Monday, April 24, 2017


There  is  a  chronology  of  events   found in the Book  of  Revelation  that  'MUST'  take  place  'BEFORE'  certain  : prophetic  actors, nations  and  armies   finally  arise  to  fulfill   their  endtime  roles.   does  'NOT'  know   exactly  who   the  final  endtime  players  will  finally  end  up  being.   Major  and  epic  changes  are  in  stored   not  only  for  the  European  Union;  'BUT'  also  for  the  entire  present  'World  Order.'   The  truth  is  that  the  Biblical  Prophecies  reveal  to  us  and  guarantee  us,  that  in  the  endtimes  this   world  will  spiral  out  of  control;  things  are  going  to  go  from  bad  to  worse  !!!  ( Daniel  9 : 26;  'The  end  will  come  like  a  flood : War  will  continue  until  the  end' )  This  whole  planet  seems  like  one  giant  'Powder  Keg'  waiting  to  explode,  the  only  question  is  when  and  who  will  spark  it  all  up : ISIS,  North Korea,  Russia,  a Viral  Biological  Outbreak, a global  financial  meltdown   or  someone  even  more  sinister  than  all  of  these  ???  ( Daniel 8 : 24  )

As  an  endtimes   'Watchman'   this  servant  of  yours   is  here  to  merely   'Inform'  the : clueless, the believer  as well as  the  unbeliever  that  the  Holy  Scriptures   guarantee  a  clear  'Finality'  of  the  corrupt  human  Kingdoms  of  this  world   !!!   (  Isaiah  9 : 7   )  That  being  said;   it  has  taken  this  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'   only  some  20  years  to  get  to  this  place  and  time.  A  Medical  Doctor   (  or  any  other  Professional*)  gets  better  with  time,  there  is  almost  nothing  that  can  take  the  place  of  'Experience.'  Before  astronauts  can  be  launched  into  space   they  are  first  prepared  for  several  years   and  'Spiritually'  speaking   there  are  absolutely  'NO'  shortcuts   to   our  spiritual  growth.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  still  here  only  by  the  grace  of  GOD;  he  is  the  product  of  thousands  of  hours  of  research  in  the : Biblical  Prophecies,  History  of  Empires  and  Political  Science  etc..   The  Holy  Spirit  knows  this   and   that's  all  that   matters  to  this  vessel;  that  my  Creator  knows  that   I  have  not  hidden  the  'one  talent'  that   He  bestowed  upon  this  vessel  of  clay  !!!

If  you  know   American  politics  and  was  in  awe  and  amazed  at   Obama's  'Meteoric  Rise'  to the  U.S. Presdiency    from  almost  out of nowhere  years  ago;  then   what  Emmanuel  Macron  is about  to  achieve  in  France  is  even  more  astounding  !!!  Obama, was at  least an elected  State Senator  from  Illinois, then  a  U.S. Senator  and  had  the  backing of one of the two largest political  parties  in these  United  States  !!!   Macron  on  the  other  hand   has  had  'NONE' of that;  he  has never been in the past elected  to  any  French  political  office  and  he  is  about  to  win  with  his  own  political  party  'movement'  'En Marche'  !!!   France  is  'NO'  3rd  World  country  either   !!!  As  a  student  of  : political  theory, military  theory  and  sociological  theory  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   knows  that   what  Emmanuel  Macron  is  'pulling  off'    is  'NOT'  normal  and  as   a  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'   I  must  admit  that  this  alone  raises   quite  a  bit  of  'Red  Flags' to  this   almost  unknown  'Watchman'  on  this  wall  !!!   Former  President  Obama  even  privately  telephoned  Emmanuel  Macron  before   this  past  Sunday's  elections  to  'wish him luck'  !!!
( Obama  even  knows  that  Macron's   rise  is  even  more  surprising  than  his  own  in  2008   !!! )

