Monday, August 14, 2017


I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!”  I looked, and there before me was  a  white horse!  Its  rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and  he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.  - Book  of  Revelation  6

On  September 1, 1939   the  actions  of  one  single  man  bent  on  conquest  &  revenge  initiated  World  War  II  and  according  to  Revelation  6,  it's  going  to  happen  again  in the future   !!! This student of Bible  Prophecy  interprets  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse  as  World  War III.  Adolf  Hitler  almost  single-handedly  'pulled,  pushed,  forced  and  defied'  the  greatest  and  biggest  military  powers  at  the  time  into  the : biggest,  deadliest  and  most  destructive  war  the  planet  had  ever  produced  up  until  then  !!!  When  it  was  all  over  neither : Europe, the  Middle  East   nor  Asia  would  ever  be  the  same  !!!   WW II,  would  really  end  far  away  from  the  German  underground  bunker  where  Hitler  committed  suicide;  it  really  ended   when  the  U.S.  dropped  two  atomic  bombs  over : Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki.   WWII   left  the once mighty European powers  on  their  knees  and  in  shambles.   This  war  that  lasted  6  years  would  go  on  to  almost  inadvertently  produce  a  new  world  order  !!!  Out  of  the  ashes  of  it  all  arose  two  of  the mightiest  military  superpowers  that  planet  earth  has  ever  produced : The Soviet Union ( USSR ) &  the   United  States  of  America;   who  would  go  on  to  produce  over  60,000+  nuclear weapons  during the next  4+ decades  &  wage  proxy  wars  ( Cold  War ) in almost  all  7 continents !!!   Very  truly, the entire  world  was  very, very  fortunate  that  Hitler's  Germany  did  'NOT'  yet  possess  any   nuclear  weapons  back  then !!!   Unfortunately, the next  Hitler  will  have  nuclear  weapons,  as  well  as  other   demonic  powers  that  cannot  be  picked  up  on  any  type  of  : satellite,  radar , sonar   or  infrared   system  !!!
                                         - Mario  Romano,  student  of  World  War  III

The  Wall  Street  Crash  of  1929   brought  about  world  wide  economic  disaster   that  helped  to  produce  the  perfect  environment  for  someone  like  Adolf  Hitler  and  his NAZI  Party to  rise  to  total  power  in  Europe.    (  Me  thinks  that  history  is  somehow  &  almost  going  to  repeat  itself   &  it's  NOT  going  to  be  good  for  America*)   History  has  demonstrated  and  proven  'time  and  time'  again  that   some  people  will  vote  in  the  devil  himself   into  power  out  of  desperation  and  survival.  The  great  stock market crash  that  began  in  New  York   in  1929  and that  followed  the September  London  crash  a  month  before, quickly  produced  a  global  economic  depression   that  would  last some 12 years  and  affect  virtually  all  Western industrialized  countries and  very  shortly  thereafter  led  most  German  voters  to  vote  in  the  NAZI  Party  into  power;  what  would  follow  produced  one  of  the  darkest  periods  of  this  planets  history.  (  Does all  this  sound  eerily  familiar;  anyone  see  a  resembling  pattern like : Brexit,  International Banks moving  out of  London, Western countries  up to their noses in national  debts &  other  unpayable  debt  obligations  like Puerto Rico  is  presently in ? )  Adolf  Hitler's   rise  to  power  wasn't  an  overnight  thing;   additionally  Hitler  'miraculously'  or  ( diabolically )   somehow  managed  to  survive  a  'face-to-face'  encounter  with  Mr. Death  about  five  different  times  !!!   After  he  was  imprisoned  for  the  1923  Munich  Beerhall Putsch   Hitler  began  writing  'Mein  Kampf'  in  his  book  he  almost  outlined  what  he  would   do  once  in  power.  Hitler  believed  that  Germany  needed  an  'Ironman'   to  restore  itself  and  build  an  empire  and  had  he  not  had  attacked  the  Soviet  Union  in  Winter  he  may  very  well  had  accomplished  all  of  his  goals  !!!  (  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   almost  by  accident   is  an  expert  on  Adolf  Hitler;  he  has  probably : watched, studied  and  read  most  of  the  books  and  videos  on  Hitler  and  his  rise  to  power   and  he  believes   that  the  final  Little  Horn   will  somewhat  take  a  somewhat  similar  route  onto  power  'BUT'  not  exactly  the  very  same  one* )

