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Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.   - Book  of  Revelation  12 : 12  has  been  for  many  years  trying  to 'Triangulate'  the  time-frame of  Daniel's  70  Weeks  with   the  believed  7000  year  plan  of  GOD  for  all  of  humanity  in  this  planet  since  Adam  and  Eve;  together  with  this  final  generation  that  we  know  began   in  1948  and  all  the  evidence   overwhelmingly   reveals  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   we  are  quite  literally  &  very  seriously  all  running  out  of  time !!!   Revelation  12 :12   'CONFIRMS'   to  us  that  mankind   will  'NOT'  be  able  to  conquer  the  rest  of  this  solar  system  ( much less  the rest of the galaxy ! )  in  the very short years that  are  left in  this  final  generation  !!!   In  Revelation 12 : 12,  we  are  revealed  that  Satan  is   specifically coming  'DOWN'  upon  the  human sinners   that  were  'Left  Behind'  on  this  fallen  planet  and 'NOT'   upon  humans   that  were  scattered  around  this   entire  galaxy  and universe  !!!   According  to  Zechariah  12  and  the  Book  of  Revelation,  the  armies  of  this  planet   in what's  left  of  this  final  generation  are  going  to  Battle  it  all  out  over   JERUSALEM  & 'NOT'  over  the  planet  Mars  nor  over  the  Andromeda  Galaxy !!!   We  also  learn  in  Revelation 12 : 12,  that  Satan  has  'NOT'  yet  been  thrown  into  the  bottomless  pit   ( too many people believe that Satan is already  in  hell*)   and  we  are  also   revealed  that  Satan  is  limited  to  this : galaxy,  this  solar  system  and   specifically  to  this  planet;  he does have access  to   GOD  where  we  know  that  he  accuses  believers  day  and  night   before  the  throne  of  GOD   !!!  ( Revelation   12 : 10  )    Satan  is  'NOT'  Omnipresent  like  GOD  and  he  cannot  be  in  the  trillions  of  other  galaxies  in   this  Universe   like  GOD  can.  GOD  delegates  power  and  authority  to   an  unimaginable   multitude  of  trillions+  of   Angels  assigned  to  different  regions  of  the  heavens  throughout this entire Universe and  galaxy.  (  Daniel   4 : 17  )  All  the  theological  and  astronomical  evidence   indicates  that  Satan  and   the  Fallen  Angels  were  'temporarily'   and  involuntarily   ( after their defeat  throughout the other heavens  they were cast down  here*)  thrown  to  planet  earth  before  they  are  ultimately  thrown  into  the  eternal  fire  prepared  for  Satan  and  his  angels   !!!   (  Matthew  25 : 41 )   All  this  means  that  GOD  in  His  sovereignty  is  most  certainly   'NOT'  letting  the  rebellion  of  :  Satan, the Fallen  Angels  and   sinful  humans   go  unnoticed;  GOD   is  most  certainly   in  all of  this  teaching  an  eternal  lesson   to    'ALL'  of  the  great  consequences  of  : Sin, Rebellion, Disobedience  and  Pride   !!!    Even  though  this  sinner   redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  here  on  earth   was  never  able to attend  Dallas Theological  Seminary   and  study  some  deep  theological  topics  he  nonetheless  knows  that  'NOBODY'  else  anytime  soon  in  eternity  is  going  to  try  and  pull  off  what  Lucifer  once  did   !!!   (  Isn't  it  amazing  what   we  can  learn  from  only  a  few  verses  of  Revelation  ???   )
According  to  some  of  the  richest  leading  men  of  planet  Earth ; the  future  of  planet  Earth  has  almost  no  limits   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  most  certainly  does  'NOT'  agree  with  most  of  the  predictions  being  given  for  planet  by  some  of  the  top  leading   : scientists, billionaires  and   innovators.   As  you  shall  see  this  believer   who  studies  the  Book  of  Revelation   does  'NOT'  agree  with  the  future  prognostications  of  the  top  CEO's  of  Global  Corporations  of  this  planet  !!!   The predictions  of  some of the most  elite  individuals  in  : science,  artificial intelligence, biology  and  others  does  'NOT'   match  nor  do  such  predictions align  nor  fit in  with  what  the  Book  of  Revelation  'GUARANTEES'   is  headed  for  the  future of  this  fallen  planet  !!!

