Monday, April 3, 2017


In the 1970's-80's,  George Lucas  wrote  and  directed 'Star  Wars': an  'American epic space  opera franchise  of  films'  that   centered  on  and  depicted   numerous  characters  that   fought  for  the  entire  fate  of  a  galaxy  far, far  away  from  ours.  In  his  'film'  an   entire  planet  was  destroyed  by  the  main  villains  and  their destruction  didn't stop at  one planet;  in one of the films one entire 'solar system'  &  even  a  great  'big-star'  was  destroyed !!!   What  George  Lucas  put  on  'film'  many  decades  ago  contained  a  small  'bit  of truth'  of  what  had  preceded   us  human  beings  here  on  planet  Earth  according   to  the : Holy  Scriptures,   geologic  evidence   and  astronomical   evidence !!!   George Lucas original 1980's  film  'Star Wars'  was  a  science  fiction  epic  'BUT'  according  to  the  revelation  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  there  really  was  a  true   and  epic  'War  in  Heaven'   that   continues  to  be  played   on  this planet and above  us  throughout  our  heavens  !!!   All  the  planets  in  our  solar  system  are  full  of  giant  'impact craters'  that  long, long  ago  hit  and  affected   'ALL'  of  our  planets.  Our  own  moon  has over 180,000+   'impact  craters'  and  planet  Earth  is  no  exception;   we  find  giant  craters   deep  in  our  Oceans  ( Yucatan Peninsula, Poland, Saudi Arabia  etc...)  thus far  with  all  of  our  satellite  and  GIS  technology,  experts  have  been  able  to  confirm 190  giant  craters  on  planet  Earth  alone  !!! ( the  planet Mars is estimated to have some  600,000+  impact  craters  !!!  )
The  'back to the future'  War  in  Heaven   revealed to us in Revelation 12 : 7,  is  what   human  military  strategists  and  theorists  call  'Total  War'  and   the  Prophet  Isaiah  14 : 17  'Confirms'  Satan's  unholy   tactics  against  those  below  him;  here  on  planet  Earth  !!!

If  there  is  one  thing  that    we  should  all  learn  about  Satan's  evil  and  iniquity  is  that  he  long, long  ago  lost  'any and all' sense  of   love  and  holiness; Satan  has  absolutely  'NO'  problem  'killing  and  destroying'  any  and  all  of  GOD's  creation   in the other  heavens  nor  in  this  heaven   where   he  is  literally  'killing and destroying'  billions+  of  human  beings  who  were  created  in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD'  and  what  he  inspired  the  Pagan  Roman's  to  do  to  the  only  begotten  of  GOD  the  Father  ( Jesus  Christ ) on  the  Cross  of  Calvary   ( Satan  in  effect   had  absolutely  'NO'  problem  torturing  and  physically  killing  his  own  Creator : Thee  WORD  of  GOD : Jesus  Christ,  via  the  Pagan Romans*)   proves  without  any  doubt  that  Satan   not  only  wanted  to  be  'like'  the  most  High  GOD; 'BUT' that   his  evil  plans   prove  that  he  would  have  no  problem  trying  and attempting  to dethrone  GOD   if it was  remotely  possible  !!!  (  Satan  is  a  created  being  and  obviously  he  is  'NO'  threat  to  GOD.   GOD  could  have  easily   'zapped'  Lucifer  from  existence  even  before  he  began  his  deception  in  heaven; 'BUT'   that  is  not  how  GOD  operates, in His  sovereign  plans  GOD  chose  to  allow  Satan's  wickedness  to  run  its'  course,  most  likely  to  the  'opinion'  of  this  useless  vessel  of  GOD,  so  that  an  event  like  the  one  Lucifer  initiated   will  never  again  be  attempted  by  any  other  of  GOD's  created  beings  in  eternity  future*)

