Sunday, September 3, 2017


He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause a shocking amount of destruction and succeed in everything he does. He will destroy powerful leaders and devastate the holy people.                                                        -  Book  of  Daniel  8 : 24   NLT

The  future  has  come;  very  truly  'time  waits  for  no  one.'    The  time  is  the  not  too  distant  future;  the place  is : fallen  planet  earth,   home  to  billions  of  human  sinners  who  have  chosen  to   follow  the  Prince  of  Darkness  over  the  light  of  Jesus  Christ  and  the  lies  of   Satan  over  the  written  truth  of  the  WORD  OF  GOD.   Planet  earth  is  also  home  to  an  untold  number  of   'millions  upon  millions'  of  demons  and  fallen  Angels  who  see  human  beings  as  guinea  pigs  and  who  have  perfected   the  spiritual  enslavement  of   the  vast  majority  of  them  !!!   The  endtime  wars  Prophesied  by : Ezekiel, Isaiah  &  Daniel   as  well  as  other  apocalyptic  natural  catastrophes  have  crippled  the  once mighty  US  armed  forces  and  its  economy.  Russia  for its  part  has  retracted  what's  left  of  its once  mighty  military  from : Syria, the Mediterranean  Sea  &  the rest of the Middle East,  for  it suffered  a very   great  embarrassing  defeat  upon  the  northern  mountains  &  hills  surrounding  Israel  !!!  ( Ezekiel 38:22 )  Radiation  is  still  present  and   most  of  the  Arab-Islamic  countries  are  under a  great  famine;  'food  &  drinkable  water'  are  now  even  more  expensive  and  scarcer  in the  arid  desert  Arab  countries  than  a  barrel  of  Middle  Eastern  oil   and  even  gold  itself  in some places !!!  The  Biblical  Prophecies  which  once  seemed  dormant  now appear  to  be  fulfilling  themselves  at  an  unprecedented  pace  !!!   Even  the  staunchest atheists  and  others  who  once  mocked  the  Prophecies  of  the  Bible   are  'Sweating  in Fear'  for  the  entire  world  seems  to  be  spiraling  more  and  more  out  of  control   !!!   Then, 'The  Times  of  the  Gentiles'  will   have   come  to  an  end  and  so  will  have  the :  American  Century,  as  the  once  seemingly  indestructable  world  powers : The USA, Russia  and  Militant  Islamists  have  all  gone  down;  a  new  Europe  of  10  has  come  into  what's  left  of  the  Middle  East  for  'the  kill'  and  to  fill  in  the  vacuum  left  behind  by  the  Russian  and  American  military  presence;  lest  the  King's  of  the  East  get  to  the  oil  before  them  !!!   The  EU-10  High  Command  and  its  'Little  Horn'   have  ordered  every  single : Airforce  pilot, every  single  Naval  asset  and  its  battleship  assets   to  be  prepared  for  a  full  scale  'surprise'  assault  and  attack  against  Israel  upon  the  final  orders  of  its  leader : The Little  Horn  !!!  (  Matthew  24 : 15 )    The  'Roman  Little  Horn'  knows  fully  well  that  the  Israeli  airforce  is  a  very  capable  force  to  be  reckoned  with  'BUT'  he's  done  his  math  and   he  knows  that   he  has   an  airforce  that  is  3+  times  much  larger  than  Israel's,  statistically  speaking   even  the  Israeli  airforce  can't   overcome   such  an  air  superiority  against  the  overwhelming   numbers  of  fighter  aircraft  that  the  'Little  Horn'  will  send  against  Israel  !!!   Meanwhile, the  few  Israeli  intelligence  agents  scattered  throughout  Europe   that  have  not  yet  been  'eliminated'  by  the  counter-intelligence agents of the 'Little  Horn'  know  that  something  is  'NOT'  Kosher;  something  is terribly  wrong,  virtually  all  the  military  bases  of  the  'Man  of  Rome'  are  humming  with  great  activity  as  if  they're  getting  ready  to  invade  some  unsuspecting  regional   neighbor;  the  intelligence  reports  nevertheless  are  relayed  back  to  Jerusalem  and  Tel  Aviv.    