Saturday, March 5, 2016


You  and   I  are   witnessing  the  initial  stages  that  will   serve to  propel   the  'Little  Horn'  into  power   somewhere in the EU and   that  will   also  greatly  serve  to  'Pull  in'   the  European's into the  Middle  East  in  Prophesied  future  wars.  Whether they want  to  admit  it  or  not,  several  key  EU  countries   are home to  numerous   'Sleeping  Islamic  Terrorists  Cells'  that   will   ultimately   force   some  EU  countries   to  declare  'Martial Law'  in  the  future   as   Islamic  inspired  terrorist  attacks  accelerate  the  need  for  a   more  unified :  political  and   military  response  against   Islamic  terrorism  on  European cities.  Such   attacks  will   ultimately  serve  to  consolidate  and   give   much  power  over  to  a single  EU  politico  just  as  Bible  Prophecy guarantees  !!!    Islamic  terrorists,  unknowingly    will  help  to   give  rise  to  a  man   'ten  times  worse'  than  Adolph  Hitler  and  such  a  man  will   ultimately  destroy  Mecca   &  then  he  will  set  his  sights  on  Jerusalem    to  fulfill  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation   !!!'   Islamic  Jihadists   are  about  to  open  a  'Pandora's  Box'   that   will  ultimately cost   millions  of  Islamic  lives  in  the  future   when  the   endtimes  'Little  Horn'  turns  the  tables  on  them  (  blowback  )  and   launches : great  terror,  death  and  destruction    upon  several  Arab  Islamic  countries.            ( Daniel 2 : 40,   Revelation 13 : 4 , Daniel  11 : 40  &  Psalm  83 War )  

The  European  Union  as  a  geopolitical  entity  has  been  undergoing an  'UNPLANNED'  transformation  for  some  time  now;  many  who  have  predicted  its  demise  and  implosion  have  been  proven  wrong;  this includes   so  called  'secular  geopolitical   experts'  as  well  as  some  'Bible  Prophecy  Teachers'  this  insignificant  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  claim  to  have any  special  revelation  "BUT"  was  created  and  launched  over  16+ years  ago  to   patiently : analyze,  interpret  and  observe  the  rebirth,  transformation   and constant  restructuring  of  this : political, economic  and  military  giant  of  a  Beast  that  is carrying  within  it  the embryo   of  the  final   endtimes  Beast  with  10  Horns,   described  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  with  the : permission, direction  and  anointing  of  the  Holy  Spirit ''  may  become  the  first   on  planet  Earth  to  correctly  put   a  name  on  the  Beast  that  even  the  Prophet  Daniel  did  not  fully  understand  because   only  the  final  generation   and  the  'wise'   who  were  to  be  living  in  the  last  days   would  be  able  to  understand  the  words  and  visions  that  the  Prophet  Daniel  was told to seal  up !        (  Daniel  12 : 10  ) 

(((  Special  Update  )))   Look  for  continued  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks   throughout  several EU  cities  in  the  future  that  will   accelerate    the  changing  of  many  EU  laws  to  address the  Jihadi  Islamic  threat...Islamic  terrorist  attacks  will  continue throughout  several  EU cities  in  the  future;   very  simply  because  part  of  the  EU  is  in  denial  that   it  is  home  to a  great  Islamic  'Ticking  Time  Bomb'   of   hundreds  of  thousands  of  Islamic  young  men that   suffer   from  chronic  unemployment  and  disillusionment  with   Western  culture.  ISIS is  exploiting  these   Islamic  minds  via  the  internet;  Eastern  European   countries on  the other   hand   don't   suffer  as  much  such  an  Islamic  'Ticking time bomb'   threat,  very simply  because  unlike their  Western  EU  counterparts  they   never opened  their  doors  to   millions  of   Muslims  be  they  legal  or  illegal.   Truly,   Belgium   is  in  denial  that   it  was blindly  invaded  by  Islam.  Brussels  is  home  to  a  big  Islamic   community   that   is  a great  potential  threat   to  NATO's  headquarters  as  well as  to  the headquarters  of  the European Union.   "Brussels,  the  Barbarians  are  not  at  your  gate; they are now inside of  it and they don't  care  about   'International  Laws."   The  evidence   indicates  that  Islamic  militants would blow  up  a  Belgian  nuclear  plant  if  they  could.   It  is  clear  that  the  Belgian  intelligence   underestimated   an  Islamic  terrorist  attack  on  its'  soil  when   they  ignored  so  many warnings  from   other  foreign  intelligence  agencies  !!!  

