Monday, September 5, 2016


The  truth  is  that  planet  Earth   is  the  site  of  an  ongoing war  between  Satan and  his  fallen  Angels and  Michael and  the  Angels still  loyal  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY.   The  epic  1979  film  'Apocalypse  Now'  set  about  the  Vietnam  War  has  "NOTHING"  on  the  real  and  true  battle  that  is  'STILL"  going  on  for  the   eternal  destiny  of  billions+  of  human  souls.  In  the  1979  film  a  very 'high  up  in the ranks'  U.S. Army  Colonel  rebels  and  goes  rogue   and   deep  in  the  Cambodian  jungle  he  is  begun  to  be  worshipped  as  a  god  by  the  local  indigenous and  primitive  tribe there; sounds  familiar ?

Many   of  the  upcoming  'horrors'  of  the  final  and  upcoming  Tribulation  period  of  7  years have  already  happened  on  planet  Earth  'here  and  there'   on  a  'limited  basis'  on  planet  Earth throughout  human  history.   What  separates  and  distinguishes   the  upcoming Final  7 Year Tribulation  Period   from  all  other    epochs  of  human  history  here  on  planet  Earth  is  that GOD  ALMIGHTY   is  going  to   unleash  21  judgments  'one  after  another'  on  an  unrepentant  and  rebellious world.  In  today's  article  this student  of  Bible  Prophecy   will  try  to  demonstrate  that  if  'human  history'  is  any  guide   most  of  humanity  doesn't  stand  a  chance   to  what  is  coming  upon  planet  Earth  in  our lifetime.

Some :  secular  humanists, atheists  and  others  who  have  made  human  governments  'their  god'  truly  believe   that  the  best  of  humanity  'shines  through'  during  the  greatest  of  catastrophes.  If  what happened  on   August  2005  in  New  Orleans  during  hurricane   Katrina  is  any  guide   to the unpreparedness  of  the  U.S. Government  and  FEMA,  then  those  who  truly  believe  that  the government  is  ready  for  what  is  coming  are  deceiving  themselves.  Additionally,  what  also happened   in  New  Orleans  during  Hurricane  Katrina  was  that  even most :  policemen, firemen and  other  safety  officers  literally  abandoned  their  jobs  and  posts  in order  to  help  and  save their  own  families;  because  when  anyone  senses  that  the  end  of  their world  is  at  hand   most  men  behave  like  animals; survival  at any cost is the primordial  and instinctive  goal  and  not  concern  for  their  neighbors  and  fellow  human  beings.

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  would  like  to  believe   that  the  'best  of humanity'  will  shine  during  the  Tribulation  period  "BUT"  most  of  humanity  is  selfish  and what  is  deep  inside  the  human  heart   will  ultimately  come  out  during  that  future  hour  which is  surely  coming  upon  all  those  who  dwell  on  planet  Earth.   Satan  himself  who  has  studied mankind  for  centuries  observed  the  selfishness  of  man  'skin for skin'  a  man  will give everything he has to save his own life  ( Job 2 : 4 )   GOD  Almighty   the  HOLY GOD of  Israel  is going  to  'TEST'  all  those  who  belong  to  this  corrupt  world  and  who  have rejected :  His  Holy WORD,  His Commandements  and   His  only  Son :  JESUS  CHRIST .       ( Revelation 3 : 10 )

The  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  21  sequential   judgements  from  GOD  Almighty  during  the  upcoming  7  year  Tribulation  period  (  7 seals, 7  Trumpets,  7  Bowls )   these  21  judgements  will  overwhelm  most  of  the  nations  on  planet  Earth, it  will  be  like  having  one  major  global  catastrophe  after  another  every   3  months  for  7  years  !!!  Insurance  companies  are  going  to  collapse,  governments  are  going  to  collapse, Corporations  are  going  to  collapse,  entire  economies  are  going  to  collapse  and  that  is  why  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  are  going  to  unite  with  one  goal  in  mind  amidst   an  entire  planet    on  the  brink  of  total  chaos   !!!  Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  Himself   stated  that  heart  attacks   alone would  kill   many  during  that  period   !!!  (  Men's  hearts  failing them for fear , and for looking after those things which are coming  upon  the  Earth   !!!    (  Luke  21 : 26 )

