Monday, August 28, 2017


No  other  nation   nor  empire  on  planet  earth  'NOT'  even   the  ancient  Roman  Empire  with  all  its'  Roman : Emperors,  Generals  and   its  legendary  Legions;   has  single-handedly  killed  more  Jews  than  Nazi  Germany  during  1933-1945  !!!  Neither  the  previous : 4  Beasts of  Daniel,   Muhammed,  Antiochus Epiphanes,  the Egyptian  Pharaohs, Persia/ Iran,   ISIS,  the  Spanish Inquisiton,  AL Qaeda,  Hezbollah, Osama  Bin  Laden , Soviet  Gulags  nor  all  Islamic  countries  and  their  Terrorist  proxies  have  been  as  successful  in  the  mass  killing  of  our  Jewish  friends  as  NAZI  Germany  !!!  (  According  to  historical  records  the  Roman  Empire  killed  around  1+  million  Jews  and  NAZI  Germany  under  Hitler  killed  around :  5+ million   and  Muslims  have   killed  less  than  100,000  since  Muhammed  until  the  present*)  According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  only  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  outdo  what  NAZI  Germany  accomplished  under   Hitler   !!!

In  this  upcoming  24 of  September,  German  voters  will   go  to  the  polls  to  vote  on  whether  Angela  Merkel,   who  has  been  in  power  since  2005   will  continue  to   represent  Germany  for  another   4  years   !!!   ( if she wins this will be her 4th Term  in  power*)  Angela  Merkel   is  often  called  the  most  powerful  woman  in  the  world  very  simply  because  she  heads  one  of  the  most  prosperous  industrial  nation on planet  earth : Germany.  Those  of  us  who  study   the  European  Union  know  very  well  that  Germany  ( German  Banks*)   are  what  has  kept  the : $ EURO, the Eurozone  and  the  European  Union  from  economically  collapsing  and  imploding  several  years  ago  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   acknowledges  that  Angela  Merkel    has  taken  'HUGE'   political  risks  in  the  past  for  the  entire  European  Union  and   so  far   if  there's  a   European  leader  that  should  be  credited  for   keeping  afloat  the  entire  EU  experiment  it  most  certainly   is  her  !!!  ( this weeks  article  is   'NOT'  an  attack  on  Germany, as  a  student  of  history   this servant  of  Jesus  Christ  acknowledges  that  almost  all  nations  on  earth  have   their  very  own  dark  and  embarrassing  history  as  a  nation;  in America it was slavery,  in  Australia  it  was  its  treatment of the aboriginal  population, in Turkey the genocide of  many  Armenians  and  the  list  goes  on;  etc...)

Remember  the  Prince  of  Persia  &  the  Prince  of  Greece ?  ( Daniel  10:13  &  10:20  )  The  Prince  of  Persia  as  well as  the  Prince  of  Greece   were   Fallen  Angels  of  a  high  rank  who  had  authority  over  the  physical  Kingdom  of  Persia  as  well  as  Greece.  Both  empires  were   enemies  of  the  Jewish  people.  There  is  'NO'  doubt  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that   some  very  powerful  and  unholy  Fallen  Angel   the  'Prince of   Rome / Germany'  was  greatly   influencing  the  NAZI's  during  World  War  II;  very  simply  because   the  enmity  and  destruction   that  they   perpetrated  against  the  Jewish  people  was  many, many   times  greater  than   what  both   Persia  and  Greece  'together'   managed  to  do  against  our  Jewish  friends  in  the  past   !!!   According  to  the  history  books,  even  during  the  very  last  hours  and  days  of   World  War  II  the  NAZI's  knew  that  their  days  were  numbered,  despite  the  facts  on  the  battlefield  orders  were  given  to  speed  up  the  execution  of  the  Jews   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  the  'Prince  of  Persia'  is  still  there  very  simply  because  Iran   keeps  threatening   Israel  still  to  this  very  day  !!!   The  'million  dollar  question'  is  whether   the  same  Fallen  Angel  who  inspired  the  NAZI's  to do what  they  did  is  still  lurking  somewhere  behind  the  scenes   in  Germany  ?

