Monday, May 15, 2017


It  happens  every  year  as  it  has  been  happening  since  May 14, 1948;  the  state  of  Israel  celebrates   yet  another  annual   celebration  of  independence.    This  year  is  Israel's   official  69th   independence  day   !!!  (  This student of Bible Prophecy   knows  of  69  reasons  why  the  Second  Coming  is  getting  ever  closer  !!!   Satan  himself   knows  numerical  and  historical  patterns  and although he most definitely does 'NOT' know  'the day or the hour'  he  fully  well  knows   that  something  'very, very'  out  of  the   ordinary   transpired   in  May  14  of  1948;  and  that  something  was  the  countdown  of   the  final  generation;  he   fully  knows  that  he  is  ever  running  out  of  time;   for  he  too  as  us  mortals  of  earth   cannot  escape  the  'Linearity
of   Time'   in  this  'Quarentined  Fallen  Planet'   confined  in  this  temporary  subsection  of eternity   by our : Omnipotent,  Omnipresent  &  Omniscient  Creator : JEHOVA : JESUS CHRIST ! )  The  rebirth  of  the  state  of  Israel  has  reunited   millions  of  Jews  that   were  once  scattered   throughout  more  than  98+  nations.   Each  year   both  practicing  as  well  as  non-practicing  Jews  gather  to  celebrate   the  miracle  of  their  Israeli  nation; they  all  gather  to   celebrate :  their  past, their  present  as  well as  their  future  in  a  geographic   place  of  planet  earth  that  not  too  long  ago  was  no  more  than  a  desert.  In  effect,   the land  of  Israel  has  saved  the  Jews  and  the  Jews   have  saved   the  once  dying  land  of  Israel.  The  once  almost  barren  land   devoured  by  the   desert   has :  blossomed and  revived   and  it  is  now  one  of  the  most  productive  and  fertile  pieces  of  real  estate  on  all  of  planet  earth  !!!  Some   may  say  that  Israel   has  'REBLOOMED'  because  of   the  hard :  labor, sweat and  tears  that   Jewish  Kibbutz  Farmers   have  invested  for  several  decades  now  in  the  once   harsh  land  and  yet  others  may  claim  that   Israeli  ingenuity  has  made  the  State  of  Israel  what  it  is  today  in  2017;  'BUT'  the  truth  is  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY   is the one  who  has  made  it  possible  for  their  return  and  it  is  none  other  than   GOD  Himself  who  has  'BLESSED'  the :  fountains  of  water, the soil and  the  fields  of  Israel   !!!  (  Ezekiel 36 & 38 )

What is amazing  about Israel is  that  in  the  short  span  of  one generation;  this 'final  generation'  Israel   has  managed   to   overtake  all  of  its   surrounding   enemies : militarily,  politically, financially  and  socially   !!!   Today,  it  is  'NO'  secret  that  Israel   is  a  nuclear  power  with   a  flexible  nuclear  triad;  an  advantage  that  'NO'  Arab-Islamic  country  nor  Terrorist  group   can  begin   to  even  dream  of  matching   'NOT'  even   Turkey  or  Iran  !!!  Politically,  Israel  is  the  'ONLY'    true  democracy  in  the  entire  Middle  East; the same cannot  be  said  of  : Egypt, Syria, Iran  nor  Iraq  just  to  name  a  few.   Economically.  although  Israel  is  not  a  great  oil  producing  power  like  some  Arab   countries,  it  long  ago  diversified  its  economy  and   that  is  what  makes  Israel   a  great  regional  power :  its  'human  resources'  and  'NOT'  so  much  its  lone  dependence  on  'Petro  Dollars'  ( Oil   Wealth )   like its  Arab  neighbors  $$$  !!!

