Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Just as EUinProphecy.com  has  been forecasting for  many  years  now,  the  European  Union's   political  landscape   has  yet  to  be   finalized. The  EU  is  destined  to  be  'shaken  &  rattled' up  by  major : political, economic  and  military earthquakes  in  the future; it is still   having  and suffering  contractions  and  birthpangs  for  the  final  Beast  that  it  will  produce  is  still  deep  within  its  belly  !!!  Without  a  doubt;  the European  Union   is  at  a major  crossroad;  it presently  has  to  contend   with  the  reality  that diplomacy  with  Russia  has  failed  and  that war  will  break  out  near  its  eastern  border;  as the  Ukraine  defends  itself  from  increasing Russian aggression.  You  better  believe  that  Russia's  Putin  is  not   going  to  continue  to  take  on the  EU's  economic  sanctions   without  a  fight;  the  economic  sanctions  have  hit  the  Russian  economy  hard  !!!   Both  Merkel  and  Hollande  have  personally  flown  to  Moscow  to  try  to  avert  an  escalation  into  total  war;  it  is my insignificant opinion that  'it is too late'   Putin  perceives  a  weak  West  & to Putin the damage to Russia's economy has already been  done  !!! (  if  you  don't  know, the Russian  Ruble has lost half  (50% )  its  value  in just one year  since the EU  imposed  economic sanctions  against it;  you better believe Putin  seeks some type of revenge  *)  And  if  that  wasn't  enough  to  worry  about,   both  England  and  Greece  are  threatening  to  abandon  the  Eurozone  & the  EU altogether  this  year  !   England  will  hold  a  referendum later this year   to decide whether  to  stay  or  exit  the  European  Union  and  the  new  Greek  Prime  Minister   is  threatening to  exit  the  Eurozone  if   the  Greek  debt  is  not  restructured  !!!  (  the   harsh  truth  is  that  Greece  is  a  Bankrupt  country;  any  which  way  that  they  manage  to  restructure the  massive  Greek debt  only  delays  the  inevitable  !!! ...To  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy,  Tsipras   the new Greek  leader  is  going  to  be  just  as  truthful  and effective  as  Obama  in  keeping  his  political  promises;  I remember  Obama promising to close Guantanamo  and  almost 7 years later  Guantanamo is still  in  operation  !!!  )

     EUinProphecy.com  saw  this  coming  years  ago,  in  order  for  the  final  10 King's  of  Revelation  to  rise  to  power   the  EU  has  to  pass  through  the  fire  !!!   Europe's  political  landscape  is  changing  to  the  "Left"  Greece  has  just  elected  a  leftist   who  "promised"  things  to  the  Greek  populace  that  in  reality  he  will  not  be  able  to  keep  and  in  France : Mary  LePen   and  her  'anti-immigrant  &  'anti-Islamic'  movement  is  gaining  ground.  EUinProphecy.com   years  ago  foresaw  that   history  would  somewhat  repeat  itself  in  Europe;  for  just  as  Hitler  and  the  NAZI  party  rose  to  power   during  a  desperate  political  &, economic  period    in  Germany during the 1930's;  we  also  foresaw  based  on  Bible  Prophecy  that  new   political  parties  and  characters  would  rise  to  prominence  during  the  final  phase  of  the  Roman  Empire.  "ALL"  people   will  resort  to  desperate  measures  during  desperates  times  and  this  political  and  economic  truth  will  apply  to  the  future  EU  more  so than  all  other  global  entities  because  Bible  Prophecy  "GUARANTEES"   that   despite  the   great  challenges  that  the  EU  presently  faces  with  increasing  Russian  agression,  Islamic  Militancy,  Eurozone  break-up  and  economic  contraction;  the  European  Union   will   survive  and  give  birth  to  an  even  'leaner  and  much  meaner'  10  King  alliance  from  within   it  in  the  future  that  will   eventually  "DOMINATE"   most  of  the  world  during  the  Great  Tribulation  period  !!!  (  Daniel  7  : 23 )   Increasing  'anti-semitism'  in  France  and  Europe  is  no  coincidence,  Satan  knows  very  well  that  his  time  is  getting  shorter  and  shorter   !!!  The  European's  are  no  fools,  they  know  that  they  are   in  an  economic  war   with  China, Russia  and  the  rest  of  the  world  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that  despite  all  the  great   problems  that  the  EU  has  it  is  still  is  the  world's  largest  economic  market  !!!  Despite  all  the  great  political  changes  that  are  taking  place  within  the  EU  it  doesn't  mean  that  this  is  the  end, this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  still  expecting  major  political  earthquakes  for  the  EU,  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   according  to  Bible  Prophecy  will  be  given  absolute  power  by  the  endtimes  10  King's  !!!