The  EU  is  much  closer  to  the Middle  East  than  the  U.S.  and  Islamic  Terrorist  groups   don't  like  to  waste  any opportunity  to  strike  at   American  interests  be  these :  companies, embassies  or  tourist centers...After  September  11, here in America  the  'Patriot  Act'   greatly  affected  some freedoms  that  we  once  enjoyed, thanks  to  continued  Islamic  attacks   our  freedoms  in  the Western  world  are  being   cut  and  trampled  on  as  we  get  closer  and  closer  to  a  martial law  state.  The  EU  countries  that  accepted   hundreds  of  thousands  of  Islamic  'refugees'   naively  and  unknowingly  opened  the  door   to  a  new  generation  of   a  'Trojan  Horse.'   A  great  percentage  of  the  Islamic  refugees  were  men  between  the  ages  of  20-30  years  of  age;  this  is  the prime  age  for  Islamic   Terrorist  recruits  !!!  Well,  now  you  know  why  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  attack   the  'King  of  the  South'  in  the  future  and  why  the  future  EU  of  10  King's  will  ultimately   conquer  much  of  the  Middle  East  in  the  last  days  ( just like  in the Roman Empire  days*)   because  Islamic  aggression  is  going  to  give  it  a  great   excuse;  just  like   when  the  U.S.  invaded  parts  of  the  Middle  East   during  Operation  Desert  Storm  & Operation Enduring Freedom  etc.

..Some  top  EU  leaders  are  already  calling  for  the Shenghen  Agreement  ( Treaty )  to  be  revised  because  Europe's  open  borders  are  creating an  ideal  environment  which  Islamic  Terrorists  are  exploiting;  several  EU  countries   who have   large numbers  of  Muslims  were  already  struggling  with  :  rioting, civil disobedience and   high unemployment  levels   in their  Muslim  communities;   the  increasing  number  of Islamic immigrants  are  only  going  to  make  things  even  more  challenging.   

   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  stated  that   most  Muslims  will  be  persecuted  and expelled  from  the   EU  in  the  future;  during  the  Tribulation  period   by  the  actions  and reactions  of  the  future  'Little  Horn'  and   the  evidence  herein  presented   is  why:   "Islamic militants  will    wage  a   9-11  on  European  soil  in  the  future"  and  the  EU-10  will  destroy Mecca  and   invade   several  Middle  eastern   Islamic  countries  during the Tribulation  in retribution  !!!  

     In  2006, the  then  French  President : Jacques  Chirac  may  have 'unknowingly'  made  a   Prophetic   declaration  when  he  publicly  announced  that  France  would  be  ready to launch a  targeted nuclear  strike  against  any  state that carried  out  a  terrorist  attack on  French soil  !!!
     Within this century  and  generation;  the  Europeans  have   had to  overcome  German  domination via  Hitler and his NAZI's, then  they  endured  and  overcame  the  threat of  Soviet domination for over  four  decades  as  the Soviet Union   literally annexed  most  of  Eastern  Europe  and  today   the  European's feel   that   militant  Islam   and  its  millions  of  adherents   have become  the  new  threat  of  Europe  and  correct  they  are  !!! This  student of  Bible  Prophecy  is  "NOT"   is  not  an  adherent   of  'politically  correctness'   I'm  here  to  tell  you  that  if  the  top  EU  officials  ignore  this   issue  some  Muslim's   will  begin  to  do  to  some  European  cities   and  capitals  in the future  what  they  did   to  their  own  Islamic  cities  and capitals that  they  left  behind  fleeing  for  their  lives and what  they have been trying to do to Israel !!! The 'Sharia  Law  ideology'  that   threatened their   lives  and  freedoms  back  home  in their own  Islamic  countries   is   oddly  enough  the same   one  that  some  immigrant  Muslims  are trying  to  recreate   in  European  cities   !!!  This student of  history  calls  it  the 'Lebanization of  Europe'  some  European's  call it the new 'Balkanization of  Europe', regardless  of what they want  to  call  it  'officially'  the   European's  are  waking  up  and demanding   that  their borders  and  failed  immigration policies  be   revised   before it's  too  late !!!  In  a   way  it  is a  good thing  that  the Europeans themselves  get  to  taste  and  experience  what  Israel  has been  experiencing  for  decades : 'The True  Face  of  Islam  !!!'   In  the  West,  Muslims   boldly  demand   their  'human  rights'  but  in the  Middle  East  where  they  are  hands  down the  majority  they   rarely  honor  the  'human  rights'  of  non-Muslim  minorities  !!!

