Monday, October 19, 2015


GOD; manifested  on  this  planet  in  Jesus Christ   does  "NOT"  make  mistakes  !!!  GOD  in  His  omnipresence   foresaw  iniquity  in  Lucifer and  He  also foresaw  the  fall of  man  and   "Rectified"  everything  before  the  foundation  of  this  world  !!!
 ( 1 Peter 1 : 20  & Revelation  13 : 8 )  If  you  even  remotely  believe  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  in  some  corner  of this Universe : scared, confused  and  in   tears   you've   not  read  the  Book  of  Revelation !
Everyone  should  understand  that  GOD ALMIGHTY   does  "NOT"  need   any  of  us;  for  it  is  we  "ALL"  who  need  Him  and  who  are  at  His  mercy   !!!

GOD  ALMIGHTY,   chose  to  create  us  right  under  Satan's  nose; and  in the same planet  where  GOD  had  cast  Satan  down  into   'temporarily'  before  he  was  thrown  into  the eternal  Lake  of  Fire.  GOD  also  could  have  waited  to  create  us  later  on  in eternity  or  could  had  created  us  far, far  away  in  another  Galaxy  and out of the reach  of  Satan  "BUT"  in  His  Sovereignty  GOD  chose  to  give  us  the  'gift  of  life'  on this planet  and  in  the  middle  of  a  great  ongoing  war  between  Michael and his Angels  & Satan & the fallen  Angels !  ( Revelation 12 :7  & Daniel  10 : 13 )  Truly, the  Kingdom of GOD  suffereth violence  and  the  violent  take it  by force !  ( Matthew 11:12 )   Truly, eternal  life  is  "NOT"  a  right  but  a  'Gift  of  GOD'  Jesus  Christ  warned  us  that  in  this  world  we  would  have  tribulation; "BUT"   He  also  promised  to  those  who  "OVERCOME"  the  temporal  things  and  temptations  of  this  world  the  right  to  inherit  all  things  in  the  end  !!!  ( Revelation 21 : 7 )

There  have  been  millions  of   people  who  have  been   born  in  the  middle  of   a  war, history  is  replete  with  them;   a great  example of  this was  that  some  80%  of the children born in  Russia  in  1923  didn't  survive  the Russian Civil War the same is true of early Israeli history in Lamentations 4 : 10  we see  the Jews resorting  to  cannibalism because of the siege of Jerusalem by its enemies  !!!  ( Jeremiah 19 : 9 ) Being  born  in  the  'middle  of  a  war'   means  that  the  odds  are  very  much  against  your  survival  !!!

Likewise,  you  and  I  and  billions+  of   human beings  were  likewise   born  in  the  middle  of a great  war  between   the  'Angels of  Heaven'  and  'Satan  and  his Fallen  Angels'   this war in heaven  initiated  before  Adam  and  Eve were created in the Garden of  Eden  because  the  'ancient serpent'   who deceives most of   humanity  was  already  present  on this planet  before  Adam and Eve  and  this  war  has  yet  to  be finalized  on  Earth  in the Valley of  Jehoshaphat  
( Armageddon )  and  has  there  been  collateral   damage  !!!   GOD  didn't  make  a  mistake  when  He  purposely  created  us  on  planet  Earth  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing  war  that  initiated  in  heaven  and  that  has  spilled   onto  planet  Earth;  in  His  HOLY  SOVEREIGNTY;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  had  very  good  reasons  to  do  as  He  sovereignly  did  !

 It  saddens me  to  have  to  state  that  the  vast  majority  of  the  human  souls  of  billions+   who  have  been  born  on  planet  Earth  in  the  middle  of  this  ongoing  war  between  Heaven  and  Satan  have  "NOT"  fared  well;  the vast majority of humanity   has  sided  with  Satan  in  this  ongoing  war;  for  the vast majority of  humanity   has  chosen  darkness  over  the  Light of  GOD  and  have  chosen  to  follow  the  wide  path  rather  than  the  narrow  path   that  leads  unto  eternal  life  !!!   (  Matthew  7 : 13  )  ( Jesus Christ is thee  Light and He stated that those who are not for Him are against Him; there is "NO"  neutrality*   -Matthew 12 : 30 )

In  the  big  picture  of  Bible  Prophecy  "Nothing"  surprises  GOD  ALMIGHTY; GOD  in  His  Omnipresence  can't  help  it  but  know   the  end  from  the  beginning  of  all  of  His  creations !  The  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  attest  to  this  fact  and  reality  about  our  Creator;  for  the  "Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  since  before  the  foundation of this  world !"  In  Jeremiah  1: 5,  GOD  ALMIGHTY also  confirms the fact that He  knows the future fully  well   and  even  though  because of Satan's  rebellion;  sin entered into  creation  and  every  deviation  of  unholiness  that  accompanies  wickedness;  GOD  ALMIGHTY  nonetheless  rectifies  "EVERYTHING"  in  the  end  !!!

