Monday, March 30, 2015


When  a  highly  respected  and  read  secular  foreign  policy  magazine  like  the  titled  Sarkozy's   return  to  French  Politics : "The Resurrection  of  Nicolas  Sarkozy"  you  better  believe  that  something  very  out  of  the  ordinary  is  indeed   taking  place  right  before  our  eyes  !!!   It  is  even  more  amazing  that  it  appears  that   'secular  political  websites'  are  more   curious  about  Sarkozy's  return   to  the  political  spotlight  than  most  Bible  Prophecy  teachers !  Just  this  week  of  March  27-28,  2015   Sarkozy's  UMP  Party  emerged  as  the  victor  in  France's local  elections; further  solidifying  Sarkozy's  chances  for  the 2017  Presidential  elections.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  trying  to  keep  all  of  this  in  'perspective'  and  is  cautiously  studying   it's  future  Prophetic  significance  in  light  of  what  is  taking  place  all  around  us;  including : the growing  and  widening  Ukraine  conflict,  the  growing  Islamic  civil  wars  taking  place  all  over  the  Middle  East   as  well  as  the  threat  that  the  Eurozone  may  be  restructured  should  Greece  default  on  it's   debts  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   "NEVER"  ever  imagined  that   he  would  be  covering  the  rise  of  such  a  man  as  this.   I   always  expected  someone   of  a  higher  Biblical  Prophetic  caliber  to  be  the  one  warning   the  'Body  of  Christ'  of  someone  like  'you  know  who'  !

      This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  open  to  several   global  scenarios  that   will  propel  the  'Little  Horn'  to  power  in  the  future.  Our  enemy  is  "NOT"  omnipresent  nor  omnipotent;  he   grooms   a  few  individuals   for  his  final   deception  in  each  generation.  In  the  past  kept  tabs  on  Solana,  but  obviously  after  a  certain  point  and  due  to  his  age  we  no  longer  considered  him a  prime  candidate  for  the  position  of  the  'Little  Horn'  and  we  stated  this  clearly  &  boldly.   Should  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   delay  another  decade  then  we  will  obviously   be  on  the  alert  for  someone  other  than  'You Know  Who'  in  the  meantime;   in  the 'here  and  now'   he  is  on  top of  the  list  !!!  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   has  studied  the  possibility  that  numerous  last  minute   global  events  such  as :  nuclear  detonation, EU civil war, EU break up,  Eurozone- Euro   economic collapse  and  many  unforseen  events   that  are  not  specifically  mentioned  in  Bible  Prophecy  ( like the rise of Hitler & the Nazi's : prime example  )   can  happen  that  will  propel  an  entirely  new  and  virtually  unknown  individual  into  power  at  the  last  minute;  "BUT"  the  most  realistic  route  is  the  one  Stalin,  Hitler  and  Antiochus  Epiphanes  took  and  that  was  working  the  political  beast of  their  time   and  waiting  behind  the  scenes  until  their   moment  of  opportunity  came  and  that  is  why  exists  to  study   all  of  these  possibilities***  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  here  to  be  on  the  lookout  as a   Watchman  against  the  greatest   Trojan  Horse  of  all   time !  When was  launched  over  15+ years  ago  we  "NEVER"  sought  to  be  in  this   unique  position but if  you  think  about  it  'sooner  or  later'   someone  was   eventually  going  to  have  to  be  the  first  to "Inform"  the  Body of Christ   on  this   unique  and   'SPECIFIC'  Bible  Prophecy  topic   and  so  here   we  are;   this  servant  of  GOD  calls  it  :  destiny***This 'Watchman'  has  been  here   for  over  a  decade  through   many  obstacles  and  adversities  that  only  GOD  Almighty  knows  &  by  the  sheer  'grace  &  mercy'  of  GOD,    i'm  still  standing  !!!

(((   Special  Update :  This  April 1, 2015    French  Prosecutors  and  Investigators   who  have long  been   investigating   Sarkozy's  2012   'alleged  &  illegal'  election  funding  schemes  have dropped  some  of  the   charges against  Sarkozy  and  have  put  others  hold;   so  far Sarkozy has  eluded  illegal  funding  claims  against  him  'IF'   he  is  ever  truly  charged  it  could seriously  affect  his  2017  candidacy  for  the  French  Presidency   but   several  years have passed  already  and  nothing   of   prosecutorial  significance  seems  to  stick  on  him  ***)))

    While  most  of  the  world  is  being  'entertained  to  death'   by  mindless :   video games, reality programs, sports  channels  and   unholy   songs;   you  and  I  have  chosen   to  keep   watch  on  the  relevant  'signs  of  the  times.'   What  is  taking  place  before  our  eyes   is truly   Bible  Prophecy   coming  together  as  never  before  !!!   Increasing  Russian aggression, Iranian   nuclear  advancements   and   a  Middle  East  on  fire  with  civil  wars   are    "NO"   mere   coincidences.   This  is  "NOT"  a  hobby   but    a  spiritual   responsability  in  as  much as  praying;  for  we  were  commanded  to  'Watch  &  Pray'   that  we  may  be  found  worthy to  escape  all  that  is  coming  upon   this  world  in  the  not  so  distant  future  !!!

