Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Both  Germany  as  well  as  France  will  hold   national  elections  this  year   and  the  two   biggest  surprises  appear  to  almost  have  come  out  of  nowhere.  In  France, it  appears  that  Mr.Fillon   who  was  almost  'Guaranteed'  the  French  Presidency in this 2017  is  in  'big, big  trouble'  and  now  Emmanuel  Macron  an  'Anti-Establishment'  figure  has  caught  up  to  both Marine  Le Pen  and  Mr. Francois  Fillon  in the latest   French  polls !!!    In  Germany,  Angela  Merkel  is  in  'big  trouble'   because   allowing  almost  1,000,000   Islamic  refugees    has  not  gone  very  well,  after  numerous   rapes and a  significant  increase in  criminal activity  as  well  as  a   growing  fear  of  an  internal  Islamic  Jihad  most  German's  know  that   things  cannot  remain  as  they  are  !!!  Martin  Schulz  has  very  big  credentials  (  former President  of  the  European Parliament  2012-2017  ) and   he  is  a  very  credible  threat  to  Angela  Merkel,  who  is  seeing   her  job  approval  decreasing  because  of   continuing  rise  in  criminal  activity  by  some  of  the  Islamic  refugees  who  don't  have  a  problem  raping  a  few  German  women   'here  and  there'   and  even  though  it  is  too  soon  to  predict  anything;  both : Germany  and  France  are   ripe  for  massive  political  changes;  it  is  rather  obvious  that  the  'status  quo'  is  'NOT'  working  for  the   working  class  in  these  two  countries and something  is  going  to  give  !!!   What  is  happening  in  French  politics  is  extremely  surprising  to  this  student  of  European  Political  Systems.  First,  Mr.Fillon  stunned  everyone  by  defeating  Juppe  and  Sarkozy  and  now   the  tables  appear  to  be  greatly  turning  against  Mr.Fillon  !!!   The  ever  surprising  : Emmanuel  Macron   may  very  well  pull  yet  another  great  surprise  in the French  Presidential  elections  this  April 23, 2017  and   this  'useless  servant'  of  Jesus  Christ  Resurrected  is  'NOT'  going  to  be  surprised   one  bit  !!!  has  been   following  the  rise  of  these  two  European  politicians  for  a  couple  of  years  now.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  trying  to  be  'one  step'  ahead  of  everything.  (  because   neither  the : CIA, NSA, DCI  nor  Harvard, Yale or Stanford  are  going to provide   the spiritual  insight of  this  spiritual  war; that  has  yet  to reach its final climax !!! )  As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was  studying  the  role  of  the  'Watchman'  in  the  Old  Testament   it  became  rather  obvious  to  him   that  'Watchmen'   are  somewhat  even  more  important  now  than  ever  because   so  much, much  more  is  at  stake  today  than  even  2000+  years  ago,  given the fact that  the  enemy  ( Satan  and his  demonic  minions  )  are  not  just  after  a  small  walled  city  whose  average  population  didn't  exceed  100,000  ( one hundred  thousand*)  but  after  millions+  of  human  souls   in  mega  cities   of  today !!!

You  and  I  are  witnessing   final  endtimes  events  that  even  the  Prophet  Daniel   who  wrote  them  down,  didn't  even   fully  comprehend  them  in  his  own  day  !!!   Daniel  was  able  to  personally  witness  the rise  of  two  of  the 4  Beasts  ( Babylon  &  Medo-Persia )  but  not  of  the  final  two : the Greek Empire ( 3rd Beast ) and the final  4th Beast : the Roman Empire.  It  comes  with  great  responsibility  of  being  part  of  this  'Final  Generation'  we  are  'NOT'  part  of  it  just  to  sit  down  on  a  Sunday  Church  service  and  look  pretty;  we  were  given   a  specific  mission  by  GOD  Almighty  to : interpret, teach and disseminate   the  Prophecies  of  the  true  Biblical  Prophets  of  GOD  Almighty  using  'any  and  all'   mass  communication   tools !!!  Truly,  to  whom  much  is  given  and  revealed  much   will  be  required  !!!   Most  of  my  Christian  friends   who  attend  other  local  Churches  tell  me  that  their  Pastors   hardly  ever  teach  about   the  Biblical  Prophecies; most  are  preaching  about   'Prosperity'  here  and  now  and  not  even  about   self-denial  and  taking  up  the  Cross  daily;  at  all  costs  and  not  just  two  hours  on  a  Sunday  afternoon  !!!  The  Prophet  Daniel  was  revealed  the  final  endtimes  4th  Beast  that  would  'Conquer'  Israel  and  especially  Jerusalem   two  times  in  the  future; we  all  know  historically  that  the  Romans  under  the  Roman  General : 'Titus'  'who would later become  the Roman Emperor '  sacked  Jerusalem  in  70 A.D.  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  a  final  endtimes   Romanesque-European  alliance  led  by  10   will  attack  Israel  and  conquer  Jerusalem one  last time  in  the  future !  ( Zechariah  14 :  2  )

