Monday, April 10, 2017


"I  repeat, I repeat, the Temple Mount  is  in our  hands   !!!"  These  are  the   words  that  Rabbi  General  Shlomo Goren  uttered  in Hebrew on  the  morning  of  the 7th of  June in 1967  at  around  10:20 am in Jerusalem; with  trembling hands , a  rapidly  increasing  heartbeat  and  watery  eyes  that  almost  made it impossible for him to  read from the Psalms.   It  had  been  a  very  long, long  2030  years  since   Jewish  soldiers   last  controlled   the  city  of  Jerusalem.  When our Lord Jesus  Christ   was  there  in  person  the  Roman  soldiers  controlled  it,  as  the centuries came and went  so did other  brief  powers.  After Roman soldiers  left;  in  came  the  soldiers  from  various  of  the  Islamic  Dynasties  ( Caliphates)  that  followed, then  Catholic Crusaders, then  Ottoman  soldiers, then  British  soldiers, then  Jordanian  soldiers;  "FINALLY"   on  June  of  1967  and  after  some  :  740,950  days;  Jewish/Hebrew/Israeli  soldiers  once  again  took  control  of  their   beloved  capital  Jerusalem  !!!  Even  though  General  Shlomo  Goren  was  no  Prophet;  his  words   without  a  doubt   were  a  FULFILLMENT  of  what  the  Prophets  of  GOD  and  even  what  our  Lord  Jesus  Himself  had  Prophesied   thousands  of  years  ago  about  the  destiny  of  Jerusalem   in  the  final  days  !!!   It  is  estimated   that  during the 'Six-Day  War'  900+  Israeli  soldiers  lost  their  lives  to  some  20,000+  Arab  soldiers   in all the  battles  during  those  six days  !!!   (  a  ratio  of  30  Arab soldiers  to  1  Israeli  soldier *)   Even  though  there  was  yet  'NO'  CNN  yet,  the  white  and  black  pictures  taken  that  day  say  more  than  a  million  words  !!!  As  soon  as   General  Goren  and  the  Israeli  troops  reached  the  Western  Wall;  he  took  out  his Holy Book  and  with  trembling  hands  and  tears  that  he couldn't hold back;  he  read  from  the  Psalms: 'If  I  forget  thee,  O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its cunning.'   The  words  uttered  by  General  Shlomo  not  only  echoed  down  the  streets  of  Jerusalem   but  also  all  over  this  unseen  'Spiritual  World  and  Universe'  that  we  all  inhabit.   The  words  uttered  by  Gen.Goren  in  1967  'made  and  forced'  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  to  reassess  their  tactics  against  the  'Chosen  People  of  GOD.'   In  1967, Satan  and  his fallen  Angels  knew  fully  well  that  their  time   here  on  earth  was   getting  ever  and  ever  shorter   !!!   To  get  to  this  moment;  'very  unfortunately'  millions  of  Jews  had  to  die  all  over  this  fallen  planet  and  throughout  history.    Satan  tried  many  ways  to  decimate  the  Jews  with  his : unholy  Spanish  Inquisitions,  then with his inspired  NAZI  concentration camps  of  Europe  as  well  as  in  the  Russian  Pogroms  and in  virtually  all the  four  corners  of  planet  Earth.  What  happened  in  June  of  1967  in  Jerusalem  was  a  moment  that   seemed  impossible; virtually  all  the  odds  of  history  were  dead  set  against  it   !!!  The  rebirth  of  the  State  of  Israel  as  a  sovereign  political  nation  in  May  of  1948  was  one  thing  'BUT'  the   reconquest  of  Jerusalem on  June of  1967  during  the  'Six  Day  War'  was  another  thing   quite  different !!!  Although  no  one  was  able  to  count  exactly  all  the  bullets  that  were  shed  that  day  in  the  recapture  of  Jerusalem;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  knows  fully  well  that  even  more   tears  of  joy  were  shed  by  the  Israeli  and  Jewish  troops  in  that  great  Prophetic  Day   !!!  Even  though  there  was  'Yet'  no  CNN  nor  an  instant  global  communications  network  infrastructure  as  is  today   what   transpired  in  June  of  1967  nonetheless   was  impossible  for  Satan  and  his  demons  to  cover  up   and  hide  from  the  rest  of  the  world;  what  transpired  in  Jerusalem  in  1967  was  and  is  an  event  that  'ALL'  Bible  Prophecy  Teachers  and  students   know  fully  well  of  its  Prophetic  ramnifications !!!   What  took  place  on  June  7, 1967  on  planet  earth  in  the  nation  of  Israel   was  the  CONFIRMATION    that  there  is  ONE  true  GOD  and  CREATOR  that  keeps  "ALL"  of  His  promises at  His  sovereignly  appointed   time  and  season  !!!  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  may  not  know  all  the  secrets  that  GOD  holds  in  this  Universe  of  His  'BUT'  he  does  know  his  Bible  and   he  knows  that   even  though   all  the  Israeli  Generals  and  Israeli  soldiers  may  not  have  visibly  witnessed  any  Angels  that  day;   there  is  no  doubt   and  no  question  that  Jerusalem   was  replete  with  a  'Great  Host  of   Chariots  of  Fire'  with  extremely  very  powerful  Angels  riding  on  them   that  day;  just  like  in   2 King's  6 : 17, for  this   moment  in  Israel's  history  superseded   that  of  Elisha  against  the  Syrian  army  of  long  ago   !!!  Very  truly,  Jerusalem  was  flooded  with  the  armies  of  heaven  on  June  of  1967  to  ensure  that   the  will  of  GOD  the  Father  was  carried  out; regardless of what the enemies of Israel  and  of  thee  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  put  up  against  the  chosen  people  of  GOD  and  you  better  believe  that  Satan  suffered  from  a  rare  form  of  vertigo  on that extremely  Prophetic  day  that  still  produces  'great  spiritual  shockwaves'  and  that still  echoes  in  time  !!!   Very  truly,  Satan  got  that  'sinking  feeling'  that  day  !!!   To  have  defeated   the  armies of :  Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebabon and Iraq  during  the  'Six- Day  War'  was  'NO'  product  of  sheer  luck,  you  better  believe  that   GOD's  armies of  Angels  ensured  an Israeli  victory  on  that  day of  1967 !  What  transpired  on  June of  1967,  made  a  very  defeated  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels   'stop in their  tracks  in mid-air   to  behold  in  amazement'  of  what  was  taking  place  below  them;   Satan   was  more  than  outmatched  by  the  armies  of   GOD  ALMIGHTY   that  day;  and  the  surprising  victory  of  the  Israeli  army  also  made  all  the  followers of  Mohammed  cringe;  this  great  prophetic  fulfillment  additionally  forever  sealed  the  fate  of  the  United  Nations  before  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL   !!!  Very  truly,  there  is  a  HOLY  and  ETERNAL  GOD  who  keeps  Israel  and  Jerusalem; 'REGARDLESS'  of  what : 1.5  billion  Muslims  think, regardless of what : Moscow,  Paris, London,  Berlin,  Brussels,  Riyadh, Ankara,  Beijing  or  the  UN  decree  !!!    - Psalm  121:4 