Emmanuel  Macron's  rise  to  power  may  very, very  well  just  be   a  mere  'Fluke'  'BUT'  then  again   it  could  be   the  totally  opposite  of   it  too   !!!   He  may  too  just  be  a 'Temporary  Forerunner'   of  he  that  is  to  come  in  'his  own  name'  but  then  again   he  could  just   have  been  like  that  'sly  fox'  who  managed  to  sneak  in  and  get  inside  the 'Chicken  Coop'  when  almost  no  one  was  WATCHING !   Mario  Romano  could  very  well   be  crazy  'BUT'  then  again  he  could  be  on  the  right  trail;  only  time will tell  !!!    When  an  anomaly  such  as  the  one  we  are  witnessing  enters  and  inserts  itself  into  the  'endtimes  timeline'  no one who  is 'watching  and  praying'  can  or should  totally  ignore it  !!!

Technically  speaking  the  President  of  France  also  holds  the  title  of   Co-Prince  of  Andorra.  As  of  2016  there  are  still   some  12  monarchies  in  Europe.  The  last  European  country  who  attempted  to   sponsor  the  'Middle  East  Peace  Talks'  was  France.  France  is  only  one  of  a  very  few  European  Imperial  powers   that  once  dominated  sections  of  the  Middle  East  as  well  as   Middle  Eastern  Oil  fields  before  they  were  nationalized  by  Arab  countries in the 1950's   !!!   Oddly  enough  'France'   is  till  viewed   as  a  world  power  because  it  has  one  of  the  most   capable  armed  forces  on  this  planet   as  well  as  their  very  own  'Military  Industrial  Complex'  that  produces  :  Nuclear  missiles,   Nuclear Submarines, Aircraft  Carriers  and  Satellite   Technology.  Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and  any  10  Arab  Islamic  countries  do  'NOT'  enjoy  having  their  own  military  manufacturing  base  as  France  does  !!!  (  Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria  do  'NOT'  have much of any  manufacturing  capabilities; they mostly all  purchase their military weapons  via : China,  North Korea,  Russia  &  in the International  Black  Market ! )

Most  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy   have  taught  for  years   and   most  would  agree  that  the   endtimes  'Little  Horn'   arises  on  the  world  scene   only  'AFTER'   ( from  among*)  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  (  Revelation  17 : 12  )   'BUT'  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel   also  teaches  that  'He  shall  Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many'  so  we  know  that  obviously  he  must  already  be   in  some  type  of  a  powerful  post    'BEFORE'  the  beginning  of  those  7  years  of  Tribulation  !!!  The  Book of Revelation   also  reveals  to  us  that  the  10  King's  receive  absolute  power  together  with  the  Beast  for  one-hour = 42 months   or  3 and a half  years  'BUT'  we  also  know  that   'PRIOR'  to such an  event  he  had  'Previously'  made  a  'Covenant'  with  Israel  and  the  many  for  an  entire  Prophetic  Week   and  breaks it   midway  !!!

This  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  wants  to  make  it  perfectly  clear  that   as  of  April 24, 2017   it  is  still  too  early   to  'Confirm'  anything.   Several  wars  must  first  take  place  that  will  bring : Russia,  the  USA  as  well  as  most  Islamic  countries   to  their  knees   !!!    This  believer  is   a  Pre-Trib  believer,  he  believes  that  GOD  is  going  to  remove  His  Church  to  'another  place  and  another  Time'  before  His   Holy  Wrath  is  poured  against   all  those  who  'REJECTED'  in  this  very  long  age  of   'Grace'  what  His  only  begotten  son : 'JESUS  CHRIST'   accomplished  and  paid   for  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary   !!!

