Monday, April 17, 2017


Come  this  Sunday  April 23, 2017   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   will  be  able  to   better  'Spiritually  Discern'  how  close  we  all  are  to  the  fulfillment  of  Daniel's  70th  week !  ( based upon the Biblical Prophecies  & the great convergence  of Prophetic events* )  This  coming  Sunday,  the  French  voters  will  be  voting  for  more than  just  a  'French  President'  that  will  represent them for the next  five  years; they  will be voting for  the  very  fate and destiny  of  the : European Union, the $ EURO  &  the Eurozone  !!!   Most  European leaders  for their part  are on the edge of  their seats; they  all  fear  the  disintegration of the European Union  if  Marine Le Pen  wins. Virtually   all   French  political  analysts  agree  that  these  2017 French Presidential   elections are  the  most   unpredictable  ever.   Should  Marine  Le Pen  win,  she  has  promised   to  exit from  all  three  !!!   Macron  on  the  other  hand  has  promised   to : remake, restructure  and  revive   all  three   !!!   There  are  11  candidates  for  the  first round of  elections,  9  will   exit come  this Sunday  and   the top   two  will  battle  it  all  out  on  the second and final round on May 7,   2017  !!!  'NO'  the  end  is  not  yet  'BUT'  the  road   that the  4th  Beast  is  taking   has  'twists  and  turns'   that   surprises   even   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  !!!   Presently,  France  finds  itself   in  a  giant  of  a  'Quagmire'  its  small  population  of  Jews  has  been   leaving  due  to   domestic  Islamic  terrorism  against  the Jewish  community  there  ( French Jewish pop.  380,000+  vs. 8 million  Muslims*)  and  presently   the  very  secular, social  and  liberal   government   has  found  out  the  hard  way   that  they  let  in   a  'Trojan  Horse'  via    Mass  Islamic  Immigration  and   to  make  matters  even  more  interesting   a  large  section  of  the  populace   wants  to  retract  from  the  European  experiment   !!!  If  ever  France  needed  a  very  strong  and  decisive  leader  at  the  helm  it  is  today  and  'YES'  France  will  produce  one  of the  final 10 King's of  Revelation  (  and  very  possibly  even  someone  worse  than them*)   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knew  this  some  8+ years ago  and   as  the  years  have  passed   everything   'Confirms'   it  even  more  !!!  The  upcoming French and German elections will  'ALTER'  the  course of  the  European  Union   ( for better or worse*)  and   especially  that  of  the  Middle  East;   concerning  Israel  and  the  Peace  Process  !!!

On  July  of  2008,  the then U.S. Senator  from  Illinois :  Barack Hussein  Obama  arrived  in  Berlin  with  what  some   described  as  almost  possessing  a  supernatural  'Rock Star Charisma.'  Mr. Obama  managed  to   attract  some  200,000+  people  on  the  'Strasse  des  7  Juni'  in Berlin; ( Central Street  in  Berlin )  the  main  and wide  thoroughfare  ( avenue ) of  the  city;   that links to the  historic  Brandenburg  Gate.  Hundreds  of  thousands  of  people  that  couldn't  even  vote in the upcoming   American  elections   came  to  hear  a  man  who  in  less  than  a  year  had  managed  to  become  one of the  the  world's most  popular  serving  politicians;  even  if  he  was  still a state  senator  from  Illinois  !!!   To  many  German's  there  that  day;  Obama  seemed  to  be  like  an  'African-American  Kennedy' : young, energetic, visionary !!!  Someone  almost  'bigger than life.'  By  all  accounts  the  speech  that  Obama  gave that day in Berlin was not one of  his  greatest  masterpieces;  'BUT'  the  crowd   cheered him on  and  applauded  the  loudest  and  longest  when  he  stated   that   he was the antidote to his his warmongering  predecessor : Bush  ( subtly  inferred*)  The  truth  is  that  Mr. Obama  went  to  Berlin   on July of 2008  to  show  American  voters  that  he  was  a  credible  player  on  the  world  stage  ( free world wide  T.V. publicity too*)  even  though  as  a  Senator from Illinois   he  most  certainly  didn't  have  much  Foreign  Policy  experience,  his  'Public  Relations  Stunt'  ( PR )  in  Berlin  sure  didn't  hurt  him  a  bit  !!!  Fast-forward  some  8 years,  Obama  returns to  Berlin  and  ended  his  U.S.Presidency   on  a  very  low  note  in  the  eyes  of   most  German's  who  had  gone  to  hear  him  give  his  historic  speech  some  8  years  previously !!!  (  it is estimated that  only about 6,000+  went to hear him  some 8 years later*)  Mr. Obama  'NOT'  only   didn't  managed  to   regain the respect of the world, when he left the U.S. Presidency   'American Foreign Policy'  appeared  to  have  been  disrespected  and  ignored  even more  so  by  most  of  our  enemies  !!!  (  Obama  naively  believed  that  by  sheer   diplomatic talks  with : Iran, Russia, China   and  others  that   he could  revolutionize American Foreign Policy  and   fix   this broken world.   The truth is  that  almost  all  of  America's  longtime  enemies  perceived  Obama as  a  'Weakling'  and  acted  accordingly  against  U.S.  interests, Obama;  the  bearer  of  the  'world's  biggest  smile'   naively  believed   that  : irrational  actors, dictators  &  totalitarians;   who :   bomb,  kill  and enslave  their  own  people  would  care  'one-bit'   about   trying to  'better  the  world'  via   Obama  diplomacy * )

