Monday, May 1, 2017


For  the  'MOST'  part  of  the  history  of  the  chosen  people  of  GOD;  most  Jews  chose  to  ignore   the  Prophecies  of  their  very  own  Prophets;  'Holy  men'  who   GOD  chose   to  speak  for  Him.   History  tells  us  that  most  of  GOD's  true  Prophets  found  in  the  Old  Testament   did  'NOT'   die  of  natural  causes,  it  isn't  that   all  of  them  were  killed  and  persecuted  by  Pagan  King's  and  people   'BUT'  the  sad  reality  is  that  a  great  percentage of them  were  killed  and  persecuted  by  their  very own  Hebrew  Kings  and  Hebrew   blood  brothers. ( Luke 13:34 )  Even  today  in  the  year   2017  'Most'  of  our  Jewish  friends  are  still  being  told  and  taught  by  their  Rabbis   that  the  Daniel  is  'NO'  Prophet  of  GOD  and   that  no  one  should  really pay attention  and heed  to  his  Prophecies  !!!  What  is  even  more  tragic  is  that  'TODAY'  in  2017,  as  believers   is  that  we  have  access  to  a  vast  number  of  resources  ( online  Greek  &  Hebrew  translators, commentaries  etc...  )  that  help  us  to  better  interpret  and  understand  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  its  Prophecies  as  never  before  and  'YET'  a  very, very  large  percentage   of  the  Church  does  'NOT'  want  anything  to  do  with  the  Book  of  Revelation   or  with  any  part   in  the  endtimes  Prophecies   uttered  by   'MOST'  of  the  Prophets  of  GOD  !!!  This  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ,  'REMINDS'  everyone  that  the  true  King  of  Israel  was  crucified   by  the  soldiers  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  and  'NOT'  by  any  Islamic  army  !!!  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  back  and  HE  will   totally  defeat  the  final 'Prince  of  the  People'  who  last  destroyed   the  second  Temple  in  Jerusalem   !!!

Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.  - Daniel 7 : 23

Russia, China, India , the EU  &  America  ( and  their  global  Corporations* )  are  all  vying  to  'control  and  dominate'  as  much  as possible  of  the  world's   shrinking  supply  of  natural  resources.   It  is   competition  for  power and  wealth  that  drives  the major  powers of  this  planet  to  do what  they  are  doing. ( geopolitics ) Russia  is  trying  to  control  and  dominate  as  much  as  possible  of  all  the  oil  & gas  pipelines that  criss-cross  through  Eurasia  ( Ukraine  to Syria etc...)  China, for its part  is  trying  to  secure  and  exploit  as  much as  possible  the untapped  natural  resources  of  Africa  and Latin America  ( and  anywhere  else  it can bribe  itself  into  )  and  the  U.S.  is  trying  to  'secure  and defend'  American interests  throughout  the  world  with  its  vast  military  resources  as  the  British  Empire  once  did  for their  global  corporations  !!!
(   Capitalism  in and of itself  is  'NOT'  demonic;  it is the love of money  that is the root of  all  evil.    When: 'Men,  Nations and  Corporations'  begin to : kill, enslave  &  poison  their fellow  human beings  for   mere  economic  profit, then  it  is  a  sin; demonic  &  unholy *)   The  Islamic-Arab's  on  the  other  hand   desire  through  their   Islamic  Terrorism  'proxy  armies'   (  it  is no secret  that Iran  and  other  Islamic  countries;  economically  finance  several  Islamic  Terrorist  groups*)  to  conquer  as  much  as  the  world  as  possible  and  control  it  like  under  a  global  Taliban-Sharia  Islamic  Caliphate  and  in  effect  they are  trying to drag  the world  backwards into another 'dark ages'   period  !!!  If  you  know  the  Prophecies  of  Revelation  you  know   that  'Commercial Babylon'  wins;  "Translation" :  Global  Capitalistic  Greed  will  prevail,   when  threatened  global  Capitalists unite  and  usually  decimate  their  enemy.   Historical  evidence of this   is  World  War  II  and  the Cold  War;   when  Japan  pushed  the  enveloped   during  WW  II,   the  U.S.  responded   with   atomic  bombs;   the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   will  do  the  same  with  most  Islamic  countries  that  oppose  him  too  !!!  A  closer  study  of  the  Book  of  Revelation   reveals  to  us  that  the  final   totalitarian  will   control  the  world's  largest   commercial  market   $$$  as  well  as  possess  the  world's  most  formidable  military;  does this sound  like  the  Taliban  or  ISIS  in  control  or  the  endtimes   leader  of  the  West's   EU-10  ???   (  there  is  'NO'  technological  progress  under  Islam,  'ALL'   high technology  is  almost being  monopolized  mostly  by : Western  Corporations, Chinese  Companies, Russian  and  Indian  Companies  as  well  as  by  some  German  and  Israeli  companies;  the  vast  40+  Islamic  countries of  this planet  are  almost  mere  observers  & consumers of  such  global  corporations !