Initially,  the  EU  faced the problem  of  getting too big too fast with 28 nations  and  counting, then came the  Greek crisis, then the  Eurozone  crisis  and  a  revival of Russian aggression near its borders  in Eastern Europe didn't help  any;  now the  Syrian migrant crisis and if all that wasn't enough; most   EU countries feel  that they are stuck in a  never  ending recession  and yet on top of it  all  Britain is threatening yet again to  exit the EU  if an upcoming national referendum  fails !   With all of these  challenges  and  dilemmas  facing  the  EU,  it  is  easy  to  understand  why  some  'Bible Prophecy Teachers'  who  are  reading   more  into  'Sensationalist News  Headlines'   than  diligently  studying   the Biblical  Prophecies;   are   basing   more  and  more  their  Eschatological  Theology  on  'Secular  News  Headlines'  are  quick  to predict  the dissolution of the European Union  and  the  rise  of  an   Islamic  Caliphate.   This student  of Bible  Prophecy  knows that  the  Holy  Scriptures  "GUARANTEE"  that  the  EU will ultimately  produce  the  10  Horned  Beast  of  Revelation, I know that  it  isn't  going  to be pretty,  but  when  all  is  said  and  done  and  all  the  'smoke  of  chemical and biological  & limited  nuclear  weapons'  clears  all over  the  Mediterranean Region,  the  EU  which  carries the  embryo  of  the  final  10  Horned  Beast  will  be  left  standing  and  will ultimately   give birth  to  that  final  10  Horned  Roman  Beast  of  Revelation,  amidst   so  many upcoming : wars,  natural  disasters  and  terrorists  acts  that  will  surely  pave  the  way  for the  rise  of the  upcoming  'Little  Horn'  in  the  future  !!!    

While  : Russia, China,  ISIS  , Iran,  North Korea, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati  and others may  be  plotting  secretly  for global  domination the  'blunt  truth' of  it  all  is that  Thee  Holy GOD  of  Israel   long  ago: wrote, edited  and  finalized  the  ending  of  the  history  of  planet Earth  and   it  'SHALL'  all end   just  as   it  is  written  in  the  Prophecies  of : Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah  and  the Book of   Revelation   !!!..."NOT"  even  Satan  can  undo  what GOD  ALMIGHTY   long  ago decreed,  much  less  all  the  armies  of  this  entire  planet !

If  you  study  a  map  of  the  Mediterranean  Sea  you   will  clearly  see  that  there  are  3  Key  Regional  powers  fighting  for  control  and  dominance  of  the  Mediteranean;  the  EU, the  Islamic  countries  and  Russia;  there  was  a  time  not  too  long  ago  when  the  British  Navy  dominated  much  of  the  Mediterrean Sea  when the British Empire  dominated the seas, but time  has  changed  things   and   it  now  seems  to  be  a  'free  for  all.'   Even  though  Russia's  Putin   has  ordered  a  "Partial"  withdrawal  of  Russian forces  in  Syria  (  he  most  certainly  did  "NOT"  order  a  total  withdrawal  !!!  )  Russia   now  has  a  Naval  presence  in  the  Mediterranean  via  Syria  and  I  doubt  Putin  is  going  to   totally  abandon  and  relinquish  such  a  strategic   foothold  there;  and  if  you  didn't  know  Israel  itself  has   a  nuclear  presence  there  too  via  its  Dolphin  Class  nuclear  submarines  !!!

