Tuesday, February 24, 2015


You  and  I  see  the  world  very  different  than  'those  of  this  world.'  Most  of  my  friends  and   relatives   who  are  indifferent  to  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  see   the  world  as  a  never  ending  one;  their  philosophy is to  'eat, drink and be merry  for  tomorrow  we  die.'  Although  you  and  I   truly  believe  in  the  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  most  are  indifferent  towards  them.  Most  of  those  who  have  been  spiritually  deceived  by  Satan
( this would include most of humanity *)  don't  know  the  difference  between  the  : Mayan  Prophecies, Nostradamus  Prophecies, Islamic  Prophecies, Fatima's Prophecies  and  the  true  Biblical  Prophecies  and  the  truth  is  that  deep  inside  they  really  don't  want  to  know  the  truth  because  they somehow  don't  want  to  be  held  responsible  for  their  willful  spiritual  ignorance !

       The  Holy  Bible   reveals  to  us  that   GOD  is  "NOT"  going  to  allow  the  wickedness  if  humanity  to  go  on  forever;  it  is  purely  by  His  'grace  and  mercy'  that  He  didn't   vanquish  every  living  being  on  planet  Earth  during  the  Flood  !!!  We  are  living  at  the  very  edge  of  the  end  of  this  age  and  at  the  beginning  of  the  final   70th  week  of  Daniel  and  what  this  servant  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is  about  to   declare  shouldn't  come  as  any  surprise  to   those  who  study  Bible  Prophecy  !!!  It's  not  every  day  that   this  vessel  of  GOD    says  something  of  this  nature  and  magnitude  in  fact  its'  taken  me  16+  years  to  finally  declare  it  boldly  and  without  any  hesitation.

      After  15+  years  of  being  online  and  after  'thousands  of  hours  of  research' : EUinProphecy.com    and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  servant  of  the  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  "AFFiRM's"  that  : Germany, France  and  Italy   will  be  three  of  the  nation-states  of  the  present  EU  that  will produce   3  of  the  final  10  King's  mentioned  in    the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!...This  servant  of JESUS  CHRIST  affirms  this  with  a  'trembling  hand  and  with  goosebumps  all  over  his  body.' As  a  'Bible  Prophecy  Watchman'  it  is  my  responsability  to  interpret  these  things  correctly to the  Body  of  Christ  with  all the fear of GOD  in  mind...If  you  are  a  : German, French or Italian born  again  believer  this  in  no  way  means  that  you  are  a  child  of  the  Beast...There  comes  a time   in  everyone's  life   when  the  'Moment  of  Truth'   comes;  in  that  moment  we  come  to realize  that  nothing  will  ever  be  the  same, that  'bridges will be burned'  and  that  there's  just  no going  back  but  only  forward  !!!    As  a  GOD  fearing  child  of  GOD  I  believe  in  John  3 : 16  just  as  much as in  much as the 'Wrath of  a  Holy  &  Righteous  GOD'   found in Revelation 16   !!!

     We  are  indeed  thee  'Last  Generation'  if  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  didn't  believe it to be so I  wouldn't  be  here  wasting  your  time  or  mine  for  that  matter  !!!   My  goal  in  life  is  not  to  win  me  the  world  and  lose  my  soul,  but  the  exact  opposite  of  this   !!!   Some  may   think  that  what  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is   affirming  here  is   'Overkill'  and  mere  'speculation  and  sensationalism'  but  what  can  I  say ?  For  there  are still  millions  of   Jews  still  waiting  for  the  first  coming of the  Messiah,  there  are  still hundreds of  millions  of  Roman  Catholics   who  are  trying to go to the Father through various  other religious  rituals  other  than  exclusively  through  Jesus  Christ   !!!   And despite the fact that  salvation  is  free;  too  many  of  those  who  hear  the  Gospel of Jesus Christ  choose  out  of  their  own  free  will   to  find  excuses   to  return  back  to  the  temporal  things  of  this  corrupt  world  that  will  literally  condemn their soul  to  an  eternal  hell  !!!

