Monday, August 7, 2017


Just  a  few  months   ago  this  past  year  various  EU  countries  held  their  national  elections  and  the  top  leadership  of  the  EU  in  Brussels  was   extremely  worried  that   the  Dutch far-right politician : Geert  Wilders  and  his far- right  counter part in France : Marine  Le  Pen  had  a  possiblity  of  victory  and  of  'UNDOING'  some  50+  years  of  European  political, military  and  economic integration  !!!   Voters   not  only  in  the  Netherlands  and  in  France  were  outraged  of  the seemingly   almost  unprotected  'open  borders'  of  the  EU and  of  the subsequent  hordes  of   illegal  immigrants  filling  their  cities  with  the   permission  of  their  'liberal democratic  leaders'  but they  were  also   enraged   at  the  outdated  political  party  machinery  and   the  seemingly  'out  of  touch'  politicians  that   they  were  being  offered.  Although,  this  time  in  these  past  elections  the  'far-right  extremist'  parties  lost  throughout  various  EU  countries;  they  are  nonetheless slowly  gaining  new   converts  and  followers  and  they  are  'NOT'  going  away  anytime  soon.  In  fact  it  almost  seems  like  they  are  'Waiting  in  the  Wings'   should  the  new  crop  of   newly  elected  EU  leaders  such  as  Macron  and  others  fail  to  deliver  on  their   promises   !!!

Although  we  do  'NOT'  know   what  direction  the  present  conflict  between  North  Korea  and  the U.S.A  will   take,  nor   what  Putin's  long-term  plans  are  for   Russia's  presence  in  the  Middle  East  via  Syria;   this  student   of  Bible  Prophecy  is  well  aware  that   Satan  always  prepares  at  least  one  'Little  Horn'  individual  in  each  generation.  Erdogan's    growing  Totalitarianism  moves  in Turkey  and  his  incitement   and  encouragement  for  Muslims  to  fight  for  Jerusalem  together  with   other  natural  disasters  send signals   to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   that  something  big  is  about  to  explode  on  the  world  scene   !!!   Mario   knows  that   Satan  is  grooming   someone  behind  the  scenes   for  his  final  hour  !!!       (  Satan  is  "NOT'  all  knowing  like  GOD,  but  he prepares  someone in every generation;  even  he  knows  that  this  is  the  last  generation  because  of  Israel's rebirth  in  1948  !!!  )  Something  big  is  heading  down  to  planet  Earth  and  this   sinner redeemed  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ  is  most  definitely  'NOT'   going  to  be  caught  off guard  and  neither  should  you  !!!   The  CIA  and  other  global  Intelligent  agencies  are  'NOT'  the  only  one's  who  have  'sleeper  agents'   in  strategic  areas  of  this  world;  Satan  himself   has  been  grooming  someone  for  his  final  hour  !

President  elect   Emmanuel   Macron  inherited   a  France  that  is  mired  in   an  outdated bureaucracy  ( regulatory  complexities )  and  in  an  economy  that   reflects  it  and  that  seems  to  be  stuck  in  the  1980's. ( all of this  shuns  many  international investors  and   stunts   start-up  innovation  there *)   ( France's GDP annual growth is usually  1.2% annually  )  Although, France  is  the  world's  most  visited  country  ( Tourism*)   it  still  has  a  10%  unemployment  rate.  Additionally,  being  the  second  largest  economy  in  the  Eurozone  behind   Germany's   great  economic  shadow   forces  Paris  into  having  to  march  to  many  of  Germany's  requests  for   'AUSTERITY'  and   responsible  'Fiscal  Policies.'  The  problem  of  the  French  economy  is  its  'Lack  of  Growth.'   Heavy taxation  and    government regulation makes it  according to most French  business  people   too  expensive  to  hire  workers  and  to  fire  them.  French  businesses  have  been  clamoring  for   changing the French Labor  Code   ( Labor Laws *)  Emmanuel  Macron  made  it  one  of  his   top  priorities  if  elected  ( to  fix  the  outdated  Labor Codes*)  and   should  he  succeed   he  will   easily  get  re-elected  in  5  years  and  if  he  fails   he  knows  very  well   who  may   succeed  him  in  5  years : 'An extremist   like  Marine  Le  Pen'   !!!