Virtually  all  the  top  and  leading  militaries  of  this  world  including  the Communist Party  of  China  ( CPC  )  and its armed forces  the  PLA,  along  with  Russia's  Putin;  have  their  own  plans  for  the  future   domination of  this  planet  'BUT'   GOD  Himself  long  ago  dictated  the  ending  of  this  creation  in  Revelation  and   while  King's  and  Empires  come  and go;  the  Word  of  GOD  remains  forever  !!!  (  Matthew 24:35  )

The  Holy  Bible   reveals  to  us  that  GOD  our  Creator  knows  the  end  from the beginning  ( Isaiah  46 : 10 )  GOD  is  a  spirit   and  somehow  'ALL'  of  this  entire  Universe  of  'His'  is  interconnected  to  Him  in  ways  that  our  limited  human  brain  will  never  be  able  to  fully  comprehend  !!!   To  be  able  to   know  all  the  zillions  of  stars  in  this  Universe  by  name  and  to  also   have  all  the  hairs  on  your  head  and  mine  as  well  as  over  7+ billion  other  human  beings  all counted  out  takes  a  Super-Super  Eternal & Omnipresent Intelligence  Being :  GOD ! Let  it  all  'Sink  In'  GOD  knew   from  the  very   beginning  about Satan's  rebellion  and  Adam  and  Eve's  disobedience  and  He   settled  it  all  in  eternity;  for  the  Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  before  the  creation of  the world   !!!  (  Revelation   13 : 8;  GWT )

As  students  of   Bible  Prophecy  we  should  'NOT'  be  quick  to  accept  all  the  numerous  youtube  'testimonies  and   visions'   about  the  end  of  the  age;   'MOST'  youtube   accounts  about  the  end  of  the  age  quite  simply   do  'NOT'   align  with  the  prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation.  Youtube  is  full  of  :  Nostradamus  Prophecies, Fatima  Secrets,  Personal  Revelations, Islamic  Eschatology  and  numerous  other  false  Prophecies;  GOD  'ONLY'  guarantees  what  is  'WRITTEN'  in  the  Holy  Scriptures;  period  !!!   If  you  really, really  want  to  know  about  what  is  coming  study  the  Prophets  and  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible***

Mario  Romano  doesn't   want  to  be  a  'Killjoy.'   As  a  human  being  he  would  like  to  see  all  mankind  and  all  the  nations  of  Earth   prosper  'BUT'   the  reality  of  our  entire  history  tells  him  that   'WAR'  has  been  an  ever  imposing  'REALITY'  throughout   most  of  our  history  here  on  Earth.  Before  you  and  I  were  born  over  1000+  wars  and  military  conflicts  had  already  been  fought  on  planet  Earth;  I'm  'NO'   warmonger  just  a   realist   !!!   There  is  a  growing group  of  Bible  Prophecy  interpreters  who   believe  that   the  Nephilim  will  return  once again  to   planet  earth  during the Tribulation  period  in  UFO's;  the  truth  is  that   men  do 'NOT'  need  any  alien   help  in  killing  and  destroying  one  another;  GOD  set  the  rules  of the  end  and  just  as   GOD   manifested  Himself  physically   here  on  planet  earth  in  the   body  of  Jesus  Christ  it  is  necessary  that   Satan   follows  the  sames  rules;  for  he  will encarnate  himself  in  the  body  of  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   ( Revelation  13 : 7-8  )  and just  like  Satan  is  allowed  to  raise  up  two  unholy   individuals;  GOD  Himself   raises  up   His  Two  Witnesses  !!!   The  ministry  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  is  said  to  have  lasted  for  3  &  a  half  years   &  so  does  the  time  of  the  'Little  Horn'  also  only  lasts  42  months !