A  Modern  Holocaust :  From  April  to  July  in  1994  in  Rwanda, Africa  almost  one  million  Tutsi's  were  murdered,  it  was  a  modern  genocide  and  the  United  Nations  who  did  have  a  military  presence  in  the  country   literally  abandoned  the  Tutsi  minority.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  of  this  because   some  'naive  fools'  truly  believe  that  the  United  Nations  is  going  to  save  the  world  one  day, the  truth  is  that  the  UN  is  a  Beast  with  no teeth  !!!  According  to  Bible  Prophecy  more  Holocausts  are  coming  and   just  like  almost  no country  did  anything  to  stop  the  holocaust  of  one  million  people  not  too  long  ago  in Rwanda  the  same  will  be  true  of  the  holocaust's  that  are  coming; that  is  why  the  state  of Israel  has  every  right   to  have  a  nuclear  program.  Most  have  nations  of  this  planet   have  so many  'ethnic  problems'  of  their  own  that  they  cannot  afford  to  help  other  nations  as it  is. History  has  shown  us  that  there  is  "NO"  'peace  and  security'   in  trusting  others  for  the  security  of one's  own  nation,  most  of  the  nations  of  this  planet  did  "NOT"  do  much  to  help  the  Jews   during  the  Holocaust  and  most  of  the  nations  also  did  "NOT" do  much  to  stop  the  genocide   that  took  place  in  1994  in  Rwanda,  Africa  !!!  It  is  also  "NO"  secret  that  ISIS  and  Boko  Harom  and  other  Islamic  Terrorist  groups   are  on   a  genocide   drive   against  all  Christians  in  the  Middle  East   and  in  North  Africa  and   you  don't  see  the  UN  nor  Obama  doing  much  to  stop   this  genocide  against  Christians and we are not even  in the  Tribulation  yet  !!!

Famines :  During  the  1980's  a  series  of  droughts  and  heatwaves  ( among other  things*) created   a  massive  famine  throughout  several   African  countries.  Millions  of  African  people were  starving  and  it  is  estimated  that  eventually  over  a  million  ultimately  starved   to  death in  just  in  these  two  countries  of  Africa  in  Ethiopia  and  Somalia.  Fortunately,  many  world  governments  and  global  institutions   poured  in  millions  of  dollars  via  food  donations,  international  help  was  slow  to  come  because  African  countries  lacked  good  infrastructure  and  lines  of  communication  and  distribution  to  distribute  such  a  global  aid.  Additionally,  it  was  no  secret  that  millions  of  dollars  and   food  aid   were  stolen  by  local  governments  and  strongmen  in  local  militias  that  should  have  been  distributed  to  the  starving  people  in  these  African  countries.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  you  to  understand   that  the  Global  Institutions  of  the  world   were  extremely  slow  in  ultimately  coming  to  the  aid  of  these  starving  African  countries  in   the  past  and  he  wants  you  to  understand  that  the  Book  of  Revelation   'guarantees'  that  a  global  famine  is  coming  upon  planet  Earth  when  the  2nd  Horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  is  unleashed  and  if  history  is  any  guide   most  of  the  nations  on  this  planet  are  "NOT"  going  to  be  in  any  position  to  share  their  food  supplies  during  that  horrible  time.

