Sunday, March 5, 2017


Just  a  few  years  ago   Emmanuel   Macron   quit  his  job  as  'Deputy  Chief  of  Staff'   and  later  as  the  Economic  Minister  to President  Francois  Hollande.  Macron   had  it  made;  still in his 30's  he  had  his  office  in  one  of  the  most  coveted  places  in  all  of  France :  the Elysee  Palace; the top floor  !!!  Macron  had  already  made  a  small fortune   beforehand  as  an investment  banker  at:  Rothchild & CIE Banque; he neither needed the money  nor  the  attention;  yet   against  all  odds  Emmanuel  Macron  is  now   making  all  the  major  political  parties  in  France  sweat  it  all  out  !!!   Emmanuel  Macron  is :  ambitious, charismatic, eloquent  and  much  younger  than   all  his   rivals  for  the  French  Presidency.  Just  a  few  months  ago  he   was  no  political  threat  to  any  of  the  major  French  political  parties,  today   a  great  'reversal  of  fortune'  has  taken  place;  and  against  all  odds  Mr.Macron  is  now  leading  the pack  for the  French  Presidency !!!

Marine Le Pen  and  Emmanuel  Macron  are  complete  'polar  opposites.'  Le  Pen  wants  a 'Frexit'  while  Macron  wants  a : New European Union.  Le Pen wants to exit  the Eurozone while  Macron  wants  to  reform  it, Le Pen  vows to exit NATO  while  Macron  supports  it !!! Ladies  and  gentlemen; brothers and sisters in Christ, the top  elites of the European  Union   are  on  the  edge  of  their  seats,  'ALL'  the  top  politicos  of  the : EU, NATO and the Eurozone  know fully  well  that   the  upcoming  French  &  German  elections  are  going  to   play  a  huge  role  in  the  future  destiny   of   Europe.   The   final  manifestation  of  the  4th   Roman  Beast  of  Daniel  is  still  undergoing   a  great  transformational   process   that   has  yet  to  produce  its  final  Prophetic  product : The 10  Kings of  Revelation *  Very  truly, the end  is 'NOT'  yet.  Never  have  the  stakes  been  higher for this 'European Project'  never   before  has  a  sitting  French  President  chosen not to run  again  for a second term  like Hollande  and  never  before have  the  two leading and established political parties of France  'IMPLODED'   before  the  French  voters  !!!  ( is this all a mere  'coincidence'  or  is  there  somebody  who  truly  controls  the  rise  &  fall  of  Earthly  Kings ? )

Emmanuel  Macron  the  former  socialist   economy  minister   and   underdog  appears  to  be  breaking  all  the  political  rules  in  France.  No  independent  has  ever  won  the  French  Presidency;  yet  the  continuing  decline  of  Mr.Fillon   and  the  growing  fear  against  a  remote  and  yet  possible  Marine  Le Pen  victory   is  making  Emmanuel  Macron  victory  more  and  more  of  a  political  reality !!!    What  is  amazing   is  that   Macron  has  'NEVER'  been  elected   to  any  political  office  before;  either   locally, nationally  nor  much  less  internationally  !!!  He  doesn't   even  belong  to  any  established  political  party  in  France;  not  even  to  the  'Socialist  Party'  for  whom  he  was  working  under  Francois  Hollande  !!!  President  Donald  Trump  at  least  had   some  of  the  backing  from  the  Republican   Party  'BUT'  what  Macron  is  'pulling  off'  in  France 'IF'  successful  will  eclipse  Obama's  2008  victory  &  Trump's  victory  in  2016;  hands  down  !!!  ( Obama had  the  deep  pockets  of  the  Democratic  Party  as  well  as  the   well-oiled  and  ruthless  'Democratic  Party  Machine'  to  back  him up as  well  as some Senate experience;  Macron has none of those  advantages! )

Marine  Le  Pen  is  promising  that  if  she  wins  she  will  exit  France  from  the  $EURO  and  the  EU   (  the  French  version  of   the  'Brexit'  a  'Frexit'  )  All of  these   things  are  making  not  only  all  members  of  the  European  Union  and  the  Eurozone   very, very  nervous  'BUT'   it  could  severely   endanger   not  only  the  present 'status  quo'   but  also  undermine  the  fragile  and  recuperating :  $EURO  very  simply  because  Le Pen  has  also  promised  to  return  the  French  Franc  into  circulation   and   heavily  guard  the  French  borders  should  she  win   !!!