According to Stephen Hawking in the next  'thousand or ten thousand years'   the human race will have spread out into space and to others stars throughout this Universe that so that a disaster on Earth won't  mean  an  end  to the human race.  'Reality  Check'    According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation;  men  are  'NOT'  destined   to  conquer  the  heavens  and  spread  out  into  the  rest  of  this  Universe;  a  close  study  of  Revelation  indicates  that  we  do  'NOT'  have  100  much  less  1000  more  years  as  Mr.  Hawking   suggests   !!!  According  to  Revelation; the rich, the global leaders and generals  will  seek  refuge  in  their  underground  caves  and  bunkers  once  the  Tribulation  comes  in  full  force   !!!   ( Revelation 6 : 15  )

According  to  most  population   studies  'IF'  the present  demographic numbers   are  allowed   to  continue   for  50-100   more  years;  the  Muslim  population   of   both  Israel  and  the  European  Union  will  eventually  overtake  the  native  population   in  these  countries  due  to  the  very  high  birth-rate  of  Muslims  !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy   that   is  'NOT'  going  happen; ( yet another reason why we don't  have  another  50+ years left*)   Increasing  and  continued  warfare   in the Middle  East  (  civil  wars,  endtimes famines, plagues  etc )   are  going  to  greatly  diminish   the  Islamic  population  on  all  of  planet  Earth.   Additionally,  this student  of  Nuclear  Proliferation  and  Bible  Prophecy  unfortunately  'DOES'  see  a   nuclear   war  between   nuclear  Pakistan   and  nuclear  India  in  the  future; during the Tribulation  period  !!!   (  note : Pakistan  is  the  only  Islamic  country  on  earth  that  is  a nuclear  power *)

The  'Blunt  Truth'  about  the  future  is  that  most  of  humanity  is  going  to  be  on  'Survival  Mode'  in  the  future   !!!  The  truth  is  that   'Drinkable  Water'  is  going  to  become  more  valuable  than  even  Oil  and  Gold  in  the  future   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  enjoy  stating  this  'BUT'   according  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  'Limited Nuclear  War'  is  coming  and   this   interpreter  of  Revelation  is  'NOT'  even  mentioning  the  many  other  'Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction' ( WMD = Chemical, Biological, Radioactive  )  that  will  be  unleashed  as  War   ravages  a   great  part  of  this  planet  in  the  not  too   distant  future  !!!   ( Book  of  Revelation   6 : 4 )...Because  of   the brevity of this article  I'm not even going to get to the  TWO  Prophesied   asteroids/comets  that  are   guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation  8 : 6-7  to  strike  planet  Earth  within  this  final  generation, this comet or  asteroid   is  going  to  seriously  bury  several  key  cities  of this planet  underwater; this is one of the reasons  why  both  China  and  the  U.S.  are  going  down  and  why  the  10  King's  of  the  Mediterranean  are  rising  up  from  the  Sea;  GOD  is  going  to  cause  some  world  powers  to  go  under  quite  literally  !!!

According to Elon Musk,  technology  is  going  to  save  us  all.  With  the  help  of  his  many companies  Earth  has  a  very  promising  future  (  Mr.  Musk    heads  several  companies : Tesla; electric cars, Space X  which designs and manufactures space rockets  and  a  solar  company )   Mr. Musk  would  like  you  to  believe  that   science  and technology  is  going  to  save  humanity  from itself   !!!   According  to  him  'artificial  intelligence'  is  the  future;  Mr. Musk   fails  to  see  that  when  the  global  economy  and  the  U.S.  Dollar   implodes  as  is  guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation   there  aren't  going  to  be  too  many  investors  lining   up  to  buy  stock  in  his  companies  and  when   an  economy  implodes  most  Corporations   also  go  bankrupt   !!!  ( Most  of  Mr. Musk's  companies  have  not  even   managed  yet  to  turn  a  $$$  profit  !!!  )

