Wednesday, February 22, 2017


How long can the EU go on ?    Can it survive  the upcoming :  3rd  Greek  financial  meltdown,  the yet to be finalized Brexit, continued Islamic terrorist attacks, 15%  unemployment  and  massive  Muslim  migration ?   According to a 2013 article in the Wall Street Journal, the 17-nation 'Euro Zone' remains the “weakest link” in our global economy after years of economic stagnation, mired in high unemployment, plagued with stalled or contracting economies, and paralyzed by political dysfunction. Similarly, The Economist  ( weekly economic magazine ) also lambasts eerily complacent EU leaders for   'sleepwalking through an economic wasteland.' The resulting human suffering is sobering; tens of millions of Europeans who want work can’t find it, and many of them are facing truly desperate situations.

The truth is that  'ALL'  the  major  economic  powers  of  planet  Earth  have  long  been producing  major  'economic  bubbles'  that  'pop  and  explode'   sooner  or  later  !!!  The USA  is  carrying  one of the world's  largest  national debts  in the entire history of  planet Earth
( $ 20+ Trillion USD  )  the Chinese  economy  has  produced  one  of the world's  largest   'triple economic bubbles'  of all time  almost simultaneously  real estate, credit  &  stock-investment bubbles )  in  the history of this  planet  and   while  the  $EURO   may  be  in  trouble;  the truth is  that   most  if not all of  the  world's  top   capitalist   societies  have  been  running national debts  that  will never be  paid  back;  Great  Britain  is  one of the top  examples  of this; Brexit or no Brexit  !!!   And it doesn't  even  stop there;  all three of these  major  economic  powers  have  been printing  currency  like  crazy with  no gold  to back up all  this  new  paper  &  digital money !   The  'million dollar'  question  is which economy  will be  the  first  to  implode  and  pop  ?   (  China's,  the  USA's  or  the  $ EURO  ?  )  'ALL'  of  these   economic  bubbles  'WILL' explode   and  pop   in  the  future  and  that  is  one  of  the  many  reasons  why  the  666  Mark of  the  Beast  $$$   will   be  :  created,  launched  &  implemented   in  the  future !!!  The  truth  is  that  most  of  the  countries  and  economies  of  this  planet  'Trust'  the  $ EURO  more  than  the  non-floating   and  tightly  controlled  'Chinese  Yuan'   ( Chinese currency )  that  is   artificially  controlled  by  the  Chinese  communist  government   !!!

While  what  the WSJ stated  about the EU  in  2013  continues to be  true about the EU in this 2017,   this student of International  Politics  could  equally come up with a very 'long list' of  the failures of : Chinese Communist-Capitalism, the failures of the United Nations, the failures  of the Arab League  and of other  International actors/alliances  and  world powers.  This student of Bible Prophecy reminds everyone that  many  wrote  off  Israel and the Jews  centuries  ago  and  look  at  what  happened on  May 14, 1948  just as Isaiah  Prophesied !!! ( Isaiah 66 : 8  & Ezekiel 37:1-14  )   The truth  is  that  this  4th  Roman  Beast  has  yet  to  be  'FINALIZED' so this student of Bible Prophecy   is  'NOT'  counting  out  the  European Union  anytime  soon  !!!   Students of  history  know very well  that   'WAR'  changes  the  fortunes  of  some  at the expense of others  and  the  upcoming  wars  that  are  prophesied  in the  Ezekiel and  Isaiah   will  turn  the  fortunes  '180 degrees'  of   what  seemingly   appears   to  be  a  presently  declining   European  Union   !!!

The truth that the Wall Street Journal failed to address in their article was that the $EURO continues to be one of the most circulated currencies in the world  and  although it is true that the EU  is full of 'bureacracies  and red tape'  when you compare their political  problems with those of  most of the rest of  the  'developing world'  they are still  'light years ahead'   in  political  progress.  People are not starving to death  in the bureacratic ridden  EU  and  most markets all over the EU are full  of  'goods'  ( food  staples )  in  comparison  to  countries such as : Venezuela, Cuba & some 100+  worse off  countries living in some form of  an authoritarian regime that are  bordering  on  starvation  and  even higher unemployment   statistics   !!!

Many are those who have long predicted the failure of the European Union; secular political 'experts' as well as  a few Bible Prophecy 'teachers'  who are  looking for an Islamic Caliphate with 10  King's and  even  internationally reknown Psychics !!!  So  far   they have 'ALL' been proven wrong !!!  ( Bulgarian peasant Baba Vanga  'a   famous  blind  mystic' claimed that a vision came to her showing Europe desolate & deserted in 2016  following a series of devastating catastrophes which rocked the continent. The sightless seer, who is credited with an 85 per cent success rate by her followers, apparently predicted the downfall of the eurozone's political elite, adding that Europe will "cease to exist" in 2016;  she too was wrong  !!! )

According to several political experts the EU has failed the most important test or has it  ? According to the Wall Street Journal, for several years now, EU officials have addressed the economic downturn with remarkable single-mindedness. They’ve imposed severe austerity (reducing government debts through drastic cuts in spending along with tax increases) particularly in those countries with the largest debts, the so-called “ periphery” How well is it working? Let’s use Ronald Reagan’s test for Jimmy Carter: are people better off now than they were four years ago? The region has just completed its six straight quarter of recession. Overall unemployment has risen steadily for two years, now topping 12 percent. In several countries, unemployment rates are at Great Depression levels 17 !!!