This   student  of  'Military  Strategy  &  Bible  Prophecy'  writes  this  article  today   because  there  are  some  'students  of  Bible  Prophecy'  who  are   wrongly  teaching  that   'SOMEHOW'   the  Western  Nuclear  Powers  as  well  as  : Nuclear  China,  Nuclear  Russia  and  Nuclear  India  will  all  somehow   'bow  down'  and  'surrender'   to  Islamic  Terrorists  or  to  an  Islamic  Caliphate  led  by  Turkey  in  the  future   !!!  And    this  student  of  Nuclear  Proliferation  is  'NOT'  even  mentioning  Israel's  nuclear  triad  capabilities  !!!   Those  who  are  teaching  about  an  Islamic  'Little  Horn'  speak  so;  without  much  knowledge  of   the  geopolitical  realities  that  rule  over  this  planet   !!!  (  Real  Harsh World  Military Reality :  Turkey does not  have  nuclear  submarines, nor any nuclear  triad,  nor  nuclear  aircraft  carriers; the nuclear arsenal  Turkey once had  belonged  to NATO  & NATO has since  removed them  because  they don't trust   Mr. Erdogan   anymore  !!!  )  The  historical  truth  is  that   thus  far  the  most  potent  military  force  on  the  planet  is  the  one  headed  by  Western  Democratic  Capitalists  and  Russia, China  and  India   are  somewhat  part  of  it  because  they   Don't  want   to  see  the  world  blown  up;  as  do  Islamic  Terrorists   !!!  ( both China  and  Russia  are  competing  for  global  markets  $$$  Russia to sell  its  oil and natural gas  &  China  to  continue   being one of the world's largest exporters  of  manufactured  goods*)  The  truth  is  that  when  'Total  War'   comes  up   Western  Capitalists   are  quick  to  respond  in  pooling  all  of  their  capital  and  resources   to  defend  their  global  interests;  historically  speaking  this  has  already  happened  twice  in  our  Century  via  World  War  II  and  during  the  Cold  War   !!!  During  WW II, Western  Capitalists   pooled  all  of  their   industrial  resources  to   stop  Adolph  Hitler  and  his  virulent   twisted  Nazism  and  when  the  Soviet  Union  threatened  Democratic  Capitalists  later  on  the  same  thing  happened   !!!   Both  Hitler  and  Soviet  Communism  were  stamped  out  by  the   Western  Capitalist   powers  and  the  same   thing  is  going  to  happen  down  the  road   against  the   war  against   Islamic  Terrorism, the day and hour is coming  when   the  West   is  going   to  do  to  some  Islamic  countries  what  the  U.S.  did  to  Japan  in  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki; this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  say  this   with  any  glee;  it's  just  what  he  sees  coming  and  where  this  war  against  global  Jihad  is  ultimately  headed   !!!   Turkey  is  'NO'  nuclear  power  and  Mr.Erdogen   is  at  the  mercy  of  :  NATO, the  U.S   and   Russia;  militarily  speaking   !!!   What  the  proponents  of  an  Islamic   Global  Caliphate  don't  tell  you  is  that   'ALL'  of  the  Arab-Islamic  countries   are  under  a  great  'spiritual  curse'  for  continually   cursing  the  State  of  Israel  !!!  (  Genesis   12 : 3  )   While  it  is  'TRUE'  that  most  of  the  Jews  in  Israel  today  could  care  less  about   GOD  and  the  Torah,  GOD  Almighty  made   promises  to  Abraham  that  HE  nonetheless   'Shall'  keep   !!!  Mark  these  words;  'The day and hour is coming when   drinkable  water   will  be  more  precious  and  expensive  than  even  'Black  Gold'  ( Oil  )   to  many   Arab  countries'  !!!  What  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  are   going  to  unleash  there   is  going  to  'break  even  more'  the   spirit  of  most  Arab  people  who  are  barely   making  a  living,  as  it  is 'MOST'  Arab  countries  import  a  large  part  of  their  food;  people  can  survive  without  Middle  East  Oil  'BUT'   you  can't  eat  nor  drink   Oil  when  your  facing  starvation   and   especially   when  the  upcoming  'Little  Horn'   has  you  on  the top  of  his  list  of  'Economic  Sanctions'   !!!