Almost  simultaneously,  back  in  Israel  in  some  very  hidden   military  command  center,  the  Israeli  military  leadership   finds  out  that  the  Israeli  network  of  satellites :  TecSAR,  (  that  greatly  enhances  Israel's Intelligence capabilities  )  as  well  as  other  Israeli  satellites  are  all  mysteriously  down;  total  loss  of  signal  !!!   There  he  is  standing  before  the  new  Temple  in  Jerusalem  just  as  the  Prophet  Daniel  revealed  to  us  and   even  as  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  verified  and  confirmed;  it  is  one  of  the  most  unholy  of  days  before  the  day  is  over  the  world  will  be  engulfed  in  the  most  terrible   period  of  human recorded  history : Thee  Great  Tribulation !!!   Even  though  Israel  is  most  certainly  'NOT'  going  down  without  a  fight  like  the  French  did  in  World  War  II,  the  Little  Horn   will  manage  to   kill  over  6+  million  Jews;  the  Israeli  Defense  Forces  will  fight  to  the  very  last   man  and  woman  !!!  ( The  'Little  Horn'  knows  very  well  that  Israel  is  one  of  the  most  heavily  armed  countries   in  the  world;  this   war  will  most  definitely  'NOT'  be  a : one  day, one  week  nor  one  a  month   war  )   Satan  has  been  planning  for  this  day  it  seems  since  the  Garden  of  Eden; he knows  that  his  fate  has  been  sealed  by  Almighty  GOD  and  his  strategy  is  to  : kill  and  destroy  as  much  as  possible   those  who  produced  the  Light  of  the  World  !!!   The 'Man of  Sin'  has  launched  his very  own  21st Century  Blitzkrieg   employing  various  weapons  of  mass  destruction  upon  several  Middle  East  Arab  nations;  very  truly  Hitler  and  all  his  Generals  would  have  been  envious at  such  a  diabolical  strategy !!!   There  he  is  again  before  numerous  international  cameras  and  their  reporters;  he  appears  to   have  passed  as  an  ally  of  Israel  and  as  its  very  savior  before  the  most  anti-semitic   generation  ever  on planet  earth  'BUT'  appearances  can  be  deceiving;  that  man  has  plans  of  global  conquest  that  not  even  Alexander  the  Great   thought  possible  and   if  ever  a  man  learned  from  the  mistakes  of  Adolph  Hitler  it  most  certainly  will  be  him  !!!   Israel  in  the  meantime  found  itself  with  its  'back  against  a  wall'  some  3  and  a half  years  earlier  as  it  accepted  to  sign  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many'  and   was  forced  to   surrender  with   some  European  oversight  its  nuclear  codes  and  nuclear weapons  to   'supposedly'  make  everything  right  and   help  keep  the  peace;  some  in  the  Israeli  government  very, very  reluctantly  accepted   the  terms  of  the  'Covenant  with the Many'  but  under  world  wide  condemnation  and  a  diabolical  public  relations  vilification  of  Israel   the  Jewish  leaders   saw  no  other  choice  than  to  accept  the   Man  sent  from  future  Rome !!!  In  the  beginning  he  came as  a  'Neutral  Western  Ally  &  Peacebroker'  but   today  he  most  certainly  has  a  very,  very  different   plans   against  Jerusalem  and  all  of  its  people   !!!  The  people  who  survived  the  Holocaust  and  who   promised  'Never  Again'  are  before  an  individual  who   has  absolutely  no  compassion  nor  love;  darkness  and  evil  are  his  very  energy.   His   wicked  smile  hides  an  unholy  plan  and   in  his  dark  heart  the  Vatican  is  destroyed  and  so  is  Mecca, he doesn't want anymore religious competition  and  now  he  is  going in  for  the  greatest  prize  'Declare  himself  god'   in the wing of  the Temple in  Jerusalem  !!!   He  will  unleash  the  final  holocaust  and  this  time  it  won't  be  in  Germany  but  in  the  very  homeland  of  the  Jewish  people :  Jerusalem,  Israel  !!!    