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It  was   sixty   years  ago  that  the  foundation  for  the  modern   European   Union  was  first  laid  out  in the  city  of  Rome  in  1957.   This  Saturday, March  25, 2017   twenty  seven  leaders  of  the  European  Union  gathered  on  the  'Roman  Palazzo'  to  once  again  reiterate  their  continued  support  for  this  'Unfinished   European  Union'  and  signed  yet  again  another  statement   (  Rome  Declaration  )  reiterating  their  continued  support   and  commitment   to  integrating  the  European  Continent   despite  the  'Brexit'  in  process.

When  this  'Student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  and  world  history  meditates  and  takes  a  'step  back'  to absorb  it  all  and  to  consider  the  'Great  Big  Picture'  he  is  able  to  witness  that  Babylon  the  1st  Beast is  no  more,  that  Medo-Persia   is  also  no  more  and  that   the  home  of  Alexander  the  Great  : Greece-Macedonia  ( 3rd Beast )  long  ago  was  absorbed  and  devoured  somewhat  by  the  4th and  final  Roman  Beast   !!!   The  geography  of  modern  day  Babylon : Syria  and  Iraq  are  in  shambles, both  are still  going through  what seems like an unending  civil  war,  Medo-Persia for its part   is  no  world  power,  the  Iranian  economy  is  in  crisis  and  despite   their  once  great  achievements  in  the  past   Iran  ( Persia )  long  ago  passed  its  'Golden  Age'  and  has  chosen  to  live  in their own 'Dark Ages'  brought about  by  Islam;  instead  of   diversifying their  economy; they continually  choose  to put  their  focus  upon  the  destruction  of  Israel  at  all  costs,  they  are  still  trying  to complete  their  nuclear  ambitions  and  because of this their  'CURSE'  continues  to  grow  !!! ( Genesis  12 : 2-3   )  

Out  of  all  the  4  Beasts  of  Daniel   it  is  'NO'  coincidence  to  this Bible Prophecy  student  that   the  Roman  Beast   is  the  only  one       ( out of the  other 3  )  celebrating  60  years  of  the Treaty  of  Rome      ( This is the only one of the previous 3 Beasts Celebrating  something*)   in  the  very  same  geographic  place  ( City of Rome*)   that  the  Roman Caesars  once  ruled  most  of  the  Mediterranean   region  including  Israel   almost  two  thousand  years  ago  !!!  Some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers   believe that  ancient  Babylon  is  going to once again  be rebuilt  somewhere  in  Iraq  in the last days,  'BUT'  according to  the Book  of  Revelation   there  is  only  one  'KEY'  city  symbolically  mentioned  by  geography  with  no  need  of  any  complex   interpretation  and  it  is  : ROME !!!  (  Book  of  Revelation  17 : 18  )  And  if  that  wasn't  enough,  out  of  all  the  4  Beasts  of  Daniel;  only  one  of  them   is  trying  to  become  the  neutral  'Peacebroker'  between   Israel  and  the Palestinians   and   it  is  the  descendants   of  the  4th  Western  Beast  : France, EU; Rome*** (  and  not  'Babylon : Iraq'  not  'Medo-Persia : Iran'  ( Persia )  and   Greece   ( 3rd Beast )  is  in  no  position  to   financially  sponsor  any   prolonged  foreign   peace  projects   !!!   

The  Treaty  of  Rome  was  signed  on  March  25, 1957  by  six  European  Countries  in  a  Roman  Hall   covered  with  rich  artwork   of  European  and  Roman  history.  This  time  even  the  highest   religious   figure  of  Roman  Catholicism  was  there : Pope  Francis  who  even  had  a  'one-on-one'   talk  with  Germany's  Angela   Merkel   !!!   Pope  Francis  delivered  a  speech  that  warned  the  leaders  of  the  European  Union  that  the  union  'risks  dying'  if  the  EU's  nations  and  citizens  choose  to  turn   inwardly  into  'isolated  states.'

While  the  EU  'Pessimists'   see  a  European  Union  on  the  verge  of   'Disintegration'  the  EU  'Optimists'   see  a  union  that   has  produced  60  years  of  peace  and  prevented  a  World  War  III  on  the  European  continent  !!!  Since  the  signing  of  the  Treaty  of  Rome  in  1957,  the  bloc  has   quadrupled  in  size;  it  is  presently  in  this  March  of  2017  thee 'Largest   Trading  Bloc  in  the  World  and  is  home  to  the  world's  largest  single  market  with  500+  million   consumers  !

Some  may  ask   what's  the  'Biblical  Prophetic'  significance  of  it  all  ?   On  May  1948,  the  State  of  Israel  once  again   'Re-Appeared'   on  the  political  scene,  quite  obviously  and  very  unfortunately;  had  it  not  been  for  the  Holocaust   and  WW II,  most  of  the  remaining  Jews  who  managed  to  survive   throughout  Europe  would  not  have   found  it  necessary   to  return  to  their  original  homeland  'then  and  there'  
( 1940'S )  after  the  great  persecution  and  horrors  that  were  perpetrated  upon  the  Jewish  people  in  most  of  Europe.  (  and  on  a  more  personal  note,  the 'Re-Birth'  of  Western  Roman  Empire   also  means   that  : you, me  and  over  6+  billion  other  human  beings  are  seriously  running  all  out  of  time  !!! )  GOD  Almighty   'DECREED'  a  very  specific  time  period   for  all  the  Kingdoms  of  this  world  to  come  to  a  conclusion  and  it  shall  be  that : 'In  the  days  of  those  10  King's   that  thee  GOD  of  Heaven  shall  set  up  a  Kingdom  that  shall  never  be  destroyed  nor  conquered.' !!!   (  Daniel  2  :  44  )

This  second  rated  'Student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  forewarns  everyone  that  although  the  present  European  Union   may  seem  to  some  to  be  on  the  brink  of  some  type  of  'Disintegration'  and  'Breakup'   the  'day  &  hour'  is  coming  when  nations  will  be  clamoring  to  be  allowed  to  be  'Let  in'  !!!  Very   simply  because   some  'unholy   genius'  is  going  to  turn  and  transform   the  EU   into  thee  strongest  & deadliest   Empire  in  the  history of  planet  Earth  in this  'Final Generation'  !!!

The  upcoming  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  be  somewhat  like  a   'Super CEO'  who  is  going  to  'turn  around'  what   seems  like  a  doomed  Company  ( in this case  the  EU*)   that  is seemingly  on  the  brink  of : disaster, insolvency, collapse  and  bankruptcy;  into  the  world's  greatest  Empire  through  his   'unholy  dark  wisdom'  and  leadership.  There  are  several  cases  of  mega  companies  that  have  been  saved   by  a  mere  change  in  'LEADERSHIP'  and  even  though  the  EU  is  not  a  Corporation,  it  is  nonetheless  thee  greatest  : economic,  military  and  political  alliance  ( human organization*)  on  planet  Earth  that  is  suffering  because  of  a  lack of  a  true  centralized  leader  with  a  clear  vision.  Someone  is  coming  who  is  going  to  do  to  the  EU  what  Steve  Jobs  did  with  the  Apple  Corporation   years  ago;  and  that  someone  is  going  to destroy  all  those  who  oppose  him  &  his  vision;  with  his unearthly  human  powers !!!  ( Daniel 8 : 24 )  Steve  Jobs  almost  single-handedly  managed  to   'turnaround'  and  save   his  company  and  under his leadership  Apple Stock  rose  an  unbelievable  9000%,  he  also  managed  to  change  the  image  of  Apple  ( Apple was on its way of  ending like : Kodak, IBM  & others)  'BUT'  the  greatest  tragedy  in  all  of  this  is  that  Steve  Jobs  in  effect   is  one  of   many  men  who  have  'gained  the  world'   but  'lost  their  own  soul'   in  the  process   !!!