No  one  should  be  panicking  at  the  'Temporary'  meteoric  rise  or  fall  of  Macron;  if  he  is  to  fix  the  archaic  French  economy  he  must   go  against   'sacred  cows'  such  as  the  unsustainable  French  Pension  system  as  well  as  against   powerful  French  Labor  Unions;  and  even  against  the  French  Military Industrial Complex   !!!    The  French   want  their  economy  to   be  revitalized  yet  very  few  French  are  willing  to  sacrifice  the  unsustainable  French   economic  model  of  decades  ago  !!!  This  goes  to  for  the  entire  Eurozone,  most  European  countries   created   and  are  carrying  an  unsustainable  national  debt  for  many  decades  now  and   if  true  reform is  to  be  had  this  all  must  be  addressed   somehow  !!!  Obviously  Macron  is  going  to  have  serious  challenges   against  him   if  he  truly  attempts  at  all  costs  to   reform  and  revitalize   the  French  economy  from  the  ground  up  !!!  If  the  French  populace  really  wants   true  economic  reform  there  must  be  'Sacrifices'  by  all  sectors  of  the  French  economy  by  both;  businesses  as  well  as  citizens   and  even  by  the  government;  so  far   neither  the : French  Military,  Labor  Unions  nor  the  well  to  do  upper  class  are  very  happy  about   anything  that  Macron   is  proposing.   Mr.  Hollande,   the previous  President of  France  was  'UNABLE'  to  accomplish   such  reforms,  it  remains  to  be  seen  how  Macron  will   manage  it  all   !!!

Macron   vowed  in his campaign speeches  to  revitalize  not  only  'French  Capitalism'  but  also   the  struggling  Eurozone   too;  and  because  of  his  'connections'   with   'International  Bankers'   he  has  a  very  good  chance  of  succeeding  !!!   While  France  is  'NO'   third-world  country  it  is  a  member  of  the  G-7   ( G-20 )  and  holds  a  permanent  seat  in  the  UN Security  Council;  yet  France  seems  to  be   overwhelmed  with  all  that  is  happening  around  all  its  borders.  In  the  south  of  France  bordering  the  Mediterranean  Sea,  hundreds  of  thousands  of  North  African's   fleeing  poverty, war  and  persecution  are  overwhelming  the  small  French   border  officers  in  the  region  and  thus  far  Paris  has  done  very  little  to  close  those  borders  with  a  potent   border  patrol  force.  Should  Macron  succeed   in  improving  and  adequately  addressing : illegal  immigration,  France's Labor Codes,  Islamic  Terrorism  and  lowering  the  French  unemployment  rate   he  stands  a  good  chance   of   winning  a  second  5  year  Presidential  Term   and  because  he  has  a  possibility of  being  in  power  for 10  very  long  years  that's  why  'CANNOT'   ignore  his  rise  and  entrance  into  these  last  days  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  'NOT'  jumping  to  any  conclusions  with  the  entrance of  'you  know  you'   in  this  critical  part  of  the  last chapter  of  this  endtimes  play.  'BUT'  at the  same  time   'NO'  one  should   be  so  quick  to   underestimate   anyone.   I  remind everyone   of  what  the   New  England  Patriots  and  Tom  Brady  accomplished   in  the  final minutes  of   'Super Bowl  LI'  coming  behind  from  a  28  to  3  deficit  and   with  8  minutes and  31  seconds  left,  they  did  managed  to  surprise   everyone  and  secure  a  victory  in  the very  last  minute  and  seconds  of  that  game.   Mr. Macron   has  just  been  in  office for a few  months;  he  still  has   over  4+  years  left  so  let's  all  cautiously  watch  and  continue  to pray.  Both  Stalin  and  Hitler  were   initially  underestimated  'BUT'   they  patiently  knew how  to  play  the  game  of  politics  in  their  respective   political  environment  and  the  rest became  history  !!!    Should  war  break  out  in  the  Middle  East  in  the  next  5  years between : Israel, Russia, Turkey  and  other   Islamic  nations  then   nothing  more  needs  to  be   confirmed;  everything  will  become  more  and  more  obvious  !!!  

Macron  as  a  former  Finance  Minister  and  investment  Banker  with  the  Rothchild's  knew  very well  what  he  was  getting  himself  into   as  he  ran  for  the  French  Presidency.  Macron  is   being and  going  to  be  very  heavily  opposed  by   powerful  French  Labor  Unions  who  hold  to   the French  Labor  Codes  as  sacred  and  untouchable   !!!  When  Hitler  rose  to  power   he  had  the  luck  that   a  world  wide  economic  depression  and  German  hyperinflation   had   seemingly  done  away  with  any   care   for  German  labor  laws,  pensions  and   unions;  people  just  wanted  to  survive  and  somehow   Hitler  and  his  inner  core  of   financial  backers  and  bankers   managed  to   turn   a  seemingly  bankrupt  country  into  a  very  powerful  military  threat  in  the  span   of  less  than  3 years  to  'secretly  militarize  Germany'  and  march  into  the  Rhineland !!!