    The  final   10  King's  of  Revelation  'CANNOT'  rise  to  power  yet,  various  wars  must  first  be  fought  according  to  the  Prophetic  chronology  of  the  Biblical   Prophecies  and  I  personally  believe  that   we  shall  be  in  'Another  Place  and  another  Time  with  thee  King  of  Glory'  when  all  of  this  ultimately  takes  place.  It  is  "NO"  coincidence  that   no  nuclear  missiles  nor  nuclear  armaments  have  been  utilized   in  war  since  Nagasaki  and  Hiroshima   'BUT'  they  most  definitely will  during  the Tribulation  period  !!!  ( at  last count  there  were  over  16,000 +   nuclear   weapons  all  over  the  world  and   only  one  of  them  is  needed  to  destabilize  the  entire   global  system  should  it  be  detonated  in  a  key  strategic  place  !!!  )

    If  you  didn't  know,   France  has  the  most : aircraft  carriers,  nuclear submarines, tanks, fighters/ intercepters, aircraft carriers, nuclear  missiles  and  one of the largest  number of men fit for military  service  than  any  other  Eurozone  member  and  it  also  has  the  largest  military budget  at  :  $ 40, 000,000  billion.  This  student  of  military strategy   mentions  these  figures  because  when  the  Tribulation  period  begins  the  future  'Little Horn'   doesn't  really  have  too  much  time  to  start  his  military  machinery  from   scratch. (  it  takes  several  years  just  to  build  one   nuclear  submarine  and  warship  !!!  )  Because of the  defeat  that  Germany  suffered  in  WW II  the  German  Military  is  not  anywhere  as  powerful  as  it  once  was  at  its  pinnacle  during  the  1930's  "BUT"  Germany  has  the  money  and the industrial prowess  !!!  France  has  the  military  arsenal  and   Italy  has  the   'Religious  Kingmaker'   that  is  going  to  play  a  great  and  unholy  role  at  the  beginning  of  the  Tribulation  period  !!!  (  Me  thinks  that  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  is  also  going  to  exploit  the  military  prowess   of  NATO  against  all  those  who  oppose  his  'Peace  Plans'  &  to  militarily dominate  what  will be left of the nations  during that  horrible  future period of human history  !!!  )

   This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  "NOT"  here  to  win  any  popularity  contest  nor  the  'Christian  Website  of  the  Year';  I  am  here   to  accomplish  the  purpose  for  which  GOD  ALMIGHTY  allowed   this  servant  of  His  to  exist  in  this  'time  and  space'  in  eternity  and  with  the  guidance  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT   this  vessel  of  His   shall  fulfill   the  full  and  total  call  of  thee  HOLY  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!...The  present  European  Union  has  yet  to  be  completely  finalized and neither   the  United  Nations  nor  the  Islamic  Nations  or  Arab  League  will  be  the  final  Beast  with  Ten  Horns  as  'guaranteed'  by  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  &  Revelation  !!!  (  lucky  for  them  !!!  )

     The  Holy  Bible  itself   can  interpret  itself  in the case of this Prophecy :  Revelation  17  ' The Great  Whore'  will  ultimately  end  up  riding  the  final  Beast;  the  Roman  Vatican  is  located  in the  epicenter  of  Italy  and  anyone  who  has  ever  taken   a  class  about  Western  Civilization knows  that  Italy  is  the  modern  times  nation-state    that  presently  sits  where  the  once  mighty Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars  once  stood  and  Italy  is  a  part  of  the  European  Union  and   a member  of  the  Eurozone  and  if that wasn't enough  it  is  also  where  the  unholy  'Scarlet  Woman'  sits  awaiting  her  return  from  the  'Wilderness  of  Power'  for  she  was  once   the  ultimate  'Kingmaker of  Europe'  for  many  centuries  and  by  all  accounts  she  will  reprise  her   unholy  role  during  the  endtimes  once  again  as  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  rise  to  power  and  as  the  21  judgements  of  Revelation  'RESHAPE'  the   balance  of  power  all  over  the  world  during  the  upcoming  final   70th  week  of  Daniel  !!!

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  does  "NOT"  yet  know  who  the  other  final  7  Kings/ Horns  will  end  up  being  but  it  is  my  Biblical  and  Historical  'interpretation'  that  these  three  members  of  the : EU,  Eurozone, NATO  shall  be  "KEY"  for  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  rise  to  global  dominace  of  what  will  be  left  of  this  planet,  as  massive  'hunger, plagues  and nuclear  war'  envelopes   planet  earth  during  the  final  7  year  Tribulation  period !!!  During  the  Tribualtion  period  the  United  Nations  will  be   as  irrelevant  as  its  predecessor  'The League  of  Nations' was  during  WW  II  !!!...As  it  is  nation's  don't  trust  one  another  'TODAY'  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  see   the  world  becoming  'ONE'  but  does  see  'Regional  Powers'  rising  up  to  'secure  and  fight  over  scarce  energy  and  food  supplies'  during  what  the  Holy Prophecies of  the  Bible 'Guarantee'  to  be  the  worst  period  of  all of  human history  !!!