Yes,  'presently'  the  European  Union  seems  like  the  'Titanic'  the  doomsayers   say  it  is  sinking; that  it  is  taking  in  too  many : Islamic  Immigrants,  carrying  too  many  national  debts  and  that  it  will  go  the  way  of  the  dinosaurs; 'BUT'  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  that  same  'REGION'  West  of  Israel  'SHALL'  produce the : deadliest, unholiest  and  most  ravenous  Beast  ( empire)  that  planet  Earth   will  ever  have  produced;   it  is  prophesied  to  utterly  'Devour  and  Trample'  most  of  what  will  be  left  of  the  world  during  the  Tribulation  period  !!!  ( Daniel   7 : 23  )   Let  us  'NOT'  forget   that  GOD  Almighty   is  in  total  control  of  human  history;  the  very  same   'Watchers'  that  are  mentioned  and  revealed  in  Daniel  4 : 13-17   are  'STILL'  very  active   in  the  rise  and  fall  of  earthly  King's  and  Empires  on  this  planet  Earth   !!!  If  you  think  that  only : Russia, the  U.S.A   and  China  have  super  secret   agents   stationed  on  key  regions  of  this  planet  you  have  no  idea;  GOD  has  numerous   Angels  who  despite  operating  in  a  very  fallen  and  corrupt  planet   'STILL'   give  and  take  power  to  whomever   they  wish  to  fulfill  the  Father's  will  on  Earth  as it  is  in  Heaven  !!!  ( voluntarily  or  involuntarily  !!! )  Those  same  'Watchers'  in  Daniel  are  the  same  one's  who   make  sure  that  every   single  Prophecy in  the  Holy Scriptures  is  fulfilled  to  the  very  letter,  to  the  very  jot  & tittle  !!!
 (  and  the  same  'Watchers'  who  saw  to  it  that   Donald  Trump   won  the  U.S. Presidency   against  so  many  odds  and  polls  against  him   !!!    - John  19  :  11  )

This  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  is  not  a  sports  fanatic  ; 'BUT'  he  likens  the  present  state   and  reality   of  the  European  Union   somewhat  to  that  of  the  'New  England  Patriots'  in  the  last  NFL  Superbowl.   The  Patriots  seemed  beaten  with  only  a  few  minutes  left  to  play  and  with  a  28-3  point  defecit  and  yet  against  all  odds  Tom  Brady  with  the  help  of  his  teammates  mounted  one  of  the  greatest  comebacks  in  sports  history  to  the  surprise  of  almost  everyone   !!!  Yes,  the  European  Union  is  going  to  suffer   a  'Deadly  Wound'  ( Revelation 13 : 3  )  and  it  still  must  pass  through  very  'dark  days'  ahead  'BUT'  in  the  end  the  whole  world  is  going  to  be  astonished  when  they  witness  the  finalized  version   of  the  future  European  Union  !!!   (  Revelation   13 : 3   ) 

In  conclusion, this  final  manifestation  of  Daniel's  4th  Roman  Beast   is  proving  indeed  to  be  more  'DIVERSE'  than  the  other  3  that  preceded  it. ( Daniel 7 : 19 )  The  EU  is  part  of  Rome  and  Rome  is  part  of  the  EU   and  in  a  world  dominated   by  consumer   markets  ( international  commerce  )    the  European  Union  continues  to  be  the  largest   trading  bloc  on  planet  Earth  and  'NOT' :  Iran, Iraq, Egypt,Syria   nor  even  Turkey   !!!  Yes,  the  present  state  of  the  European  Union  is  going  to  be  'Re-Tweaked, Re-Vamped'  and   somehow  'Re-Structured'  and  in  the  end   this  Mediterranean   alliance  West  of  Jerusalem  'SHALL'  produce    the  upcoming :  'Prince  that  Shall  Come'   to  'Confirm  a  Covenant  with  Israel and the Many'  not  so  many  years  from  today  !!!

Yes,  the  'Treaty  of  Rome'  signed   in  1957  was  a  finalized   document  'BUT'  because  the  European  Union   kept  adding  members  and  expanding   way  beyond  its  original  six  members  over  the  decades;  numerous  other  treaties  and  agreements  such  as  the  'Shenghen  Agreement'  and  the  'Maastricht  Treaty'   ( and several  others*)  have  been  continually   added  somewhat  to  address   what  we  know  today  as  the  world's  largest  bureaucracy;   the  EU * ...The  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  Ten  King's   will  gather   in  Rome  to  sign   an  agreement  that  will   empower   the  final  Roman  Caesar   with   absolute  powers  not  generally  handed  down  in  any   Western  democracy  and  most  all  political  scientists   know  that  'absolute  power'  corrupts  absolutely  and  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   will  not  be  the  exception   !!!
( Revelation 17 : 13  )

By :  Mario  Romano.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   has  been : 'Watching, Studying  and   Dissecting'   Daniel's  4th  and  Final  Beast  for  two  decades  now  (  He should  have  a  Ph.D  in  the  4 Beasts  of  Daniel*)  in   a  way   I  feel  somewhat  like  a  time  traveler  who  knows  the  future  ( Bible  Prophecy)   but  who  is  powerless  to  stop  and  change  the  destiny  of  anything  'BUT'  what  he  is  allowed  to  do  is  to  'Forewarn'  anyone  who   is  willing  to  listen  what  the  Biblical  Prophecies   guarantee  is  coming  upon  planet  Earth  sooner  than  we  all  can  imagine  in this final  generation !!!

Monday, March 20, 2017


This  past  week  the  President  of  Turkey : Recep  Tayyip  Erdogan  not  only   almost  singlehandedly  managed  to  decimate  the  remote  possibility of  Turkey  ever  joining  the  EU  this: Century, in the Millenium,  in  Eternity or  when hell   freezes  over !!!  'BUT'
Mr. Erdogan,  also   managed  to  offend  along the  way  the almost  'unoffendable  and  pacifist'  ( Germany's )  Angela  Merkel,  as well  as  enrage the Dutch Prime  Minister : Mark  Rutte   as  never  before  in  modern  diplomatic  history of  these  NATO  allies  !!!  Turkey's   initial  application  to  join  the  European Economic  Community  was  first  made  in  1987.   The  EU  for its  part  has  obviously been   giving   Turkey  the  'run-around'  in  its  accession  process  &  ever  since  Mr.Erdogan   and  his 'big  mouth'   rose  to  power  in  Turkey,  the   chances  of  Turkey   ever  being  accepted   into  the  EU  has gone  from an  extreme :  1%  to  0% !!!  ( additionally,  increasing  Islamic  Terrorism  throughout  Europe, Mass  Islamic  immigration  and  an  unstable  Middle  East   has  certainly  'NOT'  benefited   'Islamic  Turkeys'  chances   of   being  admitted  into  the  EU  as  the  only  Islamic   majority  country  in  the  EU* )