Truly,  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  began  Roman  and  ends   Roman  in  nature;  those  believers  who   are  advocating   10  Muslim  King's  are  also  'quoting'  not  from  our  Holy  Bible   'BUT'  from  the  Koran  about  a  12th  Imam; it  would  be  like   me   teaching  from  the  'Prophecies'  of  Nostradamus  to  the  Body  of  Christ,  as  if  Nostradamus  was  part  of  the  Holy  Scriptures   and  it  would  also  be  like  me  quoting  from   the  Fatima  Apparitions  and  presenting  such   prophecies  as  if  they  were  from  GOD  !!!  The  Mayan's  had  their  own  Prophecies  and  so  did  many  other   religions  and   people's  from  the  past  'BUT'  I'm  'NOT'   going  to  quote  them  nor  accept  their  pagan   prophecies  and  neither  should  any  true  born  again  believer  be   accepting  'prophecies'  from  the  Koran   !!!   Those  who  keep  doing  it  are  quoting  from  a  'False  Prophet  &  his  Unholy  Book'  and  should  be  ashamed  of  themselves  and  they  should  also  'REPENT'  for  presenting  it  to  born  again  believers  as  'IF'  it   was  part  of  the  Prophecies  of  our  Holy  Bible   !!!

According  to   the  history  books;  the British  Empire  that once  ruled  a  great  part  of  this  planet was  able  to  expand  so  fast  ( between  the  years  of  :  1870-1900 )  was  due to  a  combination  of  several  factors  including :  the need and desire to defend the financial  interests  of British  Companies  ( economic  motivation  $$$  British  military  defended  the : British South African Company as well as the East India  Company,  sounds  somewhat  eerily  familiar ?  )  Also, the ongoing and continuing Industrial Revolution   led  the  British  to  'secure'  with  their  Navy  and   soldiers  the  cheap  raw  resources  in  foreign  territories.  The  British  additionally  easily  had  the  'Technological  Advantage'   against  most  of  their  enemies  because  their  weapons  and  tools  of  war  were  far  easily  superior   to  that  of  their  weaker  enemies  (  inventions  such  as  the  Gatling  Gun, the railway and the steamship*)  and  lastly  'greedy  capitalists'  who  had  the   British  government   at  their  mercy   encouraged  new  investment  in  colonizable  areas  abroad  rather  than  domestically.  In  sum,  it  was  mostly  about  '$$$  Money.'   According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  first  rider  on  the  white  horse  is  going  to  be  bent  on  'Conquest'  and  to  a  certain  degree;  what  motivated  the  British  to  expand  their  power  over  a  century  ago  will  also   be  a  significant  factor  in  also  motivating  the  global  conquest  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  do   for  the  final  Empire  on  earth  :   The  10  King's  of  Revelation =  The Kingdom of the Beast *  Presently,  the  European  Union  is  also  home  to  virtually  'ALL'  major  Corporations   on  planet  earth  !!!  The  biggest  companies  on  planet  earth, as well  as  virtually  all  the  world's  largest  banks   have  offices  in  some  part  of  the  European  Union.  The  future  defeat  and  decline  of  : Russia,  Arab  countries  as  well as  the  U.S.A,  is  going  to   strongly  encourage  and  motivate  the endtimes  'Little  Horn'  to  step  in   with  his  unholy  military  and  fill  the  vacuum  left  behind  by   once   grand  competitors ! (  the  King's of  the  East  are  not  going  to  like  it one bit  !!! )