The  'War  in  Heaven'   was  'NO' : pillow  fight,  kung  fu  fight, snow ball  fight  and  no  boxing  fight;  and the Angels  were  not  fighting with 'sticks and stones'  nor  with  'primitive human  weapons'  it  was  an  epic  all  out  'Total  War'  that  was  played  out  throughout  this  Universe  by  trillions+  of  Angels  of  all   ranks  ( reminder Angels don't  need  spacesuits*)  very possibly : planet  to  planet,  solar  system to solar system, galaxy to galaxy  !!!  And  when  it  was  all  over   'Satan  and  One-Third'  of  the  rebel   Angels  were  captured  and  thrown  down  (cast )  'temporarily'  to  none  other  than  this  planet  Earth;  before  they  are  ultimately  all  thrown  into  the  everlasting  fire !!! (  Matthew  25:41  )   Lucifer  and  the  fallen  Angels  didn't   simply  all :  repented,  surrendered  and  put  their  hands  up  when  our  omnipresent  Creator   brought  it  before  them;   truly   Satan  and  his  rebel  Angels  put  on  a  great   fight,  against  GOD's   uncorrupted   holy  Angels  still  loyal  to  Him   !!!  Very  truly,  there  was  a  'War  in  Heaven'  and  it  wasn't   a  'small  battle'  nor   a  'campaign'  it was   thee  biggest  and  most  destructive  war  ever  waged  in  the  history  of  this  Universe  and  very  possibly  of  eternity   and  according  to  Revelation 12 : 9,  its  'NOT'  fully  over,  it  will be finalized  during  the Tribulation  period  !!!  During  WW II,  the  U.S.  forces  had  to  fight   the  Japanese  almost  'island  to  island'  in  the  Pacific    and  you  and  I  know  fully  well  that  Angels  are  'NOT' bound by the same  physical  laws  of  this  Universe  as  us  !!! 
(  The Holy Scriptures reveal to us that  like  'fallen  men'  in  a  maximum security  penitentiary,  some  'fallen  Angels'  are   much, much  more : evil, wicked  and  destructive  than  others  &  that's  why  they are not  all  on  'probation'  like  Satan,  but  the  really, really  bad  one's  were  locked  up  a  long  time  ago  !!!  (  Revelation 9 : 14-15, Jude 1 : 6,   2 Peter 2 : 4  )  Yes,  there's  an  epic  battle  for  the  souls  of  men  &  women  here  on  planet  earth;   Satan   wants  to : kill, steal, destroy  and  deceive   as  many  billions+  of  human  souls  as  he  possibly  can;  don't  you  let  him  take  you  down  with  him  !!!

Believe  it  or  not, there  was  a  time; a moment  in  'Eternity  Past'  long  before  GOD  Almighty  created  Adam  and  Eve  in  this  'Time  and  Space'  of  planet  Earth,  when  there  was  'NO'  sin  in  this  Universe   !!!   While  the  Holy  Bible  does  'NOT'  give  us  specific  details  nor  insight  about  how  long   in  'Eternity  Past'  it  took  for  Lucifer  to  'DECEIVE' One-Third  ( 33%)  of   the  Angels  in  the  heavens  nor  how  long  the  'War  in  Heaven'   lasted,  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Theology  we  very  well  know  that  it  was  not  a  one  day  thing   !!!   has  'extrapolated'   key  Bible  passages   and   translating  it  into  'human  earth  time'   we  are  talking  about  'numerous  years'  that  Lucifer  was  allowed  to  'little   by  little'   spread   his  lies  and  iniquity  upon  'millions  upon  millions'  of  highly  intelligent  Angels   !!!  (  GOD, our  sovereign and omnipresent Creator  obviously  knew   all  about  Lucifer's  iniquity  all  along  'BUT'  in  His  sovereignty   GOD   allowed  Lucifer   to  spread   his  lies   until   GOD  said  'enough  is  enough'  and  casted   Satan  down  into  planet  earth  before  Satan  is  finally  thrown  to  that   place  especially created  for  him  and  his  fallen  Angels  !!!  )   The  patterns  of  time  in  the  Bible  Prophecy  indicate  that  just  as  GOD  allows  Satan  1000's  of  years   (  some 6000-7000   years  to  be  specific,  since  the  fall  of  Adam  and  Eve)   to  deceive   humanity  below  our  heaven; GOD  also   allowed  Lucifer  a   somewhat  similar  prolonged  period   in  the  other  heaven  above  us;  so  we   are  talking  about  several  'earth  years'  GOD  is  a  GOD  of  patterns;  He  kicked  Satan  out  of  heaven, GOD  kicked  out  Adam  and  Eve  out  of  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  He  kicked  out   the  Hebrews ( Jews )  out of the Promised  Land  for  several  centuries   too  !!!   GOD  also   'delegates'   authority  via   His  Angelic  hierarchies : Seraphim, Cherubim,  Archangels  and  other  great  living  beings   !!!  