In  the  upcoming  Battle  of  the  Beasts;   'ALL'  the  major  world  powers/players  are  going  to  suffer  !!!    If  you've  ever  seen   T.V.  images  of   Beasts  fighting  one  another  in  the wild  you  know  that  most of the time they all  fight  till  death;  even  the  winner   usually  ends  up  losing   an : eye, a limb  or   very  deep   bruises.  In  the   ongoing  and  upcoming  Prophesied  Battle  of  the  Beasts   the  Islamic  Beast  is  going  to  lose  most  of  its  teeth,  get  two  black  eyes  and  get  all  of  its  fingers  broken   !!!    The  Russian  Beast  is  going  to   suffer  from  nuclear  radiation   and  even  the  American  Beast   is  going  to suffer  from  a  major  'economic  malaise'  of  its  own  doing  !!!  'NOT'  even  the  present  European  Union  will  fully  survive  as  we  presently  know  it  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  foresees  a : nuclear  incident, economic  meltdown  &  massive  global  famines that  will  turn  this  planet  upside down !!!  One  of  thee  major  endtimes  Prophecies  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   reveals   to  us  that  during  the  Tribulation  period   a  'New  Beast  with  10  Horns'  will  'EMERGE'  from  the  Mediterranean  Sea  with  10  Horns  to  the  astonishment  of  the  world  !!! ( this means that something  major  will  happen  to  its  predecessor;  the  EU*)   The  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  many  will   state  that  the : European  Union, the Eurozone and the $ EURO  is  a  dead   experiment;  what  most   will  have  missed  is  that   the  European  Union  is  'CARRYING'   the  embryo  of  that  final  and  endtimes  Beast  with 7  Heads  and  10  Horns  and  she  will  ultimately  give  birth  to  it  as  she  appears  to  have  completely  died;   Europa  will  nonetheless  astonish  all   those  still  alive  in  the  nations  during  the  Tribulation  period   with  the  'Unholy  Beast'  that  she  will  ultimately   produce  !!!  (  Revelation 13 : 3  & Revelation  17:8 )

Yes,   in  the  coming  months  and  years   you  will  hear  of  Macron's  failures  and  successes;  'IF'  and  should  Macron   manage  to  minimally  improve  the  French  economy   and  adequately  address  the   future  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks   in  France  his  chances  of  getting  re-elected  for  a  second  5  year   term  increase  significantly   !!!   As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  I  must  warn  you  that   this  'Watchman'  is  expecting   'MAJOR'  earth  shattering  events  in  these  upcoming  5-10   years   !!!   (  Mario  Romano  was  already   expecting  MAJOR   prophetic  events  to  happen  during  this  upcoming  decade  even  'BEFORE'   Macron  won  the  French  Presidency   and  began  to  open  his   big  mouth   !!!   The  great  coincidence  that  he   won   now  makes  it   all  even   very,  very   more  interesting  !!!  )

'IF'  there  is  a  major  series  of   great  global  turmoils  in  these  upcoming  5  years   me  thinks  that  Macron   is  going  to  be  baptized  by  fire  and  he  will  outshine  all  other  world  leaders.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  'NOT'  expect   you  know  who  to  succeed  in  everything,  he  just  needs  to   succeed   in  holding  onto  the  French  Presidency  for  those  5  years,  even  the  late  U.S. President  Obama   knew  very  well  that  most  of  what  he  wanted  to  really  get  done  would  happen  during   his  second  term   !!!   (  most  politicians  know  very  well   that  since  you  can't   get  re-elected   to a 3rd  Term  because  of  term  limits   it's  best  to  do  all  you  really, really  wanted  in  your  2nd  term  in  office  because  you  have  nothing  to  lose; 'OBVIOUSLY'  this  truth  does  'NOT'  apply  to  someone  like  Russia's  Putin   who  manipulates the Constitution & elections  to his favor  !

During  the  1920's-1930's  the  collapse  of  the  German  economy    made   most  German  voters  vote  for  extreme   parties  such  as  the  NAZI  Party.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  chose  to  focus  this  week's   article  on  this  subject  because   history  does  tend  to  repeat  itself,  should  Emmanuel  Macron   'FAIL'   in  delivering  on  his  promises  during the upcoming 5 years  not  only  will  the  French  voters  very  possibly  vote  in  an  extreme   far-right  party  next  time  'BUT'  the   demise  of  the  Eurozone  and  the  $ EURO   will  greatly   accelerate  too  !!!    'NO'  one  can  deny  that  the  victory  of  Emmanuel  Macron   greatly  and  at  least  'TEMPORARILY'    helped  to  hold off   the  implosion  of  the : $ EURO, the  Eurozone  and  the  very  EU  because  of  the  Brexit  !!!

