Sunday, November 22, 2015


A  few  Islamic  terrorists  without  any  weapons of mass destruction  and  without  any nuclear weapons  have  managed  to   force  the  French  government  into  declaring   a  'STATE  of  EMERGENCY'  for the next three months   and  the continued  high level of a Terrorist  attack  in  the  capital  of  the  EU : Brussels,  has  seemingly  paralyzed  the  entire  city; something  unseen  and  unheard  of   in  Belgium  & France  since  World War II  !!!

 Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  in  Matthew 24 : 7,  "WARNED"  us  Himself  and  "NOT" through the  mouth of  a mortal  Prophet;  that  in  the  last  days  'Nation would rise against  Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom.'  If  you  have  been   keeping  informed and this  insignificant servant of Jesus Christ  has been  warning for several years that in the end  most Muslims  will be  kicked  out  of  what  we  presently  call  the  European  Union  !!!  didn't  stop  there, based  on  'historical  precedents  and  patterns'  as  well  as  Biblical  Prophecies  we  have  also  "AFFIRMED"  that  MECCA  in  Saudi  Arabia  will  ultimately  be   destroyed  "BEFORE"  the  Roman  Vatican  is  in  Revelation   17 : 16  !!!  (  World  history  is  replete  with  the  destruction  of   religious  temples  and  capitals  in  war  time  and  also  with  the  abolition of religion  such as  when Communism took over  in  the  USSR  and  in China, the state  then became  their god  )

The  Western  leadership  of this planet   has  to  come  to  the  realization  that  Islamic Militants; such  as : AlQaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS  and  other  Islamic  Jihadists  are  the  new NAZIS  of this  21st Century and  if  they  are  not  appropriately  "NEUTRALIZED"   they will   surely  spark   the  beginning of  WW III;  especially   because of all the world powers that are  converging   over  Syria.  ( As students of Bible Prophecy, you and I know   that  men  learn very  little from  history;  all of this is Prophetic  and  will play a major part  in  advancing  and quickening  the  rise  of  the  'Little  Horn'  for  this new  generation  of political  leaders  are quick  to forget the history of past generations and  they have  failed  to learn  from  the  past* The fight against Islamic Jihadists   by  America over the past 11+ years overall has been  a failure given the fact that  we now have an even more : virulent, ruthless and brutal  Islamic Terrorist group in  ISIS  that  is  present  in  over 10+  Middle Eastern countries*  What America did manage  to do  accomplish  in  fighting the Islamic Jihadists  for over 11+ years  in the Middle East and in Afghanistan  was  to  buy more time  &  delay  the  inevitable,  but this conflict  is  far, far  from over !!! )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   reminds  everyone  especially  our  new  visitors,  that  Islam shall  "NOT"  be  the  final  woman  who  will  be  riding the Beast  of  Revelation,  the  truth is that   all the  major  nuclear  powers  on  this  planet : Russia, China, India, the U.S.A, France and  Israel   are  "ALL"  presently  at  war   in  way or another  with  Islamic  Militants; this is really  a  no  brainer  and  you  can  imagine  where  this  is  all  eventually  headed  once  things escalate    ( and escalate they will*)  with  Islamic  Terrorists  in  the  not  so  distant  future !!! ( Most  Islamic  countries  will suffer  horrible  and  massive  losses  during the Tribulation     period  & future upcoming  Prophesied wars*  For whatever  one  sows  one  eventually reaps

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT" state  these   future  realities  and  events  with  glee, it's  just  that   when  GOD  ALMIGHTY   brings  forth  judgement    it  is  because  the  'fullness of time'  established  by  Him  and  Him  alone has  come  !!!  Countries  such  as  France  and  Turkey  established  very  strong  secular  laws  in  their  past  to  protect  the   government  from  religious  leaders  and  in  the  end  the  future  "Little  Horn"   will  do  likewise  just  like  Napoleon  once  stated : "I  am  the  state."  Let's  get  this  right, the coming 'man of sin'  is "NOT" just going to persecute  Jews and new Christians but also  anyone  who  does  not   worship  the  'Image of the Beast' and takes  his  mark !