In the meantime, the leading newspapers  of  both : Germany  and  Turkey  have  also  gotten  in  on  the 'brawl  &  fist-fight  of  words.'  One of the leading  daily  newspaper  in  Turkey  even  ran  a photoshopped  image  of   Angela  Merkel  dressed  in  a  Nazi  uniform   !!!  Mr. Erdogan is the classic  'Stalinist' (wannabe)  he  is  trying  to  consolidate   all  power  by jailing  anyone  in  Turkey  who  dares  oppose  him  and  is  now  promoting  a  referendum  that will  give  him  almost  absolute  powers;  including  one  that  will  bring  back  the  death  penalty.  ( the upcoming referendum in Turkey  also  will  allow  Mr.Erdogan if  it passes  to :  dissolve  Parliament  and  appoint  Judges )   Mr.  Erdogan   enflamed   European  diplomats   by  accusing  them  ( Germany  and the Neatherlands )  of   being  'fascists  and  remnants  of  Nazism'  and  he  didn't stop there he also accused  the Neatherlands  of  massacring  Muslims  in  Srebrenica  during  the  Bosnian  War  in  1995   !!!  (  Mr. Erdogan,  'the  hypocrite'  never  wants  to admit what  Turkey did to   1.5  million  Armenians  during  World  War  I,   but  he  is  quick  to  throw  stones  at   the  dark  and  shameful  history  of  others* )

What does  Turkey's  Erdogan  benefit from all of this, you might ask ?   very  simply  a  perfect  'Scapegoat',  a   'Bogeyman' : The  West, the  EU and  even  Israel  sometimes !!!  Mr.Erdogan  wants  to  brainwash  most  of  his  fellow  countrymen  that  the  whole  world  is  against  them;  the  Kurds,  the Greeks, Saudi Arabia, and now even  Germany  and  the  Neatherlands  too  !!!  Half  of  Turkey  is  'NOT'  drinking  his  'Cool-Aid'  but  the  other  half  are  afraid  of  what  might  happen  if  they  don't  march  to  his  drums  !!!  ( Mr.Erdogan  has  threatened  to  ban  : Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp  and  several  other  social  media  websites  in  order  to  do  the  same  thing : North  Korea  and  China   already  does  to  a  degree  !!!  )

Bilal   Erdogan,  the son of  Turkey's  President   Mr. Erdogan   is involved in ISIS illegal  oil  smuggling  and  it  is  no  secret  that he is raking in  'millions  upon  millions'  of  dollars  as  a middleman.  Bilal  has  already  been  caught  laundering  money  for  ISIS  in  Italy  and  the  Russians  long ago  caught him  red-handed   too  !!! 

The Neatherlands  did  not  approve  of  Erdogan   promoting his referendum  on  their foreign  soil  and  even  Turkish  law  prohibits  it  in the first  place,  but   because  Mr.Erdogan  is  trying  to  follow   the   political  footsteps  of   the likes of  Putin and others,  he  doesn't care  much  for  'Laws'  the  rules  don't  seem  to  apply  to  him  'BUT'  he  sure  is  trying  to  make  the  rules  apply  against  all  of his:  critics, political  opponents  &  anyone  else  he  deems  doesn't  see  the  world  as  he  does !!!

Turkey  ( Asia  Minor ; Anatolia*)   is  a  great  case  in  point  of  what  the  Church  without  the  Holy  Spirit   will   transform  into.  (   Spiritually  dead  congregations  full  of  man-made  traditions *)  The  original  7  Churches  in  Revelation  were  all  in  what  we  call  modern  Turkey,  yet   most  of  the  small  230+ Churches  still  open  and attended  throughout  Turkey  are  Orthodox  & who  are  heavy  into traditions  and  Icons !!!   Great  persecution  and   genocide  against  Christians through the centuries  has  greatly   diminished  the  Christian  population in that specific  region of the world.   Additionally,  the once  great  Church  buildings  of  the  Byzantine  era  have  long  been  converted  into  Islamic  Mosques   !!!
The  EU  vs. Turkey   diplomatic   'war  of  words'  began  when   the  Dutch  government  barred  the  aircraft  of  the  Turkish  Minister  of  Foreign  Affairs : Mevlut  Cavusoglu   from  landing  on  Dutch  soil  as  well  as  by  expelling  the  Turkish  Minister  of  Family  and  Social  Policies : Fatma Betul   Sayan  Kaya  from  the  Neatherlands;  in  response  Turkey  expelled  the  Dutch  Ambassador  from  Ankara  and  Mr. Erdogan   began  to  let  out  in  the  open  words  and  feelings  that  he  has   against   the  EU  and   been  repressing  for  quite  a  while   !!!  Both  Germany  and  the  Neatherlands   demanded   an  apology  from  Mr.Erdogan  but  thus  far  Mr.Erdogan  only  seems  to  be  adding  fuel  to  the  fire  !!!   Mr.  Erdogan  full  of  fury,  called  out  all  the  Turks  living  in  Germany  to   not  only  have  3  children  but  5   in  a  bid  to  multiply  their  presence  in  the  European  Continent    so  that  in  a  few  decades  they  will  be  the  future  of  Europe  !!!

The  Holy  Bible   tells  us   that    'Out  of  the  abundance of the heart  speaketh  the  mouth'  and  if  it  still  was  any  mystery  what  Turkey's  Erdogan's    real  long  term  plans  are  for :  Turkey and  the  region  the  entire   world  just  got  to  hear  just  what  is  deep, deep   inside  the  heart  of  Erdogan  and  what  is  truly  lurking  in  this   man  who  wants  to  become  the  next  :  Saddam  Hussein, the next  Gaddafi  and  Assad   of  the  region.  ( some  men  never  learn  from history !!! )

If  you  didn't  know;  some  3+  million  Turkish  Muslims  presently  live  in  Germany  alone. Germany   began  to  accept   millions  of  temporary  workers  during  the  1960's  because  it  needed  them  ( workforce  )  'BUT'  as  is  customary   the  Turks  never   returned  back  to  Turkey  and  today   it  is  estimated  that  almost  80%  of   Turks  in  Germany  receive  some  form  of  social  assistance  ( welfare ).

The  Turkish  referendum   being promoted  by  Mr.Erdogan  is  scheduled  for  April  16  of  this  year  ( 2017 )  and  it  concerns  a  series  of  constitutional  amendments  that  if  approved  will   transform  Turkey   from  a  Parliamentary  Democracy  to  a   Presidential  system  that  would  give  Mr.Erdogan   the opportunity   to  run  two  more  times  as  the  leader  of  Turkey  until  the  year  2029  !  ( somewhat  something  similar  like  what  Putin pulled  off  years  ago  in  Russia *)

Thank  GOD  Almighty  that  Turkey  is  'NOT'  a  nuclear  power  !!!  If  you  are  a  regular  visitor  to  you  are  very  well   aware  that    Turkey  is  "NOT"  going  to  be  the  Epicenter  of  any  Islamic  Caliphate   !!!   (  some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  are  promoting  this  erroneous  idea  but   that's  their  interpretation *)     NATO   months  ago   perceived  that  Mr.Erdogan    had  'unholy  totalitarian  ambitions'  and    several months  ago  removed  all  NATO  nuclear  missiles  and  armaments  from  Turkey  so that they  wouldn't  fall  in  the  wrong  hands  of  some  Islamic   Caliphate   wannabe : Mr. Erdogan*

According  to  a  recent  poll   'most'  of  the  population  of  Turkey  does  'NOT'  approve  of  where  Mr.Erdogan  is  leading  the  country,  'BUT'  because   he  is  persecuting  any  and  all  dissent  most  remain  quiet,  most   people of Turkey  rather  enjoyed  the  secular   past  of  their  country, today  their  is  a  fear  of  where  there  country  is  headed  and  most  know  that   its  farther  and  farther  away  from   the  European  Union  and  closer  and  closer   to   what  : Saddam  Hussein  and  Bashar-Al  Assad  in  Syria   took  their   respective  country  to*