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.   - Luke 21:24

In  June  7,  1967   the  Roman  Legions   that  had  once  very  violently : burned  down, looted  and  destroyed  the  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem   in  70 A.D.   were  nowhere  to  be  seen  !!!   Roman  General's :  Pompey  and  Titus   who  had  once  conquered   Jerusalem  for  Rome   were  long  dead  in  the  ashes  of  history  and  even  though  the  Romans  had  previously  decimated  the  Jewish  population   centuries  before  and  forced  those  who  were  left  alive  to  run  for  their  lives  as  far  away  from  Jerusalem  as  humanly  possible  (  thus  initiating  thee  longest  diaspora  of  the  Jews  in  all  of  this  planets  history )  the  Romans   had  long  left  Jerusalem  !!!   In  1967  the  Roman  Empire  of  the  Caesars  had  long  disappeared  as  an  'Empire'  and  yet   in  1967   the  Jewish  people  who   somehow survived  'one  persecution after  another'  were  once  again  in  their  ancient  homeland; does  not  GOD  Almighty  keep  His  promises ???  ( note : Josephus  estimated  that  around  1 million   people  'most  were  Jews'  were  killed  in Jerusalem  by the Roman  Legions  in  70 A.D  )   In  1967,  the  Roman  Empire  and  all  of  its  Emperors  and  Caesars  were  just   another  relic  and  casualty  of  human  history  'BUT'  the  rebirth  of  Israel in 1948;  followed  by  the  reconquest  of  Jerusalem   in  1967,  by  the   descendents  of  original  chosen  people  of  GOD  Almighty  and  its  Holy  City : Jerusalem  was   much, much  more  than  just  a  mere  coincidence  of  history; it  was  the   literal  'FULFILLMENT'  to  the  very  letter;  of  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Scriptures   !!!