Although,  how  you  or  I  interpret  certain   things  in  Bible  Prophecy  (  like timing of Rapture,  how long Tribulation period will be,  who the 10 King's  are, etc *)  is  'NOT'  going to save us  or  condemn  us;  (  obviously  the  Prophecies  that   concern  the  : Birth, Life , Death  and  Resurrection  of  the  Messiah : Jesus  Christ  are  CRITICAL * )  thee   most  important   doctrinal  point  is  how  we   accept   and  interpret  the  Gospel  of   Jesus  Christ.  Most  Roman  Catholics  have  been  told   by  their  local  Priests  that  Jesus  Christ  is  'NOT'  enough  to  save  us  from  hell; according to their  twisted  teachings  Mary  is  the  Co-Redemtrix  ( Co-Redeemer )  and  together  with  the  the  Catholic  Saints   our   salvation  'might  be  assured'  !!!   Somehow  what  Jesus  Christ  accomplished  at  the  Cross of  Calvary  is  'NOT'  enough  and  almost  everyone  will  have  to  first  pass  through   'Purgatory.'    Muslim's   on  the  other  hand   have  also  been  lied  and   told  that  Jesus  is  'NOT'  GOD   but just  another  Prophet  who  is   below  Mohammed  !!!  Obviously,  those  who  ignore  the  true  Bible  Prophecies   are  opening  themselves  up  to  great  deception !

It  boggles  the  mind  of  this  'student  of  Bible  Prophecy'  how   so  many  other  Christians  can   incorrectly   teach  about  the  final  fourth  Beast  of  Daniel   and  feel  mighty  proud  about  it  !!!  The  Fourth  Beast   rose  to  power  in Rome  and  then   went  on  to  'Conquer  and  Dominate'  most  of  what  we  now  call  the  Middle  East.   As  this  student  of  History   researched  this  topic,  'ALL'  the   historical  maps   'CLEARLY'  revealed  to  him  that   what  all  4  Beasts  revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel  have  in  common  was  'GEOGRAPHY'  !!!   The  1st  Beast  :  Babylon, the 2nd Beast Medo-Persia, the 3rd Beast  Greece  and  the  4th  Roman  Beast  'ALL'  were   'REGIONAL'   Mediterranean   powers  that  also  managed  to  militarily  conquer  Israel  and  its  Jewish  Holy  City  and  Capital :  Jerusalem  !!!

A  closer  study  of  the  geographical  maps  reveal  to  us  that  the  Babylonian  Empire  'NEVER'  went  on  to  conquer  the  Italian  'Roman  Peninsula'  and  neither  did  the  Medo-Persian  Empire  managed  to   conquer  Rome;  'BUT'   WHAT   all  the  historical  maps  do  reveal  to  us  that  Rome  'DID'  manage  to  conquer  : Greece,  Babylon, Medo-Persia  and   Israel  and  Jerusalem  in  particular  !!!    (   those  of  you  who  teach  a  final  10  Islamic  Kings   are  going  to  have  to  burn  and   somehow  destroy  all  them  maps   !!!   )

This  student  of  World  History    has  observed  that   Mohammed's  Islam   will  'Rise  and  Fall'  in  between   the  real  4th  Roman  Beast.  Meaning,  that  'NOT'  one  of  the  4  Beast's  of  Daniel  was  Islamic  !!!  The   'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  the  first  two   Beasts  were  pagan  Beasts  who  rose  and  fell  as  regional  empires  when  Islam  hadn't  even   been  born.   The  Ottoman  Empire  already  had  its  day  in  the  sun, Turkey  is  'NOT'  a  nuclear  power  and  Mr.Erdogen  is  in  'NO'  position  to  conquer  Europe  or  Israel   'BOTH'  of  these  are  nuclear  powers  and  Iran  understands   this  too  well : 'He  who  has  Nukes  is  a  true  Power.'  ISIS   and  evey  Islamic  Terrorist  group  would  like  to  get  their  hands  on  any  nuclear  material  to  make  a  'Dirty  Bomb.'    The  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  do  'NOT'  give  us   'ALL'  the  minor  events  that  will   produce  the  major  Prophesied  events  such as the rise of the 10 King's  just  like  the   Biblical  Prophecies   did 'NOT'  specifically  mentioned  the  rise  of  someone  like  Adolph  Hitler;  as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  in  this  final  generation   we  are  trying  our  best   to  'Interpret  the  Sign's  of  the  Times.'   has  always   taught  that  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel  began   Roman  and  'ENDS'   Roman.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  to   shove  this  down  anyone's  throat;  I've  always   encouraged  and   let  my  visitors  and  readers  do  their  own  research;  don't   just  take  my  word  or  any  others  word;  'RESEARCH'  it  for  yourself.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  a  'Political   Realist'   he   understands  that   'ALL'  human  empires    are  'Temporary'