     This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  expect  to  witness that  Prophetic  event    for   I  believe  in  the  Rapture.  EUinProphecy.com  has  also  been  proven  correct  on  the  increasing  'irrelevancy'  of  the  United  Nations  ( UN )  the  UN  is  'missing  in  action'  in  the  war  against  ISIS  and  also  in  the  Ukraine  conflict.  This  student  of  World  History  gave  up  on  the  UN  in  1994  when  the  UN  soldiers  'looked  the  other  way'  &  allowed the  Rwandan  Genocide to take place almost under their noses  !!!  One  of  the  goals  of  EUinProphecy.com   is  to  be  among  the  first  on  planet  Earth  to  correctly  identify  the  final  10  Horns  forewarned  by  the  Book  of  Revelation;  we  believe  that  we  have  identified   3  major  players  that  will  certainly  produce   3  of  the  final  10  King's  and  these  are  :  Italy, France  and  Germany;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  yet  know  who  the  other  7  will  be,  but  what  I  do  know  is  that  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  will  need  the  economic  backing  of  Germany, if you didn't  know  Germany  is  'thee  economic  powerhouse  and  engine'  of  the  entire  EU  and  Eurozone  and  the  only  EU  solvent  member  !!!  The  future  'Little  Horn'  will  also  need  the  Nuclear  arsenal  of  France  and  if  you  didn't  know  France   has  thee  largest  nuclear  arsenal  of  any  Eurozone  member  !!!  The  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  will  also  exploit  and  temporarily  need  the  religious   backing  of  the  Vatican  in  Italy  !!!  We  do  "NOT"  state  this  boasting  in  anyway;  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  GOD  is  just  interpreting  the  Biblical  Prophecy  and  'connecting  the  dots'  of  what  is  surely  coming.  Mario  Romano  has  spent   'thousands  of  hours'  researching  the : Ancient  Roman  Empire, Hitler  and  the  Nazi's  and   the  Biblical  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  and  we  stand   by  this  affirmation.   This  servant  of  GOD  is  in  awe  that  he  is  part  of  the  final  generation  and  this  is  his  little  way  of  warning  the  world,  this  is  the  'Shofar'  given  to  me  and  you  better  believe  that   i'm  going  to  blow  it  non-stop  when  the  appointed  time  comes.

     Both  Italy  and  Greece  have  recently  elected  very  young  Prime  Ministers  and  as  this student of  Bible  Prophecy   writes  this  it  seemingly  appears   that  the  entire  Mediterranean  Sea is  part of  a  'Ring  of  Fire'  that  will   soon  erupt  to  give  way  for  the  final  10  horned  Beast that  is  guaranteed  to  arise  from  the  Mediterranean  Sea  !!!  Most  European's  as  'naive'  as some  may  appear  to  be  know  their  history;  before  the  European  Union  existed   most European  countries  were  seemingly  in  one  continual  war  with  one  another;  proof  of this is  World  War  I  and  II  and  let  me  remind  everyone  that   according  to  Bible  Prophecy World  War  III  will  also  be  initiated    there,  for  just  as  Hitler  initiated  WW II  it appears  that  the  endtimes  Little  Horn  will   officially  commence   WW  III   !!!

   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  reminds  you  that  the  final  10 Horn  Beast  will   get  its  revenge  against  all  its  enemies  in  the  end;  just  as  the  Roman  Empire  authorized  the  destruction  of  the  Jewish  Temple  in  70  A.D.   the  final  Roman  Beast  will also  authorize  the   destruction  of  :  Mecca  in  Saudi  Arabia,  Moscow  in Russia  and  the  Roman  Vatican  !!!  (  Daniel  11 :  44,    Revelation  17 : 16  )   EUinProphecy.com  is  here  to "WARN"  Israel  and  all  my  Jewish  friends  that  their  greatest   military  treat  will  come  from  the  WEST  in  the  end,  in  the  form  of  a 'Peacemaker'  from  the very  Pit  of  Hell  !!! 

This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  reminds  everyone  that   World  War  II  in  the  Pacific ended  with  the  use  of  two  Atomic  Bombs  and  I  assure  you  that  World  War  III  will begin  with  the  use  of  Nuclear  Bombs***  During  World  War  II  only  the  United  States had  nuclear  bombs,  today  nine  nuclear  power  countries   alone  possess  over  16,000+ nuclear   weapons  !!!  And  the  insane  Islamic  Militants  and  Iran  only  need  to  detonate one  nuclear  weapon  to  destabilize  the  entire  world  !!!  The  Prophecies  of  Daniel  9 : 26 guarantees  that  "War  will   continue  until  the  End"  it  is  not  just  that  war  appears  to be  an  ever present  reality  in  the  Middle  East  but  now  war  between the Ukraine  and  Russia  may   pull  in  and  force  NATO  and  the  U.S.  to  somehow  get  involve **

By  :  Mario  Romano, in less than one generation :   GOD  ALMIGHTY  raised  this  poor servant  of  His  into  this  unique  position.  I was born in what many would call  a 'third  world' country;  all  of  my  relatives  lacked   an elementary  school  education  in  Mexico and too many  of  my  male  relatives  were  destroyed  by  alcoholism  and  at  last  count  I  was supposed  to  have  been  killed  at  least  four  times  ( abortion, house burned down,  childhood illness,  violent neighborhood  etc )   but  GOD  ALMIGHTY  had  "MERCY"  upon  this  His servant.  Please forgive  me  for  my  imperfections;  the  Holy  Spirit  isn't  yet  finished  with this  servant  of  His;  I  do  my  best   to take  up  the  cross  daily &  deny  myself  to  follow my LORD  &  SAVIOR  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!   This  is  just  the  beginning  of  this  Ministry  that GOD  ALMIGHTY  has  entrusted  to  His servant;  with  the  direction  and  anointing  of  the HOLY  SPIRIT   it  is  my  prayer  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   will  one  day  use  this  His servant  for  His  Honor  and  Glory***I  know  that  if  I'm  faithful   with  the  one  gift  that GOD  gave  me  one  day  He  will  entrust  me  with  others  ***...I  owe  "EVERYTHING"  to  my  LORD  and  SAVIOR  : JESUS  CHRIST  and  He  doesn't  owe  me  anything ***