    In the big picture  GOD  ALMIGHTY   didn't  throw  'Satan  and   the  one-third  of  the  Fallen  Angels'  directly  into  hell  immediately  because  He  in  His  sovereignty  wanted   all  the  heavenly  hosts   to  learn  a  'great  lesson'  about  the  great  consequences  of  sin.  Planet  Earth  is  Satan's  'temporary'  holding  cell  so  to  speak;  for  the  Bible  reveals  to  us  that  Satan  was  cast  down  directly  to  this  planet !  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  created  man   in  the  very  same  place where  He  had  'temporarily'  isolated  Satan  ; it  was  "NO"  coincidence  that  we  were  created  under  Satan's  nose  in  the  Garden  of  Eden;  if  you  read  carefully  you  will  discover  that  Satan  was  already  here  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  !!!  This  planet   is  like  the  'Alcatraz  Penitentiary'  and  yes  we  were  long  ago  put  under  a  'Quarentine'  like  state  !!!

 Satan  is  "NOT"  Omnipresent  like  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  he  cannot  be  in  all  the  other  billions+  of  Galaxies  in  this  Universe  at  once  !!!  Satan  can  only  be  in  one  place  at  one  time  just  like  you  and  me  !  And  because  Satan   does  "NOT"  know  the  future  like  GOD  ALMIGHTY  does;  Satan   doesn't  fully  yet  know  as of this precise  moment  who  he  is  going  to  ultimately  choose  to  be  his  'Little  Horn'  on  planet  Earth  !!!

In  the  big, big  picture  you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  human  beings  were  created  in  a  'temporary  dimension  of  eternity; and  in  a  temporary  planet  with   a  temporary  Earthly  human  body  !!!  For  Jesus  Christ  confirmed  that   this  heaven  and  this  Earth  shall  one  day  pass  !!!  (  For  neither  flesh  nor  blood  can enter or inherit  the Kingdom  of  GOD* ) 
1 Corinthians 15 : 50

In  the  'big  picture'  we  just  happened  to  have  been   created   shortly  after  Satan  rebelled  and  after   hell  was  created  for  Satan   and  his  Fallen  Angels;  hell  was  originally  created  only  for  them  but  Isaiah  reveals  to  us  that  hell  has  since  enlarged  itself   to  include  all  the  human  beings  who  also   choose  to  rebel  and  disobey  GOD !  -Isaiah  5 : 4  &  Matthew  25 : 41

In  the  'big  picture'   you  and  I  chose  to  come  into  this  world;  in  a  way  we  beat  out  over  50+ million other  sperms  who  were  also  competing  to  fertilize  our  Mamma's  egg  !  Welcome  to  planet  Earth;  now  get  ready  to  fight  for  your  Eternal  destiny  for  cowards  shall  "NOT"  inherit  the  Kingdom  of  GOD  !!! 
( Revelation  21 : 8 )

    The  theological  truth  about  everything  is  that   "NO"  one  not  even  the  Archangel's  in  Heaven   know  and  understand   all  the  ways  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!  GOD  has  set  eternity  in  the  human  heart;  yet  no  one  can  fathom  what  GOD   has  done  from  beginning  to  end   ( Ecclesiastes  3 :  11  )

     Even  though   salvation  is  free  via  Jesus  Christ   "ONLY"  those  that  overcome  the  unholy  spirit  of  this  world  are  promised   entrance  into  the  New  Jerusalem  !!!  Yes,  we  were   live  in  a  planet  that   literally  has  a  million  ways  to  kill  human  beings; for  there  are  over   13,000+  different  diseases  that  can  cripple  the  human  body  and  if  that  wasn't  enough  we  also   exist  in  a  planet  that  is  plagued  by  unholy  demonic  powers  that  not  only  seek  to  destroy  the  'image  of  GOD'  in  us  but  also  deceive  and  lead  astray   most  of  humanity  into   the  'Gates  of  Hell '  !!!

In  the  'big  picture'  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  populating  eternity  with  new  creations  and  giving    some  the  opportunity  of  becoming   'Son's  of  GOD  Almighty'  !!!  Before  GOD  created  us  on  planet  Earth  the  Bible  confirms  that  He  already  had  'millions  of  millions' of others  in  the  heavens  whom   are  called  'Son's  of  GOD' !!!