'There  is  nothing   secret  that  will  not  be  revealed   and  nothing  concealed  that will  not  be  brought  to  light  and  be  made  known  to  all.'   - Luke  8 : 17

'Knowledge  shall  multiply  in  the  time  of  the  end'  -  Daniel   12 : 4

Do  Angels  have  weapons ?  They  sure  do  and  its  'Biblical.'  The  Cherubim  Angels  who  were   stationed  in  the  Garden  of  Eden   when  Adam  and  Eve  were  kicked out of the Garden  had   a  'Flaming  Sword'  that  turned  every  way  to  guard  the  Tree  of  Life  !!!  (  Genesis   3 : 24  )   Obviously   the  weapon   that  the  Cherubim  had   is  still  more  powerful  than  any  personal  weapon   humans  have  invented on planet Earth,  George  Lucas  and  his 'Lightsaber'   are  still rather  primitive  by  what  is  described  in  Genesis   3 : 24   !!!  (  there  are   various other  great  examples  of  the   superpowers  that  Angels  have  throughout  the  Bible : making people go blind  'Sodom and Gomorrah'  calling down fire from heaven etc*)

What  you  are  about  to  read  is  presented   only  as  a  'fictional'  account  of   how  Lucifer  managed  to   deceive  and  win  over  'One-Third'  of  the  Angels  in  Heaven  'Prior'  to  Adam  and  Eve  having been  created  on  planet  Earth.  What  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  has  researched  is  'NOT'  original, other  servants  of  GOD  with  much  more  'Spiritual   Warfare'  experience   and  insight  have  long  arrived   at  a  somewhat  similar  conclusion.  Christian bookstores  are  full  of  books   that  serve  as  a  'commentary'  on  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  on  practical  recommendations  for  daily  living; this  article  should  be  treated  just  as  that  and  in  'NO'  way  is  this  presented  a  'New  or  Unique  Revelation.'  In  1986, Frank Peretti  wrote  a  great  Christian   'f'ictional'  novel   'This Present  Darkness'  that   helped  to  explain  how  the  enemy  of  our  souls  and  his  demonic  forces  operate  daily  on  this  fallen  planet.   As this   Christian  writer  writes  this  article  he  prays  and  hopes  that   this  insight  will  help  at  least  one  believer  to  better  prepare  ( if  he or she is not  already  spiritually  prepared  for  what  is  coming*).