     This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  fully  well  that  there  are  several  'Bible Prophecy  Teachers  &  Experts'  who   are  teaching  that  the  future  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will   have  an  Islamic  background and   they  are  "ALL"  wrong !!!   I'm  not  here  to  argue  or  to  debate  anyone;  for   this  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY knows  that  the  HOLY  SPIRIT   will  personally  reward   all those   that  correctly  teach  the Biblical  Prophecies   to  this  'Final  Generation'  and  that  is  what  drives  this  student  of Bible  Prophecy;  the  reward that  GOD  offers for all those who are faithful  servants  who abide  in  His  WORD  and  the very  anointing  of  the  Holy  Spirit  &  not  my  ego ! 

     Many  years  ago  when  was  launched  this  imperfect  vessel  of  the  Holy  Spirit  prayed   and  asked   the  Holy  Spirit  to  guide  me  to  all  truth  and  if  it  was  His  will  for  this  servant  of  His  to   be  a  useful   vessel  for  the  whole  Body  of  Christ  so  be  it  at  all  costs  !!!    If  you  stick  around  we  will  learn  together   about  future  events that   they  can't  teach  you  at :  Annapolis,  at the CIA, FBI,  NSA   nor  that  even   Mossad   has  remotely  forseen  nor  imagined;  for  it  is  the  Holy  Spirit  who will  reveal  to  us  the things  that  are  to  come  ( John 16 : 3 )   This  useless  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  does  "NOT"  claim  any  special  revelations  nor  dreams  nor  visions;  he  is  just  diligently   studying  the  Biblical  Prophecies   and  World  History  and  trying  to   learn  from  all  the  patterns  that  emerge;   for  there  is  truly  nothing  new  under  the  sun; that  which  was  shall  be  !!!

There  are  three  major  endtimes  signs  given   to us  by  the Biblical  Prophecies   that  serve  as  a  major  confirmation  to the true  and  discerning  believer  that  confirm  to  our  spirit that  we indeed   are  the 'final generation'  and these three  are  : Israel's 1948 rebirth, the rebirth  of  the 4th  Roman  Beast  & the  preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ  unto all the world.  Luke 21 : 29, Matthew  24 : 14  )

The  latests  news  and  intelligence  reports  out  of  the  EU  indicate that  there  is  much  uncertainty  about  the  future  of  the  'EU Experiment.'   There  is  also  this  'not  so  secret  resentment'   between  the  poorer  Southern EU  countries  against  the  richer  EU  Northern  countries  as  to  who  will  ultimately  pay  for  all  social  services  that  will  be  needed  of  these  new  Islamic  Immigrants,  especially  at  a  time  when  most  EU  countries   feel  that  they  are  clearly  in  a  recession.

     While  some of  the  Northern  members of the EU  are inviting  and  opening  their  borders  to  Islamic  Immigrants,   the Southern  EU  countries  are  paying  most of  the costs  on  their  borders and  resentment is growing  !!!  As  Islamic  Immigrants  from  war torn  Syria  flood  Greece's  and  Italy's borders;  hundreds  of  thousands  of  other  waves of  Islamic  Immigrants  from  all over North  Africa  are  also  pouring  in  any which  way they  can !!!  Presently,  the  EU  lacks  any 'Iron Strong  Politician'   who  is  not  afraid  to  close  its  southern  borders  ( but you and I know that  one is coming  who most definitely  will * )   which  are  presently  almost  being over  run  by  Illegal  immigrants. For the most part  EU leaders  have  not  strongly  called  upon  the Arab  League  and  Turkey  to  do  their  part  and  help  their  own  Muslim  brothers  and  sisters who  seek  physical  salvation  in  non-Islamic  countries  !!!  What  hypocrisy,  Islamic  countries   such  as :Saudi  Arabia, Turkey  and  Iran  are  most  certainly  "NOT"  allowing  their  own  Islamic  brothers  fleeing   war  to  settle  in  their  own  lands  !!!

And  if  that  wasn't  enough to  worry  about  for  the  EU  member  countries,  reports  are  coming in that  indicate  that  Putin  and  Turkey  are  enjoying  all  the  chaos  and  discomfort  that  all  these Islamic  Immigrants  are  causing  the  EU.  Turkey,  it  seems  is  getting its  own  kind  of  revenge for  not  being  admitted  officially  into  the  European  Union  and  is  allowing  hundreds of thousands of Syrians and others to  cross its  borders, so long as they don't stay in Turkey and head directly into the EU  and  Putin has been  waging a not so  behind the  scenes propaganda campaign to  get back  at  Angela Merkel  for  her  endorsement of sanctions against Russia  for  the  forced annexation of Crimea  by  Russian  troops. Additional  intelligence  reports  indicate  that  Putin  seeks   to  divide  and  conquer  not  only  EU  countries  but  also  NATO, it  seems  that   most  have  been  underestimating  what  Putin  and  the  Russian  forces are doing  in  Syria !