The Chief  Rabbi  of  Brussels : Avraham  Gigi,  stated this past week;   that  "There  is  no  future  for  Jews  in Europe"  in   an  amazing  turn  of  events  and  history;  Muslims   who have for decades been legally and  illegally  immigrating  into  European  countries  like a  'Trojan Horse'  are  now persecuting  and  intimidating  Jews  all  over  Europe.   For the first time since World War  II, Synagogues  had to be closed in the Belgian capital  this week  because of the high  level  Islamic Terrorist  threat !   The  Jewish  population of  Brussels  is about 25,000+ and the Islamic  population  surpasses  250,000+,  Brussels  is considered  the capital of the European Union  and  is also  the  headquarters  of  NATO.  The  blunt  truth, that very  few  are  realizing  is  that  Militant  Islam  is doing  to  some European  cities what they did  to  a  once  beautiful  and  peaceful Lebanon  which before  it became a  war-torn country thanks to  Islamic  militants; Lebanon  was  once  known  as  the  Paris  of the Middle East !

A  CNN  commentator   perfectly  stated  the  political  condition  of  most  Arab  Islamic  countries : "Islamic  Arabs  have  proven   inept  at  being  capable  of  adopting  democracy  in  any  shape  or  form,  their  politics  are   strongly  entrenched  in  tribalism  and  religious  lines  and  when  an  Islamic  country  such  as  Egypt  goes  democratic   and  elects  someone  like 'Morsi  of  the  Muslim  Brotherhood'   it reveals to us that  Islamic  Terrorists   are quick to  exploit  democracy  to gain   political  legitimacy !  Both,  Iraq  and  Afghanistan  are  prime  examples  of  this  reality  and  this is  a  CURSE  that  is  covering  most  of  the  Arab  Islamic  population  of  the  Middle  East;  they  are  being  governed  by  numerous  strongmen  and  when such  'strongmen'  like  Saddam  Hussein or  Gaddafi  are  taken  out'   yet another  strongmen  or  Terrorist  group  easily  arises  to take their place !!!

As you read this article  please  "DON'T"  misinterpret  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  I'm not  here  to  demonize   all  Muslims, the truth is that  not  all  Germans  accepted  the  NAZI ideology  in  the  1930's  and  not  all  Muslims  accept  what  Islamic  Terrorists  are  doing  in the  name  of  their  religion  "BUT"  the  fact  and  reality  of  it  all  is  that  Islamic  Terrorists just  like  the  NAZI's   of the past  will  kill  anyone  who  stands   in their  way;   and  because Islam  believes  and  teaches  that  Jesus  Christ  is  not  the Son of GOD  but  a  mere  mortal Prophet,  Islam  is  a "FALSE  RELIGION."  Jesus  Christ  is  not  just  thee  Son of the Living GOD,  He is the very  reason  why  we are  all  here; for by Him was  everything  made ! 
( John  1 : 3  )

"NO"  it  did  not  surprise  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   Islamic  Terrorists  are  attacking  European  targets, in fact  if you have been   following  our  articles  you  know  that  these  attacks  are   part  of  a  series  of  events  that  will  allow  the  endtimes  Beast  with  10  Horns  to  rise  from  the  Sea.  If  you  haven't  noticed  each  time  there  is  a  new  Islamic  Terrorist  attack in the EU   new  'big  brother  laws'  are  passed  and  new  limitations  to  civil  freedoms  are  created  !!!

Let's  get  this  straight  Islam  will  "NEVER"   dominate  the  European  Union,  the  future  'Little Horn'   will  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  found  in  the  Book  of  Daniel  attack  them without   mercy  !!!  The  future  'Little  Horn'  is  "NOT"  going  to  wage   a  'Political  Correct War'  against  the  Muslims  like  the  U.S.  Military   has  done  so  for  the  past  11+  years  without true  success.  The  blunt  truth  is  that  American  Foreign  Policy  has  "FAILED"  to  adequately address  the  rise  and  spread  of  new  strains  of  Islamic  Terrorism, when  Osama  Bin  Laden  was "NEUTRALIZED"   a  new  and  even  more  ruthless  Islamic  organization  arose  in  ISIS  !!!

In their  blind  ignorance,  Islamic  Militants   do  not  realize  that   they  are  accelerating  the rise  of  the   Beast with 10 Horns and the  Little  Horn,  which  will  ultimately   "ANNIHILATE"  millions  of  them  in  Prophesied future  wars  !!!   Their  Islamic  terrorist attacks   on  European  cities   will  ultimately  cause  a  great  "Blowback"  against  all Muslims in  Europe  !!!  Because  of  Militant  Islamic   provocations,  the  day  is  surely  coming  when they  will   say  "Who  is  Like  the  Beast; and Who is able to Make War  Against  it ?"
( Revelation 13 : 4  )

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  know  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  the  rise  and fall   of  "ALL"  Empires  and  King's   is  allowing  the  European's  to  get  a  little  taste  of  their very  own  intifada  'Lebanon-Gaza'  inside  their   borders  !!!  It  is  very  easy  to  criticize  Israel when  your  not  in   its'  shoes  !!!  The  Islamic  'dilemma'  in  the  European  Union  is  drastically  forcing  the  EU  countries  to  keep  having  emergency  meetings  concerning: Islamic  migrants, the Syrian Civil  War   and  the  rising  National  Security  Threat  posed  by  the  not  so  friendly Islamic population  !!!  