If  you  do  'NOT'  know  anything  about  Bible  Prophecy  or  simply  don't  seem  to  understand  why   JESUS  CHRIST   was  born   in  Israel   in  the small  town  of  Bethlehem  to  Jewish  parents this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  going to try and simplify  it  as  much  as  possible.   You  and  I  and  every  human  being  who  has  ever  been  born  on  planet  Earth   was   'CONTAMINATED'   by  'SIN'  that  was  passed  upon  us  all  both  spiritually  and  biologically  by   Adam  and  Eve.  ( Spiritual Death )  GOD  our  CREATOR   could  have  destroyed   it  all  and  simply  started  all  over  again  'BUT'  GOD  our  CREATOR  is  'NOT'  a  quitter.   In  effect,  every  human  being  who  has  ever  been  alive  is  carrying  something  like  the  'Super  Virus'  of  sin  and   GOD  alone   has  the  'ANTIDOTE'  and  that   is  solely  'THE  BLOOD  OF  JESUS  CHRIST'   !!!  ( Theologically  speaking  we  are  all  spiritually  dead  to  GOD  without  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ*)  If  you  have  seen    most  SCI  FI   movies  as  well  as  Zombie  movies  you  know  that   there  usually  is  a  malevolent   viral  strain   that  alters  the  original   human  being;  in  effect   'SIN'  has  'Caught  Off'  our  'Spiritual'   connection  with  our  Creator   GOD   manifested   in  JESUS  CHRIST  and  even  though   we  have  truly  all  sinned  against  our  Holy  Creator;  GOD  in  His  great  love  and  mercy   sent  forth  His  only  begotten  Son :  Jesus  Christ  to  redeem   as  many  as  who  will  believe  in  Him;  for  it  is  only  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   that  we  are  able  to  'OVERCOME'   the  : corrupted, evil, unholy  and  temporary  tribulation  of  this  fallen  planet  that  is   replete   with   innumerable  : demons, fallen  angels  and  Satan  who   seek   the  eternal damnation  of  as  many  human  beings  as  possible  !!!   To  some  this  may  seem  far-fetched  or  a  mere  ancient  Hebrew  Tale  'BUT'   Mario  Romano  knows   that   'NO'  other  theory  or  belief  system    reveals   to  us  more  of  why  'ALL'  men   have  been  dying   and  why  there  is  evil  and  wickedness   in  : Japan  just  as  in  Brazil  in  the  Jungles  of  Africa  just  as   in  beautiful  Hawaii  'Sin'  has  infected   all  men;  'TRULY'   we  are  all  like  inside  a  'Quarentined'  planet  and  GOD  is  'ONLY'  going  to  allow  only  those  who   have  been  redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   into  the  upcoming  'New  Jerusalem'  !!!  Only  those  who   'Accepted'  the  antidote   to  sin  'The  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'   will  be  allowed   to   exist  eternally  in  a  new  glorified  body   and   in  the  perfect  'New  Jerusalem'  !!!  While  it  is  very  true  that  GOD  is  love  ( John 3 : 16 )  our  Creator  is  also   a  GOD  of  Wrath  and  Judgement  and  'ALL"  those  who  'REJECTED'    Jesus  Christ   and  His  shed  Blood   (  only  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  can  appease  our  Holy  Creator )  have  a  divine  appointment   with  the  very  Creator  of  their  souls  during  the  upcoming  Tribulation  period  of  7  years  'NO'  GOD  is  'NOT'  going  to  allow  the  majority  of  humanity  off  that  easily  by  allowing   nuclear  war  to  quickly  end  all  human  existence; GOD  controls   human  history  through  a  myriad  of  ways   and   GOD  alone   ( Satan does 'NOT' )  has  the  power  to   unseal  the  Wrath   mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  it  will  all  be  finalized  exactly  as  GOD  Almighty   decreed  it  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   !!!  The  greatest  and  biggest  enemy  of  humanity  are  not  bacterial  infections  nor  the  microbiological    pathogens  found  all  over  this  fallen  planet;   the  biggest   is  none  other  than  Satan   that  through   the  spiritual  world  unseen  by  our  human  eyes  is  trying  to  cutoff   as  many  human  souls  as  possible  from   reconnecting  spiritually  back  with  our  Creator  GOD.   Satan  uses  numerous  ways  to  deceive  most  of  humanity  from   truly  being  redeemed  by  the  'Blood  of  the  Lamb'  Satan  uses :  False Religions,  Pride, Temporary  Material  Riches,  Atheism, Evolution   and  so  many  other  ways  to  'DECEIVE'  as  many  as  possible  and   steering  them   away  from  being  'Born  Again'   unto  GOD   by  the  power  of  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  and   through  the  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit   of  our  Creator  !!!   To  some   it  seems  rather   primitive  and  barbaric  that   GOD  chose   the  Cross  of  Jesus  to  redeem  humanity; 'BUT'   GOD  owes  nothing  to  no  one, it is by His sheer  and  sovereign  grace   that  you, me and billions+ of other  human  beings  have  been  allowed  to  exist  to  begin  with;  those  who  die  without  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  will  die  in  their  sins  and   have  condemned  themselves   to an eternal separation  from  GOD  in  hell   !!! To  our  Creator;  GOD  there  are  only  two  types  of  human  beings;  those  whose  sins  have  been  washed  by  the  Blood  of  His  only  son  and  those  who  have   not  !!!