Nuclear  Catastrophe :  In  April  of  1986  the  Soviets  had  a  great  nuclear  accident  in  Chernobyl  and   they  did  "NOT"  warn  their  neighbors.  For  several  days   nuclear  radiation  made  its  way  all  the  way  to  Europe.  Eventually  over  350,000+  people  were  evacuated   and  it  is  no  secret  that   many  of  those  people  were  exposed  to  dangerous  and  lifelong  levels  of  radiation  which  have  severely   affected  their  health  and  lifespan.  On  March, 2011  in  Fukushima,  Japan  a  great  earthquake  produced  a  Tsunami  that  ultimately  led  to  the  nuclear  meltdown  of  its  reactors.  Since  the  nuclear  accident  the  Japanese   government   has  led  a  successful  campaign  in  keeping   things  under  wraps; the truth is that  a large   part of the Japanese  diet  ( fish*)  has  been  contaminated  by  the   nuclear  radiation  that  will  be  present  for  decades  in  and  around  the  Japanese  Seas.  Today  in  2016,  we  now  know  that  all  of  the  technicians  who  worked  inside  of  those  nuclear  reactors  are  all  dead  due  to  having  absorbed  large  doses  of  radiation.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   mentions  these  two  nuclear  accidents/incidents  to  tell  you  that  "NO"  government  on  planet  earth  is  truly  prepared  for  any  nuclear  war,  neither  the  Soviet  Union  and  Japan  were even   prepared  to  deal  with  a  nuclear  accident,  much  less  nuclear  war  and  according  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible   nuclear  war  is  coming  to  planet  Earth.

Civil  Wars :  Not  many  people  are  aware  that  one of the largest  and  deadliest  civil wars  in  history  took place  in  China  during the years of 1850-1864, the Taiping  Civil War   produced  some  30  million  deaths, most deaths  were  attributed  to  famine  and  plagues  that  follow  any  prolonged  armed  conflict.  Presently  in 2016,  there are  numerous  ongoing  civil wars raging in :  South  America, Africa, Asia  and  obviously  in  the  Middle  East.  These  civil  wars  have  the  potential  to  explode  into  greater  conflicts;  such  as  what  is  happening  in  Syria  and  Nigeria.  The  Tribulation  period  has  "NOT"  yet  even  begun  and  a  large  part  of  this  world  is  already  mired  in  ongoing  armed  conflicts  with  no  end  in  sight.  It  is  also  "NO"  secret  that  there  is  already  an  ongoing  civil  war  in  the  Islamic  religion  raging  between  the  Shiites  and  the  Sunnis  as  to  who  will  dominate  the  Islamic  religion  and  the  Islamic  region.  The  Biblical  Prophecies  'guarantee'  that  the  world  is  going  to  explode  into  numerous  civil  wars  during  the  Tribulation  period, even  more  so  than  it  is  now  !!!                  (  Revelation  6 : 4 )

The  Rise  of  Hitler :  Amidst  economic  and  military  chaos,   Germany   in  1922-1923  seemed  to  have  no  future.  Hyperinflation  was  running  amok  people  were  desperate,  their  elected  leader  and  government   had  failed  them;  'alas'   until   a  survivor  of  World  War  I,  a  man   named  Adolph  Hitler  from  Austria   who  was  near  death  on  'two  ocassions'   was  somehow   saved  from  near  death  and  in  his  heart  was  something  called  'revenge'  that  kept  on  growing.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   mentions  Hitler  because  the  GOD  of  the  Holy  Bible   warns  us  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  Daniel,   that   another  one  the  likes  of  Hitler  will  ascend  to  power  during  the  final  days;   but  only  this  time  he  is  "NOT"  going  to  make  the  same  mistakes  that   crippled  Hitler  conquests  during  World  War  II.   In  the  future,  the  European  Union  is  going  to  produce  yet  another  totalitarian  and  he  is  going  to  military  attack  and  conquer   much  of  the  Middle  East;  Israel  included;  just  like  the  ancient  Roman  Empire  did  during  the  time  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!!

Economic  Collapse :  During  the  years  of  1998-2002  the  South  American  country  of  Argentina  went  through  a  great  depression.  It  is  now  known  that  the  Russian  and  Brazilian  financial  crises  during  the  late  1990's   directly  and  indirectly  caused  the  Argentinian  economy  to  go  into  a  tailspin  and  as  a  result;  massive  widespread : unemployment,  hyperinflation, riots  and  the  ultimate  fall of  the  government  as  well  as   the  default  on  its  international  loan  obligations.   The  Biblical  Prophecies  guarantee  that  what  happened   to  Argentina's  economy  during  the  late  1990's  is  going  to  repeat  itself  on  a  global  scale  in  the  future  during  the  7  year  Tribulation  period;  as  it  is  today  in  2016   most  of  the  190+  sovereign  countries  on  planet  Earth    are  near  bankruptcy  or   their  economic  system  is  already  pegged  to  either  the  U.S. Dollar  or  the  EURO.  The  666  Mark  of  the  Beast  will  be  introduced  only  'AFTER'  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  make  their  world  tour  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  interprets  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  as  the  purveyors  of  World  War  III.

