Saturday, August 30, 2014


Italy's  'Federica  Mogherini'   Foreign  Minister has  been  chosen  as the  new Foreign  Policy  Chief of the entire European  Union.  What does this  mean ?  It  just  means  that  'the end is  not  yet'  When the  present Roman Pope was chosen many were  predicting that he would adopt the name of St.Peter  'BUT'  boldly  announced  beforehand  that  he  would  not  and  that  he  would  also  'NOT'  be  the  final  Pope;  also announces that  Mrs. Mogherini  will  'NOT'  be  the  final   EU Foreign Policy Chief.  has  been  very  'PATIENTLY'  been  reporting  on  the  events  of  the  European  Union  for  over  16+  years  and  this  in  no  way  changes   anything.  A  number  of  things  can  easily  make  this  new  EU  Foreign  Policy   Chief  'NOT'   last  the  full  5  year  term.   As  Students  of  Bible  Prophecy   we  know  that  the  upcoming  and final  7  year   'Week  of  Daniel'  The  70  Week  will  'NOT'  begin  immediately   after  the  Rapture;  most  teachers of  Bible  Prophecy  including this  servant  of  GOD  believe  that  there  will  be  an  undisclosed  number  of  years  in  between  when  the  Rapture  takes  place  and  when  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many  is  Signed'  by  the  'Little  Horn.' (  most believe that  at a minimum  1-4  years )   Like  this  servant  of  GOD  has  stated  before :  'Great  Political  and  Economic  Changes   are  still  in  store  for  the  entire  European  Union  that  will  'RESTRUCTURE'   it  into  the  final  10  King's  guaranteed  by  the  Prophecies of the Book  of  Revelation.  It  is  'NOT'  just  the  Rapture  that  will   bring  worldwide  changes  in  the  future  to the entire world  but  it will also  be :  nuclear   war,  inflation,  plagues  and  harsh  weather  changes  and great  natural  calamities;  just  to  name  a  few.  It  is  the  goal  of   to  be  one  of  the  first  on  this  planet  to  correctly  identify  ( if  possible )  who  the  final  Ten  Horns  of  the  Beast  will  end  up  being  as  the  'End  of  the  Age'  comes  to  an  end.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  believes in the Rapture before  the  7 year  Tribulation period  begins;  we  nevertheless  will  continue  to  be  a  responsible  'WATCHMAN'  of  the  last  Beast  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   in  so  much  as  the  GOD  in  HEAVEN  who  rules  over  the  King's  of  the  Earth  allows  us  to.  We  are  witnessing  Israel's  greatest  enemy   ever  slowly  but  surely  transform  itself  before  the  world  and  to  the  amazement of this Student  of  Bible  Prophecy  all  I  can  do  is  use  this  little  website  to  'WARN'  my  fellow  Jewish  Friends  and  whosoever   wishes  to   understand  all   about  the  Final  Phase  of  the  4th  Roman  Beast  that  has  yet  to  be  finalized  into  the  10 Horned  Beast   Prophesied  by   the  Prophecies  of  Daniel and the Book  of  Revelation***...The  end  is  not  yet,  but  let  us  keep  'Watching  and  Praying'   because  it  sure  is  getting   very,  very  interesting  as  : Rumors  of  War  near  the  EU  Eastern  borders  grow,  as Ebola  spreads to more African countries  and  as the Middle  East  continues  to  explode  in  flames  and  as   the  'EU :  the inheritor  of the Ancient  Roman Empire'  that  will  give  birth  and  produce  the Beast with Ten  Horns  which  continues  to  transform  itself  into  the  final  stages  of  its  final  form  !!!  There  is  no  time  to  be  cynical  believers,  while  we  do  not  know  exactly  'the   day  and  hour  of  the  end'  we  do  know  that  we  are  in  the  very  final  days  of  the  final  generation  and  this  Student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that  'NOT'  every  single  of  the  endtimes  events  was  Prophesied  about;  such  as  the  exact  fate  of  the  USA; (  like what  exactly   makes  America  diminish  in  global   influence  in the last days  )   just like  Hitler  is  not  specifically  found   in  Bible  Prophecy;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  and  has  always  been  open  to  several  666  scenarios,  should  one  or  another  not  be  played  out.  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  back  and  this  servant  of  GOD  will  continue  to  be  like  one  of  the  5  wise  Virgins  that  were  ready  and  prepared   for  His  return.  War  is  coming,   war  (  WW I  &  WW  II  ) rearranged  the  European  Political  and  economic  landscape   which  allowed  the  emergence  of  the  2nd  Phase  of  the  4th  Beast   to  begin  to  reform  once  again  after  almost  17  Centuries  !!!   When  the  First Beast  of  Daniel  rose  to  power  it was through  victory in war,  war  allowed  the  2nd  Beast  of  Daniel   to  conquer  the  first Beast, War  allowed  the  3rd  Beast  to  defeat  the  2nd  one  and  its  victorious  wars  allowed  the  Roman  Empire;  the  4th  and  Final  Beast   to  rise  onto  the  world's  stage;  it  is  necessary  that  war    tests  the  entire  European  and  NATO  alliance  for  their  is  nothing  new  under  the  sun;   be  it  a  war  against  Islamic  Militants  or  with   war  with  Russia;   its   INEVITABLE ***