What most fail to  see  in  the  European  Union  is  that  'DESPITE'  their  problems  the  28  nations  that  make  up  the  European Union  compose  the  world's  largest  trading  bloc  as  well  as  being  home  to  the  world's  largest  and  most  successful  military  alliance  in  the  history  of planet  Earth  via  NATO  !!!  While  some  are  proclaiming and wrongly teaching that  10  Islamic  nations/King's  will  make  up  the  final  endtimes  Beast of  Revelation   when  we  look  closer  into  it;  the  truth  is  that   'MOST'  Islamic  countries  bordering  the  Mediterranean  are  living  in  an  almost  barter/black market  economic  system  that  is  decades if not centuries behind  those of Europe  and  China's  !!!

The truth is that the European Union is suffering through similar 'birth pangs'  ( growing pains )  as any other major economy that goes through 'boom and busts.' While unemployment is a problem in Spain, Portugal and Italy; the truth is that when you compare the EU's problems with those of 'most' of the rest of the 150+ nations that are 'NOT' a part of the European Union you will find out that most of the rest of the economies of the world are in a somewhat similiar situation as the EU and the truth is that most of the African and South American economies are in a much worse economic shape than the European Union !!!

The European Union so far has proven to be more of a success than a failure because it did 'STOP' European countries from  waging  war against each other  !!!  (  England, France and Germany have long been  fighting  several  major wars  even  before European Imperialism began as well as in World War I and II. )   For  several  years   has  been  teaching  that   the  present  European  Union  will  be  'Reformed  and  Re-structured'  in  the  future.  Most  if  not  all  European  countries  have  for  centuries  made  numerous  treaties  with  one  another  that  even  predate  the  modern  European  Union  launched  in  1951 ( ECSC )  (  The  present  day  EU was launched in November 1, 1993 *)

Geographically  speaking   the  European  countries  can 'NOT'  run  away  from  one  another; for  'better or for worse'  they are  a  product of :  WW I, WW  II  and  numerous : economic, political and  military  treaties  and  in  the  remotest  possibility  that the EU  should be break somehow in the future;  Bible  Prophecy  'GUARANTEES'  that   they will  'ARISE'  as  one during the Tribulation period  led  by 10  King's  to the astonishment of the rest of the world !!!
(   Revelation  17 : 8  and 13 : 3  )

According to the  WSJ   article;  the prospects for effective EU integration are slim to none.  In their view,  for the EU project to work, it would require, at a minimum, substantial political power at the center to tax, control fiscal policy, and create a region-wide safety net capable of protecting people in a downturn. Furthermore, that centralized power would need to be accountable;   voted in, but  not appointed.

Few Europeans seem to believe such integration is actually possible;  many recoil at any suggestion of a “United States of Europe.” Given the widespread ambivalence and lack of clarity on how a reformed EU would look, the prospects for a successful and  total  integration look bleak. That’s because even under the best of circumstances, achieving it would be an extremely difficult and long haul.

It took the US the better part of 80 years;  and a horrific Civil War,  to complete our own integration, transitioning from a loose confederation of colonies, and then states, into a true union. Why should Europeans expect to have an easier time of it, particularly in view of their deep cultural differences and centuries-long history of wars and acrimony?

The  WSJ  believes that Europe will muddle on trying to “reform” the EU system around the margins. European economists and officials will likely remain steadfast in their belief that their policies have been right all along, that all they need is yet more time, and that the real fault lies with the moral defects of those living in the  periphery nations, who must be compelled to do what’s good for them and for the EU as a whole.  This sounds too much like old Europe to them (and not in a good way). According to the WSJ  it would be better to start now directing our efforts and energy to winding down the whole EU project as quickly as possible; and in parallel to ramp up efforts and policies to help European economies to prosper as separate nations, learning how best to work together.   has  been  on  the  internet  since  1999  and   almost  every  year  since then has  this  'Student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  been  reading  and  hearing  someone's  prediction of  the  end  of  the European Union and so  far  they have  fallen  short of  accuracy !

Yes,  the  European  Union  and  the  Eurozone   will  be  'Re-Vamped'   somehow  in  the  future, according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  there  are  several  major  wars  coming  up  that  will  reshape   the  present  state  of   the global  economy as well as  the major military powers : Russia and the USA.   The  European  powers  are  'Guaranteed'   to  fill  in  the :  political, economic  and  military  vacuum   left  behind   by  both  Russia  and  America   !!!  

By :  Mario  Romano,   geographically  the  European  countries  can  'NOT'  run  away  from  one  another   regardless  of  what  may  come.  Their  destiny  has  been  tied  up  for  centuries  to  one  another  for  better or for worse.  Most  EU elites as well  as  the  common  European  acknowledge  that  they  are   in  competition  with  the : USA, China  as well as with other 'Bric'  countries  and  they  know  that  divided  they  fall  'BUT'  that  united   they  will  be  able   to   survive  and  that  is  exactly  what  Bible  Prophecy  guarantees   will  happen  shortly in the future  !!!   The  prophecies found in the Book of Daniel and Revelation  'GUARANTEE'  that  the  world  has  'NOT'  seen  the  last  and  final  encarnation  of  the  4th  and  Final  Beast  that  will  devour  and  dominate  the  rest  of the world during the Tribulation  period  !!!    All  Glory  &  Honor  be  to  JESUS  CHRIST   !!!