      In  the  big  picture  GOD  ultimately  controls   "ALL"  human  history   and  He  in  His  great  sovereignty   used  the  enemies  of  Israel  to   punish  the  continual  disobedience  of  His  chosen  rebellious  people  the  Jews. Let it be understood  that  the  four  Beasts  of  Daniel  are  used  by  GOD  ALMIGHTY    to  bring  judgement  to  His  own  people  and  let  the  reader  understand  that  the  worst  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  is  "YET"  to  transpire.  While  GOD  will  truly  bring  judgement  to  His  chosen  people  the  rest  of  the  world  and  nations  shall  by  "NO"  means   escape  the  Holy  Judgement  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY,  Jesus  Christ  did  "NOT"  come  to  die  in  vain  at  the  Cross of  Calvary; during the final  7  years  GOD  is  going  to  test  "ALL"  those  who  have  rejected  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  for  to  whom  much  is  given  much  is  required  and  this  final  generation   like  no  other   is  hearing  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  through  digital  media  unlike  any  other  in  the  history  of  this  planet  !!!

In  the  big  picture  and  before  GOD  the  Father  we  are  all  like  ants;  even  Satan  who  is  also  one  of  God's  creations  is  "NOT"   GOD's  archenemy  !!!  Let  it  be  known   that  there  was  light  in  eternity  past   long  before  Genesis  1,  for  GOD  Himself  is  a  Spirit  of  Light;  in  Genesis  1,  GOD  is  creating  'artificial  light' ( the  sun  )  in  this  region  of  the  Universe  for  He  most  certainly  wasn't  working  in  the  darkness  !!!  ( Revelation 22 : 5 )

    In  the  big, big  picture   GOD  is  thee  creator  of    'millions  upon  millions'  of  different  creations  who  never  sinned  and  that  cannot  sin  because  "NOT"  all  of  His  creations  are  alike nor  were  all   created  in  His  image  !!!  In  the  big, big  picture  GOD  is  "NOT"  going  to  abandon  the  Angels  in  heaven  when  we  are  in  the  New  Jerusalem  for  He  is  Omnipresent  and  will  continue  to  be   ever  present  and  Omnipresent   with  all  of  His  other  creations  and  in  the  big, big  picture  GOD  ALMIGHTY  shall  continue  to  create  and  create  and  create  different   creations  all  through  eternity;  if  you  think  that   Earthly  Corporations  are  the  only  one's  who   introduce   new  and  improve  products  you  have  no  idea  !!!

In  the  'big, big  picture  of   Eternity  GOD  already  had   'billions+  upon  billions+'  of  others who  He  called   'Son's  of  GOD'  long  before  He  created  you  and  me  and  billions  of  other human beings  in this one planet  and  He  has  more  than  enough  love  for  "ALL"   for  we  were commanded  to  love  one another  and  to  serve  one  another  !!!  And  you  know  what   in the big picture  of   'Eternity  Future'  GOD  "SHALL"   continue  to  create   more  and  more  creations  very  different  than  you  and  me  !!!  ( GOD  didn't  go  into  retirement  after  Genesis 1 forever  !!!)

    In  the  big,  big  picture   GOD  is  a  Multi-Tasker   who  operates  in  literally  billions+  of  different  time  zones  inside  of  this  His  Universe.  In  the  'big  picture'  Eternal  Life  is  "NOT"  free  for  GOD  Himself   had  to  become  a   man  in  Jesus  Christ  to  redeemed  that  which  was  lost  and  even  though   Salvation  is  free;  to  some  it  has  come  at  the  price  of  Martyrdom  to  others  it  has  come   at  a  steep  price  via  continual  persecution   and  yet  to  others  it comes at the  price of   'denying  their flesh'  in  a  world  that   offers  temptations  24/ 7   non-stop  !!! 

In  the  'big  picture'   you  and  I  and  billions+  of  other  human  beings   were  created  in  this  moment  of  Eternity  in  direct  response   to  the  Fall  of  Satan  and  one-third  of  the  Angels  we  were  created  under  the  very  nose  of  Satan   to  prove  without  a  shadow  of  a  doubt  the  true  colors  of  Satan;  a former  Archangel  who  has  "NO"  redemption;  for  the  same : destruction, wickedness  and  rebellion  that  he  originated  and  initiated  in  Heaven  he  repeated  it  on  Earth !

In  the  'big  picture'  thee  most  important  thing  that  every  human  being  must  know  and  should know  before  they  depart  planet  earth  is  that   the  purpose  of  life  is  to  know  GOD;  for  we were  created  in  His  image  to  have  direct  communion  with  Him; our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   confirmed  this  fact  and  truth; "And this is eternal  life,  that  they  may  know  You, the only  true GOD and  Jesus  Christ  whom  You  have  sent."  ( Gospel  of  John   17 : 3  )

By :  Mario  Romano;  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   does  "NOT"  understand  all  the  ways  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  the  truth  is  that   "NOT"  even  the  Angels  in  Heaven  understand  all  the  ways  of  GOD   for  we  are  all  on  a  'need  to  know  basis'  we  were  all  ultimately  created  for  His  pleasure  and  despite   all  the : rebellion, death   and  hurt  involved  because  of  Satans  great  deceptions;   GOD  ultimately   foresaw  everything  and  rectifies  everything  in  the  end  for  He  makes  "ALL"  things  new !  Thank You Jesus ***