Wednesday, July 29, 2015


As  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  writes  this article   in  2015,   this   servant  of  Jesus  Christ reminds  everyone  that  although  most  people in  the  world  now  live  in  cities;  there  are still  human  beings on  planet  earth   who  are  living  'off  the  grid'    without :  electricity,  cable, gas , internet,  Wi-Fi   and  a  smartphone  !!!   There  are  still   'indigenous  people'   in  remote  villages, bushes, tents  and  jungles in  : Africa, South America,  Australia   and  elsewhere  who   to  this  day  have  survived   without   participating  in  complex  economies  dominated  by :  paper, coin, plastic  &  digital currencies.   Some  of  these  people  are   still  living   as  primitive  as  Adam  and  Eve   once  lived  when  they  were  kicked out  of  the  'Garden of  Eden'   Many  are  those  who  have   misinterpreted  the  Biblical  Prophecies    concerning  the  scope  of  the  future  "Mark  of  the  Beast."   According  to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  "NOT"  everyone   nor  every  nation  on  Earth  will  pursue, follow  and  bow  to  the  demands  of  the  endtimes  Beast  nor  ultimately   accept  the   infamous  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  !!!   (  Revelation  20 :  4 - 8  )    (  Satan, the Little  Horn  and  the  False  Prophet  would  like  to  mark  every  human  being   still  alive during the Tribulation  period with  their  666  Mark  "BUT"   you  just can't  fool  all  the  people  all  the  time*  )

         The  Book of  Reveleation  21 : 24   clearly  reveals  to  us  that  there  will  be  entire  'nations'  and 'millions of people'  that   will  ultimately  be  saved   because  they  didn't  accept  the  Mark  of  the  Beast  !!!   (  during  World  War  II,  there  were  several  'neutral  &  non-aligned  countries'  that  didn't  take  part  in  WW  II  )   Also,  Revelation  14 : 9   makes  it  clear  that  there  will  be  some  who  will  choose  "NOT"  to accept  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"   and  such   people  who  somehow  manage   miraculously  to survive  up  until the  physical  Second  Coming  will  be  allowed  to  enter  into  the  Millenium !!!  (  such  survivors  will   have  to  endure  and  survive  not  just  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  but  also  the  21  judgements   found in   Revelation  !!!  )

      The  truth  is  that   the  666  Mark  of  the  Beast  ( Revelation  16 : 10 )  will  be  for  the  most  part  implemented  in  the  "Kingdom  of  the  Beast."   All  throughout  history  people  have  managed  to  survive   even  when  the  entire   national economy   collapsed,  examples  of  this  include  : Argentina, Zimbabwe, Germany   just to name a  few.   It's  going  to  be  very,  very  challenging  to  most  of  the  people   who  live  in  cities,  people  who  live  in  cities   can't  grow  their  own  food  and it is mostly  them  who  will  be  at  the  mercy   of  the  coming  666  Mark !!!

      Biblically  speaking   we  do  know  that  out  of  billions,  millions  of  human  beings   will  "NOT"   accept  and  take  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast."  We  know  that  the  144,000  Jewish  evangelists   won't  and  we  also  know  that  numerous   new  believers  will  be  killed   for  rejecting  it    ( Revelation  13  :  15  )  .

     The  birth,  launching  pad  and  initial  world  wide  implementation  of  the   future  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  will  be  epicentered  in  what  we  presently  call  the  European  Union.  has  been  teaching  for  over  a  decade  that   the  $ EURO  will  ultimately  be  'pegged  or  replaced'  with  the  digital   "Mark  of  the  Beast"  in  the  endtimes;  that  is  why  we  have  been  following  the :  rise,  fall  and  the restabilization   of  the   $EURO  currency  for  many  years  now.  For  neither  the : Eurozone, the EU  nor  the  Euro  have  been  finalized  !!!

