Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The  blunt  truth  is  that  Militant  Islam  is  not  just  at  war  with  Western  Powers, China  is  also at war  with  them  along  its  Western  borders, India   has  been  a  perpetual  nuclear  standoff  with  Islamic  Pakistan  for decades.  It  is  also  no  secret  that  Russia  and  Putin   despise  militant  Islam  as  proven in Chechnya and in the events of  the Beslan School Crisis;  Russia  only  tolerates  Islam  for  ulterior  motives  ( long term oil  objectives ) and  also  because they are one of its biggest military hardware customers.  The  truth  is  that  Islam  will  'NOT'  produce  the  final  dreaded  Beast  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  but  I  fear  that  it  will  help  to  propel  the  upcoming  real  Beast  with  10 Horns  to  power  beyond  anyone's  imagination.  I  remember  that  after  the  events  of  September  11,  here  in  the  USA,  Americans  were  subject  to  vast  new  laws  that   restricted  their  overall  liberties  and  very  few  complained;  these included  vast  changes  in :  American civil liberties, economic transactions and   airport  usage  all  under  the  so  called  'Patriot  Act'  and  it  was  all  because  of the  actions of  a  group  of  mostly  Saudi  financed  Terrorists.  The  failure  of  the  U.S.  Military  and especially that of  the  civilian  leaderships  failure  and  unwillingness  to  put  an  end  to  radical  Islam   after  fighting it with  'one hand tied around its  back'  will  come  back  to  haunt  it  in  the  future.  As  the  American Military   pulls out  of  Iraq  we  are  faced  with  the  reality  that  Militant  Islam  is  even  stronger  and  more  dangerous  than  ever  as  personified  in  the  new  breed  of  militant  Islam  via  ISIS.  The  time  will  come  when  the  world  and  especially  Western  Powers  will  grow  weary  of  fighting  militant  Islam  with  just  a slap  in  the  hand;  the time will come  when  they  will  address  several  Muslim  cities  in  the  same  manner  that  the  US  Military  addressed  Imperial  Japan  in  Nagasaki  and  Hiroshima.  Revenge  makes   men  do  the  unthinkable   and  I  fear  that  one  of  these  days   one  Islamic  terrorist  is  going  to  get  his  hands  on  what  every  Islamic  Terrorist  really  wants  a :  'dirty nuclear  bomb'   and  do  the  unthinkable  against one Western  City  and  you  and  I  know  what  the  response  will  be  by  Western  Powers;  it  could  be  that  Damascus  will  cease  to  be  a  city  or  that  Mecca  will  become  uninhabitable  because  of  nuclear  radiation.  We  are  all  very  are  naive  if  we  think  that  Militant  Islam  will  soon  go  away,  unless  our  Western  leaders   realize  who  they are  really  up  against  I  fear  that  an  even  bigger event  than  9-11  will  once again  take  place & an  even bigger  9-11  response  !!!   Students  of  Bible  Prophecy  know  that  most  Islamic  countries   will  suffer  great  devastation  in  the  upcoming  wars  mentioned  in  Ezequiel  38  and  in  the  Psalms  and  after  these  wars;  all  will  realize  that  there  truly  is  a  MIGHTY  GOD  who  will  'NOT'  let  the  enemies  of  Israel  prosper.  Islam  will  'NOT'  conquer  Europe; the truth  is  that  most  Muslims  will  be  kicked  out  of  the  European  Union  once  the  'Little  Horn'  rises  to  power  if  not  sooner,  history  has  proven  that  the  Europeans  have  a  dark  side,  we  can  see this  in  the  Crusades,  in  the  Inquisitions  and  more  recently   when  the  Islamic Moors  were  driven  out  of  Spain  by EL CID  and  most  of  Europe  during  the  1490's-1500's.  This  servant  of  GOD  is  not  a  Prophet,  i'm  just  trying  to  interpret  some  very  powerful  Biblical  prophecies  and  the  'blunt  truth'  is  that  in  the  end   most  Islamic  countries  will  suffer  greatly  and  not  just  at  the  hands  of  the  ALMIGHTY  GOD  of  Israel  but  also  in  the  heartless  hands  of  the  coming  'Little  Horn'  because  just  as  Adolph  Hitler  killed  over  4+  million  Jews  he  also  killed  over  15+  million  Russians,  the  next  Hitler  personified  in  the  'Little  Horn'  will  persecute  not  just  my  fellow  Jews  but  all  those  who  oppose  him  and  don't  bow  down  to  his  foreign policy.  Islamic  Terrorists  will  be  terrorized  in  the  future  without  mercy  because  GOD  has  established  that  one  will  reap  what  one  sows.  Islamic  leaders  have  made  it  no  secret  that  their  ultimate  goal  is   to  explode  a  nuclear  bomb  in  : Israel, New York, London or Paris  and  I  fear  that  they  are  going  to  give  the  upcoming  'Little  Horn'  ideas  and  a  diabolical  cause   and  because of their  actions   the  Mark  of  the  Beast   will  become  a  reality   !!!  There  is  a  war  that  is  coming  that  nobody  wants  to  talk  about  :  Western  Civilzation  vs.  Militant  Islam; our present Western  leaders  do  not  have  the  spine  nor  the  guts  to  annihilate  this   vermin  at  its  roots,  but  one  is  coming  who  will  become  a  hero  because  he  will  confront  Militant  Islam  head  on  and  they  will  say 'Who  is  like  the  Beast  and  Who  can  make  War  against  him ?'  (  Revelation  13 :  4  )  The  Book  of  Revelation  only  mentions  two  major  military  powers  in  the  last  days : The Kingdom of the Beast  and  the  King's  of  the  East;  by  then  the  Russian  and  Islamic  armies  will  be   almost  decimated  and  America  will  have  long  ago  been  diminished   and   removed  as  the world's  lone  superpower.  When  the  'Little  Horn'  confirms  the  covenant   with  the  many  it  won't  be  in  times  of  peace  but  because  the  world  has  just  emerged  out  of  a  devastating  war  just  like  it  happened  during the    Yalta  Conference in 1945  and  in  Japan with Mc Arthur  in  the  USS  Misouri  in 1945.  This  poor  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  doesn't  believe  in  the  'Iluminati'  and in other  conspiracies;  the truth  is  that  all   men  without  the  Holy  Spirit   are  easy  prey   for  the  'millions  upon  millions  of  demons'  that  are  out  there  be  they  be : Islamic  Terrorists,  NAZI  sympathizers,   Atheist  fools,   the  Mafia,  Drug  Cartels,  Secular  Politicians, international gangs   and other  spiritually  clueless  men  who  are  part  of  Satan's   Kingdom  whether  they  know  it  or  not  !!!   Satan  has  no  shortage  of  slaves   and  minions  who   will  do  his  bidding***...My  name  is  insignificant   & unimportant   and   my  Prayer  is  that   the  Holy  GOD  of  Israel   manifested  in  JESUS  CHRIST   will  one  day  use  this  vessel  &  servant  of  His  for  His  Honor  &  His  Glory  one  day***