The 'Blunt Truth'  is  that  although much  of this planet  is under  a curse  ( Genesis 3 : 17 ),  most Islamic Countries  are  even  more  "CURSED"  than  the  rest  of  the  nations of the world;  because Genesis   12 : 3  confirms  a  spiritual   reality  that  continues  to  plague  most  Islamic populations  who   continue  to  curse   the  existence  of  Israel  and of the Jews  !!!  The  Middle East  Oil   has  created  enough  wealth   throughout  the  past  decades  to  lift  most  of  the Arab  populations  out  of   poverty "BUT"  their  very  own  'Islamic  Leaders'   didn't  share the  wealth  with  the  rest  of  their  Islamic  brothers  and  Sisters  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   "CONFIRMS"  the  coming  expulsion  of  most  Muslims  in  the  EU   simply  because  it  has  happened  before  in  European  History  ( Moors were  kicked  out*)  and  the  coming  destruction  of  Mecca,  because   the  Romans  in  the  past  ultimately  did "NOT"  even  spared  the  Jewish  Temple  in  70 A.D. when Titus  destroyed it  !!!  As  a  student  of  world  history  too  many  quickly  forget  that  Adolph  Hitler  and  the  NAZI's   ultimately  killed  more  Russian's  than  Jews  !!! ( Over 16+ miilion Russians  died because of  NAZI  attacks )  I  state  this  because  the  coming  future  'Little  Horn'  will  in  my  studies   ultimately  kill  more  Muslims  than  Jews  !!!

Unfortunately,  Militant  Islam  is  here  to  stay  until   the  'man of sin'   does  his  'Blitzkrieg'  across  most  of  the  Middle  East  in  the  future.  Western  powers  have  been  too  soft  on  militant  Islam, almost  giving them only a  'slap in the hand'  the  past  11+  years  with  the  ongoing  war  on   Islamic  terrorism  has  proven  that   the  West  has  adopted  and  is  fighting  with  a  wrong  strategy  against   Islamic  Terrorists  who  don't  care  about  'International  Law'  or  the  Geneva  Conventions !!!

Everyone   should  realize  that  militant  Islam  is  the  new  NAZI  threat  that  threatens  the political  and  financial  stability of  this  planet  if  it  is  left  unaddressed.  For  the  past  11+  years  the  U.S.  Military  has  waged  a  "FAILED"  war  against  militant  Islam, our  political  leaders   have  forced  American  soldiers   to  fight  with  'one  arm  tied  around  their  back'  and  the  only  thing  that  the  American  Military  has  succeeded  in  accomplishing is  just  "BUYING  TIME."

When  the  coming  wars  of  Ezekiel  take  place  and  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse are  unleashed  over  40%+  of the Islamic  population  will  have  been  "NEUTRALIZED"  The  Islamic  people's  are  "CURSED"  because  they  have  and  continually  curse  Israel  and  even  though  they  may  have  alot  of  Oil, come the Tribulation  period  when  Famine will ravish much of the planet   they  will  "NOT"  be  able  to  eat   their  oil, the  Arab  Islamic  nations   have  "FAILED"  in  adequately   growing  and  creating  their  own  food  supply  and  this  is  one  area  that  many  Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  have  failed  to  diligently  take  into  consideration.

The  present  and  naive  EU  Leadership  is  going  to  learn  the  "HARD  WAY"  that  they  allowed  a  great  "Islamic  Trojan  Horse"  into  their  countries  on  their  watch;  fools   haven't  they  been  watching  what  most  Muslims  have  been  doing  to  the  few  remainining  Christian  population  in  the  Middle  East ?

BY :  Mario  Romano, a  mere  student  of  Bible  Prophecy, this  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   wishes  "NO"  evil  upon  anyone, Woe  is  me  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  the  Biblical  Prophecies  are  the  only  true  Prophecies  and  while  you  and  I   can  "NOT"  change  the   endtime  events  established  by  the  Father; we can choose  sides; I have personally chosen  to  believe  in  Jesus  Christ  so  that  I may be found worthy to escape all the things that  are  coming  upon  an  unrepentant   generation*