Some of our new  visitors  here  at  may  ask  whats  the  big  deal  ?  What role  can or does France  play  in  endtime  Bible  Prophecy  ?  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  specializes  in  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   and  who  knows   the  history  of  the  Mediterranean  region   knows  fully  well  that  when  Adolph  Hitler  rose  to  power  he  'Forced'  virtually  all  of  the  German  manufacturing  giants  such  as  :  BMW, Mercedes  Benz, Volkswagen  and  others   to  begin   producing :  tanks, airplanes, ammunition, airplanes, U-boats  and  war  supplies    to  get  Germany  ready   for  Hitler's  European  expansion  plans.  Presently,  only  Germany  and  France  have  the  military  manufacturing  industrial  prowess   to  beef  up  the  European  Union's  military  should  NATO   be  dissolved  in  the  future.

As  this  keen  student  of   world  history  and  especially  of  Western  Civilization  has  noted;  all  those  empires   and  Beasts   who  have  tried  in  the  past   to  conquer  and  dominate  the  rest  of  the  world   have  all  needed   a  decent  Navy  ( Spanish  Armada, British  Empire, etc )  as  well  as  the  resources  to  keep  their  military  supply  chain   in  a  healthy   and  capable  state.  The  'ONLY'  nation  presently  capable   of  dominating the Mediterranean Sea   during the upcoming Tribulation period  is  the  French  Navy  (  once  the  Russians  and  NATO   get  out  of  it. *)
( The state  of  Israel  'Israeli  Navy'  does  have  a  few  nuclear  submarines   in the Mediterranean  Sea  also   !!!  )

Mr. Macron  thus  far  has  pulled  off  an  astonishing  feat  of   coming  almost  'Out  of  Nowhere' just  some  4  months  ago  he  was  trailing  everyone  in  the   early  polls   and  to the surprise  of  many  he  is   presently  ( in this  March 5, 2017   week  )  overtaking  Marine  Le  Pen  and  Fillon  in  the  latest  French  Polls   !!!  Is  this  insignificant  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  surprised ?    Mario  Romano  has  been  'Watching  and  Praying'   since  sometime  in  1998  on  the  internet  &  'NO'  I'm  not  surprised; what  surprises  me  is  that   nothing  is  as  it  appears !!!

All the  French  political  experts  agree  on  one  thing  this  present   race  for  the  French  Presidency   has  become  thee  most  'UNPREDICTABLE'   than any  other  in  recent  history.  Just  months  ago   Sarkozy's  defeat  stunned  everyone  when  Mr.Fillon  won,  today  Mr.Fillon  is  on  a  'sinking  ship'   and  it  appears  that  he  intends  to  take  his  whole  party   down  with  him;  Mr.Fillon  refuses   to  quit  the  race  and  allow  another   credible  member  of  his  party  to  replace  him   !!!  is  'NOT'  making  any  predictions; whomever  wins  either  a  victory  from  Marine  Le  Pen  or   a  victory  from  Emmanuel  Macron   in the  eyes  of  this  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  will   initiate  and  unravel   'MASSIVE'  changes  in  the  European  Union   !!!  Should  Mr.Macron   against  all  odds  defeat  all  the  established  French  political  Parties   with  his  'En Marche'   movement   he  will  not  only  be  making  French  history   'BUT'  also  in  the  eyes  of  this   student  of  Bible  Prophecy;   'Prophetic  Earthquakes'  !!!