Some   are  wrongly  teaching  that  'Ten  Islamic  Arab'  countries  are  going  to  unite  around  the  Mediterranean  Sea   and  ultimately  defeat  Israel  and   'Somehow'   dominate  and  conquer   most  of  the  world  during  the  Tribulation  period  as  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  guarantee.  The  problem  with  this  is  that   virtually  all  of  the  Arab  countries  around  the  Mediterranean  Sea   are  flat  out   some  10+  years  behind  the  rest  of  the  developed  world, before  the  'Arab  Spring'  came   countries  such  as :  Libya, Egypt, Syria , Iraq  and  Iran   were  already    considered  'Backwards'  countries  with  very  little  or  no   Manufacturing   industry.   The  truth  is  that  they  also  do  'NOT'  have  : Nuclear  subs,  Nuclear  aircraft  carriers,  Global  Satellite  networks  nor   all  the  military  hardware  and  resources  needed  to  project  their  armed  forces   far  away  from  their  shores.  Those  who  are  promoting  the  'Theory'  of  10  Islamic  King's  are   erroneously  teaching  that  all  nations  are  'Military  Equals'  and  that's   far  from  the  truth.   For the past  decade  Western  armies   have  waged  'Politically  Correct'  warfare  against  Islamic  Militants  'BUT'   the  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  all  of  that  is  going  to  end   !!! 

One  of  the  'Biggest'  clues  that  the  Book  of  Revelation  gives   us  about  the  endtimes  4th  Beast  is  that   it  will  be   a  'Massive  Commercial'  entity  ( buying  and  selling*)  Presently  even  with  all  the  problems   that  the  European  Union  and  the  Euro Zone  is  having    it  is  a   'FACT'  that  the  EU   continues  to  be  the  largest  economic/trading  alliance  on  this  planet  !!!   On  the  other  hand    a  great   percentage  of  the   economies  of : Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Syria   and  others   is  still  'Bartering'  !!!  When  you  think  of  Egypt  and  the  others  you  don't  think  of   'high  tech'  economies   the  truth  is  that  half  of  their  workforce   are  condemned  to  a  life  of   servitude  and   near  slave  like  conditions  !!!  ( most   Islamic women are  treated   like animals  and  some  even  worse than  animals*)

This  student  of  bible  prophecy  'MUST'  let  everyone  know  that  the   war  against  Islamic  Terrorism   will   unfortunately  and  eventually  go  'Nuclear.'  (  Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction  'WMD'  will  be  used*)   Islamic  terrorists  have   demonstrated   time  and  time  again  that  they  have  no  problem   blowing  up  as much  of  the  world  as  possible   for  their  allah  !!!  Most  Western  leaders  still  do  'NOT'  seem  to get  it;  its 'NOT'  just  about  Israel,  it's  that  Islamic  Jihadists  want a  global  Sharia Law !!!  'BUT'  if  you  know  your  history  you  know  that  'Global  Capitalists'  do  'NOT'  give  in  and  give  up  so  easily;   they  enjoy  having   vast  capital  and  armies    to  'DEFEND'  and  conquer   those  who  threaten  it;  Karl  Marx  underestimated   global  Capitalists, Hitler  did  too  !!!  and  so  did  the  once  great  Communist  Soviet  Union  and  I'm  no  prophet  but  Islamic  Terrorists   are  going  to  find  the  hard  way   what  happens  when  you   provoke  a  Beast   that   deep,  deep  inside  is  even  more  power  hungry  and   territorial  than   them  !!!    This student of Bible  Prophecy  is  not  here  to  demonize  Islamic  Terrorists; the truth is that  'ANY'  human  being  without  the  'Seal  of  the  Holy  Spirit'   is  of  the  devil   !!!  There  are  no  neutrals  in  this  ongoing   great  spiritual  war;  one is either  for  or  against  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   !!!  Global  Mafias,  International  Drug   Cartels   and   numerous  Global  Bankers  are   equally  as   demonic  as   any  Islamic  Terrorists  !!!  (  John  8 : 44  )