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  always :  interpreted, believed  and  taught   that  Islamic  Turkey  is  'NOT'  going  to  be  a  producer  of  any  of  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation.  The  truth  is  that  Islam  is  a  'Kingdom  Divided'  and  a  Kingdom  divided   against  itself  ( Sunni vs.Shiite)    cannot  stand  forever   and most certainly  Islam  nor  the  Arab  League  are  no exception  !!!    The  truth  is  that  the  Arab  League   is  not  anywhere  united  : politically, militarily  nor  economically  as  the  Europeans  are  in  the  Eurozone  and  the  EU  and  NATO  !!!
(  if  Islam  were  to  be  truly  one  they  would  have  decimated  and  defeated  Israel   'long, long'  ago  !!!  )

In  sum,  Turkey   will  fully  turn  against  Israel  in  these  last  days; Mr.Erdogan  long  ago  already  showed  his  'true  colors'  as  well  as  his  true  face;  he  is  playing   all  sides, sometimes  he  makes  deals  with : ISIS,  then   with  Putin's  Russia  and   he  is  presently  supposed  to  be  on  good  terms  with  Israel  'BUT'  we  all  should  know  by  now  what  he  is  up  to  and  that  is  that  he  wants  Turkey  and  himself  at  the  helm  of  a  new  Islamic  Caliphate  'BUT'  that's  never  going  to  happen,  the  Islamic  world  is  'way, way'  too  divided  and  : ISIS, AL Qaeda, Iran, Saudi Arabia  as  well  as  the  Arab  League  and  several  other  Islamic   powerbrokers  sure  do  'NOT'  trust  anyone  else  to  tell  them  what  to  do  and  Turkey's  Erdogan  is  no  exception  !!!  (  everything  is  going  to  blow  up  on  Mr.Erdogan's  face  in  the  future,  just  you  see*  )

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   in  'NO'  way  is  enjoying  the  present  state  of  our   fallen  planet  filled  with   an  almost  perpetual   state  of  warfare,  nor  does  he   delights  in  the  death  and  destruction  of  the  wicked.   Satan  has  so  'DECEIVED'  most  of  humanity  that  we  are  in  no  position  to : laugh, gloat  or  celebrate  the  'eternal   death'  of  so  many  human  souls  that  were   created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'   and  who  choose  out  of  their  own  'freewill'  to  ignore  and  reject   : JESUS  CHRIST   and  His  gift  of  Eternal  Life  to  anyone  who  'REPENTS'  of  their  sins  and  asks  Him  for  forgiveness.  The  Holy  Scriptures   reveal  to  us   that  as  bad  and  evil  as  this  generation  is   there  have  been   even  worse  one's  in  the  past   and this final  one   is  'NOT'  going  to  be  exempted  from  the   Wrath  and  Judgement  of  our  Holy  Creator  !!!

Monday, March 13, 2017


We  human  beings   on  planet  Earth  were   created  in  the  backdrop  of  an ever ongoing  eternity.  The  vast  hierarchies  of  Angels : Archangels, Seraphims,  Cherubims  and  all  other  regular  angels  were  created  long, long,long   before   we   were  created  by  GOD  Almighty  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  !  Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Jesus  Christ;  eternity  has  been  going  on  longer  than our  'FINITE'  ( limited ) brain can : imagine,  reference  and  comprehend  !!!  (  I  think  that  we can all  agree  that  it is not the  year 2017  nor  the  Hebrew  year  5777  in  the  3rd  Heaven  nor  in  Eternity***)   This  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  reminds  everyone  that  our  Omnipresent  creator  is  'NOT'  limited just to  the 3rd  Heaven  or  to  this  1st  Heaven;   for  He is able to be  present  in 'ALL'  the  other  Trillions+  of  His  other  galaxies  that  He  also created  in the 2nd  Heaven  for  His  sheer  pleasure  too !

GOD,  this   vessel   that  you  gave  life  to  on  planet  Earth   asks  that   your   Holy  Spirit will guide  him  to  all  truth  concerning  this  subject;  for it  is  You and You  alone  who  reveals secrets    to  Your  servants  and  to  all  those  who  fear  and  honor   Your  Holy  Name  : YHWH : JESUS  CHRIST .  Just  as  the  population  of  the  living 
( beings &  living  things ) exceeds  trillions+  on  Earth  so  it  is  in  the other Heavens; ( on Earth as it is in Heaven*)  this entire Universe is  'FULL'  of other  creations also  created by  GOD Almighty : Thee Holy  One of  Israel  !!!

GOD  Almighty   is  thee  Creator  and  Sustainer  of  Trillions+   in  the  3rd  Heaven,  of 'Trillions  upon  trillions'  in  the  2nd  Heaven;  were  literally  trillions  of  other  galaxies   reside  and  of  trillions+    of  'livings  things'  on  planet  Earth  alone  that  include  : human beings,  animals, insects  and  other  living things not  yet discovered  nor  categorized  by  the Smithsonian's Institution Department of Entomology   !!!  (  in reality   the  population  at any one time of insects alone on Earth is over : 10,000,000,000,000,000,000+   quintillion  of  individual  insects   alone  !!! ) Very  truly, because  GOD   exists  and  lives  we  'ALL'  live  !!!  It  is  also  estimated  the total number of individual animals on Earth  surpasses : 20,000,000,000,000,000,000+   quintillion  or  20 billion-billion !!!  ( source :  Brian Tomasik : Mathematician, Computer Science expert  and  animal  rights  advocate. According to his data  on animal groupings & the animal kingdom  his figures  exceeded  the  trillions+  quite  easily*) GOD  Almighty  feeds  and  sustains  all  of   His  creation;  for  He  makes  His  sun  rise  on  the evil  and on  the  good,  and  sends  rain  on  the  just  and  on  the  unjust  !!!  -  Matthew  5 : 45  

Planet  Earth  is  like a 'Prodigal Planet.'   We  are  like that  one  sheep  that   did  go  astray,  but  the  other  99   did  'NOT'   !!!  ( Luke 15 : 4 )  GOD   is  populating   eternity  with  different  levels  of creation; we were  created  a  little  lower  than  the  Angels !!!  ( Psalm 8:5 , Hebrews 2:7 )  GOD   is  'NOT'  limited  to  only  creating  Angels  and  human  beings, He  is  more  than  capable  of  creating  different  levels of  creation  in the  rest  99.999%  of  this  Universe  that  are  'innocent'  and   that  can 'NOT'  sin   against  Him  and  'NO'  not  everyone  was  created  in  'His  Image.' ***  It  is  not  just  that  GOD   always  'thinks outside of the box'  it's  that  the  whole  box   itself  only  exists  because   GOD  himself  made  it  possible  for the box to  exist  in  the  first  place   !!!  Truly,  His  ways  are  not  our  ways,  nor  His  thoughts  ours; GOD  is  an  'Infinite   Eternal  Spirit'  with  infinite  and  unlimited  powers.   We   humans  are  'Finite'  beings  with   a limited  capacity  of   understanding  and  knowledge***   (  Isaiah   55 : 8 - 9  )

