Sunday, May 7, 2017



The  European  Union, the Euro, NATO  & the Eurozone  have  lived  to  see  yet  another  day  on  European  soil  !!!  You  better  believe  that  'All'  27   leaders  of  the  European  Union  were  on  the  edge  of  their seats  this  Sunday  April 7, 2017   as  the  French  voters  quite  literally  'directly  and  indirectly'  decided  the fate of  the : European Union, the EuroZone, the $Euro &  NATO  !!!   (  Almost  all  EU  leaders  'great  and  small'  'especially Angela  Merkel & the  head of the European Central Bank : Mario Draghi !'  were  able  to  breathe  and  give  a  great  and  big  'sigh  of  relief'  this  past  Sunday; as  Marine  Le Pen   lost  the  French  Presidency*)   Marine  Le Pen   who  promised  in  her presidential  campaign  to  withdraw  France  from  : the  $Euro,  the EU, NATO  & the Eurozone,  has  lost  to Emmanuel  Macron  and   'AMAZINGLY'  and   very   'COINCIDENTALLY'  according  to  the latest's  '  Online News Feed  &  CNN'  Macron  won  with  66.06 %  (  I  kid  you  not *)   to  Marine  Le  Pens  33.94 %  of  the  French  vote  !!!   Wait, wait;  that's  'NOT'   all, Francois  Hollande  the  current  socialist  President  of  France  has  just   stated  that  he  will   hand over  the French Presidency to Mr.Macron  on  May 14  !!!  (  mere  coincidences ? )   ( that's  the same day that  Israel celebrates it's  original  annual  Independence   &  re-establishment !!! )  In  the  meantime,  the  Eurozone  has  been  saved  for  at  least  another  5  years  and  so  has  the  EU   and  the  $Euro  !!!  Emmanuel  Macron  promised  to  work  for  more  'Integration'  at  all  levels  of  the  EU.   According  to   all  French  political  experts  these  were  the  most  unpredictable   French  elections  in   the history  of  modern  France  !!!  France  has  elected  its  youngest  President  ever  since  Napoleon  and   the  man  'ALMOST'  everyone  underestimated   has  now   been  elected  to  the  Elysee   Palace  !!!  Germany  and  France  are  the  'two  great  pillars'  holding  the   entire  European  Union   together,  had  Marine  Le  Pen  won  and  followed   on  her  promises   of  exiting   the : EU, Euro, Eurozone & NATO  it  is  very  likely  that  the  entire   'political, military  and  economic  union'   could  have   imploded  somewhat  like   the  Soviet  Union  once  did  and  then  some   !!!    The  EU  can  survive  a  Brexit  and  even  a  Grexit  'BUT'  definitely  not  a   Frexit  !!!  The  blunt  truth  is  that  Germany  needs  France  and  France  needs  Germany  if  it  is  to  pull  out   &  resucitate   the   final   encarnation  of  the  EU  out  of  the  Sea  with  '10  Horns'  as  it  is  guaranteed   in   Daniel  and  Revelation.   To  all  of  our  new  visitors;  Germany, France  and  Italy  are  'Guaranteed'    ( by  this interpreter of  Daniel &  Revelation*)   to  be  the  producers  of  3  of  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  in  the  future  'Tribulation Period'   very  simply  because  Germany  is  going  to  be  the  economic  powerhouse,  France  is  going  to  be  the  nuclear/ military  powerhouse  &  Italy  ( Vatican City )  is  going  to  be  the  religious powerhouse of  the  final  endtimes  Beast  mentioned  & revealed  both  in  Daniel & Revelation ! (  Germany, France and Italy   are  also  the  three  main  pillars / foundational  cornerstones  that  hold  the  present EU all  together : money,  nuclear  power/military  &  religious  power !
If  you  have  been  following  you  are  well  aware  that  out  of  'ALL'  the  190+  nations  on  planet  earth;  France  was  the  last  one  that  attempted  to  sponsor   the  'Middle  East  Peace  Talks'  last  year   in  Paris  'BUT'  Israel   was  a  no  show.   It  remains  to  be  seen  'IF'  France   tries  again  in  the  future  to  'Re-Start'  them,  and  if  so  then  this  'baby'  is  no  fluke   nor  any  coincidence  !!!  There  are  three  major  reasons  why  France   is  trying  to   accelerate  'Peace  and Stability in the Middle  East'  and   the  first  one  is  because   the great  instability   in the Middle  East  is  now  affecting  France   more  so  than  any  other  EU  member  nation; France now has the largest Arab-Islamic  population of any other  EU country  and  more keep  coming; Paris  cannot  afford  to  keep waiting  on  EU  bureaucrats  or  on the EU Foreign Minister  ! The  second  reason  is  because   most  Middle  Eastern  states  'respect'  the  'neutrality'  of  France, France has had long ties  with the region   and most  Arabs  and   Israeli's  somewhat respect  Paris.  The  third  reason  is  that   France  is  now  the  major  'singular'  power  in  all  of  the  EU  now  that  Britain  is  out, France will be the   lone  nuclear   military  powerhouse  in the EU  after  Britain  fully  exits  (  NATO  is  still there*)  and  France  can  'Afford'   to  back  up  any  and  all  'Middle  East  Peace  Agreements'  with   foot  soldiers  and   its  military  in  the  Middle  East  if   any  peace  agreements   would  be  agreed  upon  ( Peacebrokers*).  As  you  can  witness  the  United  Nations  is  nowhere  to  be  seen  trying  to  'push'  any  'Middle East Peace  Talks'  but  France  is  and  that  is  why   as  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  these   'small  details'   matter  !!!
Emmanuel  Macron  'UNBELIEVABLY'   managed  to  defeat  France's   two  most  established  political  parties  as  well  as   defeat   most  of  his  opponents  with  virtually  'NO'  political  background;  he had never  ran  nor  won  any   public  seat  !!!  This   student  of  International  Relations  and  Political  Science  is 'NO'  fool;  he  knows  very  well  that  Macron's  'accidental'   victory  was   no  accident  !!!  Mario  Romano  knows  that  some   unseen  force   made  sure  that  the  young  and  highly   ambitious  'Emmanuel  Macron'   rose  to  power  at  that  very  place  and  moment  in  France   and  on  the  global  stage   !!!   (  Daniel   4 : 17;  Matthew  4 : 8-9   )