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   believes  that   Germany  will  'hands  down'  and  without  question  produce  one  of  the  10  King's  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  during  the  Tribulation  period.  (  Last  7  years* )  When  began  in  1999,  we  did  'NOT'  believe  that  Germany  would  again  produce   in  the  future  someone  like  Adolph  Hitler  and  today  in  2017  after  even  more  research  we  still   do  'NOT'  believe  that  Germany  will  be  the  homeland  of  the  'Little  Horn'   mentioned    in  Daniel  and  in  Revelation.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  has  observed  a  recurring   historical  pattern  that   very  'Hopefully'  won't   repeat  itself  'BUT'  it  is  observed  that  virtually  all  the  ancient  enemies  of  Israel  and  of  the  Jewish  people;  'their  present  day   geographical  and  ethnic  descendants'    very  unfortunately  'Continue'   to  be  against  Israel    even  'TODAY'  !!!   (  examples: Syria, Persia/ Iran,  Assyria,   Babylon/ Iraq,  4th Roman  Beast  and   we  don't  know  'Yet'  about  Germany  but   the patterns  don't  look  too   good  !!!   )

Angela  Merkel,  the  present  leader  and  Chancellor  of  the  Bundesrepublik  Deutscland  ( Germany*)  has   presided  over  one  of  the  greatest   economic  periods  of  modern  Germany.  Most   professional   political  German  prognosticators  do  'NOT'  see  Angela  Merkel  losing  the  upcoming  national  elections  to  Martin  Schulz.  ( Schulz,  is Merkel's main political rival  and  is  presently  way  behind  in  the  polls*)   The  only  two  things  that  could  stop  Mrs. Merkel  from  being   easily  re-elected  in  a  month,  is  if   multiple  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  happen  between  now  and  then  or  obviously  if  Mrs. Merkel   suffers   a  major   heart  attack  or  illness.
Angela  Merkel  did  make  one  very  'MAJOR'  mistake   that  will  come  back  to  haunt  her  regardless  of  whether  she  wins   re-election  in  a  few  weeks  and  that  is  her  decision  of  allowing   an  estimated  : 1,000,000   Islamic  'Refugees'  from  the  Middle  East.  While  it  is  true  that  not  all  Muslims  are  terrorists,  the   statistical  reality  is  that  at  a  minimum   1%  of  those  1,000, 000  mostly  Muslim  men   are  and  that's  about  10,000+   sleeper  Jihadists   !!! ( this  number/ percentage  is  in  very  conservative  estimates ) !!!   When  the  future  Islamic  riots  and  Islamic  Terrorist   attacks  happen  in : Berlin, Bonn  and  other  German  cities  in  the  future   they  will  all  come  to  blame :  Angela  Merkel,  just  you  wait   !!!   Mark  the  words  of  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy :  Angela  Merkel's  legacy   will  be  absolutely  and  totally   destroyed  in  the  future  once   the  'Trojan  Horse'  that  she  allowed  into  German  cities  and  towns   turns  and  forces   Germany   to  declare   martial  law  in  the  future   !!!

Germany,  (  its  people and government  )  to  its  credit  has  tried  to   make  amends  with   Israel  and  its  Jewish  people  by  authorizing  the sale   of  several   'Dolphin Class  Nuclear  capable   Submarines'   (  Israel  eventually  arms  them with  cruise  missiles  topped  with  nuclear  warheads*  )    The  German  governments  of  the  past  have  also  made  financial  restitutions  and  reparations  to  surviving  holocaust  victims.  According  to  all  my  research  there  is  'STILL'   an  unholy  spirit  of  anti-semitism  and  Jewish  stereotypes   being  carried  on  'secretly  and  not  so  secretly'   by  most  German  people  even  today  !!!   ( not  all  German's   supported  Hitler  nor  are  all  German's  anti-semites*)   The  'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  there  are  only  some  110,000+   Jews  living today  in  all of  Germany;  whence  once  only  8  decades  ago  there  were  millions  throughout  Europe  !!!  (  most  Jews  that  survived   the  Holocaust  left   Europe  and  the  few  that  presently  still  remain  are  once  again  leaving  due  to   increasing  Islamic  attacks  against  Jews  on  European  soil  !!!  )

This   insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    does  'NOT'  and  can  'NOT'   see  Israel  accepting  a  German  Peacebroker  in  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many'  just  as  he  can  'NOT'  see  nor  imagine  Israel   accepting  an  Islamic  Peacebroker.  The  final  'Little  Horn'  will  appear   as  the  harmless  puppet  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation   'BUT'  in  reality  it  is  he  who  will  be  pulling   the  strings  of  those  10  King's  because  it  will  be  he  who will  early  on  uproot  3  of  the 10 !