Disclaimer  :  When  this  student  of  Theology  and  Bible  Prophecy   teaches  about  this subject  he  is  'NOT'  referring  to  nor  alluding  to : extra-terrestrials  nor  ancient  aliens  !!! Mario,  believes  that  this  planet  Earth  is  under  some  type of  a  'Quarantine'   established  by GOD  Almighty  and  that  Satan  and  all  of  the  Fallen  Angels  have   been  having  : skirmishes, battles  and other  spiritual  confrontations  all  over  our  atmosphere  ( sky ) in  our heaven   above  us  all  that  will  finally  end  with  the  epic  &  decisive  'War  in Heaven' mentioned  in Revelation  12:7   ( Daniel 10 : 13, Jude  1 : 9  )   It  appears  that  when  Satan  was   initially  cast  out of  heaven   and  thrown  into  this planet  'involuntarily' with  the 3rd  part  of the Fallen Angels  that  they  were  : cornered,  isolated  and  temporarily  imprisoned  exclusively  to  this  planet.  ( to some degree, planet Earth is a Prison  Planet  !!! )   Although Satan still has some access  to  Heaven  it  is  limited,  we  see  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  him accusing  us  before   GOD.  What is happening behind the scenes  of  our  everyday  life  is  an epic  war  for  the  entire  fate  of  billions  of  human  souls  and   the destiny of entire  nations   spanned  through  over  80+ human generations, 'UNFORTUNATELY'  Satan  has  managed  to  deceive  and  spiritually enslave the  vast  majority of  humanity  through  the  centuries;  leading them astray  through the wide and  broad  road  that  leads  to  destruction ( hell  ) Matthew 7:13

Eternity  did  'NOT'  begin   in  Genesis  1,  Genesis  1,  is  our  insertion  into  eternity  by  GOD  Almighty.   Genesis  1  is  our  beginning  within  eternity  that  has  been  going  on  long, long before   our  finite  brain   can   begin  to  comprehend  !!!   ( Job   38 : 4  )   Whether  you  believe  that  planet  Earth is  some  7  thousand  years  old, 7 million  years  old  or  even  7  billion  years  old;  that's  still  like a  'drop  in  the  bucket'  and  like  a  single  grain  of  sand  on  the  beach  or  like  a  single  drop  of  rain  falling  on  a  vast  ocean  and  before  eternity  itself  !!!   Adam  and  Eve, you and I and all the other billions+  of  human  beings   that  have  been  born on  planet  Earth   were  encapsulated   like  inside  a  giant  hour-glass  sphere     ( planet  earth )  time  capsule  that  was  decreed   only  a  very  specific  allotted   amount  of  time  before   it  will  be   totally  destroyed
( 7  thousand  years*)  according to the Book of Revelation  this   planet  will  be  destroyed  'AFTER'  the  Millenium  !!!  (  Revelation   21 : 1  & 20 : 11 )  It  is  'NOT'   the  goal  or  mission  of   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   to  'Pop'   anyone's  Theological  belief  that  they  are  GOD's  most  special  creation;  the truth is that  GOD  has  been  in  the  Creation  business   long  before  planet  Earth  was  even  ever  created  and  He  will  keep  on  creating  throughout  all  eternity   even  more  creations   that  serve   a  unique  purpose  to  His  eternal  and  sovereign  plans;   and   'NO'  it  doesn't  all  end  with  us   !!!

 For  all  that  is  secret  will  eventually  be  brought  into  the  open, and everything  that  is  concealed  will  be  brought  to  light  and  made  known  to  all.   - Luke  8 : 17

What  you  are  reading  is   a  piece  in  a  series  of  articles
( commentary*)  that  deal   with  :  things,  places, events   and  an  eternity  past  that  preceded    us  human  beings  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  some  6  thousand  years  ago.  GOD  Almighty  our  Creator  'NEVER'  meant  to  reveal  everything  to  His  Prophets  found  in  the  Holy  Bible.  This  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  merely  trying  to  connect   just  another  piece  of  the   infinite  jigsaw  puzzle  into  what  previous  and  other  servants  of  GOD   have  been  revealed  through  the  Centuries  and  up  until  today.  If  you  think  this  'Fallen  Planet'   replete  with : fallen  Angels , demons, death  and  an  almost  unending number of  diseases  is  an  amazing  place,  can  you  imagine   what  it  would  be  like   without  the  'Fall'   ever  having  taken  place  ?

Each  year  corporations  like  :  Sony, Toyota, Apple, Samsung  and  several  others  introduce  a  better, sleeker  and  improved   product  than  their  last  generation  product.  GOD  our  Creator  could  have  easily   have  created   us  human  beings   'superior'   in  every  way   to  even  the  Angels  'BUT'  he  didn't.   Brother  Derek  Prince  in  his  book  'War  in  Heaven'  put  it   best  when  he  stated  that  GOD  could  have  easily  have  done  that;  but  He  didn't  simply  because   He  had  to   show  His  righteousness   to  all  of  His  Angels,  some   who  very  probably  and  likely   'questioned'   GOD's   justice  and  righteousness  !!!   Another  Theologian  added  that  the  Fall  that  Satan   initiated   in  Heaven   contaminated   the   holiness  of  GOD's  original   creation; Satan  had  introduced  'INIQUITY'   and   either  GOD   could  have   destroyed  all  of  His  creation  and  started  all  over  again  or  He  could  rectify  it  all  only  through  the  direct  atonement  of  His  only  begotten  son : Jesus  Christ.  Jesus  Christ  was  thee  'ONLY'  one  capable  of  carrying out  the atonement   for  all  of  humanity   !!!  The  McDonald's  Corporation  boasts  of  having  served  billions  of  hamburgers  'BUT'   GOD  has  been   in  the  creation  business  long, long  before   mass  production   was  invented  here  on  planet  earth  and  when  this  student  of  patterns  studies  this  subject  he  knows  fully  well  that  GOD  Almighty   is  running   'Multiple  Creations'  in  all  three  Heavens  all  at  the  same  time  and  the  population  of  all  'living  things'  just  on  planet  Earth  alone  surpasses   the  trillions+   when  you  count  the  population of : Insects, animals, human beings  and  other spiritual  beings  not  visible  to  our  naked  eyes  !!!

The  very   powers  and  authority   that  the  'Watchers'  and  Angels  of  GOD   possess   tells  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   and  Theology  that  GOD  created  them  to  be  His : servants, messengers, overseers  &  enforcers   throughout   all  of  His  creations.  GOD  did  'NOT'  create   trillions+  of  Angels  to  be  idle  in  the  darkness  of  deep  space;  nor to just  float  on  clouds,  it  should  be rather  obvious  that   they  all  have  different  assignments  in  all  the  3  Heavens  !!!   Angels, according to the Holy  Scriptures  do  'NOT'  need : oxygen, water  nor  food  to  survive  nor  are  they  affected one bit by the radiation  of  the  sun  or  stars  in  the  heavens  !!!   (  Revelation   19 : 17  )  This  Universe  is  teeming   with  different  creations  very  different  from  us; GOD  is  more  than  capable  of  creating  different  'LEVELS'  of  living  things  and  beings  just  as  we  share  this  planet  with  the  different  Kingdoms  of  animals  and  insects  we  also  know  that  'millions  upon  millions'  of  : fallen  Angels, demons  and   Watchers  of  GOD  are  operating   just  on  this  one  planet  in  this  Universe  and  this  student  of  Astrobiology  and  Theology  can  only  imagine  what  is  taking  place  in  the  rest  of  the  99.99%  of  this  vast  Universe  with  trillions+  of  other  galaxies   !!!