According to  some of the top  political  scientists;  'Authoritarianism'  will make a comeback As threats to national security increase, and as these threats expand in severity, governments will find it necessary to enact draconian measures.  International  Islamic  Terrorism  is  already  making  this  a  reality  in  most  Western  countries   !!!  Over time, many of the freedoms and civil liberties we currently take for granted, such as the freedom of assembly, the right to privacy (more on this next - it’s worse than you think), or the right to travel both within and beyond the borders of our home country, could be drastically diminished. At the same time, a fearful population will be more tempted and willing to elect a hardline government that promises to throw the hammer down on perceived threats - even overtly undemocratic regimes.

A  close  study  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  tells  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  mankind  is  'NOT'  destined  to  conquer  the  rest  of  this :  Solar  System, this  Galaxy  nor  much  less  the  rest  of  this  Universe  in  our  fallen  state  !!!  The  final  Battle  of  the  Ages  takes  place  over  Jerusalem  here  on  planet  Earth  and  not  for  the  Andromeda  Galaxy  as  movies  such  as  : 'Star  Wars;'  'Star  Trek'  and  other  Sci Fi  movies  would  have  you  to  believe   !!!

The threats to national security will have to be severe to instigate these changes, but history has precedents. Following the September 11 attacks and the subsequent mailings of anthrax spores, the US government enacted the Homeland Security Act. This legislation was criticized for being too severe and reactionary, but it’s a perfect example of what happens when a nation feels under threat. Now imagine what would happen if another 9/11-type event happened, but one involving hundreds of thousands of deaths, or even millions.

Such an act of terrorism could be unleashed through miniaturized nuclear weapons, or the deliberate release of bioweapons. And the fact that small groups, and even  single  individuals, will have the power to attain and use these weapons will only make governments and citizens more willing to accept the loss of freedoms.  According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  this  prediction  will  unfortunately  be  proven  true   !!!   According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  a  man  even  worse  than  Stalin  and  Hitler   is  guaranteed  by  the  Book  of  Revelation  to  rise  to  absolute  power  during  the  final  3  and  a  half  years   !!!

According to Ray Kurzweil, the  'Singularity'   will happen by 2045, artificial intelligence in the form of technology ( super computers / robots )  will surpass human intelligence by then  !!!  According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation   the  Battle  of  Armageddon   will  be  fought  in  the  Valley  of  Jehosephat  in  Israel  and  the   blood  will  rise  to  several   inches;  armies  of  robots  are  'NOT'  destined  to  overtake  human  soldiers  in  the  battlefield; although  technology   has  significantly  aided   the  top  military  of  this  planet  ( U.S.  Military  )   it  still  takes  real  human  soldiers  to  make  final  decisions  in  the  battlefield.  Because  robots  can't  bleed   it  is  rather  evident   that  most  of  those  in  the  Battle  of  Armageddon  are  not  drones  nor  robots  but  human  males  who  have  been  forced  by  their  governments  into  this  final  war   !!!

According to Bill Gates by the year 2035   ‘poor countries’  will no longer exist due to rising levels of international aid !!!   Bill Gates also predicts that by 2030 Africa’s agricultural productivity will increase by 50%.   Making the continent that presently imports $50 billion agriculturally self sufficient  even   though  presently  some  70%  of  Africans are farmers.  Mr.Gates  is   absolutely  'off  and  wrong'  on  this  one,  according  to  our  Lord  Jesus  'The  Poor  will always  be  here'  because   human  greed  and  selfishness   is  something  that  not  even : global  welfare, international  aid  nor  international  investments  can  fully  squash  out  and  obliterate   !!!   The  biggest  enemy  of  the  African  continent  ( and the same is true  of South America, Asia  and  mostly  everywhere  but  on  different  degrees   )   is   CORRUPTION   !!!  Several  wars  in  Africa  have  demonstrated  that   corrupt  local  African  governments  receive  international  aid  'BUT'  do  not   always  distribute  it  to  their  most  needy  citizens.  When  the  UN  and  the  U.S.  were  dropping   crates  full  of  food  from  the  safety  of  the  air;  numerous  African  militias  and  warlords   would  secure  the  area  to  steal  and  keep  all  of  it  for  themselves  to  later  sell  to  their  fellow   African  starving  brothers  and  sisters  !!!