Yes,  GOD  blessed  the  Arab  people's  with  Oil  'BUT'   their  very  own  leaders  and  King's  have  for  the  most  part   kept  most  of  such  national  riches  for  themselves  !!!   If   you  haven't  noticed;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  focuses  on  the  'Book  of  Enoch'  nor  on  'Blood  Moons'  and  neither  on  'Alien  Conspiracies'  because  its  challenging  enough   trying  to  correctly  interpret   Daniel's  Prophecies  as  it  is  !!!  Mario,   continually  asks  the  Holy  Spirit  to  guide  him  to  all  truth;   Mario   uses  plain  old   historical  patterns   that  'Most'  of  the  time   predict   the  'Political, Military  and  Economic'  moves  of   most   of the top leaders of this  planet.  Human  nature  doesn't  really  change  much;  most  fallen  men   are : greedy, selfish, narcissistic  and  power  hungry  and  most  of  them  if  given  the  opportunity   would  do  virtually  anything   for  absolute  power   !!!

The  present  and  past  reality  of  the   most  of  the   Middle  East  is  that  Western  Imperial  powers  led  by  : France  and  England   carved  out  most  of  the  modern   borders  of  the   region  and  Russia   who  is  'NO'  fool  either   is  entrenching  its   vast  military  resources  in  the  region   because  they  sure  do  'NOT'  want   the  : EU, America  nor  Islamic  Jihadists  to   ultimately  control  the  vast   oil  pipelines   that  'Criss-Cross'   a  vast  portion  of  that  region  !!!    Additionally,  the  'Military  Reality'  is  that   the  European's  have   soldiers  ( NATO )  in  the  Middle  East  and  Afghanistan   ( in Africa  too*)  and  the  Arab-Islamic  countries  do  'NOT'  have  soldiers  in  European  countries   !!!

All  my  fellow  brothers  in  Christ  who  teach  that  the  endtimes  4th  Beast  will  be  led  by  10  Islamic  King's  are  'Still'  my  brothers  in  Christ  if  they  too  have  been  cleaned  and  redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   !!!  Mario  Romano,  has  learned  that  it  is  GOD  alone  who  ultimately  'REWARDS'  those  who  correctly  teach  His  Holy  Word   !!!   We  all  know  that  there  is  only  one  correct  interpretation  to  Daniel's  final  Beast.  My  real  'Enemy'   is  not   other  brothers  in  Christ, this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  here   to  share  what  he  has  learned  through  his  short  life  upon  planet  earth.  Mario  welcomes  'sound'  debate  'BUT'  in  all  of  my  20  years  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy; this serbvant  of  your's  has  'Never'   considered   Islam  as  one  of  the  4  Beast's  revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel.  The  truth  is  that  the  'Golden  Age'  of  Islam  and  Islamic  Empires  has   long  'Come  and  Gone'  with  the  winds  of  time  !!!

In  conclusion,   there  will  only  be  one  final  endtimes  Beast  that  will    DEVOUR  and  Dominate  most  of  what  will  be  left  of  the  world  during  the  Tribulation  period.  If  you  know  anything  about  real  beasts  it's  that   they  are   very, very  territorial  they  do  'NOT'  like  to  share  and  the  final  Beast   revealed  to  the  Prophet  Daniel  will  be  like  the   NAZI's  on  'Steroids'   !!!    It  baffles  this   student  of  Nuclear  Proliferation  and  Strategic  Studies;  how  anyone   can  come  to  the  conclusion  that  10  Arab-Islamic  King's  are  going  to    conquer  most  of  the  world  and  dominate  the  world's  economy  in  the  Tribulation  period  when  as  it     is   they  can  barely   feed  their  own  people   !!!  (   upon  a  closer  inspection;  most   Arab  countries  import  a  large  percentage   of  their  food  from  other  countries;  and  it  doesn't  stop  there  it  is  no  secret  that   most  of  them  also  'Import'  most  of  their  military   supplies   and armaments  ( guns, ammo, fighter jets, helicopters,  radar, grenades  etc  )   from   non-Islamic  countries  such  as  :  Russia, North  Korea  and  China  !!!