'Spiritually  Speaking'   salvation  comes  from  the  Jews;  the  Holy  Scriptures,  (  The  producers of the  Messiah  &  thee only  true  Savior  of  humanity  )   the  Prophets, the  12 Apostles  were  all  Jews   ( Hebrews*) Satan   despises   this  group  of  people   very  simply   because  the  Holy  Bible   that   was  written  by   Hebrew  Prophets.  The  Holy  Bible  is  the  'ONLY'  book  on  planet  Earth  that  exposes  Satan  for  what  he  truly  is  !!!   (  Satan  is  the  'Father  of  Lies'   and  a  :  Killer,  Thief,  Destroyer,  Accuser  and   the  highest  creation  of  GOD   ever   to  have  rebelled  against  his  own  Creator   : GOD  )    IF  you  and  I  were  able  to   witness  the  'Spiritual  World'  that  cannot  be  perceived  by  our  two   limited  eyes,   we  would  be  able  to  see  this  great  struggle  between   the  forces  of  darkness  and  the  forces  of  the  Light  of   Jesus  Christ.   Imagine  for  a  moment  that   Israel    was  given   one  candle   of  light   ( Truth of  GOD )   and   that  the  rest  of  the  planet  is  in  utter  darkness,   Israel  through  the  centuries;  through : Prophets, Apostles  and  many  other  wise  men   have  been  able  to   'Spread'  that  light  ( by the power  of  the  Holy  Spirit )   into  almost  every  corner  of  this  planet   'BUT'  Satan   has  countered   his  attack   and   he  has  attempted  to  extinguish  it  throughout  the  centuries;  in  some  countries of  this planet   he  has  almost  succeeded   in   totally  blotting  it  all  out   more so than in  others   (  countries  )  'YET'  the  Light   of  Jesus  Christ  ( The WORD of  GOD )  continues  to  be  spread,  'DESPITE' : great  persecution, despite  Communism, despite  Islamic   Terror,  despite  political  correctness,   the  Light  that   began  in  Israel   thousands  of  years  ago   'CONTINUES'  to  spread  like  wildfire  through  the  :  dark  valleys, the dark streets  of  this  fallen  planet.   Our  unholy  adversary  : The  Prince of  Darkness  : Satan  (  may  GOD  Rebuke  him *)   has   unfortunately   managed  to  deceive  the   vast   majority  of  humanity  who  has  ever  lived.   The Holy  Bible  'REVEALS'  to  us  that   Light  came  into  the  world  'BUT'  people  loved  the  darkness  more  than  the  Light   !!!   (  John 3 : 19  )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   was  going  to  write   today's  article  about  something  else;  'BUT'   as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  he  knows  fully  well  that  there  is  'NO'  greater  endtimes  sign  than   the  rebirth  of  the  state  of  Israel   !!!   As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  scanned  the   news  channels   this  month  hardly  any  mention   of  Israel's  Independence  Celebration  came  up;  what  is  even  sadder  is  that  even  most  Christian   cable  channels  hardly  mentioned  this   incredible  moment   that  fulfilled   one  of  the  greatest  Prophecies  in  all  of  Bible  Prophecy :  Isaiah    66 : 8   !!!

In  May  of  1948,    Israel's  Jews   only  had   the  Islamic  Arabs  and  other  non-Muslims  as  their  enemies;  'TODAY'  Israel's   enemies  seem  to  have  multiplied  the  world  over  !!!   Universities, Unions  and  several   nations  all  over  the  world   have  joined  the  BDS  movement  (  BDS : Palestinian  led movement  of  boycotting, divestment  and  sanctions  against  Israel*)

The  truth  is  that  'ALL'  Islamic  Arab  nations  as  well  as  Turkey  and  Iran    are  in  'NO'  position   to   join  the  BDS  movement  that  claims  :  'freedom ,justice  and  equality'  to  the  Palestinian  people  because  these  same  people's  and  Islamic  countries  sure  do  'NOT'  give  any  or  much  to  their   own  minority  groups; it  is  'NO'  secret  that  most  of  Christianity  is  being  wiped  out  of  the  Middle  East  and  you  don't  see  the  United  Nations  calling  it   a  'Silent  Holocaust.'  The  Biblical  truth  is  that  GOD  Almighty  did  'NOT'   forsake  Abraham's  son : Ismael  who  is  the  father  of  most  of the  Arabs  of  today.   The  truth  is  that  95%  of  the  geographic   land  of  the  Middle  East  today  is  controlled  by  Arabs  and  yet  they   they  cry  foul   because  Israel  controls  less  than  5%  of   territory  there   !!!  