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Theology  'Reminds'  everyone  that  we  were  created   by  'GOD'  manifested  in  JESUS  CHRIST;  in  the  midst   of  an  ongoing   'War'  that  began  in  the  heaven  above  us  and  that  has  yet  to  be  played  out   in  our  physical  dimension  of  'time  & space'  here  on  planet  earth  !!!  This  ongoing  war   has  already   caused  the  fall  of  'millions  upon  millions'  of  Angels  and    so  far  has  claimed   the   eternal  destiny  of  billions  of  human  souls; GOD  in  His  sovereignty   picked  and  chose  you, me and  others   for  this  'Final  Generation'  and  He  most  certainly   didn't  abandon  us  all  here  on  this  fallen  planet  replete  with   billions+  of  demons, fallen  Angels  and  Satan  himself , GOD   has  left  us  very, very  powerful  weapons  so  that  we  may  be  able  to  defend  ourselves  against  'ALL"  the  wiles  and tricks  of  the  enemy  of  our  souls;   EVERYONE  should  know  the  'Rules  of  this  Game'   Satan   can truly  only  defeat  those  who   ignore   the  WORD  of  the  LIVING  GOD :  JESUS  CHRIST !!!  ( Hebrews 5 : 9, Philippians   4 : 7 , John 14 : 6,  John   6 : 63  )   GOD  does  'NOT'  just  gives   eternal  life   to  everyone  'Willy-Nilly'  GOD  only   promises  and  gives  it  to  those  who   manage  to  'OVERCOME'   by  the  blood  of  the  Lamb  here  on  planet  Earth,  cowards  are  'NOT'   eligible   to  enter  the  'New  Jerusalem'  !!!   ( Revelation 21 : 8-9 )  Yes,  life  is  'NOT'  fair  'BUT'  if  you  and  I  and  anyone  else  who  dares  to  believe  in  thee  only  one   begotten  by  the  Father :  JESUS   CHRIST;  we  are  promised   the  right  and  the  power  to  become  'Sons  of  GOD'  and  heirs  with  Jesus  Christ   in eternity  future  !!!  ( Romans 8 : 17,   John 1 : 12   )  This  servant  of  yours  and  of  Jesus  Christ   doesn't  know  about  you  'BUT'  he  doesn't  plan  on  leaving  planet  Earth :  empty  handed  nor  defeated   by  Satan  and  his  demonic  forces;  one  day  this  human  soul  is  going  to  go   'SPIRITUALLY   VIRAL'  and  point  many,  many  human  souls   to :  JESUS   CHRIST   !!!

The  'War  in  Heaven'  ( Revelation 12  )    far,  far  eclipses  any  and  "ALL"  wars  ever  fought   on  planet  earth  by  men  and  our  primitive  weaponry   !!!   World  War  I  and  WW  II   do  'NOT'  even  come   remotely  close   to  the :  great damage,  havoc  and  destruction  caused  by  the   'War  in  Heaven'   between  trillions+  of  fighting  Angels  and  not  even  what  happened  to  Hiroshima  or  Nagasaki   can  remotely  come close  to  being  compared  to  the  mass  destruction  that  Satan  and  the  Fallen  Angels   caused  throughout this  Universe 'BEFORE'  they  were  defeated  and  thrown  into  planet  earth  before  GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  !!!   Satan  and  his  defeated   fallen  Angels  truly  did  'NOT'  settle  on  planet  Earth  'Voluntarily'  if  you  know  what  I  mean  !!!  ( Revelation 12 : 9 and 20 :  2  confirm  that  Satan  was  here  on  planet   earth;  already  in  a  fallen  state  before  Adam  and  Eve  were   created   here*)   In eternity  future, GOD  may  or  may  not  allow  us  to   view  the  'Eternal  Records'  but  the   physical  evidence  ( giant  craters, remnants of explosions, asteroids, colliding   galaxies...  etc  )  of  that  'War  in  Heaven'   still  haunts  the  physical  appearance  our  entire  solar  system  and  beyond  and  if  you  think  that   fallen  men  are  violent  you  should  reconsider  what  powerful  violent  fallen  Angels   are  capable  of   !!!