GOD  loves  all  of  His  creation/s   because  everything   was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!! 
( John 1 :3 and   Colossians 1 : 16 )    Not  everything  was  created  for  the  original  'Son's  of  GOD'  and  not  everything  was  created  for  us  human  beings.  Biblically  speaking   we  were  created    to  be  fruitful  and  multiply  here  on  planet  Earth  and  by  the pure  grace and  mercy of GOD some  of  us  have  been  invited  to  be in  the 'New  Jerusalem'  !!!   We  all  have  to  come  to  the  realization  that   either  all  the  trillions+  of  galaxies  in  this  Universe  are   'DEVOID'  of  other  life-forms  or  that  they  are  inhabitated  by  different   forms  of  life  very  different  from  us   here  on  planet   Earth.  This  insignificant  student  of  Astronomy  and  Theology   personally  believes  that  we  are  'ALL'  wrong  about    our   human  understanding   about  'TIME.'  Albert  Einstein  is  wrong  about  time,  Stephen  Hawking is wrong  about  time  &  so  are  you  and  I  and  every  other  theory  out  there  !!!  My  study  of  the  'Patterns  of  GOD'  indicate  that  GOD  'SHALL"   keep  on  creating  throughout  all   'Eternity  Future'  for  that  is  the  very  nature  of  an  infinite  and  eternal   Creator  and  of  an  Eternity  without  end   !!!  While  the  3rd  Heaven  may  be  full  of  streets  of  gold;  our  present  reality  is  that  you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  human   beings  inhabit   a  fallen  planet  that  seeks  to  corrupt  us  in   every  possible  way  and  with  every  possible  temptation;  the  moment of truth is before  us;  let  us  therefore  put  on  the  'Full  Armor  of  GOD'  and  let  us   continue  to  fight  'The  Good  Fight'  until  the  end  ( 2  Timothy  4 : 7  )

This  student  of Theology and Astronomy;  writes   this  'ARTICLE'   only  as  a  commentary.  A  commentary  that  is  based  upon  things  ( Astronomical  facts*)  that  not  even  the  Prophet  Daniel  nor  Isaiah    were  specifically  aware  of  in  their  time.  When  the  Angel : Gabriel   told  the  Prophet  Daniel   that  'Knowledge  will  multiply  in  the  Last  Days'  he  wasn't   limiting  it  solely  to  technological  breakthroughs  and  human  inventions.  The  science  and  astronomy   during  Daniel's  time   was  nowhere  near  what  it  is  today.  Today  in  this  2017  we  know  all   about  the  microscopic  universe  and  we  now  know  that  we  are  inside  a  giant  galaxy   ( Milky  Way )  that  is   100,000  light  years  across;  and  although  we  now  know  about   trillions  of  galaxies  and  the  DNA  Structure  we  have  'NOT'  been  able  to  conquer  either  of  these  two  !!!

What  this  student  of  Theology  has  learned  in  his  short  and  almost  insignificant  time  here  on  Earth  and  in  this  corrupt   body  plagued  by   sin   is  that   this  entire  Universe   is  somehow  "ALL"  inter-connected  to  GOD  our  Creator; GOD  is  'LIGHT'  and  in  effect   almost  everything  that   has  'LIFE'    contains  energy;  energy  is  made  up  of  Atoms  and  light  is  made  up  of   electromagnetic radiation  and  the  list  goes  on  ( Photons  etc )    Today   we  know  that  our  physical  human  body  is  only  a  temporary  home  to  our  eternal  spirit, the  true and eternal  world   is  the  eternal  world  that  cannot  be  seen  yet  with  our  corrupt  eyes;  but  the  Holy  Bible  guarantees  us  that   it  is  on  the  eternal   that  we  should  put   our  attention  on.

In  the  Book  of  Job   we  get  to  witness  that  there  are  some type  of  'Heavenly  Conventions'  where  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  attend  and  we  learn  in  Job  that  'NOT'  all  the  Angels  were  coming  from  planet  Earth,  nor  the  3rd  Heaven  ( Job 1 : 6 )  It  should  be  rather  obvious  that  other  Angels  are  assigned  to  other  'Galaxies'  and  different  creations,   even  in  all  of  our  Bible  only  3  Angels  are  mentioned  by  name : Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer  and  it  is  that  the  Holy  Scriptures  only  reveals  to  us   the  Angels  that  are  basically  assigned  full time  to  this   fallen  creation  !!!

It  is  without  any  question;  this  Universe   created  by  GOD; the Holy  One  of  Israel  is  teeming  with   different  lifeforms  all  created  by  GOD  Almighty  and  'NO'   not  everyone  one  of  them  is  populated   by  other  beings  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'   !!!

When  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was   researching  more  about  this  topic  most  if  not  all  Theologians   agreed  that   the  Angels  that  were  celebrating  the  creation  of  planet  Earth  in  Job 38 : 7,  were  'NOT'   anywhere  near  created   at the same time as  Adam  and  Eve  in  the  Garden  of  Eden.  You  have  to  understand  that  Angels  were  'NOT'  primarily  created  to  'babysit'  us.  Yes,   since  the  'Fall'  GOD   appointed   some  Angels  to  minister  to  those  of  us  humans  who  are  inheriting   ( heirs)  of  eternal  life  ( salvation )  'BUT'    not  all  Angels  in  the  3rd  or  2nd  Heavens  were  assigned  to  planet  Earth  !!!  ( that would be overkill  )

While  the  Holy  Bible  does  'NOT'  mention  the  specific   population  number  of all  Angels  the  Book  of  Job  alludes  that  there  numbers  are  as  great  as  the  stars  in  the  Heavens,  this  alone  and  the  fact  that  we  now  know  that  there  are   trillions+  of  other  galaxies   would  allow  this  servant  of  GOD  to  'conservatively  estimate'  that  the  number  of  Angels  in  the  Heavens   easily  exceed  :  TRILLIONS +   !!!  

GOD,  did  'NOT'   create   trillions  of  other  galaxies  to  have  them  dead  and  empty  !!!  It's  very  easy  to  dismiss   the  greatness  and  vastness  of  this  Universe  when  neither  you  nor  I   have   had  a  'close-up'  view  of  trillions  of   other  galaxies  that   have  produced  trillions  of  other  solar  systems  and  planets   !!!  It's  like  GOD   creating  a  
'super-mega  mansion'   but  He  is  only  going  to   use  one  room   !!!

What  this  student  of  Theology  has  learned  is   that  GOD  is   offering  us  human  beings  who  were  created  in  His  image   a  place  in  the  heavens  that  'one-third'  of  the  Angels   abdicated  and  a   place   in   the  parable  of  the  'Wedding  Banquet'  that  most  of  our  Jewish  friends   'REJECTED.'  'NO'  one   is  indispensible  to  GOD   !!!  ( Matthew  22 : 9  )

When  this  student  of  Theology  studies   the  Angels  it  is  rather  evident   that  GOD  like  variety  in   all  of  His  Creation.  GOD  delegates  authority  and  the  Angels   are  like  the  supervisors  of  all  of  GOD's  other  creations   throughout  this  Universe.  Angels  are  the  Messengers   of  GOD, they  are  the  Watchers  in  Daniel  who  are  here  to  see  to  it  that  the  will  of  the  Father  is 
EXECUTED   here  on  earth  as  it  is  in  Heaven;  regardless   of  what  'human  Kings'  or   'Fallen  Angels'  and  demonic  Principalities  want  !!!   (  Daniel   4 : 17  )