"No  other  EU  country  has  so  much  at  stake  and  $$$  invested  in  the : European  Union, the Eurozone and in the $ EURO,  itself  than  the  German  Banks  !!!   ( via the European Central Bank -ECB*)  Angela  Merkel  in  effect  'Authorized'  and  almost  'Guaranteed'  most  of  the  loans   given  to  Greece  in  the  past  as  the  top   politician  in  Germany.  Mrs.  Merkel  'Inadvertently'  is  going  to  make  possible  the  eventual  rise  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  in  the future;  very  simply  because  'SOME'  of  her  present  and  shortsighted :  political, military, social  ( admitting  a  million  refugees* )   and  economic  decisions  are  in  the  end  going  to  prove  disastrous  &  they  will  undoubtedly  go  on  to  produce  some  very  serious  blowback  !!!"
                                   - Mario  Romano, student of Bible Prophecy*

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  a  'Political  Realist'  we  previously  stated   that   only  and  'IF'  Macron  and  Schulz  won  this  years'   national  elections  in  : France  and  Germany   could  Bible  Prophecy   accelerate.  If  Angela  Merkel   wins  again  then  we  will  just  have  to  wait  a  bit  more   !!!   According  to  Bible  Prophecy  10  King's  ( not  one  female  Queen  in  the  bunch*)  will   ultimately  give  all  of  their  power  to  the  'Little  Horn'  during  the  Tribulation  period.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  acknowledges  that   the  final  10  Toes  of  Daniel  and  10  King's  of  Revelation  rise  to  power   during  the  midpoint  of  the  Tribulation  period   !!!

Most  Germans   today  are  really  nice, hardworking  people  and  to  give  credit  to  the  German  government  and  its  people   it  is  a  crime  to  praise  Hitler  openly, to deny  the  Holocaust  as  well as  to   practice  the  NAZI  salute  in  public.  The  long  shadow  of  NAZI  Germany  still  haunts  most  of  Germany  and  while  it  divides  most  Germans   there  is  still  a  very  active  and  growing  Neo-Nazi   movement   in  Germany  today.  To  some  degree  Germany's  past  is  like  a  great  embarrasing  family  secret  that  nobody  tries  to  bring  up  as  much  as  possible.

Modern  Germany  is  'RELUCTANT'  to   militarize  itself   once  again  as  it  once  it  did  over  half  a  century  ago;  additionally  its  politicians   for  several  decades   have  tried  to  remain  'behind  the  scenes'  of  the  European  Union  and  have  allowed  others  to  be  the  'Face'  of  the  EU  Leadership  'YET'  it  is  'NO'  secret  that  Germany  is  the  most  $$$  prosperous  and  productive  country  in  all  of  the  European  Union  and  to  tell  you  the  truth  if   Angela  Merkel  and   the  German  Banks  had  not  stepped  in  to  save   the  Greek  Economy  a  few  years   ago the  EU   could  have  been  an  entire  different   beast  today  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  years  ago   stated  that  Germany  'SHALL'   indeed  be  one  of  the  producers  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation;  Germany   will  by  no  means   produce  yet  another  Hitler;  Satan  knows  that  it  would  be  too  obvious   !!!   Somewhere  behind  some  desk  of  some   EU   politician   is  sitting  a  man   whose  ambitions  will  one  day  become  a  reality;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has   'Zeroed'  in  on  4  possible  EU  countries  and    in  'NO'  way   does  he   pretend  to  know   who  will  finally  end  up  being  the  final  'Little  Horn'  'BUT'  we  should  also   'NOT'  be  ignorant   nor  underestimate  anyone  who  raises  one  too  many  red  flags  !!!

According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies   Germany   'WILL'  have  to  militarize  itself  in  the  future;  ( whether  it  likes  it  or  not * )   and  especially  as  it  tries  to  distance  itself  from  NATO  ( American Military  Leadership*)  and  as   the  Russian  Bear  under  Putin  continues  to  breathe  down  its  neck   !!!   Furthermore,  wars  are  coming  to  Germany's  front  door  that  will  'NOT'  allow  it  to  continue  to  be  a  'Neutral'   and  benign  global  power   !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  long  ago  stated  that   'Presently'  we  have  before  us  3  guaranteed   producers  of  3  of  the  King's  of  Revelation :  Germany  has  the  $$$,  France  has  the  Nuclear  Missiles  and  Italy  has   the  'Unholy  See'  somewhere  in  Vatican  City  !!!  The  wars  and  global  natural  disasters   that  are  coming  are  going  to  force  a  group  of  European / Mediterranean  countries  to  unite  as  never  before   in  order  to  defend  themselves  against :  Russia,  Islamic  Guerrilla  Warfare  and   economic   warfare  against  the  King's  of  the  East   !!!   The  4th  Beast  'Shall'  once  again   invade  the  Middle  East  in  the  last  days   just  like  the  Roman  Empire  once  did  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  'NOT'  even  nuclear  Israel  will  be  fully  able  to  escape  from  its  diabolical   plans   !!!   