On  June  7, 1967  Israeli   Defense  Force  ( IDF  )  paratroopers  advanced  through  the  Old  City  of  Jerusalem  and  towards  the  Temple  Mount  and  the  Western  Wall  bringing  Jerusalem's  holiest  site  under   Jewish  control  for  the  first  time  in  some  2000   years  !!!

In  the  'spiritual  world'  you  better  believe  that  Satan  and  his  demonic  forces   attempted  to  thwart  that  Prophetic  event  from  ever   coming  to  pass  'BUT'   there  is  no  doubt  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  the  Archangel   Michael   was  there, ensuring  that  all  the  Arab  armies  and   forces  of  Satan  did  not  prevail;  Satan  had   already  been  given  over  a  thousand  years  to  try  to  destroy  and  annihilate  the  chosen  people  of  GOD  and   he  failed; the  Roman  Caesar  failed  him, the  Ottoman's  failed  him  and  even  Mohammed's  disciples  today  have  failed  him;  for   although  Israel  is  literally  surrounded  by  very  hostile  Islamic  nation-states  as  well  as   numerous  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  Israel   and  Jerusalem  its  Capital   are  under  Jewish  control   for  the  first  time  in  almost  2000  years  !!!

To  Israelis  and  Jews  all  over  the  world  what  took  place  on  June  7, 1967   was  not  just  a  joyous  and  momentous  occassion;  even   the  staunches  'atheistic  &  secular  Israeli'   sensed  that  it  was  a  sheer  miracle  from   GOD  Almighty,  truly  the  GOD  of  : Abraham, Isaac  and  Jacob  had  not  forever  abandoned   the  Jewish   people,  surely  there  is  a  GOD  who  keeps  His  promises  !!!

I felt truly shaken and stood there murmuring a prayer for peace. Motta Gur’s paratroopers were struggling to reach the Wall and touch it. We stood among a tangle of rugged, battle-weary men who were unable to believe their eyes or restrain their emotions. Their eyes were moist with tears, their speech incoherent.  The overwhelming  desire was to cling to the Wall, to hold on to that great moment as long as possible.”
                                            - Chief  of  Staff  Yitzchak  Rabin   in  1967

When  this  student  of  Theology   studies  the  history  of  the  Jewish  people  he  can't   but  compare  it  to  and  somewhat  liken  it  to  the  spiritual   journey  and  path  that  most  of  us  ourselves   as  Christian  believers  are  taking   until  we  too  get  to  our  own  'Promised  Land'  : The  New  Jerusalem.  Getting  to  that  'New  Jerusalem'   is  not  a  one  day  thing,  it  seems  that   as  believers    that  we  too   seem  sometimes  wandering   in  a  wilderness  and  even  though  we  are  children  of  GOD   we  too  so  it  seems  that   some  type  of  persecution  seems  imminent  and  even  though   it  may  not  be  so  much  to  us  American  believers; this  is  so  true  of  most  believers  living  in : China, India, North  Africa  and  the Middle  East.