 In  the  meantime,  Germany's  Chancellor :  Angela  Merkel   recently  made  thee  greatest  political  blunder  of  her   career  that  is  "CERTAIN"  to  come  back  to  haunt  her  and  her  legacy  for  years  to  come  !!!   (  When  some  of the Islamic  Immigrants  now  being  allowed  into German  cities  start  rioting  and   becoming  Jihad  volunteers   against  Germany  in the future;  you  will  understand  what this student of Bible Prophecy  fully  meant* )   Angela Merkel  is  "NOT"  one  of  the  10  King's  of  Revelation, she  must  leave  power  first  before  such Prophecy  is  even  close  to  being  fulfilled; Merkel is on her way  out  !!!   The  European's  have quickly  removed  the  'Welcome  Mat'  for  the  hundreds  of  thousands  of  Islamic  Immigrants who  are  trying  to  pour  through  its  southern  borders  and  even  Germany's  Angela  Merkel  is   already  showing  remorse  for  "NAIVELY"   promising to allow  over  a  million  Muslims  to  settle in  Germany  !!!

 This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  feel  sorry  for  the  European Union  nor  for  the  Muslims,(  both of  these  have been  great   historical  enemies of  the Jews*)   I  state  this  because  some  teachers  and  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  teaching  that  the European  Union  will  eventually   be  converted   to  Islam  due  to  all  the  "Muslim  Immigrants" pouring  through  all  the  southern  borders  of  the  EU.  Other  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  are also  erroneously  predicting  that  the  entire  European  Union  will  collapse  and  dissolve  and thus allow  10  Islamic  countries  to  form  some  type  of  a  Caliphate.  The  'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  the 4th  Roman  Beast   started  Roman  and  ends  up  being  Roman,  the  Angel  told  the  Prophet Daniel  that  the  difference  between  the  4th  Beast  and  the  other  3  that  preceded  it  was  that the  4th  and  final  Beast   would  be  led  by  10  King's  !!!

Angela  Merkel  who  has  presided  for  some  of  the  most  properous  period  of  the  German  economy   "WILL"  forever  regret  her  decision  of  allowing  up  to  a  million  new  Muslims  into  Germany.  You  better  believe  that  Germany  will  be  a  victim  of  future  terrorist  attacks  by  some  of  the  young  Muslims  who  it  naively  allowed  into  its  cities.  The  'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  in  France  some  of  the  new  Islamic  Immigrants  were  directly  responsible  for  the  terrorist  attacks  there  and  the  hour  is  coming  when  the  same  will  happen  not  only  in  Germany  cities  but  in  several  European  Cities  were  large  numbers  of  Muslims  are  concentrated, the 'blunt  truth'  is  that  most  Muslims   do  not  care  assimilating  or  integrating  into  the  new  culture  of  Europe,  they  eventually try to exploit  European  democracy  and  request   'Sharia  Law'  in  their  neighborhood  be  it  in : France,  England  or  the  Neatherlands  !!!

(((  Don't  get  me  wrong  or  misinterpret  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ;   what  the  Arab  League, the United  Nations, the U.S. and the European  Union  should  have  done  to  address   great  numbers  of  Syrians  being  displaced  by  the  ongoing  Civil  War  was  to  create  a  safe  zone  within  the  Northern  part  of  Syria  "Protected"  and  manned  by  an  international  force  of  : UN, U.S. , NATO, Arab League   etc,  )))

As  the  growing  anti-immigrant   spirit  grows  throughout  most  of  Europe, the  far right nationalist   parties  have  been  growing  too.  In  France,  months  ago  it  appeared  that   Marine  Le Pen  the 'National  Front'  was  about  to  sweep the regional  elections  through various  parts of France  there  was  a  big  surprise;  Sarkozy's  Party   'The  Republicains' managed  to  defeat  them  !!!   For  all  intensive  purposes  that  defy  logic;  Sarkozy  is  still  politically  alive  in   the  midst  of  so  many  odds  against  him  !!!  The  French  Presidential  elections  are  in  2017  and  this  November of  2016; Sarkozy   will  announce  weather  or  not  he  will  seek  the  2017  French  Presidency; like  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  stated  before;  "ANYTHING"  can  happen  in  the  meantime  in  France  and  in  the  world  that  could  end  or  re-propel  Sarkozy's  ultimate  rise or  fall !