Although   Hitler  could  'NOT'  have  been  the  'Little  Horn'  of  Daniel   very  simply  because  the  state  of  Israel  didn't  yet  exist  in  the  1930's;  Hitler   is  most  definitely  a  premature  type  of  a  'Little  Horn.'    He  was  an  early  forerunner   and  a  perfect  example  of  the  endtimes  'Man  of  Sin'  that  will  arise  during  the  Tribulation  period.   The  only  difference   between  these  two  'Son's  of  Satan'  is  that   where  Hitler  failed;  the  'Little  Horn'   very  unfortunately  will   succeed   !!!   Under  the  leadership  of  Adolf  Hitler  the  German  Armed  Forces  invaded   20  countries  in  Europe  and  Africa  and  had  it  not  been  for  America's  entrance  into  the  war  and  the  cold  Russian  winter  weather   it  is  very  possible  that  most  of  Europe  &  Russia  would  have   been  speaking   the   German  language  today  !!!  (  Deutsch  )   Although  Hitler's  war  machine   was  not  able  to  conquer  Great  Britain;  most  of  London   and  its  infrastructure nonetheless  was   destroyed  by  56  consecutive  days  and  nights  of  German  air  bombings  !!!  As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'Let's  it  all  sink  In'   he  believes  that  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  is  going  to   militarily  defeat  the  enemies  that  Hitler  was  not  able  to  !!!  ( This  includes :  Britain, Russia  and  very  possibly  America   ( Daniel 8 : 24 )  &  he  is  not  necessarily  going  to  defeat  these  world  powers  directly;  that  sinister  character  may  just supernaturally  get  his  enemies to  fight  each  other by setting them up !!!   What  do  you  think  Hitler  would  have  done  if  he  had   nuclear  weapons  ???  The  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  when  fully  possessed  by  Satan   will  possess   great  strategic  military  insights  that  neither  : Clausewitz,  Sun Tzu, the  Pentagon,  the  U.S. Army  War College   nor  any  other   military  think  tank  could  have  imagined  to  be  possible  !!!    Satan's  last  Roman  Ceasar  is  going  to  be  able  to  operate  'BEYOND'  the  5  known  dimensions of  warfare ( battlespace ) : Land, Sea, Air,  Space  and  Cyberspace   !!!  (  Daniel  8 : 24  )  For  it  is  prophesied  that  he  will  unleash   great  unholy  supernatural  signs  and  wonders  no  thanks  to  the  help  of  his  armies  of  demons  and  fallen  Angels  that  will  be  working  behind  the  scenes   !!!

It  is  imperative  that   all  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  know  that  the  major  difference  between  Hitler  and  the  endtimes  Little  Horn   is  that  the  Little  Horn  will  really  possess  unholy  and  diabolical  supernatural  powers   !!!  The  endtimes  Little  Horn  will   have  the  advantage  of  managing  to   have  his  enemies  destroy  one  another  without  him   shooting  one  bullet  in  some  cases   !!!   In some cases  he  will  negate  his  enemies  ability  to  launch  their  nuclear  missiles  against  him; very  simply  because  if  he  supernaturally  jams   the  electronics  of  those  who  oppose  him  in  most  cases  he  will  almost  always  enjoy  a  serious  advantage  in  the  battlefield  !!!   Another  critical  insight  is  that  the  next  Hitler  will  definitely  'NOT'  be  German  this  time  ( Hitler  himself  was  born  in  Austria*).  This  student  has  been   doing  numerous  historical  and  military  simulations  all  these  years  while  he   has  continued  to  'Watch  and  Pray'  and  he   has  zeroed  in  on  4   specific  countries   and   global  institutions  that  will  most  likely   end  up  producing  the  final  Little  Horn   !!!   The  Little  Horn  is  'NOT'  going  to  make  the  same  military  blunders  that  Hitler   did  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   just  like  the  Roman  Empire  once  conquered  most  of  the  Middle  East  and  the  Mediterranean  region  including  and  especially   Israel  and  Jerusalem  its  capital  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  likewise   will  be  especially  bent  on  conquering  Israel  militarily  and   you  better  believe  that   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  trying  his  best   to  find  out  how  he  is  going  to  'PULL  IT  OFF'   being  that  Israel  has  its  own  nuclear  triad  !!!