The  Holy  Scriptures  reveal  to  us  that   Satan  has  been  a  MURDERER  from  the  very  beginning   ( John  8 :  44  )   Is  our  Lord  Jesus   referring  to   pre-history  of  Earth  or  Lucifer's  very  beginning ?  We  know  that  Lucifer   and  the  Angelic  hosts  were  created  long  before  human  history  and  even  before  planet  Earth  was  itself  created  for  we  see  in  Job  38 : 7  the  Angels   celebrating  the  creation  of  planet  Earth  !!!    Now  let's  'freeze  frame'  Job  38 : 7;  we  know  that  Lucifer  had  'NOT'  yet  rebelled  when  GOD  was  creating  planet  earth  in  that   exact   and  precise  moment  of  eternity  and  also  notice  that   the  Angels  themselves  are  EXISTING  outside  of  our  time  and  place,  so  'NO'  one  can  deny  that  they  indeed  are  an  entirely  different  creation  that  was  definitely  'NOT'  created  in  the  same  6  days  as  man.
(  the  Genesis  account  and  the  entire  Bible  itself  was  'NEVER'  meant  to  reveal  'EVERYTHING'   to  the  writer  of  Genesis. Genesis  and the entire Scriptures  were  primarily  given to us to  'Record'  the  history  of  redemption   to  those of us on  this  'fallen planet.'    We  are  'NOT'  worthy  to  know  everything   that  has  preceded  us  in  all  of  eternity  past; the Angels  themselves   don't  even  know  everything  either, so  relax * )

This  student  of  Theology  has  to  stop  here  and   put  a  'commentary'  on  what  Genesis  is  and  is  'NOT.'    Genesis  1,  is  the   beginning  of  Adam  and  Eve  on  planet  earth  and  it  is  also  the  beginning  of  time  for  us  human  beings  !!!   Genesis  1,  is  'NOT'  the  beginning  of  eternity  and   this  useless  servant  of  GOD  recommends  that  everyone  do  their  own  research  on  this  subject  as  a  'Berean  Believer.'

Most  if  not  all  Theologians  who  specialize  on  the  subject  believe  that  Satan  ( Lucifer  )   began   his  corruption  of   'millions  upon  millions'  of  Angels   in  the  'Second  Heaven.'  Our  Universe   is  home  to  trillions  of  other  galaxies  of  all  sizes  and  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   along  with  various  other  believers   suspect   that   GOD  also  created    numerous  other   living  things  in  the  trillions  of  other  planets  out  there  in  this  Universe  of  His  !!!   The  Angels  were  obviously   supervising   other  places  and  creations  before  us  because   they  sure  weren't  just  floating  around  'Dark  Matter'  in  all  of  'eternity  Past'  and  neither  was   GOD  our  Creator.   

Theologians  believe   that   GOD  obviously  knew   every  move  that  Lucifer  was  secretly  and  not  so  secretly  plotting    against  GOD's   holy  and  undefiled   creation.   Most  theological  insights  into  the  subject  agree  that  Lucifer  was  allowed  for  a  very, very  long  and  undisclosed  period  of  eternity  ( before  time  can  be  humanly  understood*)  to  continue   little  by  little  spreading  his  'rebellion'  against  GOD  all  over  the  second  heaven  ( this  Universe*)  all  over    galaxy  by  galaxy,  planet  by  planet  'UNTIL'  GOD  said   enough  is  enough   !!!   GOD   doesn't  want   'ROBOTS'  in  His  heavens;  if  it  were  so  He  would  have  easily  created   'quintillions  upon  quintillions'  of  robots  to  serve  Him  and  He  would  never  have  to   contend  with  disobedience  and  rebellion  in  the  heavens  nor  on  Earth  !!!