Israel,  for  its  part  still  has  some  nuclear  missiles  hidden  somewhere   deep,  deep  inside  the  Mediterranean  Sea  and   elsewhere  too  !!!   And   orders  will  be  ultimately  given  to  follow  the  Samson Option  to some degree  !!!  (  Zechariah   14:12 )  The  Archangel  Michael  and  a  great  host  of  Angel's   still  loyal  to  GOD  Almighty  for  their  part will  have  been  battling  all  the  Fallen  Angels  'behind the scenes'   during  that  dark  Great Tribulation  hour  that  will  be  epicentered  in  Israel  !!!  ( Daniel 12 : 1 )   All  of  Satan's  demonic  armies  will  have  set  their  sights  against  the original chosen  people  of  GOD;  their  orders   from  Satan  is  the  very  annihilation  of  Israel  and  of  every  living  Jew as  much  as  possible,  'Orthodox  Jew or not'  to him  it makes no  difference;  if there's  Jewish  blood  there's  a  threat  !!!   Michael  has  'NEVER'  lost  a  war  'BUT'  his  orders  from  on  high  are  very,  very  'SPECIFIC'  and  they  are  to  see  to  it  that  'ALL'  the  plans  of  GOD  Almighty   written   down  by  His  chosen  Prophets   found  in  the  Holy Scriptures  'many  a  millenia  ago'  are  fulfilled  to  the  very  letter  !!!  (  Matthew  5 : 18 )
For  many, many  years  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  scratching  his  head  in  some very  deep  thinking  and  asked  himself   over  and  over  how  is  it  possible  that  the  endtimes 'Little  Horn'  manages  to  almost  'sneak  up'   upon  a  very  highly  intelligent  and  militarized society   such  as  the  modern  state  of  Israel  ?   Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers and sisters  in Jesus  Christ  the  last  epic  'Trojan Horse'  of  the  modern   21st  Century  will  undoubtedly  be played   out  against  Israel  and  most  of  its  citizens  during  the  mid-point  of  the  tribulation period  !!!  How  is  it  possible  that  the  'Man  of  Sin'  will  be  able  to  DECEIVE  : Mossad, Shin Bet, A'man  (  Israeli  Intelligence  Agencies*)  as  well  as  some  or  most  of  the  Israeli  leadership  in  those  days ???   The  answer  is  very  simply  because  the  very  sovereign  GOD  of  Israel  will  allow  it,  just  as  He  allowed  Satan  to  attack  Job  and  just  as  He  allowed  Israel's  enemies  through  the  centuries  to  defeat  them   and  in   several  cases  to  enslave  them  as  such  was  the  case  in  : Babylon,  Egypt  and  various  others  throughout   their  history.   Whenever  any  one  person  or  any  nation  gives  their  back  to  GOD  and  departs  from  keeping  and  honoring  His  Holy  commandments  GOD  has  'NO'  problem  allowing   the  enemies  at  the  gate  to  defeat   you.  When   'MOST'  of  Israel   rejected  the  one  True  Messiah  : YESHUA;  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   Himself   pronounced  and  uttered  one  of  the  most  powerful  and  painful  Prophecies  ever  written  in  the  Holy  Scriptures : 'They  shall  fall  by  the  edge  of  the  sword  and   shall  be  led  away  captive  into  all  nations;  and  Jerusalem  shall  be  trodden  down  by  the  gentiles, until the times of  the gentiles  be fulfilled.'  (  Luke  21:24 )  Friends,  GOD  does  'NOT'  play  around  with   sin  nor  with  continual  disobedience  forever; although  our  creator  is  most  certainly  very, very  patient;  He  also   is  a  GOD  of  Wrath,  Jesus  Christ  took  GOD's  wrath  upon  himself   when   He  died  in  our  place  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary  'BUT'  the  hour  and  day  is  coming  when  GOD   is  going  to  ultimately close  that  door  of  grace  which  has  been  open  for  almost  2000  years  and  say  'enough  is  enough'   GOD  is  going  to  ultimately  put  an  end  to  all  sin  and  all  unrepentant   sinners  !!!  ( Matthew  25 : 10  &  Daniel 9 : 24 )

