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GOD   revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel  'Four  Empires'  that  would  arise throughout  history  to subjugate  the  Jewish  people  and  conquer   Israel.  We   know  that  through  the  symbolism  of  the  'Four  Beasts'  GOD  revealed   to  Daniel    that the 1st Beast  symbolized  the  Babylonian  Empire, the 2nd Beast symbolized  the  Medo-Persian  Empire, the 3rd  Beast  symbolized  the  Greek  Empire  and  the  4th and  final  Beast   symbolized  the  Roman  Empire.  It  is  the  4th  Beast  that  is  Prophesied  to  be  different  from all  the  previous  ones  in  that  it  would  have  two  phases  and  10  King's  would   lead  it.  While  it  is  true  that  many  other empires  have  arisen  throughout  history;  such  as  the  :  British Empire, the Spanish Empire  the Mongol  Empire  all  of  these  empires   existed   when  there  was  'NO'  political  nation  of  Israel  in  existence  !!!...It  is  notable  that  'NOT'  one  of  the  4  Beasts  of   Daniel   are  symbolic  of  Islam.  (  This  means  that  Israel  shall  not  be  defeated  by  any : Islamic  alliance, country  or  terrorist  group; the only one who can defeat  Israel in the future is the  Beast  with  10  Horns  and  its  Little Horn  for  that  is  what  all  4  Beasts  have  in  common  they  all   conquered  Israel *)  The  first  two  empires  : Babylon  and  Medo-Persia  were  'NOT'  Muslims;  at  that time in history  both of these empires were   plainly   Pagan  !!!   The   3rd  and  4th  empires  were  different  from  the  first  two  in  that   'POWER'  shifted  towards  the  'WEST'  Israel's  greatest  enemy  of  all  time  will   emanate  from  the  'WEST'  in  the  future  in  the  form  of  a  10  allied  modification  from  within  what  we  call  presently  call  the  European  Union;  who  we  know  are  the  inheritors  of  the  ancient  Romans  simply  because  Rome  is  in  Italy  and  Italy  is  part  of  the  European  Union  !!!   The  European  Union   started  to  form  shortly  after  World  War  II  via  the  'European Coal & Steel  Community'  Treaty  signed  in  Paris  in  1951;  even  the  very  initial  name  of  this  alliance  'Coal  and  Steel'   fits  into  the  Prophecy  of  Daniel  that  describes  the  final  endtimes  Beast  which  will  be  composed  of  'Iron  and  Clay'  (  Daniel  2 : 43  )  For  the  past  60+   years  the  Europeans  have  'little  by  little'  been  uniting  their  economies  via  the  $EURO,  been  uniting  their  borders  via  the  'Shenghen  Treaty'  and  been  uniting  their  militaries  via  NATO  as  'NO'  other  alliance  on  planet  Earth  !!!  The   present   European  Union  has  "NOT"  taken  its  final  form   guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation;  some  very  'IMPATIENT'  an  'UNWISE'  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  even  question  that  this  'Romanesque'  alliance  of  28  nations   ( EU  ) a  long  time  ago  passed  the  10  Horn  mark  &  that  it  cannot  possibly be the  producer  of the 10 Horned Beast !!!    The truth is that  the  EU  is  destined  to  keep  expanding  beyond  28  members,  the  truth  is  that  the  EU  itself  holds  several  different  inter-alliances  within  it  of  different  sizes  such  as  : the  Eurozone  composed  of  18 members,  the  'Shenghen area member countries composed of 26,  the 'Council of Europe composed of  47 members  and  NATO  with  28  members, the Mediterranean Union with  43  member  states  and  the  'Berlin Club'  of  10   just  to  name  a  few  !!!  As  you  can  see  it  is  very  possible  that  the  10  King's/ Horns of Daniel  and  Revelation   'CAN'  be  fulfilled  from  a  future  alliance  within  the  European  Union  without  any  problem  and  without  the  EU  collapsing  !!!    