To  the  :  atheist, the unbeliever  and  the   biblical  illiterate;   the  rebirth  of  the  State  of  Israel  means   nothing  much; to these  Israel  is  just  another  one  of  the  more  than  190+  sovereign  nation-states  on  planet  earth  'BUT'  to  you  and  me  as  students   of  Bible  Prophecy;  the  rebirth  of  Israel  in  1948   means   that  we  are  the  last  and  final  generation   !!!   Even  if  you  are  an  unbeliever  just  let's  take  a  'step  back'  and  ponder   at  it  all;  it  doesn't  take  a  genius  to  figure  out  that  the  Middle  East   is  going  to   be  the  epicenter  of   World  War  III; ( and later  Armageddon*)  you  can  call  it  the   'War  of  Gog  and  Magog'  or  the  invasion   of  Russia  against  Israel  'BUT'  its  all  the  same,   unfortunately   only  another  war   can   once  and  for  all   put  all  the  Arab  enemies  of  Israel  on  their  knees;  they  most  certainly  have not learned their lesson   nor  are  they  happy  with  the  outcome  in  1948  and  much  less  with  the  outcome  in  1967   !!!

Satan  has  been  trying  to  annihilate   Israel  and  every  Jew  throughout  the  ages, long  before  he  exploited  the  pagan  Roman  Emperor  and  his  armies; Satan  had   already  used  others  as  these  gentile  empires  rose  and  collapsed   on the weight of their own sins  and  perversions, there seemed to be no shortage of other  pagan  gentile  empires  willing to do  'Satan's  bidding'  like the Spanish  Empire and its unholy  inquisitions,  the Soviet Union and its Pogroms  and who can forget Hitler  and  his  gas chambers   just to name  a  few  !!!   Recently  UNESCO   voted  to  condemn  Israel's   ongoing  rule  over  East  Jerusalem  and  it  is  no  secret  that  Islamic  countries  are  trying  to   use  the  UN  to   delegitimize   the  Israeli  State   since  none of their  over  47+  Islamic  countries, armies  or  terrorist  groups   have  been  able  to   overthrow  and  defeat  one  of  the  smallest  ethnic  &  religious groups on  all of  planet  Earth !!! ( What a  great embarrassment  !!! ) This   student  of  world  history  could   give  you   an  even  bigger  list  of  all  the  'International  Laws'   that  most  Islamic  countries  are  breaking;  'HYPOCRITES'   telling  Israel  that  they  are  breaking   some  'International laws'  when   slavery  is  still  a  commonly  accepted  in  various  Islamic  countries  !!!  In  Islamic  countries  such  as : Saudi  Arabia  and  Dubai   'Christianity/Bibles  are  against  the  Law   !!!   In  these  two  Islamic  countries  alone   non-natives  are  considered  third  class  citizens  even  though  they  too  practice  Islam   !!!
(  Islamic  Pakistanis, Philipinos,  Islamic  Indians  are   allowed to  these countries  'BUT'  getting  out  is  a  very  different  thing  !!!  )