If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  well  aware  that  there  are  a  vast  and  growing   'CONVERGENCE'  of   Prophetic  events   taking  place  all  over  this  planet  and  what  just  happened  in  France  may   have  'sneaked  up'   on  most   students  of  Bible  Prophecy  'BUT'  not   on  this  'Watchman  on  this  Wall'  !!!   Mario  Romano  is  'NOT'   jumping  the  gun  on  this  one;  he  knows  fully  well  that  there  is  a  chronology  of  Prophetic  events   clearly  delineated  in  the  Biblical  Prophecies  'BUT'  if  something  'MAJOR'   happens  within  these  upcoming  5  years  of  this  new  President  of  France   then   this   student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  every  visitor   will  know   how  close  we   all  will  be  to  you  know  what.  It  is  possible  that  the  next  5  years  may  drag  on  with  nothing  much   taking  place  on  the  world  scene  'BUT'  then  again  the  opposite  of  this  could  also  very  well  be  true  !!!

You  and  I  know  fully  well  that  'Prophetically'  it's  all  about  the  Nation  of  Israel  and  its  Capital  Jerusalem.  France    is  playing  a  big  military  role  in  all  of  the  Mediterranean  and  it  also  has  a  long  history  with  the  people  of  the  Middle  East; including  Lebanon  and   it  is  no  secret  that   in the past it helped  Israel  go  nuclear  in  Dimona.  Together  with  Britain,  France   drew  the  modern   geographical  borders  of  the  Middle  East   not  too  long  ago  !!!

Because   this  website  now  reaches  France  and  other  key  nations  this  student  of  Bible Prophecy   will  from  now  on   write  with   some  'symbolism'  just  like  the  Apostle  John   wrote parts  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  to  'symbolize'   the  Roman  Empire  and  its  leaders  due  to persecution  and  other  things. ( if  you know what  i mean* )  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'   naming  particular  individuals  as  you  know  'what  or  who'  as  it  relates  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies.  What  he  is  saying   or  trying  to  say  that  is  that  we  are  getting  ever  and  ever  closer  to  something  of  'Epic  Proportions'   breaking  out  on  this  planet  Earth   and  someone  is  going  to  seize  that  moment   and  rise  to  the  occassion  to  the  amazement   of  most  of  the  world  !!!