The  worst  place  to  be  during  the  Tribulation  period  will  be  in  Urban  areas  of this world   ( cities )  !!!   If  history  is  any  guide   'RIOTS'  will  break  out  in  most  cities  of  the  world  as  crop  failures  widen  and  as  fleets  of  trucks  stop   filling  the  shelves  of  supermarkets;  when  food  is  scarce  the  worse  in  people  come  out; cities  will  look  like  war  zones  those  who  are  able  will  seek  to  escape  the  city  and  seek  refuge  in : forests, jungles, mountains  'BUT'  even  then   most  of  the  animal  world  itself  is  prophesied  to  turn  against  humanity   !!!  (  Revelation 6 : 8 )  Sometimes  'Mosquito  Bites'  & Malaria  are even  deadlier  than  a  bullet  in  the  thigh  !!!

The  future  does  'NOT'  belongs  to  the  Microsoft  Corporation  nor  to  any  other  rising Corporation for that matter  be  it :  Facebook  or  Apple  and  neither  does  it  belong  to  any human  government  'BUT'  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  are  most  certainly  going to try  !!! GOD  has  a  'MONOPOLY'  on  the  future;  it  all  ends   here  as  He  decreed  thousands of years ago  to  His Prophets found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures.  Satan  has  his  plans  and  some  egotistical  men also have  their  plans   for  this  planet   'BUT'  it  is  GOD  alone  who 'ALWAYS'  has  the  last word  on  everything   !!!  GOD  has  numerous   angels  all  over  this  Universe, Galaxy , Solar system   and  especially  on  this  Fallen  &  Rebellious  Planet   who  see  to  it  that  the  will  of  the  Father  is  done  on  Earth  as  it  is  in  Heaven  !!!

In  conclusion,  this  topic  could  fill  an  entire  book, this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  just  touched  on  a  few  of  the  top  issues  that  will  affect  most  human  beings  in  the  future.  According  to  the  Holy  Scriptures  GOD   only  allotted  and  set  aside  some  6000   years of  human  governments, the final  1000  years  has  been  set  aside  for  the   Millenium  !!!  We  are  close  to  the  end  of  those   6000  years;  while  we  do  'NOT'  know   'Precisely'  how  many  years  we   have  left  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  himself  holds  us  accountable  for  interpreting  the  'Signs  and  Times'  in  which  we  live  !!!

According  to  the  Prophecies  of  Revelation  over  60%+  of  the  world  is  going  to   perish  during  the  final  7  upcoming  years  of  the  Tribulation  period.   Total  War  is  guaranteed  to  make  a  comeback  and  so  are   infectious  disease  outbreaks  that  will   not  be  quickly  nor  very  easily  cured  by  modern  medicine.  The  truth  is  that  most  experts  know  that  there  are  a  new  and  growing  number  of  diseases  and  new  strands  that  are  not  affected  by  antibiotics.  The  food  supply  of  most  of  the  world  is  very  fragile  as  it  presently  is  in  this  2017  most  of  the  nations  on  Earth  can  'NOT'  feed  themselves, over  half  of  the  nations  have  to  'IMPORT'  food  from   elsewhere  !!!

While  some  may  scoff  and  laugh  at  Christians  today,  the  day  and  the  hour  is  coming  when  GOD  our  Creator  will  once  again  directly  intervene   with  the  Nation  of  Israel  and  the  rest  of  the  190+   unrepentent  nations  of  planet  earth.  Some   have  stated  that  there  is  no  justice  on  this  planet;  JUSTICE  is  coming;  GOD  is  patient   'BUT'  He  has  his  very  own  schedule,  we  are  all  seriously  running  out  of  time   !!!