Was  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  surprised  that  former  President  Obama  was  'NOT'  able  to  keep  most  of  his  election  promises  ?  "NO"  "NO"  and  "NO"  !!!  Obama  even  promised  to  close  down  Guantanamo   'BUT'  8 years later  it   is still  open   !!!  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  GOD  fearing  believer  knew  that   despite  all  the  'hoopla'   about  Obama;  Mario  didn't  drink  the  Kool-Aid,  he  knew  that  Obama  would  be  no  much  better  than  any  other  politician.  As  Obama  was  nearing his term  some  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  were  predicting  that  Mr.Obama  would   most  certainly  be  the  next  U.N.  Secretary  General;   this student of  Bible  Prophecy  knew   much  better  !!!  ( Please, Obama couldn't  bring world peace with the greatest  military on the planet much less  with  Blue Helmets  ( U.N. soldiers )  that  run  away like they once did  in  Rwanda  !!!  )

On  September  of  2014,   President  Obama  appeared  on  '60  Minutes'  ( T.V  interview ) and  confessed  to  the  American  public  that  even  the  CIA  and  the  entire  U.S.  Intelligence Community  didn't  see  the  rise  of  ISIS  in  the  Middle  East   coming  !!!  (  to  be  honest   the other top  world  intelligence  agencies  didn't  either  !!!  )  Mr. Obama   admitted   that  because  they  were  so  focused  on  Al Qaeda  and  Iraq  they  totally   overestimated   the new  Iraqi  government and soldiers  and  underestimated   the small  Islamic  fighters  that  were  scattered  elsewhere  in  the  region  and  that   were  banding together to form   ISIS  underneath  all  of  their  noses.  Eventually, ISIS  overtook  the  new  American  trained  Iraqi  forces  and  the rest  is history.  )  What  this  student of Bible Prophecy  is trying to tell you with   this week's   title   is  that   those  who  only   study  the   physical  and  material   world  of  ours  and   'IGNORE'  the  spiritual   dimension  and  reality  of  who  else  is  inhabiting  this  'Fallen   World'   with  us,   haven't   the  remotest  clue  of  what  they  are  really   up  against :  Satan  and  a  vast   hierarchy  of  Fallen  Angels  and  demons  who  are   bent  on : killing, destroying,  deceiving   and  enslaving  as  much  as  humanity  as  possible  with  the  help  of : Islamic  Terrorism, False religious prophets, Communism etc  !!!  