As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy;  Mario   had  to  include  some  key  events  surrounding  Hitler's  rise  to  power   to  get  everyone  to  understand  that   while  history  doesn't  repeat  itself  exactly  it  will  repeat  itself   very  closely  in  the  future  !!!  There  is  coming  another  Wall  Street  Crash  that  will   eclipse  the  one  of  1929  and  you  and  I   shouldn't  be  surprised  !!!   The Wall  Street  Brokers, the SEC , American Bankers  and  the  US  Government  are  all  complicit   in  the  coming  economic  meltdown.  For  decades   it  seems  that  the  U.S. Federal  Government  has  been  living  way  beyond  its  means,  the  great  crash  of  2008  is  going  to  repeat  itself  only  this  time  the  U.S.  Government  is  going  to  be  in  way  over  its  head  !!!   It  doesn't  give  any  pleasure  to  this  American  citizen  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  to   state  the  obvious  'BUT'  really  how  long  can   any  government  keep  'Kicking  the  National  Debt  Can'   much  longer  with  a  national  debt  that  now  exceeds  $ 20+  Trillion  and  with  massive  underfunded   Federal  obligations  such  as  Social  Security  and  various  other  unsustainable  Federal  pensions  and  other  numerous  financial  liabilities  !!!  (  it  seems  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  almost  every  American's  hand  is  in  the  National  Cookie  Jar  and   were  down  to  the  final  cookies   !!!  (  Yes,  America   long  ago  $$$  mortgaged  its  future  generations  with  mountains  of  debts  &  bonds  and  the  time  is  coming  when  it  will  no  longer  be  able  to  keep  REFINANCING  &  keep  RESTRUCTURING all  of  its  debts  !!!   The  FED  together  with  other  American  Economic  Powerbrokers  have  been  very  creatively   restructuring  and  hiding  the  massive  American  debt  obligations  for  years  and  the  day  is  coming  when  its  all  going  to  explode  in  their  faces   and  in  ours  too  !!!   American  politicians  both  locally  and  nationally   keep  promising  massive   social  programs  'BUT'  it  always   comes  in  the  end  at   our  own  expense;  as  our  State  and  Federal  governments  ultimately  get  straddled  with  the  final  $$$  bill  ***  Truly,  most  of  our  elected  leaders   have  learned  nothing  from  the  mistakes  of  the  Roman  Empire  or  even  of  the  recent  British  Empire* )

Revelation  6   begins  with  the  First  Horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  getting  ready  for   global  conquest  just  like  Adolph  Hitler  in  the  1930's.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  years  ago  interpreted  the  coming  endtimes  'Four  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse'  as  the  product  of  World  War  III   !!!  Today,  your  servant  and  brother  in  Christ  is  even  more  convinced  that  just  like  Adolph  Hitler   initiated  and  lighted  the  fuse   and  produced   World  War  II;  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  ignite  and  pull  in  the  world  unto  World  War  III.  Obviously   and  initially  they  won't  call  it  WW  III   'BUT'  when  its  over  they   will  !!!  Ladies  and  Gentlemen, brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  Jesus  'WAR'  is  coming  and   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  talking  about  the  final  Battle  of  Armageddon.  I  do  'NOT'  know  how  much  we  are  going  to  witness  because  I  do  personally  believe  that  GOD  is  going  to  take  away  the  5  Virgins  with  Him  before  He  personally  unseals  the  Seals  of  Revelation  !!!