   Ladies  and  Gentlemen,  brothers  and  sisters  in  Jesus  Christ;  here  we  have   a  very  credible  individual  who   "IF"   he  manages  to   somehow   overcome  all  the  French  legal   investigations  on  him  and  win  the  2017  French  Presidential  elections  he  becomes  a  very credible  world  leader  who   could  'Confirm  the  Covenant  with  the  Many'  in  the  future  !!!   As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   this  servant  of  GOD  knows  that  many  things  "MUST"  happen  before  then  and  this  includes :  widening  warfare  in  the  Middle  East,  the  decline  and  fall  of  the  U.S.A, the Rapture   and  even  the  restructuring  of  the  European  Union   !!!

       In  short,  Sarkozy's  chances  of   winning   the  2017  French  Presidency  continue  to grow.  In  the  eyes  of  the  French  voters  Sarkozy's  UMP  Party;  who  will  change  their name  to  the  "Republicains"  later  this  year  are  the  'lesser  of  two  other  evils'  that include the socialists  under  Hollande   who  have presided  over  growing  unemployment  and economic  stagnation  and  the  extreme  'Left'  under  Le  Pen  who  seems   too   anti-immigrant  and  xenophobic  to  some  French  voters.  Like  i've  stated  before  "ANYTHING" can  happen  from  here  until  the  2017  French  elections   that  can   totally  propel  Sarkozy into  power  or  stop  him  on  his  tracks  !!!  Truly,  we  are  indeed   living  in  very   exciting and   interesting   times  !!!   Russia's  increasing   military  aggression, Iran's   rush  to  finalize their  first  nuke  and  the   growing  Islamic  civil  wars   and  this  man's  rise  in  the background   are  "NO"  coincidence,  for  all  of  these   seem  to  be  "CONVERGING"   together    as  never  before   even  as  the  endtimes  signs  and  birthpangs  continue  to increase   as  never  before  mere  chance,  mere  coincidence,   you  decide   !!!

    Let  it  be  known  that  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  do  "NOT"  fully  know  nor  claim  to  know  who  the  final  "Little  Horn"  will  end  up  being.  We  pass  on  and  present  these  articles  as  "Information"  only   and  we  let  our  readers  and  visitors  to  make  up  their  own  mind.   As  a  "Watchman"   it  would  be  irresponsible  of  me   if  I  didn't  present  the   continual  rise  of  this  'interesting  individual'    to   those  who   are  also   watching  and  yearning  for  the  2nd  Coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ   !!!  and  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   continue  to  have  an  'open  mind'  should   Sarkozy  "NOT"  win  the  2017  French  Presidency.   I'm  not  here  to  argue  nor  to  debate  with   anyone, I  know  that  there  are  numerous  other  interpretations  out  there  but  the  blunt  truth  is  that   only   one  can  finally  be  correct  and   it  is  the   unapologetic  goal  of  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  to  be   used  of  GOD  in  correctly  interpreting  the  Prophecies   of  Daniel   to  this  final  and  endtimes  generation;  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   does  "NOT"  seek  any  spotlight  nor  recognition  and  the  Holy  Spirit  knows  this  and  that's  all  that  matters  to  this  vessel  of  the  Holy  Spirit;   that  my  true  name  is  written  in  the  Lamb's  Book  of  Life   !!!

     As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  am  perplexed   by  the  growing  number  of  Bible  Prophecy  Teachers  who  are  now  teaching   of  an  'Islamic   Beast'  the  truth  is  that   when  the  Roman's  destroyed  the  Jewish  Temple  in  70  A.D  and  caused  the  diaspora   there  was  "NO"  Mohammed  nor  any  Islamic  religion  and  when  the   10  King's  of  Revelation  rise   to  power  the  'Islamic   Jihad'  will   have  already  been   dealt  with   !!!  The  truth  is  that   we  already  have  several   examples  about   how  the  endtimes  'Little  Horn'   will  dominate  what  will  be  left  of  the  world  after  all  the  wars  that  are  still  to  take  place  in  the  Middle  East;  the  government  of  China,  Russia  and  North  Korea    demonstrates   how   secular   governments   can  persecute   "ANY"  religion   !!!  has  been  in  existence  for  over 15+  years   and  if  it  is  the  will  of  GOD  Almighty  we  will   continue  to  : teach,  inform   and  be  responsible  watchmen  of  the  Prophecies   of  Daniel, Zechariah, Ezequiel  and  Isaiah  before  the  'Body  of  Christ.'  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy    does  "NOT"  claim  any  special  revelations  nor  dreams  I  am  just  as  diligent  and  excited   as  all  those  who  are   diligently  waiting  for  the  'Trump  of  GOD'  to  sound  and  take  us  away   !!!