Fast-Forward  to  2017  ( Post-Obama  World  )   On  January  of 2017; Emmanuel  Macron  visited  Berlin  and   because  he  was  still  a  long-shot   to  win  the  French  Presidency  not  even  German Chancellor  Angela  Merkel   was  on  hand  to  greet  him  nor  did   she  attempted  to  arrange  a  meeting  with  him.   Mr.Macron   didn't  get  a  giant  crowd  of  'hundreds of thousands'  that  had  previously  some  8+ years  had come to listen to Obama.   Fast-Forward  yet again;  just  two  weeks  ago;  Mr.Macron  returned  to  Germany  as  the  frontrunner  of the French  Presidential  elections  and  this  time  Angela  Merkel   did  lend  her  ear   and  attention  to  this  young  Frenchman  speak  about  saving  the : European  Union, the  EURO  and  the  EuroZone  !!!  Emmanuel  Macron;   promised  the  Germans  that  if  elected  he  would  re-invigorate'  the  Franco-German  relationship  and  do  all in his power  to  rehabilitate  a   wounded   and bleeding  European  Union   regardless  of  the   Brexit.

Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Jesus  Christ,  things  are   advancing  in  Europe  that  even  the   best  CIA   analysts  are  'NOT'  able  to  interpret;  just  like  they  were  unable  to foresee  the  rise  of  ISIS  despite  having   vast  technological  computing  power  at  their  disposal.
The  French  voters  will  go  to  the  polling  places  this  Sunday  the   23rd  of  April.   According  to  the  latest  polls   Macron  may  very  well   surprise  everyone, Marine Le Pen is closely  behind him and  according to the best French  prognosticators  its  too  close  to  call  !!!   This  French  election  is  already  the  most  surprising  in  recent  French  history.  For  the  first  time  in  modern French politics a  man  who  does  'NOT'  belong  to  any  of  the  established  Political  Parties  of  France   may  very  well  end  up  turning  the  tables  on   all  those  that  originally  underestimated  him   !!!

Most  of  Emmanuel  Macrons   political  adversaries  mock  him  during  their  political  rallies  by  'raising their hands in mid-air almost Christ like'  as  has  become  Mr.Macron's   trademark  everytime   he  ends  his  rallies.  One  of  the  European  newspapers  stated  that  the  EU  needs  a  'Messiah'  like  figure  to  save  it  from  impending  doom   !!!

According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   the  final   encarnation  of  the  Fourth and final  'Roman  Beast'  will  be  somehow  led  by  10  King's;  presently  the  European  Union is at  27  ( U.K. out*)   'BUT'  according to the Prophecy of  Daniel,  that  Beast  of  10  will  still  manage  to  'DEVOUR'  all  of  Europe   'ANYWAY'  !!!   (  Daniel   7 : 23  )   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    has learned the 'Hard  Way'  that  its  not  how  you  started  your  life  that  counts  'BUT'   how  you  end  it   !!!   Mario  Romano,  is  'NOT'  leaving   this  planet   defeated  by  no  devil  nor  demon;   although this vessel  of  GOD  is  still  plagued  by  personal  imperfections;  it  is  by  the  sheer  power   of  the  Holy  Spirit  that   he  did  'NOT'  give  up   long  ago;  we   indeed  shall  overcome  by  the  Blood  of  the  Lamb   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  claim  any  special  revelations  'BUT'  what  he  is  witnessing  happening  in  France   is  something  that  he  can  'NOT'  ignore.  As  a  'Watchman'  this  useless  servant   of  the  body  of  Christ  is  just  telling  it  like  it  is  !!!   He  is  witnessing   an   'ANOMALY'   of  epic  proportions  ( something that deviates from the  normal  &  ordinary*)  taking  place  in  France  that  should  cause  many  to  wake  up  from  their  spiritual   hibernation.  "NO"  the  end  is  not  yet;  this student of Bible  Prophecy  is  not  one  to  put  'all  the  eggs  in  one  basket'   'BUT'   as  a  'Watchman  of  the  4th  Beast'  Mario  Romano  cannot  ignore  this   great  coincidence   !!!