The holiest  city  to  Judaism : Jerusalem,  was  first  conquered  by  the  4th  Roman  Beast   in 63  B.C.  by  the Roman  General  Pompey  and  it  would  not  be  until  70 A.D. that the 4th Roman Beast under General  Titus  destroyed the 2nd Jewish Temple in Jerusalem  and besieged the entire city.  For  approximately  some  2030  years  the  Jewish  people  did  'NOT' politically  nor  militarily   control  their  own  capital : Jerusalem   !!!  What  transpired  in June  of  1967,  was  either  a  'sheer  fluke  of  history'  against  impossible  odds  or  a  great fulfillment  of  Bible Prophecy  decreed   by  an  eternal  Creator   who  keeps  and  fulfills  His promises  on  His appointed  and  decreed  upon  time  and season   !!!   Unfortunately,  this student of Bible Prophecy  would  like to tell everyone  and  especially  my  Jewish  friends  that  it  all ends  in  1967  'BUT'  according  to  the  Prophet  : Daniel  and  Zechariah,  an  evil   two-faced unholy  genius  is  coming  against  Israel  in  the  future  and  he  will  at first  appear  to  be  a great  'Peacebroker'  from  the  West;  he  will  make  several  promises  and  enforce  a  great Treaty  with  his  military  backing  'BUT'  he  will  break  it  'Midway'  and  then  he  will unleash  thee  greatest   attack  and  persecution  against   the  State of Israel   and  the  Jewish people  in  all  of  recorded  human  history.  This  individual   appears  in  Revelation  6   without  arrows   in his bow because  he  carries  great  supernatural  demonic  powers  that supercede  human  weapons;  he is  in  effect  his  very  own 'Trojan  Horse'  against   Israel  during   Daniel's  70th  Week  !!!  (  The  Little  Horn;  is going to need  & use both: 'supernatural & military  powers'  against  Israel  and  Michael* )   - Daniel 12 : 1

Historians  acknowledge  that  there  is  nothing  more  crushing  to  the  'national  spirit'  of  any nation  or  people  than  to  have  their  Capital   captured  and  destroyed  by  a  foreign  power.  What the  Roman  General  Titus  did  to  Jerusalem  and  to  the  Jewish  psyche  in  70  A.D.  literally  took  over  1800+  years  and  some  20+  generations   to  overcome  !!!   Although  this   servant  of  Jesus  Christ  doesn't   have  any  Jewish  blood  in  him  ( that i'm aware  of*)   he  'Blesses  Israel, its  children, its  rivers, its  fields, its  trees, its  sky, its  animals,  its  hills  and  valleys  as  well  as  its  'Defense  Forces'  and  its  nuclear   tipped  missiles;  as  well  as  any  and  all  nations  that  will  come  to  the  aid  of  my  Jewish  brothers  and  friends  during  the  time  of  'Jacob's  Trouble.'  We  all  hope  and  pray  that  Israel  will  never   be  put  in  a  place  nor  in  a position   whereby  it  will  be  forced  to   utilize  its  nuclear  arsenal   'BUT'  as  we  study  Zechariah  and  Revelation   we  all  know  that   'ALL'  of  Israel's  endtimes  enemies  'MUST'  suffer   what  is  described  by  the  Prophet  Zechariah  14 : 12 ***

In  conclusion,   on  June  of  1967,  the  capital  of  Israel  was  once  again   in  Jewish  hands  after more  than  2000+  years   ( Romans   had already conquered  Israel  since  63  B.C.)  some  may  not care  at  all  about   what  happened  to  Jerusalem  in  1967;  others   may  say  it  was  sheer  luck; 'BUT'  you  and  I  know  much, much  better   !!!  What  happened  in  1967   reactivated  GOD's endtime  clock, the 'Times of the Gentiles'   is running on  overtime   and  Daniel's  70th  Week  is getting, ever  and  ever  closer   especially  as  yet  another   year  of  the  reconquest  of  Jerusalem nears  by   !!!

By  :  Mario  Romano.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  has  never  been  to  Israel  'Yet'  much  less  walked  through  the  streets  of  Jerusalem  that  lead  to  the  Western  Wall  'BUT'  he  knows  that   one  day, that  one  beautiful  day;  he  is  going  to  get  the  opportunity  to  touch  with  his  hand   both 'The  Western  Wall'  located  in  Jerusalem, Israel   as  well  as  the walls  of  the  'New  Jerusalem'   located  in  another  time  and  in  another  place   !!!  And  Mario  knows  fully  well  that  he  is  going  to  be  there  and  get  there   by  thee  pure  'Grace  and  Mercy'  of  GOD  Almighty;  solely  because  this  believer   was  too  REDEEMED  BY  THEE  BLOOD   of  :  JESUS  CHRIST ***