The  first  round  of  the  French  Presidential  elections  were  extremely  close.  This  student  of   International  Relations  and  European  Political  Systems   knew  that  Macron  and  Le Pen   could  of  easily  been  knocked  off  by  Mr.Fillon  and  Mr.Melenchon.    According  to  virtually  all  the  French  polls   Marine  Le  Pen  will  be  'Defeated'  by  Emmanuel  Macron  come  this  upcoming  May  7, 2017.  'Unless'  a  major  surprise  rocks  France  Mr.Macron  appears  headed   for  a  massive  French  victory   !!!  If  I  were  a  Frenchmen  I  would  vote  for  Mrs. Le Pen, the only  thing   I  disagree  with  her  is  her  views  of  our  Jewish  friends  and  the  role  that  France  played  in  the  Holocaust.  According  to  virtually  all  the  European  newspapers;  virtually   all  the  losing  candidates  are  throwing  their  support  for  Mr..Macron,  in  their  eyes   he  is  the  'lesser  of  two  evils.'    Should   Macron  win  this  May 7, 2017   he  will  still  have  many  challenges  to enact  what  he  is  'promising.'   For  starters  the  French  Parliament  is dominated  by  other   parties;   Macron   will  have  to  make  political  deals  and  concessions  like  any  Western  politician   to  the  other  parties  that  dominate  the  other  branches  of  government.  Macron  winning  the  French  President  would  be   comparable  to  Obama  winning  it  but  as  an  'Independent'  and  not  as  Democrat.  Obama  enjoyed  the  advantage  of  having  the  vast  political  deep  connections  and  pockets  of   an  American  Political  Party  ( Democrats )  who  have   been  in  power   a  long  time;  Macron  on  the  other  hand   had  none  of  those  advantages   'YET'  somehow  he  managed  to  defeat   the  old   entrenched  and  established  political  machines  of  his  country   !!!

This  website   has  been   studying  the   'Progenitor'  of  the  Fourth  Roman  Beast  for  over  a  decade  now.    There  are  certain  individuals  that  step  into  the  'Spot  Light'   that  cannot  be  ignored  because   they  in  one  way  or  another   have   shown  an  interest  with  the  ever  ongoing  'Middle  East  Peace  Process'   and  also  hold   great  : political, diplomatic  and  military  power   to  'pull  off'  what  the  Prophet  Daniel   reveals  to  us  that  will  take  place  between  Israel  and the  endtimes  EU  Leader in  the  future.  Our  enemy  is  not  omniscient   like  GOD  our  Creator   and  therefore  he   is  always  grooming  someone  every  so  often   to  step  in  when   that  final  hour  arrives.  This  website  is  here  primarily  to   decipher  and  interpret  the  'Sign's  of  the  Times'  especially  of  the  Fourth  Beast  of  Daniel  as  it  relates  to  thee  greatest  Prophetic  sign : The  Nation  of  Israel   and   its  capital  Jerusalem.  It  is  not  our  fault  if  certain  individuals  'stick  out'   like  a  'glow  in  the  dark'   figure   !!!

As  somewhat  of  a  'teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy'  this  fellow  believer  in  Jesus  Christ  must  'WARN'  everyone  that   nothing  much  may  happen  the  next 5-10  years  'BUT'  the  opposite  of  this  could  also  be  true,  should   an  'Unexpected'  turn  of  events   begin  to  happen  on  this  fallen  planet;  then  those  who  are  'Watching  and  Praying'   will  know  exactly  what  is  soon  to  come  this  way   !!!  The  end  is  'NOT'  yet  and   'NO'  we  are  'NOT'  yet   under  the  Judgement  of  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation,  the   7  year  Tribulation  period  has  'NOT'  yet  begun;  but   it  sure  is  getting  more  and  more  interesting  to  see  what  : Russia, Turkey,  North  Korea,  ISIS  and  NATO   are  all  up  to  !!!