Today   many  are  'questioning'  Israel's  right  to  exist;  'EVEN'  some   Jews  like  :  Noam  Chomsky,  ILan  Pappe  and  other  'Judases'    of  Israel   who   are  telling  the  world  that  the  State  of  Israel   has  no  right  to  exist  'EVEN'   after  almost  half  of  the  Jewish  population  was  decimated   during  World  War  II.  According  to  the  Holy  Bible,   Israel  is  thee  'ONLY'  nation  that  has  true  legitimacy  before  the  Creator  of  this  entire  Universe  !!!   Self  hating  Jews  like  Noam  Chomsky   and  ILan  Pappe  would   like  you  to  believe  that   Israel  is  like  South  Africa  of  the  1970's, these  two    are  quick  to  point  out  the  faults  of  the  Israeli  government  'BUT'  they  themselves  'Don't'   offer  any  true   solutions  to  the    ever  growing   Anti-Semitic  Spirit  and  Unholy  Movement  spreading  throughout  the  world.  Yes,  Israel  was  born   by  the  modern  sword  of  bullets,  there  will  always  be  'collateral  damage'   in  any   prolonged   military  conflict ;   it's  easy  for  someone  like  Noam  Chomsky  to  criticize  the  government  and  policies  of  the  State  of  Israel  in   a  very  comfortable  recliner  at  MIT    with   an  automatic  heater   and  temperature  controller  'BUT'  its  a  different  reality   when  you  have  a  handful  of  Arab  nations   and  their  terrorist  guerrilla  groups   trying  to  annihilate  you  at  any  chance  that  they  can  get   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  here  to  demonize  all   Arabs  or  all  Muslims, it  is  true  that   some  Muslims  and  some  Arabs   do  not  seek  the  destruction  of  Israel  nor  of  its  Jewish  population  'BUT'  the  ever  present  reality   is  that   a  very  great  and  high  percentage  of  Islamic  men  in  particular   have  been  brainwashed  by  their   religious  leaders  into  believing  that   the  existence  of  Israel  is  the  root  cause  of  most  of  their   domestic  problems.  The  truth  is  that   'MOST'  Arab-Islamic  nations  that  surround  Israel    have  been  looted  by  their  own  totalitarian  leaders  who  amass   the  oil  fortunes  for  themselves  and   don't  re-invest  it  in  their  own  economies  and   their  own  people   !!!

Sadly,   it  appears  that   with  each   anniversary  of  the  rebirth  of  Israel  too  many  believers  seemed  to  have  stopped  'Watching  and  Praying'  for  the  'Blessed  Hope.'  It  should  be  the  other  way  around, with each passing  year   it  all  gets  closer  to  the  fulfillment  of  the  fullness  &  completion of  the  'times  of  the  gentiles'  &  the  beginning of  the  70th  Week of  Daniel !!!  With  each   passing  May 14,  we  should  all  get  more  and  more  excited  knowing  that   Israel  has  'Ripened'  and  'Blossomed'  like  the  fig  tree  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'REMINDS'  everyone  that   Israel's   greatest  enemy   has  'NOT'  been   Arab  Muslims.  The  factual  and  historical  numbers    clearly   reveal  to  us  that   since   1860   some   23,320   Jewish  men  and  women  have  died  defending  the  land  of  Israel  and  since  the   1948 war of independence    Islamic  terrorists   have   claimed  the  lives  of   2,477   Israeli  Jews.  While  these  numbers   are  heartbreaking,    the  Islamic  people's   are  nowhere  near  the   numbers   of  Jews  that  the  Roman's  killed  (  1,000,000+  Josephus )   and   Hitler's  Nazi  Germany  with  some  5,000,000  Jews  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  history  and  he  knows   that   the  Western  4th  Beast  (  power  )  will  once  again  rise   to  become  thee greatest  enemy  of  the  Jewish  people  and  of  the  state  of  Israel  in  'ALL' of  human  history !!!

The   purpose  and  destiny  of   Israel  and  its  Jewish  people    is  perfectly   pictured  in  the  symbolism  of  REVELATION  12;  the : past,  present  and  future   of  Israel  is  majestically  described   in  Revelation  12   !!!   The  'Woman  of  Revelation  12'   symbolizes  none  other  than   the  nation  of  Israel   that  gives  birth  not  only  to  the  long  promised  Jewish  Messiah  but  also  to  thee  only  true   SAVIOR  of   those  who  dwell  on  this  fallen  planet  : earth   !!!  The  Dragon  is  none  other  than  Satan   who  has  tried  since  day  one  to  thwart  the  DESTINY  of  this   unique  woman   (  Nation of Israel*)  who   is  to  give  birth   to  a  child  that  'SHALL'  end  up  ruling  the  nations  of  this  planet   from  Jerusalem  one  day  !!!

Anyone  who  has  ever  studied   the  history  of  this  planet  knows  fully  well  that  virtually  'ALL' the  nations  of  this   fallen  planet  have   has  their  own   war  of  independence,  the  history  of  most  of  the  nations  on  earth  is  full  of  violence  and   death.  Some  of  the  Palestinian's  would  like  the  world  to  believe  that   Israel  is  comparable  to   South  Africa  Apartheid  'BUT'  the  hypocrites   fail  to  see  the  great  persecution  that   they  themselves  do  to  the   small   christian  minorities  that   still  exist  throughout   their  own   countries  and  territories.  Turkey  claims   Israel   is   'racist'  yet  Turkey   wants  everyone  to  forget  what  they  did  to  one  and  a  half  million  Armenians  ( 1.5 million )   not  too  long  ago  !!!