     According  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  is  introduced   somewhere  in  the  midst  of  Daniel's  70th  Week  and  will  "NOT"  be  implemented  for  the  whole  and   final  7  years  of  the  Tribulation  period.  Hitler  reigned  almost  supreme  in  Germany  with  11  years  of  almost  absolute  power  and  according   to  the  Biblical  Prophecies  the  future  "Little  Horn"  will  only  be  given   3  and  a  half  years  of  absolute  power;  "BUT"  we  have  to  realize  that  he will  already  be  very  active  politically  and  diplomatically  on  the  world  stage  "BEFORE"  he  receives   absolute  power  along with the  10  King's  because  because  it  is  he  who  "Confirms  the  Covenant  with  the  Many"  for  a  week  and  breaks  it  later  on  in  the  midst  thereof  !!!

     Students  of  Bible  Prophecy   and  novices  alike   should  understand  and  consider  that  while  the   "Mark  of  the  Beast"  is  being  implemented  and  enforced  during  the Tribulation  period; several  other  calamities  will  continue,  people  won't  just  have  to  be worried  about  the  666  Mark;  but  they  will also  have  to   survive   numerous  oncoming   horrors  and  judgements  that  will  follow  'one  after  another'  until  the  physical  2nd coming of  Jesus  Christ   takes  place  !!!   In  other  words  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  is  just  one  of  many   great  challenges  that  people  caught  in  the  Great  tribulation  Period  will  have   to  find  a  way  to overcome  and   escape   !!!  (  Most  of  the  population  of  the  world  won't  stand  a  chance  (  billions  );  but   some  will   manage  a  way  to  survive  (  millions * )   

      The  truth  is  that   neither  Satan  nor  his   Ten  Headed  Beast  will  be  able  to  be  everywhere  at  once,  the  Beast    as  powerful  as  he  will  be  won't   be  able   to  commit  an  unlimited  number  of  resources  to  be  chasing  and  persecuting   people  who  will  surely  be  hiding  in  the  remotest  places  of  this  planet;  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  doesn't  envision   the  Beast's  military  machine   and foot  soldiers  chasing   remote  people   hiding  in remote  and  hidden  places  of  this  planet  such  as  in : Alaska, Australia, Siberia in Russia, the Amazon   and  numerous  remote  places  in  Africa;  it  is  rather  obvious  that  millions  of  people   will  somehow  manage  to  escape  and  evade  the  coming  666  Mark.  This  being  said   "MOST"  of  the  people  on  planet  earth  live  in  densely  'urban  cities'  and  it  is  in  such  places  of  this  planet  where  the  666  Mark  will   mostly  be  enforced.

     The  Holy  Bible  "WARNS"  us  very  clearly  that   those  who  allow  themselves  to  be  Marked  with  the  666  Mark  will   have  lost  any  hope  of  salvation; in other  words  accepting  the  666  Mark   "Guarantees"  hellfire   and  eternal  damnation  to  all  those  who  willingly  accept  it  on  their  right  hand  or  forehead.

      The  666  Mark  of  the  Beast   "CANNOT"   be  implemented  'until  and  after'  several  global  economic  collapses  come  to  pass.  
( Book  of  Revelation 6 : 5 - 8 )

    The  future  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  is  Satan's   seal;  just  as  GOD   seals  His  children  with  the  seal  of  the  Holy  Spirit,  Satan  will  seal   all  those  who  reject  the  WORD  of  the  living  GOD  with   his  666  Mark.  During  the  Holocaust   Hitler  ordered  the  Jews  to  wear  a  badge around  their  arms  with  the  Yellow  Star  of  David  to  identify  the  Jews  in  the  endtimes  Satan  inspires   his  "Little  Horn  and  False  Prophet"   to  introduce  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast."

 There  is  a   chronology  of  events  that  must  happen  first  before   the  world  is  introduced  to  the  infamous  666  Mark  of  the  Beast  !!!  First  of  all,  the  4  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  must  first   do  their  thing  and  this  mean  that  before  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  is  introduced  some  25%  of  the  worlds  population  must  die  and  the  global  economy  must  also  suffer   great  contractions   !!!