Because  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  claim  to  be  a  Prophet  he  doesn't  know  every  single   economic, military  and  social   collapse  that  will  eventually  spiral  this  entire  planet  into   global  chaos  and  war.  What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  able  to  interpret  is  that   the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse   do  end  up   killing  more  human  beings  than  all  those  who  lost  their  lives  in  World  War  I  and  WW  II  put  together; therefore  it  is  quite  clear  and  evident  that   it  is  World  War  III  !!!   It  is  the  personal  opinion  based  upon  the  sheer  deaths  brought  upon  by  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  that  limited  nuclear  war  'WILL'  be  waged  by  some  regional   nuclear  powers.  A  nuclear  war  would  easily  produce  the  harvest  of  the   2nd, 3rd and 4th Horsemen of the Apocalypse  !!!  Nuclear  radiation  would  cause  crop  harvests  to  fail  and  thus  would  produce  a  massive  famine  and  hyperinflation  !!!

The  endtimes  Little  Horn   will have   several  enemies  and  others  who  will  initially  oppose  him  'BUT'  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  another  way  to  identify  early  on  that  individual  will  be  by  studying  all  the  'unnatural  deaths'  and  'accidents'   that  his  enemies  and  opponents  will  ultimately  succumb  to   !!!  The  Beast  and  its  Little  Horn  will  be  a  political/military  power  and  the  False  Prophet  will  be  a  religious  power;  BOTH  Beasts  will  possess   unholy  diabolical  supernatural  powers  'BUT'  GOD  Himself  will  send  His  'Two   Witnesses'   with  genuine  Holy  powers  from  on  high  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  recently  listened  to  another   teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  in  his  opinion  the  final  'Little  Horn'  must  be  a  military  guy;  somewhat  like  a  NATO  General  because  in  his  opinion   the  final  Little  Horn  is  going  to  be  an  unholy  military  genius  who  is  going  to  defeat   several  nations.   The  truth  in  my  opinion  is  that  he  does  'NOT'  have  to  be  a  General  of  some  European  country,   any  history  buff  knows  that  Hitler  was  bent  on  military  conquest  and  he  was  'NOT'  any  German  General   !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  that  most  of  the  American  Territory  was  spared  during  World  War  I  and  II  ( with the exception of Pearl Harbor*)  because  the  great  Pacific  Ocean  'BUT'   ( natural  buffer*)  because  of   technological breakthroughs  in  war   the  same  will  'NOT'  be  true  in  WW  III.   Today  several  countries  'NOT'  militarily  friendly  to  America  possess  long  range  missile  systems  as  well  as  nuclear  subs  that  can  easily  reach  American  shores  should   nuclear  war  happen.  But  this  American  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   fears   greedy  American  stockbrokers  and  other  unholy  financiers  and  manipulators  more  than  external  enemies   as  being  the  cause  of   a  future  American  financial  collapse  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that   the  Roman  Empire's  greatest  enemy  was  'Itself'  in  sum;  it  collapsed  from  within   for it  was   'NOT'  fully     conquered  by   any  other  empire  !!!

