Monday, July 14, 2014

The German Horn ?

Students  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  wondering  (  i  sure  am  )  about  Germany's  role  in  the future of the  EU.  Students of history know that  Germany  was  the  major loser  of  WW II  and  not  only  was it  divided into  'two'  but  what  the  NAZI's  in their name  to  the  'German  Psyche'    would come  to  haunt  them  for  generations. Today we all know that Germany is the richest and most industrialized  country in the EU  and  as  you  can  see  on  the  map;  Germany  is  located  right smack  &  in  the  middle  of  most EU countries  and  it  can  surely  'NOT'  remain  neutral : politically, economically  nor  militarily  in  whatsoever happens  to  the  EU.  I  do  'NOT'  expect  the 'Little  Horn'  to  be  from  Deutchland  this  time;  but  this student of Bible  Prophecy  does  expect this  industrial  and economic  powerhouse  to  be part  of  one of the ten  horns  ( 10 King's )  forewarned by the Prophet Daniel.