If   the  recently  independent  state  of  Israel   had  lost  the  war  against  five  invading  Arab armies  during  the  1948  Arab-Israeli  War  ( Egypt, Jordan , Syria as well as  Iraqi  Forces  )    most  of  the  world  would  have  accepted  the  outcome  and  it  is  very  possible  that  the  small  population  of  Jews  in  Israel  would  have  been   killed  or  expelled  from  the  Middle  East  forever.  'BUT'  the  10  month  Arab-Israeli  War;  a  war  that  Israel  had  to  fight  on  four  borders  ( 4 fronts*)   and  against   all  the   odds  literally  set  against  it,  clearly  demonstrated  that   there  were  more  than  just  Israeli  soldiers  fighting  against  a  numerically  superior  number  of  Islamic  armies  !!!
(  Islamic  armies   and  terrorist  groups   could  care  less about  the  'human rights'  of Jews  and  the  Geneva Convention;  they  only  care  when  they  can  exploit  Western  International Laws to their  benefit *)  (  It  is  rather  obvious   to  this  believer,  that   numerous  Angels  of GOD  Almighty  were  involved  behind  the  scenes  of   Israel's  miraculous  1948   victory  !  )

It  is  'NO'  secret  that  one of the main reasons  of  why  Iran  has  been  unable  to  complete  its  first  nuclear  weapon  'many  a  years  ago'   is very  simply  because  of  a  not  so  'Mysterious   Internet  Malware  Virus'  ( Stuxnet )  that  successfully  hampered  the  computers  of  the Iranian  nuclear  program.  When  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Strategic  Studies studies  and  'takes  apart'  the  upcoming  military   movements  of  the  endtimes  'Man  of Sin' he  acknowledges  that   that  'Satan  in  the  Flesh'  is  going  to  supernaturally  impede  some of  Israel's   intelligence  and  military  capabilities  from   turning  against  him  and  his  army in  those  Prophesied  days  !!!   Very  truly,   Israel's  battle  in  the  future  is  not  going  to  be against  flesh  and  blood  enemies   'BUT'  against  the  very  evil  one  in  very  high  places  !!!  (  Ephesians 6 : 12 )

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that  the  United  Nations  was  'NOWHERE'  to  be  found   in  World  War  II  when  the  NAZI's  where   killing  millions  of  Jews  and  you  better  believe  that  had  Israeli  forces  lost  the  1948   war   the  United  Nations  would  have  done  as  much   as  they  did  in  Kosovo  and  Rwanda  !!!

It  is  'NO'  secret  that  the  State  of  Israel  is  a  nuclear  power.  It  is  estimated  that   Israel  possesses   about  200+  nuclear  weapons.  In  stark  contrast  to  'ROGUE'  states  such  as  Iran  and  North  Korea  the  Israeli   Prime  Minister  does  'NOT"  go  around   threatening  to  NUKE  its  enemies  as  Iran  has  been  promising  for  several  years  !!!  Israel  developed  its  nuclear  weapons  solely  as  'INSURANCE'   against  losing  a  conventional  war  against   numerous Arab enemies  that   surround  it  and  that  numerically  speaking  could  easily  overwhelm  it  'IF'  they  ever  really  united  !!!  (   it's  a  good  thing  for  Israel  that  Islam  is  a  divided  religion : Sunni vs .Shia  )

Israel  possesses  a   Nuclear  Triad;  meaning  that  it  has  the  capability  of  launching   a  nuclear missile/ weapon  from  the :  Air, Sea  or  Land   if  need  be  !!!  (  via  nuclear  submarine  based  somewhere  secretly in the Mediterranean  Sea,  on  a  Bomber  or  on a  hidden  silo :  ICBMs  Bombers, SLBMs *)  Should  the  enemy  'Pre-emptively'  manage  to  wipe  out  one  of  these,  the   opposing enemy  will  be  counter  attacked   with  the  remaining  two   nuclear  systems   !!!  (  Mutually  Assured  Destruction  etc...)

In  every   simulation  that  this  student  of  Bible  has  made; the endtimes  'Little  Horn'  who  will  be   indwelt  with   great  unholy   superpowers   will  'MOST'  certainly  use  them  against  'NOT'  only  Israel  and  its  Jewish  population,  but  also   against  his : American  detractors, His  Russian  adversary;  as  well  as  against   Islamic  Terrorists   and  any  other  nation  or  individual  who  stands  in  his  way  !!!   Reminder:  Hitler  not  only  killed  millions  of  Jews,  he also  killed  over 14+  million Russians  because  he  hated communism !

Today's  article  is  really   an  'EXPOSE'  on  the  greatest  enemy  that  the  State  of  Israel  and  its  Jewish  inhabitants  will  ultimately  face  in  the  not  too  distant  future  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   it  is  'NOT'  going  to  be  Iran, Iran  is  'going  down  early'  !!!   According  to  the  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  the  only  one  who  will  be  able  to   militarily  defeat  Israel  in  the  future  will  be  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  from  the  'WEST'  of  Jerusalem. ( Zechariah  12 )

The  'Million  Dollar  Question'  is  if  Israel's   not  so  'Secret  Nuclear  Missiles'  have   served  as  a  great   'nuclear  deterrence'  you  better  believe  that  they  sure  have  !!!  Otherwise  Israel  would  probably  have  had   a  major   war  with  its  Arab   neighbors   almost  annually  !!!   Israel,   does  'NOT'  flaunt  its  nuclear  arsenal;   they  only  created  them   as  a  weapon  of  very,  very  last  resort   !!!  According  to  Martin  Van  Creveld  (  a  reknown  Israeli   Military  Strategist*)   Israel  has  the  capability  to  point  nuclear  missiles  at  every  Arab / Islamic  capital    and  should  Israel   ever  be  forced  to  defend  itself  from  another   Holocaust   planned  against  them;  Israel  without  question  is   definitely  going  to  bring  down  all  of  its  enemies  down  with  it  too  !!!   ( Samson  Complex*)

