Friday, August 8, 2014

THE FATE OF MILITANT ISLAM   was  launched  way  before  the  events  of September  11.  As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of GOD  interpreted   years  ago  that  regardless  of  the  'temporary enemies'  that  may  rise  against  Israel;  Bible  Prophecy  makes  it very  clear  that  in  the  end  'The  4th  Roman  Beast'  will  once  again  become  the  greatest  threat  to  the  Jewish  people  and  Israel.  Most  students  and  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  'AGREE'  that  most  Islamic  countries  will  suffer  massive  losses  and  devastation  in  the  coming  wars  'GUARANTEED'  by  Ezequiel  38-39 & possibly Psalm 83  and  also  by  the  upcoming  nuclear  destruction  of  Damascus Prophesied by Isaiah.  This servant  of  GOD  would  like  to  remind  everyone  that  the  most  lethal  enemies  of  Israel  have  been produced  by  the 'Roman  West'  the  Romans  killed  some  1,000,000  Jews  in  70+ A.D.  and  the German  NAZI's over 4,000,000.  If  you  do  your  own  research   you  will  discover  that  Muslims  have 'NOT'  even gotten close  to  those  numbers  since  Islam  appeared  on  the  scene.  The  truth  of  the matter  is  that most Muslim  countries  in  the  Middle  East  are  mired  in  their  own  civil  wars, Muslim's are  killing Muslims throughout :  Egypt, Syria  and  Iraq.  It  didn't  take  half  a century of warfare nor multiple wars for the previous 3 Beasts of Daniel to conquer Israel in their day;  this is why we know Islam is 'NOT'  the  4th Beast;  because for over 60+ years, over 200+million Arab Muslim's, 50 Islamic countries and over 15+ Muslim Terrorists groups have  failed  to  conquer  Israel  !!!   It  is this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  observation  that Mecca  shall  be  destroyed  'before'  the  the  Vatican itself  is  in  Revelation  17 : 16;   nuclear  war  is coming  and  the  future  'Little  Horn'  will  definitely 'NOT'  follow  America's  failed Foreign  Policy  in  the Middle  East.  Revelation  6  clearly  tells  us  that he  will  be  'Bent  on  Conquest'  as  the  Tribulation period gets ever closer and as  natural  and   energy  resources  become more scarce are  fought  over  and  secured;  it  is obvious  that  he  will conquer  the  Middle  East  for  oil  rather  than  letting  Russia  and what will be left of the Arabs  take control  of  it.  We  must  understand  that  even  though  most  of  these  'endtime  badguys'  are  all genuine 'Son's  of  Satan'   there  is  no  love  nor  compassion  amongst  them,   just like Hitler  acted against  Stalin !   A  series  of  wars  are  coming  that  will  reshape  the  balance  of  power  of   the : Middle  East, Russia, the  EU  and  even  the  U.S.A.  in  the  end  they  will  say :  'Who  is  like  the Beast  &  who  can  make  war  against  it ?'(  Revelation  13 : 4 )  While it may appear  that  Militant Islam  is  making  'headways  here  and  there'  it's  only  temporary;  in the end  most  Muslim's  will  be kicked  out  of  Europe  just  like  it  happened  in  the  1600's  and  they  will  reap  themselves  the blowback  that  they  have  been  sowing.  GOD  used  the  Medo-Persian  Empire  to  put  an  end  to the Babylonian  Empire  to  fulfill  His  sovereign  plans  and  He  will  use  the  'Little  Horn'  to  put  away : Russia,  Militant   Islam  and  even  the  Vatican  and  if  you  don't  believe  me  just  read Revelation 17 : 17  !  The sovereign GOD has always  made Israel's enemies to ultimately  fight amongst themselves. If you think that Islamic Terrorist groups are : heartless, cold, unmerciful  and  ruthless just wait  till they meet the 'Little  Horn.'  According to the Book of Revelation the two most prominent standing armies during the final  stages  of  Armageddon  will  be  those of the 'Kingdom of the Beast'  & those of the 'King's of the East'  by  then  the  military  forces  of  the : USA, Russia  &  most  Muslim  armies  will  be  severely  handicapped  and  limited.   I  remind  everyone  that  this  servant  of  GOD  is  merely  interpreting  these  very  strong  Biblical  Prophecies  that  were  declared  before  you  &  I  were  even  born***...The  giant  Islamic  Beast  is  going  to  fall; only to be replaced by yet another giant Beast  with 10 Horns !!!  Islam  will 'NOT' dominate the planet during the Tribulation and neither will : China, Russia nor  the  USA;  GOD  has  declared  that  it  will be  a  Roman  Beast  with  Ten  Horns !!!  ( Daniel 7 : 23 )