   Meanwhile,   Russia's  Putin  appears  to  be  using  the  same  tactics  in  the  Ukraine  conflict  as  Iran  on  its  quest  for  a  nuke.  For  the  past  6+  years   Iran   has  been  in  one  type  of   diplomatic  talks  with  either  the : EU  & UN  about  ending  its  quest  for  a  full  fledged  nuclear  program;  all  the  while  its  true  strategy  in  reality  it  is  just  to  buy  time  because  in  reality   it  has  "NO"   intention   of  ending  it  to  begin  with  !!!  The good  thing  is  that  Israel  knows  Iran's  true  intentions  and  Iran  'WILL"  ultimately  be  stopped  with  or  without  the  help  of  the  naive   EU  and  UN  Diplomats   !!!

    As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  understand  that  there  are  numerous  interpretations  of  'who  or  what'  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation will end up being  and  I'm  "NOT"   here  to  argue  nor  to  debate  anyone   I'm  here  to  "INFORM"  anyone  who  will  listen.  The  10  King's  will  "NOT"  be   10  Global  Corporations  because  GOD  is  going  to  bring   the  global  economy  to  its   knees   !!!  (  Revelation  6 : 5-6  &  Revelation  18  : 17  )  The  10  Horns  will  not  be  the  United  Nations  because  "Totalitarians"  do  not  like  to  share  power  !!!  When  the  Tribulation  begins  most  of  the   nations  are  going  to  realign  within  their  'ethnic  and  religious  lines'  and  EVIL  is  going  to  descend  upon  this  planet  that  is  going  to  make 'Men  kill  one  another'  ( Revelation   6 : 4  )  in  fact  we  are  already  witnessing  'Muslims  killing  Muslims'  all  over  the Middle  East  &  'Africans  killing  Africans'  all  over  Africa  Right  Now  !!! Even  in  my  own country   'Mexicans  are  killing  their  fellow  Mexican's  all  over  drug  money and  power   !!!

    When  I  was  in  graduate  school  one  of  my  fellow  Professors  predicted  that  in  the  future  the  nation-state  would  vanish  and  that  in  its  place   anarchy  would  surface  and  that  warlords  would  rise  here  and  there  all  over  the  world  in  failed  states;  but  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  knew  that  he  was   wrong  because  the  Biblical  Prophecies  'Confirms'  to  us  the  existence  of  the  Nation-State  well  into  the  last  days  !!!  (  Revelation  21 :  24  )  the  truth  is  that  Corporations  Rise  and  Fall,  Warlords  Rise  and  Fall  'BUT'  Nation-States   remain;  examples  of  these  include :  RCA, TWA, MCI,  Pan  AM  and  Enron  just  to  name  a  few;  in  their  pinnacle  they  were  once  the  most  dominating  presence  in  their  respective  markets  but  eventually  most of  these went  bankrupt   !!!

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  just  noticed  that  he  had  already  written  about  these  3  key  EU  member  states;  but   I  believe  that  it  is  "NO"  accident  I  feel  led  by  the  Holy  Spirit  to   'Warn'  all  those  who   yearn  to  be  transformed  in  the  'Twinkling  of  an  Eye'  !!!...The  end  is  not  yet  there  are  still   key  things  that  must  first  transpire,  some  believe  that  the  future  belongs  to  China  or  to  Islamic  Terrorists; "NO"  it  doesn't  !!!  The  GOD  who  knows  the  end  from  the  beginning   has  revealed  us  the  future  of  this  planet  and  it  shall  be the  4th  Roman  Beast  who  shall  close  the  end  of  this  age;  what  will  happen  to  China,  Russia  the  U.S.A  and  to  the  Islamic  Nations  is  very  clear  GOD  is  going  to   tumble  all  of  these  gentile  powers  so  that  His  'Prophetic  Word'   be  fulfilled  to  the  very  letter,  the  2nd  and  final  phase  of  the  Roman  Empire  shall  arise  out  of  we  presently  call  the  European  Union;  all  empires  have  an  epicenter  and   once  again  this  specific  region  of  planet  Earth  will  once  again  produce   a  Roman  Beast  with  10  Horns  that  will  once  again   militarily  attack  the  nation  of  Israel   during  the  last  days  by  way  of  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation.'

    In  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  analysis  and  interpretation   the  Islamic  nations  are  going  to   be  hit  very,  very  hard  during  the  Tribulation  period  !!!   If  you  don't  know;  although  various  of  the  Islamic  countries   have  great  oil  wealth  they  have  made  the  'Great  Mistake'  of   not  having  and  growing  their  own  food  supply,  many  of  the  Islamic  countries   are  located  in  desert  regions  and  what  can  I  say  'you  can't  drink  the  oil'  when  starvation  comes  knocking  !!!  When  the  Tribulation  period  begins   its  not  going  to  be  business  as  usual  in  fact  we  are  not  yet  in  the  final  7  year  tribulation  Period  and  yet  we  are  already  witnessing  how  hard  and  expensive  things  are  getting  !!!