The  Abomination  of  Desolation :  Most   people  who  have  studied   about  the  future  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  know  that  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  is  going  to  declare  himself  god  in  a  future  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem.  What  very  few   Bible  Prophecy   teachers  rarely  touch  are  the   events   that  will  lead  and  allow  that  Western  leader   to  have  a  great  military  presence   in  the  Mediterranean  as  well  as  in  the  Middle  East  before  that  event.  Obviously  the  Biblical  Prophecies  do  'NOT'  give  us   all  the   details  concerning  that  final  endtimes  and  key  event  that  will  initiate   the  Great  Tribulation  as  well  as   the  final  Battle  of  Armageddon  some   3+  years  later  'BUT'  sometimes   sheer  common  sense  should  help  us  out  when  we  consider  that  the  Ezekiel  War   will  be  played  out  first  ( Russia  and   various  Islamic  countries  will  attack  Israel  but  will  lose  )
This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  read  and  heard  some  Jews  state  that  some  evangelical  Christians   pray  for  Armageddon   to  happen  so  that   our  'egotistical   plans'  be  fulfilled  at  their  expense.  The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that   the  Prophecies  of  the  Torah  were  written  by  mostly  Jewish / Hebrew  Prophets  several  centuries  ago   !!!   As  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  we  do  'NOT'  seek   the  destruction  of  Israel  nor  of  its  Jewish  population;  on  the  contrary  we  Pray  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem  and  we  Bless  Israel   'BUT'   GOD   never  meant  for   His  original  chosen  people   to  get   too  comfortable   in   foreign  lands  that  are  'NOT'  the  Promised  Land  of  Israel;  therefore  GOD  Almighty  in  His  sovereignty  is  once  again  going  to  force  most  of  the  Jews  scattered   upon  planet  earth  and  especially  those  in  Canada  and  the  USA  to  return   to  Israel   for  the  last  time  !!!   and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   have  through  the  years  ( as  we  have been   'Watching  and  Praying' )   been  able  to   come  up  with   '4  Possible'   and  most  likely scenarios  that  will  have  gotten  the  'Little  Horn'  and  his  military   machine  into   the  borders  of  Israel  and  the  surrounding  Arab   countries.

Scenario  # 1 .   After  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  have  finished  their  'Unholy  World  Tour'   it  is  very  likely  that  : The  USA, Russia  and  most  Islamic  countries  will  have  suffered  the  greatest  damage  and  fallout.  The  European's   although  also  suffer  some  damage  are  nonetheless  in   a  better  military  shape  than  the  remaining  and  greatly  handicapped  and  decimated   military  of  the : USA, Russia  and  Islamic  armies.  It  will  be  one  of  the  European   leaders  ( Little  Horn )   who  invades  the  Middle  East  just  as  the  ancient  Roman  Empire   ( 4th  Beast )  had  done  some  2000  years  ago  !!!   That  endtimes  Roman   diplomat/politician  initially  appears   to  'befriend'  Israel  as  a  'Neutral  Western  Peace  Broker'  but  his   true  intentions  are  even   crazier  than  Putin's   was  for  Syria  and  the  Middle  East, this  individual  is  none  other  than   Satan   in  the  Flesh  !!!

Scenario  # 2.  I  heard  this  scenario  several  years  ago  and  it  seems  as  the  most  plausible  one. The  coming   wars  against  Israel  will  'FORCE'  Israel  to  employ  its  Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction  and  even  the  launch  of  a  limited  nuclear  strike   against  very  possibly  Damascus,  as  it  is  Prophesied  in  Isaiah  and   the  fallout  of  it  all  will  be  great  against  Israel, the  world  will  condemn  Israel's limited  nuclear  strike  and  will  demand   that  Israel   nuclear  arsenal  be  confiscated  and  the  'Little  Horn'  will  be  more  than  happy  to   comply  and  serve  as  a  'Neutral'  Peacebroker.   !!!