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking  and  Ray Kurzweil  among  others  are  'ALL'  dead  wrong  about  the  future  of  this  planet;  very  simply  because    most  of  their  predictions  do  'NOT'  line  up  with  what  the  Book  of  Revelation  reveals  to  us  is  coming  shortly  upon  planet  earth  !!!   It  boggles  my  mind  how  these  men  could  have  made  the  predictions  that  they  did   when  our  'PRESENT'   global  environment  seems  to  be  on  the  very  edge  of  World  War  III.   This  student  of  history  knows  very  well  that  the  war  on  Terror  is  far  from  over; either  the  West  is  going  to   drop  a  'Weapon  of  Mass  Destruction'  upon  the  heartland  of  Islamic  terrorism  or   the  next  generation  of  Islamic  terrorists  are  going  to  explode   their  very  own  improvised  weapon  of  mass  destruction  upon  a  Western  City   !!!   The  U.S.A  is  not  even  300   years  old  and   these  billionaires  are  assuming  that  we  are  all  going  to  make  it  another  1000+  years  somehow  !!!  Whenever   'ANYONE'  makes  plans  that  do  'NOT'  include  GOD  beware  !!!   These  billionaires  live  in  their  own  'fantasy  bubbles'  most  of  the  population  of  earth  is  composed   of  people  who  are  barely  subsisting from day to day  !!!   The  G-20  nations  have  a  healthy  'Middle  Class'  population  but  this  is  not  true  of  the  rest  of  the  170  other  nations  that  do  not  compose  the  G-20   and   most  of  those  170  nations   do  'NOT'  have  any  type  of  social  welfare  programs  like  we  enjoy  in  the  West  !!!

In  sum,  there  is  a  very, very  HOLY  CREATOR  who  created  us  all  and  who  has  very  high  standards.   GOD  is  going  to  hold  every  single  human  being  who  has  ever  lived  accountable  for  their  actions  !!!    ALL  those  who  'Rejected'   the  sacrifice  of  the  only  begotten  Son  of  GOD : JESUS  CHRIST  will  have  to  appear  before  GOD  in  the  'Great  White  Throne  Judgement.'  If  you  think  that  the   intelligence  agencies  and  corrupt  governments  of  this  fallen  world   have  a  pretty  wide  and  sophisticated  audio & video  recording  capabilities   you  haven't  seen  nothing  yet   !!!   GOD  created  a  built  in  camera  system   in  our   bodies;  our  very  eyes  are  recording  everything  and  if  you've  heard  of  Wi Fi  and  the  Cloud  you  can  just  imagine  how  GOD  is  recording   everything  in  the  Books  of  Heaven   !!!  ( Revelation 20 : 12 ) 

By : Mario  Romano;  this  believer  long  ago  accepted  the  fact  that  he  is  a  sinner  and  that  he  cannot  save  himself;   Mario  has  heeded  the  message  of  the  Holy  Bible  and  has  'Repented'  of  his  sins.  Mario  believes  that  GOD  our  Creator  very  well  knew  the  future  of  this  planet  since  its  creation.     Nothing  comes  as  a  surprise  to  our  Creator,  He  has  given  us  some  2000  years  of  grace  and  He  opened  salvation  to  the  gentiles;  it  is  sad  to  see   that  most  of  humanity  and  that  most  of  our  Jewish  friends  have  'REJECTED'  the  gift  of  eternal  life  and   have   rejected  the  only  way  of  salvation  through  JESUS  CHRIST.  GOD  set  aside   the  final  Week  of  Daniel  (  7 Year  Tribulation )   to   directly  deal  with  'ALL'  the  unrepentent  sinners  of  planet  Earth  !!!  Lord  Jesus  Christ  thank  you, thank  you  and  thank  you  for  never  giving  up  on  this  unworthy  servant  of  yours  when  almost  everyone  else   did;  thank  you,  thank  you,  thank  you   !!!