Yes,   GOD  the  Holy  One  of  Israel, Thee  GOD  of  : Abraham, Isaac  and  Jacob    is  thee  CREATOR   of  : Trillions+   upon  Trillions+   of  other  'Living  Things'   in  this  Universe  and  Beyond  !!!  GOD  is  in  effect  populating  this  Universe  and  Eternity  itself  with   'Life,Love, Truth, Light  &  Holiness'  for  His  Honor; Glory  and  sheer  pleasure  !!!  To  my  advanced  Theological   brothers and sisters in Christ  Jesus  the  number  one  question that always  arises  is  if  Jesus  also  died  for   others ?  The  answer   is  a  simple  'NO'   it  appears  Theologically  and  Biblically  speaking  that  we  are  the  'ONLY'  creation  that   fell  into  sin,  GOD   contained  and  limited  the  fall  and  rebellion  in  the  Second  Heaven  in  a  specific  moment  in  time  and  should  we  human  beings  of  planet  Earth  indeed  be  thee  only  one's  ever  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  then   it  goes  'even more so'  and  without  question  why   so  many  human  beings   ( truly deserve*)  and  have  condemned  themselves  into  an  eternal  hell  alongside  the  Fallen  Angels; becasue  GOD  went  out  of  His  way  to  save  that  which  was  lost  and  yet  the  vast  majority  of  humanity  who  was  created  in  the  very  "Image  of  GOD'  loved  the  darkness  more  than  the  light  of  truth  and  salvation  that  only  JESUS  CHRIST  offers  !!!   

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   concludes   this  article  by  stating  that   'Thee  Most  Important  Thing'  that   every  human  being   must know and  that will  be  held  accountable  since the  Crucifiction  and  Resurrection  of  Jesus  Christ  took  place  here  on  Earth,  is  what  each  and  everyone  one  of  us  did   with  the  'Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ.'  Did  we  accept  it  or  reject  it  ?  Did  we  abide  in  His  words  or  did   we  choose   to  continue  to  live  like  children  of  darkness ?  Jesus  Christ   is  the  only  way  to  the  Father  and  to  eternal  life;  the  blood  of  Jesus  Christ  has  the  full  and  total  power  to   erase  all  of  our  sins  'IF'  we  repent  and  confess  to  Him   all  of  our   sins*  

In  conclusion,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  knows  fully  well  that  GOD  could   continue  to  allow 'billions   upon  billions'  of  new  human  beings  and  souls   into  planet  Earth  'BUT'   GOD  knows about  'quality  control'  ( many are called but few are chosen :  Matthew 22 : 14 )  He   in  His sovereignty  already   knows  and  predestined  who   would  eventually  accept  Him  as  Savior  and Lord.  GOD   has  invited  all  of  humanity  to  partake  of  His  salvation  'BUT'  most  of  humanity   have  willingly  ignored  and  rejected  the  invitation of  their very  own  Creator  : JESUS  CHRIST  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  Mario   has  'NO'  spiritual  jealousy  in  him;  he  fully  knows  and  acknowledges  that  he  was  'NOT'  the  first  and  only  human  being  ever  created  by  GOD  ( you  and  I are  like  number :  12,000,000,000+  billion  )  and  he  also  knows  that   before  GOD  even  created  us  human  beings  on  planet  Earth   GOD  Almighty   already  had  
'TRILLIONS+'  of  others  outside  of   our  Earthly  human  timeframe   and  planet  who   were  already   called   "Son's  of  GOD."  ( Angels  mentioned  in  Genesis  and Book of Job  )

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Just  a  few  years  ago   Emmanuel   Macron   quit  his  job  as  'Deputy  Chief  of  Staff'   and  later  as  the  Economic  Minister  to President  Francois  Hollande.  Macron   had  it  made;  still in his 30's  he  had  his  office  in  one  of  the  most  coveted  places  in  all  of  France :  the Elysee  Palace; the top floor  !!!  Macron  had  already  made  a  small fortune   beforehand  as  an investment  banker  at:  Rothchild & CIE Banque; he neither needed the money  nor  the  attention;  yet   against  all  odds  Emmanuel  Macron  is  now   making  all  the  major  political  parties  in  France  sweat  it  all  out  !!!   Emmanuel  Macron  is :  ambitious, charismatic, eloquent  and  much  younger  than   all  his   rivals  for  the  French  Presidency.  Just  a  few  months  ago  he   was  no  political  threat  to  any  of  the  major  French  political  parties,  today   a  great  'reversal  of  fortune'  has  taken  place;  and  against  all  odds  Mr.Macron  is  now  leading  the pack  for the  French  Presidency !!!

Marine Le Pen  and  Emmanuel  Macron  are  complete  'polar  opposites.'  Le  Pen  wants  a 'Frexit'  while  Macron  wants  a : New European Union.  Le Pen wants to exit  the Eurozone while  Macron  wants  to  reform  it, Le Pen  vows to exit NATO  while  Macron  supports  it !!! Ladies  and  gentlemen; brothers and sisters in Christ, the top  elites of the European  Union   are  on  the  edge  of  their  seats,  'ALL'  the  top  politicos  of  the : EU, NATO and the Eurozone  know fully  well  that   the  upcoming  French  &  German  elections  are  going  to   play  a  huge  role  in  the  future  destiny   of   Europe.   The   final  manifestation  of  the  4th   Roman  Beast  of  Daniel  is  still  undergoing   a  great  transformational   process   that   has  yet  to  produce  its  final  Prophetic  product : The 10  Kings of  Revelation *  Very  truly, the end  is 'NOT'  yet.  Never  have  the  stakes  been  higher for this 'European Project'  never   before  has  a  sitting  French  President  chosen not to run  again  for a second term  like Hollande  and  never  before have  the  two leading and established political parties of France  'IMPLODED'   before  the  French  voters  !!!  ( is this all a mere  'coincidence'  or  is  there  somebody  who  truly  controls  the  rise  &  fall  of  Earthly  Kings ? )

Emmanuel  Macron  the  former  socialist   economy  minister   and   underdog  appears  to  be  breaking  all  the  political  rules  in  France.  No  independent  has  ever  won  the  French  Presidency;  yet  the  continuing  decline  of  Mr.Fillon   and  the  growing  fear  against  a  remote  and  yet  possible  Marine  Le Pen  victory   is  making  Emmanuel  Macron  victory  more  and  more  of  a  political  reality !!!    What  is  amazing   is  that   Macron  has  'NEVER'  been  elected   to  any  political  office  before;  either   locally, nationally  nor  much  less  internationally  !!!  He  doesn't   even  belong  to  any  established  political  party  in  France;  not  even  to  the  'Socialist  Party'  for  whom  he  was  working  under  Francois  Hollande  !!!  President  Donald  Trump  at  least  had   some  of  the  backing  from  the  Republican   Party  'BUT'  what  Macron  is  'pulling  off'  in  France 'IF'  successful  will  eclipse  Obama's  2008  victory  &  Trump's  victory  in  2016;  hands  down  !!!  ( Obama had  the  deep  pockets  of  the  Democratic  Party  as  well  as  the   well-oiled  and  ruthless  'Democratic  Party  Machine'  to  back  him up as  well  as some Senate experience;  Macron has none of those  advantages! )

Marine  Le  Pen  is  promising  that  if  she  wins  she  will  exit  France  from  the  $EURO  and  the  EU   (  the  French  version  of   the  'Brexit'  a  'Frexit'  )  All of  these   things  are  making  not  only  all  members  of  the  European  Union  and  the  Eurozone   very, very  nervous  'BUT'   it  could  severely   endanger   not  only  the  present 'status  quo'   but  also  undermine  the  fragile  and  recuperating :  $EURO  very  simply  because  Le Pen  has  also  promised  to  return  the  French  Franc  into  circulation   and   heavily  guard  the  French  borders  should  she  win   !!!