Russia's  Putin  has  proven  to  Western  leaders   that  ISIS  and  other  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  'CAN'  be   'NEUTRALIZED'    by  using  massive  force  and   unrestricted  warfare  against    Islamic  Terrorists  groups.   ISIS   is  'NO'  longer  in  control  of  the  vast  territories  and  key  Syrian  cities   as they  were  a  year  ago.  Key  strategic  Russian  bombings  throughout  Syria  have  crippled  ISIS   and  they  are  now  only  a  shadow  of  what  they  once  were.  If  you  are  a  student of Bible  Prophecy  you  are  well  aware  that   Putin  will  be  'NO'  match  for  the  one  who  is  coming  to  'Conquer'   the  Middle  East  once  again  in  the  future.  Putin  has  proven  that  it  can  be  done  'IF'  all  power  is  concentrated  in  one  man   as  Putin  has  proven   thus  far.  (  and  that's  exactly what Revelation  guarantees*)

Are  people  who  are  incorrectly   teaching  and  interpreting  the  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  going  to  go  to  hell  ?  'NO'  most  of   them  sincerely  believe  that  their  interpretation  is  the  correct  one; one thing is to   maliciously  mislead  GOD's  people   and  another  is  just  to  interpret   the  Biblical  Prophecies  according  to  the  headlines  of  CNN.  The  Soviet  Union  and  its  aggressive  communism  once  threatened  most  of  the  world  'BUT'  it  too  came  and  went;  Islamic  Jihad  in  all  of  its  present  manifestations  will  too  'come  and  go'  because   according  to  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation;  'One  evil  one  is  coming'  that   is  not  going  to   wage  'politically  correct'  Warfare  against   any  Islamic  Jihadism  !!!  Just  like  the  GOD  of  Heaven  used   one  Beast  to  take  down   another  Beast;  GOD  is  going  to  do  the  same  thing  in  the  future;  the  coming  'Man  of  Sin'   is  not  just  going  to  wage  war  and  persecute : Jews  and  New  Believers  'BUT'  also  any  and  all  those  who   seem  a  threat  to  him  and  his   plans  for  global  conquest  !!!  Unfortunately, this student of bible  prophecy  does  'NOT'  state this   observation  with  any  glee  'BUT'  the  'Little  Horn'  is  also  going  to   decimate  hundreds  of  millions  of   'Peace  loving  people  all  over  the  Middle   East  before  he  sets  himself   in  Jerusalem   !!!'  You  and  I,  have   definitely  'NOT'  yet  seen  the  very  face  of  evil;  what  is  coming  to  planet  earth  is  'UNLIKE'  anything  that  even  :   Stalin,  Hitler  or  any  Islamic  Terrorist   could  even  had  conceived  of  !!!

By :  Mario  Roman.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  to  debate  anyone;  he's  here   to  share   what  he  has    uncovered   after  thousands  of  hours  of  research  on  the  Fourth  Beast  of  Daniel.  There  has  always  been  incorrect  interpretations  of  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  its  Prophecies; when our Lord Jesus  Christ  came  those  Jewish  religious  leaders  who  knew  the  Prophecies  'FAILED'   to  correctly  identify  the  true  Messiah  of  Israel  on  their  watch.   Today,  we  have  numerous  : Historical and  Biblical   resources  at  our  disposal  by  which  we  can   better   interpret  the  endtimes  Prophecies  given  to  Daniel  that  even  he  in  his  time   couldn't  fully  comprehend  and  'YET'  there  still  seems  to  be  101   different   interpretations  of   'who  or  what'  Daniel  Fourth  Beast  is  and  will  end  up  being  !!!