    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   reminds  everyone  that  the  final  'Peace  Process'  cannot  and  will  "NOT"  happen   until   certain  wars  are  first  fought  in  the  Middle  East  against  Israel  !!!  Israel  will  come  out  a  winner   of  such  future   wars  "BUT"  in  the  process  will  make  a  'Covenant  of  Death'  with   an  individual   who  the  Biblical  Prophecies   warn  us  will  ultimately   be  even  worse   that  what  Adolph  Hitler   was  to  the  Jews  !!!

    This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   asks  for  your  'PRAYERS'    I  don't  ask  for  any   financial  support   but  I  do  ask  that  you  will  include  me  in  your  daily  prayers.  I  ask  GOD  daily  that  HE  lead  me  to  all  TRUTH.   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   is  "NOT"  a  Prophet  nor  does  he  desire  to  be   one, he  doesn't  seek  'fame  nor  infamy'   all   this  servant  of  GOD  seeks  is  to  be    a  vessel   of  the  Holy  Spirit.  I  am  "NOT"   enthralled  about   who  will  end  up  being  the  'Little  Horn'  of  the  Beast  of  10;  "BUT"  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  this  servant  of  the  Living  GOD  cannot  and  will  "NOT"  remain  ignorant  of  the  Prophecies  of  thee  most  warned  individual  of  the  endtimes !  There  is  a  time  and  a  place  for  everything  under  the  sun  !!!

   In  other  news,  it's  the  Arab Muslims  against  the  Iranian  Islamic Persians  (  Shia  Islam  vs.  Sunni  Islam )  and  "NO"  Kingdom  divided  against  itself  can  stand  !!!   This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  sees  the   'self  destruction'   of  an  entire  generation  of  Islamic  youths  who   will  facilitate  in  the  future  the  invasion  of  the  military  machine  of  the  'Little  Horn'  into  the Middle  East;  just  like  the  U.S.  Military  inserted  itself  in  the  Middle  East   via  'Operation  Desert  Storm'  in  the  past.  War  will  continue  until  the  end  and  as  the  Islamic  Nations  keep   bombing  their   own  infrastructure   they  will  become  an  easy  target  in  the  future  for  the  military  invasion  of  the  'Little  Horn'  because  it  is  Prophesied  that  the  4th  Roman  Beast   will   rise  once  again   around  the  Mediterranean  to   'DOMINATE'  most  of  the  Middle  East  and  even  Israel  when  the  'Abomination  of  Desolation'  takes  place  !!!  Russia  and  China   are  "NOT"  the  only  one's  who  have  long  strategic  goals  for  the  oil  reserves  of  the  Middle  East;   for  the  'Little  Horn'   will  also  think  big;  for  he  will  demonically  outsmart   "ALL"  of  his  enemies  !!!  

        Jesus  Christ  is   coming  back  and  this  servant  of  GOD   is   watching  and  praying like  many  of  you.    This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   seeks  no  evil  upon  anyone  for  there is  already  too   much  of  it  in  this  world.  This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  is  "NOT" fascinated  by  who  will  end  up   being  the  final  endtimes  'Little  Horn'  for  I  live  a  very equilibrated  Christian  life;  I  believe  in : testifying,   praying,  fasting,  Praising the Lord,   loving my enemies  and  in  every  gift  of  the  Holy  Spirit !!!    Truly  there  is  a  time  and  a  place  for  everything  under  heaven  and   today   it  is  time   to  understand  the  signs  of  the  times  as  never  before  !!!

By  :   Mario  Romano,   this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ    does  "NOT"  pray  nor  asks  for  the  acceleration  of   Armageddon  !!!   It  saddens  my  heart  and  soul  to   know  that   Satan   has  deceived  most  of  the  world  and  that  it  is  he  and  his  demonic  forces  who  inspire  men   to  hate  and  kill  one  another   !!!  GOD  Almighty  our  'CREATOR'  never  intended  for  men  to   kill  one  another;  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  even   revealed  to  us  that  if  what  is  coming  upon  the  whole  world   in  the  last  days   wasn't  divinely  shortened  by  GOD  Himself  "NO"  flesh  would  be  saved   !!!  ( Matthew  24  : 22  )   The  wickedness of  mankind  continues  to  grow  and  it  is  most  certainly  "NOT"  limited   to  Islamic  Jihadist's  !!!   As  I  write  global  corporations  all  over  the  world   continue  to   deposit  toxic   waste  and  chemicals  into  the  rivers  of  this  planet  and  in  the  process   ultimately  killing  many  more  human  beings   than   all  of  Islamic  Jihadists  put  together   for  the  fresh  water  that  such  global  corporations   poison  increase  : cancers, child  defects  and  human  illnesses  !!!   Evil  comes  in  all  shapes  and  sizes  and  sometimes   even   dressed  in  very  expensive  suits  !!!