The  European  Union  is  presently   experiencing  massive  internal   strife, several  EU  countries  both in the EU  and  Eurozone  are  having  'second  thoughts'  about  having  become  a  part  of  the  European  Union  experiment  !!!  Does  the  European  Union  have  problems ?  of  course  it  does, what  international  alliance   of  nations  doesn't ?   The  BRIC  nations ( Brazil, China, India and Russia*)  are  all  passing  through  a   massive  economic  challenges  of  their  very  own   !!!

Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers and sisters  in  Christ  Jesus;   the  European  Union  is  going  to  undergo  'MAJOR'  transformational  changes  in  our  lifetime,  the time and hour  is coming when 'most  experts'  will  state  that  the  EU  is  a   'dead  experiment'  and  a  'total  failure'  'BUT'   if  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy, you  and  I  know   much, much  better  !!!  The  top  elites  of  the  European  Union  including : Schultz  and  Macron  who  are  'NO'  European  peasantry, know  fully  well  that  a  'DIVIDED'  Europe  cannot  compete  with  a  rising  China  nor  with  Russia's  Putin   heavily  breathing  down  their  neck,  and  especially  if  Trump   does  manage  to  dissolve  NATO  in  the  future  as  he  once  hinted  at   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  International  Relations  does  'NOT'  feel  sorry  at  all  for  the   European  Union; he  feels  sorry   for  most  of  the  African  and  South  American  countries  who  are  even   much, much  worse  off  than  even  the : Greeks  and  the  Spaniards  !!!  Despite  all  the  present  problems  of  the  European  Union  and  the  Eurozone  'MOST'  Syrian  Muslims  as well as  most  Islamic   immigrants from all over Northern Africa;  would  rather  live  in the EU  than  in  any of  the over  45+  Islamic  countries !!!  ( Being  poor  in : Greece, Spain and Portugal  is  still   not  that  bad  as  when  they are compared to  'dirt poor  poverty'  in most  African and South American countries  !!!*)

This  insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been   studying  the  European  Union  for  almost  two  decades  now  and  I  can  tell  you  that  something  big  is  on  its  way,  the  European  Union  'WILL'  change  its  name  in  the  future  'once  again'  ( it was formerly known as the European Coal and Steel Community  ECSC ; then later on  as :  European Economic Community and presently as the European Union  ( EU  )  of 28 members etc.  The  final  encarnation  of  this  developing  and  'Unfinished  Giant'  will manifest  itself  as  a  'CORE  EU  of  10'   within  our  lifetime  that  according  to  Daniel  7 : 23;  'Shall  devour  all  of  Europe  and  most  of  the  world  during the  Great  Tribulation  period  !!!   Adolph  Hitler   wanted  to  conquer  all  of  Europe  'BUT'  he  made  several  strategic  mistakes  including  the  same  one  that  Napoleon  once  made  by  invading  Russia  during  the  Winter; "BUT"  unfortunately   the  final  and  upcoming  'Little  Horn'  will  'NOT'  make  the  same  mistakes  of  Napoleon  and  Hitler  and  the  rest  will  be  history   !!!  (  If  this   insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  this  you  better  believe  that  the  enemy  of  our  souls  also  knows  of  these  historical  facts*)