    The  interpretation  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  revelation  is  one  of  the  chief  and  main  purposes  of  this  endtimes  website  and  this  servant  of  GOD  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   without  any  boasting  affirms  this.  As  a  servant  of  GOD  it  gives  me  "NO"  pleasure  to  be  one  of  the  first  in  all  of  planet  Earth  to  "Affirm"  this, the truth is that   war  has  plagued  planet  Earth  throughout  most  of  its  history,  some  may  call  me  what  they  will  but  I  will  leave  this  planet  one  day  with  a  clear  conscience  that  I  did  my  very  best  to  "WARN"  all  that  could  listen   !!!...When  Adolph  Hitler  was  rising  to  power  in  Germany  during  the  1930's   there  were   a  few  Jews  that  understood  the  signs  of  the  times  and   left  Germany  on  time  thus  sparing  their  lives.  As  a  SERVANT  OF  GOD  ALMIGHTY  this  servant  of  His  writes  this  with  a  heavy  heart  I  am  reminded  of  how  the  Prophet  Jeremiah  felt  in  Lamentations;  for  what  is  coming  upon   all  those  'Left  Behind'   is  nothing  to  gloat  about;   this student of Bible  Prophecy   never  prays  for  the  advent   of  the  'Four  Horsemen of the Apocalypse'  !!!

    Some  may  erroneously   believe  that  this  student of Bible  Prophecy   has  gone  crazy;  I  sometimes  wish  I  was  then  I  would  have  an  excuse;  but  to  GOD  there  are  acceptable   "NO"  excuses;  GOD   means  what  He  says  and  His  will  "SHALL"   ultimately  be  accomplished   regardless  of  what  you, I  or  the  armies  of  Satan   think  or  believe  !!!  Those   who  think  that   the  present  global  'status  quo'    will  continue  indefinitely  will  be  in  for  the  surprise  of  their  life  for  there  are  coming  several  events  in  the  future  that  will  eclipse  those  of  September  11   !!!

    In  other  news,   the   seriously   "NAIVE"  leftist  Greek  Leader  Mr. Tsipras  went  back  to  Athens   kind  of  like  'with  his  tail  between  his  legs'   because   he  failed    to  learn  that  'He  who  has  the  Gold  makes  the  Rules'  and   well;  neither  Greece  nor  Mr.Tsipras  were  in  any  position  to  threaten  the  powerful   German  Bankers   !!!    He  somewhat  tried  to  claim  some  kind  of  victory  but  the  ultimate  fact  is  that   he  did  "NOT"   really accomplish  anymore  than  what  the  last  his  predecessor   achieved  !!!  Mr.Tsipras   tried  to  stare  down  the  powerful   EU  Financiers;  but  the  Financiers  stared  him  down  too  and  Tsipras  blinked  first  !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano, this  servant  of  GOD   doesn't  seek  any  'Spotlight.'  In  fact  it  is  my  goal  as  an  'interpreter  &  messenger'  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies  to  remain  away  from  any  and  all  spotlights;  be  they  'Christian  or  Secular'  ...This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  leaving  this planet   knowing  fully  well  that   he  used  the  one  gift  that  GOD  gave  him  to  teach  the  Biblical  Prophecies  to  many...You  will   never  see  face  on  any  Endtimes  Bible  Prophecy  Conference  (  I  have  nothing  against  such  conferences; in fact  I  bless  all  those  who  Teach  and  attend   them;  it's  just  that  GOD  did  not  give  me the  gift  of  public  speaking   or  public  teaching;  if  GOD  ever  gave  me  such  an  anointing I  would  definitely  do  it  but  He  gave  different  gifts  to  each  of  His  servants  )  Being  a Bible  Prophecy  Watchman   is  a  great  responsability  and  every  word  herein  was  written with  all  the  fear   of  an  ALMIGHTY   GOD  !!!...Mario  is  a  student  of  Strategic  Theory  and  European  Political  Systems  and  his  'insignificant  and  little  websites'  reach  all  the  English  and  Spanish  speaking  world  through  :  ELFinal.com  and  EUinProphecy.com   and  several  other  'under  the  radar'  websites*  (  you  see,  I  tried  to  think  of  every  potential  endtimes  scenario  before  I  even  began  years  ago  !!! )   Satan;  may  GOD   ALMIGHTY  rebuke  you  !!!  This  servant  of  GOD  knows  that  you  read  this  !!!   This  is  a  reminder   that   you  were  defeated  at  the  'Cross  of  Calvary'  and  that   you  are  "NO"  god;   you  are  a  created  being  just  as  much  as   us  puny  humans***