While  it  is  true  that  not  even  the  CIA  nor  any  other  U.S.  Intelligence  Agency  was  able  to  predict  the  rise  of  ISIS  just  years  ago, this student of Bible  Prophecy  ( and many  others  too*)  knew  that   Islamic  Jihad  and  Islamic  Terrorism   will  "NOT"  be   terminated  by  the  U.S.  Military.    Most  American  Politicians  are  'NOT'  willing  to  do  what  must  be  done  to  obliverate  Islamic  Terrorist  from  planet  earth   ( no U.S. politician is willing to pay the political costs*)   and  that  is  why   Islamic  Jihadism  will  continue  until   the  Tribulation  period;   when  someone  even  more  wicked   than  they  will  arise  and  appear  on  the  world  scene   to  totally  and  very  unmercifully   defeat  Islamic  Terrorism  once  and  for  all. (  Hitler  did  it  to  Stalin*) (  Beasts   are  very  territorial  and  the  final  Beasts  will  not  bow  down  to  other  beasts, just like in prisons,  most  inmates   do  'NOT'  trust  their  fellow  inmates, just like one totalitarian doesn't trust   nor share  his power with  another  totalitarian*)

Reminder  :  Germany  and  France  are  the  two  major  pillars  of  the :  EU  and  the  Eurozone, they are the very  economic  engine  that  has  kept  the  EU  and  the  $Euro  from   imploding  and  despite  the  Greek  economic  crisis  and  the  Brexit  these  two  EU  countries  know  very  well  that   they  cannot  return   to  a  Pre-World  War  I  Europe;  they  know  fully  well   that   divided  they  will  fall  before  an  increasingly  aggressive  Russia  and  a   growing  economic  juggernaut  in  China  !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy,  the  final  world  empire  'Shall'  arise  from  the  Mediterranean  region  and  that  is  what   is  letting   everyone  know. Several  military  conflicts  and  great  natural  disasters  are  coming  that  are  going  to  reshape  the  present  world  order  very  simply  because   the  Prophecies of Daniel  and  Revelation   guarantee  it  !!!

In Conclusion, it could very well  be  that   nothing  much  may  happen  during  the  next  ten  years;  'BUT'  the  opposite  of  this  could  also  be  true;  it  could  just  be  that  all  the  endtimes  players  revealed  and  described   by  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  the  Book  of  Revelation  may  indeed  all  be  getting  ready  for  the  'Final  Act'  as  the  'Final  Curtain'  is  beginning   to be  enacted.  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  have  learned  'NOT'  to  'Jump  the  Gun'  was  launched  and  created  for   great  seismic  events  such  as  the  upcoming  2017  French  Presidential  elections  and  this   almost  nobody  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  here  to  tell  you  and  anyone  who  will  listen  that  the  European  Union   will  either  sink  if  Marine  Le Pen  wins  or  be  Re-invented  if  Macron  wins   !!!  Either  way   the  EU  is  being   prepared  for  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  while  most  of  the  world  has  'NO'  spiritual  discernment  nor  idea  of  may  very  well  be  before  them  and  before  us  all  !!!  The  French  Presidential  term  is  for  5  years; I  don't know about  you  but  most  'Students of Bible Prophecy'  fill it  in  their  'bones'  that  the  next  10  years  will  be  epic  for  Biblical  Prophecy  fulfillment  and   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  senses  it  too   !!!

As  we  are  nearing  Daniel's  70th  Week,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   fully  acknowledges  that   'ONLY'  those  who  study  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   are  able  to  discern  how  late  the  hour  is.   The  CIA  as  well  as  'ALL'  the  world's  most  elite  intelligence  agencies   have    absolutely  'NO'  spiritual  clue  as  what  is  lurking  around  the  corner  and headed  straight  onto  planet  earth  'BUT'  as  children  of  Light;  you  and  I  should  'NOT'   seemed  surprised   by  what  is   heading  this  way  in  the  'Spiritual  World.'  Come  this   April  23  of  2017  we  will  all  know  how  much  closer  we  are   to  the  greatest   'CONVERGENCE'  of  Bible  Prophecy  taking  place  all  over  this  world.