After   May  7, 2017   this  servant  and  brother  of  yours  in  the  faith  of  Jesus  Christ  will  be  taking  some  40  days  off  and  will  'NOT'  be   updating  any  new  articles  or  information  during  that  time   'if  you  know  what  I  mean'  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants   direction  from   our  Creator;  he  does  'NOT'  want  to  mislead  anyone.  This  servant  of  GOD  asks  for  your  continued  prayers;  sometimes   as  a  human  being  I  feel   useless  and  unqualified  to  be  teaching   anyone  about   the  'GREATEST'   book  of  all  : The  Holy  Bible   and  especially  its  endtimes  Prophecies  !!!  Its  very  easy  to  get  'Burnout'  and  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  needs  to   go  back  to  his  first  love;  back  to  the  Cross;  back  to  the  feet  of  my  redeemer:  Jesus  Christ   !!!    has  been  :  operating,  researching  and   informing   for  all  these  years  as  'IF'  the   beginning of Daniel's  Seventieth  Week  as  well  as  the  Rapture    is  imminent.  Only  a  very, very  few  'Individuals'   hold  key  positions   within  the  EU  that  could  'Pull  Off'  what  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   foretell  and  guarantee  will  take  place   once the  'Restrainer'   does  what  He   is  Prophesied  to  do.  We  do  'NOT'  claim  any  monopoly  to  the  interpretation  of  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  'BUT'   you  and  I  know  that   we  are  closer   to  the  correct  interpretation  of  these  endtime  Prophecies  than  most  who  : could  care  less,  than  most   in  the  Church  who   do  not  study  the  Prophecies  and  much, much  closer  than   the  rest  of  the   world  who  own  a  Bible  'BUT'  who   just  have  it  as  a  'good  luck  charm'  or  a   'Family  Heirloom'  passed  down   by  their  grandparents ! All  these  years  of  'Watching  and  Praying'  have  'NOT'  been  in  vain,  this servant of GOD  has  matured  spiritually  and   produced  much  fruit  in  other  areas  of  his  Christian  life.  My  understanding  of  the   WORD  of  GOD  has  also  gotten  much  much  deeper  as  well   as  my  relationship  with  my  Creator : GOD :  Jesus  Christ*   During  Noah's  Days  almost 'NO'  one  but  his   close  family  got  saved  and  entered  the  Ark,   the  day  and  hour  will  come   once  again  when   very  unfortunately  'MOST'  of  humanity  will   have  neglected  and   ignored   GOD's  invitation  of  Salvation  through  Jesus  Christ  and  Eternal  Life,  is  just  one  of  many   Ministries   that    teaches  that   the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   reveal  to  us of  the  upcoming  'Wrath  of  GOD'   upon this  fallen  planet  and  how  to  escape  it   through   heeding  the   Message  of  the  Gospel  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ***  

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  useless  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  'NOT'  after  any  fame  nor  money;  he  is  only  here   because   he  suspects  that  others  whom  GOD   initially  called  to  do  this   said  no.  Mario  does  'NOT'  hold  any  PH.D's   nor  is  he  a  'Prophet'  who  proclaims  prosperity  and  riches  coming  your  way  in  this  corrupt  world.   As  you  can  see,  Mario  is  not  a  graduate  of  any  elite  American  University,   Mario   sometimes  thinks  that  he  is  'Way  in  over  his  Head'  !!!   Unfortunately,  for the most part of his  life  he  has   struggled  to  overcome  so  many  odds  against  him. (  one  day  you  will  understand*)   It  is  by  the :  sheer  grace, power  and  mercy  of  our  Creator  GOD   that   HE   allowed  this  servant  of  His   to  launch   almost  two  decades ago   !!!    Heaven  and  Eternal  life   are  'NOT'  for  sale;  shame  on  those  who    only 'Prophesy'  about   temporary  riches  and  wealth   !!!    Mario  Romano   is  here  because  he  owes  GOD  Almighty   'big  time'  and  then  some;    this  fragile  and  mortal  vessel  is  here   to  point   to   :  JESUS  CHRIST , the author   and   finisher  of  our  faith    and  thee  only  one  who   fully  and  completely  ATONED  for  the  sins  of  humanity  and  only  those  who  REPENT  of  their  sins  and   accept   His  sacrifice  are  completely   forgiven   before  GOD  the  Father,  'ONLY'  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   can  appease  the  Wrath  of  our  Holy  Creator  !!!