Ladies  and  Gentlemen,  fellow  believers  in  Christ's  soon  return,  it  is  getting  ever  closer and   closer.  The  technology  to  implement  the  666  Mark  is  here  and  getting even  better  and  better, smaller and smaller  with  each  new  generation  of  technological  improvements.  Meanwhile  Russian  troops  are  now  within   miles  of  the  Israeli  border  via  Syria  and  the  Mediterranean  region  is  brewing  as  if  an  underground  Volcano  was  about  to  explode  in  the  region  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  here  to  tell  you  that   regardless  of  what  'may  or  may  not'   happen  to  the  present  European  Union   composed  of  28  nations,  Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"  that   it  will  ultimately  prevail  and  give  birth  to  the  10  Horned  Beast  of  Revelation, in the end   Putin and his Russian  fleet  will  be  ultimately  kicked  out  of  the  Mediterranean, the Beast  with 10  Horns   will  ultimately  invade  and  conquer  most  of  the  Mediterranean  Region  just  like  the  ancient  Roman  Empire  did  in  the  past,  ( what all  4  Beasts of Daniel all have in common is that they  all  dominated  the  Mediterranean Region in the past as well as physically  managed  to  conquer  Israel  itself   militarily  speaking  !!!  Wars  are  coming that  will  cripple :  Russia,  the U.S.A  and  most  Islamic  countries  and  will  force   what  will  be  left  of  the  EU   to   rise  to  the  occasion  and  reinvent  itself  before  the  world   as :  "The  Beast  who  was  and  is  not  and  is  yet  to  be  !!!"

 Let  me  explain  to  you  why  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  doesn't  feel  sorry  for  the  Europeans;  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  the  4th  and  final  Roman  Beast  will  dominate  most  of  the  world   during  the  Great  Tribulation, what   Islamic  Fundamentalists  are  doing  to  Christians  all  over  the  Middle  east  and  Africa   will  pale  in  comparison  to  what  the  "Little  Horn"  and  his  10  Horned  Kingdom  will   not  only  do  to  new  Christians  and  Jews  but  also  to  the  Muslims  themselves  !!!  The  truth  is  that  Satan  is  and  has  been  deceiving  the  entire  world  for  many  centuries  now  and   men  are  too  spiritually  blind  to  notice  it  !!!

...Please  don't   buy  into  the  idea  that  the  entire  European  Union  and  the  Euro  are  going  to  totally  break  apart  and  dissolve; this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Watchman  has  been  hearing  such  rumors   since  began  in  1999  and  the  EU  has  continued  till  this  day  !!!  Yes,  the  Eurozone  and  the  $ EURO  are  teetering  on  the  brink  of  a  potential  collapse,  "BUT"  the  truth  is  that  "Most"  of  the  world  economic  giants  are  in  a  very  similar  position; I  remember  not  too  long  ago  someone  predicting  that  the  BRIC  Nations  would  eventually  overtake  the  European  Union   "BUT"  today  all  that  has  changed, Brazil's  economy  is  in  a  great   recession  of  its  own  and  China's  stock  market   has  recently  suffered  a  version  of  it  own  'Black  Monday.'   Most  of  the  top  world  economic  powers  long  ago  entered  into  a  digital  economy   and  they  also  long  ago,  stopped  printing  real  currency  and  started  authorizing   digital  currency   backed  by  nothing  much  but  governmental  authorizations  !!!