A  note  to  all  critics :  There  is  a  'time  and  a  place'  for  everything  under   this  heaven.  Mario  is  'NOT'   praying for  'doom and  gloom'  nor  does  he  delight   in  the  suffering  of others.   Mario  lives  a  'well  rounded'  Christian  life;  he believes in living in holiness, praying for  others,  testifying  about  Jesus  Christ, fasting  and   he  usually   never  mentions   this website  to  family  and  friends  unless they   bring  it  up  or  the  subject of Bible  Prophecy. This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'    here  to  try  and  identify   'you know who'   I personally  know  numerous  'believers'  who  could  care  less  about  Bible  Prophecy  'BUT' when  you mention to them about sports  & athletes  ( movie stars  etc...)   they  seem to know every  vital  statistic !!!   There  are  very, very  few   Bible  Prophecy  teachers   specifically   concentrating  on  this  'subject'  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   found  it  necessary  to  teach  on  the  subject.   If  GOD revealed  such prophecies to His  Prophets  then   you  better  believe that it  is important  to  disseminate  as  much  as  humanly  possible  !!!  The  'day  and  hour'  is  coming when  hundreds  of  millions  will  say  how  come  nobody   warned  us  about  such  things ?  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  for  neither  fame  nor  money;  the  Holy  Spirit   knew  this  from  day  one  of    and some  18+ years  later  my  heart  has  not  changed;  I'm  here  to  serve  !!!

Those  of  the  world  and  those  who  have  fallen  in  love  with  the  things  of  this  fallen  and  corrupt  planet   truly  and  sincerely  believe  that  just  as  the : 1950's, 60's, 70's ,80's , 90  etc,'came  and  went' that  we  too  will somehow  manage  to  emerge  from  very  challenging  military  conflicts, economic crashes  and  ethnic  wars  of  this  present   decade  and   that  eventually  and  somehow   all  of  our  ever present  conflicts  will  too  'come  and  go'   !!!  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  GOD  Almighty  only  decreed  a  specified  timeframe  for  human  history  to  fully   play  out  &  friends  our  time  is  almost  up !!!   ( Daniel   9 : 24  )

According  to  Bible  Prophecy  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  shall  arise  out  of   the  Western  part  of  the  Roman  Empire.  The  blunt  truth  is  that  all  of  the : Islamic  dictators, nations  and  terrorist   groups  have  failed  Satan   for  over  5  decades  !!!  ( they have  failed  Satan  in  attempting  to destroy  Israel*)   When  Satan  is  cast  down  from  the  heavens  he   is  only  going  to  be  able  to  give  all  his  unholy  powers  to  one  man  and  as  you  and  I  can  witness   it  sure  isn't  going to be  given to  a Muslim  man,  they  are  destroying each other  all  over the Middle  East  as  it  is,  meanwhile  in  the  EU  they  are  trying  to  unite  as  never  before   !!!   Me  thinks  that  Satan   doesn't  want  to reign  over  Islamic  war  torn  cities  full  of  rocks  and  stones  !!!  Those  who  are  teaching and promoting  an Islamic  Little  Horn  don't   understand  that  just  like  'he who has the gold makes the rules'  that  in  this 'dog  eat dog  world'  ( world of Beasts )   he  who  has  the  'bigger  guns  rules the world'   the  Islamic  nations  roundabout  the  Mediterranean   region   are  'NOT'  nuclear  powers  nor  do  they  possess  air  superiority  over  little  Israel, neither do they have nuclear aircraft carriers  or  nuclear  submarines; the Arab Islamic nations   cannot  even  defeat  little  ol  Israel  how  in  this  planet  are  they  going to dominate  the rest of the world  as is prophesied  in  Daniel 7 : 23   !!!   Only  a  militarily  disciplined  and  capable force such as  NATO  or a future EU  Armed  force   can  militarily   overtake  the  Israeli  Airforce  and  its  defense  forces;  and  'me  thinks'  Satan   already  knows  this  too  !!!  

By :  Mario  Romano.  Mario  is   'NOT'  a  Prophet  nor  the  son  of  a  Prophet;  he's  just   an  unworthy  sinner   that  Jesus  Christ   one  day  redeemed  and  set  free.   Mario   set  up  this  'Little  Web-Site  That  Could'   initially  just   to  serve  as  a  'Watch'   for  the soon  return of our Lord Jesus  some two  decades  ago  and  today  it  seems  to  be  taking  on  a  life  of  its  own.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  claim  to  know  who  the  final  'Little  Horn'  will  end  up  being, what he does know is that   the  rise  of  the  Beast  of  the  Sea  will  be  full  of  'Twists  and  Turns'  many  of  his  enemies  and  opponents  will  suffer   an  array  of  unnatural   and  unholy   end;  if  you  know what   i  mean    !!!