In   conclusion,  should  and  'IF'   Emmanuel  Macron   and  all  the  other  EU  Politicians   that  also  managed  to   almost   miraculously  hold  off  far-right  extremist  candidates  in  the  past  EU  elections   'FAIL'   to  deliver  on  their  promises   then  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  who  will  be  'Waiting  in  the  Wings'   !!!   There's  just  so  much  time  that  the  present  EU, Eurozone  and  the  $ EURO  are  getting/buying  with   the  election  of   this  new  crop  of  EU  Politicians.   Some  International  Economic  experts  believe  that  the EU  is  just  'DELAYING'  the  inevitable :  'An  Economic  Implosion' !!!   According  to  some  global  financiers,   the  Greek  Financial   Crisis  is  going  to  resurface  and  when  it  does   it  might  bring  down   the  entire  Eurozone  with  it  'IF'   German  Banks  don't   come  to  the  rescue  once   again  !!!

The  EU, Eurozone  and  the  $ EURO    in  the  very  words  of  Emmanuel  Macron   cannot  survive  without   some  major   restructuring   !!!   It  remains  to  be  seen  if  Emmanuel  Macron  will  succumb  to  the  increasing  negative  and  opposing  forces   that  threatens  to   implode  the  European  experiment  or   if  he  will   be  able  to  fulfill  his   election  promises  by :  Restructuring,  Revitalizing  and  Remaking  the  European  Union   !!!  

The   upcoming  Brexit  talks   will  tell  us  all  who  will  be  the  big  winners  and  who  will  be  the  big  losers   of   the  finalized  Brexit.   The  present  facts  indicate   that  London  will  be  'NO'  more  the  banker  to  the  planet.  Many  investment  bankers  and  International  Banks  already  have  plans  to  move  their  regional  headquarters  out  of  London;  it  seems  that  the  British  'shot  themselves  in  the  foot'  as  they  voted  for  a  Brexit.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  'NEVER'   foresaw  the  UK  as  a  major   and  key  part  of  the  final  'Kingdom  of  the  Beast.'   The  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  only  needs   a  few   nukes  in the  Nuclear  Arsenal  that  France  possesses  and  the  financial  backing   of  Germany  and  the  Blessing  of  the  endtimes  False  Prophet  somewhere  in  Rome  to  accomplish   what  the  Book  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  guarantee   that  he  will  unleash   unto  most  of  the  unsuspecting  sinners  that  inhabit  this  fallen  planet  !!!

Thee   'MOST'  important   and  relevant  issue  in  all  of   this  and  in  Bible  Prophecy  is  how  Emmanuel  Macron  will  address  the  nation  of  Israel  its  Jewish   population  and   the  Middle  East  Peace  Process.  Should  France  and   its  new  leader  increasingly  continue  to  involve  itself  in  the  Middle  East  Peace  Process  then   thee  major  'Red  Flag'  will  have  been    raised  up  and  activated  and  you  and   I  will   know  what  it  all  means  !!!   Yes,  it's  going  to  be  a  long  and  very  interesting  five  years  'BUT'  that's  why  we  are  commanded  by  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  to  'Watch  and  Pray'  so  that  we  may  be  found  worthy  to  escape  the  worst  period  in  all  of  this  planets  history  !!!  (  Luke  21 : 36 )   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  'NOT'  a  Prophet;  he  doesn't  claim  to  know  the  'day  nor  the  hour'  "BUT"  he  does   pray  to  be  like  one  of  the  5  wise  virgins  who  took  extra  oil  in  his  lamp  to  be  ready for   the  return  of  the  Master  at  an  hour  which  most   did  not  expect  !!!  (  Matthew  25  )

By :  Mario  Romano;   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been   a  Bible  Prophecy  'Watchman'  since  before  the  events  of  September  11, 2001  and  even  before  the  very  $ EURO  was  launched  throughout  the  Eurozone  in  1999.  'SO'   this  makes  him  a  very  'PATIENT'    Watchman   !!!  Unfortunately;  he  has  seen  numerous  other  'Watchmen'   come  and  go  with  a  saddened  heart.  Being  a  Watchman  is  'NOT'  for  everyone, GOD  gave  different  gifts  to  ALL  members  of  the  Body  of  Christ.  My  prayer  is  that  when  'all  is  said  and  done'   all   that  was  :  taught,  instructed   and  dessiminated   here  at   for  all  these   years  was  'NOT'  in  vain.  The  night  is  coming  when  no  man   will  be  able  to  work  (  John 9 : 4 )   That  is  why   we  are  trying  to   produce  one  article  on  a  different  Bible  Prophecy  subject/Topic  per  week   !!!  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  back  and  He  alone  will   put  an  end  to  the  4th  Roman  Beast;  He  returns  with  a  golden  crown    and    'NOT'  even  all  the  nuclear  missiles  of  all  the  armies  of  this  world  will  be  able  to  stop  Him   and  much  less  any  former   high  ranking   Cherub  Angel   that  was  long  ago  kicked  out   of   Heaven   !!!   (  Revelation  14  :  14  )