Scenario  # 3.  The  judgements  and  wars  that  are  coming  upon  'ALL'   the  nations  of  this  fallen  and  rebellious  planet  are  going  to  force  a  future   European/Mediterranean   alliance  of  10  nations  to  unite  as  never  before  'IF'  they  are  to  survive  all  the  coming :  plagues, famines, riots  and  mass  civil  disturbances  that   will  threaten  their  very  existence.  The  Europe  of  the  future   'WILL'  close  and  Militarize  all  of  its  borders   !!!   And  looking  to  neutralize  remaining  threats   those  10  King's  will  authorize  the  invasion  against  several  Middle  East  countries  for  several  reasons  including of course  'Black  Gold'  before  others  try  to  get  a  hold  of  dwindling  energy  resources  during  that   future  harsh  time  !!!

Scenario #  4.  ALL  the  patterns  of  history  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  studied  strongly  indicate   that  'MOST'  if  not  all  of  Israel's    greatest   'game  changers'  have  been  through  'WAR'  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   does  'NOT'  expect  any  major  'Covenant  With  the  Many'  to  take  place  in  times of  peace  ( like  right now*)  especially  with  Mr.  Jared  Kushner.   War  is  coming  into  the  Middle  East  yet  again  and  Israel  will  be  forced  to  'DEFEND'  itself;  it  will  be  after  that  Israeli  victory  and  war  that  the  'Covenant  With  the  Many'  will   be  possible  !!!  The  mounting  evidence  is  that   Europe  is  now  more  than  ever  seen   as  the  'natural'   Middle  East  Peace  Broker; as much  as   Israeli  leaders  may  hate  or  distrust  some  European  countries  they   most  certainly  'DISTRUST'  Russia  and  any  Islamic  Leader / nation  even  more  so  !!!   ( Historical Fact &  Pattern :  Jews  were  forced  to  return  to  Israel  because of the Holocaust/ WW  II,  Israel   was  forced  into  war  when  it  declared independence  &  Jerusalem  was  once  again  in  Jewish  control  only  after  the  1967 war  ! )

Obviously,  there  are  still  other  scenarios  that  can  be  played  out;  the  70th  Week  of Daniel  has  been  set  aside  by  GOD  Almighty  to  once  again  directly  deal  with   Israel  and its  Jewish  population,  'UNFORTUNATELY'  according  to  the  revelation  of  the  Book  of Revelation  'MOST'   Jews  will  still  'NOT'  accept  YESHUA  as  the  Messiah   even  with   the  'Two  Witnesses'  Prophesying  before  them  for   3  and  a  half  years  !!!  GOD  is  going to allow  and  unleash  the  final   'Little  Horn'  of  the  4th   Roman  Beast  against  Israel  and  Jerusalem  just  as  He  allowed  the  : 1st  Babylonian  Beast, the 2nd Medo-Persian Beast  and  the  3rd Greek  Beast  to  defeat   His  original  chosen  people   !!!

In  conclusion;  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  it  gives  me  'NO'  pleasure  to  confirm  to  all  of  our  readers, visitors  and  fellow  believers  in  Yeshua : Jesus  Christ;  that   'Nuclear  War'   WILL  be  played  out   during  the  Great  Tribulation  period  and  very  possibly  even  sooner  during  the  Ezekiel  War.  To  some  degree  it  really  doesn't  matter  if  its  'Limited  Nuclear  War'  or  a  Full  Scale  Nuclear  War,  once  one  nuclear  missile   explodes  somewhere  on  planet  earth  in  the  future   the  world  will  never  be  the  same   !!!

By :  Mario  Romano.  As  a  Bible  believer  and  GOD  fearing  Christian  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  'NO'  one  can  stop  the  ultimate  rise  of  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn.'  Even  if  it  was  possible  for  me  to  know  the  true  full  name  of  such  an  individual; GOD  has  decreed   the  end  from  the  very  beginning  and  'NO'  one  can  thwart  the  Prophecies  and  revelations   found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   !!!  GOD  is  in  'COMPLETE'  control  of  it  all, make  'NO'  mistake,   Satan  has  only  been  allowed  to   do  what  he  has  been  doing  to  over  100+  human  generations   all  these  thousands  of  years   because  GOD  has  a  SOVEREIGN  plan  !!!  GOD  did  'NOT'   cause  Lucifer  to  sin  against  GOD  just  as  GOD  did  'NOT'  cause  Adam  and  Eve   to  disobey  Him  in  the  Garden  of  Eden;   GOD   is  simply  rectifying  and  working  around  two  fallen  creations   who CHOSE  out  of  their  own  free will  to  REBEL  against  their  very own  Creator : ELOHIM : JESUS  CHRIST  !!!