In  warfare   a  'battle'  is  defined  as  a  rather  small  localized  combat  ( it  should be  distinguished  from  a  : campaign ,  an  operation  and  a   mission *)  The  Book  of  Revelation   tells  us  that  there   was  ( past  tense  )   a  Mega  War  in  the  heaven  above  us  that   according  to   some  teachers  of  Theology  destroyed   entire  planets, galaxies  and  even   greatly  affected   planet  earth  before  Adam  and  Eve   were  created   in  the  Garden  of  Eden,  the  evidence  for  this  is  found  in  Job 38 : 7  and  when  connected   to  Genesis  account   we  discover  that   GOD  our  Creator  had  obviously   created   yet  another  creative   masterpiece  of  His  in  this  section  of  the  Milky  Way  Galaxy   !!!  If  the  Angels  ( Sons  of  GOD*)   were  celebrating   GOD's   creation of planet  Earth  this  clearly  means  that   He  had  fully  completed  earth  then  and  there  'BUT'  obviously  when  we  read  in  Genessis  1 : 2   the Earth suddenly   is  without  form  and  empty  and  dark  can  only  mean  that   something   had  happened  to  planet  earth  'BEFORE'   Adam  and  Eve  were  put  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  on  this  planet  !!!   Those  who  have  studied  the  subject  believe   that  the  'War  in  Heaven'  was   truly  that  a  'Full  Scale'  all  out  war   between   Satan  and  the  Angelic  Hierarchies  still  loyal  to  GOD  Almighty   !!!    Full  scale  and  all  out  warfare  does  'NOT'  last  one  or  two  days;  and  although  the  Holy  Bible  does  not  give  us  a  detailed  account  of  the  lenght  of  the  War  in  Heaven  other  'Spiritual  Battles'  in  the  heavenlies  such  as  the  skirmish  found  in  Daniel  reveal  to  us  that  in  Earth  time   the  Angel  Gabriel  had  to  contend  for  21  days  against  the  demonic  'Prince of Persia'  !!!  ( Daniel  10 : 13  ) 

Most  theologians  agree  that  the  entire  population  and  number  of  Angels  in  all  of  the  3  heavens   exceed  quite  easily  all  the   human  population  that  has  ever  been  born  on  this  one  planet.   Although  the  Holy  Scriptures  do  'NOT'  give  us  a  numerical  count   for  the  numbers  of  Angels  that  GOD  created   it  does  nonetheless  compare  their  numbers  as  big  as  to  the  numbers  of  stars  in  this  Universe,  in this  2017;  astronomers   have  at  last  counted  over  :  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000+  24 zeroes*  stars;  it  wouldn't  be  stretching  it  to   conservatively   estimate  that  GOD  created  trillions+  of  Angels  and  not  billions   !!!

There  is  a  'debate'   inside  of  Christian  circles   about this   subject  and  this  student  of  Theology   is  'NOT'  shoving  this  'Theory'  or  interpretation  down  on  anyone's  throat,  this  sinner  saved  by  the  grace  of  Jesus  Christ   merely  presents  this   so  that  you  may  fully  know  what  we  are  all  up  against;  Satan  has  managed  to  deceive   'millions  upon  millions'   of  highly  intelligent  beings   that  were  created  long  before  you  and  I  and  even  long  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  on  planet  Earth.  You  and  I  also  know  that  he  has  also  quite  unfortunately  managed  to  deceive   some  90%  of  all  the  human  souls  who  have  ever   been  born  on  planet  Earth  and  if  there  is  'ONE  THING'  that  this  useless  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   RESURRECTED  wants  you  to  take  and  learn  from  this  article  ( if you weren't  already  fully  aware  of  it*)   is  that  we  are  the  'Final  Generation'  and  I  don't  know  about   you  'BUT'  if  there  has  ever,  ever  been  a  time  to  :live  in holiness, fast, seek  the  face  of  GOD, repent  of our sins  and  abide  in  the  word  of  GOD Almighty  is  here  and  now   !!!

When  GOD   temporarily  removes  His  restraining  power  Satan  is  going  to  come  down  and  do  to  billions  of  unsuspecting  human  beings  what  he  was  allowed  to  do  to  Job  and  his   family   !!!  ( kill  and  destroy*)  Revelation 12 : 12.   GOD  is  even  going  to  allow  Satan   to   persecute  the  new  believers  during  the  Tribulation  and  just  like  Satan  used  the  4th  Beast   to  persecute  the  early  Church  and  believers   he  is  once  again  going  to  use  the 4th  &  final  manifestation  of  the  endtimes  Roman  Beast  to kill  by the millions !!!

