Monday, July 28, 2014


As   we  observe  the  latest  news  from  Eurasia  you  will  notice  that there  are 3  major  'Beasts'  contending  for expansion  &  domination in that  region of the world.  One of these  includes the largest country on Earth with the most nuclear weapons    ( Russia ) the other giant includes one of the largest  religions on the planet  ( Militant Islam ) and the third giant  includes the largest military and economic alliance of nations on Earth ( EU-NATO )  The  Islamic  Beast  from  the  South  is trying  to dominate all  aspects  of  the  Middle  East  'but'  the existence of  the State  of  Israel  stands  in  its way and continues to be a major  military & geopolitical embarrassment  to the  numerous Islamic  Terror groups  &  Arab  Nations.  The 'Russian  Beast'  from  the  North  is trying  to  devour  the  Ukraine  and  is looking to dominate the Baltics. The  Beast who  has  yet  to  be  finalized  the  'European  Union'   is still  expanding slowly East  with the help of NATO; &  to  the  dismay  of  Russia.  There  is  no  question  that  the  region  is  a  'powder  keg'  just  waiting to explode  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  'explode  it  will  in  the  future !'   We  know  that  Russia will  eventually  lead  an  Islamic  coalition  against  Israel in the future and we also know that  the  Holy GOD  of  Israel  will  virtually  decimate  them  before the entire world.  As  both  Russia  and  the  Muslim  nations  suffer  great losses  and  military  embarassment;  the  'Little  Horn'  from  the  EU  will  step  in  to  broker  the  7  year  'Peace  and  Security  Covenant  with the Many.'  The  present  situation between  the : EU, Russia, Arab Muslim  countries  and  Israel  is  just  getting  started.  Students of  Bible  Prophecy  know  where  it will  ultimately  end  and  we  also  know  that  the  4th  Beast  will  in  the  end  'DOMINATE'  and destroy what will be left of  the  Russian  and  Islamic  Beasts  as  it  sets  its  sights  against  Israel.  We  know  that  war  is coming  and  the  'Man  of  Sin'  will thrive  in  it.  As  war  explodes in the region  the  'EU  10'  will be the last Beast  standing, Bible Prophecy  guarantees  it ( Daniel 7 : 23 )  the Russian  and  Islamic  Beasts  are  going  down ! Russia  and  Militant  Islam  aren't  the  only  players  in  the  region  bent  on  'Conquest'  Revelation 6 warns   that  the  First  Horseman  of the Apocalypse will  succeed  where   Russia and  Islam  will  fail.  I  just  heard  someone  on  CNN  state  that  the  EU appears  'clueless  and  invisible'  as  the  region escalates  into further  violence;  'BUT'  you  and  I  know  it's  only  temporary; the 4th Beast  will make  a  majestic  return  &  re-emergence  that  will  ASTOUND  the whole world  ! ( Revelation 17 :8 )  You  and  I  know  that  Israel's  'MOST'  lethal  adversary  of  all  time  won't  come  from the  North  or  be  from  the  South  of  it;  'BUT' it  shall come from the West;  from the same people's  who  destroyed  the  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70 A.D. and caused  the  diaspora* ( Daniel 9 :26)