What  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  World  History  and  especially  of   Jewish  History  is  about  to  say   is  'NOTHING'  personal;  the  patterns   of  history   strongly  indicate  that   GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  controls  the  rise  and  falls  of  'ALL'  human  empires   is  going  to  give  an  opportunity  for   New  York  Jews    ( and all  American Jews*)  to  return  to  Israel;  (  ALL  the  Bible  Prophecy  patterns  indicate  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  something  very  destructive   will  come  to  the  shores  of  New  York  City  in  the  future *)  (  Quick  Population Fact  :  There  are  more  Jews  living  in  New  York  City  than  in  Jerusalem  !!!   N.Y.C   Jewish Pop : 1.1  million  )  Those  who  flee  N.Y.C.  will  be  like  those  who  fled  :  Babylon, Assyria   and  Germany   before   things  got  really, really  bad.  (  believe  it  or  not  there  were  some  Jews  who  read  the  Handwriting  on  the  Wall  before  Hitler  rose  to  full  power  in  Germany  and  fled  the  country ! )  It's  very  easy  to  understand  what  GOD  is  going  to  do  in  the  future  just  by  studying  what  He  has  sovereignly  done   in  the  past  !!!  According  to  Bible  Prophecy  GOD  is  going  to  divinely  protect   only  'One-Third'  of  the  Jewish  population  in  the  Tribulation  period;  most  will  be  led  into  that  special  'Wilderness'  far  away  from  Israel  and  out  of  the  reach  of    'You  Know  Who.'  !!!   ( Revelation 12 : 6 ) Neither : South America, Central America, Australia, North America,  Canada  nor  New  York  City  is  thee  promised  land  of  the  Holy  Bible  given  unto  our  Jewish  friends;   GOD  is  going  to : 'Shake, Rattle  and  Roll'  the  present   and  very  comfortable  living  conditions  of  most  Jews;  ( especially those who reside in the West*)   GOD  has  an  endtimes  appointment  of  7  years  with  them  and  GOD  always, always  keeps  His  word  and  His  promises  !!!   GOD  used : Assyria, Babylon, Egypt  and  even  the  1930's Germany     (  and  numerous  other  enemies  of  Israel  )  to  punish  His  own  chosen  and  rebellious   people  throughout  the  centuries  and   GOD  is  going  to  finalize  it  all  by   'letting  loose'  the  4th  and  Final  Roman  Beast  against  Israel  and  all  the  Jews  during  the  70th  Week  of  Daniel   !!!   Nobody,  nobody  on  Heaven  nor  on  Earth   nor   anywhere  else  in  this  entire  Universe   mocks  and  ignores  the  commandments  of   GOD  ALMIGHTY  manifested  in   the  WORD  of  GOD  :  JESUS  CHRIST   and  lives   to  tell about  it  for  too  long   !!!

In  conclusion,  be  reminded   that  neither : Antiochus  Epiphanes  nor  Adolph  Hitler   were Muslim.  The  truth  is  that  the  West   is  more  than  capable  of  producing  evil  megalomanic secular   monsters  without  the  need  of  any  Islamic  blood  !!!

REMINDER  :  Adolf  Hitler  was  'ONLY'  able  to  launch   his  CONQUEST  because  he   had  created  a  very  formidable  war  machine;  Hitler   felt  very  confident  that  Germany  had  manufactured  a  superior  number  of  :  U-Boats,  Airforce  ( Luftwaffe )  and   German  tanks  and  other   military   weaponry   !!!  (  Thanks  in  part  to  the  engineering   and  manufacturing  prowess  of  none  other  than  :  BMW, Mercedes-Benz  and  Volkswagen   &  other  giants of  Germany *) With  all  of  these  Hitler   launched   a  military   'BLITZKRIEG'  never  before  seen  in  the  military  history  of  planet  Earth;  even  Alexander  the  Great  would  have  been   astonished  at  the  firepower  and   lethal  quickness  of  the  German  armed  forces  under  Hitler  !!!   The  final  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  have  to  exploit  NATO  or  a  new  European  Armed  Forces;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  still   working  on  this  one  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.   When  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   states  that  : Mecca  and  the Vatican   'SHALL'  be  destroyed  in  future  wars;  please  do  not  take  it  personally.  Yours  truly  is   just an  'INTERPRETER'  of  the  Prophecies  of :  Daniel, Zechariah, Isaiah, Ezekiel and Revelation  !!!   (  'ALL'  False  religions  and  False  Prophets  and  their  idols  and  religious  headquarters  would've  been  all  destroyed  anyway  before  the  Millenium  begins*)  The  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  reveal  to  us  and  guarantee  that  by  the  time  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  returns  to  set  his  feet  on  the  Mount  of  Olives  that  over  60%  of  the  population  of  this  planet   and of Israel  will  have   unfortunately  perished   in  all  the  upcoming  : wars, famines  and  plagues  that  are  coming   to  this  unrepentent  fallen  planet   fill  with  hard  cold  sinners   *** The  Good  News  is  that  there  is   PRESENTLY  forgiveness  of  ALL  sins  for  all  those  who  repent  of  their  sins  in  this  'Age  of  Grace.'   ALL   sinners  :  Corrupt  Politicians, Child Abusers, Adulterers,  Homosexuals  and  all  other  1,000+  types  of  sinners  that  'REPENT'  and  TURN  AWAY  from  their  wicked  ways  can  have  all  have  a  new  beginning  in  Jesus  Christ   !!!