Since  the  rebirth  of  the  political  nation  of  Israel  in  1948   numerous  Arab-Islamic  armies  through  several  wars  have  tried  to  annihilate  the  Jews  of  Israel  but  they  have  failed   time  and  time  again  and  numerous  Islamic  terrorist  groups  backed  by :  Iran, Saudi  Arabia  and  Syria  have   'ALSO'  time  after  time  failed   to  eliminate   the  Jews  in  over  60+  years  now  !!!   It  is  very  obvious  to  this  servant  of  GOD  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   what   fundamentalist  Muslims  are  sowing  throughout  the  world   ( terrorism )  will  come  back  to  haunt  them  in  the  future; this student of Bible  Prophecy  foresees   Europeans  turning  against  Islamic  fundamentalists  in  the  future  and  these  being  kicked  out  and  persecuted  throughout  Europe.  Let's  be  frank;  this  world  is  like  a  'powder  keg'  just  waiting  for  one  little  spark  to  light  up  an  explosion  of  hatred  that  will  spread  throughout    most  of  the  world  as  guaranteed  in  Revelation   6 : 4.   The  hour  and  day  is  coming  when  those  attacked  by  Islamic  Terrorists  will   respond  with  nuclear  weapons;  even  this  is  Prophesied  in  the  Bible   (  Isaiah  17 :  1  )    Presently,   the  European  Union   is  the  'Largest  Trading  Block'  of  nations  in  the  world  and  via  NATO   the  Europeans  have  the  largest   military  alliance  in  the  world.   Massive  and  Epic  changes  are  yet  to  take  place  that  will  allow  the  Europeans  to  once  again  become  the  Western  leaders  of  the  world.
This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  to  make  it  perfectly  clear  that   the  European  Union  will  be  the  producer  and  incubator   of  the  final  10  horned  Beast  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!  Just  as  the  United  States   sent  its  military  to  the  Middle  East  during  Operation  Desert  Storm  in  the  past;  the  day  and  hour  is  coming  when   the  European  Union  via  NATO   and  the  10  King's  will   deploy  their   military   to  the  Middle  East  just  as  the  United  States  once  did  !!!  Islamic  extremists  will  give  the  future  'Little  Horn'   an  excuse  and  a  cause  to  invade  several  Arab-Islamic  countries  in  the  future  just like  the  U.S.  did  this  past  decade.   This  student  of  bible  Prophecy  foresees  the  coming  destruction  of  Mecca  in  Saudi  Arabia   in  a  coming  war;  historically  speaking   most  of  the  ancient  empires  of  the  past  went  on  to  destroy  the   chief  temples  and  gods  of  the  people  they  conquered  and  there  is  'nothing  new  under  the  sun.'  This is not  an  attack  against  any  one  religion, those of us who study  Bible  Prophecy  know  that  the  Roman  Vatican  will  also  be  destroyed  in  the  future  by  the   10  horned  Beast  of  Revelation  17  :  16  !!!  The  truth  is  that  the  'Little  Horn'  of  the  10  horned  Beast  will  proclaim  himself  to  be  god   (  Daniel  7 : 8  )***This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   does  'NOT'   claim  to  know  who  'exactly'  will  end  up  being  the  final  10  King's/Horns   of  Revelation  but  what  this  poor  servant  of  GOD  does  claim  to  know  is  that  it  will  be  'Romanesque'  in  nature  simply  because   Revelation   17 : 18   guarantees  it  and  because   very  simply  put;  the  4th  and  final  Beast  of  Daniel  symbolizes   ROME :  past  and  future   !!!   It's  been  almost  2000  years  since  the  4th  Roman  Beast   last  attacked  Israel  and  its  Jews  &  its  been  66  years  since  Israel's   rebirth  in  1948,  clearly  the  EU  will  morph & produce  the  final  2nd  phase  of  the 10  Horned  Beast  in  this final  generation  !!!   (   is  the  oldest  Bible  Prophecy  website  on  planet  Earth   that  was  exclusively  launched  over  15+  years  ago  to  solely  focus  on  the  final  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast.   We  pray  that  GOD  through  His  Holy  Spirit   will  lead  us  to  all  truth  ... Mario  Romano  believes   that  JESUS  CHRIST  is  the  ONLY   way  to  the  FATHER   and  to  ETERNAL  LIFE  and  that  SALVATION  is  by  FAITH  in  JESUS  CHRIST   alone;  it  is  by  the  GRACE  and  MERCY  of  GOD  that  we  are  ultimately SAVED;  Thank You  Jesus  Christ  for  our Salvation made possible by Your  shed  BLOOD  )

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Even  after  over 11+  years  of  an  American  military   presence  in  Iraq  and  civil  war  in  Egypt, Libya  and  Syria  the  Biblical  Prophecies  guarantee  that  even  'MORE'  warfare  is  coming  to  the  Middle  East.  Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and  Al Qaeda  as  well as  the  other  'minions  of Satan'  are  all  just  temporary  terrorist groups sponsored  by  several  Islamic  nations  who have  failed  'time  after  time'  to  defeat  Israel with  their  conventional  armies  and  are  now trying  to  defeat  Israel  with  non-conventional guerrilla  warfare; but  they  too  have failed !   One of the  main reasons why I know  the  Holy Bible  is  the  authentic  WORD  of  the LIVING  GOD   is   because  it  reveals the  future  of  one  of  the  smallest  countries  on  planet  Earth ( Israel  )  very  bluntly.  If  the  Holy  Scriptures  were   a  'Great  Jewish  Conspiracy'  then  it  would  only  have  'positive'  things  to  say  about  this  special  group  of  people  chosen  by  GOD  to  reveal  His  TRUTH  to  the  nations.   The  reality  of  it  all  is  that  the  Holy  Bible  is  like  a  'mirror'  that   reveals  the  wickedness  of  all  men   who  depart  from  the  Holy  laws  of  GOD  our  CREATOR.  According  to  most  conspiracy  theorists   the  Jews  are  out  to  conquer  the  world  via  the : banking  institutions, the  movie industry  and  democratic  politics;  but  the  truth  and  reality  is  that   all  through  the  Holy  Bible  we  see  GOD  having  to  punish  them  'time  and  time'  again  for   their  rebellion   and  disobedience  !!!  In  Egypt  we  see  the  Jews  being  enslaved  for  some  200- 400  years, when  the  Roman  Empire   conquered   the  region  and  initiated  the  diaspora  it  is  estimated  that  almost  one  million  Jews  were  slaughtered  by  the  Roman  Legions  and  I  don't  see  any  greater  punishment  for   a  people  than  to  be   without  a  home  country  for  over  1800+  years   ( and i'm not even detailing all the suffering at the hands of the Babylonians  and  Assyrians  and  even  by  Hitler  and  the  Russian  Gulags  )  !!!  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   even  'MORE'  warfare  is  coming  to  the  Middle  East  according  to  the  Prophecies  of  Ezekiel;   Russia  and  several  Islamic  nations  will  ally  themselves  to  try  and  take   'Israel  out'  in  the  future  but  you  and  I  know   how  great  their  failure  will  be  and  there  are  hints  that   limited  nuclear  weapons  will  be  used.  As  this  war   ends  both  Russia  and  several  Islamic  countries  suffer  great  military  defeat;  afterwards  the  peace  will  be  shortlived  because   according  to  yet  another  Prophecy  the  Beast  with  10  Horns  will  blitzkrieg  into  the  Middle  East  to  fill  in  the  'void  and  vacuum'  left  behind  by  the  U.S.A  and  Russia  as  well  as  to  take  advantage  of  a  weak  &  defeated  Islamic  Middle  East  !