'NO'   one  European  individual  country  today  can   militarily  confront  Russia  alone, "NO"  one  European  country  can   challenge   the  seemingly  behemothic  Chinese  economy  !!!   Divided  Europe  falls;  united  they  will  mount   the   greatest  : Economic, Religious  and  Military  power  &  alliance  of  Western   nations   that  the  world  has  ever  seen  during  the  Tribulation  period   when  the  final  phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast   arises  for  the  last  time  !!!

In  conclusion,  'YES'  Germany  will  once  again  turn  against  Israel  during  the  Tribulation period  very  simply  because  it  will  be a key  & integral  part  of  the 10  King's  of  Revelation !!! You  and  I  know  that  great  natural  calamities  and  wars  are  headed  to  planet  earth  and  when  any  people  or  country   feel   that  their  very  existence  is  at  hand  they  will  do  almost  'ANYTHING'  to  survive.   Great : wars,  famines  and  plagues  are  coming  upon  this  entire  planet  and  as  prosperous  as  the  German  economy   presently  is  that  too  will  pass  away  !!!  The  German  people   will  be  greatly  deceived  in the Tribulation  period  ( Spiritually )   by the  false  'Signs  and  Wonders'  that   the  two  Beasts  of  Revelation   will  do  before  hundreds  of  millions  of   spiritually  blind  people.  It  is  rather   unfortunate  that  most  ( not  all*)  German  people  have  made  the   modern  day  version  of  'Mammon'  their  god  and  long  ago  most  German's   decided  that  their   relationship  with  their  Creator : GOD,  the  very  GOD  of  Martin  Luther,  could  take  a  secondary  place  if  any  in  their  personal  lives  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'begs  to  differ'   on  the   idea  that  Germany   will  produce  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  ( some are teaching that  it  will  be  Germany once again*)  the  'Little  Horn'  will  almost  be  a  'One  Man  Show'  in  effect  the  final  10  King's  will  give  him  all  of  their  power  because  he  will   seem  to  be  their  'Fall  Guy'  but  the  'Little  Horn'   will  ultimately  even  turn  the  tables  against  them  because  he  will  uproot  3  of  them   !!!

 Germany  once  gave  to  the  world  some  of  the  greatest  theologians  and  reformers  and  even  mass-produced  the  Holy  Bible  via  Mr.  Gutenberg's  invention   !!!  ( Gutenberg  moveable-type revolutionized  the printing  process  and  made  the mass-production of  the  Holy  Bible  possible*)   It  is  very  sad  to  witness   that  present  day  Germany   is  one  of  the  most  'Spiritually'  backwards  country  on  earth,  ( meaning that they were  once at the forefront  of   revival, reformation  etc...)  if  the  surveys  are  correct  only  about  4%  of   present  day  German's  consider  themselves  born  again  and  committed  Christians   as  opposed  to   some  100 + million  Chinese   believers  !!!  'No'  Germany  cannot  and  will  'NOT'   continue  to  remain   neutral  as  it  has  in  these  past  5  decades  under  the   military  umbrella  of  NATO  and  the  USA;   Germany  together  with  France   will  spearhead   a  new  endtimes  Europe  of  10   that  will   most  certainly  deviate  from   the  'Liberal  Democracies'   that  presently  dominate  Western  Europe.  The present   'Liberal  Democracies'  of  Europe  are  in  fact   creating   the  perfect  future   political  environment   for  the  endtimes   : authoritarian  and  totalitarian   government  that  will   take  over  Europe  in  the  future   !!!    The  EU  of  the  future  will  close  its  borders; expel  and  persecute  any  enemies  of  the  state  and  force  most  of  its  citizens  to  take  a  Mark  in  their   right  hand  or  in  their  forehead   !!!

By :  Mario  Romano.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  honestly   does  'NOT'  pray  for  the   destruction  of  any   nation  nor  ethnic  group  of  planet  earth.  He  prays  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem  and   it  would  be  amazing  if  all  nations  that   constantly  vote  'AGAINST'   Israel  in  the  United  Nations   would  recognize  that  Israel  which  is  one  of  the  smallest  countries  on  all  of  this  planet   has  a  right  to  exist  as  much  as  any  of  them.  The  sad reality   is  that  'ALL'  the  nations  who  constantly  'Curse, Threaten  and  Plot  the Destruction  of  Israel'  according  to  Bible  Prophecy;  will   be   utterly  destroyed  in  future wars  & 'NOT'  necessarily  by  Israeli  Nuclear  Missiles  'BUT'  by  HE  who  keeps  Israel : JEHOVA GOD,  Thee only  true  GOD;  manifested  in  Yeshua: Jesus Christ !!!