Sunday, February 26, 2017


In  1995  Tim LaHaye  and  Jerry B. Jenkins  began   launching  a  series  of 16  endtimes  'fiction  novels'   based  upon  the  Biblical  Prophecies  that would  conclude  in  2007.  It  is  estimated  that  over  64+  million  copies were  sold  in  those 12 years alone !!!    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   never  thought  that  any   Prophecy  book   would  ever  surpass  Hal  Lindsey's  'The Late Great Planet  Earth'  but  the  'Left  Behind'  series  did just  that  & more  !!!

The  'Left  Behind'  series  was  not  without  its  critics, this student of Bible  Prophecy  remembers  rather  vividly  that   most  critics  of  the  series  were  'NOT'  secular  atheists  but  so  called : 'Orthodox  Christians, Roman  Catholics  and  all those  who   deny  'The  Rapture.'   The  truth  is  that  people  have  been  debating  for  centuries  about  numerous  bible  topics  and  we  still  have  numerous  branches  of  Christianity; 'arguing and debating'  about   hot  topics such as : which is the true  Sabbath ? should we speak in tongues ?  will there be a Rapture  ? etc  ...This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  obviously   believes  in  sound  doctrine;  as  a  believer  in  Jesus  Christ   I  believe  in  a  'real  hell  and  in  a  real  heaven'  and  that  solely through  Jesus  Christ  can  we   attain  forgiveness for our sins  and  the  salvation of our  souls.  Mario  Romano  believes  that   we  are  saved  by  faith  in  Jesus  Christ  alone  !!!  ( some 2000   years  since  Jesus  Christ  the vast  majority  of  humanity   still  doesn't  believe  that  JESUS  CHRIST  is  GOD  encarnate  and  worst  of  all  is  that  there  are  some  so  called  'Christian  Churches'  and  Ministers  that  deny  the  divinity   of  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!   )  Denominationalism  is  nothing  new, the truth is that  even  during  our  Lord's  time  here  on  Earth,  Judaism  had their own denominationalism via the : Pharisees, Sadducees  and  others   and  it  is  unfortunate  that  it  continues to this day  'BUT'  denominationalism  is  totally  better   than  having  one  'False  Prophet'  dictate   what  everyone  must  believe  even  if  it  goes  totally  against  the  Holy  Scriptures  as  evidence  in you  know  who  !!!  ( unholy  inquisitions... etc  )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  nothing  against  the  'Left  Behind'  series  I  applaud  and  commend   the  legacy  of these  books.  Those  16  books   made  hundreds  of  millions  'talk  and  study'  the  Biblical  Prophecies  as  never  before  in  modern  history;  even  CNN  and  some  other  top  global  news  outlets   often  invited  LaHaye  and  Jenkins   to  discuss  and  clarify  the  Biblical  Prophecies  some  more  and  even  though  they  were  often  debated  on live national  T.V.   it  at  least  brought  Bible  Prophecy to the  masses  as  never  before !

David  Carlson  an Orthodox  believer   and a Professor  of  Religious  Studies as  well  as  a  member of  the  Greek  Orthodox  Church,  criticized  the  'Left  Behind'  series   because according to him it promoted  a  "skewed  view  of  the  Christian  faith  that  welcomes   war  and  disaster" while dismissing  peace  efforts  in  the  Middle  East  and  elsewhere;  all  in  the name of Christ. ( according  to  him: David  Carlson*)   It  is  rather  obvious  that  Mr.Carlson  is  not   too  familiar  with  the  Prophecies  and visions  of  Daniel  and  Revelation, war and destruction   have  long  been  a  history  of  planet  Earth  and   Christians  are  not  to  be  blamed, we are merely  messengers;  the  'Message'  of  both  Daniel  and  Revelation   include  wars  and  the  deaths  of  billions+   and   as  believers   we  do  'NOT'  dismiss  'Peace  Efforts'  as  Mr.  Carlson  suggests;  'BUT'   we  can  neither  ignore  the  obvious  as  Prophesied  in  Daniel  8:25  &  in  1st Thessalonians 5:3 !!!

In  'Nicolae'   Lahaye  and  Jenkins   focus  on  the  rise  of  an  almost  obscure  politician   in  Romania.   While  the  Biblical  Prophecies  do  'NOT'  specifically  mention  from   what   specific  country   Nicolae's   real  life   protagonist  will  eventually  come  from,  we  are  given  a  very  specific  region  of  this  planet; somewhere   in the vicinity  of  the  'Mediterranean   Sea'   very  simply  because  what  all  Four-Beasts  of  Daniel  have  in  common  is  that  they  were  "ALL"  Mediterranean   Empires  !!!  If  you  have  been  following  our  'articles'  here  on   you  are  very  well  aware  that  : Germany, France  and  Italy   are  'Core  Europe'   and  that  during the Tribulation period   will  head  the  launching  of  a  'New  Europe'  led  by  10   key  strategic   EU  leaders.

It  seems  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   that   most  of  the  anticipation  of  the  'Left  Behind'  series    has  greatly  diminished;  today   too  many  churches   are  not  preaching  the  'Full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ'  it  seems  that   the vast  majority  of  Churches  are  being  led  by   Pastors  who  are   preaching  about : 'social  justice, the prosperity gospel, the feel  me good gospel'  and  not  about  the  : birth, death,  resurrection  and  imminent  2nd  Coming of  JESUS  CHRIST !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   oddly  enough  did  'NOT'   read  one  of the 'Left Behind'  books  back  then,  I  do  remember  purchasing  one  but  never   did  fully  read  it.  Recently  I  purchased  the  whole  set  from  a  second  hand  bookstore   to  catch  up  on  all  my  reading  and  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy, this  servant  of  yours  is  always  trying  to   study   the  insight  that  other   Bible  Prophecy  teachers  may  have. 