When  we  study  the  great  powers  that  GOD  entrusted  to  His  Angelic  creation  we  are  able  to  find  out  that   they  have   unearthly  human  powers   !!!  In   the Old Testament  we  see  one  Angel  of  GOD   killing   over   180,000+  Assyrian   soldiers  in  one  night  !!!  ( Isaiah  37 : 36   )  In  Revelation    9 : 14,  we  see  four  fallen  Angels  being  loosed  to  kill  billions  of  people  in  the  future   !!!  ( if  allowed  more time,  these  Angels  could  easily  wipe  out  ALL  of  humanity*)  When  Satan  was   finally  'CONFRONTED'  he  did  'NOT'  voluntarily  come  down  and  settle  exclusively  on  planet  earth, there  was  a  'FULL  SCALE  Galactic  war  in  this  Universe  that  eclipses   anything  that  'Star  Wars  movies, Star  Trek  movies'  or  any  other    space  war  movie  that  Hollywood  has  been  able  to  produce  and  imaging  thus  far  !!!   That  is  one  of  several  reasons  why  planet  earth, our  moon  and  most of the planets  in  our  solar  system  are  full  of  giagantic  craters  and  other  ancient  explosions;  something  very  violent  and  tragic  took  place  in  our  solar  system  long, long  before   there  were  any  written  human  records  and  human   witnesses   !!!

While  we  all  may  disagree  on   theological  'secondary  subjects'   such as this  one,  every  born  again  believer  in  Jesus  Christ   knows  that  Satan  is  out  to : Kill,  Steal  and  Destroy  from  anyone  that  he  can,  'BUT'  you  and  I  should  not  be  his  perpetual  punching  bag.  While  most  of  the  human  beings  on  planet  earth  are  really  all  worshipping  and  idolizing  that ancient  demon and false god : Mammon   ( god of wealth, materialism*)   we  know  better   much,  much  better   !!!   We know  that  we inhabit  a  temporary  body  in  a  temporary  planet  and  that  we  are  to  work  for  treasures  in  Heaven   !!!  Planet  Earth  is  like   a  giant  'Boot  Camp'  for  eternity;  so  don't  give  up,  don't  look  back   and   just  keep  your  eyes  on   JESUS  CHRIST  : thee  author  and  finisher  of  our  faith  !!!
 ( Hebrews   12 : 2  )

In  conclusion,   Satan  is  more  than   happy  and  willing  to  do  to  every  human  being  what  he   did  to  Job  in  the  Old  Testament        ( kill  and destroy his entire family*)  in  those  brief  and  yet  very  revealing  passages  in  the  Book  of  Job  ( only with GOD's sovereign permission*)   we  are  revealed   the  great  destructive  powers  that   Satan  still  has  over  the  : weather,  the  human  body    ( jobs disease*)  and  his  outright  love  for  killing  and  destroying   without  any  mercy  ( Job's sons and  daughters  and  his  livestock : 7000 sheep+ 3000  camels  etc... )   Satan  is  like  a  'big  bully'   who enjoys : killing, stealing  and  torturing  those  below  him;  he  long, long  ago  enjoyed   destroying  GOD's  creation  both  inside  planet  Earth  and  throughout  this   Universe   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  'NOT'  delight  in  the  death  of  anyone  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  in  fact  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  that   even  the  death   of  animals   grieves  his  heart, there  is  something  holy  in  every  living  thing  that  GOD  created  simply  because  it  was  GOD  alone  who  blew  His  breath  of  life   into  all  living  things, 'EVERYTHING'  was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!  We  are  all  just  servants  and  we  were  created   to  fill this planet and subdue it and rule over all the animals  and   we  were  'NOT'    originally  created  to  exterminate  them  nor  our  fellow  human  beings  as  is  happening  in  numerous  parts of  this planet  !!!   Human  greed  and  overfishing,  overhunting  and  our  toxic waste   is  causing  some  famines  on  planet earth, when  we  mess  with   GOD's  originally  established  and  designed  'food  chain'  we  are  shooting  ourselves  on  our  foot  !!!