The  more  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies  the  Prophetic  Books of  : Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Revelation,   the  more  that  he  is  convinced  that  GOD  Almighty  who  knows  the   end  from the  beginning  and  who  exists  outside  of  the human understanding  of  time;  knows  fully  well  who  will  ultimately  be  the  'Little  Horn.'   GOD  knows  the : date of birth,  the nationality,  the DNA  code and  even  all  of   the  'Little  Horns'  personal  passwords and  pin  codes  for  his  internet  and  bank  accounts  !!!   Nothing    much  takes  GOD  by  surprise,  this  useless  servant  of  Jesus Christ  is  just  trying  to  comprehend   it  all   and  he  is  in  awe  by  what  he  does  understand  somewhat  already  !!!  Let's  get  this  straight,  Satan  was  defeated  before  the  foundation of  planet  Earth  when  the  Lamb  of  GOD  had already  been  slain !!! 
 ( Revelation  13 :  8  )   

This  servant  of  yours  and  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  has  made  numerous   mistakes  throughout  his  short  and  brief  life  here  on  planet  Earth;  if  GOD  would  have  allowed  him  to  start  all  over  again  he   would  have   done  things  differently,  'BUT'  he  also  knows  that  may  have  never  been   'CREATED'  and  'LAUNCHED'   had  certain  things  not  have   happened  to  him; especially  of  hearing  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ,  'DESTINY'  is  something  that   you  and  I  in  our  mortal  bodies  cannot  fully  comprehend;  my present   'REALITY'  has  brought  you  and  me  here   !!!   Despite  the  fact  that   my  life   has  not  gone  the  way  I  expected;  this  disciple  of  Jesus  Christ  will  learn  from  his  mistakes  and  also  from  the  mistakes  of  others;  I  cannot  change  my  past   'BUT'  I  will  seek  the  guidance  of  the  Holy  Spirit  to  direct  my  future  so  that  it  will  one  day  somehow  be  a  blessing  to  millions !

If  you  didn't  know  'Kim  Clement'   whom some called  'The Singing Prophet'  passed  away  at  the  age  of  60  this past November of 2016.  Some  called  Kim  a  'Prophet'   a  title  that  he  did  not  negate;  yet   his  own   congregation   fully  acknowledges  that  Kim  made  numerous  'Prophetic  Predictions'  that  never  came  to  pass.  Kim  Clement,  did  'NOT'  initially  care  much  about  Bible  Prophecy, but  his  own  'prophetic  messages'  did  appear   to  take  precedent  over  the Biblical Prophecies  in the eyes of some.  His  own  biography  states  that  he  was  not  a  'doom  and  gloom  prophet'  with  a  new  Apocalyptic  forecast  prediction  every  three  years, but  that  he  was  a  new  type   of  a  'Prophet'  of  GOD.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ,   believes  that  Kim  Clement  was  saved  and  that  at  the  end  of  his  ministry  he  changed  his  stance   against  those  who  taught  'Bible  Prophecy'  ( there's a great  interview  with  him  and  Chuck  Missler  on  Youtube*)   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well   that   there  is  an  attack  on  'Bible  Prophecy'  this  student  of   it  recently  heard  a  'Lutheran  Doctor  of  Divinity'  on  the 'Ancient Aliens'  program  state  that  all  those  who   taught  Bible  Prophecy  were  nothing  more  than  'Fundamentalist  Literalists'   who've  read  and interpreted   passages of the Bible out of their  original  context  !!!'   Is  Mario  Romano  a  'Fundamental  Literalist ?'   You  better  believe  it,  I  believe   that   the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  take  precedent  over  our  'temporary'  place  in  this  time  &  place  within  eternity.  Jesus Christ is GOD  encarnate  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano,  "Officially"   does  'NOT'  exist;  you  weren't  here  &  Mario  Romano  doesn't  really  exist  !!!     ( sometimes  I  feel   I've  been  time  looped  in  a  'Mission  Impossible'  reality  episode; because  the odds  have  been so  great  against  us ! )  It  is  'NO'  coincidence  that  you  and  me  and  millions  of  other  believers  were   born  in  this  'Final  Generation.'  GOD  Almighty  knows  what  He  is  doing;  you  and  I  may  not  look  like  much  'BUT'  by  the  power  and  direction  of  the  Holy  Spirit  we  are  going  to  make  it  through  !!!  Even  though  this  servant  of  GOD  is  still  full  of  'flaws  and  imperfections'  he   knows  that  it  is  'ONLY'  by  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  that  he  is  able  to  overcome   this  present  darkness   !!!