In  the  past,   the  rise  from  almost  nowhere  of : Barak  Obama  and   Alexis  Tsipras  in  Greece  made  some  students   of  Bible  Prophecy   'scratch  their  heads'  in  wonderment;  should  Macron  prevail  against  so  many  French  political  odds  against  him  is  truly  going  to  be  going  to  another  level   !!!   This   servant  of  yours  and  of  GOD  Almighty  is  just  a  'Watchman  on  the  Wall'  he  is  'NO'  Prophet.  Because  he  knows  that  we  are  the  'Final  Generation'   a  key  election  such as this one,  in  one  of  the  EU's  most  important  core  member  players  is  going  to  pull  the  entire  European  Union  and   the  Eurozone   closer  and   ever closer;  into  its  Prophetic  destiny  !!!

If  you  didn't  know   this  'Little  Web-Site  that  Could'   has  been  reaching  all   of : South, Central  and  North  American   Spanish  speakers   for  over  a  decade  also  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   became  very  interested  in  Bible  Prophecy  after  reading  Hal  Lindsey's  'Late  Great  Planet  Earth'   !!!  ( thank  you  Bro.  Lindsey*)  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was  given  one  gift  from  GOD;  although  this  vessel  is  still  full  of  'flaws  and  imperfections'  the  Holy  Spirit   is  'NOT'  yet  finished  with  him;  Mario  continues  to  be  a  work  in  progress.  Mario  asks  for  your  continued  'PRAYERS'  so  that   GOD  will  guide  this   vessel  to  all  truth  and  to  correctly  interpret  the  Biblical  Prophecies   to  all  those  who  are  also  awaiting  'The  Blessed  Hope.'  

If  you  didn't   already   know;  France  is  the  chief  European  country  trying  to  revive  the  'Middle East Peace Talks'  &  is  the  EU  country  with  the  most  Nukes  (outside of NATO*) !  ( now that Britain has left EU*) France  is  presently   at  a  major  and  critical  'Crossroads'  it  is  home  to  the  most  Islamic  Terrorist   Attacks  in  all  of  Europe 
( thus  far*)  and  it  is  the  largest  single  EU  member  country   battling  Islamic  Terrorists   all  over  Northern  Africa   !!!  Something  is  going  to  prevail  sooner   rather  than  later; either   Islam  spreads  in  secular  France  or   secular  France   unleashes  and  spreads  its  military  prowess  against  all  those  who  threaten  its secular  existence  !!!  Historically  speaking   when  'push  came  to  shove'  France  did  not allow   the  Roman  Vatican   to  control   its  secular  system  and  modern  France   most certainly  is  'NOT'  going   to  allow  Islam   to  prevail  against  the :  Fifth  Republic ***    You  should  be  forewarned;  this  almost  'UNKNOWN'  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  one  day  going  to  'hit  it  all  out  of  the  parkway'  with  all  the  bases  loaded;  for  the  honor & glory  of : GOD  Almighty !!!     It  is  GOD  Almighty   our  Creator  who    gives  wisdom   to the wise and knowledge  to  the  discerning  and  He  reveals   secrets   to  all  those  who  fear  Him*   (  Daniel  2 : 21-22  )    This  student of Bible  Prophecy  is  just  trying  to  correctly  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation   as  it  concerns   the  4th  and  final  manifestation  of  the   Roman  Beast  with  10  Horns***

By  :  Mario  Romano;  Mario  is  a  Pentecostal   Born  again   believer;  he  believes  in  all  of  the  gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit;  he  most  definitely  would  'NEVER'  have  been  running  this  small  website  for  over  17+  years   without  the  power  and  patience  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wishes  'NO'  one  evil;  the  reality  is  that  we  are  living  amidst   an  ongoing  great  spiritual  war  that  began  even  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  and  according  to  all  the  'signs  of  the  times'   it  will  all  end  with  us;  in  this  'Final  Generation.'