     The  'Blunt  Truth'  is  that  we  here  in  America  are  living  in  one  of  the  greatest  artificially     'Propped  Up'  economic  pyramids  that  this  planet  has  ever  seen, the  American  economy and the U.S.  dollar  are  like  a  'Giant  Castle'   when  viewed  from  afar  it  seems  strong   and indestructible  but  when  viewed  up  closer  and  when  the  financial  books  are  opened  this seemingly  indestructible  castle  and  mansion  long  ago   was  invaded  and  riddled  by  termites, it is only  standing  by  some  unexplained  miracle  and  collapse  it  will  !!!   (  U.S.  leaders  long  ago  decided  to   refinance  and  keep  on  refinancing  the  U.S.  economy  in  fact  America's  future  was  long  ago  mortgaged  over  and  over  again.  There  were  a  handful  of  American generations  that   really got to enjoy   great  pensions  but  eventually  someone  somewhere  in  the  future  has  to  finally  pay  for  decades  of  government   mismanagement,  the  truth  is  that our  national  debt  is  unpayable  and  not  only  do  our  governments  financial  liabilities  keep  growing  exponentially  monthly  and  annually,  but  so  is  the  U.S.  National  Budget  and   it  is only  by  very  creative  'financing  mysteries'  is  it  that  the  day  of  reckoning  keeps  being  pushed  just  a  little  bit  more  with  each  passing  year, the  hour  and  day  is  coming  when   the  U.S.  Dollar  will  be  devalued    and  when  our  political  leaders will  be  left  pointing  fingers  at  each  other, for it was their  predecessors  who  voted  and  chose   to   carry  and  indebt  the  U.S.  with  trillions  of  dollars  !!!   Their  bloated  governement spending   and  political  promises  long  ago   indebted  the  U.S.   it  is   amazing  that    our  economy  has  not  collapsed   "YET"  * )

The  more  that  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  studies  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  the  more  that  he  is  convinced  that  just  as  the  mighty  U.S.  Military  invaded   parts  of  the  Middle  East  during  'Operation  Desert  Storm'  ( Gulf  War )   that  the  future  'Little  Horn"  will  stage  and  launch   a  similar  military  operation  in  the  future  against  various  Arab  Islamic  countries  'me  thinks   that  future  Islamic  Terrorist  attacks  against  European  Cities  and  targets  will  give  the  future   'Little  Horn'   the  perfect  excuse  and  justification  to  unleash   his  'New  and  improved  Blitzkrieg'   against   various  Islamic  countries  !!!

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  foresees  based  on  the  Biblical  Prophecy   a  major  'blow  back'  against   most  Muslims  living  in  the  EU.  News  reports  from  the  EU  indicate  that  most  Europeans  are  realizing  that  it  was  a  "MAJOR"  mistake  to  allow  millions  of  Muslims  into  the  EU.

Don't  get  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wrong,  I  am  "NOT"  here  to  demonize  any  human  being, the  truth  is  that  long  before  you  and  I  were  born   the  Biblical  Prophecies  had  already  been  written; GOD  who  knows  the  end  from  the  beginning  foresaw  all  the  wickedness  of  mankind  and  it  is  "HE"  who  ultimately   controls  and  has  the  last  word  of  "EVERYTHING"  it  is  GOD  Almighty  who  all  through  the  history  of  this  planet   who  raised  up  Gentile  Empires   to  punish  His  chosen  people  the  Jews  !!!

England  continues  to  threaten  to  leave  the  European  Union,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  been  here  observing  the  progression  and  development  of  the  EU  for  almost  2  decades  now  and   I  have  never  considered  Great  Britain  to  be  a  critical  part  of  the  EU, after  all  Britain  has  historically  been  a  great  enemy  of  both  France  and  Germany  and  while  the  British  isles  were  conquered  by  the  Roman  Empire  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  are  going  to  become  a  reality  with  or  without  England.  The  'Little  Horn'  just  needs  3  critical  King's  and  like  I've  stated  before  : Germany, France  and  Italy  shall  produce  3  of  the  10  final  King's  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!

This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  see   a  major  future  for  the  United  Nations  during  the  Great  Tribulation, totalitarians  don't  like  sharing  power, the  4th  Beast  like  the  3  that  preceded  it  shall  arise  from  the  Mediterranean  Region  simple  as  that  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  is  stunned  by  all  the  'conspiratorial '  theories  being  promulgated  by  other  so  called  "Bible  Prophecy  Experts"  !!!