Years  ago  when  your  servant  was  a  teenager  he  had  a  'dream'  that  he  has  never  forgotten  nor  told  anyone  about.  ( and  no;  he is not going to divulge it  now  either *)  Initially  back  then  he   didn't  fully  understand  it; as the years  passed  he  continued  to  try  to  interpret  what  it  fully  meant  and  today   in this month of April   7, 2017  Mario  Romano  is  coming  ever  closer  to  fully  understanding  and  interpreting  that  dream  of  many  years  ago !!!

Emmanuel  Macron  still  has   to  overcome   the  French  Parliament   who  in  the  past   has  been dominated  by  the   much  older  political  parties, some experts  doubt  that   he  could  end  up being a  'sitting  duck  Presidency.'   ( Macron  has  'NO'  Party  Machine  to  back  him  up*)  For  his  part,  former  U.S. President  Barak  Obama  'Officially'   just made it  known  two  days  ago  that  he backed  Mr.Macron, 'BUT'  it  was  too  little  too late;   Macron    according  to  the  French  polls  didn't  need  any   further  endorsements, he was already en  route to  a  major  landslide  victory  !!!

The  end  is  'NOT'  yet;   the  upcoming  German  elections   still  have  to  be  played  out  and  should  Angela  Merkel  remain  in  power   then   we  have  to  'DELAY'   some  key  prophecies.  'NO'  student  nor  teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  how  much  time  will  transpire  between  the  time  when  the  5  Virgins  get  taken  away   and  when   that  someone  finally  'Confirms  the  Covenant  with  the  many.'  As  one  who  has  been  studying  for  20  years   the  European  Union; this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    will  use  'Wisdom'  before  he  makes  any  affirmations.

This  student  of  :  strategic  systems,  military  theory, warfare  theory, guerrilla  warfare  and  spiritual  warfare  'WARNS'   that  the  end  is  not  yet.  There  are  still  many   'Twists, Turns  and  Surprises'   coming  to  the  European  Union  that  will   transform  it  into  its  finalized  state   'REVEALED'  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation;  it  will  'NOT'  be  an  overnight  thing.    As  it  is   the  EU  just  celebrated  its  60th  anniversary  and  its  still  has  many  imperfections  'YES'  the  EU  will  be   'Recreated  &  Reformed'  somehow  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  it  isn't  going  to be a 'Peaceful  &  Harmonious'  process  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  Most  of  the  nations  around  the  'Mediterranean  Sea'  are   in  big  trouble : politically  and  economically.   France  for  its  part   is  caught  in  the  Middle  of  an  ongoing  Arab  Spring  that   has  'NOT'  yet  fully  stopped.    Islamic   terrorism  and  Islamic  Immigrants   now  threaten  France  like  it   does   Israel.   To    make  things  even  more  interesting;  Russia   long  ago   injected  itself   in  the   Mediterranean  region  via  Syria  and  it  presently  has  a  nuclear   presence  there  too  !!!   According  to  Daniel  and  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  'Mediterranean  Sea'  will  play  a  'MAJOR'  role  during  the  Tribulation  period  as  the  final  endtimes  Beast  with  seven  heads  and  ten  horns  emerges  from    that  'SPECIFIC'   region  of  planet   earth  !!!  is  here   to   reveal  the  'Spiritual   Battles'   that   no   military  radar  or  CIA  technology   can  identify;  that  primarily  threaten   Israel    and  that  'SHALL'  affect  virtually  'ALL'  the  nations  on  this  fallen   planet  during  the  upcoming  Tribulation  Period ***Thee  GOD  that  I  serve  and  worship  is  thee  Creator  and  Sustainer  of  Trillions+  of  living  things  and  beings  in  the : 1st  Heaven,  trillions  upon  trillions+  in  the  2nd  heaven  and  an  'UNIMAGINABLE'   number of  others  in  the  3rd  Heaven !!!  And   without  question;  'Everything  &  Everyone'   was created  by  Him  &  for  Him : Elohim:  YHWH :  Thee WORD of  GOD : JESUS  CHRIST  !!!  Holy, Holy,  Holy  is  thee  Holy  One  of  Israel; the GOD  of  :  Abraham,  Isaac  and  Jacob  !!!