 Ladies  and  gentlemen, fellow   believers  in  Christ  Jesus; things  are  happening  in  the  European   Union  that  not  even  Bro.LaHaye  nor  Bro.Jenkins   foresaw  and  included  in  'Nicolae'  and  that  you  and   I   may  very  well  be  witnessing  in real  time  in  the  'here  &  now'  !    What  'NICOLAE'  ( the book )  alludes  to  is  now  a  direct  possibility,  only  time  will  tell,  but  what  is  certain  is  that   we  all  are  running  out  of  time   itself  !!!

Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself  warned  us  that  'MANY'  will  try  to  enter  into  the  Kingdom  of  GOD  but  will  not  be  able  to  because  they   will  deny  the  'Narrow  Gate'  that  leads   exclusively   into the Kingdom of GOD  ( Luke 13 : 24 )  Today, it is  rather  unfortunate  that  over  1+  billion  Roman  Catholics   have  been  told   the  lies  of  Amillenialism,  it  is  a  lie  simply  because  Rome  tells  them  that  the  Millenium  in  the  Book of  Revelation  is  merely  'symbolic' !!!

This  is  what  one  of  the  top  Catholic  apologetics  website  stated  about  La Hayes  and  Jenkins  books.  "The Left Behind books and their non-fiction companions are filled with poor writing, bad theology, and anti-Catholic bigotry. It’s best to leave them behind and rely on Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Church when studying the end times—or anything else."  As  you  can  witness   Catholicism   abandoned  the  truth  of  'Sola  Scriptura'  centuries  ago; they  don't   believe  nor  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  as   you  and  I  do  'BUT'  they  have  no  problem   falling  for  and  embracing  non-biblical  Prophecies   given  to  them  by  'Fatima'   and  numerous  other   'False  Apparitions'  that  'CONTRADICT'  the  very  Biblical  Prophecies  of  the  true  Prophets  of  GOD  found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  !!!

There  is  going  to  be  a  'New  Europe'   emerging  later  this  year  in  2017  and  you  and  I  may  very  well   witness  some  major  changes   coming  to  the  European  Union  should  Martin  Schulz  win  in  Germany   by  defeating  Angela  Merkel  and  should  Emmanuel  Macron  win  in  France  against   so  many  odds  by  defeating   Marine  Le  Pen.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  jumping  the  gun  on  all  of  this,  I  have  been  open  to  the  European  Union  taking  many  'Twists  and  Turns'   before  it  reaches   its  final  singularity  and  is  transformed  into  the  final  endtimes   Kingdom  of  the  10  King's  and   a  'Little  Horn.'

In  conclusion,   we  all  know  that  Satan  has  'NO'  shortage  of  : minions, disciples  and  others  who   sold  their  souls   to  him  for  'temporary  riches  and  power.'    There  are  numerous  international : Mafias,  Drug Cartels,  Rogue International Bankers, International Criminal  Gangs,  Islamic  Jihadists,  Warlords,  Totalitarians, Billionaire  clubs  and  several  unholy  global  Corporations  that  are  vying  for  power  all over  this  planet  and  that  long  ago  lost  any  and  all   'Fear  of  GOD'  and  that  don't  think  twice  about  : exploiting, killing, stealing,  enslaving  and  destroying  their fellow  human  beings  who  were  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'   !!!   Satan  no  doubt  uses   all  of  these  'sons  of  his'  ( John 8 : 44 )   to  enslave  and  deceive  the  vast  majority  of  humanity  'BUT'  his  greatest  project   will  not  be  any of   these  wicked  son's  of  his;  not even the  illuminati  nor  the  Bilderberg  group  nor any  ultra-high secretive Cabal  !!!   Satan's  greatest   achievement  will  be  'One  Man'  whom  he  will  indwell  and  give  all  of  his  powers  for  'one  hour'    ( 3 and a half  years )  in  the not so distant  future 
( Revelation 13:2 )  someone  the  likes of  a :  Nicolae  Carpathia ***

Because the  French  Presidency  term  is  for  '5  long  years'  and  the  German Chancellorship  is  for  4  years,   this  upcoming   leadership  change   in  France  and  Germany   will   undoubtedly  play  a  key  Prophetic   role   in  this  final  generation   and  in  the  very  fate  and  destiny  of  the  European  Union  !!!  The   end is  'NOT'  yet  and   the  Judgements  of  Revelation  have 'NOT'  yet  been  unsealed; let us  all remember that 'Big  things have small  beginnings.' ( Daniel 11:23 )

By  :  Mario  Romano.   Mario   is  a  graduate  of   GOD's   Theological  Seminary  and  Bible  College,  located  in  the  Desert  of  YHWH   on   4040  Wilderness  Way;  located on  a  Fallen  Earth;  zip code  77777.  Unfortunately,   this  servant  of  GOD  Almighty  didn't  graduate  'Summa  Cum  Laude'   he  graduated  by  thee  pure  'grace  and  mercy'  of  GOD  Almighty  and  although  he  never  received  any  paper  diploma   to  'show   off '   but  his  real  name   was  written  in  the  'Lamb's  Book  of  Life'   and  his name  was  not   inscribed  with  any  type  of  man-made 'Earthly  human  ink'  that  fades  with  time,  but   with  the  very  'Blood of  the  Lamb' of  GOD :  JESUS  CHRIST !   Jesus  Christ  is  coming  back  within  our  lifetime,  HOLD  ON,  HOLD  FAST;  JESUS  CHRIST  IS  COMING  BACK  LIKE  A THIEF IN  THE NIGHT !!!