Spread  of  Super  Viruses:    Experts  at  the  Center  for  Disease Control  ( CDC )  know  fully  well that   it  is  just  a  matter  of  time  before  a  new  and  super  strain  of  :  Ebola, Zika   and  others Viral  Diseases  will  emerge in the future  that  will  have  no  cure   with  current  vaccines.   According   to  the  Biblical  Prophecy  found  in  Revelation   6 : 8,  The 4th and last  'Pale Horsemen'  will  produce  awful  plagues  and  diseases  brought  about  with  the help of wild animals and  it  is  interesting to note that   'Ebola'  is  a  plague  that  jumps  from  animals  to  humans  ( transferred from animals to humans*).   If  there  is  one  thing  that  every  medical  Doctor  or Historian  knows  is  that  shortly  after  any  'prolonged  war'   when  human bodies   are left  rotting; diseases  quickly  begin  to  spread  and  that  is  exactly  what  will  happen  when  the  4 Horsemen of the   Apocalypse   gallop  through  planet  earth  in  the  future  during  World  War  III.

In  conclusion,   this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  shown  you  through  various  examples  how 'ill  prepared'  the  world  is   to  what  is  coming  upon  planet  earth  in  the  not  so  distant  future.  If  history  is  any  guide   the  vast  majority  of  the  nations  of  this  world  are  "NOT"  even  closely  prepared   to   ultimately  help  their  citizens  when  'all  hell  breaks  loose'  during  the  Tribulation  period.  In  the  past   virtually  all  the  humanitarian  agencies  of  the  world  dragged  their  feet  to  help   those  in  need.   Additionally,  bureaucracy,  language  barriers, indemic  corruption  at  all  levels  and   poor  infrastructures   did  not  allow  help  to  reach  on  a  timely  basis  those  most  in  need.  As  you  can  see  the  United  Nations   can  "NOT"  solve  most  of  the  global  problems  and  wars  that  are  raging  planet  Earth  right  now  !!!   How  can  anyone  expect  them  to  solve  them  in  the  future  when  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  things  will  only  get  much, much  worse  ?

It  gives  me  "NO"  pleasure  to   crunch  the  numbers  and  totals;   "BUT"  according  to  the  Book of   Revelation, 25%  of  the  population  of  this  planet   perishes  solely during the  time  of  the  4 Horsemen, then  another   'one-third' of the world's population perishes   in Revelation 9 : 14, and when  we  add   all  of   7 plagues, 7 bowls and 7 Trumpet  judgements  'conservatively speaking'  it  is  estimated  that   another  20%  of the world's population dies from these : plagues, bowl and trumpet  judgements; that  leaves   only  some   1.5-2 billion  people  alive  when  our  Lord  Jesus Christ   physically returns   !!!   (  this  means  that  around  80%  of  the  world's  population  will "NOT" survive   all  the  death  and  destruction  of  the   7 year  Tribulation  period  ***)

BY :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   has  been  studying  the  Book  of  Revelation  for  years  and  each  time  he  studies  and  reads  the  Book  of  Revelation  he  learns  something  new,  it  truly  is  a  great  blessing   to  read  and  keep  the  words  and  the  message  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation.  This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  "NOT"  delight  in  the  death  of  the  wicked  nor  of  the  unrepentant  sinner;   he  knows  that  he  too   deserves  the  fire  of  hell  "BUT"   because  of  what  Jesus  Christ  did  on  the  Cross  of  Calvary  he  knows  that  he  is  saved  by  the  shed   blood  of  Jesus  Christ  and  by  the  pure  grace  and  mercy   of   an  Almighty  and  Loving  GOD  !!!