Forgive  me  for  sometimes  having  to  repeat   himself ;  but  because  we  are  getting   new  visitors  all  the  time   here  at  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   reminds  everyone  that   Hitler  is  more  known  for  having   ordered  the  deaths  of  over  4+  million  European  Jews   he  was  also  responsible  for  the  deaths  of  over  14+  million  Russians  !!!  Hitler  not  only   despised  Jews  but  also  Communists, the same  will  be  true  of  the  future  'Little   Horn'   yes  he  will  ultimately  kill  and  persecute  millions  of  new  believers  and  Jews  but  he  will  also   kill  even  more  millions  of  Muslims,  hands  down  !!!

If  you've  been  reading  our  articles  you  know  that  we  do  "NOT"  promote  any  'Blood  Moons'  nor  that  we  see  the  UN  playing  a  key  endtimes  role, the  blunt  truth  is  that   the  hour  is  coming   when  events  larger  than  the  one  that  happened  against  America  in  9-11  will  happen  in  other  parts  of  the  world  that  will  signal  to  us  all  that  the  world  indeed  is  heading  and  spiraling   into  the  Tribulation  Period.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  claim  any  special  revelation; I  bless  in the name of our  'Lord  Jesus  Christ'  all  those  who  teach  the  soon  coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  and  the  imminent  Rapture  of  the  Church  !!! 

Yes,  the  entire  European  Union  is  going  to  be  'turned  upside  down'  in  the  future  by great   upcoming :  economic  instability, regional wars  outside Europe  and  man-made disasters  "BUT"  the  time  is  not  yet,   the  EU  in the future  will  be  ultimately  be  restructured   into  the  10  Horned  Beast  of  Revelation  and   the  rest  of  the  over  160+  nations  of  this  planet  who  are  not  members  of  the  European  Union  are  "NOT"  going  to  escape  what  is  coming,  for  the  entire  global  system  is  going  to  be  tested  by  fire  and  according  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  'The  great  distress  of  entire  nations'  is  coming  and  if  that  wasn't  bad  enough;  when  Satan  is  thrown  from  the  skies  and  falls  down  here  with  the  dwellers  of  the  Earth  he  is  going  to  literally  create  a  'Hell  on  Earth  !!!'  ( Book  of  Revelation  12  :  12  )

In  other  news,  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  was  somewhat  stunned  by  the  comments made  by  the  Prime  Minister  of  Britain during his recent visit  to  East  Jerusalem  in  Israel, Mr. Cameron   was  shocked  about  the  condition  of  some  of  the  buildings there, but  what Mr. Cameron failed to   see   was  that  Arabs  in  East  Jerusalem  are  far  much, much  more secure  and safer than  Arabs  in  Syria,  Iraq  and   Egypt  !!!  Arabs  in  Syria, Iraq, Egypt and North Africa  are all  fleeing in large numbers  to  'non-Islamic   Western  countries'   because they sure  don't  feel safe  and  secure  with  their  own  Muslim   brothers  !!!  Mr.  Cameron  should  have  taken   a  helicopter   tour  of  the  Syrian  border  or  better  yet  of  the border between  Turkey  and  Iraq  so  that  he  could  better  'compare  and  contrast'  the  reality  of  East  Jerusalem  with   others  which  are  much, much  worse  off,   truly the Jews  have  brought  stability   in  a  very  unpredicatable  and  violent  region of this  planet   !!!  Israel  is  surrounded  by  failed  Islamic  States  in  which  Muslims  are  not  only  decapitating  other  Muslims;  but  are   blowing  up  their  own  Mosques  and  cities  in  the  twisted  name  of  Jihad  !!!

By :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  a  poor  sinner  who was  several  times  'Left  for  dead'  by  the  enemy  and  his  forces  of  darkness; throughout his  life, "BUT"  one  day  'Thee  Glorious  Gospel  of  the  Resurrected  Christ'   reached  his  ears  and  JESUS  CHRIST  and  the  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit   literally  transformed  him  from   spiritual  death  unto   being  alive  unto  GOD  Almighty  !!!  Mario,  is  full  of  imperfections  but   it  is  because  of  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  that  he  is  able  to  overcome   the  enemy  of  his  soul  !!!  Mario  is   a  'political  realist'  he  knows  that  'ALL"  men  and  human  institutions  and  governments  are  corrupt  to  the  bone  and  to  their  core;  because  they  are  all  composed  of  sinful  men.