study  the  great  powers  that  GOD  entrusted  to  His  Angelic  creation  we  are  able  to  find  out  that   they  have   unearthly  human  powers   !!!  In   the Old Testament  we  see  one  Angel  of  GOD   killing   over   180,000+  Assyrian   soldiers  in  one  night  !!!  ( Isaiah  37 : 36   )  In  Revelation    9 : 14,  we  see  four  fallen  Angels  being  loosed  to  kill  billions  of  people  in  the  future   !!!  ( if  allowed  more time,  these  Angels  could  easily  wipe  out  ALL  of  humanity*)  When  Satan  was   finally  'CONFRONTED'  he  did  'NOT'  voluntarily  come  down  and  settle  exclusively  on  planet  earth, there  was  a  'FULL  SCALE  Galactic  war  in  this  Universe  that  eclipses   anything  that  'Star  Wars  movies, Star  Trek  movies'  or  any  other    space  war  movie  that  Hollywood  has  been  able  to  produce  and  imaging  thus  far  !!!   That  is  one  of  several  reasons  why  planet  earth, our  moon  and  most of the planets  in  our  solar  system  are  full  of  giagantic  craters  and  other  ancient  explosions;  something  very  violent  and  tragic  took  place  in  our  solar  system  long, long  before   there  were  any  written  human  records  and  human   witnesses   !!!

While  we  all  may  disagree  on   theological  'secondary  subjects'   such as this  one,  every  born  again  believer  in  Jesus  Christ   knows  that  Satan  is  out  to : Kill,  Steal  and  Destroy  from  anyone  that  he  can,  'BUT'  you  and  I  should  not  be  his  perpetual  punching  bag.  While  most  of  the  human  beings  on  planet  earth  are  really  all  worshipping  and  idolizing  that ancient  demon and false god : Mammon   ( god of wealth, materialism*)   we  know  better   much,  much  better   !!!   We know  that  we inhabit  a  temporary  body  in  a  temporary  planet  and  that  we  are  to  work  for  treasures  in  Heaven   !!!  Planet  Earth  is  like   a  giant  'Boot  Camp'  for  eternity;  so  don't  give  up,  don't  look  back   and   just  keep  your  eyes  on   JESUS  CHRIST  : thee  author  and  finisher  of  our  faith  !!!
 ( Hebrews   12 : 2  )

In  conclusion,   Satan  is  more  than   happy  and  willing  to  do  to  every  human  being  what  he   did  to  Job  in  the  Old  Testament        ( kill  and destroy his entire family*)  in  those  brief  and  yet  very  revealing  passages  in  the  Book  of  Job  ( only with GOD's sovereign permission*)   we  are  revealed   the  great  destructive  powers  that   Satan  still  has  over  the  : weather,  the  human  body    ( jobs disease*)  and  his  outright  love  for  killing  and  destroying   without  any  mercy  ( Job's sons and  daughters  and  his  livestock : 7000 sheep+ 3000  camels  etc... )   Satan  is  like  a  'big  bully'   who enjoys : killing, stealing  and  torturing  those  below  him;  he  long, long  ago  enjoyed   destroying  GOD's  creation  both  inside  planet  Earth  and  throughout  this   Universe   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  'NOT'  delight  in  the  death  of  anyone  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  in  fact  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  that   even  the  death   of  animals   grieves  his  heart, there  is  something  holy  in  every  living  thing  that  GOD  created  simply  because  it  was  GOD  alone  who  blew  His  breath  of  life   into  all  living  things, 'EVERYTHING'  was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!  We  are  all  just  servants  and  we  were  created   to  fill this planet and subdue it and rule over all the animals  and   we  were  'NOT'    originally  created  to  exterminate  them  nor  our  fellow  human  beings  as  is  happening  in  numerous  parts of  this planet  !!!   Human  greed  and  overfishing,  overhunting  and  our  toxic waste   is  causing  some  famines  on  planet earth, when  we  mess  with   GOD's  originally  established  and  designed  'food  chain'  we  are  shooting  ourselves  on  our  foot  !!!