It  is  not  just  that  the  great  world  powers  are  fighting  over  the  oil  pipelines  of  the  Middle East,  it is no secret that  neither the : USA, Russia, the EU  nor  China  want   the vast oil reserves  of the region  falling into the 'wrong hands'  ( Al Qaeda, ISIS  etc )   but they also don't want  it falling  into one another's hands if they can help it  !!!  There  is  a  great  'spiritual  war'  taking  place  behind  the  scenes  for  the  very  fate  of  not  only  the  regions  great  'energy  resources'  but  specifically for the very fate  and  destiny of  Israel   and  Jerusalem...When  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  takes  place;  Jesus  himself  warns  the  Jews  of  the  future  to  run  to  the  mountains  because  of  the  impending  military  blitzkrieg  that  the  'Little  Horn'  will  launch,  when  the  Abomination of Desolation  takes  place  the  'Little  Horn'  will  have  already  occupied  many  Middle  East  Islamic  countries  just  as  the  U.S.  military  did  in  'Operation  Desert  Storm'  in  the  past  !!!  The  Prophet  Daniel  prophesied  that  the  end  will  come  like  a  flood  with  one  war  following  yet  another  war  until  the  very  end  ( Daniel  9 : 26 )  As  the  United  States   retreats  out  of  the  Middle  East  little  by  little;  watch  for  Russia  to  insert  itself  as  the  ally  of  these  Islamic  countries  and  when  Russia  is  defeated  in  the  coming  war  of  Ezekiel  38  watch  for  the  'Little  Horn'    to  take  full  military  advantage  of  it  all  and  by  inserting  his  military   apparatus  into  the  Middle  East;   because   just  as  the  4th  Beast  once  dominated  the   Middle  East  in  the  times  of  the  ancient  Roman  Caesar's  Bible  Prophecy  'GUARANTEES'  that  the  same  4th  Roman  Beast  will  once  again   rise  to  power  in  the  form  of  a  10  headed  Beast  !!!
While   GOD  has  poured  out  His  HOLY  justice  upon  His  own  'Chosen  People'   for  literally  centuries   because  of  their  continual  disobedience   this  in  'NO'  way  leaves  the  Gentile  nations   out  of  the  coming  'Wrath  of  a  Holy  GOD'  GOD  will  not  let  unrepentant  sinners  be  they  Jew  or  Gentiles  off  so  easily;  for  in  this  life  and  in  the  Day  of  Judgement  all  men  will  have  to  give  an  account  to  their  CREATOR  :  GOD  for  every  deed  and  word  they  ever  did  !!!  Yet,  the  greatest  evidence  that  the  HOLY  BIBLE  is  the  WORD  of  THEE  LIVING  GOD  is  because  it   guarantees  that  it  will  all  end  in  the  Valley  of  Armageddon;  and  isn't  this  where  its  all  heading  ?  What is  the statistical  probability  that  a  Hebrew  Prophet  could  have   predicted  that  out  of  190+ future  nation  states  the  last  war  would  take  place  for  the  fate  of  Jerusalem,  Israel ?   Do  you  naively  believe  that   Muslim  Terrorist  groups  and  their  financiers  ( Saudi Arabia, Iran & others )   will  soon  give  up  and  let  Israel  alone  &  in  peace ?  The  U.S.   Military  with  all  of  its  'think  tanks'  and  military  advisers  was  inept  in  establishing  true  change  in  its  11+  years  in  Iraq,  The  future  'Little  Horn'  will  'NOT'   have  anything  similiar  to  an  American  Foreign  Policy  once  he  gets  absolute  power  by  the  10  King's,  he's  going  to  do  something  similiar  to  Adolph  Hitler  ( blitzkrieg *)   but  with   vengeance;  because  he  knows  that  he  has  but  42  months  to  do  what  he  must  do.  Neither  :  Annapolis, the U.S. War College,  the  CIA  nor  the  NSA  have  the  remotest  clue  of  what   is  coming;  Bible  Prophecy  does  !!!  There  is  a  GOD  in  Heaven   who  is  not  a  'Time  Traveler'  nor  an  'Ancient  Astronaut'  but  a  CREATOR  whom  the  very  heavens  of  the  heavens  cannot  contain  and   who  knows  the  end  of  all  of  His  creations  before  their  very  beginning  !!!  My  name   is  Mario  Romano;  and  I  work  for  the  very  CREATOR  who  designed   all  the  DNA  codes,  for  the  very  CREATOR    who  created  and  sustains the   billions+  of  Galaxies  and  everything  in  them  !!!   The  Apple  Corporation  will come  and  go,  the Microsoft  Corporation  will  come  and  go  and  so  will  all  Earthly  Empires;  but   of  His  Kingdom  their  shall  be  'NO'  end  ***  My  boss   is  an   ex-Jewish  carpenter  and  He  presently  holds  all   power  both  in  Heaven  and  on  earth   ( Matthew  28 :  18  ) His  name  is  JESUS   CHRIST  !!!