Some of our new  visitors  here  at  may  ask  whats  the  big  deal  ?  What role  can or does France  play  in  endtime  Bible  Prophecy  ?  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  specializes  in  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   and  who  knows   the  history  of  the  Mediterranean  region   knows  fully  well  that  when  Adolph  Hitler  rose  to  power  he  'Forced'  virtually  all  of  the  German  manufacturing  giants  such  as  :  BMW, Mercedes  Benz, Volkswagen  and  others   to  begin   producing :  tanks, airplanes, ammunition, airplanes, U-boats  and  war  supplies    to  get  Germany  ready   for  Hitler's  European  expansion  plans.  Presently,  only  Germany  and  France  have  the  military  manufacturing  industrial  prowess   to  beef  up  the  European  Union's  military  should  NATO   be  dissolved  in  the  future.

As  this  keen  student  of   world  history  and  especially  of  Western  Civilization  has  noted;  all  those  empires   and  Beasts   who  have  tried  in  the  past   to  conquer  and  dominate  the  rest  of  the  world   have  all  needed   a  decent  Navy  ( Spanish  Armada, British  Empire, etc )  as  well  as  the  resources  to  keep  their  military  supply  chain   in  a  healthy   and  capable  state.  The  'ONLY'  nation  presently  capable   of  dominating the Mediterranean Sea   during the upcoming Tribulation period  is  the  French  Navy  (  once  the  Russians  and  NATO   get  out  of  it. *)
( The state  of  Israel  'Israeli  Navy'  does  have  a  few  nuclear  submarines   in the Mediterranean  Sea  also   !!!  )

Mr. Macron  thus  far  has  pulled  off  an  astonishing  feat  of   coming  almost  'Out  of  Nowhere' just  some  4  months  ago  he  was  trailing  everyone  in  the   early  polls   and  to the surprise  of  many  he  is   presently  ( in this  March 5, 2017   week  )  overtaking  Marine  Le  Pen  and  Fillon  in  the  latest  French  Polls   !!!  Is  this  insignificant  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  surprised ?    Mario  Romano  has  been  'Watching  and  Praying'   since  sometime  in  1998  on  the  internet  &  'NO'  I'm  not  surprised; what  surprises  me  is  that   nothing  is  as  it  appears !!!

All the  French  political  experts  agree  on  one  thing  this  present   race  for  the  French  Presidency   has  become  thee  most  'UNPREDICTABLE'   than any  other  in  recent  history.  Just  months  ago   Sarkozy's  defeat  stunned  everyone  when  Mr.Fillon  won,  today  Mr.Fillon  is  on  a  'sinking  ship'   and  it  appears  that  he  intends  to  take  his  whole  party   down  with  him;  Mr.Fillon  refuses   to  quit  the  race  and  allow  another   credible  member  of  his  party  to  replace  him   !!!  is  'NOT'  making  any  predictions; whomever  wins  either  a  victory  from  Marine  Le  Pen  or   a  victory  from  Emmanuel  Macron   in the  eyes  of  this  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  will   initiate  and  unravel   'MASSIVE'  changes  in  the  European  Union   !!!  Should  Mr.Macron   against  all  odds  defeat  all  the  established  French  political  Parties   with  his  'En Marche'   movement   he  will  not  only  be  making  French  history   'BUT'  also  in  the  eyes  of  this   student  of  Bible  Prophecy;   'Prophetic  Earthquakes'  !!!

In  the  past,   the  rise  from  almost  nowhere  of : Barak  Obama  and   Alexis  Tsipras  in  Greece  made  some  students   of  Bible  Prophecy   'scratch  their  heads'  in  wonderment;  should  Macron  prevail  against  so  many  French  political  odds  against  him  is  truly  going  to  be  going  to  another  level   !!!   This   servant  of  yours  and  of  GOD  Almighty  is  just  a  'Watchman  on  the  Wall'  he  is  'NO'  Prophet.  Because  he  knows  that  we  are  the  'Final  Generation'   a  key  election  such as this one,  in  one  of  the  EU's  most  important  core  member  players  is  going  to  pull  the  entire  European  Union  and   the  Eurozone   closer  and   ever closer;  into  its  Prophetic  destiny  !!!

If  you  didn't  know   this  'Little  Web-Site  that  Could'   has  been  reaching  all   of : South, Central  and  North  American   Spanish  speakers   for  over  a  decade  also  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   became  very  interested  in  Bible  Prophecy  after  reading  Hal  Lindsey's  'Late  Great  Planet  Earth'   !!!  ( thank  you  Bro.  Lindsey*)  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was  given  one  gift  from  GOD;  although  this  vessel  is  still  full  of  'flaws  and  imperfections'  the  Holy  Spirit   is  'NOT'  yet  finished  with  him;  Mario  continues  to  be  a  work  in  progress.  Mario  asks  for  your  continued  'PRAYERS'  so  that   GOD  will  guide  this   vessel  to  all  truth  and  to  correctly  interpret  the  Biblical  Prophecies   to  all  those  who  are  also  awaiting  'The  Blessed  Hope.'  

If  you  didn't   already   know;  France  is  the  chief  European  country  trying  to  revive  the  'Middle East Peace Talks'  &  is  the  EU  country  with  the  most  Nukes  (outside of NATO*) !  ( now that Britain has left EU*) France  is  presently   at  a  major  and  critical  'Crossroads'  it  is  home  to  the  most  Islamic  Terrorist   Attacks  in  all  of  Europe 
( thus  far*)  and  it  is  the  largest  single  EU  member  country   battling  Islamic  Terrorists   all  over  Northern  Africa   !!!  Something  is  going  to  prevail  sooner   rather  than  later; either   Islam  spreads  in  secular  France  or   secular  France   unleashes  and  spreads  its  military  prowess  against  all  those  who  threaten  its secular  existence  !!!  Historically  speaking   when  'push  came  to  shove'  France  did  not allow   the  Roman  Vatican   to  control   its  secular  system  and  modern  France   most certainly  is  'NOT'  going   to  allow  Islam   to  prevail  against  the :  Fifth  Republic ***    You  should  be  forewarned;  this  almost  'UNKNOWN'  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  one  day  going  to  'hit  it  all  out  of  the  parkway'  with  all  the  bases  loaded;  for  the  honor & glory  of : GOD  Almighty !!!     It  is  GOD  Almighty   our  Creator  who    gives  wisdom   to the wise and knowledge  to  the  discerning  and  He  reveals   secrets   to  all  those  who  fear  Him*   (  Daniel  2 : 21-22  )    This  student of Bible  Prophecy  is  just  trying  to  correctly  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   as  it  concerns   the  4th  and  final  manifestation  of  the   Roman  Beast  with  10  Horns***

By  :  Mario  Romano;  Mario  is  a  Pentecostal   Born  again   believer;  he  believes  in  all  of  the  gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit;  he  most  definitely  would  'NEVER'  have  been  running  this  small  website  for  over  17+  years   without  the  power  and  patience  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wishes  'NO'  one  evil;  the  reality  is  that  we  are  living  amidst   an  ongoing  great  spiritual  war  that  began  even  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  according  to  all  the  'signs  of  the  times'   it  will  all  end  with  us;  in  this  'Final  Generation.'