In  conclusion,   Israel  has   every  right  to  exist  more  so  even  than  all  the  other  190+  nations  states   on  planet  Earth   !!!  Satan  and  his   armies  of  fallen  angels  and  demons   have  managed  to  turn   most  of  the  world   opinion  against   Israel.   We  are  indeed  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing  'Spiritual  War'    that  has  yet  to   be  finalized  on  this  planet  Earth.  According  to  the  Prophecies  of  : Daniel, Zechariah, Ezekiel  and  Revelation;   Israel   is  'YET'  to  pass  through  its  'Darkest  Hour.'   Satan  is  going  to  raise  up  someone  even  more   demonic  than  Adolph  Hitler;  evil  is  not  always   manifested   in   an  Islamic  Jihadi    garb,  sometimes   Western  men   like  the : Roman  Caesars and  their  Generals   as well  as the  German  Nazi's  have  taught  us   that   evil  sometimes   comes  all  dressed  up  in   the latest  uniforms  and   professional  attire.   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT' concerned  by  no   'Islamic   Mahdi'  this  'Watchman  on  the  Wall'   is  on  the  watch  for  someone  who  is  coming  with  a  'Suit  and  a  Tie'   to  'DECEIVE'  my  Jewish  friends   as  'NO'  one  else  has  ever  managed  throughout  human   history   !!!   Some  argue  that  it  is  the  'Suit  that  makes  the  Man'  while  others  argue  that  it  is  the  'Man  that  Makes  the  Suit'  in  the  case  of  the   'Son  of  Perdition'  he  will  use   'Peaceful'   and  deceptive looks  to  deceive  and  double-cross   Israel  and  its  Jews  like  no  other  man  has  ever   done  in  all  of  human  history   !!!

In  a  'Perfect   World'   men  would  not  kill  one  another  and   death would be non-existent 'BUT'  because  we  all  live  in  a  'Fallen  Planet'  that  rebelled  against   our  Holy  Creator  'war, disease, death  and  many  other  human  sufferings'   are  a  fact  of  life  on  this  'Rebel  Planet.'  John  Lennon  got  it  all  wrong  in   'Imagine'  Lennon   presupposed  that   if  we  had  no  religion  that   men  would  automatically   'Love  &  Understand'  one  another; Lennon   failed  to  study  the  societies  such  as  Communist   China  and  the  atheist  Soviet  Union;  these  two   were  officially  atheistic  and  yet   they  had  no  problem  killing  millions  of  their  own  comrades  through   government  sanctioned   famines  and   persecutions  !!! Lennon    erroneously   believed  that  religion  is  the  root  of  all  evil;  he  failed  to  study  that the  problem   is  deeply  rooted  in  men's  hearts,   'Fallen  Man'   is  intrinsically  evil  and  'ONLY'  through  the  'Power'  of  the  Holy  Spirit  can   men  be   set  free   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.   Yes,  Israel  is  'NOT'  a  perfect   nation  'BUT'  as  a  'NEUTRAL'  observer of   history  and  human  nature;   this   sinner   saved  by  thee  'Blood  of the  King  of  the Jews :  JESUS  CHRIST;   knows   that  the  Islamic  countries  surrounding   Israel   are  even  'MORE'  :  unjust, messed  up, corrupt   than   'Democratic'  Israel  is   !!! The blunt  truth  is  that   Muslims  are  killing  Muslims  all  over  the  Middle  East   and  all  without   Israel   being  one  bit  involved   !!!  Very  obviously,  Satan  and  his  fallen  angels   have   perfected   their   'DECEPTION'   all  over  the  world  and   have   succeeded  in deceiving  most  of  the  nations   of this planet   that  Israel's  existence   and  its  control  of Jerusalem  threatens  world  peace;   when  it's  their  Islamic  Jihad   that  has  millions  of Muslims   running  out  of  their  own   Islamic  countries  into  Europe  and  anywhere   else and  in  the process   Islamic  terrorism    is  exported   there  too  !!!   This  planet  is  home  to  some  47+ Islamic  nations  who   always  vote  against  Israel  in  the  United  Nations,  this  planet  does 'NOT'  need  another   Islamic   Capital  in  East  Jerusalem   !!!