    It  is  still  too  early  to  tell  what  technology  will  be  utilized   for  the  implementation  of  the  666  Mark.  Many  are  saying  that  it  will  be  RFID  chips,  the  truth  is  that  we  are  living  in  a  time  where   technology  is  moving  faster  than  ever  before  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  suspects  that   the  666  technology  has  yet  to  be  invented;  obviously  it  will  be   digital  and  electronic  in  nature  and  connected  to  a  global  network  "BUT"  it  is  still  too  early  to  declare  for  sure  that  it  will  be  'this  technology  or  that  one'  because  as  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  types  this  article   new  ID  technology  are  being  invented  by  several   security  and  ID  companies  throughout this  planet.  that  inlcude  biometrics  and  are  not  necessarily  RFID chips  !!!

     The  most  technologically  advanced  societies   already   using  digital  and  electronic  currency  are  Western  Societies  as  well  as  Asian  countries.   It  is  now  a  reality  in  the  USA, the  EU  and   numerous  countries  such  as  in  South  Korea  and  Japan   where  people  have  stopped  using  and  carrying  cash;  most  of  their  daily  financial   transactions  are  now  being  done  electronically  and  digitally  so  it  should  come  as  no  surprise  which  countries  will  be  the  first  to  implement  the  future  endtimes  "Mark  of  the  Beast."  We  are  now  living  in  an  age   where  even  our  Passports  and   National  ID's   contain    critical   identifying   technology   about  us  all  with  a   mere   hand  scan  !!!

     For  the  most  part  of  human  history   people  have  found  very  creative  ways  of   surviving  by  just   "Bartering"  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   knows  that  millions  of  people  all  over  the  world   who  chose  not  to  take  the  666  Mark   will   survive  somehow  not  just  the  dreaded   Mark  of  the  Beast  but  also   the  21  Plagues  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  at  the  same  time  !!!

      Truly,  the  global  economic  collapse  that  is  coming  is  nothing  new,  when  Adolph  Hitler  rose  to  power  the  German  economy  was  in  shambles  "YET"  Hitler  and  his  astute   economists   managed  to  'prop  up'  what  seemed  to  be   a  doomed  economy  that would take   decades  to   revive;  Germany   had  piled  up  huge  war  reparation debts  and  had  huge  unemployment  figures  and  to  top  it  all  off  the   German  currency  that   had  just  undergone  massive  inflation  and  devaluation  "YET"  Hitler  and  his  economic  advisers  managed  to  find  a  way  to  go  around  all  of  these   economic  challenges   and  managed  to  'prop  up'  the  German  Military  as  never  before  !!!   ( this  left  international  bankers  stunned  !!!  )    Most  of  the  world  economy  is  going  to  go  through  what  Germany  went  through  in  the  1930's  and  this  is  one  of  the  many  reasons  why  the  "Mark  of  the  Beast"  will  be  implemented  in  the  future  as  a  financial  and  economic    identifier.

By :  Mario  Romano,  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   "CANNOT"  leave  planet  earth  until  GOD  ALMIGHTY   allows  him  to   complete   the  : whole,  full  and  total  purpose  for  which  GOD  ALMIGHTY  allowed  him  to  come  to  planet  Earth.   It  is  my  prayer  and  goal  to  reach  my  full  potential  in  Jesus  Christ  &  to  help  others  reach  theirs !   When  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  postrate  before   the  CREATOR  of  everything  that  ever  was  and  will  be; HE  teaches  me  things  that  one  just  cannot  learn  at : Harvard, Yale , Stanford  or MIT  !!!   This  servant  of  the  Living  GOD  acknowledges  that  he  will  not  be  able  to  leave  planet  earth  unscathed  by  the  attacks  of  the  enemy  "BUT"  he  knows  without  a   doubt  that   the  HOLY  SPIRIT   will  never,  ever  abandon  him  even   through  the  Valley  of  Death  or  through  the  Fire !!!  It  is  purely  by  the  sheer  grace  and  mercy  that  this  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  is  still  standing  here  today;  I  refuse  to  give  up  !!!  I  may  not  look  like  much   but  you  would  be  surprised  with  what  GOD  ALMIGHTY  can  do  with  even   the  most   backwards  and   ignorant   soul;   once  HE   baptizes  you  with  the  FIRE  of  HIS  HOLY  SPIRIT    nobody  can  ever   be  the  same!!!